Military allocation needs clarity

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces has a hefty budget allocation for 2009. The 2009 Budget has given an allocation of $96.8 million to the military compared to $81 million in 2008 of which $4 million is expected to go towards the purchase of goods and services This shows an increase of $15 million. Does the military really need this allocation? The increase has only fuelled fears that the interim government wants to hold on to power with the full support of the military. It can be established that part of the allocation will be for pay increases to those who are deemed to be underpaid. We know for a fact that the job evaluation review during the Laisenia Qarase-led government started with the military and there were pay adjustments following that. For the interim Attorney General to say that some military officers are still under paid, surely it needs more explanation for the public to know the truth. The public knows that a no salary or wage increase policy has been put in place and also there is abolishment of the cost of living adjustments. With this in place, why give the increase to the military? This hefty increase has drawn criticism from trade unions and political parties who were disappointed with the allocation. This substantial increase could have been better utilised in the education and health sectors. Also it could have gone to the poor who are struggling to have a decent meal every day. During these uncertain times, a creation of the military after its 5th December 2006 coup, people look to the government for help. However, it seems some people are more equal than others so we’re faced with a situation where the money spent on those who carry the guns are more important than those who are struggling to buy even a loaf of bread and a quarter pound butter. The increase in the military allocation does not tie in with the 10 per cent cut directive given to all government ministries and institutions. So what do we really need? Do we need a strong military to defend the country against internal and external destructive elements? All that we need now is a democratically elected government, fully accountable to the people. A government that will bring peace and prosperity to all of the people of Fiji and to spend money where it is needed. It seems the government remains committed to its own road map contained in the People’s Charter and its guardian, the military. We need explanation on why the military has been allocated such a big amount

(Sun Editorial 24/11/08)


29 Responses to “Military allocation needs clarity”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Hear! Hear Mr. Editor.

    Yes, VORE SLASHED CIVIL SERVANTS’ WAGES? How come the military GETS an increase of wages????

    It’s about time PEOPLE do something. The year is almost ending. We have to end the year and bury all this 2 year nonsense and STAND-UP in the new year and ACT!!!!!!!!

    If election is not happening in 2009 THEN CIVIL PROTEST- Vilisi style MUST!!!!!! THE SILENCE MUST STOP!!!!!!

    The letter writers write, the bloggers blog, the illegals steal and talk, BUT WE ALL HAVE TO ACT!!!!!

    Bring on 2009! Bring on peaceful civil protest!! really!!!

    See, what they have done? They are counting on the Stockholm Syndrome settling in on the people and the chiefs! They are waiting on us to start believing their LIES!!!

    The habitual lies have become ingrained in their system that they are beginning to see that they are LEGIT! now that sympathisers like Bryne, Pathik and whoever else it was are on their side.

    Am also very wary about the FSL case that is in court right now. Judge Bruce seemed to have brought up the doctrine of necessity issue for the FSL case against Justice Gates’ appointment at ACJ.

    Peoples nothing is necessary about thugs using guns to push people aside and rob their government and their money!!!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    The increased allocation to the Military is clearly a tax payer funded bribe to keep the troops loyal to the illegal regime , but it won’t make any difference as it’s all about survival . For now and until the time is right , many soldiers will bite the bullet , but when the time comes to rest back control to an elected government , these same soldiers , having spent their money , will simply turn on Francis and Co. and Frank knows that . There is , just no loyalty amongst thieves and the Military , having stolen Fijians freedom of speech and freedom of assembly , are the biggest thieves of all at hits moment in time .

  3. Striker Says:

    Well said EnufDictatorship. Enough of the bulshit. Yes, I agree, its time to stand up and show the courage of our convictions.

  4. F.I.R.M Says:

    Yes go to and register thats a start.

  5. Cama Says:

    They say that the increase in their budget allocation was because of the restoration of the 5% pay cut that they receive. but are the other Ministries also allocated enough for this restoration or only the Military pay will be restored?

    Can somebody answer that?

  6. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Chodonomics Buried

    The one good thing about this budget is that the disastrous policies of the 2008 budget crafted by Mahendra Chaudhry have been reversed.

    A lot of new taxes have been imposed, even at the risk of inflation. Instead of being honest about this policy and imposing a straightforward VAT increase, it’s done through al! sorts of sneaky increases in other indirect taxes.

    But the net result of the tax increases will be the same – ie more inflation.

    Tax holidays which Chaudhry opposed have been offered all over the place (weil so long as the place is anywhere but Viti Levu). Chaudhry is screaming that this will bankrupt the country but he seems to forget that tax is only given up if there was investment. Under his economic policy there was no investment, so what’s he on about.

