Life is hard

I refer to Parmesh Chand’s comments on TV about his board’s intention to restrict partial withdrawals from the FNPF.

Everyone knows why people are flocking to the FNPF daily for partial withdrawals. He can talk like that because he is sitting on a very comfortable salary paid by the same people he is referring to while they struggle to pay school fees, pay mortgages on their homes because many of them have lost their jobs and simply struggle to put a decent meal on the table for their family.I agree that the FNPF is not a bank but where else shall we turn?

The government that Parmesh Chand religiously serves is making our life harder by the day. He should first tell us the members why there is a difference in treatment when it comes to members and employees of FNPF withdrawing from the fund.

Epeli Koroi
(Fiji Sun Letters to the Editor)

in the mean time check out on why Full Chow Teleni won’t investigate the SDL treason complaint to Police. It has been claimed that he recently received $250,000 cash payment into his Colonial Bank Account and out of this he teiths $25,000 into his brothers church, now used by the Military to counter the Methodist Church.


36 Responses to “Life is hard”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    civil disobedience is a great word !
    hang on , that’s two words !

  2. F.I.R.M Says:

    Good to see you Mark @ the footy,as to the question you raised at the ground I would like to give you a call later today,got to catch up on some sleep,as I have just touched down.

    Mark Manning for president!!!!

  3. Snowball Says:

    Another reason for civil disobedience.

  4. Democracy Says:

    perhaps we should give politician like Mick and qarase another chance at runnin the country. If u saw Mick on Close-Up last night u will agree that maybe he as Fiji at heart. he was able to explain himself on every hard and tough questions thrown at him by anish. tough interview and straight answers.

  5. Striker Says:

    These coupsters clean-up is continuing to unravel and in the end their bad deeds will be their undoing. Strange though, I can’t remember any good ones!

  6. Pusiloa Says:

    Ro Vilive cries foul over PM’s action
    Monday, November 17, 2008

    + Enlarge this image

    Chiefs target … Commodore Bainimarama
    A CHIEF from Rewa has lodged a complaint with the Fiji Human Rights Commission over the withdrawal of his appointment to the Rewa Provincial Council by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in May this year.

    Ro Vilive Tuisawau lodged his complaint last Friday with the commission, saying the action by the interim PM breached his right to freely express himself.

    A letter from the permanent secretary for Indigenous Affairs to the Roko Tui Rewa stated the appointment of Ro Vilive was withdrawn by Commodore Bainimarama who is the interim Indigenous Affairs Minister.

    The letter stated: “The appointment of Ro Vilive Tuisawau, one of the four recommended by the urban mata (representative), has been withdrawn by the minster and you will need to submit another name, should you wish to do so”.

    The letter was signed by permanent secretary Meli Bainimarama.

    Ro Vilive said there was no reason stated by the minister on why his appointment was withdrawn.

    “You will notice that no reason is given but it is a well-known fact that he publicly announced he would sack me due to my role in Rewa’s opposition to the People’s Charter,” Ro Vilive said.

  7. Isalei Says:

    I really don’t know why these chiefs even bother to be accepted by this illegit junta. Just do your own, he’s gonna play it below the belt all the time, what with big bro holding a broom stick over there and pilinisi evili guarding the gate!

  8. kini Says:

    Hey,people lets target these bastards and run them over? I’ve got KETEPOKA TELENI and i won’t mind if someone gets to him first. Even if you just break his leg that would really be helpful.

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    While I am of the humble opinion that FNPF members’ funds should primarily be used for retirement, the letter writer, Mr. Epeli Koroi, makes a point I also fully support.

    When some of us want to withdraw funds the first and second time to cover house deposit payments or to reduce housing loan debts we are approved.

    Huge corporations like Natadola, Tappoos etc. are able to borrow millions to fulfil their investment needs and these funds are comprised of the funds saved by the “little members.”

    So where is the recognition and the mechanism to take care of the plight of the small members, those who have no connections and want to borrow money to just make ends meet when times are so tough for them and their famillies.

    If the FNPF’s corporate objectives are not supposed to fulfil these needs as determined by the Board and the policy makers, then the onus is on government to come up with a viable alternative that does not plunge the poor further into debt.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    okay F.I.R.M
    nighty night !
    yes it was good to put a face to the s.v.

