Samoan PM calls Ross Ligairi and Jone Dakuvula liars!

Ross Ligairi & Jone Dakuvula are a disgrace to Fiji and shows the utter moral bankruptcy of the illegal regieme. The article below is taken from Mark Field’s article which was forwarded by blogger ex Fiji tourist and SV says vinaka to both Mark Field and ex Fiji Tourist. One suprising fact is this parasite Jone Dakuvula accompanying Ross Ligairi! What the hell is Jone Dakuvula doing with the illegal junta’s Roving Ambasdor? This is clear proof that the Constitutional Citizens Forum through Yabaki & Dakuvula were involved in the coup. SV would not be surprised if they were also included in the ‘shadowery figures’ alluded to by former Police Commissioner Hughes behind the coup. Yabaki continues to call for support for the farter Charter and now we find Dakuvula actually travelling on Fiji taxpayers funds attending with Ross Ligairi. They lied about their meeting with Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele and were rebuffed by him big time when he was forced to put put his own Press Statement contridicting the statement of Ross Ligairir in not very dimplomatic terms. SV welcomes Samoan PM Sailele’s criticism and asks for more from other Pacific Island Leaders!


Ross Ligairi & Jone Dakuvula caught lying about Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele’s support for the illegal junta.


November 7, 2008

By Michael Field 

Fiji’s military regime has been caught lying to the public over what its neighbours think of it. The expose came from Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele who has taken exception to a military government press release from Suva.

Coup apologists Ross Ligairi – now Fiji’s military appointed ambassador to the Pacific – and Jone Dakuvula are trekking around the region trying to win friends. In Apia they got an audience with Tuilaepa. Following the meeting they headed back to the bar and concocted a press statement in which they said Samoa was supporting Fiji.

 In an extraordinary breech of diplomatic protocol the arrogant men even managed to put words into the Prime Minister’s mouth, having the Samoan leading saying “we will continue to assist as much as we can to further the dialogue process.” He didn’t say that; Ligairi and Dakuvula made it up. That is perhaps had enough; but when you represent a government that holds power by the gun, its not surprising.

But Diplomacy 101 would surely tell you that following any bilateral meeting a “joint” statement is made – if anything at all. Tuilaepa’s anger is visible in the typography of his own press statement; he had the word “not” underlined and in bold characters. He says that the discussions were confidential: “(Ligairi) knows very well the message that I asked him to reply back to the Interim Prime Minister. It was not what was reported in the Interim Government’s media release.

It is interesting to note also that Ligairi and Dakuvula managed to get their reference to the Samoan Prime Minister wrong; they referred to him by a minor matai title and not his major one. In fa’a Samoa that is about as insulting as it gets. Both statements are below. 

The Fiji statement


Samoan Prime Minister supports dialogue process

Nov 5, 2008, 17:14


The Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Western Samoa, Hon Tuilaepa, Sailele Malielegaoi is supportive of the political dialogue process as a way forward for Fiji. He also has committed Samoa’s assistance and support to the consensus building process. “We will continue to assist as much as we can to further the dialogue process,” he said. Prime Minister Malielegaoi made the comments after being briefed by Fiji’s Roving Ambassador and Special Envoy to the Pacific, H.E Ross Ligairi in Apia today, Wednesday 5/11.


He said that as a member of the Ministerial Contact Group, he was looking forward to further dialogue and discussions with Fiji. “I’m looking forward also to the special session of the Forum to be held in PNG later this year,” he said. Hon Malielegaoi has faith in the regional process as a mechanism for resolving problems within the region. “Regional matters can be best resolved by member countries,” he said.


In his brief to the Prime Minister of Samoa, H.E Ross Ligairi said that the positive outcome of the political parties meeting with the Interim Prime Minister was important for Fiji as it strives for consensus building through dialogue. “We need understanding and support from all partners in the region and internationally to respond positively to this outcome and its subsequent processes culminating with the President’s Political Dialogue Forum (PPDF); and hopefully firm commitments on Fiji’s return to parliamentary rule,” he said.


H.E Ligairi also briefed the officials on the vision in the Peoples Charter as a considered way forward for Fiji and the processes undertaken so far including the level of public support. H.E Ligairi is accompanied by Mr. Jone Dakuvula from the Technical and Support Secretariat of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji. -Ends-


The Samoa statement




Apia, Samoa
Telephone : (685) 63222 ext 746, 747, 748, (685) 24799, (685) 26397
Fax : (685) 26322 Email:


Press Release 06 November 2008


The Prime Minister of Samoa Hon. Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi has expressed disappointment with a press statement put out by Fiji’s Interim Government reporting on his meeting with Fiji’s special envoy Mr Ross Ligairi accompanied by an official of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji. “The request of the Interim Government was for the special envoy to provide an update on recent political developments in Fiji and I accepted the visit on this basis.

