Cops out to save ‘souls’ – SV reminds ketepoka Teleni that he needs to save himself 1st before trying to save others.

Bloggers, this is from the FT this morning. Teleni now wants to tackle Fiji’s crime rate by evangelizing the criminals with the new policy of ‘a new soul, a new Fiji.’ With all due respect to the Churches, ketepoka Teleni is a stupid and confused man. He is now getting the Fiji Police Force to engage in work it was never meant to be engaged in nor qualified to undertake.

Furthermore Teleni conveniently tries to hide the fact, he and Vore both committed ‘sin’ when he lied to the nation, saying that there will be no coup only days before committing treason. He is further committing ‘sin’ by suppressing damning evidence against the murderers of Sakiusa Rabaka & Nimilote Verebasaga. They remained unresolved today. Not to mention the unresolved murders of the 5 CRW members as well.

SV wishes to remind ketepoka Teleni, that this latest policy direction only shows how confused and unstable he is. Maybe his guilty conscience getting the better of him and ketepoka hopes this public display of ‘spirituality’ will redeem him and absolve him of his sins? Unfortunately he is greatly mistaken.

If he wants to properly redeem himself and be absolved of his sins, then he needs to go before God and do what everybody else does without exception. The Turaga Bale na Qaranivalu Ratu Inoke Takiveikata and the Turaga Bale na Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu both did this, when they humbled themselves, publically confessed their sins and sought forgiveness.

However, SV wishes to remind ketepoka Teleni, that despite this public humiliation, confession and seeking and receiving of forgiveness, he will still face the consequences of his ‘sinful’ actions and the death penalty and/or incarceration is certainly well within range, as was the case with both Ratu Inoke and Ratu Naiqama.

Another thing ketepoka Teleni will realise that just because something has been held ‘lawful’ by the courts, such as the 50c Gates Judgement, it does not necessarily mean that it is the ‘truth’ because it can be ‘sinful’ as well. Morality goes to the substance of the matter and not its mere form, which is what the 50c Gate’s Judgement was in reality. My koicalevu from Nadroga have a saying that goes to the substance of what I just said: ‘Na yalo ga me ju dodonu.’

Monday, November 10, 2008

POLICE Commissioner Esala Teleni has expanded the role of his officers “to reach out and save souls”.

In an effort to curb the rising crime rate across the country, Mr Teleni engaged churches to evangelise people and turn them to God instead of crime. The force, from next month, will send out officers accompanied by clergymen and women in a spiritual drive to help citizens keep away from a life of sin and crime.

The Crime Prevention Week outreach, Mr Teleni said on a radio talkback at the weekend, had the support of Christian denominations whose members make up the biggest percentage of Fiji’s prison population. Police spokeswoman Ema Mua said the theme for the crusade would be “A new soul, a new Fiji”.

The force has also written to other religious organisations asking them to join the campaign. “We are targeting churches and religious organisations in this crusade because they will be able to convince their members and encourage them to follow the right path,” she said.

Former prisoners will be invited to provide advice to youths on the bad effects of crime. Two religious organisations have already pledged support for the course. Ahmadiya Muslim Jamaat acting president Tahir Munshi said religious organisations have an important role to play in the prevention of crime in the society.

“There is a limit to what we, as religious organisations, can do in this case,” he said, can do in this case,” he said. “We have to find out the root causes of crime and find out why people commit crime.” Mr Munshi said the main reason many youths and people commit crime was poverty.

“The Government should look into this and address the problem,” he said. The organisation, he said, would “support anything and everything that is good and help the country move toward progress”.

Mr Munshi said if religious organisations looked after their individual members and discouraged them from following a path to crime, the rate could be reduced. He said the fact that police officers would be part of the religious crusade was encouraging.

Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha president Dewan Maharaj said they were approached by police to be part of the crusade during Crime Prevention Week next month. Mr Maharaj said they have told their branches and they have shown their support for it.

“We are concerned at the fact that for the past ten years or so Hindi temples and places of worship have been targets of sacrilege,” he said. Mr Maharaj said every religious organisation has condemned such acts but it has never been determined why some people commit such acts.

He said the crime prevention crusade by the police and religious organisations will educate the youths and offenders to respect places of worship and prevent further acts of sacrilege against any religion.


32 Responses to “Cops out to save ‘souls’ – SV reminds ketepoka Teleni that he needs to save himself 1st before trying to save others.”

  1. FIji Forward Says:

    Good work COMPOL and keep it up!!! at least you’ll be able to convince the lost souls on this site in particular the person who brought it to our attention, surely you must have touched his lost soul, bless you lost sheep!!!

