Plea to save jobs by illegal junta cronies

Bloggers, well here you have the beginning of unprecedented unemployment in Fiji. Remember back last week, when we posted Governor Narube saying the economic crisis in the world will have very limited impact in Fiji? Well we said that was a lot of crap because hundreds, if not thousands of jobs will be lost in Fiji. Well, this is the start and Finau is now trying to save some jobs and be seen to be doing her job as President of the Soqosoqo Vaka Marama. Qarase may have had a hard time as well had he been still in power, but we will never know and he gets the benefit of the doubt because this boci Vore had usurped his power. Now 2 years down the road, Vore faces unprecedented financial crisis that he cannot blame Qarase for and his conniving rat Chodo had jumped ship way back then, when he read the writing on the wall. John Samy and his stooge Francis too cannot help either, however it does not stop these con artists from helping themselves to the Fiji taxpayers funds. Na ca ga na viavia kila vata kei na loma kocokoco ni yavu bakola!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

TWO groups are advising the interim Government to think of the families of the civil servants who will lose their jobs after the announcement of Government’s intention to reduce the size of the civil service.

Soqosoqo Vakamarama general secretary Adi Finau Tabakaucoro said this policy was nothing new as it had been floating by previous governments. Adi Finau said no elected government had however actually done it.

“But if the Government is going to lay off some of it’s workers, I hope that they don’t choose those women who are sole bread winners in their homes.

“And I hope they will be considering how to help these people if they are going to actually down size the civil service,” Adi Finau said.

On the other hand, Adi Finau is for reducing the civil service size to ensure the general public is served by an efficient and productive workforce.

Meanwhile, Save the Children Fiji chief executive officer Chandra Shekhar said it would be advisable for government to inform those civil servants well in advance. This he said would allow those who would be affected to look for an alternative job.

“I know that the Government has a strategic plan on how they going to go about reducing its staff by 10 per cent.

“But the Government should inform those who will be laid off well in advance so they can start planning on what to do.

“They can apply somewhere else for a job or start their own business to generate income for them,” Mr Shekhar suggested.

Meanwhile teacher unions are saying that close to 900 teachers are in danger of losing their jobs with the Public Service Commission directive to cut back on staff and budget by 10 per cent.

Fijian Teachers Association president Tevita Koroi said the association had written to the Education Ministry and PSC to spare the education sector from this directive because of it’s effect on the teachers and students.


15 Responses to “Plea to save jobs by illegal junta cronies”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    I have the answer :-
    create 20,000 positions in the social security department , that will leave only a handful on the other side of the counter wanting work !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    My guess is , the next move by Francis and Co. will be to increase the size of the Military and the expenditure on the Army , Navy and Police .
    And Chaudhry thinks he even has a chance at the next election !

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    There are 2 new topical pieces by Michael Field at

    Well worth a read.

    What is the current unemployment rate in Fiji?

  4. Fiji Forward Says:

    Hey everyone agreed that the Civil Service was top heavy including the military, so 10% everywhere, Fijians have acres of land that they can always fall back on, so why not Fijians only, other races stay on, food for thought, if 20% from military so be it.

  5. kini Says:

    Wow, the lay-off started the day the Military forcefully removed our legal democratic elected Government of Prime Minister Qarase. Firstly, they illegally removed the Government of Fiji;secondly, they lay-off all the CEO of all Government Departments and advertised their position for lower wage rates. thirdly they told the nurses;the school teachers and the police that they cannot get their raise too?
    The bus drivers,the Taxi drivers,the hotel workers were forced back to work without any agreements and they were all shown the soldiers, with guns pointing at them too?
    The coming lay-off of certain civil servants was inevitable considering that the current Minister of finance is a certified idiot!
    He doesn’t know or understand how to administer a nation finance,let alone a small military department, whose small budget he was accused for missused? The excuse given by the IG of the coming lay-off is probably is as goos as they can give but the real reason is, that they really don’t have the income to pay for their wages. The IG ministry of Finance has not been paying their employees on time, soldiers and police are not been paid on time and if you make waves you will be terminated.
    The Government Foreign resreves were almost all gone by the end of last year 2007. There are no foreign grants, donations or loan available to the IG from foreign donor countries.

