Stay on Jitoko’s ruling granted – Zimbabwe here we come!

Conviniently the illegal attorney general aiyarse had obtained a stay on Jitoko’s ruling earliar on today from the Court of Appeals single judge sitting with that low life John Byrnes.

Normally, the stay would have to be sought from the ruling judge, in this case Jitoko. However, conviniently when Jitoko has gone home and so have other high court judges, they timed it to go to Byrnes who so conviniently has stayed back and ruled a stay so all thing is back to normal and the Charter bullshit goes on.

SDL and Qarase need to play smarter. It appears the bunch of thieves and murderers in goverrnment are playing good risk management and have in place plans to counter those possibilities such as happened today. Qarase needs to pull together all the best mind in opposition and strategise together.

By the way do you guys know that the pig Vore is now buying into prime real estate at the Millionaire Strip in Muanikau. Questions is where is he getting his money from. Read it all at


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  1. freedomfighter Says:

    We Respect Court Ruling: Aiyaz
    Publish date/time: 14/11/2008 [14:48]

    Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said they respect the court ruling and will follow the process.

    When Fijivillage asked Sayed-Khaiyum on whether NCBBF will stop using civil servants, stop salary payments or any other payments and stop using all government offices, vehicles and other equipment from today, he said everything which is stated in the court order will be followed.

    Sayed-Khaiyum also points out that this ruling shows that the judiciary in Fiji is independent.

    NCBBF’s John Samy referred all queries to Sayed-Khaiyum.

    Qarase has called a press conference this hour.

  2. freedomfighter Says:

    And than a few minutes later, Bryne turns up in CoA:

    Stay Order Granted On High Court Rulling
    Publish date/time: 14/11/2008 [19:40]

    A stay order has been granted by Justice John Byrne on the High Court Ruling delivered by Justice Filimoni Jitoko made earlier today, to stop all People’s Charter work until he makes a final ruling in the Charter case taken up by the SDL.

    Interim AG Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the application for a stay was done late this afternoon.

    Sayed Khaiyum said the People’s Charter work continues until the case on the stay order is heard in the Court of Appeal next Thursday.

  3. EnufDictatorship Says:

    This shit stinks to the abyss!!!!!!

    What a load of LIES LIES LIES frm illegal A-G to say they will follow the rule of law and then side-step the process to go and see their GOON, Byrnes.

    WHo are they fooling????

    It is annoying to see what they are doing to our country and all these judges who have kaivalagi names who obviously have NO PRINCIPLES nor care about our country and our welfare except their pockets.

    God help us!

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:



    WTF!!!!! Sorry am SOOOOO PISSED OFF!!!!

  5. freedomfighter Says:

    Why cant the media confront Bryne or Khaiyum and ask how can Bryne have granted the injunction against Jitoko’s ruling when he was one of the three judges who sat on the Qarase and Bainimarama hearing?, and some of the arguments in that case was heard before Filimoni?

  6. Isalei Says:

    My fears exactly. Nothing is black and white with this shady IG. See how quickly the wheel of injustice turns. This is sooo bloody unfair. Well, there seems nothing left but massive resistance and civil disobedience. Get those banners and placards ready, we no longer need a permit, we need to test how far our human rights articles count. Article so and so, everyone has the right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly? Well let’s do it!

  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    True true Isalei..we need to ACT!!!!!!!!

    See how quick they act on their injustice…why aren’t civil citizens doing the same?

    Mannnn…am sooo mad! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  8. IslandBoy Says:

    Let’s not get mad, let’s get organised. Niko Nawaikula and Jon Jon Apted – we need to know where we can go from here without breaking any laws.

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    SV – Practical Suggestion No 1:

    On the websote have a sign up space for all Fiji citizens opposed to the NCBBF et al.

    All parties signing up must use their real names and contacts, like a petition, but on the web. Once its rolling we publicise it widely in the local and overseas media and on the websites of friendly NGOs.

    Once a week we take out a print ad in the FT and FS saying how many Fiji people have signed up.

  10. EnufDictatorship Says:

    All for one and One for all freedom fighters!!!!

    Of course, we can be mad…but when that has subsided we can get organised!!!

    where to from here?..good suggestion their IB.

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Don’t worry folks…it’s coming to an end…sooner rather than later…

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    All is not lost. Justice Filimoni Jitoko ruled professionally in upholding the integrity of the Court. The iIG’s counteraction is no surprise at all. Nothing stands in their way when in comes to their efforts in shoving this damned charter down our throat. The independence of our Judiciary further erodes.

    Lets blog on.. our Courts are f’ed , Muanikau is going to the dogs , and Hillary just might be Secretary of State!

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    What’s frank doing buying my land ?

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Two things seem to be clear here :-
    1/ the regime are crapping their pants trying to stay ahead of the opposition !
    2/ they are fearful of retribution once justice takes it’s natural course and they are all arrested for treason .
    It’s at that point , that you will see them all jumping ship , stabbing each other in the back and blaming others for their own failings !
    Time will tell .
    There really is only one option now , and that is to seek help from outside Fiji , the Trade Unions and the International courts .
    If Frank was originally sacked by the President , why and how are people in the Military taking orders from this despot ?

  15. Tim Says:

    Mark – he’s trying to buy status. The thing about land though is that you can’t take it with you. You can only hand it on, sell it, or have it seized. The first two aren’t that likely a few yeas dwn the track.
    Funny how he appears to have all of a sudden come into wealth though aye? But there’s no change in policy – he’s doing the only thing he knows how, Buying favours with the threat of force.

    Anyone seen Shaisa lately? Bout time she came out with some words of wisdom

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    Jitoko is a good man.
    Progress is being made. W can see who is on the side of the Constitution and who is not. Every time the IG has to run around trying to block the wheels of justice they look more sketchy.
    Now I believe it was Jitoko who held court in his dining room to counter the deportation of Hannah. Yet these IG jokers say they could not reach him. I wonder if they tried his home since this was after hours.
    Is Jitoko presiding in the relevant trial next week.
    Jitoko is former headboy at QVS (1969) and also former High Commissioner to London. And he is a very humble person, and a man of principle. Byrne is just another fly in the tea.

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    It sounds more and more each day , that Fiji will have to employ outside help until they get all this mess sorted out again , to assist the newly elected Government .

  18. FijiGirl Says:

    Justice Byrne, you are officially a Kiss-Aiyarse.

    The rule of law coming up for air after sustained attacks by Chodokant and Vore, takes its first tentative breath in months, only to be brutally stabbed, yet again, by the pretender whose job is supposed to be its safeguard.

    A HRC who misinterprets Human Rights, a SG with no interest in the Constitution and an AG who does everything he can to circumvent the rule of law.

    Free and Fair Elections for Fiji NOW!! Let’s get rid of these ectoparasites, endoparasites and epiparasites once and for all.

    God bless Fiji

  19. Nostradamus Says:

    What good is a palace in Muanikau when he is bent over taking the tavioka in the Aiyarse at Naboro, and hs accounts have been surcharged and depleted of the $700 billion he has personally cost the economy of Fiji? Lets also not forget the lawsuits for human rights violations converted to $m for mental stress and inability to earn lifetime incomes for the victims.

  20. Isalei Says:

    Why is Byrne so bent on taking our beloved nation down the abyss of injustice, unlawfulness, and all the evils associated with it? Does he want to test how far we are prepared to go before all hell breaks loose? And how doed his “stay” ruling affect the camaraderie among peer judges?Aren’t they supposed to stick together in defence of the rule of law?
    Or is the Lord trying to show yet again the follies of ungodly judges, since judges originated from Moses’ time [Deut 16:18-20: ..they shall judge the people fairly. Do not pervert justice or show partiality. Follow justice and justice alone..]. We shall wait and see, but this Aiarze really thinks he’s smart when he’s showing what a cunning, sly pervert he really is. In time, we will see your kind rot in hell.

  21. Budhau Says:

    What Byrne did makes perfect sense – why can’t they wait another week of or so when the stay order will be heard.
    ..and then, if the courts stop the Charter – we will then have a new constitution instead of the Charter – thanks to Qarase.

