Our favourite paparazzi, Argus Tuft, snapped this revealing photo of our
dictator wearing his new self-awarded Order of the Companion of Fiji (CF).
Argus told us that he hid behind a two-way mirror, which is how he managed
to capture the dictator puckering up in a moment of loving
self-absorption. The CF is normally awarded to outstanding citizens in
recognition of noble deeds in the service of our beloved country. But
there is nothing noble about our dictator or his deeds. In much the same
way he scammed $185,000 of taxpayers’ funds by calling it a back pay
“entitlement”, he has now helped himself greedily to the nation’s highest
honour simply because he has the (interim) power to confer such awards. As
one blogger so succinctly put it, the dictator’s blatant abuse of his
powers will not be forgotten. Henceforth the CF, which is worn around the
neck, will be known as The Pig’s Bridle.

FDN team

NB: and by the way, e sa veve mai na gusuna e na levu ni lasu kei na qaciqacia. Destress tale mada Avenai!!



  1. FIji Forward Says:

    Come on!! you cant be bitter as that!! they give a period in which the names are printed in he papers for objections, you missed out because you were looking at your ownself in the bathroom window so dont complain. That is one of the highest decoration one can get so I guess that speaks for the calibre of the man!! for you to bring this up must surely mean YOU ADMIRE HIM somewhere within your lost soul!!!

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    Everything about him is getting distorted, twisted and deranged!

  3. Frida Says:

    Vinaka LuvFiji – as the saying goes – a picture has a thousand words. He should be ashamed of himself. very soon his whole body will be getting distorted, twisted and he will be looking more deranged than ever. Is the red left eye for real? What happened?

  4. Tim Says:

    FF: So can we assume that Frank’s award is down to longevity and survival rather than achievement? I’ve yet to find any real achievement that can be attributed but PLEASE! correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Tim Says:

    Oh that’s right FF, I’m sorry, I forgot. He’s moved Fiji Forard

  6. Tim Says:

    @FF: Shit! I guess I’m doomed and my nine lives have run out (with reference to probably all previous comments). I note that I have left out the “w” in forward above, and I should not have capitalised the “F” in forward – but then its probably the only thing you’re able to capitalise on. Call in the debt – Frank will be whistling Dixie before that ever gets paid

  7. kini Says:

    O Voreqe e forward taka na muaimuri nei FF e qai ci mai o ff qai lauta na matai Vore? Sa qai boidada la na loma ni vale nei FF. Sorry people, can’t resist that one!

  8. Striker Says:

    If the highest award in Fiji has gone to a coupster, then our Nation now honors the dishonorable.

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ WTF, I mean FF,

    who in their right mind would dare lodge any objection against Vore, when they know fully well he does not care for the laws and is a very vindictive person! (tamata lomaca)

    The real test of a true leader and someone worthy of the Order of the Companion of Fiji is one influences people through their own lives and examples and not through intimidation, like the current illegal regime.

    The former is permanent change, whereas the latter, is only temporary and will revert back to the law of the jungle when circumstances change.

    Vore does not deserve this Order.

  10. Wailei Says:

    @ JW You mean he gave the award to himself? lol… (Self award- Self promotion) Kaila! Order goes to people of high caliber, High distinction honor and integrity. Isnt it typical of the man that tried to promote himself as a Navy Admiral and got rejected by the UN?

  11. Wailei Says:

    Hey, his right eye got the Cika! Muahahahaha… Please wash your hands when you come out of the dunny!

  12. Isalei Says:

    The late Savenanca Siwatibau (RIP) had refused a medal when those that confer thought of awarding him one. With all humility, he said that there were others more deserving of a medal than he. And that coming from someone who has reached the top of the mountain in all his achievements as a worthy son of Fiji. Could have been an interim PM but turned it down on princile. Vore the unworthy sonovagun deserves NOTHING Well I guess, sa na duidui ga na vuli kei na ta sukulu. Decoration na qai lai soli bula nai valu for liberty, freedom and democracy! Warai ni o ira na vocetaki bavelo tiko mai Dranibota, kele ga ra play cowboys and robbers tiko!

