Comparing Donkeys and Horses – Kamal Iyer

Fiji Times 9/11/08

“The existing electoral system which entrenches communal voting is the root cause of racial politics in Fiji. I must say the blame for this lies on the short-sightedness of our leaders in 1997. Driven by their own communal base, these leaders completely reversed the recommendations contained in the Reeves Commission for Fiji to adopt a majority of Open seats as proposed to Communal seats, as a necessary step to moving away from race based politics”. – Mahendra Pal Chaudhry – May 2005.This is an excerpt from a speech delivered by Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry titled “The Coups – Missed Opportunities”. Mr Chaudhry was speaking at a Labour Party organised remembrance day to mark the coups of 1987 and 2000. His speech was posted on the FLP website on May 20, 2005.

In the speech Mr Chaudhry, who was then the opposition leader in Parliament, rightly pointed out the social, economic and political ills plaguing Fiji since Sitiveni Rabuka executed the first military coup on May 14, 1987. Mr Chaudhry highlighted the irreparable damage the three coups until then had caused to race relations, the tourism sector, sugar industry, agricultural sector in terms of non-renewal of land leases, massive brain drain and loss of skilled workers due to mass migration, increase in unemployment and poverty etc.

It therefore surprised many current and former associates of Mr Chaudhry when he joined the military installed interim regime on January 9, 2007 as interim Minister for Finance, National Planning and Sugar under the pretext that he would help rescue Fiji from disaster. What the FLP leader meant was that he would prevent economic decline, resurrect the sugar industry, reduce cost of living and ensure that Fiji became the promised land

“A strange twist of fate” was how the front page of The Fiji Times of January 10, 2007 described Mr Chaudhry’s appointment as interim minister a day earlier. The Fiji Sun was more dramatic and its January 10 2007 edition carried the headline “Return of the master”. The predominantly Indian FLP supporters (80per cent at that time based on May 2006 election results) were on cloud nine. Their chosen one was now in government although it was formed through the barrel of the gun. Their euphoria knew no bounds when interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama described Mr Chaudhry as Robin Hood.

He served as an interim minister for 20 months until August 18, 2008 when he claims he resigned because his party needed him. According to Mr Chaudhry, FLP work was neglected when he was in the regime. His statement means that the Labour Party is basically like ground zero without him. It also means that other office bearers and stalwarts of the FLP are lame ducks, ineffective, inefficient and good for nothing. They need M P Chaudhry to resuscitate them. If Mr Chaudhry’s statement is true, then it basically means the FLP is a one man band – and that is M P Chaudhry. If the FLP leader is wrong, then his statement is an insult to the FLP loyalists.

However, Mr Chaudhry’s claim that he was joining the interim regime to re-build Fiji was essentially shot down to pieces by Commodore Bainimarama on Thursday 4 September, 2008 when he admitted before interim ministers and permanent secretaries that his regime had not achieved as much as it could have since coming into power in January 2007. He also said the 2009 Budget would be pro-poor. The term, pro-poor, that has been coined by the interim PM, means that the poor will become poorer after the 2009 Budget comes into effect from January 1 next year. Surely Commodore Bainimarama doesn’t want the poor to suffocate! What he has been indicating since September is that Budget 2009 will have policies that will benefit the poor.

Commodore Bainimarama’s admission speaks volumes about Mr Chaudhry’s performance as the interim Finance Minister for 20 months. The interim PM, for all intents and purposes, has basically stated that his Robin Hood had failed to revive the economy and lift the poor out of poverty. He basically meant that the economic policies adopted by his regime for 20 months until August 2008 had failed to revive the economy out of stagnation. No wonder a mini-economic summit was held for two days to get the views of the public sector and economic experts on how to start Fiji’s engine of growth!

And the fact that the 2009 Budget intends to be benefit the poor means Commodore Bainimarama’s Robin Hood failed to live up to the tag he anointed him with. If Mr Chaudhry wasn’t working towards uplifting the living standards of the poor and ordinary workers, then who was he enriching for the last 20 months? Perhaps Commodore Bainimarama, in his capacity as the acting interim Finance Minister, will hopefully answer this $2 million question when announcing the 2009 Budget.