    When is Qarase, and the rest of you idiots gonna realiz that what we have in Fiji is not a legal problem, it is a political problem.
    The Courts will not have the answers to Fiji’s problems.
    Sure, that earlier court decision for Qarase makes him feel good, and maybe he can make an argument in the international community about the “illegal” regime.

    But at the end of the day, court order cannot be enforced. Usually people go to court for redress… not only to feel good.

    So guess what will happen when the Courts come up with a ruling against the Interim Regime which that regime refuses to follow – they will abrogate the constitution and you won’t even have a court.

    If Bainimarama abrogates the constitution, and I think he will do it soon, what will we do then.
    Instead of the Charter, FB will start his work on the new constitution – just like Rabuka did. And there goes your elections for another five years or so.

    So whether you want to change the regime or change the way the regime behaves – courts not have the answers.

  22. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Isalei, what do we know of injustice byrne?

    I believe he is from Brisbane.

    How long has he been in Fiji?

    Who appointed him? I note that he is an acting judge!

    What hold do the illegal, jaundiced junta have over him?

    Is it blackmail or physical fear that has caused him to lose all sense of respectability?

    The editorial in The Sun describes it as ” what must be one of the fastest legal processes in Fiji’s legal history”. What a farce.

    Can you imagine the tension that must exist between Justice Jitoko and this corrupt fool byrne.

    After all, Judge Jitoko wrote to injustice gates about the rude comments made by corrupt byrne last month. gates has yet to reply.

  23. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Just found this on Raw Fiji News. It supports my blog above.

    “”””Justice and injustice Fiji style!
    November 14, 2008
    Ring a ring a rosy a pocket full of rosies, adish…adish….we all fall dowwwnnnnnn! And this is the childrens’ rhyme that best befits Fiji’s judiciary right now. Only in Fiji, only in Fiji!.

    We weren’t too excited when we received word that Judge Titoko had stopped all NCBBF and Charter works. We were tipped that Aiyarse and the four Judges, Gates, Shameem, Byrne and Pathik had already figured out their fall-back as they were expecting Jitoko to rule against the Charter.

    Byrne was chosen to be on stand-by to do the dirty work after Shameem refused to be party to it just yet. Gates stayed away fearing for his life. He is also preparing himself for the thunderous war of words about to be launched against him by the Fiji Law Society who will fight CJ Fatiaki’s case. Pathik is also living in fear after he was approached and warned by some Fijian rascals at his neighborhood shop, leaving old man Byrnes to stick it out once more for Frank and Co.

    The judiciary in Fiji now stands as the biggest barrier to the nation’s return to democracy. Its ring a ring a rosy routine has clearly defined the split that exist in Fiji’s judicial system between those who are backing Frank’s coup trying to adjust the constitution to suit them, against those who are simply anti-coup fighting to keep the supreme law of the land alive.

    To many observers, the likes of Byrnes, Gates, Shameem, Pathik, Mataitoga, Aiyarse, Pryde and others are unashamedly raping Fiji’s supreme law in broad daylight sending a very disturbing message to every law-abiding citizens of Fiji. If their Judges are behaving in a bizarre manner like what these individuals are doing, then what hope is there for the populace to have faith in their judicial system that is heavily manipulated by these corrupt Judges.

    The people are not getting their fair judgment from the judiciary and they know they’ve been denied of true justice. Indirectly, one can argue that these Judges are inviting disorder. They are inciting the masses to do the same and create their own order by disregarding those who stand in their way. In a very subtle way, these judges are applying the law of the jungle where survival of the fittest is king and they should not be surprised when the same law comes their way.

    These twisted Judges can carry on with their ring a ring a rosy at the Suva court house. They will get tired of it and their heads will spin nauseously. They are not super human. At some point they will want to rest and that’s when their ring a ring a rosy will come dowwnnnnn. Let’s just sit, relax and watch them have fun.

  24. Isalei Says:

    @EfT: Sit, relax, watch while this bunch of thudges continue to burn down our nation? Hard to remain positive..and hope.. AAAARRRG!!!
    Anyway did you hear the one about gaytes possibly resigning to have the nazzsty naaazzz take over? Let’s wait and see!

    And talk about “contempt of court” it is true only if the judgement made is just , impartial and fair (Deut 16: 18-20;17:8-13) not the other way round. In a recent media training naaazzz, made it out that the judges are “untouchable” (yeah right, real dalit behaviour, no offence to dalits in general, exception of Buda) you can tear the judgements to shreds but no can criticise the judges. Oh no! Only if your judgement is based on impartiality and justice. Coz we need to know your background if you become partial. These idolators have really corrupted and perverted our justice system and I agree with RFN that they are inciting even peace-loving souls like me to play them at their game. Now we understand why militias and militant groups spring up in resistance elsewhere. If this is what they had gone through, then we ourselves have to fight to rescue our nation before it goes the Zimbabwe way.

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    He looks as if he is pursing his lips to kiss Frank’ a–se !

  26. Mark Manning Says:
    Take a lick @ the photo !
    It looks as if he’s about to kiss Frank and Chaudhry’s ar-e , don’t you think ?

  27. Mark Manning Says:

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    Take a lick @ the photo of this man in this article !
    He looks like he’s getting ready to kiss Frank and Chaudhry’s ayze !

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    How easy it is to justify defiling ones own body ?
    These girls are lazy , selfish or just have no self esteem .
    The effort they put into putting on make up and dressing up for their clients , would be better spent building a viable legal business .
    Their cunning and ability to try and justify their adulterous actions , ( as most clients are probably married men and pedophiles , who enjoy having sex with under age girls ) , shows that they have the ability to operate a legitimate business .
    If it’s funds they need , there are other ways of getting them .
    They should try getting off their backs and onto their feet instead and start working for a living . At least they would be able to hold their heads up high . They’re just holding the wrong head !
    Here’s a link which they can either get in touch with or they can copy and start their own enterprise using the same idea of fund raising .
    There simply is no excuse for defiling your own body . The end results are too mortifying to contemplate , AIDS , HIV , STD’s , Pregnancy , Drug addiction .
    They should just imagine for one moment , where else has this mans penis been , before they insert it into their own bodies !!
    The fact , as one of the girls said , she was 13 and their clients were bringing them lunch to school , shows that these predators are pedophiles ( having sex with under age girls ) . These sexual predators groom their young females from an early age for sex to satisfy their own sick sexual desires and the girls think they are nice men .
    Well surprise surprise , the real nice men are the ones who don’t take advantage of a young girl and her circumstances .
    They start by showering the girls with gifts so they appear kind and helpful .
    Are these girls so stupid to think that these men even care , what would happen if the sexual favours stopped , would these same men still want to help ?

  30. Mark Manning Says:

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    There is a reason they got rid of this system !

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    @MM – LOL!! A perfect shot of what you describe @12.38pm post!

  33. FijiGirl Says:

    Please forgive me for reproducing here something from my blog, but I am so thoroughly disgusted with Aiyarse that new words fail me. The pest / parasite must be brought down, if nothing else, for the travesty he is inflicting upon the rule of law, the pretentious little snit. Completely agree with MM – he’s puckering up for a big Kiss-Aiyarse on Vore-Chodo. I can’t believe we are stuck with this nitwit while our true Chief Justice, Daniel Fatiaki, is still on full pay home leave and his case wallows in the courts’ backlog.

    LAWRIS ANARSUS – This pest has never fully emerged from its pupae state. A threat to the rule of law and the Constitution, Lawris Anarsus invades habitats of REPRESENTUS LEGALUS and JUSTICE EXCELSIUS, ejects the incumbent resident whereupon it proceeds to defecate all over the premises and immediate surrounds. It defends the habitats of Chodous Horribilus and Frankus Crazius, including when it enters its altered state, Dictator Vulgaris, and other minor pests, FHRC Shiteus, Militarus Freeloadus, Cheapus Chiefs, Purchust Judgus and Detritus Foreignus Suckus Dry.
    Ideal Pesticide – Shuns free and fair elections. Will not survive in any freely elected government.
    God bless Fiji

  34. Avoro Says:

    For those ardent fighters of a distorted democracy listen up.