  2. Dauvavana Says:

    FF I have just received photos of you and COMPOL in a horizontal compromised position last night. How’s your back after carry such a weight. You may need waini ramusi from Mokani or a good massage with Mr Korovou at Rabuka Gymn after last night.

    Kua so mada na masivolo jiko. Sa velavela mai!

  3. Tim Says:

    Teleni seems to have forgotten that under what amounts to totalitariansim, Fiji HAS NO soul other than his. It simply has a cruel representation of it, and one that has to be propped up with the prospect of force. No fancy uniform can disguise the incontinence that is leaking out from under.
    Bad choice of colour Frank – White shows up everything

  4. kini Says:

    As far as i know, benhur and company are doing their best to avenge the crw that were killed by Voreqe.
    I’m sure the red eye shown on the above picture, shows signs of sleepless night,worrying that one of the crw crew, whom he didn’t get, are coming out to get him?
    These special soldiers(CRW) are trained to kill. like the jap warriors -the ninja.
    They’re trained to sneak into your camp,your house,any jail and take you out, without been traced or seeing.
    Is it possible that benhur, is one of this soldier? Go bro, take this certified idiot out and shove his head up ff backside as well.Fiji and the GCC will definately honour you and your group the highest medal in the land?

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    sa baci vaka me katakata mai na ka oqo, blog ragone blog!!!

  6. Striker Says:

    The red eye could have been inflicted by Driti, in a punch up at the camp!

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ FF,

    please don’t quote the SV post out of context, just like Ross Ligairi and Jone Dakuvula did with their Meeting with the Samoan PM.

    The SV post talks about Teleni being the ‘lost soul’ and yet he does not realise this fact.

    You however, try to change it as if it is SV who is the ‘lost soul.’

    Sa rauta mada na lasulasu tiko.

    Ever heard of the saying: ‘Physician, heal thyself!’

    That in essence is what SV is asking of Teleni!

  8. soro Says:

    JW – I’m afraid For-skin is very much the lost soul here no matter what anyone says to him. His is Voreqe’s Fore-parrot and his own Forward runner

  9. Fiji Forward Says:

    Kini and Ben Hur!! do you know CRW are regularly going up to camp looking for jobs??? why dont you give them jobs so they can ninja your tavioka/dalo patch mada. As for COMPOL talk to any Policeman and see the high morale they have thanks to this man, Hughes was just a no body who came to enjoy the perks, the indian ladies, do you know that his wife left him??? but for Teleni, former Capt of our National Rugby Team, well respected throughout society, what have you people got against that?? just pure jealousy and I feel for your lost souls people, please repent!! Dauvavana come up with something more intelligent then that!! it’s a shame on your parents who taught you so much and Kini you’ve been watching too many Ninja movies, lost in your own world, dont worry Ben Hur is still looking for his chariot of fire, last seen at the Museum, and people if you are to take anything out of this, learn from Teleni and sucumb yourself to the almighty and your lost souls may be saved, especially you Dauvavana, you sinner!!!

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ FF,

    how can you claim the Fiji Police Force holds him in high esteem, when he willingly suppresses any criminal investigations into allegations of Military brutality resulting in the deaths of Sakiusa Rabaka & Nimilote Verebasaga, yet treats the Fiji Police as cannon fodder?

    He allowed investigations and charges being laid against Police Officers Lole Vulaca & Rusiate Korovusere, who are now currently serving life sentences for the Tevita Malesebe murder?

    The Malasebe murder was months after the Rabaka & Verebasaga murders, yet because only Police were involved and no Military, investigations proceeded without hindrance until resolved.

    Why did he not do that too for the Rabaka & Verebasaga murders?

    As for Teleni being the one time Captain of Fiji’s national 15 side, so what? Does that make him any better than any of us?

    FYI, you past deeds, irrespective of being honourable are judged and quantified by your actions today.

    In other words, if you achieved so much in the past, but commit a heinous crime today, what you did in the past are all boi da da!

    Se kuca?

  11. Fiji Forward Says:

    Jese, simply put across to you the Verebasaga and Rabaka cases are simply no cases to answer on them!!! its got nothing to do with Teleni being COMPOL. Thats the fact of the matter so live with it cause you cant compare it with the “thief” Malasebe case that was straight forward. So stop trying to ‘spoil’ Teleni when his past and present outdo you and your Yavusa put together in moving this country forward.