  11. Tim Says:

    @ IB: Here’s the irony: some would say (junta apologists thundering in agreement in the background) that this junta began because they all wanted to protect the little man’s interest – that is just so long as their own interests didn’t get upset.
    It’s what happens when you get people that are fundamentally dishonest in power – even worse when they have the power of the bullet backing up their cowardly little asses.

  12. Snowball Says:

    Reason why we must go back to elections. Government by the people prioritise people’s needs, those in power thru other means only satisfy their backers and their $$$ profits.

  13. Isalei Says:

    This illegit regime has only proven:
    1) there are two sets of laws- one for those with the guns and one for ssmall people who break the law and go to jail for it;
    2) two sets of benefits – as for FNPF- one for those who control the big $$ and one for ordinary workers who rely on their savings to keep afloat now in these hard times, rather than waiting until they die for someone else to get their funds.

    BTW- seems like the greenies haven’t turned their PC on. Be prepared for the night shift gang to flood the blogs.

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tim – I honestly wonder just how much control Frank really has over the whole circus. I am beginning to suspect very very little.

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    The other alternative Tim is that they sold out!

  16. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    My Tau IslandBoy,

    I agree that Vore is only the puppet and I like the ‘Flash’ on the SV website asking ‘Who are the puppeteers behind the coup?’

    Can we start putting down names of these shadowy figures based on facts so SV can compile a list and send to all concerned?

  17. Isalei Says:

    TV one reported tonite of an old woman who’s been robbed of the little she has four times in the past weeks calling for more police presence while we have an illegit IARZE having police protection 24/7 following only one robbery of useless stuff. Life sucks as this poor old woman and other victims of robberies have found out in this new dawn of Fiji.

  18. EnufDictatorship Says:

    This is what this whole big piece of shit of an IG didn’t foresee….baleta gona the mission was done on selfish reasons…to fill their pockets!!!!!

    Now the poor are trying to get to their money and they’re being hindered?..all the while they STARVE or can’t make ends meet.


  19. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese Waqalekaleka – Well my Tau, isn’t that the million dollar question, but where to begin, unless one can establish a rock solid paper trail.

    But as we both know this is Fiji, not a long wait before someone gusu kabasu and then it’s GAME ON.

    @Isalei – Khaiyum probably needs more protection than the lady on TV. She may be of a certain age but boy was she gutsy – what a woman of courage.

  20. Corruption Fighter Says:

    We all know that the partial withdrawals from the FNPF are to cover all sorts of family emergencies. Since Mahendra Chaudhry’s vicious cut to civil service pay and the fall in tourism receipts a lot of people have no choice but take money from the savings they are trying to build for their futures.

    But we need to think about why Parmesh Chand is raising the issue now. The FNPF must be short of the money they need to make the ayments. The last Annual Report published by the FNPF was for the year 2006 ie pre-coup. It’s now almost the end of 2008 and there’s no report for 2007.

    Even before the global financial crisis hit, the FNPF would have suffered hits in the earnings on its Fiji shares holdings. According to the 2006 report these constitute 14 percent of their assets.

    Critics of the FNPF’s ‘governance’ (Frank’s favourite word) frequently complained about the Qarase government’s pressure for the FNPF to lend to the Fiji government at fixed rates of interest. While these provided stable income to the FNPF the ‘clever’ critics thought the FNPF should be getting a taste of huge earnings on the New York and London stock exchanges. (So who’s clever now?)

    The fixed interest earnings of loans to the Fiji Government must now look like the shining stars in the FNPF asset portfolio. In 2006, there were no international equity holdings. When (or maybe if) the illegal regime eventually publishes the report for 2007 it will be interesting to see whether their new board appointed by Frank and Chodopu$$ managed to transfer any FNPF assets to international equities. Let’s pray they didn’t because they now would be worth a fraction of what
    they paid.

    About 10 percent of FNPF assets in 2006 were mortgages. With the economy suffering the biggest cut in growth in our history a lot of these mortgages may fail. We can all see the mortgagees’ sales inthe newspapers every day.

    The 2006 report shows that the FNPF repatriated over $190 million of international equities to buy higher yielding short and long term domestic government securities. These showed a handsome profit that would have been lost if the overseas assets had been still on hand when the international crisis broke. And the securities purchased in Fiji are now delivering Fiji dollars which we all need.