    Justice Titoko rendered what he perceived to be an unbiased and just judgement regarding this case, however the same justice was applied by Justice Byrnes in stopping a judicial process, however somewhere in-between justice was lost.

    No matter how one flips a coin the fact is the current constitution is in the process of being abrogated, when this does occur we must inveigh against such actions.

    As such time has come for you lot to stop pounding your heads against a stone wall under the illusion that you guys have been appointed freedom fighters for those whom don’t want you help.

    As for me you can fight all you want for my freedom.

  35. Jose Says:

    “The highest degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the Meritorious Degree, the Degree of the Illuminati, whose motto is:

    “Ordo Ab Chao” or “Out of Chaos Comes Order”–which literally means if they break down the existing structure and cause the population to cry out for order, they will emerge as the rulers and will have the world that they seek.”

  36. Peace Pipe Says:

    The judiciary is totally under the control of the ig that it is hopeless to seek recourse through the judical system. This conniving arse of a p#$%k the illegal iag seems to have everything figured out especially with the appointment of people in the strategic places with the likes of old fart byrnes and pathetic and gaytes. These three have been very instrumental in providing the judicial shield and protection for the ig as they overtly did in the LQ case.

    This calls for a stronger reaction from the right people such as the FLS and us the freedom seeking and law abiding people who oppose this regime. I just cant stand the looks of iarse fiona anymore after all he has done. Yet he seems to linger around longer than is humanly bearable. Someone mentioned that they have a temp police post set up near this insignificant piece of crap’s home to accord him more protection. Thats the trouble too when we have grovellers of undying loyalty to the wrong person and cause in the security forces who’d do anything without thinking of whether it is right or wrong. That is basically how the coup succeeded in the first place. Is it really bread and butter issue or is it something else. Opportunist come to mind. This must be the main motivating factor in the grand scheme of things.

  37. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Peace Pipe,

    hairyarse is scared for his life!

    We can ignore the garbage that the police spokesthing mumbled the other day about the police being outside his house as it was still a crime scene following the alledged ‘break and enter’.

    Many people in Fiji complain that the police do Not even come to their house following a robbery; let alone camp-out in front of the house for a month.

    No, hairyarse is shit scared. I believe he has received numerous death threats in the mail and his mail is now screened.

    People in the streets are making negative comments as they pass him and his bodyguards. He is isolated in the Suva social scene as nobody wants to be seen with him. His negative vibes irritate people.

    Wouldn’t it be great if people could paint ‘targets’ on the side of his house and car. This would help increase his worries. Now if someone could could stick a ‘target’ onto the back of his shirt, then that would really freak him out.

    How do you place these targets on the hose and car; distract the police guards.

    I read that there are many young ladies who are willing , for a small fee, to put a smile on a male’s face. Whilst they are at work, the painters move in.

    hairyarse gets up in the morning after some disturbed sleep to find his house and car painted in targets; I reckon that I’ll hear the scream from Australia.

    The good thing about this is that the police guards won’t be able to tell anyone what they were doing.

    Of course, you can always try sugar in the petrol tanks of the police army vehicles. Nails place at an angle under the tyres of a military vehicle are guaranteed to cause havoc.

  38. Budhau Says:

    In a lawsuit like this, there are four steps to figuring out what happened.
    First, you figure out what the issue is, next you figure out what the law is, then you do an analysis putting the facts with the rule and finally you conclude – whatever you want to conclude.

    Here, Jitoko had given injunctive relief against the Interim Regime (State).
    The two issues are 1) whether it was proper for a judge to give the stay order and 2) Whether injunction ordered by Jitoko was proper.

    It is legal for Aiyaz, or anyone else for that matter, to go to Court of Appeal and seek a stay order pending appeal. The judge looks at the case the appellant has and decides whether to give the stay order or not. Both sides will have their day in court when the appeal is heard.

    Here, Aiyaz probably waited until Jitoko had gone home, before he went in with his request. Hey, that is why the dude is paid the big bucks. It is very likely that if he had gone to Jitoko – he would have denied the request – even if Jitoko turns out to be wrong.

    The legal question here is that when there is a private party suing the State, can the Judge provide injunctive relief or order specific performance. (Duana – that means can the judge either orders someone stop doing what they were doing, or force someone to do something that they were not doing.)
    Jitoko provided injunctive relief by ordering IG to stop doing what it is doing. Aiyaz is arguing that Jitoko is wrong with his injunction.

    Aiyaz is basing his argument on State Proceedings Act, which is very clear that when the state is sued, “the court shall not grant an injunction or make an order for specific performance, but may in lieu thereof make an order declaratory of the rights of the parties;”

    In this case, Jitoko had erred with the injunction.

    Now, you people know what the fricken law is – we can get back to the name-calling.

  39. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Who remembers Vilisi?

    He was the brave man who risked everything by standing in the middle of a road in Suva holding a banner saying, ” Fiji Democracy Now”.

    Remember how we all vowed to fight on for him. I suggested that someone organize a time when everyone stops in Fiji and holds up a sign with those words; the green goons can’t arrest everyone.

    Unfortunately, nobody took up this idea.

    Perhaps, tonight at the RL game, Fijians supporters could all wear shirts proclaiming Vilisi’s message. This would get the message out on Tv to a number of countries in the world including Fiji.

    Come on SV, help to get this message through to all Fijian supporters in Australia who are going to the game tonight.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Fijian players came out on the field wearing a black arm-band on each arm. The commentators would have to describe this as the loss of democracy in Fiji and the loss of justice in Fiji.

    Go SV!

  40. Truth Says:

    Avoro / Budahoo

    People do not change their views just because you want them to.

    You are the usurper

    We are opposed to usurpers

    And you think we will just roll over and become usurper lovers or roll over and sell our souls for 3 pieces of silver just because you did it ? lol what kind of weed are you on 🙂

  41. rainbow Says:

    It seems Vili was motivated by other reasons that were not so genuine. What’s yours x-tourist?

  42. Truth Says:

    And it is not rocket science.

    Judge Filimoni Jitoko and his ilk uphold the RULE OF LAW.

    While Byrne, Gates and his ilk sold what little principle they had for a few pieces of silver.

  43. Truth Says:

    Ex Tourist’s motivation must be that he loathes Usurpers.

    Just a guess.

  44. Budhau Says:

    I am not here to change your views – go read my first paragraph – that as long as you know what the issue is – you can decide whichever way you want.

    I am sure two very well qualified lawyers will argue both sides of this case.

    The point was that some of you idiots don’t even know what is going one -and you throw in everything, including the kitchen sink, in this argument

    Opposing the IG is fine – but don’t argue that aiyaz does not know the law – or the Judge is bias.

    ..and what kind of weed I am on – no you got it wrong, I am a weed – foreign weed – remember your chief lady that was bust for assault at the SF airport – she called my type – weeds.

  45. Truth Says:

    Yeah yeah

    you are the king of idiots

    you are the usurper

    and the ultimate idiot 🙂

  46. Truth Says:

    and we have decided what we want

    and we know what the ultimate issues are

    and we don’t need idiot usurpers like you telling us what the issues are

    you idiot 🙂

  47. Budhau Says:

    I have also decided what I want – I wanna be as rich as BIll Gates.
    You get my point you idiot – you have to do something about your objectives – and suing in a court ain’t one of them.

  48. Truth Says:

    yeah ultimate idiot !

    you just admit to selling your pathetic unprincipled soul for a few pieces of silver

    and you want us to just roll over and follow you, the usurper

  49. Budhau Says:

    Ultimate idiot, ultimate idiot… to much ultimate in here Truth.

    As for selling my soul – I don’t know if I have one, do you know if you have one.

    As for rolling over and follow the usurpers – I never said that – however, it looks like you bugger have just done that – move Fiji Forward.
    You wanna stand up to them – go talk to that Tui dude Vilisi .

  50. Truth Says:

    You idiot

    Ulitmate idiot

    Idiot super sized

  51. Truth Says:

    you never said that ?

    you are the super sized idiot

    see you are here just agreeing with us ?

    no you are here trying your ultimate idiocy to make us roll over and follow you

    so I say to you, you the idiot, that only idiots like you will be so gullible to follow you

    you are the usurper

    you are here to convince us that usurping the government of the day is the thing to do

    why ?


    you are an idiot

  52. Budhau Says:

    Truth – you sure look like some no school idiot – I hope they did not blow any scholarship funds on you.

    the ultimate truth.

