Copycat Budget


It’s SDL policies: Qarase

THE Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party says the 2009 Budget is an indication of support for its affirmative action polices.Ousted prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said apart from a reduction in economic growth forecast by the interim Government and major omissions in allocation for sugar, the interim Government had taken a leaf out of his party’s policies.

“The nation knows one of the criticisms made by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama was that the affirmative action policies of the SDL were discriminatory,” he said.

“To the interim Prime Minister such initiatives were wrong. But now he is entangled in a contradiction.

“What was previously racist is now an official part of the regime’s policy. The budget shows that the interim Government has embraced affirmative action,” he said.

“It is the party’s views that these pro-Fijian measures have been included in the budget to win Fijian support and favour.

“I can say with confidence, however, that Fijians will not be fooled by this manoeuvre,” Mr Qarase said.

Mr Qarase called a press conference yesterday to express the party’s views on the budget.

“We always stressed that affirmative action was a pro-poor initiative that benefited the disadvantaged and needy from all communities. This budget contains a number of initiatives similar to those introduced earlier.”

(Fiji Times 25/11/08)

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17 Responses to “Copycat Budget”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    Just watch. This IG will end up doing all the same things the SDL was doing except there will be less money to go around and no input from the People. It is new pigs at the same trough, and considerably less professional expertise. The economy will continue to decline and the goons will continue to blame Qarase for what they have done to Fiji. At least with the parliamentary system there was transparency, a chance to debate the budge, and finally a vote by the representatives of the People. None of that exists today.

  2. F.I.R.M Says:

    Nostradamus you must be a ghost

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    They now realise that the Fijians are not that gullible to believe and follow every lie they tell. So they are now trying a new approach and that is to appease them with all the policies that were previously provided by the SDL to gain indigenous support which is required by the ig in order to make any progress. LQ must continue to speak up and be heard at the time on all things as he is now doing or else he will slip away and the main worry for army will be out of the way. And what of the ig objective of non racial Fiji. First they this and then do that. Like in the new immigration travel form where the ethnicity part has been removed. As I once believe it was there more as a marketing stats than as segregating the races. This stat is useful in tailoring the maket according to the travelling blocks and devise marketing strategies accordingly. I think later down the line they will realise that it was not such a good move in hindsight.

  4. Striker Says:

    So what’s new? Sweet FA!

  5. Eremasi Says:

    The dying pressie Iloilo’s medical check-up in Australia paid for by poor taxpayers is a waste of money. Iloilo doesn’t deserve a penny from the people and should be ashamed of himself.

    He has shown to be a spineless, unethical man and should be ashamed of himself for being party to the killing of democracy in Fiji. Compared to Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara who refused to give in to the wishes of Frank Bainimarama and decided to give up his Presidency, this Iloilo has done the most lowly thing by allowing Frank to use him as rubber-stamp.

    The people of Fiji don’t owe anything to this useless man Iloilo. He should piss off to his village where his gold-digger wife can do her proper job in wiping her man’s ass until he dies. DIE YOU PIG!


  6. F.I.R.M Says:


  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Everything this man does right from the beginning has been of a COPY-CAT nature. It’s bcos him and his advisers have NO INITIATIVE or ummmph to come up with new strategies that will benefit the nation but only them.

    Where has the CLEAN-UP gone to now? More like, clean-up the govt. coffers for their pockets!!!!

    Da mai leqa!

  8. IslandBoy Says:

    Watch for Dr. Wadan Narsey’s analysis of the budget in the dailies, very interesting reading.

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    I wonder when they will take Dr. Waden Narsey in for questioning, to intimidate him and stifle any criticism of the Sami and his half-cooked policies. Why does the self-proclaimed leader of Fiji have to rely on a foreign consultant for advice, and one who knows nothing about balancing a budget, but will take it backwards, forwards, or sideways to keep his $20K per month. What does Voreqe care, since it is all pilfered from the taxpayers budget? Are there no financial experts and economists in Fiji? What has happened to all of those graduates of USP and those on Australian and NZ scholarships? Perhaps Voreqe needs to buy loyalty more than technical advice. He needs another snake more than he needs an economist.

    Waden knows Sami’s tricks and BS well. Go Waden. Expose it for all to see!

  10. Budhau Says:

    Nostradamus – I totally agree with you about the “new pigs at the same trough”.
    Those other pigs that are not at the trough, they are waiting for their turn out in the wings and those that are at the trough have to protect their privileges. That would explain the increase in the military budget.
    As far as that “spreading the wealth” policy – that has been part of our culture – it was there in the good old Allliance days, and with every government after that.
    BTW – that Sami dude ain’t no idiot and as for economists will will always find one on either side of any debate.