    Chaudhry’s hatred of Fijian Holdings led him to take away the dividend exemption for FHL and FHL Property Trust, but this has been overturned by Frank after he handed control of FHL to his stooges.

    And finally, the tourism industry has been given a few scraps to help them keep the badly damaged name of Fiji from being completely ruined. Chaudhry naturally thinks any money for tourism should go to cane farmers, (now why would that be?) But what’s the logic of thinking that damaging the tourism industry is going to help the sugar farmers? That’s the logic of Chodonomics – spiteful punishment of political enemies and cynical rewarding of supporters.

    We may not be moving forward, but at least the end of Chodonomics means that we have stopped moving backwards at such a rapid speed.

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Yadra bloggers,

    the budget of any government reflects their priority in relation to the affairs of the nation.

    Any Ministry or Sector which receives a boost in the new budget means the government’s policy or direction it is taking.

    In this case, the illegal junta has increased the Military budget in comparison to other needy Ministries, like Health which simply cannot be justified.

    So it is quite clear, that the illegal junta is going to rule for quite a while and need the support of the Military, hence the unjustifiable increase in their budget allocations.

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Someone mentioned elsewhere that this moronic military maladministration is very fearful.

    YES they certainly are!

    They are dead scared that the international community will find out the details of their corruption of the judiciary.

    That is why hairyarse has now banned the UN.

    “”””The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers visit to Fiji has been rejected by the interim government.
    Interim A G Khaiyum said the State had not agreed to the UN Special Rapporteur Leandro Despouy’s visit.

    Khaiyum said the government had earlier welcomed a visit but not now. “We have already had two independent missions, one by LAWASIA and the other by the EU independent panel over the past 18 months or so,” said Khaiyum.

    It was earlier reported that the visit had been approved and a Fiji representative at a recent UN General meeting confirmed the government had given its approval.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    More from Michael Field; a good summary of the pathetic situation

    Fiji budget unveils big jump in military spending

    By MICHAEL FIELD – Fairfax Media | Friday, 21 November 2008

    Fiji’s coup regime has given its military a 15 per cent increase in the FJ$1.75 billion (NZ$1.1 billion) government budget for next year.

    Education spending has been cut and there is no budget for an election next year as demanded by the Pacific Forum.

    Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, who staged a coup in 2006, is the self-appointed himself prime minister, foreign minister and finance minister.

    He sacked his previous finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry earlier this year.

    Speaking at a Suva hotel rather than the now shuttered Parliament, Bainimarama described the document as a “Budget for Hope”.

    But without any explanation, he has lifted the Fiji Military Force (RFMF) budget FJ$15 million to FJ$96.8 million.

    The RFMF – which has staged three coups and played a lead role in a fourth – runs to around 10,000 mainly indigenous full time and territorial soldiers. It used to earn most of its money with United Nations peacekeeping forces but has been largely excluded since Bainimarama’s coup.

  10. Navosavakadua Says:

    When there is no flood of investment over the next twelve months and Frank can’t work out why, he should go and ask his friend the Impersonating Chief Justice Gates. His wholly owned subsidiary Judge could explain to him that the ruling by Gates and the two other stooges said clearly that an elected legislature would need to approve any decree to confirm its legal status.

    Now we know that Chaudhry has already said very clearly that he will not support the generous tax holidays offered to entice investors to Vanua Levu etc. So who is going to pass this law?

    If investors have any trust in the Illegal government to start with, I doubt they will be encouraged by the prospect of having to recover this promise over ten years. Just remember that Chaudhry’s rage against Fiji Water started because of a tax holiday approved in accordance with the law by Qarase. He couldn’t just get around this law in court so he tried to achieve the same effect by imposing a brand new export tax by decree.

    I remember from history lessons at school Gandhi’s phrase about the promise of independence for India after the war. He called it a “post-dated cheque on a failing bank’. Well that’s what any investor with brains will think of the incentives contained in the Bainimarama budget.

  11. Belijo Says:

    FB doesn’t realise that by expanding the military he is also creating and expanding his own enemies. Ena qai yaco kina navisa oqo: Ena qai lauti koya tale na sui ni kena”

  12. Belijo Says:

    FB doesn’t realise that by expanding the military he is also creating and expanding his own enemies. Ena qai yaco kina na vosa oqo: Ena qai lauti koya tale na sui ni kena”

  13. Frida Says:

    Besides all of the points raise above that helps to clarify positions made in terms of response to what is going on in our country and the need for more investors and tourists, visiting our country for whatever reasons. The budget shows F$23million to the Tourism at the same time, departure tax is increasing to $75.00 per person. The tax in itself may be the deciding factor in whether to come to Fiji or not for many tourists. I do not know hoe Patrick Wong and his team will do it for the inductry next year.