This aim of implementing policies that would benefit the poor brings the opening paragraph of this opinion into significance. It is relevant in the aftermath of Commodore Bainimarama’s congratulatory message towards the President-elect of the United States of America, Barack Obama, who possibly has changed the American political landscape forever after his resounding victory built on the platform of hope and change.

Commodore Bainimarama’s statement basically compares Mr Obama’s theme of change with the draft People’s Charter when he states that “we in Fiji are also pursuing change in a whole range of areas pertaining to the governance of our country for achievement of genuine parliamentary democracy and lasting peace and prosperity for our people”.

Both Commodore Bainimarama and Mr Chaudhry are steadfast in their belief that the electoral provisions under the 1997 Constitution are a major reason for Fiji’s problems that include widening of the racial divide, economic stagnation, bad governance, rising unemployment, poverty etc. The people of the United States experienced one of the worst periods of governance in their history under the leadership of George W Bush. His approval ratings as President have been one of the lowest, falling well below 30 percentage points. But the military remained subservient to their commander-in-chief – Mr Bush. The most powerful armed forces in the world did not step into the shoes of the President to execute a coup. The armed forces did not wage a truth and justice campaign before the Presidential elections unlike the Republic of Fiji Military Forces before the 2006 elections.

And Mr Obama did not campaign for changes to the US electoral system where the electoral votes assigned to each State instead of popular vote determines the winner of Presidential elections. Commodore Bainimarama therefore cannot compare Mr Obama’s stunning victory with his and Mr Chaudhry’s change agenda, where both have supported the abolition of communal seats and removal of the alternative voting system proposed in the draft People’s Charter, that requires amendments to the 1997 Constitution. The ballot box throughout United States endorsed Mr Obama’s change and hope agenda – unlike in Fiji where Commodore Bainimarama and his Robin Hood’s change agenda is being pursued at the barrel of the gun.

And Commodore Bainimarama must be reminded of his own words that he uttered in May 2008, where he said the army carried out coups in 1987, 2000 and 2006 because politicians had failed the people of Fiji. The armed forces of the United States did not assist Barack Obama in winning the Presidential election despite the failed leadership of George Bush in the last years which has seen the sons and daughters of America engaged in an highly unpopular war in Iraq and the nation’s economy in severe crisis with citizens losing their homes, unemployment levels skyrocketing, the financial and stock markets plummeting and the health care system in a very sick state.

But no barrel of the gun, no change agenda for the electoral system, no instant dismissal of top ranked public servants and no threats were issued by the by the military to ensure Barack Obama’s victory.

It was strictly in accordance with the shining values of democracy, the constitution and the will of the people of the United States of America. Comparing Barack Obama’s successful message of change and hope with the interim regime’s version of change is like comparing thoroughbred horses with donkeys.


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  1. Budhau Says:

    Kamal Iyer on Chaudary”
    “However, Mr Chaudhry’s claim that he was joining the interim regime to re-build Fiji was essentially shot down to pieces by Commodore Bainimarama on Thursday 4 September, 2008 when he admitted before interim ministers and permanent secretaries that his regime had not achieved as much as it could have since coming into power in January 2007.”

    I like Kamal Iyer’s reasoning.

    That Chaudary claims to have joined the Interim Government to re-build Fiji.
    That since he wasn’t able to do much in the way of re-building Fiji in the 20 months that he was part of the IG, that proves that Chaudary is lying – that he must have joined the Interim Government for reasons other than attempting to re-build Fiji.

    The rest of the article follows the same line of reasoning…fricken idiot.

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    Kamal Iyer is as usual, elegant and provocative in his articles.

    For Bainimarama and his cronies to liken themselves in anyway at all to the sea change in American politics and leadership is certainly like comparing Donkeys to thoroughbreds.

    Bainimarama and his supporters are a pathetic bunch of overly ambitious and impatient people who just do not understand that effective change is ‘evolutionary’ rather than the Marxist view of ‘revolutionary’.

