Wadan Narsey highlights abuse of public fund by the military

People, military blow out their budget to the tune of $45.5 million and the Ministry of Finance under Chaudary’s watch (yes Fiji’s Robin Hood) had to divert money away from our kids education and medicine to prop up these thugs. Read all about it below or watch the video on www.fijitv.info.fj

For the next 10 years, taxpayers will foot the bill for salaries for military personnel.That’s the view of academic, Professor Wadan Narsey, who after his analysis of the 2009 Budget says the Finance Ministry is struggling to keep up with the Military’s continuing over-spending.

Professor Wadan Narsey has been closely analyzing figures presented in the 2009 Budget estimates.

He says the true image of the Budget is in the 2007 Actual Expenditures.

Professor Wadan says while he’s appreciative of incentives put forward for economic growth, he’s troubled though, with the 15 million dollar boost for the RFMF’s National Budget.

Professor Wadan claims that the Military in 2007 overspent in the tune of 50 million dollars.

It doesn’t end there, the academic also discovered that funds initially allocated to other government ministries have been re-directed to the RFMF.

Page 168 of the Budget Estimates, for the Health Ministry… Professor Wadan revealed 15 million dollars initially allocated for the purchase of goods and services fell short by 5 million dollars.

Then there’s the $23 million allocated as salary for military personnel, he estimates that Tax payers will now paying 230 million dollars in the next ten years.

He adds if the current trend continues, and if government revenue continues to decrease then there will have to be sacrifices within.

This afternoon, the Military said it will not entertain Professor Wada Narsey’s analysis over the Military financial affairs.

Meanwhile, the National Alliance Party, in a statement, says the increment is 30 years overdue citing the military peacekeeping mission over the years have been a major contributor to the national economy.

You can download the ful video on www.fijitv.info.fj and also watch the pathetic arrogant and stupid response from Neumi Leweni and what about the pathetic outrageous claims from the New Alliance. No wonder they got the amount of vote they deserved in the last election. Can somebody ask them why we should rewarding the very people who have now trashed the good reputation of the RFMF for the good deeds, sweat and blood of those who served thirty years ago in UNIFIL most of them are dead now or have left the Military.

15 Responses to “Wadan Narsey highlights abuse of public fund by the military”

  1. freedomfighter Says:

    Well, what else would you have expected from Fiji’ Robin Hood – Chaudhry – he pulled the hood over his eyes oer military’s overspending as a trade-off for the $2million that he was hiding in the Sydney bank account – there is no honour among thieving freaks – when will the people simply wake up and run over the military barracks, like those courageous protestors in Thailand?

  2. newsfiji Says:

    SV: here is a solution that i have previously mentioned time & time again.

    The key to the fall of this government is for business’s to stop paying any VAT.

    We should spread the word to all business’s to take their VAT portion of sales and put it in a separate bank account – let it sit there and earn interest. Only pay it back to government once an elected government is in place.

    Simple solution – doesn’t need anyone to put their lives on the line. If FIRCA somehow comes to your doorstep – fight it out in court which ofcourse will take long long long.

    I’m not paying any tax and i only purchase goods & services from people who are not paying tax too! So the cycle begins!

  3. Striker Says:

    More reason to fully dismantle the military. Spend the $96.8 m on health, education, in improving our roads, water supplies, infrastructure, communication – shipping and facilities to the islands, poverty alleviation, housing and upgrade of squatter settlements.

  4. Say True! Says:

    Sorry SV, digression.

    IBA condemns regime’s stand
    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Update: 12:03PM The International Bar Association (IBA) has condemned the recent move by Fijis interim Government on banning its delegation from visiting the country.

    IBA claims the interim Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, in a letter, declared that the “Government of Fiji does not welcome or approve” the delegations visit and would take “appropriate steps” if the IBA attempts to visit Fiji.

    The threat was made against a high level IBA-delegation scheduled to conduct an in-country review of the rule of law in Fiji.

    The letter received by the IBA on November 24, 2008 was issued despite media reports that the interim Attorney-General would now most welcome a visit from the Bar.

    IBA Executive Director, Mark Ellis said: “The Fijian Government has again indicated its lack of support for an independent review of the situation in Fiji. The threat made by the Attorney-General against the delegation is unacceptable in a free and democratic society and reflects badly on the state of affairs in Fiji.”

    Fernando Pombo, President of the IBA, stated: “The rescheduled visit had attracted the support of a variety of stakeholders including judges, lawyers and non-government organisations. It is deeply saddening to see that the Fijian Government wishes to prevent this visit from taking place in light of the manner in which it has been welcomed by the rest of the community.”

    However, the IBA has stated that it is not deterred in carrying out its review; “using other avenues available, the IBA will continue its work to provide an independent assessment of the rule of law and independence of the judiciary in Fiji. A report will be issued in the near future”.

    The barred delegation included senior jurists from Australia and Malaysia, who were scheduled to meet with judges and members of the legal profession for five days between December 8 and 12.

    The same delegation was prevented from entering the country in February of this year when the Fiji Government issued an immigration stop order.

