FICAC lawyer decked by car

FICAC lawyer Paul Madigan escaped serious injuries when he was hit by a speeding vehicle on Nasekula Road in Labasa last week. Mr Madigan said after the incident he was happy to be alive.

The accident happened not long after he arrived on Thursday afternoon to attend to a case in court on Friday morning. He was returning from the St Mary’s School bazaar in town about 5pm when he was hit.

“I was crossing the road to the Northpole Hotel when a car sped out of a side street and hit me,” Mr Madigan said.

“I was hit in the left leg, thrown off balance and sprawled out on the street but I managed to pick myself up.

“The driver stopped, wound down his window and said he was sorry before speeding off again.

“I told him he was a bloody idiot but was too shocked by what had happened to remember to get his name and registration number.”

Mr Madigan said while having dinner at the Grand Eastern Hotel he felt a terrible pain in his leg and was taken to the hospital where an X-ray revealed muscle injuries.

“They dressed the gash on my left leg and gave me some painkillers,” he said. “Suddenly the friendly North became unfriendly – but I know I was just unlucky.”

As a result, Mr Madigan had to limp around the court house. There’s no word on the whereabouts of the driver.

Fiji Times, 17Nov08

Poor us, the taxpayers, now we have to foot that FICAC expat lawyer’s medical bills, extra transport allowance, a wheelchair perhaps, complete with a personal assistant and security guard. Phew!

Man, that blasted driver!


32 Responses to “FICAC lawyer decked by car”

  1. kini Says:

    I wonder, if he had done it purposely,couldn’t you just take the bastard out for good???? Lord, maybe this is the way to go about taking these bastards out? Hey, people i’ll be looking for KETEPOKA TELENI TO CROSS THE ROAD.

  2. kaiveicoco Says:

    South African style coming to Fiji now !!

  3. Tim Says:

    Paul Madigan will now have to ‘move Fiji forward” on crutches. No change there!

  4. Tim Says:

    By the way….. which Paul Madigan is this? Paul Madigan, formerly of Victorai, Australia?
    If so, Paul…….my heart bleeds!
    Cripples are OK though……right?
    And if it all turns to shit – go see Joss. The shoes are hideous, but she’ll see ya right! (wink)

  5. bolly polly Says:

    Yes, Tim, the one and only stud of FICAC. Isa ole Pole i mean Paul, sa veve na yavana, hee…haw!

    Qori, want to vakatotolo (rush) that Labasa Magistrate to make a decision when the wise man clearly told Mr. Pushy Polo to WAIT for the Qarase appeal! See why tis country called ROTFI? Everything on ROTFI time so mush slow down maann! Do you now have a choice? hee…haw!

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Actually Tim, this fellow is really a hairdresser.

    Now he’s curling hair on crutches.

  7. Tim Says:

    Ah I see @ Ex FT. So he wouldn’t be interested in Joss even given her hideous heels.
    Well then perhas he should just go straight to Bubba. He seems to have the judiciary all sewn up

  8. Tim Says:

    In fact perhaps Vore and his slobs could construct a case against the driver of the vehicle that did him injury. It could be construed as intention to murder an Illegal Interim agent of the STATE of FIJI. Teleni might get another windfall down the track.

  9. Snowball Says:

    Should have finished him off so its worth it!!!

  10. Keep The Faith Says:

    The driver missed!! DAYUMMMM!

  11. freedomfighter Says:

    This chap set up the FICAC legislation – another crony of A-G from Hong Kong- now they will fear even crossing roads – milking the economy

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Who is this Paul Madigan?

    Is he the same lawyer from Australia? I hope he is not this same one mentioned in this article from The Age.

    Can anyone assist, whether it is the same person?

    Magnate’s son made death threats
    Email Print Normal font Large font By Mark Russell
    October 30, 2005

    A PROMINENT Melbourne lawyer has been the target of death threats from the son of late mining magnate Sir Russel Madigan.

    Robin Chambers, senior partner at Chambers and Company International Lawyers and a director of the Australia China Business Council, said police had interviewed Sir Russel’s eldest son, Paul, over death threats made since Sir Russel, renowned as the founder of Australia’s iron ore and diamond industries, died six years ago.

    Paul Madigan, 58, blamed Mr Chambers, one of two executors of the estate, for delays in getting his inheritance.

    At one stage, Mr Chambers applied to the Supreme Court for an apprehended violence order against Mr Madigan, a failed far-right candidate for the federal seat of Flinders last year who was sacked as a presenter at radio station 3RRR in 1988 after denying the Holocaust happened.

    “This chap has never been happy,” Mr Chambers told The Sunday Age last week. “We’ve been bombarded with emails that this guy has written, quite a number of which are in the hands of the police. If I showed you the file, the sort of correspondence this guy has written … it’s quite tragic because his father was an amazing man.”

    Sir Russel, former CRA deputy chairman and managing director of Hamersley Iron, died aged 78 in 1999 leaving an estate worth more than $7 million.