  13. Save the Sheep Says:

    You can only laugh when this kind of thing happens.

    You can only laugh more when people actually admire it….

    Good grief….

  14. Budhau Says:

    Didn’t Rabuka promote himself also after the coup – and then we rewarded him with making him a honourary chief, head of the GCC, electing him the PM.

    Did you guys when Rabuka promoted himself – or when others admired him by making him an honourary chief.

    ..its all the same old, same old.

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    Coup #1 – Return power to Mara
    Coup #2 – Correct Mara
    Coup #3 – Remove Mara
    Coup #4 – Avenge for Mara

  16. Dauvavana Says:

    same old same old comments from the Dalit that blogs

  17. Kingrat Says:

    who the fuck is fiji foward

  18. Ablaze Says:

    @ Kingrat, fiji forward is the useless jerk who comes in here defending his boss Frank the Crank covered in animal pooh leading a bunch of untelligent try hard losers to govern our beautiful country.

    Fiji Forward services his boss with you know what when he is not blogging in SV.

  19. Fiji Forward Says:

    Kingrat, welcome to my domain sorry loser like your mates!!! you see before you watch the 6pm news, listen carefully to the lyrics of the song, It’s a new Day, A New Begining……Meda Toso Ki Liu….listen to that Ratface and you’ll know what I’m all about, changing this country from lost insignificant souls like you and your mates here. I feel for you people hence I’m here trying to convince your demented minds, to change and accept the changes other wise you’ll just have to etch into your thick heads 2020, thats right 2020 because thats when we expect you out from your rathole. Dont be too harsh on FB, at least he got a medal, you guys will get the medal for wishful thinking, raica tu ga, tadra tu ga, tawa kabita….pote.

  20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ FF,

    this new song, was it composed freely by Seru Serevi out of his love and belief in Vore or was he commissioned by John Samy?


  21. Isalei Says:

    @FF sa rauti iko ga mo kabita tu na maimuri nei VB, raica, tara, kubuta, kabita (kua mada na via F tiko). Your love for the song only shows how much you love licking the a*&%sehole of John Samy. You are now hereby promoted to ….. CO Topasi aka sewerage rat at the Kinoya sewerage collection plant!!! Brrrrr! And the pic of VB? Sivia vakaca na viavia pose vakavuku tu o rau na in white, ka ni voce bavelo mai dranibota! Laurai vinaka, daa! Vanua ga ya e tini kina nomudou charter kei na medals and where you all will be in 2020! Enjoy what you stole coz it ain’t lastin!

  22. Snowball Says:


  23. Dauvavana Says:

    FF totolo mai mai kubu mada ike totolo totolo

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    This picture of Frank is very distrurbing. Please note Frank’s left eye is red, swollen and looks like he suffered bruises, his lower left lip also has a cut. The right side of his mouth is distended, swollen and slants down.

    The right cheek under the eye is huge and puffed up like he had an allergic reacton to something. It covers his entire right cheek.

    What is going on SV?

  25. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ my Tau IslandBoy,

    kenai balebale, sa rui bibi e ra!

    Drau bula.


  26. IslandBoy Says:

    @JW – Tau, did he have an accident? I realise the picture comes from FDN but when did this happen?

  27. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita IB, the picture has been doctored to look like that. My 13 year old son does it all the time with photoshop software just to tease us with our family photos.

  28. IslandBoy Says:

    Naita Dauvavana – I thought as much when I looked at his neckline where it meets the uniform. Eneough of this.

    Tell me what you and Tau JW think of this on fijilive, especially with Turaga Naita Ratu Nailatikau on Fiji TV tonight. Drau kua ni baci cakava mai na viwali ca.


    Chiefs who were part of the Great Council of Chiefs prior to its dissolution are still hurting and will not be part of dialogue sought by the interim Government, says a Fiji high chief.

    Rewa High Chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa, said the interim Government’s suspension of the GCC was “humilitating” and the plan to have interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama dialogue with the tradition leaders next month is “hilarious”.

