Baini-pygamas junior

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Forever preparing for an invasion … by his shadows

That look … a definite cry for help

43 Responses to “Baini-pygamas junior”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    should we blame the sins of our parents onto our children .
    I actually feel sorry for this young lad as I doubt he would dare defy his Father under any circumstances .

  2. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Yes MM, God specifically says that the sins of the fathers will upon the children to the 4th generation.

  3. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Awww…rather a sad-sad-and-pathetic-looking-sod!

    They say your eyes are the windows to your soul!!!! Can only imagine how these eyes reflect his inner soul-corrupt, disillusioned, afraid!!!

    Be very afraid, young man!! be very afraid! Wouldn’t be very surprised if this poor soul ends up somewhere he didn’t dream he would be one day in his later years…just like the offsprings of the ones whom we thot were our leaders long time ago.

  4. iceman Says:

    you are marked for death young prepared to face the wrath of the families that have been brutualized by your dad’s regime…….

  5. FijiGirl Says:

    Umm, iceman – we are all marked for death.

    What counts is the choices we make in our lives.

    If this boy has any goodness in him, he will choose to stop his father from destroying our country’s future.

    God bless Fiji

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh dear! Is this the reflection of a broken soul or the arrogant individual?. More like the look of death. a dropout , but of course to end up with “dads” army! Pity the kid. So much curse hangs on his slender shoulders. His father just might outlive him. Sa vakaraitaka tiko mai na kibo ni yalokanimatamu. You are CURSED!

  7. Ablaze Says:

    Poor kid! What happens after the glory days?


    It is important for a father to teach his son a real man’s life.

    Dandies of Fiji take your sons by the hand, give them a gun and tell them this has the power to get what you want.


    Listening to this band of wankers is no worse than listening to a child molester on how to babysit.

    We must keep pushing for Democracy. It is not only a form of Govt but also a social system, a way of life and even a quality of manners.

    Unfortunately a similar development is now talking place in our country in the form of “Dictatorship” in which our youth is being exposed to.

  8. Isalei Says:

    Sure looks like those Nazi boys in Daddy Hitler’s army, or from the KGB – no choice but to do it what with all the brainwash!!

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    I thought the parent would know better than to raise the poor sob into a deadbeat army. Oh but of course being in the army is most rewarding in Fiji as his dad has shown everyone. It means you can coup as and when you want and take over a government whenever your fancy demands and raid the golden nest for you and your fellow soldiers. We are probably looking at the face of the next coup monger if he follows his dads footstep obediently. Thats the trouble with the Fiji army people. They think the world revolves around them which is why we are in this shit today.

    Much as we demand for democracy we are facing an uphill battle as we have firstly a brainless army who are suppressing the people and secondly the evil and crooked braintrust of conniving and scheming weasels in the likes of Samy, Narayan, iarse, parmesh, gaytes shamim and others providing the guidance to an otherwise clueless-in-governance army. The main issue is shall we wait and suffer for the next 5 or 10 years of unbearable life under this evil regime? Will God intervene in order to mercifully free us from this bondage. Will they implode as we have been hoping for but has not eventuated. As I see it now they more entrenched in the seat of power and nothing we are doing will remove them. Oh yes in fact we are not doing much if anything to unseat these criminal coupsters. My fear is they will follow the footsteps of Pakistan and Burma where the military stayed on for 9 years in pakistan and 15 years and still counting in burma. These criminals are now using the government resources to try and win over support from the people. My fear is that we may be entering a phase of acquisence where this regime will be accepted by more and more people knowing that they cannot do anything about it. This will lead to recognition by foreign countries of the legitimacy of this regime based on the longevity of the regime, the acquisence of the people and the lack of opposition by the people. It is rather disappointing to think we have to endure more pain and angst for much longer since there is definitely no election in March 2009. Two years is too much to bear and to think it is going on for more is unbearable. We have not had any reason to rejoice of late as things seem to be falling in their favour.

  10. Snowball Says:

    The eyes tell it all.

  11. Ablaze Says:

    Isa Peace Pipe we all have those fears but sadly there is nothing we can do about it.

    Just keep doing what we are doing now that is all we ask of you.

    Your comments believe it or not allowed me to think that there are others out there fighting the good cause.