It is unacceptable that Fiji’s Interim Government has seen fit to put out a Media Statement that attributed views and even quoted what I was supposed to have said from a meeting that I considered to be confidential. The Special Envoy knows very well the message that I asked him to relay back to the Interim Prime Minister. It was not what was reported in the Interim Government’s media release.


I hope the special envoy has conveyed my message, which out of normal respect between leaders of the Pacific is not to be conveyed through the media. I do however intend to personally inform the Interim Prime Minister when I next have an opportunity to meet him. I will also inform the other Pacific Leaders when we meet to discuss developments in Fiji”.


The Prime Minister said that the foregoing is a proper ‘quote’ from him and represents his views.


46 Responses to “Samoan PM calls Ross Ligairi and Jone Dakuvula liars!”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Mavoa ko Ross kei Jone. Serves you right you parasites!

  2. Peni Says:

    Wonder how will Fiji Forward explain this faux pas by an amateur diplomat from Fiji? Will Ligairi resign or be sacked? As for parasite Dakuvula, he covers himself so much in snake oil he can wriggle out of anything.

  3. raqiqi Says:

    RL was never an ambassador material anyway…………. he has certainly stuffed up big time……

  4. kini Says:

    One must give respect in order to get respect! These civil servants irresponsible behaviour is not only an insult to our integrity but a direct attack on south-pacific cultural protocols.
    Fijians will be regarded throughout the South Pacific nations, as people you can’t and shouldn’t trust in any kind of discussions,contracts or otherwise,cause they lie?
    Possibly Ross Ligairi boxing days is beginning to effect his brain…punch-drunk was probably the word i was looking for? Sorry, Ross i know you need the job, but isn’t your race more important to you, than kissin that bastard Voreqes azz?

  5. Fiji Forward Says:

    So what!! Malielegaoi is as insignificant as his country that depends on NZ to survive. He should be thankful we even considered visiting him, the insignificant minor matai!!! do some work and get your country working instead of leaching onto the Kiwi’s!!

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Oh dear! More dribble from backward fiji.

    It must be hard being a loser.

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    FF represents the military and the illegal Government and blogs on their behalf so from he above comments you can see what:

    1. what a low life FF is

    2. the kind of low lifes that makes up the once proud gentlemen run Fiji Military are now reflected through ff

    3. the kind of low lifes that represent the Fiji government are now vocalised by ff; and

    somewhere in their genes lie characters that have laid dormant for generations way back in the dawn of human history they must have been off springs of some dalit caste like chodo and budhau in some far away old country and those characters are begining to rear their ugly traits in this generation…………..where from? india maybe!!

  8. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Dauvavana – Well said!

    This shows, in glorious, technicolour vision, that the coup apologists have no class, no idea of how to conduct affairs of state, and – as we all know intimately by now – no idea of how to run a military, let alone a country.

    Free and fair elections – bring ’em on!

    God bless Fiji

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    Dakuvula and Iliapi (Ross) Ligiari were school mates. Then they joined John Samy as schoolmates at USP. All three are superficial attention getters and opportunists.
    It is another sign of Voreqe’s stupidity that he has these neophytes trying to attach a brain to his army. He must be desperate. The communist revolution went out with Gorbychev in the early 90’s. These guys are stuck in a time warp. Pathetic.

  10. IslandBoy Says:

    Why is Dakuvula being funded to traipse all over the Pacific? This is just a booze junket and a waste of public funds, what a comedy of errors.

    Move over Tom & Jerry, here come Fiji’s answer to Cheech and Chong, FKUC & WIT, otherwise known as the Johnny & Ross tag team.

    The Hon PM of Samoa would have come to Fiji anyway for the PIF dialogue, why go and visit him at home.

    What could they have told him face to face they could not have more effectively communicated in a thoroughly considered, deliberately worded diplomatic note clearly and politely outlining Fiji’s position.

    I can deal with stupidity but not if they are determined and proud to be stupid, can’t siviki sara ga na Maciu this kind of f**k up! What is more amazing is that they have NOT been sacked.

    Come on Frank & Parmesh, you can do better – get rid of these clowns and reduce the 3 ring circus at FA.