    Speaking to Fijilive this morning Ro Teimumu said that she and her Burebasaga Confederacy, one of three political divisions of Fijian bureaucracy, will not take part.

    “Our position is clear and we will not take part in any dialogue with the interim government,” she said.

    “At this point in time we are just not ready to talk with the government. If you call other chiefs their answers will be the same. You would be lucky if a chief on the ‘wrong’ side of the interim regime gives you a comment on such issues.”

    Ro Teimumu declined to comment on whether she had been invited to the proposed dialogue or not.

    Meanwhile, Tui Tavua and former GCC chairman Ratu Ovini Bokini said he did not wish to comment on the issue.

    Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, whom Bainimarama last month passed on the responsibility of interim Indigenous Affairs Minister, has been visiting chiefs in the country since his new appointment.

    The Bau chief said he has the support of his peers he visited in the western parts of Viti Levu. However, there has been no update on his other visits.

    Reports from certain provinces indicate that they are expecting a traditional apology from the interim Government before their chiefs can consider cooperating.

    The Bose Vanua, or meeting of tribal leaders, is expected to take place early next month.

  29. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    E matai dina o Duana na veisau taka na i taba.

    Sa rata me dau taleitakai koya o Budhau.

    Au nanuma sara ga ni se qai lesu tiko mai Koronivia.

    Drau bula.

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    JW drau vamu kei koya na luveni dalit (gandoodhau) qori

    Me vaka ko sa vakadamuriria tiko na yace e solia vei au o kesu au sa voleka sara ni solia yani vei kemuni e dua ia sa kua mada ga.

    Ia dua mada nai talanoa lasa: dua na gone mai noqu koro e via gagu tu e talai me lai volia mai e dua na kava vilijaji lekaleka mai na sitoa qai taro mai o taukei ni sitoa qai rere na gone oqo ni dau berabera voli nona vakasama. Sa taro yani vakavica o taukei ni sitoa (ka vugona dina) se cava e via volia sa mani qai otioti ni gauna e taro yani kina sa lako vata yani na vosa ni cudru ka tau kaukauwa yani na kenai tautau. Lai rere wale na gone qo qai kaya yani “au via volia e dua na kava vilijaji magalekaleka”

    Ya mo drau dredre la kina kei Turaga Naita Island Boy.

    sa dri yani!!

  31. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ my Tau IslandBoy,

    Nailatikau, should be seen for what he truly is! A coupster, a fraud and an opportunist.

    This bastard has been spoon fed all his life and expects the same today from ordinary Fijians who have to live off the sweat of their brows

    Very much like the Mara & Ganilau children.

    This raises an interesting question, which bloggers can comment on because of the Fiji saying: ‘Na niu ni lutu, e lutu ga e vua.’

    The attributes Nailatikau and Cokanauto, Mara & Ganilau children all manifest today stems from their upbringing! Where did their parents go wrong? What does this tell you about their parents, whom we view today as the founding fathers of modern Fiji?

    Maybe, their pasts will have to be re-looked at and history corrected because it stands to reason, that having upright and moral parents, surely will reflect on your children.

    In this case Ratu Tau, this symptom is not only manifest in one family, but in all 3 leading families!

    This means chiefly families will need to review their lifestyles and how they raise their children because if they expect them to lead their vanuas, then they better be much better than what we are seeing today, otherwise we are doomed.


  32. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Duana,

    isa ni vosoti au.

    Balei ga vei sona ya ni toka yacataki kemuni.

    AU taro mada, de a cakacaka vaka ‘lekaleka’ beka ena Tabacakacaka ni Veitarogivanua?

    Drau bula!

