High Court stops work on Charter – in your face Samy says SV!!

Justice Filimoni Jitoko has stopped the farter Charter in its tracks!!!! Justice Jitoko is one of the Judges not tainted by the illegal junta and he was one of the Judges, ketepoka Teleni wrote to interim AG Aiyaz to stop him from hearing any cases involving the Military because he is anti coup. Remember this letter was annexed in the Affidavit of Vore’s brother-in-law Francis Kean, ex Commander of the Navy. How come Kean had this letter, beats the hell out of us and I am sure the Judge must have been thinking of Kean’s legal counsel – are you for real?

Well see the Judges scurrying away and taking on Appeal before the 50c Gates, Pathick & Byrnes kangaroo court. One good thing is some of the Judges are upholding the law. SV salutes Justice Filimoni Jitoko and your comrades who uphold the law. Let the Court of Appeal overturn it and compound your quagmire of illegality!

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Friday, 14 November 2008

Update: 1:13PM The interim Government has been ordered to stop all work relating to the draft Peoples Charter to gain public support by the High Court in Suva today.

The decision was handed down by Judge Justice Filimoni Jitoko.

The order restrains the interim government and all its agents from doing anything whatsoever in altering the 1997 Constitution, promulgation, decrees or changes to the electoral system until the matter has been determined before the High Court.

The court order also stops the interim government and all its agents from distributing any leaflets or making announcement or publication for securing public support to the draft charter. 

Fiji Times Online will bring you more on this as it comes to hand.

32 Responses to “High Court stops work on Charter – in your face Samy says SV!!”

  1. Dauvavana Says:

    hey I am going to get drunk tonight !!!

    btw part of Justice Jitoko’s conclusion:
    In conclusion, Justice Jitoko also ordered that the Interim Government be restrained from appropriating and paying any public funds to the NCBBF, its agents and/or representatives until the final determination of the case.

    does this mean that tha conman John Samy won’t get paid any further and if the govt still paying, ca someone be thrown in jail for contempt?

    oh and now no more allowance for Vinau Kabataucoko??? and that $2 namu Jo Nawalowalo???

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Isalei Says:

    Little by little, step by step, case by case, day by day, the rule of law is tearing away the bull of the gun, truth will triumph over false, good over evil, and right over might. So God bless Fiji and have a good rujuvenating weekend everyone. Keep praying on your knees everyone, and keep acknowledging the one in control over the domain of humans!

  3. Striker Says:

    Although this is an interim order, its like a breath of fresh air coming as it does after that pufta gates and co. ruling on the SDL’s constitutional challenge. Good to know that some in our judiciary still uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. Well done Justice Jitoko!

  4. kini Says:

    Vinaka Dau and Isa, i think, me sa lai dua mada na tanoa! Me talo mada mai e dua na bilo levu. Yes, at least we know that there are some honorable people in our court system.
    Now Sammy, can run back to New Zealand, with the money he slimes out of our taxes?
    Now the next thing for the court to do, is to stop Voreqe and his troop from misusing, our tax dollars, without authorization of a constitutionally elected Government?
    I suggest that we all call GDEV on the Fiji Board Exile and ask him to come on Home; and heck yeah, he’s a good candidate for the President of Fiji.

  5. anon Says:


  6. Tim Says:

    @ Dauvavana: No, the judgment is good, but rest assured the allowances will still get paid. There’s a team of junta apologists working on the justifications (probably headed by some female foreskin of human rights taking a break from target practice) as we make comment.

  7. Push Tailevu Says:

    heap..heap…hooray….great…in your face…..maleka….starting of a great battle between democracy and illegal junta….hope to see more of this kind of rulings…..push tailevu…bili

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    Wow. Never thought I’d see it coming. Had given up on the Judiciary which as clearly been the subject of a coup as bad as any that affect Fiji.

    Well done Justice Jitoko! Justice indeed.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    The beginning of the end for these idiots at last !

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Obama is having an effect already !