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    “””Questions are now being raised on how and why the military bust its 2007 budget by a sum of 45 million dollars.

    According to the 2009 National Budget Supplement Estimates released, it reveals that the RFMF spent 126 million 285 thousand and 100 dollars in the year 2007 although the military budget was about 81 million dollars.

    National Federation Party General Secretary, Pramod Rae is now questioning how the over-expenditure was approved and he is calling on the then Interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry to reveal why he did not let the taxpayers of the country know about this.

    Rae is also calling on the Auditor General’s Office and FICAC to investigate the 45 million over-expenditure of the 2007 military budget.

  15. Cama Says:

    the military busting of their budget was not a new thing because FB was surcharged once and that is why he opted for the coup in 2006 instead of shelving of the 2 controversial bills as per his ultimatum to LQ

  16. EnufDictatorship Says:

    And this is the plain reason he staged the coup – to take what HE RIGHTFULLY THINKS BELONGS TO HIM AND HIS GOONS.

    As once mentioned in this blog…sa qai matata tiko mai na matanimeke. Ya!

  17. free spirit Says:

    Completely endorse the remarks of one of my favourite guys, Mr. Pramod Rae. With an increasing budget every friggin’ year, Fiji’s white elephant is seen as nothing short of disgraceful.

    What’s with these macho idiots who march around the place behaving as if they’re God’s gift to humankind? They look like idiots, act like clowns and hve not the slightest clue in running anything anywhere except deep into the ground.

    I guess the fault lies not elsewhere but squarely, at the feet of its military council – bunch of mediocre, undistinguished, grandstanding, TYPICAL THIEVES! Even if you handed these guys an anatomical map, they still wouldn’t be able to locate their azzes…HELP! I am utterly d-i-s-g-u-s-t-e-d.

  18. Budhau Says:

    “these macho idiots who march around the place behaving as if they’re God’s gift to humankind?”

    Hey dude, they were God’s gift to mankind – up until Bainimarama came around, and they will again become God’s gift to mankind just as soon as one them pulls a coup on Bainimarama. And when someone does that, we will all endorse the increased budget for the military for national security reasons.

    The fault does not lie at the feet of the military – it is us who are a fault because we have support a military culture, the only reason that we were even talking about downsizing the military prior to the coup was because the SDL was pissed of at Bainimarama.

    This is about values and priorities – and things didn’t just get screwed up on December 5th, 2006.
    Enufcrapdude wrote, abaout Bainimarama “take what HE RIGHTFULLY THINKS BELONGS TO HIM AND HIS GOONS.”
    The same applies to Rabuka and Speight. The same applies to the Fijians who supported the 1987 coup – they took what they rightfully thought belonged to them.

    When are you guys going to learn that you cannot justify some coups and condemn others.

    Now we hear from those some idiot who is either going to tell me that he has learned his lessons or that he wasn’t around during the previous coups.

    BTW – that idea about a Vilisi style taking to the streets – not a good idea.
    How about we just get all those who are opposed to this regime call in sick on the second anniversary of the coup – if there are enough of them not showing up to work – they can’t fire them all or harass them in any other way. Its all about numbers. On the hand if only ten guys don’t show up for work – well, then we will just have to give up on this protest until the masses are ready to rise.

  19. Anon Says:

    Budhau, Vilisi’s idea of taking to the streets is the only option now. Do not waste time organizing sick leave or small protests. Those of you who have members like the Methodists and SDL people. rally your supporters. Stop wasting time. Union reps, community leaders, chiefs, now is the time to talk to your people. Baini knows that he has control over you because you are all fragmented!
    If Vilisi can do that alone and scare the military junta, if he can stop traffic in only five minutes and cause chaos, imagine what 5000 people can do!
    You must always emphasis that this movement is peaceful and non violent.
    From the very beginning we must maintain integrity, humility, and seek God’s mercy and guidance. Above all do this for the love of our nation, not for hatred of our enemy.
    God Bless Fiji.

  20. Budhau Says:

    My advice still stands – you want to protest, call for a one day strike on the coup anniversary. You do not need a permit to call in sick, the military does not have an excuse to confront folks. If you see that there is support for your cause, move on from there. Shutting down the whole country for a day – that is better than 10 guys out in some street being invited to the QEB.
    We have seen your silly-ass march plans before who is gonna get the permit, and with no permit – you know what will happen.

