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It wasn’t until after a thorough reading of the blatantly biased ruling by Justice Anthony Gates in the Qarase Vs Bainimarama case that your humble correspondent realised that our nation, the Republic of Fiji, is the victim of a particularly vicious form of voodoo.

A form of voodoo we haven’t seen since before our islands became red fragments on the global map, a far-flung post of the British Empire.

A form of voodoo that once appropriate by the semi-educated and dangerously unstable Frank Bainimarama, has been used to cloak a series of major crimes, beginning with using the force of arms to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Well, I hear you ask, what is voodoo ? Essentially, its a secretive cult based on belief in, and fear of, charms and spells.

For nearly two years now, Bainimarama and his supporters have been practicing their voodoo on us, the people of Fiji. or, should I say, they have been trying to.

in bringing down the judgement, did not Justice gates attempt to conjure up a powerful charm that would protect Bainimarama and his regime? In this case it was the convenient charm of immunity from the due process of law.

In his amateurish attempt to invoke the provisions of contempt of court to silence and criticism of the ruling, not the tiny-minded interim attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, hoping his threat would act as a spell that would magically still the tongues and pens of the critics?

Now, contempt of court is the wilful and intentional failure to comply with a court order, judgement, injunction, or decree by a party to the action, which may be punishable in a variety of ways.

It has nothing to do with people expressing their honest ambitions about a ruling in law once that ruling has been handed down and entered the public domain.

And I am sure the Attorney-general knows that better than I do. But he thinks that you, the people, wont know, and so he tried a little voodoo.

That’s what I mean dear readers. Its all a load of voodoo. And childish voodoo at that!

The draft people’s charter is another example of BV (Bainimarama Voodoo).

The Charter is, after all, simply a series of incantations, a puerile wish list of high-sounding statements that has no real legal basis or viability under our constitution. Yet its been waved around like a set of witch doctors magic chicken bones, the medicine that will fix a nation’s soul.

The fundamental feature about the alleged powers of voodoo is that they only work for the people who believe in them.

Fortunately you, the people of Fiji, have shown by sheer force of numbers that you are remain well outside the influence of the charms and spells that the voodoo merchants in the regime have been casting in your direction.

For one thing, in huge numbers you are demonstrating that you believe the alleged mystically power of the Draft people’s Charter is a load of snake oil.

For another, through blogsites such as Solivakasama you are telling the world that you prefer democracy and prosperity over intimidation and economic despair.

And you are letting the world know that while you have lost many basic rights and freedoms, however you have not lost your self-esteem.

That my dear readers, is the true exercise of a brand of People Power that will triumph over the voodoo economics, voodoo law and other voodoo inanities that this regime is so fond of foisting on to you!

I predict that Bainimarama and his followers will discover one day that the only spell they have managed to cast is the spell that dooms them to ultimate failure, and that will be something that will haunt them to their graves.

Who knows, they might even come to think of it as the voodoo of people power!



10 Responses to “From Cassandra’s Desk”

  1. Isalei Says:

    No Cass, people power ain’t rely on no voodoo. VD is about the devil, evil, lies, untruth, force, no morality, all that this IG and its VD followers say and do.

    Those not grounded in truth, knowledge or principles get sucked by the brainwash hence the spell over them over the past two years. As with the devil in Eden, God will allow this sham to go only long enough for people to see for themselves the lies being propagated thru their snake-tongue farter charter, and to test the temerity and morality of his people to tell the difference between truth and lies.
    I feel sorry for aiarze and ig coupsters for not sleeping well at night thinking of the next evil step to take. But it will all come to an end, you will know them by their fruits.

    If anything has come out of this coup culture sown by the lead brainwash institution aka military, it is the people that have exposed themselves with no morals that are openly supporting the IG.

    People power believes in elections and not in the use of arms to force your ideas on anyone. When it comes to resisting violence and evil, people power believes in peaceful mobilisation and non-violent resistance against the corruptive forces of violence and evil that has taken over our nation since dec 06.

    There is a time for every purpose under the sun and when the time is right, people power will mobilise against the corruption of the rule of law, legal system, judiciary, police force, military, civil service, political system, Presidency, GCC, society, etc.
    But people power will never resort to the use of arms to force change, for when that happens than we are no better than those we blame for being the cause of the problems in the first place, which is what this IG, is foolishly doing!

  2. IslandBoy Says:

    @Cassandra – My questions are about your second last paragraph.