  11. IslandBoy Says:

    I hope all line civil servants in the Ministry of Finance and the Parliament complex pull the plug on these arseholes IMMEDIATELY.

    DO NOT pay them the Fijian “veidokadokai” gesture or anything else for that matter. disconnect their phone, fax and internet connection, impound all vehicles, seize the keys, lock up their offices and turn off the lights.

    Filimoni Kau and Jone Dakuvula – why don’t you plan another trip to Apia with your ring leader Iliapi. Du sa busi tu qo!

  12. EnufDictatorship Says:

    A time for everything!!!!

    Now is our time to give thanks for the knowledge we now have that true justice will be served by God through judges like Judge Jitoko.

    What a great TGIF and weekend!….io sara kemudou na turaga…talo sivia sara! dua tale ga na kena sigi drigi!!!

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    By the way Iliapi Ligairi – we have all heard from our regional connections the drunken lecture you tried to hand out to the high-ranking RAMSI official while in Port Vila.

    Little do you know, all the regional officials who were there, realised what a shallow idiot you really are. Now its come back to bite your short arse big time, no use apologising now.

    Typical big ego, small man complex. Big mouth when you’ve had a couple of drinks, huh?

    How can you threaten a RAMSI appointee as Fiji’s PS For Aff? Are you that clueless about your role and responsibilities?

    So what if you know what he’s been telling the Australian government, its part of his job to provide detailed briefings.

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    @IB regarding RL,

    ia e se boci ga se vakaevei Naita?

  15. Isalei Says:

    Leqa gona ni so e viavia Ross tiko, Franko, sega ni kila vanua e ra tu kina. Sa na yamekemeke tiko ga vakaqo, ki na terimacala sara! Ka dina @kini, TALO SINAI mada, dua kena mata sigidrigi bogi e dai! U lala! Mai Viti, Bati la ni kua!

  16. at least Says:

    I have never given up on Jitoko as yet..this man is always there ..I am not saying that because his judgement favour us..its just because Justice is done. Any human being would know that coup is wrong and sud be stopped. we teaching our kids in schools and churches that coup is wrong and all of a sudden the very people that says it does it..I am happy for the judgement . You have not done it only for the Fiji citizens but to the world at large. He is an old Boy of QVS who even mingles with senior army QVS boys but i am glad he can separate friends when it comes to justice..Good on you Jitoko, you the man..Fiji is so starved with the kind of peson you are who can stand in the midst of everyone else telling them COUP is wrong and so as the charter..Out you go NCBBF..your time has come..I have always said, God’s timing will come and everyone will just have to wait and see..Moce noqu viti lomani……

  17. at least Says:

    hey guys..has someone read tis??????…

    Stay granted on Fiji charter injunction
    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Taken from / By: fbcl
    In a sudden twist of events, Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has confirmed, a stay has been issued on the High Court of Fiji’s injunction granted by Justice Filimone Jitoko.

    Sayed-Khaiyum told FBCL News the A-G’s office went to the High Court to seek a stay on the ruling.

    He says there were no High Court Judges available so the AG’s chambers made their submissions to the court of appeal.

    “Following submissions made by the lawyers from the AG’S chambers and following the reading of the reading of the judgment given by Justice Jitoko, the Court of Appeal has granted a stay on the decision and the order given by Justice Jitoko. And has also granted a stay on all further proceedings in the substantive matter in the High Court, pending the determination of the appellant’s appeal which is our appeal, on the primary ground, that the state cannot be injuncted under section 15 of the state proceedings.”

    The SDL Party was jubilant yesterday when the High Court granted an injunction filed by them, to stop all work on the Draft People’s Charter.

    Now everything will have to await the outcome of the trial scheduled for next Tuesday.

  18. freedomfighter Says:

    Again, overturned – what a concoted story – that the only judge available was Justice Byrne:

    Charter work to continue, stay granted
    The interim Government has successfully acquired a court injunction that will allow the National Council for Building a Better Fiji to resume work on the People’s Charter.

    The injunction was granted late this evening by Justice John Byrnes.