  11. Dauvavana Says:

    Hear hear Pramesh!!! I mean Vore Bainimarama!!!

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Bula vinaka nite, sa mai rawa noqu dredre edai, niu wilika nomuni itatau me kua ni guilecavi na waiwai. Kemuni sa dua na turaga dau vivakanini vi ratou mai na keba! Have a great week – galougata tiko!

  13. FIji Forward Says:

    Dauvavana & IslandBoy have one thing in common and that is the ‘waiwai’ bottle that they often talk about!! well cant help it if they’re old schoolmates from QVS/RKS, na korovuli ni sava maimuri, vanua a savata kina na maimuri nei Dauvavna or Island Boy, old boys stick together as they say. Back to the subject as I’ve said, it dont really matter because the Samoan PM is insignificant in the big picture, at least they paid him a visit and made him headlines otherwise no one would have known he exisited. You see its because of the uniqueness of the situation and Fiji in particular that these insignificant small island states like Samoa get into the limelight otherwise Ross and Dakuvula are doing a good job, keep it up!!!

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    backward fiji is making sure that bananasinptjamas and his sycophants keep Fiji going backwards.

    What a shame that such a beautiful country has been ruined by a criminal who is escaping from justice for his crimes.

  15. Isalei Says:

    Tch tch Fijibackside expert! Just showing your real no class with your low ideas. Again vore and a#*zelickers like you can never match the class of elected leaders like the Samoan PM who got graymatter in their brains unlike your noodles and mircha brains. Samoa now is taking over all that Fiji has lost from your stupid actions, tourism, UN offices, etc.
    Kua mada na viavia vosa tu vakadokadoka!
    Ni da sega ni bunoca e dua na da!
    Laurai ga ekeya na lala ni qa!
    Sa vosa ga sa tukuni iko sara la!
    Bu na DAH!

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    I hear that Steven Spielberg is making a science fiction movie in Fiji , it’s title , The Abyss !

  17. Kafir Says:

    Isalei,, sa kua na vakalusi gauna vei fakanayasi fanala vaqara vosa ciqoma na baca vaka na qitawa qori o Fiji push Forward the backside King.

    sa dina ga nai vola,,ye shall know by their fruits! JD & RL shud come clean and tell FIJI what was discussed in that meeting. that is, if they know what is the truth. We all know they cannt do this like everyone who is associated to this illegal regime, they all masters of lies.

  18. Kafir Says:

    @ Dauvavana & Island Boy

    did you both notice the word “insignificant” comes up again in the comment above by this siosio fakanayasi fanala levu. they oonly know a few words but one thing they do the best is keep rotating them. da mai leqa, even the words they use gives them away just like JD & RL, full of crap.

  19. Democracy Says:

    Well on the bright side my favourite show host is back on TV’s Close Up- welcome back Anish and good job with the FEA C-E-O last night

  20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ FF,

    if Samoan PM is ‘insignificant’ as you claim, then why did Ross Ligairi & Jone Dakuvula seek an audience with him?


  21. Striker Says:

    Propaganda, lies and cheats …. they are being exposed before your very eyes. We want democracy now. Come on people, take up the cry, Democracy Now! Let’s begin on this blog site, increase the tempo in the next few months and build it up to a crescendo, if elections are not held next March. Talk to your wife, husband, sons, daughters, your tavales, chiefs, your village, vanua, your club, church, and members of your political party. Let us join in a democratic front against this tyranny. We want Democracy Now! Nothing is able to stand against the will of the people! Come on people, Democracy Now!

  22. Dauvavana Says:

    @ fiji backside, it seems like you are well experienced with the waiwai thing judging from your discription!!!

    as for me, I went to that school with the big white building in Flagstaff. You know, the one that your Lord Vore also attended but did not absorb a single thing the Marist Brothers taught us about human dignity, spirituality and compassion. Just goes to show the tha amount of grey matter in between the Vore’s ears.

    As for my naita IB, I am sure he attended MBHS too judging from his comments on this forum. Always a gentleman and always refraining from shinking to the gutter. Now that is a mark of a gentleman.


  23. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Vinaka Duana!

  24. Keep The Faith Says:

    What I wanna friggin know is who gave permission for an NGO who
    REPS NO ONE THAT I KNOW OR AM RELATED TO, to traipse all over the friggin Pacific with tax dollars????