    For anyone who still believes that Bainimarama committed treason to re-build Fiji, refer to the summation at Budhau above, final line…

  3. Striker Says:

    It was not the electoral system. It was racist politicians like Chaudry himself who through the venom they spoke in Parliament extended our political divide. So its useless having a new electoral system. As long as the Indian voters vote in racists like Chaudary, nothing will come of it. Remove Chaudary and 50% of our political problem is gone. Remove Bainimarama and the military, and the full 100% goes!

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    In other words comparing a thoroughbred in the US to a (dumb)ass in coup coup land. Kamal is spot on when he said the US used the ballot boxes to remove failed leadeship of George Bush and nominated Obama to deliver their dreams unlike our crank in here couping the govt with the power of the guns and said it was because our leaders failed in their tasks. That decision should remain the reserved domain and responsibility of the civilian citizens and not the military.

    And I agree with @Striker.

  5. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dont totally agree with Kamal since he is a NFP man therefore anything coming out of him will be politically biased, anyway what has the small shit done apart from writting articles from excerpts he copied from other people??? him to Chaudry?? it’s like comparing a street kid (Kamal) against a seasoned politician.

  6. Save the Sheep Says:

    Also Agree with Striker.

    The great Chaudhry himself the man who on the one hand preaches about racial divisive politics and on the other exhorts all Indians to vote for him.

    Seasoned politician he might be but I agree with Striker, although perhaps might adjust the percentages a little to 40% and 40%. There are a few other A-holes out there that Fiji could do without…

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    the 1st convicted criminal who became Fiji’s Prime Minister.

  8. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Translation of the last part of KI’s eloquent piece-

    Vore, the dumbass donkey
    Obama, the thoroughbred horse…hee-haw!!!!!

    Long live democracy!!!!!!

  9. freedomfighter Says:


    What is going on here:

    Apology is not enough, AG tells paper
    The Attorney General’s Office is not satisfied with an apology by the Fiji Times newspaper over its publication of a letter that criticised the High Court’s validation of the 2006 military coup in a contemptuous manner.

    Solicitor General Christopher Pryde told the High Court this morning the apology offered by Fiji Times was not what they expected.

    Outside court, he said that he would be making submissions in support of a jail term for Fiji Times Editor Netani Rika and Publisher Rex Gardner and a hefty fine for The Fiji Times.

    High Court judge Justice Thomas Hickie today heard mention of the ex parte order from the interim Government, requesting the presiding judge considers a penalty for the newspaper.

    He has given the AG’s office 14 days to make submissions on the appropriate sentence to be given to Rika and Gardner.

    Last week, the Fiji Times printed a front page admission it was in contempt when it published a letter to the editor from a person said to be residing in Queensland, Australia and offered to pay costs.

    The arguments on the submission will be heard on December 4.

  10. EnufDictatorship Says:

    freedomfighter, this is what it is all about. Here I resubmit Vili’s piece frm FT online. It was in relation to his LTE which was published in the FT and POSt btw, so why only pounce on the Times?

    Vili Navukitu of Australia says…
    Why is the Fiji Times apologizing to the corrupt court system for freedom of speech.

    I will post this again for all because it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

    A dark day in the annals of Fiji’s Judiciary and legal history was brought about by the totally biased corrupt and self preservation judgement handed down by Anthony Gates, John Byrnes and Davendra Pathik in the Qarase vs Bainimarama case of Thursday 9/10/2008.

    I do not know Qarase nor am I a member of the SDL but I know when an injustice has been committed and I believe that the injustice in this case must be condemned by all law abiding citizens.

    This case in my view was not about Qarase and his party no this case was about our hope for Fiji’s future and the rule of law to triumph over unlawfulness.

    The President Iloilo has not only failed the ordinary people of Fiji but the Great Council of Chiefs who appointed him.

    The judiciary was tainted from the day Justice Daniel Fatiaki was forcefully removed and Anthony Gates unashamedly usurped his position.

    Gates efforts to legalise the immunity is laughable given that the immunity was designed to protect him also.