    Interim Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has confirmed that their lawyers managed to get a court injunction following an earlier judgement by the High Court, to stop the interim Government and the NCBBF from carrying out all Charter-related work.

    “We went to the High Court today to Justice (Filimoni) Jitoko to seek a stay on the injunctive orders that he had granted but he was not available nor were any of the High Court judges.

    “So as allowed under the rules we went to the Court of Appeal and a single member judge – Justice (John) Byrne, following submissions made by the AGs chambers and given the urgency of the matter, granted a stay of the decision.

    “ He’s (Justice Byrne) also granted a stay on all further proceedings in the High Court pending the determination of our appeal on the primary ground that the State cannot be injuncted under section 15 of the State Proceedings Act,” Sayed-Khaiyum said.

    According to the AG, the matter is now set before the Court of Appeal on Thursday November 20.

    “This effectively means that the NCBBF; the People’s Charter for Change, the consultations under that will continue,” he said.

    The AG added the NCBBF has been informed and work on the Charter has resumed.

    Earlier today Justice Jitoko ordered that the interim Government stop “promulgating any law, decree order or doing or recommending anything whatsoever to alter or amend the 1997 Constitution or anything whatsoever, including changes to the electoral system that are contrary to or inconsistent with current provisions of the Constitution until the final determination of this matter”.

    The case was brought to court by Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua leader, deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

  19. freedomfighter Says:

    Stay Order Granted On High Court Rulling
    Publish date/time: 14/11/2008 [19:40]

    A stay order has been granted by Justice John Byrne on the High Court Ruling delivered by Justice Filimoni Jitoko made earlier today, to stop all People’s Charter work until he makes a final ruling in the Charter case taken up by the SDL.

    Interim AG Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the application for a stay was done late this afternoon.

    Sayed Khaiyum said the People’s Charter work continues until the case on the stay order is heard in the Court of Appeal next Thursday.

  20. Isalei Says:

    See how quickly the wheel of injustice turns. This is sooo bloody unfair. Well, there seems nothing left but massive resistance and civil disobedience. Get those banners and placards ready, we no longer need a permit, we need to test how far our human rights articles advertised on TV one, count. Article so and so, everyone has the right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly? Well let’s do it!

  21. Budhau Says:

    Duana – you sobered up by now?

    When is Qarase, and the rest of you idiots gonna realiz that what we have in Fiji is not a legal problem, it is a political problem.
    The Courts will not have the answers to Fiji’s problems.
    Sure, that earlier court decision for Qarase makes him feel good, and maybe he can make an argument in the international community about the “illegal” regime.

    But at the end of the day, court order cannot be enforced. Usually people go to court for redress… not only to feel good.

    So guess what will happen when the Courts come up with a ruling against the Interim Regime which that regime refuses to follow – they will abrogate the constitution and you won’t even have a court.

    If Bainimarama abrogates the constitution, and I think he will do it soon, what will we do then.
    Instead of the Charter, FB will start his work on the new constitution – just like Rabuka did. And there goes your elections for another five years or so.

    So whether you want to change the regime or change the way the regime behaves – courts not have the answers.

  22. Isalei Says:

    Buda, if its a political problem then why doesn’t the court rule that the IG take us back to elections asap. And if the pig abrogates the Constitution then that’s it, all hell will break loose, Suva gonna get burned, all bad Indians like you better start running for cover. And I am not joking. This is serious.

  23. LUVfiji Says:

    Blog on @Isalei. Yours is the voice that matters!

  24. Dauvavana Says:

    I do not lower myself to respond to the sv dalit otherwise i might end up smelly from the sewer he spews out

  25. Budhau Says:

    Isalei wrote, that if this was a political problem than why doesn’t the court rule that the IG take us back to elections asap.

    Idiots like you don’t get it, do you – let me put this at a 6th grade level.

    1) Qarase was “injured” by the actions of the Military – so he can sue.
    2) Qarase can also prove that the “injury” was caused by the illegal actions of the Military.
    3) However, when one takes a court action – they are looking for a remedy – get money damages, injunction or some other order.
    Do any of you buggers think that any court decision will remedy the injury. If not, WTF is Qarase and the rest doing in court – just to have the bragging rights – that he won a court case against FB.