    Those of you still talking about the “clean-up” as the excuse for this coup, when are you going to figure out that “clean-up” had nothing to do with this coup just like “indigenous rights” had nothing to do with the previous coups.

    Its all about having their turn at the trough – The Mara group had their way for a long time, so those Kubuna chiefs felt that its was their turn next. This time around we have another group.
    So who is next.

  11. soro Says:

    Who else is waiting ? Only one I can see with its nozzle right in it up to its narcissistic eyebrows .. its the bush curry lawyer itself.

    Why else is it offering its opinion all over the joint ? Can only point in one direction huh ? Come on Boida, admit it …… I dare you !

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    Page 7 of the Fiji Sun – ” An evil budget laced with deceit” by Dr. Wadan Narsey. I read it twice over, just in case Imissed some of his points the first time.

    While I think this is very sad for our country, it strengthens my resolve to resist this evil.

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    What Vilisi did on Suva streets, Wadan is doing in the pages of the Sun.


  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Wadan Narsey is a brave no nonsese straight shooter who gives it as it is. He must also be one frsutrated guy who has had enough and don’t care less what the repercussion of his public comment have. But he said truly as it is. Cases in point are the overspending by the military and the hefty increase in the 2009 budget for the military while the pig declared it would be pro-poor. If that’s the case then all the poor are sitting in the military institution. Then he went on to ask why isn’t there an outcry from the goody goody CCF and FLP about this outrage. People are not blind or stupid (I speak on our behalf and not that of blind opportinists and apologists) not to see all these crooked activities and the whitewashing attempts by the likes of iarse and others. International bodies please take note of this deceitful govt and its self serving actions.

  15. free spirit Says:

    Hats off to Dr. Narsey!

    PP – we share Dr. Narsey’s frustration, we’ve all had enough but I don’t think Dr. Narsey doesn’t care of repercussions.

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear” – Ambrose Redmoon.

    Something we need to cultivate… comes down to values and priorities as Bud rightly says.

  16. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Make no mistake, Frank Bainimarama is a copy cat of the first order, because he’s way out of his depth as interum PM and interim finance minister and it’s slowly dawning on him that, ultimately, he’s a doomed man.

    So, is anyone surprised that he pinched SDL’s affirmative action policy and dressed it up as his own initiative in the 2009 Budget in order to appear credible to the the Fijian majority?

    No, the reality is that our dictator is so ill educated and has such a tiny brain that he’s incapable of generating a genuinely original creative idea. Unless, of course, he’s at the centre of it, which is no doubt the reason he thought up the brilliant idea of awarding himself a CF.

    Our dictator is a vain fool originally spurred by his high opinion of himself, but now driven increasingly by his fear of justice.

    Because even he knows that justice is ultimate, which is why he’s fast becoming a man full of fear. He knows that the wheel is slowly turning, and it shows.

    He fears justice in respect to his role in the CRW murders. He fears justice in respect to his illegal overthrow of our democratically elected government. He fears justice in respect to his corrupt actions since gaining absolute power over our beautiful island nation.

    And, as an alleged Christian, who, like all of us, will one day meet our maker, we are sure that deep in what is left of his soul he fears God’s justice in respect to the murder, the heatings, the oppression and the cold-blooded calculating lies that have become the hallmarks of his regime.

    That’s why the dictator’s 2009 Budget paid lip service to common sense (affirmative action) and popular opinion (the boost to tourism promotion), but failed to finance the promised elections and instead gave his military an extra $15 million to buy more toys for the boys.

    The clear message from the Budget is that the dictator is afraid, horribly afraid.

    Fellow bloggers, it’s your clear duty to keep weighing in with your wisdom and scorn at every opportiunity so that maximum pressure is maintained to keep this awful man in a perpetual state of fear and apprehension.

    After what he’s done to us/ it’s the very least we can do for him.

  17. BudHau Says:

    Hey big Bro budhau, look bro you got to talk to your wife Nisha, she is complaining all the time cause you have a shitty smell on you all the time.Look jimoci our next door neighbour i think he is giving Nisha the trough and Nisha i think she is liking his Tavioka and you better talk to Nisha to straighten things out? Look Bro don’t try and give these Fijian landlord a rough time or they will kick us out from their land and we’d be out with no lease. Oh sorry Bro, maybe i should just keep quite about your wife Nisha spreading her stuff to Jimoci cause it could be another trick to get jimoci support for our lease? But our BIG DADA he maybe doing something to Nisha also man your wife is a really Bajaru baiha!!

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