  33. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita IB,

    back to your question. me tukuni ga vei eveli ni dau kalawaci ga na kau ka merau lako mada kei Voreqe ka kaciva e dua na bose vakaturaga e na matabose ka sa mai vakacegui ka tubera e dua nai soro vei ira na lewe ni Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

    Ocei o rau,sega nodrau tamata ka qai mai vosa beca tu na vei turaga bale ni noda vanua. Keimami sa mai madua na kai Bau kei na Kai Tailevu e na rua na boci va qo rau mai vosa beci Viti tu. O Ratu Kadavulevu Cakobau, na Turaga Vunivalu e ra sa bale, e ra sa bau rogo e na dua na gauna na nodra vosa me ra vosa beca kina e dua? Sega!!
    Ia e raici ira cake o Viti me rai sevu se liu vei ira nai vei Turaga Bale.

    Nodrau i vakarau nai lala boci qo tekivu mai na 2006 e sega ni valavala vakaturaga. Vakabibi o la na boci mai Kiuva. Ei valavala vakaisi ka sa dodonu me rau vakamaumalumu taki rau ka vakasavasava taki rau ki na Vanua.

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    Dina sara o kemuni Naita!

    Do you recall when the Alliance party under the late Turaga Tui Nayau lost in the first 1977 election, and the Turaga Vunivalu as the Governor General, gave the Tui Nayau back government leadership because the NFP could not form a government.

    Not a murmur was heard throughout Fiji. His decision was accepted by all of races and his decison was regarded as full, final and fair.

    Not even a threat of violence, not even dissenting opinions. Sa yali vei keda na veiliutaki dina vakaturaga era a vakaraitaka na Gone Turaga Bale Na Vunivalu.

  35. IslandBoy Says:

    Se vo beka ena sitoa ni Momo eso na kava vilijaji balavu?

  36. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    My Tau, drau voli kapa pilijaji vata kei nomuni Naita, noqui tavi ga na kena tapi.

  37. Isalei Says:

    Ooohhh Fiji Bati, we proud of you boys. Nothing to do with the Vore or the IG.

  38. Fiji Forward Says:

    Isalei you see why the Bati did so well at RLWC because of the blessing bestowed upon this country during this current time. Jese Waqalekaleka you have a personal vendetta against the Mara/Ganilau clan so you’re related to them or got your little ass kicked so hard by the events of 06 that you’re still hurting but I think you’re related to them, must be blood then. Well back to this chiefs meeting, who needs the current ones anyway, Teimumu Levu, Bokinikini, Makutukutu, Lalabalavuvu, Matanotobuaua, all bunch of corrupt useless wanna be chiefs who stole their current titles one way or the other. the real chiefs or Turaga ni Vanua will now meet and elect their reps to GCC, thats what we want from the vanua. Vacava me Vunivalu mada ga o Rt Apenisa, Tagane ya, da gunu beer free tu ga ena BirdLand ya, top of the morning my friends!!

  39. Dauvavana Says:

    boy na sovu kei na waiwai sa waraki iko tu mai na Keba e Delainabua. Fire sara vakatotolo i cake ni se bera ni duka na sona nei Avenai baleta e na levu ni marau nei Vore e na baci liu qai lai nomu tu ga na kena kosakosa……..totolo sara boy!!!

  40. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dauvavana Soqe, isa o so yadra tiko ga!! saga mo vacegui na ulumu mo yadra mai ena mataka sa savasava tu nomu vakasama, me kau levu na vakasama ni veivutusoy na o a tuberi kina mai na nomu vale!! please lsot soul get some well earned rest, you’re really lost and demented now since the only thing on your at 1am is veivutusona, de lakolako o se qai cakavi oti sara ga mai!!! excuse me for intruding into your closet lifestyle but carry on it’s still legal under the current constitution and do it plenty before we abolish it then you’d be in real problems becuse what you currently doing will then be illegal, gottcha ya!!!

  41. Dauvavana Says:

    lako lai moce luveni boci. Sa sega tale ni dua na ka vinaka mo cakava mo mai vakaoti gauna tu eke.

    Keimami se marau taka na wini ni Bati, sega ni dua kina kemudou yaga. This people (the bati) bring us hope you have stolen from us.

