Ballu Khan a free man

Suva’s high court has cleared him of all charges in relations to conspiracy to kill the Pig.

Now the big question is, will the soldiers involved in Khan’s brutal beating ever face the same court to answer to their crimes?

And will the pig possible pay compensation to Khan as the latter has already instigated proceedings seeking compensation for the brutal assault he was given at the hands of the military.

Apart from the terrible state our country is in economically, the line of people that are suing the state is getting longer. So far this week we have the former Minsitry of Labour CEO Brian Singh (although it was Qarase’s government that dismissed him), then there is Ilisoni Nata as a possibility. Not to mention the entire CEO prior to the coup.

What all these means is that either the State will be driven to bankruptcy or cuts in essential service such as road maintenance, hospital and schools in order for the State to pay up on all these possible compensation claims.

We really need to kill the pig or else he will kill the entire population with his leadership style and method.



12 Responses to “Ballu Khan a free man”

  1. Tim Says:

    No surprises because the only evdence they could ever have presented would have been jacked up. They’ll pay compensation however, one way or another – even if its the junta’s eventual implosion.
    But all of it does go to reinforce the view of a previous post – Frank and many of his cohorts are driven by jealousy, born-to-rule attitudes, inferiority and their desire to keep all those little skeletons in their closets hidden for as long as possible. Problem for them is, noone believes them.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    He who resorts to violence , as tempting as it may be , has already lost the fight . And vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord .
    This regime will be brought to it’s knees through the economy , not bloodshed .
    A little more patience .

  3. Ablaze Says:

    I agree Mark, be patience folks, the Regime’s downfall will be at their own making!

    The Ballu Khan affair was to to tell us how tough they are! Please Lord allow us the patience to wait until the day when we see the end to this nightmare! Make it soon then later!

  4. Budhau Says:

    Don’t worry guys, by the time its time to pay for all those judgments – SDL will be back in power may be they can pay the bills. …. who cares anyway…it will be your kids and grand kids who will pay for these coups.

    Agree with Ablaze and Mark – violence ain’t the answer, however, sitting around doing nothing ain’t an option either.

    BTW – do you guys want to kill the pig or change his behavior – figure that one out first.

  5. Isalei Says:

    @Buda, both! Torment him slooooowly till he knows what’s it like to mess around with sane people who’ve had it up to here, then kill him sooofffttyyy. Any compensation must be surcharged to all who have left this country in a mess till every cent is bled from their assets and asses even if it means getting their children and grandchildren to pay. And I mean everyone who’s in the shame list.

  6. freedomfighter Says:

    Ballu Khan “A free man”
    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Ballu Khan is now a free man Taken from / By: Google
    Businessman Ballu Khan is now a free man.

    The High Court of Fiji today put a permanent stay on all proceedings against Khan, in a case where he and nine others were alleged to have conspired to assassinate key members of the interim government.

    While all ten had sought a permanent stay on the trial, Justice Andrew Bruce made the order in Khan’s favour only.

    He has ordered that charges against the other nine stand.

    All of the ten accused, on arraignment, had pleaded not guilty to three counts of conspiracy to murder. The application to stay proceedings is based on the treatment they are alleged to have received during and after their arrest and detention – unfair and prejudicial publicity – the absence of bona fides in the carrying out of the investigation by, in particular, the military – inadequate disclosure by the State and destruction of some material which – according to them could seriously prejudice a fair trial.

    The essence of the case is that the men were taken to military installations either against their will or alternatively having accepted invitations to go to such installations, and were detained there against their will.

    During the course of the conduct in connection with this, these men claim they were harassed and threatened.

    Justice Bruce said in any view, if the assertions of fact are true – they make out crimes of assault, kidnapping or various forms of unlawful detention.

    According to Justice Bruce he thinks the men were unlawfully detained as no justification was offered for their detention.

    He says such a detention is unacceptable – violates constitutional rights and it is open to those involved to seek redress.

    Khan argued that the pre-trial publicity in relation to him has been such as to require a stay of proceedings on two bases.

    One is that the publicity is of itself sufficiently prejudicial to justify a stay; and and two the publicity was generated with the purpose of prejudicing the his interests.

    Justice Bruce also stated that the raid on Khan’s business premises Pacific Connex by police and military officers in December 2006 may well be unlawful.

    He says no warrant was produced and Khan’s privacy was invaded. Justice Bruce also ordered that the charges against the other nine men stand and they are to appear again in court on November 27th for a pre-trial conference.

    The men are alleged to have conspired to kill the Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama – Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and former Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

  7. Tim Says:

    No worries aye Budhau? if yo hit the skids it’ll be straight down to Centrelink with your hand out – in the true spririt of the welfarism that those you support are denying every other Fijian. Oops, sorry.. I forgot that you are so clever that you will never want for an earn

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    I have to say , that I’ve advocated violence myself , knowing it’s not the right thing to do .
    But I am so impressed with the Fijian community at how they have managed to remain true to the Christian faith during this crisis .
    In reality , anyone of you could have blown Frank away , yet chose not to . I’m just so very very impressed and I mean that seriously and from the bottom of my heart . When this is over , I’ll encourage as many people as I can to go to Fiji for a holiday and to spend all their money there !

  9. Isalei Says:

    Thanks @MM that means a lot. Fijians have this terrible weakness (if you looking from time of fastforward) which is also their strength (in order to cope with the hassles that come with it)…. they are full of patience and long suffering..just like the God they serve. Long before the white man’s law and justice came in, they had relied on natural law and natural justice. They still do.

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    I just wonder who concocted all these lies about the assassination plot by these good gentlemen who are facing the charges in court, because whoever it is should be fried for all the bull and subsequent mess it has created. I also wonder why the others are still being pursued after Ballu Khan was cleared. Weren’t they all on the same charge? It is becoming clear the lies from the lie factory is getting exposed and the foul stench of it is filling the air.

  11. Isalei Says:

    @PP, two infil- traitors Narawa (is this our naked blogger exposed awhile back during Tui’s protest), and Kuli must have been instigated from within to look around for those to bait. As stated, all evidence is based on Kuli’s testimony. 1) very unreliable and biased coz he’s part of the military and 2) plot would have been hatched from inside the camp to incite/bribe/bait those most likely to agree to the plot, but it was a bait, of the lowest order. Sa da qai raica qo na torosob ni backstabbing sa tiko vei keda. But in the end again it backfired coz the first two that should have been beheaded are the two foot soldiers Narawa and Kuli who hatched the plot!

  12. newsfiji Says:

    Let’s just watch and wait to see what Ballu Khan’s move will be. I don’t think the man will take this lying down, he has lost a LOT because of this regime…particularly because of Frank…

    What he is capable of doing is going to unfold in the next months…if i were one of those soldier/police who had beat him up…i’d be watching my back, my family’s back’s etc…and most importantly…Frank should really watch his back now…the world is a big place with big opportunities – anything is possible!


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