    He had five children — Paul, Mark, Wendy, James and William — with his first wife, Margaret, who died before him.

    Mr Chambers worked with Sir Russel at CRA and described him as a friend and mentor. Sir Russel’s will specified that separate trusts be set up for each child to be administered by the executors. Money was to be paid out at the executors’ discretion.

    But Paul Madigan, increasingly frustrated and angry at not receiving his share — worth more than $1 million — sent a complaint about the executors to the Law Institute of Victoria in which he wrote across the top, “Please help me. I have an almost irresistible desire to shoot these bastards.” The institute alerted the police, who warned Mr Madigan.

    Admitting making the death threats, Mr Madigan told The Sunday Age he had been “furious for years” over the way he was treated. He said he went to Mr Chambers’ home last year with his daughter, Elsie, now 19, and told the lawyer’s son matter-of-factly that he was thinking of blowing his father’s brains out. Mr Chambers was not at home.

    The lawyer was granted the restraining order against Mr Madigan but decided to let it lapse, citing a desire to get on with his life. He said he never feared for his life when the death threats were made but was concerned for his children’s safety.

    Mr Chambers said settlement of the estate had been complicated but always handled by the book. Mr Madigan had had to wait until his daughter turned 18 last year before getting most of his share.

    Mr Madigan said he had been so consumed at what he saw as injustice that he once made a list of Mr Chambers alleged wrongs in the case and put copies in every letterbox in the lawyer’s street.

    “You become so furious that people start to think you are a bit mad,” he said. “You get emotional and say things you probably shouldn’t, which affects your credibility. And the more extreme the injustice you feel, the more effect it has on you and the less sensible you become.”

    He has now hired a lawyer to seek more details of the estate’s administration.

  13. Isalei Says:

    Illegit coup apologists- fear crossing the road, fear living at home, fear to sleep, fear to wake, fear to walk, fear to ride, fear fear fear, wherever you are you will keep looking over your shoulder to check who’s coming after you. May you live in fear 4 ever, that is the vindication of those you have done wrong to, i.e. THE PEOPLE OF FIJI1!! No rest for the evil in this world. What a life!!!

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    FijiGirl where are you? Did you catch Mahen the Man trying to shit stir afresh at Muainaweni on this evening’s news?

    Talk about flogging a dead horse – has he really sunk so low? The couple of times the camera caught him, he looked realy pathetic.

    Fiji TV also deserve a rocket up their collective butts for running non-news non-anything piece like that, must have been a real slow day in Dodge.

  15. loma Says:

    Mahen should try distributing funds from his bank accounts in Australia. They would have earned another shit load of interest and with internet banking he would know his balance. But no, he stirs the same old compensation shit at the ‘refugees’ home base.

    Not a coincidence that shitser and dr roy krishna’s human rights group now demand compensation for transporting ‘refugees’ from naitasiri to the girmit center in lautoka in 2000. Now they say no justice, no forgiveness without dollar compensation.

    Mahen says the money he collected went to the valelawa refugee camp. Then how come over $2m is still in the bank account? Which donors in mahen’s trip around the world said half to the refugees and half to mahen alone??

    aaahhh its just mahen up to his old tricks. how about u visit the sugar farmers rather than trying to hoodwink the dalo farmers in naitasiri. and first share out the money!

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    I predict there will be more an more “accidents” befalling supporters of the Regime unless or until the People get their government back through an election. If you cannot vote with a ballot, you vote by anti-social means, brown outs, fade outs, “accidents” and sabotage. This is what is coming to Fiji. Voreqe should end it with an election or temporary return of SDL to power before it all becomes accepted and institutionalized. Of course he has tried through the Samy Farter to institutionalize the military coup, but if he does, there will be an insitutionalized resistance as well, and Fiji will get nowhere.

  17. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    More lies from bananasinpyjamas and his moronic military misfits.

    Coupled with the lies they told about the Tongan Prime Minister last week, they are certainly being caught out; big-time.

    “”””””””The Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party claims the interim Government has been communicating false information to international leaders on Fijis current situation.

    SDLs Party leader Laisenia Qarase was reacting to the statement of interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific nation leaders, informing them that everything was operating normally and business was booming in Fiji.

    Mr Qarase said there are key aspects of life in Fiji that are far from normal.

    “For example; there is no Parliament, the country is ruled by a military dictatorship, incidents of abuse of human rights by the authorities continue, cases of abuse of human rights have not been investigated, the independence of our Police Force and the Judiciary have been questioned, investigations on alleged murders by security forces personnel have been stalled, certain basic human freedoms have been severely constrained, unemployment and poverty levels have increased significantly and the return of parliamentary democracy to Fiji appears uncertain.”

    Mr Qarase said the statement that business was booming in Fiji is completely different from reality on the ground.

    “Our economy remains in serious decline. The economy contracted by -6.6 per cent of GDP in 2007 and projections for the next four years indicate that the average annual economic growth rate would be well below 2 per cent of GDP,” he said.