    Thank you Qarase and keep up the good fight against oppression, tyranny and injustice.

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Now they’re trying to intimidate big time our freedom of speech through the media. Thus the media promulgation which they are pushing hard for to include the internet. Ya!

    And to try and coax people’s addresses frm the media is breach of their human right. Get their addy to what? Try and capture them and torture them like they did Rabaka, Verebasaga, Malasebe, etc?

  12. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Firstly the IIG tried to sucker up to Kevin Rudd when he won the Aussie election, hoping that the Labour Party name could assist in their recognition, when Rudd government did not lift the sanction they come out like little spoilt kids with their name calling and blame game.

    Now they are trying to sucker up to Obama with change theme, I wonder how the PIG will react when the US (Obama) continue to pursue the return to democracy in Fiji and did not recognise the IIG.

    Next will be the new NZ PM, they will try and do another ARSE KISSING statement when all fails again….we will watch another round of tantrum and blame game from ARSE and PIGS Arse.

  13. freedomfighter Says:

    Yes, why Fiji Times? Is it because the Fiji Daily Post gives the regime space to mouth their propaganda. There is some serious explaining from the A-G’s office and his S-G Pryde. Have they not seen or do they not want to deal with Daily Post, against whom I have no issue but Vili’s letter was published in the Post on 17 October, a week before FT brought it out. Its time the FT and Fiji TV, which gave so much prominence to the Govt in hits 6pmnews, confronted Judge Hickie and the AG and S-G – we just can not have two laws against two newspapers which have published the same letter:


    Judgement – 17-Oct-2008


    A dark day in the annals of Fiji’s Judiciary and legal history was brought about by the totally biased corrupt and self preservation judgement handed down by Anthony Gates, John Byrnes and Davendra Pathik in the Qarase vs Bainimarama case of Thursday 9/10/2008.

    I do not know Qarase nor am I a member of the SDL but I know when an injustice has been committed and I believe that the injustice in this case must be condemned by all law abiding citizens.

    This case in my view was not about Qarase and his party no this case was about our hope for Fiji’s future and the rule of law to triumph over unlawfulness.

    The President Iloilo has not only failed the ordinary people of Fiji but the Great Council of Chiefs who appointed him.

    The judiciary was tainted from the day Justice Daniel Fatiaki was forcefully removed and Anthony Gates unashamedly usurped his position.

    Gates efforts to legalise the immunity is laughable given that the immunity was designed to protect him also.

    Thank you Qarase and keep up the good fight against oppression, tyranny and injustice.

    Vili Navukitu AUSTRALIA

    Copyright © 2007, Fiji Daily Post

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    If it wasn’t so serious for Fijians, one could smile at the antics of the bullies with guns.

    Intimidate the media is the name of the game; just like in zimbabwe where the dictator has banned free press. Just report me getting another medal and you can publish.

    SoF, remember 12 months ago, chadopu$$ telling the world that the ALP was going to invite him over for tea and scones as they shared a similar name. It never happened and never will. chodopu$$ is a dirty word in the Australian parliament.

    John Keys is a very pragmatic man and when I spoke to him about Fiji a few months ago, he was determined to bring Fiji back to democracy.

    So I guess bananasinpyjamas can kiss goodbye to ever visiting NZ again.

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    freedomfighter, you have uncovered an amazing piece of evidence against the corrupt jaundiced junta.

    Can anyone send freedomfighter’s post onto the UN fellow who is supposed to visit Fiji soon to look at the lack of independence of the judiciary?

    Talk about double standards!!

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    I think there is method in this apparent madness.
    The apology means nothing. Why should a newspaper apologise for an opinion piece put up by a reader? Did they forget to put in the usual disclaimer?
    The real point is to get this excellent piece in the limelight. Let AG and his ridiculous cronies try to prove that anything in the letter is not true.
    Rika and co will not be convicted of anything, but AG and co will “convict” themselves, publicly and for the world to see (again).
    It appears that AzzG is being suckered into this one. I look forward to the drama.

