Fiji Forward blocked

we are begining to block blogger “Fiji Forward” because it appears that once again this is a deliberate campaign to sarbotage the S V blog.

Fiji Forward is not just one blogger but a couple of bloggers who act as a tag team and simple swamp the blog often very late at night submitting jibberish comments simultaneously one after the other as evident from the various IP addresses almost all posting at the same time.

This is not in the spirit of this blog and is an afront to the basic principle of freedom of speech, opinion and expression we stand for.

We must be really pissing them off and very effective thus the many attempts to cut us off.

By the way, there are new developments for SV this week so watch this space!!!

SV team


20 Responses to “Fiji Forward blocked”

  1. LUVfiji Says:

    Halleluya! Thank you, thank you SV. I really didnt think we had to ask as I knew it was only a matter of time you’d ACT. Good on you!!

    Lets blog on, huh!!

  2. Striker Says:

    No room for the demented views of the oppressors. Vinaka SV. Democracy now!

  3. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka SV and yes it was only a matter of time when you would do something about it.

    Fiji Forward was wasting a lot our time. I am still convinced it is in the style of the vindictive Koila Mara!

  4. ispy Says:

    Vinaka SV.

    FF was not here to debate issues (like the Badhau does – vinaka Bud).

    He was a propaganda mole whose only aim was make people give up on the one thing we still have left…

    … HOPE for the future!

  5. Ablaze Says:

    @ Fiji Forward I realize you can’t ooze trash from those treacle lips of yours anymore on SV but I know you and your try hard losers won’t be able to control yourselves but keep reading the comments we make.

    This is something I just finished reading and thought of you and your Pig Face Boss and those that support him.

    The late Neville Bonner was the first Aboriginal to sit in Federal Parliament as a Senator for Queensland for 12 years.

    He was a honest man and very well respected by all Australians. He worked hard and when for the first time Aborigines were allowed to vote he decided to enter politics to help his people.

    This is what he had to say;

    “You’ve got to get into the system, work through the system and make the changes. If you say a law is a bad law, you don’t break it, you try to change the law.”

    In August 1971 Neville Bonner was sworn in as Australia’s first Aboriginal senator.

    “For the first time in the history of this country there was an aboriginal voice in the parliament and that gave me an enormous feeling of overwhelming responsibility. I made people aware, the lawmakers in this country, I made them aware of indigenous people. I think that was an achievement.”

    For twelve years Senator Bonner represented his people, and helped to change the face of Aboriginal rights in Australia. Always a honest and gentle man, he never let anger dominate his personality.

    Neville Bonner continued to speak out on issues which divide black and white Australians.

    “We’ve got to come together, that’s what we want for Australia. A one people. We’re all Australians, regardless of your ethnic background, regardless of your political belief, regardless of your religious beliefs we are all Australians.”

    This Fiji Forward is not just a lesson for you and your try hard wannabe politicans trying to do a job you haven’t a clue about but for all of us that are passionate about our country. “Aspiring Politicans do it the Neville Bonner, Barack Obama, Kevin Rudd, John Keys way. Work for it and let the people choose who they want to lead them!”

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    Fiji forward certainly was challenge and a legend , but only in his or her own mind and lunch box !
    Like a pimple on ones bum really , a minor irritation , that’s all .

  7. kini Says:

    Thanks SV its time to blocked that Boci from intruding into our important discussion. FF was kind of disruptive and a pain in the azz and now that he is been blocked lets focus on getting rid of Voreqe the other certified idiot.

  8. Isalei Says:

    @SV, I had my moments with FF but only coz I believed that to ignore him would allow the deficiency of his mind to infest, manifest and spread like an untreated wound. So, yes I will miss it, but we should divert our renewable & positive energy into better things to bring about what we want so bad, DEMOCRACY: THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE vs will of the gun, RULE OF LAW vs rule of man, true leadership based on honesty, truth, humility, wisdom. God bless FIJI.

  9. F.I.R.M Says:

    Vinaka ABLAZE na veitavulaki.

  10. far and wide Says:

    If it can be this way in Nigeria? could it happen in Fiji?

    Does this look corrupt?? You bet just like what vorebore is proposing.

    BTW, Nigeria , former british colony…. sound familiar?

