Aiyarse you’ve done it again!!!!

How many times must this hookworm stuff up before the Vore finally shoves his white naval boot up his rear and give him the provebial boot?

Thanks to bloggers on SV, it was highlighted that the illegal wannabe attorney general was barking up the wrong tree again by trying to throw the Fiji Times Editor in Chief and Publisher in jail for publishing a letter to the editor that was in contempt of court.

As a matter of fact it was the Daily Post that published it a week before the Fiji Times so is this selective justice or victimisation of the Fiji Times. However, when this was highlighted on SV, Fiji TV picked it up and raised it with Aiyarse and guess what, he is once again running around like the village idiot he is, trying to put out the fire again and adding to the long list of stuff ups he has done including the Adi Koila Mara saga!!

Here’s the evdience again from blogger Freedom Fighter:

Yes, why Fiji Times? Is it because the Fiji Daily Post gives the regime space to mouth their propaganda. There is some serious explaining from the A-G’s office and his S-G Pryde. Have they not seen or do they not want to deal with Daily Post, against whom I have no issue but Vili’s letter was published in the Post on 17 October, a week before FT brought it out. Its time the FT and Fiji TV, which gave so much prominence to the Govt in hits 6pmnews, confronted Judge Hickie and the AG and S-G – we just can not have two laws against two newspapers which have published the same letter:


Judgement – 17-Oct-2008


A dark day in the annals of Fiji’s Judiciary and legal history was brought about by the totally biased corrupt and self preservation judgement handed down by Anthony Gates, John Byrnes and Davendra Pathik in the Qarase vs Bainimarama case of Thursday 9/10/2008.

I do not know Qarase nor am I a member of the SDL but I know when an injustice has been committed and I believe that the injustice in this case must be condemned by all law abiding citizens.

This case in my view was not about Qarase and his party no this case was about our hope for Fiji’s future and the rule of law to triumph over unlawfulness.

The President Iloilo has not only failed the ordinary people of Fiji but the Great Council of Chiefs who appointed him.

The judiciary was tainted from the day Justice Daniel Fatiaki was forcefully removed and Anthony Gates unashamedly usurped his position.

Gates efforts to legalise the immunity is laughable given that the immunity was designed to protect him also.

Thank you Qarase and keep up the good fight against oppression, tyranny and injustice.

Vili Navukitu AUSTRALIA

Copyright © 2007, Fiji Daily Post


15 Responses to “Aiyarse you’ve done it again!!!!”

  1. Save the Sheep Says:

    Yes He does remind one of Mr MacGoo. Take off the mop of black hair and add a few years and there he is. Aiyaz Mcgoo. And yes.. He has done it again…

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    And that’s all folks.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Before this Contempt of Court issue hit the fan, our boy Victor Lal made this comment on Interim Attorney General:

    “I presume he knows better as a student of law that the conduct of the judges and their judgments are open to scrutiny once a judgment has been delivered by a court: In Attorney General v Butterworth [1963] 1 Q.B. 696 it was held that at common law, “a contempt of court is an act or omission calculated to interfere with the due administration of justice.” He must remember that the High Court has already delivered its verdict.”

    Victor Lal seems to be saying that since the court had already delivered its verdict, how can there be an interference with the administration of justice.

    In response to the Oxford guy, I had earlier written:

    Hey Victor, the IA-G’s position was not that the conduct of the judges and their judgment are not open to scrutiny once the judgment has been delivered by a court.

    We all know that fair criticism is always permissible and that no one shall be found guilty of contempt of court for making fair comment on the merit of the case that has been heard and decided.

    What the IA-G was dealing with was that some criticism may not have been fair and the criticism of the judgment was actually personal criticism of the judges and that is not impermissible.

    Once they had started questioning the motives of the judges that is when you get in the area of contempt – trying to get the public to question and not trust the administration of justice as a whole.

    Lal is well aware of the convention that judges do not defend their decisions in public and that if people disrespect the judges laying down the law, they cannot be expected to respect the law laid down by judges. So Lal, do you see how the above would “interfere with the due administration of justice” as pointed out by you in Attorney General v Butterworth [1963] 1 Q.B. 696

    So Dr Lallu – do you now see how there could be a contempt of Court in this matter – and as a student of law, don’t you think you should have known better than to jump on Aiyaz’s arse like you did.

  4. FijiGirl Says:

    Aiyarse – Pote!

    God bless Fiji

  5. Striker Says:

    Under this regime, the good guys who stand up for truth and justice are taken to task while those who have stolen the will of the people and are the wannabe rulers now stealing from govt coffers. But how long can they last? God hates the oppression of the people and perveted justice.

  6. hopefiji Says:

    and GOD helps those who help themselves…not sit on their asse.anbd expect others to fight for their democracy and freedom!

  7. Tim Says:

    We should not forget the efforts of Chris Pryde either. Gates, Pryde and Kaiyhum: 2 bitter and twisted old queens with one in training. A shame things didn’t work out as planned fellas but taking it out on an entire population will one day end up biting you all in the bum.

  8. Striker Says:

    @ Hopefiji: Which singer was it that sang “Your time will come?” For everything there is a season.

  9. Tim Says:

    And by the way – it’s not the orientation that’s the problem, it’s the total dishonesty and bitchiness that goes with it.

  10. ladybird Says:

    Thanks Tim, u’ve just nailed it in one – TOTAL DISHONESTY & BITCHINESS…
    Their version of the ‘truth’ shall be unravelled, s-l-o-w-l-y in the public eye.

  11. kini Says:

    Yes this Attorney General-so called, is also on my list as coup supporters that must be hanged, after the trial.

  12. EnufDictatorship Says:

    HEY..and AK have also tried taking the Post to court?

    Interesting, I wonder if he got his info via this blog and the intruders who have been blocked…tamani moce boko o illegal AG.

    BTW, Post has deleted its LTE part frm their website until further notice…ya!

  13. freedomfighter Says:

    Its been printed and stored already – I am sure the A-Gs office is drafting an apology on their behalf – lets see if Pryde will still call for a hefty fine against FDP, which he wanted against FT – for if he does, his salary will be affected, since Govt is a shareholder in the Post

  14. what does the attorney general do Says:

    FRED LYNCH ~ Deidre Jewel is an attorney with the Lichtenegger, Weiss and Fetterhoff law firm in Cape Girardeau. [Order this photo] A 2006 American Bar Association report found that in 2000, women made up 47

  15. attorney general Says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Barack Obama’s top choice for attorney general is Eric Holder, a former No. 2 Justice Department official in the Clinton administration and Obama campaign aide who would become the first

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