Chaudhry explains Fiji Military’s over expenditure – bull shit says SV!

Bloggers, this man is really a worthless human being with no moral attributes at all. Read the crap he is saying to justify his involvement in the illegal junta. He justifies the over-spending on the basis that any government faced with threats of foreign invasion, etc would have over-spent to protect the nation. What he forgets to mention is the government he is referring to is an illegal one that usurped lawful authority from the lawful Qarase government. You can never draw comparisons of what a lawful government may do and this illegal junta! The fact is Chodo, that you and this illegal junta brought upon this curse urselves and you have created this quagmire of illegality, which is sucking the resources out of the country. SV is counting the days when you all face trial for treason and spend the rest of your miserable lives in prison as a lesson and deterrent for idiots in the future.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Former Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry has admitted that Fiji Military Force overspent its 2007 Budget and that it did so without following proper procedures.

Chaudhry has told FBCL News today the overspending by the military in 2007 is not anything out of the ordinary, and is something any government at that time could have accommodated.

He says following threats of overseas invasion after the December 2006 takeover, safety and security measures were put in place by the military which required more money then what was in their budgetary allocation.

Mahendra Chaudhry says after Qarase had requested assistance from Australia, which saw warships and Black Hawck Helicopters in Fiji’s territorial waters, the military did what it had to, to protect itself and the citizens of this country.

In doing so, roadblocks and other safety and security measures were taken. Fiji was in a state of emergency for a good 8 months, and Chaudhry says the emergency and national security measures required this expenditure which was considered essential by the military, and were not budgeted in the 2007 allocation.

Seeing that this was an emergency, Chaudhry says this was normal and could have been implicated by any government that was in power at that time.

However the former finance minister did acknowledge that normal procedures were not followed in implementing these funds.

“No of course there was a budget overrun, this was not recorded until the expenditure was incurred but as I said, it was a situation of emergency and when the facts were known immediate action was taken to regularize that expenditure,” said Chaudhry.

“This happens in governments, this is nothing unusual, we had similar situations in the past, not related to such events but normal over expenditures, and this later one was regularized by parliament upon presentation of expenditures to parliament and request for additional provisions,” he added.

Chaudhry goes on to lash out at critics saying they should do their homework before speaking out against the military, who he says do contribute to the financial running of the country.

“It must also be drawn to the attention of these critics that the military is reimbursed by the United Nations for peacekeeping duties that it takes on behalf of the UN in various parts of the world. And this revenue amounts to around 20 to 25 million dollars a year, which goes into the governments revenue.”

Chaudhry likened the situation to natural disasters or any other situations which he says could have required the over expenditure of the normal budgetary allocations.

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15 Responses to “Chaudhry explains Fiji Military’s over expenditure – bull shit says SV!”

  1. Cava Says:

    You’re right SV jail is where they all belong and Bai and Chodo should be hanged side by side in a public hanging.

  2. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Bloggers, sorry to be off-topic, but this is a good one.

    Frank’s off to Qatar this week for Doha talks. Before anyone thinks this unimportant or that Frank won’t have anything to add, Just check out this website. This is just the place for Frank.

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    “Her punishment for this is to guard the wishing well,” said a spokesperson.

    She explained: “She finds out that some baddies are out to steal Old King Cole’s medallion and she needs some small people to go down the well into Fairytale Land.”

    Grizelda sends Peter, Lucy and Rachel down the well, and they meet, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Ugly Sisters and other well known children’s characters in Fairytale Land, she added.

    The show is being directed by Sarah Jenkins, who directed last year’s pantomime, with the musical director, Lorraine Stanley, who also worked on last year’s show.

    Doha Players chairman, Stuart Walton, said that he was sure that both “young and old” will thoroughly enjoy the show, and the appearance of many well-known and well-loved fairytale characters.