    1. When will that one day come?

    2. How long does it take a snake oil salesman to know the people ain’t buying, not anytime soon?

    3. When can we expect them to pack up the smoke and mirrors and piss off?

  3. Isalei Says:

    BTW the Vore IG jinx voodoo at work again with Bati thrashed by Oz. As someone had observed every time this nut wishes a team well it jinxed Isalei o viti, even the waters up monasavu is drying up with no rain. Reminds of the time of Ahab and the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 16:30; 17:1;18;).

  4. Tebara Says:

    Cmon Isalei.. let’s be realistic for once..!

    Fiji Bati has done the nation proud by their sheer determination to be up their with the best. At the end of the day, Australia is made up of Professional players judging by tonights run on squad average more than $5Million dollars per annum on salary compared to our boys donning our colours with PRIDE and giving it all they have.

    Fiji was a sentimental favourite going into the game, yet the bookies put in a 50+ score win for the Kangaroos. Let’s talk facts and rid the voodoo mentality!

  5. Isalei Says:

    @Tebara, I have no doubts about the Bati boyz capability, but there are some things that are not meant to be for the sheer arrogance and boastfulness from certain quarters had they won against Oz. Being realistic is one side, being intuitive is the other! I will always be proud of the Bati boys performance no doubt about that!

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    How this voodoo works is to propagate lies constantly and continuously. This spell works for some but unfortunately or would I say fortunately not for everyone. I sometimes feel the spell overcoming me that I sometimes feel that I may as well give up the struggle and go along with the igs objectives. The buzzword of the voodoo spell incantation is moving “Fiji forward”. But when I get to the heart of the matter beneath all the veneer of lies the truth overides and removes any doubt about the lying propaganda going on. Truth is more compelling than any voodoo spell. Tied to this is the rule of law and the return to democratic and constitutional governance.

  7. Striker Says:

    I rebuke you and reclaim Fiji in the name of Jesus!

  8. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    We think Cassandra’s use of the voodoo analogy to characterize the illegal Bainimarama regime is extremely apt. In fact, we love it!

    (@Isalei: And yeah, we agree about last night’s thrashing at the hands of Australia. Less said the better!)

    if voodoo is hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo/ then look no further than the mouths of the dictator and his cronies and the mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus that those mouths have spewed forth.

    It’s voodoo governance when the self-appointed ruler uses his position to make a greedy grab for $184,000 in taxpayers’ funds and justifies this blatantly criminal scam as an “entitlement” in back pay.

    Similarly, who but a voodoo dicator would see fit to award himself the nation’s highest honour and make himself a CF, simply because he can?

    And who but a voodoo dictator would spend so much time travelling the world, again thanks to the taxpayer, pretending to strut the international stage but with the true purpose of re-charging his voodoo powers by slipping off to Disneyland.

    Then, look at the Chodopu$$. He holds a Master’s Degree in voodoo economics He will say black is white when white is black. He told us he was turning the economy around, but we can all see it is going down a big black hole.

    Significantly, since he took over the interim finance port folio, our dictator has been mysteriously silent on matters economic.

    No doubt the ability to articulate the finer points of economic policy is well beyond him. Even his mastery of voodoo-speak is not up to the task of selling that particular pup to the people of Fiji.

    Then there is the voodoo that surrounds the law and the judiciary. Ifs voodoo law when a judge suddenly finds that his house has been torched.

    It’s voodoo law when the publishers of two newspapers get deported overnight and a dishonest interim attorney-general manipulates the rules and regulations to pronounce their respective abductions and ejections from the country as perfectly legal.

    And finally, there is the ruling in the Qarase Vs Bainimarama case by the High Court of Fiji on 9 October 200r.

    What could more closely resemble a voodoo priest than the smooth-talking Mr Justice Gates investing voodoo powers in a hapless president?

    We are referring to the way he used his superior knowledge of the law to reveal a voodoo interpretation of relevant evidence, facts and chronologies that bestowed a legal blessing on a treasonous thug and the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government.

    If you can believe in Gates’s ruling, if you can accept Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s version of the law and if you can understand where the dictator is coming from, then you have passed the voodoo test.

    Be careful someone is not sticking pins in a doll that looks remarkably like you!

  9. Suva Says:

    Well FYI Bainimarama Snr used to pratice witchcraft. It’s not surprising if the Pig will continue his father’s legacy.

  10. kini Says:

    Hey if witchcraft is one of the way to get rid of these bastards then go ahead and cast this shit upon these azzOle!!!How about cast a spell to have all their little Dickie, falls off-see how’d they appreciate that? Or rather, make the azzOle huge, so they can farts all day? Imagine who would want to be close to them?

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