  53. Truth Says:

    There he goes again

    the ultimate idiot !

    The father of all idiots

  54. Budhau Says:

    Ultimate – is that the word of the day – Mr Truth. maybe you should change your name to Ultimate Truth.

  55. Truth Says:

    Budhau the King

    The king of idiots

  56. Budhau Says:

    Truth the King

    The king of idiots

    you see my point about 6th grade.

  57. Truth Says:

    Yeah idiot

    budhau the professor

    of idiots


  58. Budhau Says:

    What was the LOL – is this funny.
    You see Truth – it is always good to go to school.

  59. Truth Says:

    yeah professor of idiots

    where did you go to school

    the school of idiots ?


  60. Truth Says:

    Budhau went to the school of idiots

    Taught by idiots

    Ultimate price :

    a degree in idiocy for idiots to be taught by him, the idiot graduate


  61. Budhau Says:

    Yes, the school of Idiots, with the professor of idiots – and then the big Ratu there – we referred to him as the King of idiots.

    As for you – you didn’t get a FAB scholarship – did you – or are you too much of a low lifer to qualify for a scholarship and they gave that scholarship to some Ratu.

  62. Truth Says:


    va vei au sa cudru ko Master Idiot

  63. Truth Says:


    looks like I poked a raw nerve Master Idiot

  64. Budhau Says:

    Master Idiot professor idiots, Kind of idiots.
    So you think it is better to be an idiot than a moron.

  65. Budhau Says:

    Calling an someone an idiot is “poking a raw nerve” – that says a lot about where you are coming from.

  66. Truth Says:

    So you tell me master idiot

    Idiot was you

    Idiot was your call

    Idiot was your favourite word


  67. rainbow Says:

    Hmmm… Truth, king, idiots…. very telling, what say Bud? 🙂

  68. Truth Says:

    I will tell you why

    you and Idiot are twins

    Best way you describe yourself

  69. Budhau Says:

    So what if I called you a Kaisi.

  70. Budhau Says:

    Soem low life, no school idiot – who can’t write a complete sentence.

  71. Truth Says:

    and rainbow ? I mean Budhau

    Rainbow + Budhau = One Big Fat I D I O T ! 🙂

  72. Truth Says:


    I knew you know nothing else


  73. Budhau Says:

    Wow, you figured that out too – you even a bigger dumbass than Duana.

    Big fat also – come guy – maybe some evening classes might help.

  74. Truth Says:

    Budhau the king of idiots

  75. Truth Says:

    Bhudau the master of all idiots

  76. Budhau Says:

    Budhau the king of idiots – please don’t hurt my feelings.

    ..the big fat King – right.

  77. Truth Says:

    Budhau the Corrupt King of Idiots

  78. Budhau Says:

    Yeap – maybe you smarter than Duana – because if you wrote anything else – I will kick your ass.
    ..So you work for the civil service.

  79. Truth Says:


    the Usurper

    That makes him the Idiot

  80. Budhau Says:

    Usuper = idiots.
    Stop calling Fijians idiots – I think many of them were supporters of usurpers.

  81. Truth Says:

    Budhau knows crap.

    Pretends to be smart.

    He is the Usurper wanting to kick ass

    Budhau dumb ass idiot

  82. Budhau Says:

    Pretends to be smart – no you can’t even do that.

  83. Truth Says:

    Budhau the Usurper and the idiot

  84. Budhau Says:

    Usurpers are idiots – and you make one the head of the GCC – now what does make those Ratus.

  85. Isalei Says:

    I hereby pronouce Truth as King of truth and Buda as King of Idiots. Trrrng trrrrng buda is saved by the bell!

  86. Truth Says:

    what say now usurper and idiot

    Budhau the Usurper

    Budhau the usurper Idiot

  87. rainbow Says:

    ‘truth’ exhausting itself with piti-fool names, vinaka prof of supa-sized idiots.

  88. Budhau Says:

    Come on Truth – usurper Rabuka national hero, head of GCC – now what does that make his followers.

  89. Budhau Says:

    GCC supported the usurpers back them – are they idiots too.

  90. Budhau Says:

    Come on Truth – what about Adi Shamoo – there in the parliament grounds supporters the usurpers – is she an idiot.

  91. Truth Says:

    usurper budhau is the super sized idiot

    sometimes pretends to be rainbow

    Budhau the usurper ; super sized idiot

    No idiot comes close

    Budhau reigns supreme in the world of USUPER IDIOTS

  92. Budhau Says:

    Thanks Truth – I enjoyed jerking your leash…

  93. Budhau Says:

    Supersized – so you worked at some McDonalds.

  94. Truth Says:

    Budhau the USURPER

    and idiot

  95. Budhau Says:

    What about Senilolly – was he a usurper and an idiot.
    Is Ratu Maidildo a usurper also.

  96. Truth Says:

    No idiot comes close

    Budhau reigns supreme in the world of Idiots and usurpers

  97. Budhau Says:

    Usurpers – they have some good company right.
    So that argument wont work.
    Ursurpers reign supreme in Fiji – mostly with folks like you.

  98. Truth Says:

    Budhau tries to talk smart when he is the jackass

    the jackass usurper and the jackass idiot

  99. rainbow Says:

    Go Bud, unravel the TRUTH for that ‘prof idi-truth’…..the truth hurts!

  100. Truth Says:

    Yeah you should know

    you are one of them

  101. Budhau Says:

    Tries to talk smart – what about you – you can’t, even if you tried

  102. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    since you reign supreme in the world of idoits and usurpers,

    who from the GCC recommended Rabuka as a Life Peer?

  103. Truth Says:

    Actually that won’t work rainbow slash budhau

  104. Budhau Says:

    I don’t know you are Rabuka’s left – being in the SVT and all that – you tell me.

  105. Truth Says:

    Yeah because according to you, we are all idiots here

    But for the fact that you reign supreme in the world of usurpers and idiots

  106. rainbow Says:

    Looks like ‘truth’ resorts to namecalling (very telling) when told the TRUTH 🙂

  107. Budhau Says:

    JW – the point was not who recommended – the point was that the GCC supported the previous coup the coupster was made the head of GCC, honourary chiefs and all that crap – now what does that say about the GCC and the people who support that organization.

  108. Budhau Says:

    Hey Rainbow – the idiots Truth probably thinks that if he stays in here the longest – he “wins” – he does not know that he already is a loser.

  109. rainbow Says:

    pote @ JW 🙂 the truth hurts!

  110. Truth Says:

    Someone tell you?


    Last i looked you called everyone here idiot; and now you are asking a question that is known only in your inner circle of usurpers

    Is that an admission of something

    What might that be /

    oh let me see here

    could it be that you are once again proving to be the idiot of all idiots ? lol

  111. Budhau Says:

    Yeah JW – you go on this trip – that you were in with the SVT in early nineties and you know it all.

    Why was it so important as to who recommended him to the GCC – the point is that he was a Hero – a coupster being a hero says a lot about our community and our chiefs.

  112. Truth Says:

    Yeah loser and idiot

    You have nothing else to do in your miserable little usurper life

    but to hang around blog sites

    day and night

    Loser Idiot

  113. Truth Says:

    Go get a job

    get a life

  114. Budhau Says:

    Coupsters, usupers are idiots and since I support usurpers I am one to – right Truth

    Now let me start with the list of others – beginning with the Who-is-Who of the Ratu list.

  115. Truth Says:

    Yeah why would you get a job

    You are milking the taxpayers money


  116. rainbow Says:

    Yep Bud, they’re fodder for cheap entertainment, nothing more 🙂


  117. Budhau Says:

    Go get a job – I always believed in the Christian work ethics of working hard and saving some money – unlike some folks I know – who have a cargo cult mentality – that money will come from somewhere.
    So has the $6 billion come in yet – go wait at the Lautoka wharf.

  118. Truth Says:

    And stop talking to yourself
    you are pathetic
    getting paid under the table
    from your boss Vore

    Usurper and Idiot

  119. Truth Says:

    yeah why would usurpers need a job?

