Come on Daily Post; let’s call a freaking spade a spade


today the Fiji Daily Post dedicated its entired editorial towards apologising to the judiciary and therefore caving into the illegal interim government and that arse of an AG’s demands. While they maybe in a tight spot, the question we may ask is when will the so called “Fourth Estate” be man enough to draw a line in the sand and say it as it is instead of complying to the selfish demands of these illegal bunch of thieves who stole power through the barrel of a gun?

If the media are not game enough to do it we will say it at Solivakasama that there are certain members of the judiciary who are a bunch of low down selfish self serving scums. People like Justice Shameem, Justice Gates, Justice Pathik, Justice Scuts, Byrnes and Justice Mataitoga. The do not deserve the word ‘justice” placed next to their name at all.

Read on the pathetic apology in today’s Daily POst.

WE acknowledge that if Fiji is to move forward, all of us will need to respect the Constitution, respect the rule of law, honour the offices of President and Chief Justice and Prime Minister under the Constitution, and value the objectivity of our judiciary.This general underlying respect is non-negotiable and fundamental to our citizenship. And it is especially incumbent upon us to acknowledge this at such times as we may put forward in the public sphere our disagreements with specific views and judgments made by those persons who lawfully occupy these offices at any given time.

With this understanding, we completely acknowledge a failure on 17 October this year (2008) in the management of our role as public transmitter of the attitudes and views of citizens in relation to the High Court decision affecting the constitutionality and legality of the present government.

This breakdown occurred in the editorial process of vetting, checking and revising a submission to our ‘Letters to the Editor’ column. We take full responsibility for publishing a letter by Mr Vili Navukitu (from Australia) and we confess that it either should not have appeared at all or, at the very least, not in its published form.

While the letter-writer appeared to have written it in good faith, we apologise to our readers and to the subjects of the letter for insufficiently editing the writer’s comments to allow his concerns to be read and heard in words that were less inflammatory and which did not insult the good reputation of our nation’s key political and judicial institutions.

It was our failure as a newspaper in giving insufficient attention to how that letter would be interpreted and what its consequences would be, that have now put us in a difficult position with the government and especially our judiciary.

We ask forgiveness in this oversight; we have never sought and never will intentionally be party to any material which slurs Fiji’s judiciary. In saying this, we do not wish to discourage free speech which is fair comment. Indeed, we will continue to invite letters from the public which, although written from the heart, do not allow the aforesaid offices of our system of government to be held up to ridicule.

We would also like it known that while the Fiji Daily Post does not excuse its staff for the oversight that brought this letter to publication; neither do we condemn them to dismissal or termination.

Rather, we acknowledge that their tasks in considering and publishing ‘Letters to the Editor’ and other opinion pieces in our current polarised political climate can be extremely difficult. It is not them, but we who take responsibility for this error for putting the newspaper in a tough position.

By making this public apology and explanation of our shortcoming in this matter, we do not wish to excuse ourselves for our oversight in any way, but we do ask that those aggrieved by the publication of the letter will extend merciful consideration to our failure and accept our ongoing commitment to good citizenship, and to reinforcing faith in Fiji’s system of government and to its constitutionality.

 And here is the leter that has caused all this commotion. You read and be the judge. We have placed our reaction in blue next to it.


A dark day in the annals of Fiji’s Judiciary and legal history was brought about by the totally biased corrupt and self preservation judgement handed down by Anthony Gates, John Byrnes and Davendra Pathik in the Qarase vs Bainimarama case of Thursday 9/10/2008. And that is so true, even a class two student would know that the people of Fiji have been taken for a ride big time by some self serving judges and Gates should not have heard the case himself (conflict of interest) given he was appointed by the military dictatorship and is in no placed to hear the case. After all, without the said 2006 coup he would not have been chief justice.

I do not know Qarase nor am I a member of the SDL but I know when an injustice has been committed and I believe that the injustice in this case must be condemned by all law abiding citizens.

This case in my view was not about Qarase and his party no this case was about our hope for Fiji’s future and the rule of law to triumph over unlawfulness. Hear hear you old judicial farts!!!