    You talk about how I was raised. Naaah. It’s you that has a problem. If you think this regime is okay, then you must have been raised in a house where your father was a lazy thief and your mother was a lady of the night. That is why you are all in support for a bunch of thieves who stole our democracy and freedom by pointing a gun on our head.

    If you guys are real men, the give us half the guns and we will sort it out once and for all, if not call and election in March 09.

    You are the one that is deranged probably from your father’s syphilis teinted sperm.

  42. Fiji Forward Says:

    WOW!!! BIG DEMENTED WORDS INDEED!!! stole what from you???? your job??? so you one of the corrupt ones who got kicked out??? shit!! give us your number so we can get your job back today, totolo before you lose your head lost soul, who pointed a gun at your head??? John Wayne?? been going to Village 6 too often eh, well cant blame you, no job, choke wavoki, volitaki maimuri vakalailai se vacava, lai moce yani sa oti nomu gauna wili kini nomu kawa, 2020 nanuma vinaka tiko, kasa tiko ena nomu qavokavoka lala qori!!!!!

  43. Dauvavana Says:

    if you seriously think that nothing happened in 2006 no guns over the citizens of this country then you dead must have seriously been suffering from sypphilis when you were conceived.

    Figure that out pea brain.

    by the way how you wish you can catch me eh?? so you can torture me at the camp.

    well dream on till 2020 you demented arse kisser!! This is cyber and welcome to its reality. Catch me if you can hahahahhaha

  44. Fiji Forward Says:

    No one wants to catch you loser because you running away from your own shadow, the shadow thats telling you to join this journey lost soul. 2006 happened because it had to happen so get over that. No use crying over spilt milk didnt your Bubu tell you that, you will have to have a loooonnngggg dream because 2020 is so far away, ha!ha!ha! drean on that tonite, nightmare for the next 12 years…

  45. Dauvavana Says:

    vacava you want to now who I am?

    how about we meet some place alone so I can plunk you one on the noise man to man fair go just you and me.

    kua mada na vaqa koro tiko!!

  46. Fiji Forward Says:

    wow big words again, you getting too childish and arrogant for your own good, go to sleep sleepy lost soul.

  47. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dauvavana Da, give up the fight, it was a good one but you’ve lost. You see in this fight goodness prevails over evil as shown by the Court Ruling so get some rest and in the morning, repent and join the journey as I’ve always reminded you, evil attrats more evil so get out before it’s too late for you lost soul.

  48. Isalei Says:

    Fiji Forward, Sa qai laurai sara ga nomu vosa qaciqacia baleti ira na Turaga kei na Marama Bale kei Viti ni o iko o kawa dina ga ni luve ni sala. Ya gona na leqa levu eda a mai sotava na i Taukei ka ni sa vakaraitaka tiko e so na tamata viavialevu ni tiko qori na keba ni o ni kawa ni bastard!!! Na bastard ga e na qai laurai mai!!! Ya ga kemudou na Turaga JW,IB and Daunishoot na vakalekaleka ni veivosaki dou a tekivuna toka mai na bogi, ni lutu na niu e na lutu ki vuna. I had said in an earlier blog to FF ni da na dui seva ga na bua kada a tea, e na qai laurai ga mai na ka dina. O ratou na gone sa ratou civivaki Viti tu qo, sa ratou vakaraitaki ratou sara ga mai vakavinaka, sa qai matata ga mai. O ira na Turaga Marama bale dina kei Viti era galu, era dabeca tu na veiyavu tabu, era kawa Turaga ka sega ni ra a susugi na nodra i tubutubu Turaga mai veira na single Moms or step fathers. Raica na tamata vosa viavialevu qo o FF, licking Vore’s arse, sa ratou laki prostitutetaki ratou vei John samy, francis nair, ya gona na leqa ni muri cala. Sa ra sega tu ni kila na nodra gaunisala, sa da na qai sarava ga me ra self destruct for good. In the eyes of Fijians they have really exposed where they really came from Uluikau, ganilua, nailatiulukau, sa ra qai tu yani na kisiva tu na nodratou maimuri me vakataki Vore, FF. They do not deserve any respect from us . Da kanaka tiko la vei ira na luveda na ka dina, baleta na dina e na qai tukuni koya ga mai. Qo gona sa tu na da!!! Sa dri yani, have a good one everyone. Ya mai loma saraga sa kua tale na were ubiubi tiko. Au sa na mai yala toka e keya, au na qai laki sikovi FF ni sa tauvi DAH tu as Commanding officer Topasi at the Kinoya treatment plant. Ni moce Viti, Isalei!