    Tickets are available for the shows on Thursday evening at 7pm and Saturday at 6.30pm and can be bought from the SAQR Entertainment Store at Landmark. Those interested in more details can call Doha
    Players on 4474911 or visit

  3. Wailei o Viti Says:

    The only threat to security was in their big thick heads. One day all military equipment that MC approved will be used to hunt him down like a wild pig. luveni puaka!

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    “Seeing that this was an emergency.” wtF!!!

    Who created this damn emergency??????? Yes, the idiotic-no-money-valusi2-thief Voreqe!!!!!

    Someone shld kip tabs of the money this thief has spent and he shld pay back when his tme comes….by repossessing his belongings and throwing his family out on the streets and then send their father to JAIL!!! along with CHodo…

    BTW..maybe Vore shld have this new label LEGAL THIEF instead of the many interim titles he has acquired.

  5. freedomfighter Says:

    From Major Lewensky on Chaudhry’s statement:

    Reacting to statements made by then Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry that the right procedures were not followed during that period when the country was in a state of emergency, Leweni says the request for extra funds was approved by the Finance Ministry and passed by cabinet.

    “The funds was actually put through the Finance Ministry, and as you recall, he actually stated that it went through cabinet, and it was endorsed by cabinet, and all the other financial regulations were adhered to in acquiring those extra funds. It was until the approval was given by cabinet, which he actually brought to cabinet, then the funds were dispersed.”

  6. Save the Sheep Says:

    Chaudhry remains the greatest danger to the future of this Country.

    What a complete load of crap.

    Does HE actually do any research or does he just form his opinions out of thin air.

    Threat of foreign invasion my big ASS… Ha Ha Ha Ha….

  7. newsfiji Says:

    No wonder the whole military force – all 3257 of them were driving around in rental twin cabs, cars etc for nearly the whole of 2007! That’s probably where the $46 million went to!

  8. at least Says:

    that is very true Newsfiji. at that time they were receiving free breakfast, lunch and dinner so can someone check into the books of Fresh”et and Joes Farm, these companies were also beneficiaries to the above $45+ the figure itself is so huge .
    Why this boci military needs such a huge budget as they do not bring anything back to Fiji except coups and more coups…

    I only wish that the next government abolish this whole military..lets keep praying and only God will assist us with all problems we facing.

  9. at least Says:

    i am sorry receiving above sud have been “having”

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Who was ever going to invade Fiji ? And why would anyone bother !

  11. milli vanilli Says:

    Shadowy aliens from planet Pluto-suto MM!

  12. Eremasi Says:

    The explanation for the over-expenditure from the former minister of finance, Mr Mahendra Chaudhry, that the extra money was needed because of the threat of invasion by Australia and for internal security reasons ,dont bullshit us ecven if Australia had sent a fully loaded black hawk chopper the RFMF could do nothing,what if the Aussie warship had come what could we do nothing so why blme the ocver expenditure on invasion threats THE MONEY WAS FOR THEIR OWN POCKETS.

  13. ispy Says:

    The military budget is disgraceful.

    There is no honour left in the military.

    If this is what it means to move forward then perhaps its time we considered moving backward for a while.

    In any event, I say let them keep adding nails to their coffins.

    At the end of the day, the people who make up this interim government will be reminded of one of life’s most important lessons…

    …nothing lasts forever!

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    His lies and BS has caught chod with his pants down. What invasion is his liar talking about. It more about the military invasion of the RFMF into the national treasury to boost their allowances pay perks etc and not forgeting the high cost of back dated leave pay for the king pin and his court jesters. His lies are entering the realms of fantasy and is totally unbelievable. He is just trying to hide the facts and most of all his involvement and guilt in this gross mismanagement of national finances. Like his usual self in proclaiming himself blameless whilst others are guilty he is trying come out of this through lies yet again.

  15. Cava Says:

    Half the money was diverted by the crooked chodo to his offshore bank account in lahore india for safe keeping? Why would Voreqe went there for a quick visit last year? O vutuki Tamana me dua la na sicini e yadrena.

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