The President Iloilo has not only failed the ordinary people of Fiji but the Great Council of Chiefs who appointed him. Yeah what more can we say???

The judiciary was tainted from the day Justice Daniel Fatiaki was forcefully removed and Anthony Gates unashamedly usurped his position. And that is the truth, what was untruthful about this statement???

Gates efforts to legalise the immunity is laughable given that the immunity was designed to protect him also. Need we say more???

Thank you Qarase and keep up the good fight against oppression, tyranny and injustice. Right on Vili!!!

Vili Navukitu AUSTRALIA

Copyright © 2007, Fiji Daily Post

 Are we speaking different languages here but reading what has been said about this letter and than reading the said letter, either my English is so way off the mark or am I getting it so wrong here? This whole shit fight translates to something very simple here.

I look at a a bowl of apples and can see that it is Apples, then some arsehole call Aiyarse comes into my House uninvited, points a gun at my head and says, “no that’s not apples, that’s a bowl of guava.

I am then forced to make the choice and say it is a bowl of guava and go free or I say, no it’s apples and he pulls the trigger. Freaking moron!!!

Okay big Aiyarse, are you going to throw us in jail now or shutdown WordPress? Come on tough boy, do something. You don’t look tough now huh???

God save Fiji for nothing shall save these illegal bunch of thieves!

44 Responses to “Come on Daily Post; let’s call a freaking spade a spade”

  1. Budhau Says:

    This ain’t about Aiyaz and what he says. The issue is contempt of court and regardless of who is in power or who the judges are – the letter, and the publishing of the letter was contempt.

    Now the newspaper folks should have done a better job of going through the letters before the print it – not because of the content, but to deal with issues like contempt of court, libel etc.

    BTW…whats with this God save Fiji….form the look of things, I don’t think God gives crap about Fiji.

    As for the case itself – Qarase local lawyers screwed up this case. Now they are asking the court to declare all kinda crap – why did they not do that back when they filed the papers for this case.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    There was no contempt of court as the case had already been heard and dealt with .
    It’s only contempt if the case about to be heard or is in the process of being heard . It’s actually freedom of the press and it’s a Journalists job to report these matters , but not while the case is before the courts .
    Now if the Military could just learn and understand their role in society , that would be noel and something new for Fiji !

  3. Mark Manning Says:


  4. freedomfighter Says:

    It looks like the apology was actually drafted in the A-G’s chambers or at the FHRC – lets see if Khaiyum and Pryde will still call for jail terms and fines

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Here here MM and get your facts right Budhau.

    Aiyaz doesn’t even understand the law he is supposed to represent.

    Further the papers are being ‘lamu levu’ here. Letters do not represent the opinion of the paper and as such they really cannot be held to ransom by the idiot AG. Failing to publish a letter to the Editor is failing in their duty as a media outlet.

    Keep it coming AG you actions are doing more for the cause of the Freedom protagonists than you could ev r understand

  6. Avoro Says:

    While we must not condone the usurpation of any governments or governments, let’s be mindful of the fact that although some may perceive this letter as a justification of one’s fight against tyranny, it is undermines the very pillar of democracy that we all are fighting for.
    That is the RULE OF LAW.

    Judge Gates for what’s its worth is an accomplished lawyer and a jurist, let it be known he like most other jurist under this regime were appointed not under duress but the need to ensure that the judiciary is not comprised.

    Case and point Ballu Khan, now as for Chief Justice Fatiaki it is between him and this regime, not between Gates and the rest of the recent appointees to the judiciary.

    Qarase had winnable case; unfortunately things occur that is beyond the capacity of the complaints lawyer.

    It is best left to Cicero to expound on Qarase case,

    “It might be pardonable to refuse to defend some men, but to defend them negligently is nothing short of criminal”

  7. Avoro Says:

    Ma Bad few typos.

  8. Semi Says:

    Fiji High Court stops Charter work

    The Fiji High Court has ordered that all work pertaining to the draft People’s Charter promoted by the interim Government be stopped.

    The order was handed down by Justice Filimoni Jitoko moments ago.