    Grrrrrr!! Off with Dakuvula’s (aka Another of The Shyster’s lap dogs) HEAD…and I mean both of ’em

  25. FIji Forward Says:

    Jese, Jese, Jese, I hope you’re not Jese Sik….then I guess it’s a lost cause now. Anyway RL had to seek the audience of the Samoan PM because he is a member of the forum, an insignificant member though I may say!!! Striker, yes I agree with you Democracy has prevailed indeed, Howard lost, Helen She Male Clark lost, SDL lost their case, THAT IS DEMOCRACY for now my child and you know what? the people in the villages are embracing the Charter because they it will bring hem a New Dawn, A New Day, watch it before the 6pm news tonite and have a long hard look at yourself, that goes for the rest of you rejects also, are we doing justice to our chilren and the next generation by being the odd one’s out?????

  26. raqiqi Says:

    ……..just for the record, IB attended Dinbandu off Rewa street!! we were in the same class, hop he remembrs me!!!LOL

  27. Striker Says:

    @ FF: No we are not doing justice to our children when we teach them that might and the power of the gun is right. I have had a long look at myself and I am satisfied that history teaches that justice and the will of the people always triumph. But you, apart from the bullshit you pretend to put on this site, i bet in real life, you can hardly sleep suffering from the same guilt which kills one soldier at the camp each week. Ever wondered when will be your turn?

  28. Frida Says:

    FijiForward – I donot think you have any clue to what you are saying! Just blabbing away for the sake of just that. If Samoa is insignificant, why then did the illegal administration sent its roving rover there? Maybe you do not know the kind of development going on in Samoa right now. Fiji might be losing its position within the region soon as Samoa is establishing itself to be the hub of the Pacific and donors of all sorts are supporting the process – don’t know who is insignificant? Fiji – I believe!!!

  29. newsfiji Says:

    FF: Cudru tiko vei iko! Wa..ha..ha..ha..ha…

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    And since when did the NCBBF started releasing media releases on Fij’s diplomatic relations and missions with other countries which is what had just happened here. The media release that started off this whole shit eminated from Jone Dakuvula with an NCBBF letterhead.

    Just goes to show the bunch of amatures wanna be’s in this whole shit. Everyone wants their voice heard or brownie points for doing something good for the pig and his illegal guvment.

    Sa kua so mada na try hard tiko dou yavu boci!

  31. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ FF (de Fast Forward),

    I am not who you think I am, but I am honoured to have been mistaken for JS, as he is my Tau and much more intelligent than you will ever be – boci.

    Fiji’s problem, is new horses ridden by same old jockeys. (opportunists) Fiji needs ‘a new day’ but only after all the coup perpetrators have been held accountable for their unlawful actions.

    If we sweep all these unlawful actions under the carpet and pretend it never happened or the 50c Gate’s Judgement was good law, what are we actually teaching our children?

    FF, na veika vinaka e kune ena vei sala dredre – boci.

  32. Tim Says:

    Interesting that FF sees him as a “cause” aye?. Obviously can’t handle a challenge

  33. Tim Says:

    Oh for free thought rather than ideology and indoctrination!. Some people learn things rote and parrot fashion. Others use example to illustrate. FF obviously hasn’t learn’t the difference, either that or he is one selfish and really scared bastard that can’t handle a challenge.

  34. Snowball Says:

    Hear! hear!

  35. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @SV and Michael Field: To categorize Ross Ligairi as a diplomat is a bit like calling a scrawny hen an eagle.

    The man is a prize idiot and it took another prize idiot (our dictator) to judge that Ligairi might have had a chance of successfully dealing with someone as sophisticated and intelligent as Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele.

    Instead, once again the regime has been caught out lying.

    The only difference this time is that as well as lying to their own people, which is something the regime does repeatedly, they have dragged a senior and respected regional leader into the mess.

    If our dictator actually cares about our nation’s badly damaged reputation with Pacific neighbours large and small, he needs to act quickly to retrieve the situation, insomuch as it can be retrieved.

    First, he should immediately sack the two clowns Ross Ligairi and Jone. Dakuvula. No stalling, no ducking and weaving. Just do it!

    Then he should get Parmesh Chand to draft a carefully-worded and magnanimous apology to the Samoan Prime Minister. Due to the appalling circumstances created by his emissaries, international protocol and common decency demand nothing less.

    Or, as we strongly suspect, will our dictator be so thuggishly arrogant that he will single out Tuilaepa Sailele as being the one at fault; because he blew the whistle on a cheap, underhand stunt?

    We should never forget that cheap, underhand stunts have always been the dictator’s stock in trade.