  49. FijiGirl Says:

    Why don’t we just rename the foul piece of slime Mu-Vore or Vore-be or Vore-gabe. He so wants to be like Robert Mugabe.
    Why doesn’t he just go and live in Zimbabwe?
    That would certainly be an answer to the prayers of the people.
    Instead of leeching off us, he can go rot in Africa.
    God bless Fiji

  50. Isalei Says:

    Just another last one for the 3 gentlemen, JW, IB and D, o ira na gone mai tuba.. they have a lot of resentment, cause they are not entitled to full inheritance. E tiko vei ira na sugusugu ka. They have the spirit of Ishmael, Abraham’s son outside. Now I ask, why do you think the 2 evelis, ului are in cahoots with the Ishmaels aka Muslims like Aiarze, Shaitsha? Birds of the same feather flock together, I can not place the Vore, as I am not familiar with his background, but I am pretty sure that somewhere along the line, together with FF, e a dua e gone mai na varada, ka ni sa rui levu na nona vakavaradataki keda! Sa dri yani.

  51. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Vinaka Isalei,

    and as my Tau IslandBoy is fond of saying – NEXT!

  52. Mark Manning Says:

    Idi Amin Dada , President for life ! or until syphilis takes over !

  53. Snowball Says:


  54. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @ IslandBoy: Apologies if we misled you with our digital re-arrangement of the dictator’s face and his self-awarded decoration.

    We were just having a bit of fun at the dictator’s expense. It was simply satire in cyberspace.

    That’s why we said the photo had been taken by our favourite paparazzi, Argus Tuft.

    Since we launched FDN last year, the name, Argus Tuft, has popped up on several occasions. As our point man on satire, Argus has not only been very helpful, but he has also proved something of a Jack of all trades.

    For example, you might remember him as the brilliant, award-winning marine biologist who discovered, and then scientifically described, that dangerous new species unique to Fiji waters, the slimy into-everything Chodopu$$.

    His real name, of course, is not Argus Tuft. He uses it as a kind of pen-name because it sounds closest to the reaction he often generates: Argus Tuft!

    It sounds as if you exclaimed something similar when you saw what we did to Frank’s features (but we didn’t touch his left eye; that’s for real and might have something to do with sanitary habits, or the lack of them)!

    Seriously though, what we did to a photographic image of Frank’s face was nothing compared to what his goons did to the real-life faces (and bodies) of young Sakiusa Rabaka of Nadi and Nakelo villager, Nimilote Verebasaga,

    When you think of it that way it sort of puts it all in a completely different light, don’t you think?

  55. Mark Manning Says:;jsessionid=CE0E2898A3768450E6B86632037CE8B4?as=16878

  56. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Can we please IGNORE Fiji Backwards in ANY POSTINGS!…laivi koya me vosa2 yalona tiko…da toso o keda na qai ni toso dina i liu with the ideals of democracy not the lamushona kind like FB and FB..hey rau tautauvata Fiji Backwards and Frank Bainivuaka..hehehehe…same-difference beka..kailaaa

    OK really IGNORE the attention-seeker!

  57. IslandBoy Says:

    @FDN – yeah buddy, I think we were on the same page from the get go, but I was wondering how you were able to redden his left pupil. Have a good one.

  58. IslandBoy Says:

    @Isalei – I was extremely offended at the names he called my GMB and the other Turaga Bale. I refuse to respond to hiim/her – the posts are very juvenile and more often than not do not make sense.

    The more we respond the more he gets fired up so I think its best just to leave him alone to his tantrums.

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