    [HIDING FROM THE TRUTH – What a pathetic bunch]

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    OMG this chodo is a big con artist saying he will protect the national finances and stabilise the economy whilst in fact he was reallocating the funds towards the military quietly. Little does he know or he must be naive and stupid to think it will not come out in the open. These lot cannot be trusted for anything now after this horrible misdeed. What I am wondering is how is it that there is so much money still in the govt coffers. I thought it would be dry by now. Wonders never cease to amaze me. And I keep asking myself what good has this military or benefit they derive to the country that they deserve such a large chunk of the national economy for doing bugger all except carry out coups.

  6. IslandBoy Says:


  7. Corruption Fighter Says:

    The most striking feature of this piece of news is not simply the massive amount of the RFMF overspend in 2007. Let’s face it, $45.5 million is a huge amount of money, enough to build miles and miles of highway, or several schools or a couple of first-rate hospitals.

    The wanton wastage of all those millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars is certainly a big news story. But so too is the sheer lunacy of the dictator and the total arrogance of Mahendra Chaudhry, as demonstrated by the way he dismisses the overspend as nothing more than a routine administrative adjustment to the national accounts.

    Viewed together/ the huge wastage of public funds and the way it was secretly dealt with by the interim regime amounts to nothing less than major corruption. Yet wasn’t the official reason that Bainimarama gave for pulling his coup supposed to be all about “cleaning up” corruption?

    Once again the big lie is exposed for all to see, as are the people who
    continually conspire to keep it hidden from the rest of us.

    And let’s not forget the root cause for all of this. It lies in Frank Bainimarama’s desperate need to put and end to a police investigation into his role in events back in November 2000.

    Just think, so many taxpayer-funded millions, not to mention a few lives and so many of our basic human rights, have been lost because one man was not
    prepared to submit himself to the due processes of law.

    And yet our acting Chief Justice somehow managed to interpret our
    Constitution to make it all legal, right down to the last cent of those $45.4 million dollars!

    What does this mean for the average law-abiding citizen? It means that life in this nation has become a continuous real-time nightmare.

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    Fully agree with you Corruption Fighter on all points raised. Just think of it – one man caused all these miseries and hundreds of millions of dollars in losses just because he wants to save his ass at the cost of the nation. I often wonder if I am asleep and that everything is just a bad dream. Unfortunately not.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    I hope your not all implying that your illustrious leaders in the I.G. are only in it for the money , power and the glory !

  10. Na Dina Says:

    Peace Keeping Operations IS NOT PROFITABLE in monetary terms to the nation’s coffers.The revenue from PKO to date does not exceed the cost of our total troop contributions funding footed by the poor taxpayers of Fiji from day One!It never has and never will,simple accounting arithmetic will tell you- fullstop.This was the conclusion on numerous studies done including the PKO review team in 1993. All highly trained RFMF Officers know this.
    Otherwise it has been all a case of what Mark Twain once said to British PM Disraeli.. “There are three kinds of lies.. LIES,DAMMED LIES and STATISTICS”!

  11. milli vanilli Says:

    Vinaka Na dina, i knew it was all lasulasu, blerry cowboys, tsk, tsk.

  12. Cava Says:

    I wonder why the Military hasn’t visited this Narsey Guy at USP? Are the Military azzOle softening up or what? I wonder why they IG only targets the Fijians and Kailoma and not the others?

  13. Anon Says:

    Au sa kerekere ka vakamamasu tiko vei kemuni na noda, kakua na wele, tucake mai ka vala taka na dina. Kakua tale na lomaloma rua se rere. Nanuma tiko na nomu kalou ko Jiova.
    Sa gauna ni vosa vakadodonu, sa gauna ni yalomatua kei na qaravi Jiova vakaidina. If God be with you, who can be against you?
    Fijinas unite and bring this regime to it’s knees. There is no option left but to take out this evil by the force of love, peace and un-armed mass demonstration!
    Do not rely on the SDL people as they have let us down badly. Please approach your church elders, your chiefs and start organizing for the Big March.
    I’m making the call once again, 10.000 souls is what we need. 10,000 citizens must stand up now!
    10,000 is the number. From all over Fiji, and around the world, 10,000 is the number.
    Stand up Fiji, stand up and be counted. If one protester can be a “National Security Threat” imagine 10,000!!?
    Stand, up demand for a free and democratic Fiji.
    Stand up and call for the removal of the puppet president.
    Stand up for the removal of the IG.
    Stand up and call for the formation a civilian caretaker government whose sole purpose is take us to the next election.
    Stand up and demand the next government to downsize the military. Stand up and fight for democracy, justice and for Fiji.
    Stop talking, start walking!
    God Bless Fiji.

  14. Budhau Says:

    The 1997 Constitution very clearly states that it is a just and fair Constitution for the people of Fiji. One wonders when there is such a great fairness and justice then I would like to see more Indians enter the army to serve Fiji. This will show the outside world that we are living in a true multi-racial society as provided by the Constitution. At present, I believe that there is hardly one per cent of Indians in the Military Forces. From my personal findings, I have learnt that there are young potential youths who would like to take up military as their career.

    So are we going to see the first batch of the Indians recruited in the army as soon as we get rid of FB and decide to to get rid of the military.

  15. church mouse Says:

    There are heroes in Fiji and Wadan is one of them. He tells it straight. A man of intelligence and integrity.

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