    But every day I worry about the assets held by the FNPF under the control of the criminals now running our country. It’s a real worry that they don’t seem to able to publish an annual report.

  21. Cava Says:

    Rumour has it that Frank is half Fijian and Half Indo-could someone please confirm and or verify this rumours? Rumour has it, that he was an illegitimate by product, of his married Mother affair with a Nasilai married Indo Shop keeper, by the name of Ram Singh?
    it was said, that when he was born, with straight dark hair and his facial feature had closely resembles those of Ram Singh, then his Mothers husband, everyone in Kiuva village would, constantly tease him, mercifully as Kai Idia.
    Now we wonder, why he is doing everything he could, to wreck anything Fijians, including his attempt to demolished the GCC,FHL,FAB,NLTB,FTV,and Fijian society in general? It would be very helpful if someone could verify this info?

  22. Budhau Says:

    Yeah, those half caste people – evil. Just wait and see what Obama does – and his father was a Muslim.

    These women – cant trust them, can you. The other day someone in here was saying something about how the soldiers’ wives screw around when the men are on overseas assignment.
    With women like this – I think you should be grateful that the Indians, as a general rule, kept to themselves. Just imagine if the British had brought in Chinese instead of Indians back then – I bet a lot of you would be running around with straight, dark hair.

    BTW Cava, you seem to know the Indian guy’s name but you don’t know Bainimarama’s father’s name – was this Ram Singh guy close to certain members of your family also.

  23. F.I.R.M Says:

    It is said that he the son of the late sadiq koya the founder of NFP.. but there is also rumour that he is the son of leweni’s dad who happens to be a taxi driver in Korovou me aru qai veicai ga yani

  24. Dauvavana Says:

    If you have seen Voreqe’s father (the late prison warden), Voreqe is a striking resemblance of his father although his father is darker. They have the same big nose.

    Come on guys lets cut the rumours and discuss truth…………beside what does his father have to do with the price of fish???

    It is Vore the pig who is fcuking up the country!!

  25. Isalei Says:

    I had said this before and will say it again, the illegitimacy with which the Vore is fu**king up this country, is a reflection of some deep dark secrets that would have something to do with their own illegitimacy, force-line, a refection of what he’s doing now. The four chiefs including the current Pressy were in that category, and this will be reflected in the lives of the children.
    @Cava may be stumbling on to something here as there is no smoke without fire. The background of the person will make us understand the kind of choices or actions taken.

  26. Truth Says:

    Truth telling here by Vosori Budhau also go by the name Shane on Fiji Times Online .. speaking of names that is.

    And the Indian girls are no angles. I used to stand watch for Lalita’s hubby’s arrival while she takes in the police Officers one after another into their bedroom. She was a real treat for the guys.

  27. Budhau Says:

    Come on you idiots – leave the guy’s mom alone. Just like you can’t blame his children for his sins.

    Thruth – my observation had more to do sociology, not fucking around.
    It seems that when members of other communities such as the Europeans and Chinese were willing to have sexual relations with Fijian women – there didn’t seem to be too many barriers. The only reason why I don’t see the same kind of a interaction with the Indians must have something to do with the Indian men – may be its their prejudice or whatever you want to blame them for – the fact still remains that since we had more Intermarriages and affairs between Fijian women and men of other races other than Indians – the reason must have some thing to do with the attitudes of Indians, not the Fijian women.
    The second thing is the Indian presence in Fiji is much more significant compared to Europeans and Chinese. If the Indians had interacted in the same manner as the Europeans and the Chinese, this would have had a huge effect on the indigenous population.
    Therefore, if the Indians had the same attitudes as the Chinese or the Europeans – it is very likely that we would see large numbers of part Fijian part Indians in Fiji today

    So I think some of you should be thankful for that Indian attitude – regardless of what the underlying reason was. The Fijian population was totally devastated with the measles outbreak after the arrival of the White man – and the demography would have completely changed had it not been for the Indian desire not to inter-marry.

    Hey Truth, as for screwing around – that is universal. You seem to have missed the point. You were standing watch for Lalita – hey dude, if I was telling the same story, I would have given a better role for myself.

    Good one Duana – you couldn’t see some Fijian woman screwing around with some Dalit (that Ram Singh was the Indian equivalent of a Bati) – right, so what if it was FB’s mother.

