What do Fijians believe in?

Historic, says envoy

Friday, November 07, 2008

UNITED States Ambassador to Fiji Steven McGann says Wednesday’s US presidential election was truly historic.

Mr McGann said he was honoured to be appointed by President Bush to serve as ambassador to the Republic of the Fiji Islands, the Republic of Kiribati, the Republic of Nauru, the Kingdom of Tonga and Tuvalu.

“This is a great day to speak about promoting democracy,” Mr McGann said.

“Let me remind you of some of the lessons that the United States of America has learned as a nation since we first declared our independence in 1776.

“Americans believe deeply in political freedom. Our political system has built a strong, stable and prosperous nation.

“Most importantly, our Constitution demands civilian control over the military and our military enthusiastically pledges to uphold our Constitution without question.”

Mr McGann said the United States would continue to work with Pacific countries to help save coral reefs and protect the marine environment from invasive species.

“I will work with Pacific nations to foster green economies based on environmentally sustainable policies and adopting renewable energies, including solar, wind, wave, to advance out common interests,” Mr McGann said.


41 Responses to “What do Fijians believe in?”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Their Constitution ” DEMANDS ” Civilian Control OVER the Military !
    And their Military , ” ENTHUSIASTICALLY ” ” PLEDGES ” to uphold it’s Constitution , without question !
    A lesson to be learned by all those Officers currently serving in the Royal Fiji Military Forces and the same could be said for those serving in the Police Force .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Perhaps , just perhaps , the above posting is a signal of what is going to come out of Washington , in relation to Fiji’s current Political crisis .

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Fiji has a lot to learn from the US, Mr Ambassador!

    As for the other one in the pic.. kerekere, vakacegu yani.

    Jon APTED for Chief Justice, dear folks.

  4. Kingrat Says:

    “Most importantly, our Constitution demands civilian control over the military and our military enthusiastically pledges to uphold our Constitution without question.” This is a very powerful statement. ulukau Vore should take heed. va ya…. he is so stupid to understand.

  5. Wailei Says:

    @MM The military in Fiji uses the Fiji Constitution as a Toilet Paper… How does one expect them to respect it… Go Figure.. 🙂

  6. Striker Says:

    Heard over the radio that Vore had written congratulating Obama, and pleading with him to change the US stance on Fiji due to “special circumstances” – meaning the US should come around and support the military’s action in raping democracy in Fiji. Now that’s not double speak, it’s utter folly and one that can only come from the pig himself and his parasitic group of worthless advisers.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m baffled as to how 3,000 to 15,000 , if you include reservists , can hold to 900,000 to ransom !
    It took one old lady on a bus to change America forever , no guns , no violence , she just sat there !
    You’ve already had the equivalent brace act in Fiji when that lone lad stood on the road with a banner declaring Democracy for all .
    How desperate are you for freedom ? what are you prepared to do to get it back and keep it ?

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Striker, I would imagine that bananasinpyjamas’ letter would end up in the same trash can as mugabe’s letter of congratulation.

    No freedom loving leader would want to deal with criminals.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I read that Obama has rung the leaders of UK, Canada, France, Australia and a few other countries to open up channels of communication.

    It is noted that he didn’t ring bananas to ask how the unlawful coup d’etat was going.

  10. kaiveicoco Says:

    very powerful statement indeed.Thats why I keep saying all soldiers to go back to the village if they have land.Leave only 500 soldiers behind in the camp.

  11. Ablaze Says:

    Fataiki doesn’t seem to be hurting – why shouldn’t he when he still receives a pay packet from the goons.

    I wonder whether he would be entertained by such high profile people like US Ambassdor Steve McGann if he was sacked and told to vacate the Govt residence in which he resides in and no pay packet.

    He as far as I am concerned also has a black mark against his name in his particiapation in the Speight coup.

  12. FIji Forward Says:

    Manning keep dreaming about your resistance, maybe use toilet paper to write your thoughts on!! rest of you, US Ambassador had to say that, thats what he’s paid for!!! but he says one wrong thing and he’s out on his ass just like soory old NZ Ambassador so dont depend on him to much. Picture of him and Fatiaki, bit suspicious…..

  13. Tim Says:

    Interim PM to present 2009 Budget
    Friday, November 07, 2008
    Update: 4:43PM The interim Prime Minister and acting Finance Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will deliver the 2009 Budget on Friday, November 21.
    Finance Ministry acting Permanent Secretary Peni Sikivou said the Ministry was finalising all the necessary arrangements.
    It is believed that once this is done the ministry will be communicating with relevant stakeholders and invited guests in the usual manner.