  17. freedomfighter Says:

    Can anyone do a background search on Justice Hickie? Who is he? And how are the judges appointed in Fiji? I didnt see his job advertised?

  18. ladybird Says:

    I like his eyes…

  19. Fiji Forward Says:

    Vili Navukitu is a coward!! for what you have the good man Rika will now serve jail time for!! what a coward, lamusona levu!! lako mai viti mo mai sotava mada na justice. Anyway if Rika goes to jail then thats justice well done, the guy deserves it big time with all the BS he’s paper been printing and there goes a warning for you bloggers as well, dont get caught with your pants down or you may face jail time as well!!!!!

  20. Fiji Forward Says:

    Vili Navukitu is a coward!! for what you have intentionally done the good man Rika will now serve jail time for!! what a coward, lamusona levu!! lako mai viti mo mai sotava mada na justice. Anyway if Rika goes to jail then thats justice well done, the guy deserves it big time with all the BS he’s paper been printing and there goes a warning for you bloggers as well, dont get caught with your pants down or you may face jail time as well!!!!!

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    Fiji vuki forward qai cu backwards, au kerea mo check taka tale mada nomu sona ko na raica ni duka tu!

  22. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dauvavana soqe you must have had a demented upbringing lost soul, try and be positive, you know when you have bad feelings, you always attract bad thoughts then bad company, get some sleep, rest your worn out bird brain so you can wake up tomorrow with a positive outlook contributing postively to this site and most importantly contribute positively to the well being of your poor family, top of the morning anyway lost soul.

  23. Dauvavana Says:

    lost soul ga o iko ni ko kauta tiko mai na benu mo mai biuta eke.

    dou yavu gusu benu, dau dalaga ga tasova mai na da. Sa kua mada na ciriveni tiko. ke dou tamata tagane biu mada na dakai dou yavu sona lelevu vakaotia neimami lavo buno taki na dau cakacaka dina ka saumi vakacavacava.

  24. Fiji Forward Says:

    Oh you really need help poor lost soul!! take some panadol and sleep it off but dream of the New Day, A New Dawn…Me da Toso Ki Liu….you must really have something against the men in green, either it was lost love or rejected somewhere, bau lomani ratou, na wekemu kece ga o ratou, bau vakasama taka na ka o vosataka!!! io au kila ni cudru wale ga, sleep tight and may the Good Lord watch over you and clean your demented mind up so you can join the journey lost soul.

  25. Dauvavana Says:

    poor lost soul is the one who cannot pull his head out of his arse and face the reality ni sa sega mai nai lavo ni matanitu and all these newly elected government (USA, NZ and Australia) still do not recognise your gov even after Fairy Gates ruling.

    Wake up and smell the coffee moron!

  26. Fiji Forward Says:

    We dont need need foreign aid money anyway because people like you get foreign currency from the Chinese/Korean fishing boats at the wharf anyway, who needs money from the white assholes anyway we can earn our living through the sheer hard sweat and tears from our own country!!! what you and your lot should have done during your tenure in office bad too bad, all you can do now is complain and admire!!! pote!!!

  27. Dauvavana Says:

    pssssst haven’t it ever sink into you head that as a taxpayer of Fiji I am paying for your salary as a sotia macawa and paying for your internet up at QEB and even you computer.

    I can buy you and sell you cheapline life macawa pote!!!

  28. Fiji Forward Says:

    Yeah sorry about that!!! so as a taxpayer you contribute to the running of this country hence you’re a supporter!!! VINAKA VAKALEVU JISU, sa qai rai na matana ni a mataboko tu, welcome LOST CHILD, welcome to the journey of hope and prosperity, isa now I can sleep in peace knowing I have captured your soul….

  29. Dauvavana Says:

    so you must listen to me because it is my money you’re stealing and abusing.

    well as I have said before it started from your stealing father and bitching mother (where you pick up these low moral standards) and the apple does not fall far from the tree so they say and need I say more.

    Ra dau kaya na buinigone ni sa tekivu ga mai vei nete ka tete.