    One day those that think differently will realize that they gave their support to the wrong people.

    May the Lord Bless Us All.

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Peace Pipe, please do not be despondent as the free world does not see banananasinpyjamas’ moronic military maladministration as having any legitimacy.

    In fact, bananas will be having heart palpitations right now as the team from the UN arrives to check out Fiji’ return to democracy. The first fact that will be pointed out is that bananas has no plans to return the country to democracy at any stage; he must hang onto power to avoid arrest for murder and treason.

    Bananas will go to great lengths to try to keep the UN team away from Mr Q, Mick Beddoes, Graham Leung, etc as he will only want them to hear his propoganada i.e. everything is great in Fiji but please don’t go out and find out the truth.

    The Pacific Islands Forum is unlikely to backdown on a march 2009 election deadline and suspension from the forum is imminent. Australia and NZ will likely increase sanctions.

    So PP rest assured that the cause is not yet lost; maybe there is a lull before the storm.

  13. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka ex Fiji Tourist – Chin Up Peace Pipe very good explanation for you not to become despondent.

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Vinaka Ablaze and EFT. My worry is that things are not happening fast enough and it is making me very impatient. Thanks again for reassurance and lets remain firm and steadfast together

  15. Avoro Says:


    It is important every now and than to show a little perspicacity especially when childrens are invovled.

    While you might think this young man is fair game you might want to rethink you ideology.

    It is important to allow this young lad to be free of negative opinions, however his father on the other hand is open to derision.

    I just hope that for once we all can approach this sad situation with decorum.

  16. solivakasama Says:

    How old are Baini-pygamas’ “children”, Avoro?

    How old is this ‘young lad’?

    ‘Sad’ is hardly the word to describe this outrageously, unacceptable status quo or ‘situation’ the military-driven junta have single-handedly placed Fiji and her people in. And as we’ve seen, despite the economic downturn and gloomy future forecasted, the military junta finds it fit to steadily increase their Rottenfmf budget by the millions.

    The look on Baini-pygamas junior’s face represents the Rottenfmf brainwashed lunatics – arrogant, angry, defensive and so damn afraid!

  17. FijiGirl Says:

    Avoro – you seem to mistake this man for Prince William and Prince Harry in their childhood, or shortly after their mother’s tragic and untimely death.

    This man, if he has any goodness in him, will use his influence to try and stop his father destroying our country and our collective, once prosperous future.

    If he doesn’t, then he is simply poisoned fruit off a poisoned tree. That’s not making him ‘fair game’, that’s just the way life is.

    God bless Fiji

  18. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @Peace wekaqu I was feeling so like you today for some reason…am beginning to feel if the Stockholm Syndrome is settling in slowly to our poor and chiefs who now beginning to sound respinsive to this illegal junta.

    This is what I wrote to my circle of friends…

    The Stockholm Syndrome and Crying over split milk…I was thinking about this lately…it is now almost TWO years that this regime is in place with ALL they have tried or are implementing (now with legal support). Some chiefs it seems are beginning to lax on their perseverance to let Vore and his goons take us to elections. This budget has shown it and the recent bose ni turaga that has been scheduled.

    We have been vocal about these chiefs too..I wonder if there will be women representativeS in that meeting who are from the grassroots as well and not so much of chieflydom.

    Now, we want to rely on regional and international neighbours BUT they can only do so much bcos really WE, THE PEOPLE OF FIJI HAVE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP!!!

    Are we getting comfortable with where we are? We know our poor are struggling BUT vore seems to be gaining power and support as he goes along cos of the SILENCE!!!!???

    The thing is these ILLEGALS are SCARED..I know that for sure..see what they did to Vilisi and then barring the Sun frm attending the budget thingy and not fully enclosing where/how the NCBBF budget has been spent, giving more to the GOONS to fund civil military affairs, special joint operations, health awareness and court martial expenses. Illegal AG said they have to increase soldiers’ wages. Ya sa laurai ga kina that they are psychologically conditioning the goons with more money so they can keep being LOYAL!!!!!

    SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN SOON!!! otherwise, the nation of Fiji will suffer frm the Stockholm syndrome before it’s too late. WE SHOULD BE CRYING OVER SPLIT MILK!!!!! none of this STOP CRYING OVER SPLIT MILK cos a huge fundamental shift has to occur for us to get to elections!!!!! otherwise we will become the losers!!!