    “One potato, two potato, three potato, four”

    Asset sales, privatisations, anything necessary to purchase another container of ammo and a new seasons set of uniforms for the RFMF; travel budget for hangers on and to make coup apologists and the cargo cult feel important; and to battle the neo-colonialists (Fiji’s axis of evil).
    Further cuts to health, education, infrastructure.
    Essential services to be funded by a few sleezy old philanthropic gits looking for adoration.
    Treats and trinkets for Frank’s way.
    Poverty and hardship for the rest.
    Moving Fiji Forward: Fiji – the way the world should be.

  14. Isalei Says:

    @FF, Don’t think you can risk sending the US Ambo back home, remember when your precious Vore tried dismantling the road block to the US embassy? Then he changed his mind again? No little tricks from mere pisskispas, got the Marines on your backside before you know it your luvenikeba e Dellywood bombed out! Not worth the risk boys! Otherwise your sorry little asses will really be out of jobs!

  15. Nostradamus Says:

    Have your heard of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution?
    You see in America you would have 885,000 high powered deer rifles (like sniper rifles) aimed at those uniformed goons from behind every building, pole, and rock. This situation is exactly what the Second Amendment was for, to protect against the Tyranny of the State, the military trying to take control of the People. That is why SCUM like Voreqe would get nowhere in America, and it has been that way for 232 years, so no one even thinks of trying anymore.

  16. Megapipes Says:

    Hey FF, the speech by US Ambassador reflects the ideals and values that Americans espouse. It is not about saying and doing what your boss says which undoubtedly is the case at Delainabua. U guys only support Voreqe becos he is paying u. Heck even a couple I spoke to says they do not agree in principle but what the heck, they got a pay rise under this Commander and so they will follow him with his bullshit. But like all greedy minded arseholes like u, when the money runs out and it will if this IG and military remain in control, when u start to miss your fortnightly pay, then we will see where your support will be eh?

  17. newsfiji Says:

    Megapipes: Trues up!

  18. FijiGirl Says:

    Come the elections, we can get rid of this parasite and his military goons FOREVER.
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  19. FIji Forward Says:

    Sorry people no lections for the next 20 years and I for one support that because we dont need goon heads like the SDL or you aspiring politicians on this site to get on that band wagon, and if we send the US ambassador home, do you think the US would bat an eyelid??? sega sara ga. Dont worry people the economy is good, everyone will get their pay including some of sorry lot, we can call you hangers on now, leeches because although you dont agree in principle you’re still getting your pay!! talk about kana waca, ha!ha! keep smiling because FB and IG is here to stay, pote to you all…

  20. FIji Forward Says:

    Rika and Co summoned by Court and most probably going in to jail!!! thought for you people to ponder on, it would be a shame seeing people like Fijigirl, Magapipes, Isalei going in also That would really be a shame because I’ll really miss you especially your shallow thoughts on this site but be weary they’ll catch up tp you and then you’ll really need toilet paper for comfort..have a nice weekend.

  21. Isalei Says:

    Dont worry about Rika & Co Fijibackside! Rupert Murdoch is No 1millionaire in the world. Just worry about your sorry backside the day your fairytale life comes to an end! Long live media freedom! Justice! Democracy and rule of law! Freedom for the people! Down with Dicktattership!

  22. Ablaze Says:

    @ Fiji Forward – Treacle Lips what you say makes no sense against powerful men like Rupert Murdoch!

    Threats are your forte and all you are doing is telling the world that your leader has no brains someone you cannot reason with.

  23. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Isalei & Ablaze – Don’t worry about FijiBackward’s infantile taunts.
    Everything he says, which he is paid to say by the military through money they steal from us, shows that he knows he is in the wrong.
    His statements are not about truth or doing what is right.
    All his statements are about is aggression and hurt and fear – all the things that cowards depend on, but which will inevitably fail.
    Bullies never win in the long run.
    Likewise FijiBackward, F.O. and all the other pretenders, and their erstwhile goon masters, will all fail.
    God bless Fiji

  24. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ha! Ha! what a joke now Helen Clark got no job after the Kiwi’s listened to the advice of FB and kicked her out!!! first Howard now Clark, so you sorry macawa ants that you are, insignificant people like Isalei, Ablaze and Fijigirl join the journey, A NEW DAWN, A NEW FIJI…..isa au lomani kemudou sara ga na gang lewe tolu qo, open your eyes people and see for yourselves even the kiwi’s are listening to FB, doesnt that show you that your cause is nothing…have a blessed Sunday and remeber we still love you country men and women. Isa isa na noqu loloma vei kemudou na lako tu vaka sese..