    Sadly, thanks to the antics of Bainimarama and his cronies, we are seeing Fiji’s once proud name turning to mud in the eyes of our many long-standing regional friends.

  36. ProDemo Says:

    This kind of actions shows a desperation on the part of the self proclaim interim government to be regconised because now they sound more like a broken piano. People do not care about them anymore and it shows; rest ofthe world moving forward by way of their elections while these goons still going around asking for support on their open dialogue bull shit.

  37. Fiji Forward Says:

    Frida, you seem so attached to Samoa, did one of the FAFAFINE there get you??? anyway back to the subject, what do we get from Samoa trade wise??? nothing!! do we need their support?? No!! do they need our support?? yes!! they have alot of their own people here, they buyb products from here and they transit through this place!! so Frida a bit of foreign diplomacy knowledge for you. But seriously people we dont need these PIS, they’re leeches, they ask for aid, more aid, they cant seem to wanna get on their own two feet and survive like FB and IG are doing right now, who needs aid from NZ and Aust or the EU??? half those money go back to the donor countries and tell me one of their projects that have worked??? not one but ones we’ve earned with our own money (sweat and tears) have worked well throughout. Think about that, we are the No. 1 PIS so lets stay that way, long live Fiji, for ever Fiji!!!

  38. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Ni Bula Turaga Nite – na MBHS daru segai sara ni yacova. Kedaru ta ga mai nodaru koro lailai ena bati ni uciwai – Nausori Fijian School.

    Back in the day before Sila Central was taken over by the Rewan Gentleman Misiada Sila, it was called Central Fijian School. Right next to it on the other side of a shallow drain was my school.

    In those days there was a tin building (vale kava) built next to the main wooden building and that is where I attended school, taught by a true Fijian lady in every sense of the word, Mistress Di Bau Makutu, may she rest in peace.

    Everything Mistress Di Bau ever taught me has remained with me all my life and has taken me places I never dreamed. I owe her a debt of gratitude I will never be able to repay.

  39. raqiqi Says:

    @IB…..kua ni guise taki au!! and the good old days in Dinbandu! …….remember the tennis lessons …….. somewhere in Fiji……

  40. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita IB, au kila vinaka sara la na nodaru koronivuli qori, Mistress natoma Cavuilati, Mistress Betty, mistress Kaibau kei Mistress Di Bau Makutu kau donumaki ira kina. Ia au sega ni vuli kina, ratou ga na yalewa. Au a vuli koto mai Nausori Primary vei Master Osbourne kei Mrs Edwards. E ra sa kalouca na gone era sega ni donumaka na qasenivuli vaka oqo na nodra veisusu vei keda e na gauna koya.

  41. Fiji Forward Says:

    IslandBoy, Raqiqi and Dauvavana thats more like what we should be hearing from you lot, think of the glorious old days see how how it has improved now and see how you can assist in moving this country forward, It’s a New Day, A New Dawn, meda Toso ki Liu…..Mistress Natoma Cavuilati, Mistress Betty Mistress Kaibau kei Mistress Di Bau Makutu would be real proud of you lot if they saw you now moving forward to join this journey, top of the morning to you all..

  42. FijiGirl Says:

    You know what … FijiBackward actually makes Budhau look clever.

    The junta must REALLY be scraping the bottom of the barrel in trying to find bodies to support their lame-arsed dictatorship.

    God bless Fiji

  43. High Commander Says:

    Hey, FF, I met some of your mates last weekend at Traps…I think their names were Ben Dover and Phil MacCrevice. I gave them your home address, FF. Hope you three had a rollicking good time…!

  44. High Commander Says:

    Tut, tut, tut @ FF…are the memories (not to mention other sensitive parts of your anatomy) still raw? LOL

  45. IslandBoy Says:

    @raqiqi – sorry mate, you must have someone else in mind. Tennis lessons would have involed shoes, balls racquets, tennis whites (in those days) let alone the courts. Way beyond what we could afford!

    We just played he or cops and robbers in the school front yard and used to go collect cow patties from the fields behind Central Fijian for our vegetable plots behind the school.

  46. Ablaze Says:

    You know what? We write as individuals but Fiji Forward is being prompted by respresentatives of the Pig Face Frank the Crank, the vindictive Koila Mara, her brother the Human Rights top abuser, her husband the “I love himself” and the brother in law who likes to think he is deserving of what he cheated to obtain a hefty pay cheque.

    It is sad that these people are our own kind!

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