  6. FijiGirl Says:

    I know what will save the jobs … !

    Free and fair elections!

    Not only will they restore democracy, foreign aid, tourism, economic prosperity and, consequently, jobs …

    … they would also mean that we can rid of this bunch of no-hope, no-class LOSERS who have been ruining our beloved country since December 2006.

    God bless Fiji

  7. FIji Forward Says:

    I agree with you Fiji Girl but no charter no elections and unless you accept that then you’re just a fly in the teapot!! otherwise I agree we get to elections but first we scrutunise properly potential parties and candidates to prevent corrupt parties like SDL & Co coming in and bullshitting us including your kind FG!! I dont agree with your depending on foreign aid mentioned above because it make us too dependent on others, leeches you may call it but I guess since you were part of the ousted administration thats how you operated from foreign aid money, you couldnt get the local economy working at all but now thats water under the bridge now, you’ve had your chance, lost it and now watch FB & Co make it happen for you, A New Day…..

  8. Isalei Says:

    My solution, 100% cut in military, send them to plant tapi for the ethanol plant from china,or put them as stand-by topasi crew for the kinoya treatment plant. Put fijibackside as CO Topasi! As MM already suggested to save costs, have charter as toilet paper for the topasi crew. Ho ho ho! Goodnight!

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    the idea was , I have rights to the charter , print it on toilet paper for the populace to read while sitting on the loo , and then let the real clean up begin !

  10. FijiGirl Says:

    FijiBackward WOULD of course say those things – because he’s paid by his military masters to post moronic contradictions on this website, and because he’s too stupid to see the wood for the trees.
    Each day, each minute, each second that passes, the junta edges closer to self-imploding.
    Tick tock tick tock – What’s the time, Mr Wolf?
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  11. Striker Says:

    Govt. job cuts is just an excuse to cover up the fast diminishing govt. finances due to the heavy expenditure of the military and for keeping coupsters like fast forward faithful. The cuts should rightly begin with the obsolete military. Democracy Now!

  12. FIji Forward Says:

    Have another go lost souls because that line has expired now so will your cause be if you dont join this journey, be good citizens, we welcome you with open arms though you wont get your jobs back but be good Fiji Citizen like your parents were, God bless you lost souls…

  13. Frida Says:

    The first reduction should be at the military barracks – we are not at war with anyone so no need. How come finau is thinking about women now when women have been speaking through the fiji Women’s Crisis centre, the Fiji women’s Rights and even the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre. No public support was made by her for comments and views experessed by the organisation on the effect and impact of the 2006 coup? is she trying to make her self known because 2008 is slowly setting and 2009 March will happen as the only way forward?

  14. soro Says:

    The lack of braincells by one FF is astounding to behold … I wonder if he had ever heard the expression : Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt…

    Amazing how he is playing God now … Quote ” ….. first we scrutunise properly potential parties and candidates to prevent corrupt parties … ”

    Hello who took the wrapper off your pie ! Ulu pepa !

    Note how he raves and froths at the mouth .. he hasnt addressed the topic either … sound like Voreqe himself !

    Fiji Forskin – please open your mind then comment, not open arse then cee !

  15. Fiji Forward Says:

    Frida you seem to have lost track honey!! 2020 etched into your little mind or better still tatoo’d on that nice sexy as.. of yours!! Soro or should I say Sorry please control your anger because I can feel it down me front of trousers and its causing me great discomfort. Adi Finau for you Frida!! has done more in this past years to represent you women here in Fiji, hats off to her. She has come out, be counted and walked the talk!! God bless her!! you sorry lot here derserve nothing but a spanking, he!he!

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