    YOUR need to steal the public monies

  120. Budhau Says:

    I am talking to myself – I thought you were in the loop also.
    Look who is talking about free money – the gravy train has been going around for 30 some years – it just a matter of which Ratu get on the gravy train – that is what the fight is all about.

  121. Truth Says:

    was your motivation to USURP

    ‘nough said

  122. rainbow Says:

    eh, one big bara kerekere SV, can we have a real TRUTH ursurpers list from start of Fiji’s coup culture, don’t miss out on anyone be they ratu, adi, bulou, ro or po…. and the idiot kaisi’s like Duana and JW.

  123. Truth Says:

    You are the usurper

    why did you usurp the people’s government ?

  124. Budhau Says:

    Stealing public money – ask that to all Fijian governments since independence – and who were they stealing it from – the Fijian people – that is why you don’t have road going to your villages, no health care in rural areas, no good education for dumbasses like you, ,high infant mortality – lucky you made it past five.

  125. Truth Says:

    I see you, Budhau

    you are the one single presence here from the Usurper Camp

    you the only beneficiary of this illegal government

    on this blog

    So why did you usurp the people’s government?

  126. Truth Says:

    you are the constant thief on this blog

    It is you who is the usurper here

    So why did you ?

  127. rainbow Says:

    ‘truth’, we also want to know da TRUTH bout $$$6, 000, 000.00 phew!

  128. Budhau Says:

    No I am not alone – remember my relative in here – BTW how many are form your side in here.
    You tell me – why do they have this culture of uusrpers in Fiji

  129. Truth Says:

    And don’t bother with the rainbow name

    We know it is you

    answer the ??

    Why did you usurp the people’s government ?

  130. Truth Says:

    You are the usurper

    you tell us

  131. Budhau Says:

    I am not bothering with anyones names – it was you who made certain assumptions.

    The question is not why – the question is what are you going to do about it. answer that.

  132. Truth Says:

    am waiting

    answer the question

    why did you usurp the people’s government ?

  133. Budhau Says:

    Some on is kicking your arse, has his boots on your chest and you are saying – you are usurper, nana, nana, na na

  134. Truth Says:

    It does not work like that

    I asked first

    And you will answer me first

    you are the usurper — why did you ?

  135. Budhau Says:

    So what are you going to do about it – in any other part of the world if a usurper does what you claim they are doing – they don’t take it lying down – do you ever watch CNN. even those Monks in Burma, those lawyers in Pakistan

  136. rainbow Says:

    THE Professor Warden Narsey was right about the ‘culture of silence’……speaks more of cowardice (as we see here), cowardly biding their time, sneakingly strategizing, grooming their children, grandchildren on know-how of USURPING when the time is ‘right’. No vanua, no chiefs, pote!

  137. Truth Says:

    You usurped the people’s government

    You are getting rich by your theivery

    You do not have to get a job like the rest of us since you are getting fat by stolen monies

    So you sit here all day and night trying to tell us that your acts of high treason is totally normal

  138. Budhau Says:

    Like asking “why are you kicking my arse” – and if that is going to make someone feel bad.
    …and Narsey was very polite not to hurt any feeling – well some of us call a spade a spade.

    Go learn from Gandhi, MLK, Mandela and the rest.

  139. Truth Says:

    and you do not have to be a coward going to rainbow we know it is you

  140. Talei Says:

    I am not at all surprised. Khaiyum only said that they “respected” the ruling because they knew they were going to go through the back door, hence the ruling by Byrne.

    We are beyond talking and dialogue Fiji. There is only one way to take Fiji back, the question is – who is willing and brave enough to be the sacrificial lamb(s) if you will. Unless there is foreign intervention to engage this illegal regime, Fijian’s have to take matter into their own hands – otherwise, welcome to the rest of our lives with this illegal regime.

  141. Budhau Says:

    Getting rich on thievery – its is just that it is somene elses turn now, who is next – the Kubuna crowd.

  142. Truth Says:

    Really ?

    Last I looked Gahndi did not usurp a government

    you did

  143. Truth Says:

    You turn

    and that is supposed to make this one okay

  144. Budhau Says:

    Now you want the foreigners to come in and help your sorry ass.

  145. Truth Says:

    Your turn to get rich now

    And that is supposed to make this one all okay

  146. rainbow Says:

    Too right Budhau! If MOTIVATION was genuine, Fiji’s pathetic military is HISTORY…..dat’s why dey are winning, idiots and cowards busy playing in here ring-a-ring-a-sorry…….. 🙂

  147. Budhau Says:

    NO dude, Gandhi stood up to a repressive regime so did MLK – what have you buggers done – call in the NZ army.

  148. Truth Says:

    Ghandi and Mandella are people you should have learnt from

    Maybe then you will have refrained from usurping the people’s government yes?

  149. Truth Says:

    we certainly did not usurp a government

    you did

  150. Budhau Says:

    You right rainbow – idiots like Truth seem to feel that they have done their share by posting some mean messages in here.
    You need balls to stand up. They are afraid that they might get an invite to QEB – running around in their underpants.

    Don’t worry guys – people who are on their knees – they don’t fall too far.

  151. Truth Says:

    And you are busy in here because you are the beneficiary of current thievery

  152. Truth Says:

    And there is no need for you to talk to yourself

  153. Budhau Says:

    You didn’t – then what did Rabuka do , what did Speight do – and the GCC that support those coups and the people that supported that and then there were others who “supported the cause and not the means”.

  154. Truth Says:

    Invited to QEB by yourself?

  155. Budhau Says:

    No Truth – I made my money the old fashion way – worked for it.
    In some circles, making money the old fashion way means stealing it.

  156. Truth Says:

    Speight and Rabuka ?

    You did what they did

    You followed in their footsteps

    They conducted theirs in 1987 and 2000

    You usurped the government in 2006

  157. Budhau Says:

    You see Truth – asking those question – now you are falling in the trap – because there is an answer for everyone of them.
    Go back to that King of idiots line.
    You low life loser – now that might get you to name calling.

  158. rainbow Says:

    lol @ Bud. Once these idiots begin to answer their own Q’s TRUTHFULLY, they might just clue-in on the MOTIVATIONS of this lot of ursurpers. Ok, me off for an afternoon rainbath 🙂

  159. Truth Says:

    You are the beneficiary of this coup

    explains why you are spending all you time here whilst the rest of us go out to work and come in here only periodically

  160. Budhau Says:

    Yes – all usurpers – it was about power – Fijians trying to grab power – in every case.

  161. Budhau Says:

    Were you the beneficiary of the last coup – the blueprint.

  162. Truth Says:

    Oh low life loser ?

    The usurper is the low life loser

    The usurper who talks to himself ;; rainbow slash budhau

  163. Truth Says:


    but you are this one – usurper

  164. Truth Says:

    So why did you usurp this government ?

  165. Budhau Says:

    No – but I can see why there are usurpers in Fiji – and this one ain’t the last one either.

  166. Budhau Says:

    Why – same reason as all other coups – Ratu’s fighting for power – and the common folks get shafted

  167. Truth Says:

    You are the beneficiary of this thievery

    and you come here trying to tell us that it is all okay



    you want us to believe that this time this coup is okay because this time it is you who is the beneficiary.

  168. Truth Says:

    Can’t be any more truthful than that

  169. Budhau Says:

    No – if pulling a coup is thievery – and a lot of you cousins are beneficiaries of thievery – and no it was not OK back then, it is not Ok now.
    All coups were power grab by Ratu thieves. and no it is no OK – al least I can see what the coups were all about – unlike some of you idiots.

  170. Truth Says:

    It is not okay now ??

    Really ??

    All of your posts have supported this coup

  171. Budhau Says:

    No, I have never supported the coup – go find a post in here – and they are all in here – that says that I support the coup.

    I do understand why they have had coups in Fiji – that does not mean I support the coups.

    I also understand the legal angle of things – why the court decide they way they do – that does not mean I support one side or the other.

    All my post support the coup – go find one.

  172. Truth Says:

    Idiots here ?