  12. Dauvavana Says:

    FF luveni boci have some respect for the relatives of these murdered victims. Io ni kitaka tiko na laba sega ni rerevaka nai Volataba ni na vitu na kawa tamata e na drodro na nodra cala na qase. Raici ratou mada na Ganilau e ra sa tekivu volitaki ira na mokubuna yalewa as professional call girls to Indian Businessmen………….fire tiko nomu viavia levu e na kania nomu wawa na koli e na saula ni koro jesupeli!!

    Cava iko vinakata meu ceburaka na secrets nei teleni e na blog qo me baleta na nona weird sexual appetite???

    Sa kilai tiko na ring e member tiko kina drau vamu vakaukauwa!!!

  13. Fiji Forward Says:

    Wow na ring cava qori kemudrau, ring beka qori o soli maimuri tiko kina??? Criminals are criminals and if they die upon arrest then so be it!! why you so up beat about it?? you related to them?? fancy being related to a criminal, shame on you!! no wonder you so angry and noooo wonder you hate Teleni so much. Did you join the yellow ribbom campaign for your relatives???? go to sleep because you losing the plot here looooser…

  14. Dauvavana Says:

    You’re the looser. If you guys now holding a gun over our head a correct then why the fricking arse are you guys coming in here to spill your shit.

    It goes to show that you are insecure about this blog and the damage it is doing to your illegal government. The truth hurts so you come in here to try and point score but nah!! You see, we are not soldiers but individuals with the ability to reason and think, compare all evidence in front of us and make our own decsions.

    You see we have decided that we aint believing you bullshit propaganda so better spend you time and money pushing you NCBBF bullshit on some gullible squatters rather then coming in here to waste you time.

    by the way, haven’t you got a wife to screw?? Its time for bed now so hurry along little boy. Toodles!!!

  15. Fiji Forward Says:

    Who’s holding a gun over your head??? another of your make believe illusions??? go ahead and protest, who is stopping you??? but you’d be a real fool becasue it will only be you and probably a few of your friends on this site, not even your own family would stop you because they believe in the Charter. Of course you have the ability to think but do it wisely and remeber majority rules in this country!! nite..nite…lost soul..God bless you…

  16. Dauvavana Says:

    Vilis Nadaku one lone protestor and what happens, you mother Teleni that ugly fat bitch holds him up at Totogo and threaten to kill him and his family interigating him without a lawyer etc. Dou pote tu ni lai protest, lako yani na media dou moceboko tu.

    One small falla protesting and look how paranoid your police and military reactions were so illusion my foot. you guys paranoid over one harmless protest. Imagine if five people do, you would probably call in the 3rd FIR to quash it. Ya vakaraitaki ga ni baku little boys!!!

    You just wait when the Methodist church collates its protest on teh charter qai pote o forward cu backwards fiji!!!

  17. Fiji Forward Says:

    Methodist corrupt church, oi dumbhead I’m a staunch member of it and we are already preparing to meet the IG, thats Tuikilakila & Co, they have accepted the Court Ruling therefore sa yala na viavia levu tiko, sa qai vo ga o iko, ulu lala. Join mai do o qai biu tu…Aint no reason no season to protest everyone getting ready for Xmas, 2yrs now and another 10 to go before elections so prepare for your many xmas under FB, smile mada..

  18. Dauvavana Says:

    so you think that the methodist is a corrupt church and then you say you are a staunch member. idiot ga na idiot. Just goes to show what I have been saying all along that your father was a lying thiefing son of a gun and it has affected your moral leanings. here you say the methodist are corrupt and in your next breath you say that you are a staunch methodist.

    1 + 1 = 2

    you like to belong to a corrupt church because you are a corrupt individual.

    and i did not say the methodist church is corrupt, it is you that said that.

    Ia se gone ha se boci qai luveni boci tale poooootttteeee!!

  19. Fiji Forward Says:

    Corrupt lay preachers idiot!! the church doesnt change in its standing, of course you’re more smarter to know that, why you still awake have I touched a raw nerve in you thats convincing you to believe in me???? must be becuse by now you should be out sweeping the streets cleaner!!

  20. Dauvavana Says:

    let me paraphrase you, you idiot “Corrupt lay preachers idiot!!”. Now where did you say that before in your previous comment.

    You’re the one who wrote that the methodist church was corrupted you idiot and since you are a staunch member then you are also corrupted.

    Pote ulu lala conceived when you father was infected with syphilis that is why you brains motor neurons are compromised and you cannot reason that well.

    Lako mada lai gunu warusi vei ratou mai Ovalua de na qai vinaka kina nomu qavokavoka tawa qori (lala)!!