    @Ablaze and eFT..well thanks guys for the optimism. I guess Peace Pipe and I were probably suffering from a slight change of the winds today (wink wink).

    as for you Avoro…oilei, sa cava mada o iko na via2 holier than thou!!!!??? The look on this son-of-a-gun’s face has been multiplied a thousand folds by the poor children of Fiji whom his easily-forgotten-father’s-arrogant-and-stupid attitude caused.

  19. EnufDictatorship Says:

    BTW….I will readlly want to tae-kwando someone to kingdom-come if the Whispers published by the Sun on Nov 20 that Vore is going to spend Xmas in the Middle-East is true!!!!!!!! WTF!!!

  20. iceman Says:

    Avoro..the dude is an adult so what is ur problem?????

  21. Peace Pipe Says:

    Very true EnufDictatorship. They are playing a psychological warfare on the people and it seems to be gaining momentum. All this is due to the human nature of opportunism and survival. Opportunism for those who can make something out of this mess and survival for those who will go along just to survive. This nature overrides the good human traits of principle and morality which we are trying to espouse. In situation we are facing and as times drags on, the resources and agitation of those victimised dwindles then the impetus to take action starts to wane and the culprits will have an unassailable ascendency.

  22. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    To PP and others,

    Fight the good fight and keep a stiff upper lip; after all, we’re British.

    Well not really but it sort of seems a good quote o start the day.

    Diplomacy moves in mysterious ways.

    Whilst bananasinpyjamas is hoping for a ship load of gold to arrive from China to pay for his new army, Australia is having serious talks with the Chinese to limit the Chinese involvement in Fiji.

    These initiatives went up a peg yesterday when Rudd spent many hours with the Chinese premier at the APEC meeting in Lima. Fiji was a major part of their discussions.

    Let’s hope that Rudd has got his point across.

  23. Push Tailevu Says:

    Hey, its only a kid, was my best friend in Marist, and during the coup, he asked me to join him in the army, but i was hesitant to do it.
    Back during school, we use to dring and party at their residence…..since i was relectant to join with him in the army..things has changed, no fone calls, no txtz….he just didnt talk to me… his parents, relatives are asking me , why am i not coming up their house…..i replied i was buzy…..

    Well Meli….i am still your friend…..\

  24. LUVfiji Says:

    Then if Meli is still a kid and so are you. WTF are you doing in this forum? Please run along and join Facebook. Its more for yr agegroup. I hate to be blogging with boci’s.

  25. Budhau Says:

    The guy don’t look any different than any other Fijian soldier that have seen in the 30 or so years.

    “God specifically says that the sins of the fathers will upon the children to the 4th generation.”

    Only four generations?…how about you find another more loving God.

  26. Right on! Says:

    LOL @ LUVfiji. I concur!

  27. Belijo Says:

    What a look! Proverbs 6:16-19 reads. There are seven things that the Lord hates and cannot tolerate , yes seven are an abomination to Him:
    1) A proud look (that’s what I see in the picture of Junior)
    2) A lying tongue (sa kalobi mai na gusu)
    3) Hands that shed innocent blood (what’s in his hand is a tool for this)
    4) A heart that devises wicked plans (it’s written all over J’s face)
    5) Feet that are swift in running to evil (these have trodden on the victimised in Fiji)
    6) A false witness who speaks lies (the protruding mouth I see gets bigger and bigger as more lies unfold from the heart and mind)
    7) One who stirs up trouble amongst friends (nona qito qori)
    Before reading this read Vs. 12-15 for it’s a warning to J

  28. kaiveicoco Says:

    Fiji TV please play the series ” Dad’s Army ” Isa the innocent looking kid.Sadly this is the message the military is telling our young school leavers.There will always be a job for you in the military if are there no other openings.

  29. Push Tailevu Says:

    Thank you LUVfiji, appreciate, i am a blogger who wants democracy, its nothing to do with Meli….
    So forgive us the boci’s for wasting your time….coz you are indeed an idiot..who wants to waste time responding to my message

  30. modri rights Says:

    Down with the military junta!