    There is no Idiot bigger than you here

  173. Truth Says:

    Yes you have

    Yes you do

    Leads us all to believe YOU are the USURPER

  174. Budhau Says:

    Go find one post in here in which I have supported this coup.
    Then lets talk further. BTW – they are all in here, from day one.

  175. Budhau Says:

    Go ahead – make my day – find one post. you do know how to do the search.

  176. Budhau Says:

    You see – once you did say anything substantive – I nailed your arse to the wall.

    That I support the coup – all my post show that – well, show me one.

  177. Truth Says:

    The onus is yours

  178. Truth Says:

    Bring your posts to dispute the fact that you have consistently supported this coup

  179. Budhau Says:

    No you ain’t – you made the allegation – that I support the coup – because my post say so – go ahead show me one – BTW should be easy since you claim all my posts support the coup.

    As for me showing that I don’t – Here ” I don’t support the coups in Fiji – never did, never will. and what do they say about proving the negative.

  180. Truth Says:

    You have consistently argued against us — against any argument against this coup. You have consistently slammed any person expressing views against this regime.

  181. Truth Says:

    anyone who supports this coup have been supported by you

  182. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    From the frantic illogical rantings a a couple of green goons above, one can assume that the jaundiced junta is extremely worried about the logical arguments set out in the decision handed down by Senior Judge Jitoko.

    The thrust of his decision was that later it is possible to prove that the immoral charter is illegal under the constitution.

    This is why hairyarse frantically went to an acting judge and forced him to apply a stay.

    hairyarse is a very worried pathetic specimen of low life.

    Why , he even gets a green goon to type up his illogical reasonings on this blog.

  183. Truth Says:

    and anyone who wants to bring this regime down has been slammed by you

  184. Budhau Says:

    NO, you idiot – you made an allegation, you provide the proof – and it can’t be that difficult, can it – I have a lot of posts in here.

    You see – that idiot that you are – that I bring my post – dude their ain’t none that shows that I support the coup.

    Even in this exchage, I told you several times how you should oppose this regime and that you are a coward for not doing so.

  185. Truth Says:

    i wonder why?

    is it because you are against this coup?

    Nooooo can’t be

    oh oh oh I get it

    You are the usurper

  186. Budhau Says:

    No, I usually slam the idiots – like the ones arguing about this court case.

    Mostly because you idiots in here talk crap – the guys who are doing something or will something – they ain’t here in this forum – its losers like you who are here.

  187. Truth Says:

    Totally agreed ExT

  188. Truth Says:

    idiots ?

    like yourself

  189. Truth Says:

    And why are you here ?

  190. Budhau Says:

    Simple guy – Since you claim that I supported the coup in every post – that should not be that difficult to prove.
    Go ahead, make my day.

  191. Truth Says:

    I mean

    you are here a lot

  192. Budhau Says:

    Why am I here – I enjoy kicking ass – of folks like you.

  193. Budhau Says:

    Yes, I am here a lot – just like WWF, I love kicking ass.

  194. Truth Says:

    YOu are here a heck of a lot

    the rest of us just come here periodically

    What is your particular interest here >

  195. Budhau Says:

    Go ahead – you made a claim that all my post support the coup – go find one.

    See what I said earlier about critical thinking.

  196. Truth Says:

    Kicking ass of those who are against your coup ?

  197. Budhau Says:

    Why are you worried about me spending too much time in here – that should be my problem.

  198. Budhau Says:

    No – kicking ass of the idiots – who think they know too much – losers like you.

    Those who are doing something about standing up against the coup – they ain;t here.

  199. Truth Says:

    YOu are here a lot .. who pays your salary to be able to afford being here a lot

    Kicking ass of all those who slam your coup.

  200. Budhau Says:

    I am independently wealth – made my millions long time ago.
    No … kicking ass of idiots – who think they know it all.
    So you see – that anti-Fijian thing don’t work, that coup supporter don’t work.

  201. Truth Says:

    And why are you here ?

    Shouldn’t you not be spending too much time here


    instead doing something about standing u against this coup ?/ given your brand new angle — now you are the coup hater —

  202. Budhau Says:

    You see Truth – in an intelligent exchange – you are going to lose.
    So go back to the King of idiots line – that worked better for you.

    BTW – found a post where I supported the coup.

  203. Truth Says:

    yeah yeah independently wealthy my big toe

    independently wealthy by the use of guns to steal the people’s government of money is more like it.

    then spend all your time here slamming those of us who hate this thievry

  204. Budhau Says:

    I didn’t say I was coup hater – I think all coups are wrong – hate, that is too intense of description.

    You see – before you can really stand up to the coup – you have to have the truth.

  205. Truth Says:

    so now you are no longer the coup hater ?

    changing your lying thieving tune again?


  206. Truth Says:

    yeah yeah cut the crap you usurper

  207. Budhau Says:

    OK – now you want to argue how wealthy I am – may be we can also discuss the price of tea in China.

  208. Truth Says:

    And the truth is

    You are the usurper and we are the coup haters

  209. Budhau Says:

    So you found a post yet – that coup supporting post.

  210. Truth Says:

    How much did Bainimarama pay you ?

  211. Truth Says:

    I did not say you are wealthy

    you said that lie

    i wanted to know how much Bainimarama paid you

  212. Budhau Says:

    The truth is that Ratus are ripping you bugger blind for 30 years, Qarase ain’t you buddy, putting him back in power an’t gonna solve your problems.
    That the Indians are scapegoats, that the last coups were for indigenous cause is a bunch of crap, yada, yada, yada.

  213. Truth Says:

    So how much did Bainimarama pay you

  214. Budhau Says:

    You idiots – it does not matter whether I am wealthy or not – and how do you know it that is a lie.
    Bainimaram is paying me the expatriate rate $12K/month.

  215. Truth Says:

    How much did Bainimarama pay you so you can afford to sit here day and night pushing Bainimarama’s propaganda

  216. Budhau Says:

    Well either FB pays me a lot or I am independently wealth. you take your pick.

  217. Truth Says:

    Bainimarama is paying you 12K a month

    And yet you are not a usurper

  218. Budhau Says:

    BTW – find one post where I have been pushing Bainimarama’s propoganda – which is pushing this regime.

  219. Truth Says:

    And since Bainimarama pays you 12K a month

    you just hate this coup

  220. Budhau Says:

    Yes, 12K a month in Australian dollars – so you think if FB hires a QC – does that make him a usurper – you see how you lack the ability to reason.

  221. Truth Says:

    And since bainimarama pays you 12K a month

    you are not at all here day and night pushing Bainimarama’s propaganda ?

  222. Truth Says:

    Noooo that can’t be

    You are just here fighting your hardest against Bainimarama’s junta

  223. Budhau Says:

    Yes – 12K a month. BTW, I have a Ocean front property for sale in Arizona – freeholds also – you interested.
    You see the idiot that you are.

  224. Truth Says:

    after all he is only paying you 12K a month

  225. Budhau Says:

    So you found that post yet – the one in which I supported the coup.
    So what kinda job do you have – dumbass like you probably supervising folks who are much more intelligent than you are.

  226. Truth Says:

    yeah you are indeed the professor

    professor of idiots

    pushing the junta’s propaganda

    and lying through his teeth that he is not a coup supporter

    the coupsters who are paying you 12K a month

    what a loser

  227. Budhau Says:

    yeah you are indeed the professor

    professor of idiots

    So where is that Post – I am still waiting.

  228. Truth Says:





  229. Budhau Says:





    The post the post.

  230. Truth Says:




  231. Budhau Says:

    The post the post.

  232. Truth Says:

    The idiot cries out for post the post the post

    Just like the idiot that he is

    losing his mind because he is THE idiot of all idiots

  233. Budhau Says:

    If you make a claim, you back it up – or shut up.
    Thats what they taught – did you father teach you something else.

  234. Budhau Says:

    So what did you parent teach you.

  235. Truth Says:

    So Usurper Idiot tell me when do you return to work

    I mean real work

    Not getting paid by stolen money and sitting here all day and night pushing for the Usurpers agenda

  236. Budhau Says:

    If I had made a statement in a public form like this one – and I couldn’t back it up – I would apologize – as they say “stand up and be a man”
    I guess they don’t teach the same thing in some families.