    Luveni butabutako kana yavuta ga ea dewa ga mai vei tamamu caiji tamamu!!!

  30. Nostradamus Says:

    Rounds one two and three go to Dauvavana.
    FF hitting out wildly and in all directions, but with head in arse hard to defend.

  31. Dauvavana Says:

    from fijilive at this hour:

    Fiji police are likely to lay extra charges against a 45-year-old Fiji Forward a blogger from the Military Media Cell who was arrested last week on suspicion of allegedly producing pornographic movies locally.

    This was confirmed by police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri when asked about the case involving Patrick Hughes.

    “Police investigations are continuing in this matter, the CID is handling this and so is the Immigration Department,” he said.

    “We interviewed and released some locals at the weekend for their alleged involvement after pornographic materials were found in Fiji Forwards hotel room in the derelict GPH Hotel currently used as a makeshift camp by the green goons in Suva.”

    He said so far no lcivilians had been charged in the case.

    FF was arrested last week from Suva and was found to have been in possession of illicit drugs.

    Police have so far only charged him with possession of dangerous drugs. No charges relating to pornography have been laid yet.

    FF will reappear in court this Thursday.

  32. Fiji Forward Says:

    Alas Nostradamus awakes from his dream about a New Day, A New Dawn, Me da toso ki liu….anyway lost souls you both contribute to the economy of this country so do I, so we all have one thing in common even though we hate each other, since FB is PM and leader of Govt we all support him in one way or the other, AGREE??? you have to because you pay taxes!! may be painful to know Dauvavana soqe, dunno about you Nostradichead, you working se caqe veva wavoki tu??? Sleep on that because in one way or the other you are supporting the IG and FB, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  33. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dream on Dauvavana YOU IG SUPPORTER!!!

  34. Dauvavana Says:

    fiji cu foward backward you are indeed deranged as the more we bait you the more you expose your stupidity………..go seek professional help boy. i feel sorry for your momma!!

  35. Fiji Forward Says:

    Welcome to the real world, only now have you realised that by being a taxpayer since 2006 you’re actually a supporter of the current IG and FB!!! didnt you know then pea brain??? of course you couldnt do much because you depended on your job and obviously you couldnt go back to the village because you and your family had’nt been back for so long they’ve delisted you from your Mataqali, moce tamata macawa.

  36. Nostradamus Says:

    Hey FF. Taxes pay for education and health. Those UN payments support your rogue army. But you know what, when you get your head out of your arse with a big blow and Fiji is back on track, you will be surcharged for all that illegal expenditure. Meanwhile we feed you like dogs.

  37. Dauvavana Says:

    fiji cu forward backward,

    read this slowly so it can sink into your pea brain……….the difference between you and me is that if the military shut down today you will move into a squatter settlement because you are not welcome in your village.

    As for me, my village is just 45 minutes by car from Suva and every weekend I go back there to spend my weekends and attend church with my yavusa.

    If I loose my job today, I can walk straight into another and i do not need to kiss arses to find or keep a job. Come join me inthe real world of private sector enterprise sometimes.

    By the way, i am sitting here sipping on a can of beer as I blog and can do it till morning just to wup your sorry arse and another thing. I will just pick up my phone tomorrow and tell my PA I am not coming in and nobody will question me because they need me more then I need them. Ya na yaga ni vuli kei na vosota ka mo jana mai na buno ni yadremu sega mai na masivolo me vaka ko cakava tiko.

    As for your claims abou me being an IG suporter because I pay tax. That line of reasoning just exposes what a little child with a simple mind you are. Ia ni ko se boci ga!!

    Au sa bolea meu sauma na nomu lai teve vakaoti boy.

  38. Dauvavana Says:

    hey nostradamus what is the latest score 🙂 🙂 ???

  39. Fiji Forward Says:

    Welcome back IG supporter, you having a PA meaning big salary??? pull my dick wanker, no right thinking excutive contributes to blogg sites, only those excutives without a job especially those who got kicked out biggggg time, pote.. o iko beka ya??? Nostradamus, go back to sleep and dream on, you talking rubbish, surcharge for what?? overcharging the septic tank disposal truck trips to your house to empty your mouth soory toilets???