    Isalei – rather than threatening bad Indians – why don’t you figure out who the real enemy is – because once the firing starts, the Indians would exit – and you buggers will be shooting at each others arse for the next several generations – just look around the Pacific and the rest of the world. It only takes a spark to start a fire, it will take generations to put it out.

    …That threat about once the Pig abrogates the constitution, Sh*t is gonna hit the fan……yeah right, I can see what you buggers a capable of. The day he abrogates the constitution, may be one idiots will be out there in the street displaying a sign painted on his bathroom curtain.

    That remark about “Suva is gonna burn” – yes, you cowards can do that when the police and the military was willing to look the other way – you try and do that now, the will kick your arse….and I am not joking either.

    Duana – you are really a lowlifers – in the Fijian system where the Ratu is the highest, you are the lowest – just like the Indian caste system.
    BTW..that smell in here does not come from the sewer – you sh*t in your own kitchen.

  26. Dauvavana Says:

    again more sewer, someone needs to tell the sv dalit that it is his birth right to collect sewer and dispose of it not throw it all over the place because it is begining to inconvinience those of us of the upper caste.

    Very soon we will go over and burn the dalit’s squatter settlement down if he continues…………..then he will die in the fire and reincarnate as a hookworm in his father chodo’s stomach

  27. Budhau Says:

    Duana – considering yourself upper caste (Bati) – you are making the Fijians look bad.
    You see the Fijians generally perceive themselves as a egalitarian society – and then you come around and expose them for what they are – that they are no better than those Hindus with a caste system.

    Come on guy – you making NP and the like look bad in here.

    Considering yourself High caste, threatening to burn down someones house etc – now that is very unchristian like behavior – or should I say KAISI-like behavior.

    Duana – before you respond to this one – remember what you said above, let me refresh your memory – “I do not lower myself to respond to the sv dalit otherwise i might end up smelly from the sewer he spews out”

    You idiot – why don’t you admit that your are the lowest of the low in your society – they won’t even give you a FAB scholarship.
    Does it make you feel any better – going around calling others Dalits and hookworm and all that ….I had even forgotten that there was things like this hookworm – that shows where you come from.

  28. Dauvavana Says:

    ha ha ha now he is angry, this idiot does not know that as a coolie, when he come in here and talk down at Taukei Fijians and calls them all idiots, he is indeed behaving like a kaisi and therefore deserves to be treated as a kaisi.

    You can take the dalit out of dalitstan (India) but you cannot take the dalit out of the idiot person even three generations down the track living in paradise Fiji.

  29. rainbow Says:

    vinaka budhau!!

  30. Budhau Says:

    You see Duana – you can’t even figure out what the problem is – let alone the solution.

    I am not calling Taukei Fijians idiots – I am calling idiots – idiots. So when I jump on arse, it is not because you are a Fijian – it is because you are an idiot. Comprende.

    You see – for the idiot you are – you think by claiming that I am anti-Fijian, some how you will get more support in this forum – and my be you are are right – because there are some other idiots just like you – bit do you think I give a shit about that – I will still kick your arse.

    Claiming yourself to be a Bati – yeah right, if your are a Bati, you will get your arse out of this forum and be out there in the street – you lowlifer.

    ..and thanks for admitting that you and others like like you believe that the Fijians also have a caste system just like them Hindus – and how many generations have you been a Christian.

  31. Isalei Says:

    Rainbow, avoro, buda all emanating from same computer! All echo and shadow of each other. All paid to blog by hardworking taxpayers $$. That’s corruption and abuse of office for you!

  32. kini Says:

    Good job Isalei, keep tracking those bastards and macafaka Budhau they’re one and the same person. Obviously, the primary blogger is Budhau and he uses the others as his mean of trying to defect the pressure from us. Hey Budhau azzOle, give it up and pizza Off to India!!!

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