  237. Budhau Says:

    And what about the Kaisis who steal the money form the government – all these years.

  238. Truth Says:

    Well let me see here,

    my parents most certainly did not teach me it is okay to live off the sweat of others by usurping a government elect.

    hmmmm think they should have copied your parents?

  239. Budhau Says:

    Living of the sweat of others – half your fricken cousins have been freeloading all their lives.

    You wanna leanr about hard work – don’t ask the Ratus and Pajero elite.

    That cargo cult mentality – free money that is your problem.

  240. Truth Says:

    And this particular thievery by you and your ilk is somehow okay because others have stolen too?

    tsk tsk tsk looks like those parents did a half arse of a job teaching you nothing of value

  241. Truth Says:

    Like I said”

    you justify usurping this government just because others have done it

  242. Budhau Says:

    Me and my ilk – the usurpers are some of you big Kahuna – the biggets Ratus around and the coup before that there was your Adi Shamoon and loud mouth Litia – and you lick the Ratus arses.

  243. Budhau Says:

    So let me think – the first coup was allegedly Mara inspired, the second was the Kubuna boys, the last one Eveli and the rest – and you still kiss their arse and blame people like me.

  244. Truth Says:

    And yet you cry for the post the post the post the post

    like the idiot that you are

    already admitting to being the usurper

    already admitting to benefiting from this coup @ 12K a month

    and yet ask for a post to prove that you are not a coup lover a coup supporter


  245. Budhau Says:

    You see that usurper argument ain;t working, that freeloading argument ain;t working.

    Come up with something better.

  246. Truth Says:

    you say that others have usurped and so it is now okay that you usurp

    where did your parents go wrong ?

  247. Budhau Says:

    No I don’t – you idiot – so you want go with that $12K argument – that they will pay me $12K/month to kick your arse.
    No FB ain’t no idiots – the only idiots in here is you – going with that line of argiument.

    How about your usurpers – all those that I named – they are Ratus, right – almost god.

  248. Budhau Says:

    I am OK with what my parents taught me – an in here, If I had made a remark that all my post support the coup – and you could not find one – In that case a real man/woman would have apologized.

    No, you go lick your Ratus you know what – and blame folks like me.

  249. Truth Says:

    didn’t your parents teach you something about standing on principles?

    you — am talking abut you

    am telling you that you should have been taught at home from a very young age that you have to have principles and you have to stand on those principles no matter what others around you are saying or doing. In other words they should have taught you to not just ‘go where the wind blows’ They should have taught you to have spine. They should have taught you it is better to live modestly with principles than to sell your soul for a few pieces of silver.

    Get my drift ?

  250. Budhau Says:

    Yes – that is why I stand up – and you, after being screwed by these folks for so long are still licking their arse.
    That is the difference – almost anywhere in the world tha=y would have stood up to a regime like this.

    Do you have a spine – and get over that freeloader mentality – those pieces of silver are for beggers.

  251. Truth Says:

    “… that they will pay me 12K ..

    That they will ? You said that they pay you. Present tense.

    change your tune again?

    another lie?

    just like the usurpers that you are .. liers and thieves. Unprincipled and conniving.

  252. Truth Says:

    You stand up ?

    To what ? and to whom? Bainimarama ?

    You stand up to refusing the 12K payment per month ?


  253. Budhau Says:

    Oh so now it is back to $12K – no hell no they won’t pay you $12K – Mfuckers like you are cheap – how about $25/day as a bribe – those Ratu’s they get paid the big money – they will soon be feeding at the trough – Since Qarase has no more money to spread around.

  254. Truth Says:

    You are getting worked up


    Very interesting

    and the only person on this blog that is getting paid to blob here is you — by your own admission

    Or was that just another lie

  255. Budhau Says:

    No, no stand up – right now you are on your knees – or on you back.
    However, to stand up you need ball – and you don’t have that do you.
    As for thieving – that has been way of life of some of your Ratus.

  256. Budhau Says:

    No – not really, as I said I like to jerk your leash – and intelletually, I am much superior to you, I am wealthier, and probably better looking.

    Yes, I am getting paid $12K Australian/month – and that money would have otherwise gone for scholarship for idiots like you.

  257. Truth Says:

    What Ratu’s we are talking about you

    blogging here for 12K a month by the regime

    you said that

    or are you now saying that was just another little while lie ?

    you do that often

    lie and cheat and bend over backwards easily because you lack moral and ethics

    explains why you have no problem usurping a people’s government

  258. Budhau Says:

    No, no, none of the Ratus had anything to do with the coups, the scams, the collapses of the bank, yada, yada ,
    No – those Ratus – that are directly liked to God.

  259. Budhau Says:

    I don’t have to explain anything to an idiot like you.
    Well at least not until you did up that coup supporting post.
    In the mean time – I just want belittle you.

  260. Truth Says:

    yeah yeah .. and on and on with the lies

    the pretenses of superiority when you are nothing but a wet rat in the ditches where of no man’s land

    Usurper is what brought you money

    Stealing from the people’s government so you can sit here all day and night pushing the regime’s propaganda

    you low life conniving thieving liar.

  261. Truth Says:

    Belittled ??

    by a wet rat conceived in a ditch of no man’s land

    fat chance


  262. Budhau Says:

    Usurpers bring money – that is true – only this time the money is going to the wrong Ratus.

    Very creative writing “wet rat in the ditches where of no man’s land”
    But you – you live like rats – when you Ratus go around in Paajeros.

    So who steals from the people.

  263. Budhau Says:

    Come on you dirty rat – I had time to get a pumpkin pie and you are still not here.

  264. Truth Says:

    Explain ?

    We have everything we need to know

    You are the usurper benefitting 12K a month from the junta

    Then pretend you are better than the rest of us because of all the wealth you have amassed from stealing the people’s government

    That has been well established

  265. Truth Says:

    Money is going straight into your rat’s pocket book

  266. Truth Says:

    Who steals from the people ?



  267. Truth Says:

    Where is the Rat idiot

  268. Budhau Says:

    Who is this we –
    Yeah – that $12/month Australian – and they only pay John Sami $12K Fijians.

    I don’t pretent that I am better than the rest of you – I know for a fact that I am better that you, Duana and a few others in here – and for the “rest of you” I didn’t say it, you did.

    Stealing from the people’s government – that has been established – you seem to have all the evidence – sort of like qarase’s lawyers.

  269. Budhau Says:

    COme on you dirty rat – have I messed up your Sunday yet.
    BTW – that Pumpkin pie was nice – I think in the US they have pumpkin pies at this time of the year.

  270. Truth Says:

    You are the idiot

    Idiot who calls everyone in here idiot

    So now you are admitting to another lie? Your words mean nothing ? And you sit here pushing the regime’s propaganda but you actually do no believe in what youa re saying/ ? 12K$ in payment to you monthly in case your idiotic pee brain can not fathom ;;; that is how we establish you are the usurper and the current recipient


    It was just another lie ?

    Like every thing else you have spouted here ? Lies Nothing but lies. Yes

  271. Truth Says:

    We is everyone here who opposes you

    or let me guess

    you are now going say that absolutely no one single poster here oppose you

  272. Budhau Says:

    OK – you have said that many time – that idiot bit.
    I don’t only call you an idiot, I have shown you for the idiot that you are – and worse for you – I have made you feel like one.

    ..and you have been going on for while about the $12 – is that all you got.

  273. Truth Says:

    You are going to say that you most loved here

    you and your regime

    you and your junta

    you and your coup

    are all just welcome here on this blog and that no one actually oppose you

    Let me save yo the trouble :::

  274. Truth Says:



  275. Budhau Says:

    Where is everyone – Help, help.
    They are enjoying seeing you arse kickd.

    It is not about opposing me – that is where you are wrong – this ain’t about me – you want to oppose something – post an argument against what I have to say.

    Tackle the ball no the man.

  276. Truth Says:

    And the 12$ a month was admitted to by you

    Just another lie ?

  277. Budhau Says:

    Its your country, your coup, your problem – I just work here.