  40. Dauvavana Says:

    okay I have finished my last beer and enjoyed toying with my favourite dickhead now I better go hit the sack. Man this was more fun then watching the Bati wallop the Irish last night!!!

    hey fiji forward cu backward, mataka tale eh???

    same place but lets keep it between 6-8pm as some of us have to work.

    NB: why should I pull your dick when you aint got none to start with in the first place. You trying trick me there with a rubber dildo hanging out of your pants?? bahahahahaha 🙂

  41. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dauvavana Da, give up the fight, it was a good one but you’ve lost. You see in this fight goodness prevails over evil as shown by the Court Ruling so get some rest and in the morning, repent and join the journey as I’ve always reminded you, evil attrats more evil so get out before it’s too late for you lost soul.

  42. Nostradamus Says:

    Looks like a knock out to me, but FF keeps twitching from the floor. Probably he cannot see the ref what with the situation his head is in. Perhaps Gaytes can poke it out.

  43. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Hey Fiji democracy bloggers…again…puzleaze…let’s IGNORE the redundant PIG-SNORTER that comes in here and diverts our good attention from the real reason of why we blog…to restore our democracy, which was stolen from us by these illegals and their supporters…Just like the previous ones..IGNORE THIS LITTLE PIECE OF SHITE…DON’T REPLY TO HIM/HER DIRECTLY..LAIVI KOYA ME VOSA2 YALONA TIKO…SCROLL PAST AND READ ON TO OTHERS WHO MATTER..LET THE PIECE OF CRAP KIP BLOGGING AND READING HIS/HER OWN SHITE!!!


    Long live democracy!!!

  44. Colin Bishop Says:

    I have just started a short visit on business to Fiji. This is my first visit since January 2007. There was no noticeable difference at Nadi Airport. There appeared to be fewer tourists on the streets of Nadi and the smaller shopkeepers seemed more desperate for a sale than previously. The range of goods for sale and the quality has decreased. The tourists seem to be in groups and often with local guides. There is a lot less of the casual individual shopping that I remember. Nadi town seems tatty. My rental car was newer than I expected but I was not long out of Nadi before I realized the roads were worse than before. My three local colleagues had on the previous visit held different views on the Coup and the Commander. All of their views have changed. My Indian Nadi Manager who was a strong supporter of the Commander and Mahen is now desperate for elections no matter who gets in. He just wants stability and an economy that does not include him feeding an additional 6 family members. His family has been hard hit by job losses. He admitted being worried I was coming to Fiji to shut down the Company as he is aware it is losing money at present. He is hopeful there will be a strong leader that both races could support. He (surprisingly) would like to see the previously elected Cabinet run the country for six months without any changes while an election is held. He has worked out that a first past the post type electoral system would disadvantage his race. He believes that the President should still be appointed by the Fijian Chiefs but be a figurehead like most people thought he was and have no power.
    My Suva Fijian Manager who was a strong SDL supporter has now become a Charter Supporter. He believes that this is the way forward for Fiji but is strongly opposed to calling all people with Fiji Island passports “Fijian” He has several relatives that have lost their jobs but have gone back to their villages so he is not directly affected. He has a poor understanding of the importance of the constitution as he remembers it was changed before so why not again. He does not support the Commander but believes he has the countries best interests at heart. He would like elections soon as he sees elections as the only way to get better water supply and law and order. He blames US Australia and NZ for the drop in his quality of life since the coup as they have withdrawn their aid.

    On discussing recent events further it became evident that Suliasi had only local newspapers to base his opinions on while Anish had access to the internet and a wider range of local opinion. I had the unusual position of the Indian trying to convince the Fijian that the coup was wrong.

    My Fijian CEO who was fairly unconcerned about the coup in 2007 is now obsessed with it. He can quote the latest blogsite postings and is extremely depressed about what it is doing to his country. He has been involved in politics before and is aware of the long term damage it is doing to Fiji. He was quite abusive to Suliasi and Anish was mediating between the two of them.