    The abortive Third Republic

    Main article: Nigerian Third Republic

    President Babangida promised to return the country to civilian rule by 1990 which was later extended until January 1993. In early 1989 a constituent assembly completed a constitution and in the spring of 1989 political activity was again permitted. In October 1989 the government established two parties, the National Republican Convention (NRC) and the Social Democratic party (SDP) – other parties were not allowed to register.

    In April 1990 mid-level officers attempted unsuccessfully to overthrow the government and 69 accused plotters were executed after secret trials before military tribunals. In December 1990 the first stage of partisan elections was held at the local government level. Despite low turnout there was no violence and both parties demonstrated strength in all regions of the country, with the SDP winning control of a majority of local government councils.

    In December 1991 state legislative elections were held and Babangida decreed that previously banned politicians could contest in primaries scheduled for August. These were canceled due to fraud and subsequent primaries scheduled for September also were canceled. All announced candidates were disqualified from standing for president once a new election format was selected. The presidential election was finally held on June 12, 1993 with the inauguration of the new president scheduled to take place August 27, 1993, the eighth anniversary of President Babangida’s coming to power.

    In the historic June 12, 1992 presidential elections, which most observers deemed to be Nigeria’s fairest, early returns indicated that wealthy Yoruba businessman M.K.O. Abiola won a decisive victory. However, on June 23, Babangida, using several pending lawsuits as a pretense, annulled the election, throwing Nigeria into turmoil. More than 100 were killed in riots before Babangida agreed to hand power to an interim government on August 27, 1993. He later attempted to renege this decision, but without popular and military support, he was forced to hand over to Ernest Shonekan, a prominent nonpartisan businessman. Shonekan was to rule until elections scheduled for February 1994. Although he had led Babangida’s Transitional Council since 1993, Shonekan was unable to reverse Nigeria’s economic problems or to defuse lingering political tension.

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Keep blogging ragone!

    And as my Tau IslandBoy would say – NEXT!

  12. soro Says:

    Thank the Lord !

  13. Push Tailevu Says:

    I love to have people like FF in the blog, coz it makes blogging interesting and secondly, we see how idiot and foolish people like him thinks.
    We read from their comment and one could just tell that this person is a constitutional ulukau..just like his bunch of believers……

  14. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka SV. I must confess, I will not miss FijiBackward, who must be the village idiot in his (multiple) homelands. Funny that he accused so many of us of being bipolar, stupid, etc when in fact HE was the one with, literally, split personalities. Also, he really did make Budhau look smart, or at least smarter than the typical military drivel spewing forth from QEB. FijiBackward’s time has come at last, as will the time for the illegal regime. Tick tock tick tock..
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  15. Save the Sheep Says:

    FG, people who throw out insults are generally speaking subconsciously about themselves.

    I will miss FF because he was a constant reminder of the level of brain washing these poor RFMF souls have been subjected to and very effectively to boot.

    Saw it first hand at the Camp in the early days of the coup and remain concerned that this is still going on.

    The Pig is really quite inconsequential in all of this. He is the puppet but probably believes otherwise..

    The guys behind him, well that is another story. Pure Evil..

  16. EnufDictatorship Says:


    Meda kana mai na buno ni yadreda gonei…not blerry galavanting the world on hard-earned tax-payers’ sweat and guts!

    Long live democracy!!

    Idiots and coupmeisters plus their sapota, MINUS! DELETE!

  17. tailevu Says:

    Why remove FF? It is good for the forum to see the IG level of thinking? Bring him back on again, let us challenge him!

  18. Isalei Says:

    People like FF presented us with a greater challenge, how to enlighten those among us whose views and methods are so different, which gave rise to the current crisis. They believe their cause is right and that they hold the truth, just like we do. I thought we could get thru to FF but he was a lost cause, a goner, too brainwashed to know any different or any better. FF was really showing the true colour of those in control in the camp and those who support them. Tch tch! pity.

  19. Ablaze Says:

    Don’t bring him back he was a waste of our fucken time! It is such a relief that I do not have to reply to his/her trash.

    I hate him/her and just want to read stuff that make sense for the cause that we are fighting for and that is “Democracy and Justice For All”

    Folks don’t forget Vilisi’s banner, “Democracy and Justice For All”

  20. newsfiji Says:

    Isa, i really miss Fiji forward now…vakaciriloloma dina…ba…ha..ha…

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