  278. Truth Says:

    and you have done nothing but tackle the man

  279. Truth Says:

    You are just the usurper

  280. Budhau Says:

    The $12K – no that is not lie – Honest.
    Plus if a really kick your arse – I get a bonus

  281. Budhau Says:

    ..and you are just a loser.

  282. Truth Says:

    getting paid your 12$K a moth

    which you are not really sure if you should admit to just in case you will need to be saved sometime into the future on this blog

  283. Truth Says:

    me the loser ?

    now now come now

    who is attacking the man

  284. Budhau Says:

    Yeah, maybe I should admit – that way I will have you going in circles.
    Actually it is $15K.
    BTW – you can figure that out to how much per hour – this time I was here.

  285. Truth Says:

    oh yeah i forgot

    that was just another lie

  286. Truth Says:

    in other words, zero credibility

    sounds familiar

  287. Budhau Says:

    BTW – you not one of the illegitimate children of one of them Ratus, are you.

  288. Budhau Says:

    Yes, zero – BTW, you are the one who hs made an issue of who I am, what I do, how much I make.

    It would have been perfectly OK with me if you had just disagreed with what I had to say.

    BTW – Do you think that Jitoko can issue an injunction against the state.

  289. Truth Says:

    the Usurpers have zero credibility

    Everything they utter is good for the used toilet paper

  290. Truth Says:

    I didn’t

    you did

    you told of your pay and your wealth and your superiority

  291. Budhau Says:

    Talking about toilet paper – Did you guys have toilet paper before the white man arrived – or you did what the Indians do.

  292. Budhau Says:

    Oh and BTW – you do know what an injunction is?

  293. Truth Says:

    Or are you now going to say that

    Noooooo you did no such thing

    Just like the liars that you are — Usurpers and thieves. Zero credibility at all times under all conditions 24/7

  294. Budhau Says:

    No, you asked me how much was I being paid – and I threw in what John Sami’s salary was – you idiot.

  295. Budhau Says:

    I know what I said – you seems to have a problem.

    BTW – you still haven’t answered – Do you think qarase lawyers screwed up again.

  296. Truth Says:

    So now it is not your salaray ? now it is convenient to say it is someone else’s

    So at which point are you to be believed do you think ?

  297. Truth Says:

    Should you be believed?

    You think?

  298. Truth Says:

    Are you worthy /?

  299. Truth Says:

    Are your words worth something ?

  300. Budhau Says:

    No, no – that is what I am paid. You think I would be here for free.
    You don’t have to believe anything – that I have to say in here. You just have to see if it makes sense.

    You idiot – does it make sense that they would be paying someone that kinda of money to do this.

    You see now – the idiot that your are.

    At what point should you believe me – never. The are other ways of figuring out what the Truth is – besides believing someone.

    I don’t believe that you are an idiot – I know so – and I do not have to take your word for it – either way.

  301. Budhau Says:

    My words worth something – yes, to people who mean something to me – and you ain’t shit – so you figure out how much it is worth.

  302. Truth Says:

    You don’t make sense

    That was the point of that exchange I just had with you

    I wanted to prove that you are not credible and that your words mean nothing.

    Thanks you for giving me the chance to prove my theory.

    Good night.

  303. Dauvavana Says:

    toodles dalit, time to go and collect the shit on the midnight shift

  304. Avoro Says:


    While you come across as an incredulous person, I suggest to reread my post, there is nothing to suggest that I support any form of usurpation.

    However people may at times misconstrue my postings, nevertheless this IG will in the long term be left with no choice but to abrogate the current constitution, one does not need to an Einstein to figure that one out.

  305. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Truth – The thing we must all remember about Budhau’s ‘flood postings’ (when he floods a particular article with dumb-ass drivel) is that
    a) he is paid to do it
    b) because the particular article contains some kind of fact or discovery
    c) the illegal regime wants to distract us from that certain fact or discovery.

    If you look back at all of Budhau’s flood-posts, try re-reading everything that has occurred in the article and feedback before Budhau starts up. Somewhere in there you will find the gem that the illegal regime does not want us to focus on.

    It’s like QEB has an alarm system and a list of flashpoints. When their goons see a flashpoint has come up, they email Budhau in sunny San Francisco/Sydney/wherever and he floods the posting with drivel. The hope is that SV’s readers won’t bother to look too closely at what is there. It’s a bit like tobacco companies in the 1980s who were required to hand their records over to lawyers of class action suits. They would send over truckloads of files, in which were buried maybe one or two incriminating pages. That’s similar to what Budhau is paid to do.

    Reading back through this particular posting, I would say the illegals want to distract us from Isalei’s posting 14 Nov 9:25 and IslandBoy at 14 Nov 9:38. Shortly after those nuggets of gold, Budhau weighs in in full ‘offence’ mode.

    Don’t be distracted, people. Stay focussed.
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  306. Jose Says:

    Good one FijiGirl. Relative to Obama’s hypnotic speech to generate emotion of the mass towards himself. (manipulation)

  307. Isalei Says:

    Boy oh boy, congrats TRUTH! You’ve really walloped that Buda’s ass good and proper and exposed the lily livered sewer rat that he is. Via goose va qo, va ya, sa warai la!And he didnt realise he had avoro’s turn on the line.

    Thanks for the analysis FG!! Can not detail plans (what, when, where) here in the watch of those paid $12K a month to divert attention.

  308. Budhau Says:

    What Byrne did makes perfect sense – why can’t they wait another week of or so when the stay order will be heard.
    ..and then, if the courts stop the Charter – we will then have a new constitution instead of the Charter – thanks to Qarase.

    When is Qarase, and the rest of you idiots gonna realiz that what we have in Fiji is not a legal problem, it is a political problem.
    The Courts will not have the answers to Fiji’s problems.
    Sure, that earlier court decision for Qarase makes him feel good, and maybe he can make an argument in the international community about the “illegal” regime.

    But at the end of the day, court order cannot be enforced. Usually people go to court for redress… not only to feel good.

    So guess what will happen when the Courts come up with a ruling against the Interim Regime which that regime refuses to follow – they will abrogate the constitution and you won’t even have a court.

    If Bainimarama abrogates the constitution, and I think he will do it soon, what will we do then.
    Instead of the Charter, FB will start his work on the new constitution – just like Rabuka did. And there goes your elections for another five years or so.

    Hey….lets throw out Budhau – he get paid $12K Australian to do this.
    Once we get rid of him – we will all feel so good singing Kumbaya in here.
    Now that I see Teleni getting $250K in his account – I am going to put in a request for a pay raise.

    Fiji Girl – you better look closely at this post – I just got the email about an hour ago, from the goons. BTW – that full offense mode, you think if Truth would have stopped posting, the matter would have just ended – probably has more to do with Truth then the goons.

  309. kini Says:

    I’m telling you guys its time to kick this azzOle out of our blog.

  310. Truth Says:

    @Isalei lol!

    @FijiGirl nugget of gold delivered by Katalina yesterday’s F/T topical discussion and lo and behold Vosori Budhau right there lo! the pathetic pretender. Tying to show he is neither here nor there uuuuu mai vei he is totally the intoxicated usurper. And no need to go to Avoro Vosori of Naboro. stay true to Badhaoo. And no avoro of naboro Vosori of naboro ; the sapota of this coup is the usurper. We got that. any sapota of this coup is. Any appointment to this illegal crew is the usurper. You benefit from this coup you are the usurper. There is no departmentalizing to suit your pretenses. Paying your bills from taking part in this junta and at the same time pretend you are of high moral standing NO NO NO NO there is no such separation. You do the crime you do the time. No exception. and that “t i m e” = Usurper That’s right it comes in the form of my choosing until we return to democracy and you front court you will be called usurper. Sorry I know you don’t like that term but hey you chose your reality we are just giving you your just desserts.

  311. Budhau Says:

    Throw the usurper out – only if you could.
    You see truth, you are a coward who has chosen to live under a tyrant – pretending that you are putting up a fight by posting messages in here.

    “Benefiting from the coup makes one a usurper” – did the GCC benefit from past coups, did you and your cousin benefit from the blueprint – now does that make you a usurper also. Were you in such a hurry to return to democracy after the last coups.
    You see Truth – you are coward and hypocrite.
    You can call me whatever you want – however I can show you for what you are.

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