  28. Dauvavana Says:

    ganddooo dalit is a bloody idiot and is not talking sense here. what a wanker. you want to see who are the biggest racist on the planet, inian men wgo would never ever want their daughters to marry a fijian man

  29. Dauvavana Says:

    typo it should read :indian men who” never allow their daughters to marry fijian men

  30. Isalei Says:

    Buda, the reason why not many intersexual relations with Indian men? The kulina/baku/tabuteve of your kind, kinda revolting and repulsive.

  31. Budhau Says:

    So I guess the Chinese and all those other men were OK.

    Duana – I wasn’t talking about why Indian men would not let their daughters marry Fijian men. I was talking about why Indian men would not screw your daughter – while a Chinese would and that in the long run has turned out to be better for you.

    …and maybe that racist attitude that you are talking about – you should be grateful – otherwise your hair would be little straighter today – just like the Maoris are a shade or two lighter.

    BTW.. I think interracial marriage is fine – I guess the problem was not with the Indian men and their daughters, Isalei says it better with his racist line “The kulina/baku/tabuteve of your kind, kinda revolting and repulsive.”…and you blame them for supporting the coupsters.

    BTW how can we let one of those become the PM – there, you see what I was saying.

  32. Isalei Says:

    Yep the products of these tabuteve dalits are the ones holding this country illegitimately, you will know them by their fruits, we did not allow them to but they have forced their way in just like weeds as that Fijian woman MP once said! But in time they will be weeded out for good from our society, root out the evil once and for all as Jesus said!

  33. Isalei Says:

    By the way if you check out [] on the pics from the budget 2009, check out the one where this illegit PM is pretending to understand what he just parroted to the stupid people listening. Sure he’s not talking roots and DNA with Indian high commish and punja? Anyone would think they are cuzzin brathas.

  34. Budhau Says:

    Hey guys, if I was a supporter of the Coup and SV was the largest anti-coup organization – than I must be succeeding if I have your racist buggers going all ballistic.
    It makes you racist SOBs look real bad – and they always said that the SDL crowd were a racist bunch with racist policies.

    SV with almost a million hits and Duana as the main contributor in here – you guys are doing FB a great PR job for FB and just proving the point about SDL being a racist regime.

    So let me get this right – that Indians are all toilet cleaning Dalits, sort like weeds – the evil should be rooted out once and for all as Jesus said.
    “The kulina/baku/tabuteve of my kind, kinda revolting and repulsive.”
    Funny that after saying all that…they still go around saying that the Indians were “biggest racist on the planet”.

    BTW – this ain’t nothing new – it has been going on for a very long time.
    I will give credit to Kutu – he tried to put a stop to this but what can the poor guy do. On the other hand, Bishop had a more pragmatic approach – he was of the opinion that you guys should not be saying things like this – it only makes us look bad.

    So my advise to you guys – racism does not go too well with democracy and neither does Jesus.

    So if I was a IG supporter, this is when I should be thanking you guys – keep up the good work. BTW – if you think this makes me feel bad – not really. I do not feel bad, I feel sorry for you guys – because no one is born a racist.
    Your regular Dalit

  35. Isalei Says:

    Go to your hellhole dalit gandaweeee Boida! How dare you call Fijians as racists in their own land? It is outsiders who have landed here and are trying to hoodwink everything that the Fijians have that are the racists. Go back to Mother India then you will know what racism is all about!

    Qarase does not have to apologise about his policies they were pro-Fijian not racist, the problem is in the eye of the beholder, Indians see everything being done to raise the standard of living for indigenous Fijians with jealousy and want to have access too. Never satisfied your race, always want more and more and more!

    Oh and I suggest those Indians that are well settled overseas should not bother trying to take up this very risky invite for PR in 09 coz when the damn breaks and all hell breaks loose, they would be the sorriest people on earth. Better to sit still where they are and not take up at your own risk the unsustainable invite from this illegitmate pig of a wanna pretender coupster primus nister.

  36. Corruption Fighter Says:

    What’s the matter with you people? The issue we were discussing is the FNPF, which affects all our futures, and you all degenerate into childish taunts. All I can say is “Well done Budhau, you’ve successfully diverted attention from the danger the Illegal Regime poses to our future economic security.”

    Isn’t anybody worried that the FNPF under the control of the regime imposed board and CEO haven’t produced audited annual reports for the two years since they seized the purse strings?

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