Change in Fiji

Sir,What is Bainimarama reading these days?

Although his correlation of change to what has happened in the recent US Presidential election is correct, what he has ignorantly ignored to state or even fathom is that, this change in the US was possible because of the ideals of democracy, which is the pursuant of power by the people for the people, through elections.

President-elect Obama didn’t use the might of guns nor the military of the US to attain the presidency. He campaigned vigorously with the people, who share his ideals, then US citizens went to the polls and they chose their new President, thus making history in their great country.

This change was also made possible because as stated by US Ambassador to Fiji, Steven McGann after the historical win, “Americans believe deeply in political freedom. Most importantly, our Constitution demands civilian control over the military and our military enthusiastically pledges to uphold our Constitution without question.”

These are the keys, Bainimarama – political freedom, upholding of the Constitution and most importantly civilian control of the military and the military’s pledge to uphold their Constitution without question. That is what brought about the change.

Which part of that fits your ideals? From our vantage point – None.

So, please, if you want change, set-up your political party, campaign your vision for a better Fiji and let the people decide at the election polls.

Only then can you make a true comparision of change with the new President of the United States of America.
Kiri Richmond, DUBAI
Mere Hudson, Naomi
Akesa Flankperts,
Vani Veikoso, TURKEY

(Letters to the ditor, Daily Post, 11/11/08


19 Responses to “Change in Fiji”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It is interesting to read that commentators are saying that US citizens voted for Obama because they have crossed the race barrier.

    Whilst I accept this to some extent, it is worth noting the effort that Obama gave to tie up ethnic origins.

    The fact that he mentioned that an ancestor came out from Ireland 160 years ago went over well with the American / Irish community in New York. When he said that he would have to go to some little village in Ireland to have a pint, he would have won the vote of every New York policeman.

    Ancestry is important; so is the love of your country.

    I would suggest that bananasinpyjamas drops into Paris on his current European junket and suggest that the French allow Fijian words in common French usage. Maybe the guillotine would be brought out of retirement for one final purpose.

    We can only hope.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    There were no losers in the recent American election , all were winners .
    Sadly though , all are losers in Fiji , thanks to Francis and Co.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    And what of the crimes of treason and murder ?

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Fiji forward
    you poor demented soul .

  6. Vobis Says:

    The rising of the sun sees in a new day which the nation of Fiji can be proud of.

    A day in which the average people for once in their lives can rise among those that have subjugated them and be equal partners in our country.

    For a long period of time the elitists of Fiji has not only stole from the people but also has taken away whatever little pride the people has left.

    These people are the bane of our society and therefore we must collectively reject their much sort after wealth at the expense of their people.

    The people can no longer withstand the barrage of false promises in exchange for their vote, but most importantly their livelihood and welfare of their children.

  7. Vobis Says:

    These coteries of men has infected the body politic, for these men are traitors known only unto them, they speak in accents familiar to their victims, the appeal to the uneducated and those that share in their common purpose, they appeal to baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men, they rot the very soul’s of the nation so it can no longer resist.

    Who are these men, well they have slithered their way from the very bowels of their mothers to raise their heads above the nation’s cesspit, and they are the most despicable of all men they are vultures awaiting their next prey.

  8. Vobis Says:

    While some of us may disapprove of their politics we must defend their rights to justice, one of the fundamental principle of justice is thus no one must suffer wrong and the good of the people must and always be promoted.

    It is our indelible rights to pursue justice when a wrong has been committed against us or the nation we must unite and stand to protect our rights, albeit if the wrong was committed to rid our nation of its evil leaders.

  9. Budhau Says:

    Hey Vobis (Avoro of Naboro) – what you doing here on SV

  10. FijiGirl Says:

    Bravo Kiri, Mere, Akesa & Vani!!

    Yet again you express so eloquently the exact sentiments of the Fijian people which we are prevented from voicing by this junta of jackals.

    God bless you, and God bless Fiji

  11. ispy Says:

    What Budhau?

    Aren’t people allowed to have views opposing yours?

    And FF, someone shud shove one woodpecker your cici – and then light it LOL!

    Your views are fucked up beyond belief.

    I can’t imagine what event in your life made you turn your back on reason and support a totally illogical regime…

    Maybe your papa got screwed over by SDL management or maybe you just spending too much time analysing the finer points of democracy with your mates at the Officer’s Mess.

    Whatever it is, you need professional help mate!

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    The regime , it’s officers and supporters , are starting to sound like they’ve all been inbred . There’s no other explanation for their incomprehensible views .

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    It makes sense when you it was suspected that Frank’s idol , Hitler , was thought to be having sex with his own Mother .
    You would have to wonder if Frank is doing the same !

  14. High Commander Says:

    Hey, FF…you still here? Didn’t your mates Ben Dover and Phil MacCrevice catch up with you yet?

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    that should be phil mc cavitee

  16. Ablaze Says:

    Frank the Crank and his dumb supporters must be gloating because Helen Clark was swept from power after 9 years in the country’s General Elections.

    Folks don’t be disheartened as mad people need to be excused for they know not what they do and say.

    Helen’s Labour Party was defeated by the National Party led by 47 year old Mr John Keys who invoked the mantra of Barack Obama in his Americian Election Campaigne, “Time For A Change.”

    We good citizens of this country wouldn’t have minded if these lunatic remained in power till 2020 if we thought we were not living in a delusional part of the world where treason has become a weapon to overthrow elected governments and coups were the only way to find sliver linings for a better Fiji.

    Barack Obama and John Key’s win was also a win for Democracy in these 2 countries and the best proof that Democracy is alive and thriving! There is no comparison.

    Democracy as we know it cannot be switched off temporarily, it is all or nothing and trust must be placed on its people. In Fiji Democracy is like a light switch – turn off and on whenever certain power hungry individuals!

    We the people would also like to invoke the mantra of Obama “Time For A Change” but have no choice. This is what pissess me off the most.

    However, I have no idea how John Key’s National Party victory in New Zealand will help Frank’s cause for a better Fiji when elections took place and the result was the people’s choice.

    Australia didn’t change its stance when Rudd took over from Howard nor will America now that Obama is the President of the USA so what are they gloating for? Sa mad ga sa mad!

    Thank you girls, your letters to the Fiji/Times are always great reading and gives me the hope and strength to fight on for true Democracy and Justice.

  17. High Commander Says:

    Messrs MacCrevice and McCavitee are cousin brothers…tautauvata same same…

    By the way, the real MM died in PNG a few months ago…are you his namesake or fan or…?

  18. Striker Says:

    If these crooks in the IG had their way, they would execute coups against O’bama in the US, Rudd in Aust; and Keys in NZ justifying them on the pufter Gates & Co precedent. They would then interfere into the judiciary by appointing judges of the courts who were part of those who plotted the coups to ensure the courts rule in their favour. Then, when people complain, they would say they were interferring with the judiciary which, in their demented view, is independent. In their warped semblance of legitimacy and respectability, they would have their Police Commissioners order evangeligal missions among the people instead of investigating treason cases by the coup plotters and the military.

  19. kini Says:

    What we need to do, is to stay the course and when that day arrives, we need to be there, to lay charges against Voreqe and his gangs of thieves, before the public execution.

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