    Breaking news – now its stating to come up……………… other things have to be stopped….

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Semi, this is great news.

    The rest of the post is below.

    “”””””It orders a stop to the use of government offices for Charter work as well as an end to all government appropriations relating to the Charter.

    More to follow “””””””


  10. Dauvavana Says:

    that is good, now they will not try and brainwash out kids at school with this wheel barrow of dalit commodity.

    It is bad enough that gun totting goons have been brainwashed!

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Thats interesting. Lets see what the next move would be by the ilegal bunch in the ig. It is a tester to see if the judiciary is not compromised. They have already shown their disregard for the law by deporting Mr Hannah even though the stop order was issued by Justice Jitoko before Hannah was ushered illeaglly out of the country courtesy of Korean Airline. My concern is where to from now since crank frank had said no chrter no election. This may prolong his unwelcome stay in power using this as an excuse.

  12. F.I.R.M Says:

    Budhau na yaqona?

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    More from Fiji Times

    “”””Update: 1:13PM The interim Government has been ordered to stop all work relating to the draft Peoples Charter to gain public support by the High Court in Suva today.

    The decision was handed down by Judge Justice Filimoni Jitoko.

    The order restrains the interim government and all its agents from doing anything whatsoever in altering the 1997 Constitution, promulgation, decrees or changes to the electoral system until the matter has been determined before the High Court.

    The court order also stops the interim government and all its agents from distributing any leaflets or making announcement or publication for securing public support to the draft charter.

  14. Tim Says:

    @ Budhau: I know you’re not a complete idiot even though you are driven by ideology – but sometimes you come across as really bloody naiive and stupid!
    You know damn well this whole thing is about Yippe-I-Aye, the Shameens, and a few others that consider themselves “Fiji’s chosen”. Some members of the Judiciary are not immune. You know (or should know) that they’re all pissing in each others pockets. They’re all so damn insecure (or scared) and holier than thou too that they’re simply all trying to keep the pressure up having all backed themselves into a corner.
    The rest of the world looks on with amusement and sadness but don’t think they aren’t aware of who’s who.
    Just because there are certain members in the church, the judiciary, politicians and others think they have an upper hand, everyone other than the most blinkered ideologue knows exactly who’s been prepared to prostitute themselves for fear of a little Frank tantrum.
    And all those imported opportunists (like Pryde for example) shouold know their actions are career stoppers if they ever hope to operate outside Fiji. Their credibility is munted
    Some have genuine reasons for backpeddling (the junta has already set a precendent by beating up journalists, burning down houses, intimidating others), but it doesn’t actually do them any good.
    Occasionally we encounter someone that has balls like Jitoko – the kind of person that will be Fiji’s saviour because it sure as hell isn’t going to be Frank Bainimarama, Shaista Shameen, Yippe-I-Aye Kaiyoom, or any of those other hangers on like that silly orange shoed bitch who’s name eludes me – yet another so called champion of the underdog in her spare time while she dreams of her residence in Como House.
    They’re all as genuine as a Chinese made Rolex.
    Moving Fiji Forward – my fucking ass!!! The best they can all hope for is a holding pattern so they can continue to feed at the trough.
    We all (myself included) keep falling into the trap with engaging with the likes of Budhau – probably because we know he has a glimmer of intelligence, but it really s a waste of time and I think we should just do what people suggested a long time ago – ignore the pratt. He’d argue with himself if he thought he could win

  15. Tim Says:

    I actually finf it qite sad that in their deluded attempt to “Move Fiji Forward”, the only thing they’ve achieved, and can ever hope to achieve is to move Fiji into a state of irrelevance!
    That’s fine if your hopes and aspirations aren’t anything more than a life of subsistance, servicing and accomodating a few multi-millionairres all telling you how quaint you are and buying your loyalty, or a few others (Promises promises – like a car industry*). But what these cargo cultists are actually achieving is a sellout of sovereignty while they all reside behind gated mansions protected by a few natives that collect a few scraps for minimum wage.
    Why would / or will ANYONE in the current economic global climate opt for Fiji (unless they want to pull the ultimate rip off) establish such investment when Australia and the US have an entire infrastructure that they could buy for next to nix if things cntinue as they are? UNLESS they’re mad and see some other political advantage
    Why is anyone going to invest in Fiji as the bio-fuel capital of the word either? A sizeable proportion of the world’s ecosystems have aready been destroyed in he persuit of oil over fuel and the infrastructure is in place.
    And even if they did – given Fiji’s landmass – what sort of percentages would they achieve?
    People you’re being royally conned and the culprits are the likes of John Samy.
    Wake the fuck up!.

