Little shown to lure investors – Sun Editorial 26/11/08

There’s a world of difference between $3.9 million and $20 million – the gap between the Elections Office budget submission and its eventual allocation for 2009. But then there’s also a world of difference between having an election and not having one. And while the interim government can always come back for more through a supplementary budget, its intention is now crystal clear. It does not plan to hold elections in 2009. This has major implications for our already struggling economy. The 2009 budget makes much of the need for investment and in fact many its prominent features are aimed to be investor friendly. But even those inducements will not make people comfortable with investing their money in a state with an unpredictable future. And that is Fiji’s harsh reality. It is governed by a military regime which says it intends to return to parliamentary democracy but won’t say when. Nothing can be better calculated to create uncertainty in the minds of investors. Uncertainty is investment’s greatest enemy and even the inducements on offer are unlikely to overcome it in any significant sense. And just as the 2008 “Budget of Hope” brought us little of that precious commodity, the 2009 Budget of Investment is in grave danger of leading to yet more belt tightening. Serious and reputable investors who think long term – the kind we so desperately need – will want to see solutions to our present problems and a high degree of certainty that the goal posts will not be shifted when an elected government is in power. We still say “when” an elected government returns because we have the interim government’s solemn promise that this will happen. But investors as well as the people of Fiji want to know when it will take place. They also want to be sure that the law in the form of the constitution will be respected and they will be well aware that the People’s Charter is in many ways quite incompatible with the constitution. All potential investors will also be aware of Fiji’s isolation within the Pacific Forum and the attitude of most of the developed world. And, they will ask themselves, in the wake of so many broken promises, can they be certain that these latest pledges will be delivered? The degree of uncertainty is probably too high for serious investors – particularly those from overseas. This can only be resolved by a return to democratic rule. And if as we are told the People’s Charter is so popular with the people, why are its proponents so afraid of putting it to the test? Let’s have an election. Supporters of the charter can quite easily form political parties or groupings and put their case to the people in the only reliable way – that is by a secret vote. If what we are told of the charter’s reception is accurate they will win hands down. Then with a legitimate mandate from the people they will be able to implement the charter without argument. So what are they afraid of?

13 Responses to “Little shown to lure investors – Sun Editorial 26/11/08”

  1. Soul of Fiji Says:

    WE have or should I say…I have said right from day one during RFC, WFC then Solivakasama that there will be no election for the next 5 yrs at least.

    Although we may have some wishful thinking that elections do take place, the next threat will be the rigging of votes if the election do take place to keep these idiots in power and continue to spend, spend and spend the tax payers money.

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    And, may I add, again!….


    If wishful thinking is not going to bring us elections, then STANDING UP, BE SEEN, BE COUNTED must prevail!

    As you have stated Soul of Fiji, rigging votes may well be what they will resort to, as now they seem to be the ones in control…and who is to know, what tactics they will employ to sway the votes their way.

    But at least, the media are again coming into full force in letting this illegals know where they stand and what they will say!

    Kudos Fiji media. Keep writing away!

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    could this be a fitting end for Frank and Co. ?

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    I honestly don’t think the People of Fiji are culturally into peaceful protest. We usually see a few “moderns” out there who then get arrested and kicked around by the military and nobody does anything about it but talk, and many are afraid to even talk. Aside from that people sit around the tanoa and talk some more while incidently getting stoned into lululand. At this rate the stones will end up in lululand on Reserves, drinking yaqona to their hearts content, and not participating in the development of Fiji. There are certain groups who would benefit from this.

    I think the most practical way to end this is to appeal to the UN to stop supporting the rogue military of Fiji in any way, shape or form. All UN military employees should be sent home. If they can find private contracts with security companies, that is fine, but no official support including employment of the Fiji Military Forces.

    Unless or until this happens, the military rogues will continue to argue that their increasingly bloated budget is to support their work overseas which earn Fiji income. It is becoming increasingly obvious, however, that a monster has been created, and the first priority for that monster is to preserve and expand itself. Fiji is no longer about developing a People, it is about devleping a military which has turned on the People and increasingly will leave them behind, becuase there is simply not enough money to support this number of parasites in an economy that needs productivity.

    Let us all keep in mind too, that the problem of an out of control military has been aided and abetted by support from NZ, Australia, United States, and perhaps other places. These countries should be ashamed for not understanding the situation in Fiji on the ground which is that many people have not benefitted from government in any meaningful way and could care less who runs the government as long as they either get to feed at the trough or get left alone to enjoy the scenery of their land.