  25. kini Says:

    FF -YOU ARE CERTAINLY A CERTIFIED IDIOT LIKE YOUR IDOL VOREQE. Why is it suspicious that the American Ambassador and Fatiaki are seen together?Could it be that the new dawn which Obama says would mean NO MILITARY DICTATORSHIP but rule by the ballot box??? Could it mean your other Certified idiot Voreqe, will end up in a little prison cell in Naboro, counting his fingers all day? lastly, why change your name from budhau couldn’t handle the pressure?

  26. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward too bad so sad that you and your loser wanker boss think that he had something to do with Helen Clark not getting back in.

    That is what you want us to think? Told you before tell your lunatic boss to take a run again down the tapioca patch and cover himself in dog, chicken and mongoose pooh.

  27. Nostradamus Says:

    Great picture of McGann and Fatiaki.
    The only thing better would have been a picture with Lai Qarase, but this is a bit more subtle, showing support for justice and the rule of law without being political.
    This picture would irk the wannabee Voreqe no end.
    Voreqe who has his head up his arse believes that the way forward and upward is the direction of his backside orifice.

  28. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Basic principles he reminded us is understood in America by ordinary citizens. EVEN homeless people understand this.

    Why are there so many idiots running around in Fiji and worst are those idiots purporting leadership.

    Whose fault is it that villagers, Indian farmers, Indian shop keepers, and students in classrooms lack that basic knowledge.

    Filipe Bole wants to promote the illegalities of the Military Charter inside the classrooms but the students fail an understanding of the country’s constitution??

    It should be a sin to be that stupid.

  29. Jose Says:

    FIji Forward your comment on

    November 8, 2008 at 5:43 pm “Dont worry people the economy is good, everyone will get their pay including some of sorry lot, we can call you hangers on now, leeches because although you dont agree in principle you’re still getting your pay!! talk about kana waca, ha!ha! keep smiling because FB and IG is here to stay, pote to you all…

    You have just described the Fiji army perfectly. The state of what the Fiji army has become. It is indeed very sad.

  30. FijiGirl Says:

    Confirmed – Fiji Forward is the Village Idiot.
    “isa au lomani kemudou sara ga na gang lewe tolu qo, open your eyes people and see for yourselves even the kiwi’s are listening to FB, doesnt that show you that your cause is nothing”
    The proofs he offers look only at a miniscule facet of the surface, what happens on the outside.
    He has no capacity, desire or intelligence to look inside, at the truth of the matter, and therefore he sees only what he wants to see, but cannot perceive the rot or smell the stench from what is really happening in his beloved/cursed military.
    He is like a man painting a house that is made of rotten, termite infested wood.
    He thinks that, as long as he says the paint looks good, it means the house is safe.
    But in fact it is rotting from the very foundations, through the entire inside, and the paint will not last, it cannot hold the wood or the house together.
    Like the illegal regime, it will inevitably fail.
    Tick tock, tick tock … what’s the time, Mr Wolf?
    God bless Fiji

  31. Fiji Forward Says:

    Hey sad people it’s sunday did you all go to church especially you Katalina and Kini, dont worry I prayed for you all sorry people. Sermon today at Centenary was good, accept defeat, be gracious and follow the Lords word in moving the country forward, ummm…that sound familiar to you sorry people???? Anyway looking at how low you’ve gone in your unrealistic comments really got me in a twist now, must the loss of Helen She Male Clark or the upcoming prosecution of Rika tomorrow, come on people it’s a sunday, have a positive outlook mada!!! everything going FB’s way now, you seem to be the only odd people out in the country nowdays!! Education is the key Balawanilotu thats why Bole is promoting the charter in the classroom so they can grow to be better citizens of this country, better than all you sorry lot put together on this site, it’s a New Dawn, A New Day. hurry up you might miss the train….

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    My dear folks, its a glorious Sunday for us here in downtown Suva, lets hope it is likewise from wherever you may be. Here is a piece from RFN which definitely needs highlighting. What was that catchy phrase again? “Esa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata ni meke ‘qo”.

    While it is a known fact that the Ganilua property on Ratu Sukuna Rd was rescued by Govt during Raduka’s tenure as PM to save the Ganilua estate. That property now stands empty awaiting its occupant as official residence of the Vice President. Meanwhile, he itches to get his hands on this so-called investment because stepmother is way deep into fairyland with the state of senile dementia. Na kedra mate na la’i offside i GH.

    And this whole mess gets even messier than we ever thought!! But Sereana’s their girl! Have a read.. Im off to catch a piece of the sun!

    Epeli Ganilau a cunning fox
    November 6, 2008
    Wondering why Epeli Ganilau is extremely quiet for the past months? It has emerged that the interim Defence Minister has been immersed in a money fight with his late father’s wife’s estate.