    Can anyone tell me which of Frank’s junta promises (after 2 years) have ACTUALLY come to fruition?
    I know there have been a few tailored outfits that Frank thinks they make him look good (which if you look very closely – to a tailor’s eye – the seams are as puckered as Frank is).

    Let me take bets! The only thing this interim government has achieved is to ensure that the Pacific’s “Hub” will move East (with very little effort and an evolving democratic welcome), while the shadowy are likely to seek escape routes to the north and west.

  16. Tim Says:

    * persuit of oil over food
    Geez this site is sometimes bloody slow

  17. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Budhau what contempt you are talking about….you are truly an idiot, I thought or hoped you have learn something.

    Contempt of a COCONUT COURT ?

    Firstly we don’t recognise this coconut court or anyone represented or appointed by it. FULL STOP!!!!!!

    Secondly, the coconut court is occupied by people who breaks the rule of law and how come it expects people to respect their COCONUT COURT when they TAKE OUR DEMOCRACY AND MURDERED IT as IT DOES TO VARIOUS OTHER PEOPLE.

    Stop the tough talking Arse and PIQ, you remind of the Bali Bombers during their trial until their final appeal being turned down, they continue to show how tough they are and just laughed at people without a care.

    But before being shot, people could see the fear…yes the fear in their eyes. I would love to see your faces when you are thrown into prison with harden criminals in max

  18. Budhau Says:

    Soul of Fiji – you idiot – you wrote, “Budhau what contempt you are talking about..”

    Boy, some of you are real dumbasses in here.

    Both the newspapers in question have already admitted that there was contempt of court….that is the contempt I am talking about.

    So you would love to see my face when I am thrown in prison – for what? – calling you a dumbass.

    Why can’t you figure this out – whether you support Qarase or Bainmarama – it doesn’t matter – you can do analysis of the facts related to this “contempt” issue and come to the the same conclusion – that this was contempt of court.

    BTW..if this is “Coconut Court” I suggest that Qarase should first refuse to file any further actions in this “Coconut Court” and some of those indigenous lawyers who are making all the noise, they should refuse to appear before this Court.

    Tim wrote, “You know damn well this whole thing is about Yippe-I-Aye, the Shameens, and a few others that consider themselves “Fiji’s chosen”.” – Wrong again, Tim. Aiyaz is just doing his job, and sometimes it does get pretty difficult – it is the Fijians who are fighting each other, those Indians that you mentioned just decided to jump on the bandwagon – they will be on the next flight out – the day this regime collapses.

  19. Dauvavana Says:

    the more the dalit opens his mouth in here the more he exposes his true class as an uncouth no class individual. But then what can I say, it’s in the genes and the DNA

    haaareeee waaah!

  20. Budhau Says:

    Now Duana – being a Ratu, Dalit, Bati or whatever you are – that is part of what is called social stratification – it is not in the genes.
    If the British had given some guns to your ancestors back then – you would be a Ratu now.
    BTW – being a dumbass – now that is in your genes.

  21. rainbow Says:

    Duana is an idiot who can’t make up his own mind, lamusona is what they’re referred to. Rest who know better but have tamani big, bara, vested interests to protect at expense of others. Doesn’t take much to figure that out these days.

  22. Dauvavana Says:

    hey people need I say more, he speaks for himself to show his class but then again Redfern Park at $15 an hour beckons!!

  23. Dauvavana Says:

    hey now its a family thing, the dalit’s mother rainbow has just waded in to try and defend his son……..can’t he let his son fight his own battle, then again mother had aptly described son in her entry “lamusona”

    I think the dalit’s mother ways army boots!!