    So lets hear it for cutting off the purse strings of the military from abroad, and get support from Fiji’s true friends in doing this.

  5. Nostradamus Says:

    Therefore respectfully request that SV support a campaign of letters to the UN to immediately terminate any relationship whatsoever they have with the Fiji military. This the only peaceful way to knock out these rogues. If it is withing the UN Charter to support all kinds of governments, so be it, but that does not mean they should be supporting a military which has overthown a democtatically elected government. That is a different issue, and a blatantly obvious one.

    Can SV or someone on this board suggest an appropriate way or open an appropriate channel to the UN in order to mobilize the strength of our lobby to democratically pressure the UN to stop supporting dictatorship and human rights abuses in Fiji?

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    As much as I am optimistic about the UN offering their help, I am pessimistic about it happening.

    See the Darfur tragedy…a lot of people have asked why did it happen? And it has come down to the fact that the UN and the outside world was LATE, VERY LATE in their response to the brutality metted to the people by the militia.

    We have waited, and sat, and blogged, and talked for two years now. Where are we in terms of progress? Little or non-existent.

    Vore is still jet-setting, buying homes, talking with guns next to him, doing the hell whatever he likes to do.

    Yes, we can write, international bodies will come and visit and talk (or be barred from coming), we blog BUT something else has to happen.

    Culture can be changed if we think progressively and take some initiative to take back what is rightfully ours.

    Maybe lobby our chiefs who are thinking of attending the BNT to demand a change of venue and only to talk about ELECTIONS on the agenda. No pussy-footing around. If Vore and illegal ministers say NO to election talks then they should boycott!

    That would be a start if people are scared or “culturally can’t stage peaceful protest.”

  7. Nostradamus Says:

    Yes, by all means. Lobbying chiefs seems like an excellent idea since it works through an existing system that people are used to. It would be nice if all races could feel comfortable with whatever forum is chosen. This would be a great chance for chiefs to stand up and show themselves to be supporters of all the People of Fiji.

    As for the UN, I think it is still worth a try. In this case they are not being asked to actually DO anything, they would be asked to STOP causing Fiji problems by simply withdrawing unnecessary and as it turns out negative actions they are involved in. Let them support militaries in countries which are mature enough to control the role of their militaries.

  8. F.I.R.M Says:

    That is a good idea Nostradamus,

  9. milli vanilli Says:

    Stupid idea. Why should the UN help us when we can’t even get off our fcuking asses to help ourselves. Cultural excuses my ass! Why don’t leaders/chiefs and their advisors get their act together and show us the way forward.

    Someone mentioned in this blog sometime ago that we should use students and streetkids to do their dirty work because ‘they blend in’. Fcuking idiot, how about getting off your fcuking fat arse and doing it yourself.

  10. Nostradamus Says:

    I think you missed my point.

    The help I am talking about is just stop supporting the military which is supporting the rapists of Democracy. Then People can can decide for themselves or conjunction with their community leaders.

    Why should anyone show you the way forward? Decide for yourself and vote on it. We are not babies. First of all you need to decide who you want for leaders and then whether they should apply your toilet paper or you do it yourself.

  11. mil2 Says:

    personalising the damage done to the country is start as noone in fiji wants to take responsibility for anything . if every soldier was told by relitives and friends several times a day that ‘you are responsible for this’ then there may be a change in attitudes .

  12. Jose Says:

    I still think there are few people in the very heart of this current leadership that are freemason. They work for the United Nations getting direct orders from there. You don’t need to be a genius to be a prime minister or president. Just see George Bush of the US. Fiji knows Bainimarama is a no brainer. You just need to front as one. You’ll be the mouth piece for the real brains behind the scene. He can stand there and look stupid and idiotic, it doesn’t matter. Then they (Baini & Co.) get supplied with all the material money can buy for personal gains. Check out what Bainimarama and Co. have personally profited so far).
    The theme is Unity. Breakdown all barriers to it in everything including religions. They have included “Interfaith” in the charter. Access and equity to one and all in everything. We are one human race in unity. Sounds good, doesn’t it? ( but this is Babylon). At the end of the day, we will line up with the hidden agendas of the One World Order.

  13. Cava Says:

    The only thing that could lure investors into the country is for the Military to step down and hand the Administration of the country back to a civilian Government. Or they can continue to abused our Tax by travelling around the world, stealing our hard earned Tax, by moving money to their personal acounts to offshore banks; and expecting to be taken out by another copycat coup?

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