    Basicly what I have found is a totally and radically changed three people.

  45. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:








    That is the lesson taught by USA, Australia and New Zealand. Those in charge of the guns are the first to learn that lesson followed by a people who should refuse anything less by putting their lives on the line to preserve democracy EACH TIME. And the three countries mentioned can not be seen to be promoting anything less than democracy by continuing Aid and Investment in a dictatorship Fiji. Quashing Aid is designed to make a people unhappy enough to rise up against their dictators. If you don’t push them out of the way then it is your funeral.

  46. Budhau Says:

    Dauvavana Da seems to be the major contributor on this blog – that says a lot. BTW Duana that remark about “enjoyed toying with my favourite dickhead now.” – you keep it up (no pun intended).

    ..and Chaudary seems to be the center of the universe – thanks to Victor Lal and that Iyer dude.

    Bishop – you are right, things have changed – don’t you think it is about time some of these buggers on SV decided to move on… Than Indian guy wanting SDL back while the new election is worked out – that caretaker government idea …remember 2000, that’s when they should have put the Labour government back in power as the caretaker government after the Speight Coup – even when they had decided to call for new elections. Qarase did not do it back then – why would someone give Qarase that opportunity now.

  47. Peace Pipe Says:

    I am dumbfounded by the latest action of the illegal iAG iArse in his attempt to jail the 2 FT executives. It is a sign of arrogance and ignorance and a ploy to make the flawed court ruling out as a sanctimonious edict handed down by none other than a illegal bunch of deviant law breaking ass holes.

    What really struck me was the demand to jail the 2 gentlemen without even placing any charges or providing the proper judiciary process to defend themselves. After all the FT did not directly make those comments. It was somebody else’s remarks that was published. If anyone has to go to jail it is the idiot himself iArse. I was starting to cool off for a little while until this asshole iAG come up with this latest stunt.

  48. FijiGirl Says:

    Apparently in 1997 Nazhat Shameem wrote an article about Chodopu$$y’s being the only person found in criminal contempt of court.
    He was fined $700 (or so) and Nazzy was making the point in her article that the punishment has to fit the crime.
    Taking the learned judge at her word, the Fiji Times guys should be fined 50c.
    Yippee Aiyay should be whipped.
    Chris Pryde should be deported.
    G8s should be castrated. And then deported.
    Vore should be boiled in oil.
    Chodo – Me thinks there are no punishments too gruesome for him.
    God bless Fiji

  49. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    freedomfighter, I have searched the FijiDailyPost’s site and found the letter that was published prior to its appearance in the FijiTimes.

    As the Fijian government [illegal] holds shares in the Post, it is no wonder that hairyarse is not going to suggest that he, as owner of the paper, be sent to jail.

    Bloggers, forward freedomfighter’s expose onto everyone you know so that the whole of Fiji knows of the double standards of the moronic military.

  50. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    A suitable punishment for chodopu$$ would be to have him tied naked to a post above a bull ant nest.

    His testicles can be painted with honey.

    In front of him, in a very large brown paper bag, should be placed his immoral 2 million dollars.

    It would be great to work out which would cause him the most pain; the ant bites to his family jewels or watching his ill-gained money being taken by locals to support their families?

  51. Jose Says:

    @ Colin Bishop
    Very interesting reading. Thank you for that.

  52. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    freedom fighter


    Your blog yesterday about the Daily Post first publishing the great letter condemning the 3 stooges has caused panic within the illegal junta.

    hairyarse is bumbling around defending his attempt to imprison the FijiTimes executives and saying that it is not just a way of getting back at the FijiTimes for exposing chodopu$$. The idiot has had to admit that the Post published first.

    hairyarse’s bunch of legal misfits certainly have stuffed up.

    My bet is that they won’t prosecute anyone now; thanks to freedom fighter.

    Thanks SV for this blog; it’s you and freedom fighter who have chipped away another brick in the crumbling jaundiced junta.

  53. kini Says:

    Well, i’m not a least surprise that this certified idiot would say something stupid like this?

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