  31. ispy Says:

    “…The look on Baini-pygamas junior’s face represents the Rottenfmf brainwashed lunatics – arrogant, angry, defensive and so damn afraid!…”

    Vinaka SV.

    I doubt one can summarise that look better than you just did…

    …arrogant, angry, angry and so damn afraid indeed!

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    Wrong little boy! This thread is about Meli. Why dont you take yr little brilliance to Facebook where you’d have a better chance of meeting up with him again since y’re bragging y’re still a friend. The two of u can renew old acquiantance; and thats where u can to talk democracy and maybe put some sense into his head, if y’re not such an idiot as I am.

    It just irks me to think that Im blogging here someone who’s barely started shaving. Dou boci.. o iko, Meli vatakei tamai Meli.

    Shooo! and run along now…

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    The bible also says , love thine enemy as thyself !
    it says this for a very very good reason !
    Now imagine you get into a fight , but instead of getting angry , you approach the other guy with a gesture of friendship . Have you ever noticed that usually , they just buckle and don’t know what to make of your gesture , it just sucks the wind out of their sail !
    Try it one day and apply it whenever you can , it works .

  34. Jon Jon Says:

    he is not a kid, since he had a fight with the bau chief last year!!! he is grown up young men who cud have done better by kipping away from supporting his dada!!! but he has allowed his dada’s manipulation to wrap him up through the curses of the wicked and he’s reward is double dada’s sin’s, except if he repent now n turns away then goodness will follow him!!! now wickedness is after him!!!

  35. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Budhau, that’s what the ONLY true living GOD said….what other god there is you may have are just created things like you and me.

    Your GOD maybe Choro or Pig or your money, they are all created by our GOD.

    The Bible said “where there is your treasure there is also your heart”.

    OUR GOD is LOVING GOD WHO LOVES SINNERS BUT HATES SIN. To show his unconditional love he gave his only begotten son to die on the cross so that who ever believes in him shall have everlasting life.


  36. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Very sad!! What date exactly was this pic taken?
    God bless this young man’s heart, he is running with starving wolves and dad is leader of the pack.

    He is way past 8 years old so guilty by association as an adult unless of course he becomes real radical and goes against his father which would be the lesser evil?

  37. Jon Jon Says:

    Mark Manning you would be a great Reverend with the way you sounding. Did u miss the boat (church) or you still on the island (non church attendee)? I would fully recommend that you join CCF and be Reverend Akuila Yabaki’s advisor during this current crisis in Fiji. Perhaps it will bring some healing to Frank’s heart!!!! Don’t take my advise very lightly.. I mean it!! as you have the pontential and the man power that has the will to bring life back into the stormy seas Fiji is going, through your many words of wisdom on this blog: By the way you and others in this blogs deserve a medal of honor through your many words of wisdom on thy blog :-0)

  38. Cava Says:

    I’m pretty sure the kid looks excatly like Colonel Benhur,hey col ben fess-up old buddy, whats going on?

  39. Makos Says:

    Face of a Fear Man

  40. senijiale Says:

    Gee I thought I’d stumble onto the planet of the APES upon opening that fijilive website picture gallery and seeing at least 13 different facial expressions of ONE man – Fiji’s new director of immigration. Talk about shameless vanity! Pls check it out for yourself before they remove it…. only confirms what I’ve found amiss with that website for sometime now as they’ve steadfastly refused to publish comments except for their selected few… obviously controlled by the goon sapotas!

    Then there’s the skinny sullen ape pictured on this thread scowling like his crazy father!

  41. radiolucas Says:

    He does not need his hand-holding, when he bullies or gropes women in the nightclubs, he does it as a big, big, man.

    When he has his minders with him around and about town he talks big and tries to start fights when he drinks too much.

    But when he is by himself or with his boci gang out on the town, he is much quieter when he sees those who know him better. He really is just a coward and we shouldnt feel angry towards him, just sad – he just needs a cuff around his ear every now and then.

  42. Sobosobo Says:

    Hahahaha, you guys need a life. Leave him alone and fight the good cause’, not rubbish like this.

  43. Oilei Says:

    this kid is an egoistic kid , that has taken his fathers illegal power to his head . his attitude in the army camp and around suva is a tell all sign

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