  24. Budhau Says:

    Duana – do this blogsite a favour – you make the rest of the guys look bad.
    ..and with the crap that you right in here – how does that help the cause.
    It does not even help your ego – because I made you look like fool.

    The thing about being in the genes or the DNA – now that was silly.
    The thing about going back several generations – you look at your faith and your belief in someone being a low caste – you see that idiot that you are.

  25. Budhau Says:

    Duana – Could it be that someone else recognizes you for the idiot that you are.

    You see Duana – that tactic does not work – first you tried to show that I was anti-Fijians, now this other person is my relative.

    …I think they should have given you a FAB scholarship – that way you would have learnt to think critically.

  26. Truth Says:

    We, on the other hand recognize the usurper Budhau

    as the ultimate IDIOT 🙂

  27. Budhau Says:

    Truth you idiot – I also recognize things – just like you do.
    The point is that you are not going to fight the usurpser in a court of law.

  28. rainbow Says:

    yeah Duana, one big happy family protesting with all their assy-might in here. Stay put in here where u really all belong…ring-a-ring-a-rosy….all idiots like you big barawala warrior.

  29. Dauvavana Says:

    the idiot is the dalit that agrees that what the idiot aiyarse did was in the spirit of justice, who cares about the law the dalit is quoting when the present illegal leadership seized power in a military coup. Now that is the biggest crime which aiyarse and his leaders need to rectify.

    how? through a bloody general election…….. so the dalit can bark all he wants, it won’t take away the fact the aiyarse and co are a bunch of crimminals just like the dalit

  30. Truth Says:

    Yeah ultimate idiot

    you are the king of all idiots

    you don’t even know what class two kids already know

    Gates and Byrnes have been bought by you

    you, the usurper

  31. rainbow Says:

    yeah, takes one to know one eh TRUTH? 🙂

  32. Budhau Says:

    Duana – I wasn’t talking about justice – I was talking about what the law is.

    It is fine if you don’t care about the law – but then why is good buddy Qarase, hiring lawyers and suing in court.

    I todl you before that the solution is not with the courts.

    However, if you are going to the court – at least you should know what the law is.

    As for seizing power in military coup – we never seemed to have a problem with that did we – not until this time.

  33. Truth Says:

    @ rainbow ooops Budhau

    Rainbow slash Budhau is the usurper

    and idiot

    ultimate idiot

    idiot super sized

  34. rainbow Says:

    Go Bud, give these idiots with their barwala vested interests hidden in their closets some food for thought for our entertainment as we watch these pathetic beings in amusement 🙂

  35. rainbow Says:

    keep calling yourself names, ‘anything but truth’ – you will be EXPOSED 🙂

  36. Budhau Says:

    Truth – that name calling – usually kids give that up in about 6th grade.
    But then again it don’t look like you made it too far beyond that.

  37. Truth Says:

    name calling ?

    who me?

    tsk task tsk

    see what an idiot you are>?

    Every single post of yours you begin with the words that describes you best – idiot

    Now suddenly you see your mantra as name calling ?

  38. Truth Says:

    You are truly the idiot

    You are the king of all idiots

  39. Budhau Says:

    Calling and idiot an idiot ain’t name calling – BTW not only you are an idiot – I am also making you feel like one.

    Calling yourself Truth – how about Peace, Love and Charity too.

  40. Truth Says:

    How about

    Budhau the King !

    The king of idiots 🙂

  41. Budhau Says:

    Come on Truth – you are hurting my feelings. King of idiots, that was real mean.

  42. Truth Says:

    yeah yeah

    You the idiot who calls everyone here idiot

    Naturally you hold the ultimate title : the king of Idiots

    Budhau the King of idiots

  43. Dauvavana Says:

    when you take a dalit out of the hole he does not know how to react given his insecurity so he just lashes out in all direction and calling them idiots

  44. kini Says:

    Hey all we’ve gotta do is keep track on where these bastards go for lunch ,Dinner or breakfast and pay someone in the restaurants to put some draunikau in their food? or just run them over with your 4 wheeler?

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