    “At this rate there is simply no reason to say that business in Fiji is booming. On the contrary the Fiji economy is rather weak and there are no signs on the horizon for a “boom” any time soon.”

    According to the Party, the assurance given by Commodore Bainimarama in Brussels that things were operating normally and business is booming in Fiji was completely misleading and should never be said.

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed !

  19. Keep The Faith Says:

    The next one due for some “anti-social processing” is Justice Byrnes…husband to the Barbara Cartland try-hard who also suffers from dementia.

  20. Jon Jon Says:

    isa i just remembered that famous bible verse, there is no place for the wicked n if he who choose to do evil in the sight of men than his price will be that he be handed back to the hands of destroyer.. So there he goes he supported evil n his price is that evil is coming after him.. the same will go to all the ketepoka n bainjamu lila vuaka pig voceqe supporters!!!

  21. Sitiveni Rabuka Says:

    I would like to take this opportunity and urge you citizens of this country that it is time to move forward and support this regime in order to drive democracy out of its hostage situation. For as long as you oppose this regime, so will be as long this regime will hold the law of democracy hostage against you. We have no choice as there is no voice in Fiji’s wilderness now. The only way to forward is to join in the regime and do something for your country and not your country doing something for you. It is you who has the key to push this country forward not the regime. This nation cannot move forward without your support, whether you disagree with the regime in all there policies and the only way to see those policies go is when you join in the regime, tap them on the shoulder to elections and then when the law of democracy is back then everything will bring real justices within the systems of this country. The time to cry and lick your wounds is over unless you choose to cry over it until the next 40 years in the desert when the cows comes home. Rebelion within the vanua is holding this country ransom from the price of democracy through jealousy ingraded in the fijian culture for generations. Gone are days of canibalism in are the days of spiritual canibalism where locals eats each other ups through slander, jealousy, anger and bitterness. This is somethin that needs to be address with in the fijian culture which is a stubbling block within the native and has brought this nation to a halt… As i have mention to the above statement.. your country cannot do somethin for you unless you do somethin for your country and thats how all countries works is when the ppl are united thats when the government are on its feet movin forward..
    May God Bless Fiji and her future!!!

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    @Keep The Faith – OMG! Is Mrs. Byrnes the one who wanders around in the middle of the day dressed like a Spanish flamenco dancer, lace mantilla, snapping fan and all.

    At first I thought there a new EU rep in town with a noble Spanish lady as wife, but this one seemed to be away with the fairies. She had really heavy makeup and perfectly drawn lipstick except that it was a quarter inch left of her mouth.

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    Isa Sitiveni, na nomu biuti au
    Wai ni mataqu e drodro yauyau – NEXT!

  24. Jon Jon Says:

    lol @ IslandBoy.. Isa isa lei Rabuka cavabeka o mai cakava?.. raica mada na bagani o a tea sa vaka sucuma mai na wai ni bagani gaga kei mai sa mai kena tu qo na kena sasa….Au kerea mada mo sa gole mada i na koro ka lei tei tapi or shall i say u go to guantanamo bay your future place with Bai n Ketepoka!!!

  25. Dauvavana Says:

    ha ha ha @ Naita IB…cruel tiko vei kemuni ia me sa “next” taki tu madaga o noqu Tauvu SLR

  26. Dauvavana Says:

    by the way what a brilliant idea, my car now has a thief seeking devise which will go into autodrive and run over a 2006 coup beneficiary when it comes across one………….I am still trying to tweak it so that I can manually intervene just in case it comes across Vinau Kabataucoko or Isoa Ga somewhere between Nausori and Matasawalevu while weekending in the village

  27. Isalei Says:

    SR is none other than the impersonating buggers that try their darnest to divert the attention of anti-regimers. They come in shapes and sizes, avoco, racici, ffbackside, buda, now they reverting to the name of their idol, SR, the motherf**ker of all coups.

    @D, where can we get those chorofala tracking device aka coupsapota device? You can become a millionaire overnight with your new invention mahn! Wasea mai!

  28. kaiveicoco Says:

    baigani balavu,baigani lekaleka all at the same price !!

  29. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Turaga Nite, kerekere dua la na application qo. May I be your shop assistant selling thief-seeking devices and kava pilijaji.

  30. Budhau Says:

    A minor accident into some coup related shit – come on you guys, you can do better. How about we discuss the $250K in someones bank account.

    BTW – running folks over – they other side have bigger SUV, and they have guns too. I think they might win if they started to play this game – got it Duana.

  31. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita ko la nai vakamacala dau tiko vei kemuni, for example the Fiji Visitors Bureau thing, ko ni sa na mai Sales and Marketing Manager sarala; ia au kerea la mo ni kua so ni sabolo taka vakalevu na kava pilijaji hahaha

  32. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ IB: Let me see if I can scout around for a pic of the old bird 😉

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