    And if I was you – I would distance myself from the SDL and Qarase and make this more of a people’s protest, not a standing behind Qarase thingie.

    It would be interesting to see what kind protest can someone organize – from what I have seen so far, the person on the street has little to do with standing up for Qarase – the people who make all the noise are the regular guys who have lost some privileges that they had under Qarase and they still feel that they are entitled to something.

    ..and for no hatred, that was funny…OK so let get started with the Dalit bashing.

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    Now is the time for honourable soldiers to say no , enough is enough or resign to show the people that there are soldiers of honour still within the Military !

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    The extraordinary high military expense which inevitably leads to overspending of allocated funds is an annual event which they cannot control. They have been overspending for the last years for as long as we know it. We dont how the army prepare their budget but it does seem under provided as can be seen in the ongoing annual overexpenditure. The army which is oversized and has no practical use in national matters is given too much for zilch in return and is even the country’s biggest downfall considering all the coups that is accredited to them. Both credit and blame must be given to the people themselves for the coup culture. Credit is because after all these coups he country is still standing. Blame is because we did not do anything and accepted it right from the beginning that the coup culture is thriving. These coupsters are just capitalising on these weaknesses which they saw in the people of Fiji.

    But going back to the military something has to be done to correct this biggest anomaly that is plaguing the country. But who is to do it without bringing wrath upon themselves just as what happened to the SDL. The military has taken on a form of power and monstrosity that it is blinded to rights and wrongs of its actions and is overuled by greed and immoral leadership.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s compare apples with apples shall we !
    Australia’s Defence buget for 2008 to 2009 was $1,036,000,000 divided by a population of approximately 21,500,000 = $48.18c per person .
    Now , multiply Fiji’s population of 900,000 approximately x $52 and that would be an equivalent budget of $46,800,000 !
    But it’s $81,000,000 for 2008 and $96,800,000 for 2009 . The 2009 Defence budget for Fiji , works out to be $107.55c per capita against Australia’s $48.18c per capita !
    That’s 2.23 times more than Australia’s Defence budget per capita !

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    That should be revised to , Fiji’s population of 900,000 x $48.18c = $43,362,000 for the Fiji Defence budget . Not $46,800,000 as stated above . And that makes it 2.23 more than Australia’s Defence budget !
    Fiji’s Defence budget should be $43,362,000 not $96,800,000 ! That’s an over expenditure of $53,438,000 which could be used on Hospitals , Schools , Police , roads and other infrastructure .
    Fiji has reverted to a house of straw and will eventually be blown away by the winds of change , taking Frank, his Daughter’s house and the houses of the other thieves in this regime with it !
    The stupidity of it all is this , when Frank and family or any of his treasonous colleagues and their families want medical intervention for some serious complaint , the services they require , just won’t be available to them either complaint . As night follows day , this will happen . Yes it’s true then , the Lord works in mysterious ways does he not ?

  25. Colin Bishop Says:

    If every person in Fiji was given a cash payout of $107 per annum and the military was scrapped then the economy would be humming.

  26. Tim Says:

    FJT 26 Nov notes the RFMF blew its budget last year to the tune of over $45m.
    “More seriously, who authorised the over-expenditure? Where did the additional funds come from? Which department or ministry had their allocation slashed?”
    Madge the bandmaster said “there were some misconceptions over the military’s budget’.
    Indeed there was, and there still are – they’re all within the current junta!

  27. free spirit Says:

    @ Budhau, does it make you feel better ass-uming every blogger supported previous coups BUT not this one… or that we don’t appreciate already some of the stuff that you care to explain in detail?

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    Colin , I’ve offered a free Volkswagen and 4 burner toaster if you elect me your Presdent , Prum Minsta and Minister for all things shiney , but no takers yet !

  29. BudHau Says:

    Hey bahiya budhau, please you gotta talk to your wife Nisha…man she is one helluva woman. I’m sure she is doing Jimoci our kaiviti landlord and Jimoci is telling me that Nisha she is complaining to him about the shitty smell with your freakin azzeOle head-man.
    Time for you to get your azzeOle head off Bainimarama azze and come to check out Nisha.Look our BIG DADA as I’ve said before he to may be doing some exploration with your wife Nisha.
    You see, last night when she come to visit me for some entertainment she slipped and call me Jimoci for some reason while i was working on her Vusi.Man how can she not realize i am your brother?

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