  21. Fiji Forward Says:

    You see throughout our verbal tirade never have I said anything about your parents!!! thats because of my fijian upbringing to respect elders, thats exactly what the NCBBF bringing up!! people like you who have no repect for elders but I reason with you because I know you’re still hurt from 2006 therefore that is why we have to wait till 2020 so that people like you can get over their grief and be sensible, right thinking citizens again. On the methodist church I just may join the New Methodist who sound more geniune.

  22. Dauvavana Says:

    Let em paraphrase you again “You see throughout our verbal tirade never have I said anything about your parents!!! thats because of my fijian upbringing to respect elders”and I say ” WHO CARES”!!

    Kon Pujo??

    how about Fijian upbrining of respect for those whose loved ones were murdered by you thugs!!!

    Levu ga na vosa. Ra dau kaya mai neitou “Nomu vosa nomu sona”

  23. Fiji Forward Says:

    Murdered by whom??? has it been proved in a Court of Law??? No, get your facts correct. Ra dau kaya mai neitou “Nomu vosa nomu sona”, isa vaka loloma sara ga o nomu tutu, nana, tata kei na nomu mataqali ena varau ni nomu vosa, kemudou beka na Yavusa Sona????

  24. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dauvavana Da, give up the fight, it was a good one but you’ve lost. You see in this fight goodness prevails over evil as shown by the Court Ruling so get some rest and in the morning, repent and join the journey as I’ve always reminded you, evil attrats more evil so get out before it’s too late for you lost soul.

  25. FijiGirl Says:

    Great point and great posting SV!
    You are absolutely right – Teleni and Vore and Chodo and all those buggers are, doing as hypocrits are want to do, telling others to do what they should themselves be doing.
    As it says in the Bible, before you pick the mote out of your neighbours eye, first remove the log from your own.
    These losers have a whole forest in their eyes.

    By the way, PLEASE JUST IGNORE FIJIBACKWARD. He really is too stupid for words, and it’s not worth wasting your valuable time and energy trying to reason with someone who is paid to sabotage our blog. Even though he knows in his heart of hearts, deep in his soul, that the junta is wrong and we are right, he cannot admit it because his boss will flog him if he does. Pity him, or ignore him. But don’t waste your time on him.

    God bless Fiji

  26. Jon Jon Says:

    Walei Full Chow Teleni wants to save souls for his brother the New Methodist Reverend Rerevaki Atu Vulaono.. This is where he is getting his advise from. So sad the new methodist didn’t see any new souls only the ones already saved n usually cause trouble at other churches is wot they have now.. including the prisoners if he cud really change them. Most of those prisoners are already saved.. why can’t he gets his cops saved first and save himself!!!

  27. newsfiji Says:

    One big kerekere: Can someone pliz give free proper english lessons to Teleni?? His english is pathetic and brings shame to the educated people in the Fiji Police Force.

  28. Belijo Says:

    In fact most of the cops were well and truly saved long before teleni was even born and trying to save souls within the force is like teaching a new recruit how to run or walk. May be he should turn his soul saving mission to those that selected him to the commissioner’s post. Because first they need to confess how they overthrew an elected government and a police commissioner whom they ousted and seek God’s forgiveness first and the people they have hurt.

  29. Push Tailevu Says:

    @ FF…you talking..just by reading i understand you just a buch of ulukaus with nothing on your head…vaksama….tovolea mo kida tale ga….you are disrepectful and shows not a BATI but BACI

  30. Push Tailevu Says:

    Guys…Ketepoka shud be utilising his budget…..last weekend..HANSONS supermarket was stolen….3 boys ran away with frozen goods…however when reports to Police Mobile, The police acted as if nothing…so two policemen in uniform other in civilian…decided to chek it out….this was after 3amSunday morning. They came hand in hand without their armour just a torch… their surprise and us onlookers….they were chased by the robbers….so they ran to the light ..however robbers stay in the dark and swearing and humiliating the police officers. To my surprise, their torch was n’t working coz battery is flat…….

    You see the point is how can they be Bati…when they just like the 5 marama lialia in the Bible…not prepared,,,,,…..its funny how the Ketepoka is liasing with his superiors….

    Wasting time and money………..I heard the 3 robbers telling the 2 muscline policemen..stop fancy around and do your job..

    Kete poka should first look into his compound and aid them

  31. Isalei Says:

    Fiji Forwardbackside, kawa ni bastard ke sega o kawa ni rape! Nomu vosa sa tukuni iko ga!

  32. Snowball Says:


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