    Sources have confirmed that Ganilau is using his powers to get his hands into some investment left behind by Ratu Penaia Ganilau for his wife, which, apart from some large cash parcels also include FHL shares now valued at more than $0.5million dollars.

    Insiders say Ganilau has been a frequent visitor to FHL boss, Sereana Qoro, to facilitate the transfer of those shares to him. He was after all the interim Fijian Affairs Minister before taking up his new post at Defence but in a few days time, he will assume all powers under the Fijian Affairs Act as acting Prime Minister which includes Fijian Affairs, the largest shareholder of FHL. These sources say that this transfer of shares transaction is expected to be executed by Sereana in the next few days when Ganilay is Acting interim PM. Its timing is also planned to protect Frank from any of its illegal ramifications.

  33. Belijo Says:

    I’m quite surprised about F.Bole’s recent decision making. He was someone I used to look up to when he was Mninister of Education but lately his decision to allow politics to be taken into the classroom is committing a great sin of corrupting out school children’s minds by taking the charter to schools. This is indoctrination. I think we need to pray for this man, because I see signs of dementia/alzeimers appearing in old age.

  34. Fiji Forward Says:

    Luvfiji seems like you suffering from dementia/alzeimers now, get back onto the subject, Belijo thats a sign of a wise man decision from FB, I think you need to get back to school to understand how that great decision will mean to our future because our future investments will now know whats really the charter for, old farts like you who have their used by labels attached need not worry because the charter will allow their children, grand children and the future generation to live happily ever after in this great country, FIJI ever FIJI!!!

  35. FijiGirl Says:

    @ LuvFiji – By their fruits, you shall know them.
    Ganilau might succeed in getting his dirty hands onto his stepmother’s money, but it won’t make him happy or solve the problems that lie deep in his soul.
    That’s the problem with this regime – they spend all their time looking the wrong way, and never examine the real problems they are facing.
    If they did, they would see that the problems are all of their own making, and the problems will not go away until we have free and fair elections in this country under the Constitution as it stood in November 2006.
    The money won’t make him rich, or sate his greed.
    It will just make him greedier, like it did with his soul-mate Chodopu$$.
    These nitwits will never learn.
    Free and fair elections will turf them out permanently.
    God bless Fiji

  36. FIji Forward Says:

    FijiGirl get this phrase etched into your head, 2020, what you do think 2020 all the time because that is when you have your chance of contesting the elections. In the meantime find a job or plant cassava for ethanol, remeber 2020….have a nice day.

  37. Isalei Says:

    FF, at least I know where to find you in 2020, 2IC, orange uniform Naboro Maximum, (will start an orange ribbon campaign for your early release to kinoya) and your precious Vore,OIC. If you get CSO before 2020, I know where to find you- down the kinoya treatment plant, as CO Topasi giving out free supply of toilet paper aka farter charter!!!

  38. FijiGirl Says:

    Who says I have any intention of contesting elections?
    I’m just looking forward to doing everything I can to ensure that the malodorous Chodokant, Vore, the corrupt military goons and this entire junta gets annihilated in free and fair elections.
    Whether that means travelling out to speak with the cane farmers myself, or taking the bus, takia or walk from village to village, house to house, I would do EVERYTHING I can to make sure these bastards lose by a landslide.
    Obama’s massive support came from the grassroots, from the people, not from institutions or big money.
    That’s how these bloodsuckers in the junta are going down – by the will and power and voice of the people at the ballot box.
    Vore wants to be like Mugabe, to cling to his power, but that will never work in Fiji.
    FijiBackward is deluding himself about 2020. By then, he and his military mates will be dust.
    God bless Fiji

  39. Fiji Forward Says:

    Isalei and Fiji Girl it is more apparent now that you two lost souls spend all your time in the Cities or Towns!! try wqlking out and visiting the suburbs, the villages even Naitasiri and judge for yourself the acceptance of the charter. you’ll be so overtaken and overwhelmed that you would just wanna die. You’re living in a dream world people, the peoplE are accepting it in thousands just like you before the news when you listen to that song, It’s a New Day…Meda toso ki Liu….you see 2020 is the buzzword and dont worry bro/sis aint no one going to prison for !!

  40. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Who is this no name idiot

    Supporting the Junta means no harm comes to you yet settle on the use of a pseudonym.

    You obviously don’t believe in your own message 🙂

  41. FijiGirl Says:

    Well said, ‘Lina.

    I think the nom de plume is a ruse anyway – FijiBackward is written by a number of different, bored soldiers on duty who simply take orders. The orders come from a deluded commander who thinks that, by stationing a propaganda-spouting idiot on our blog, they can distract us from fruitful discussion, or blind us into thinking they are somehow ‘okay’. Definitely the kind of thinking only losers can come up with.

    Back to the original topic – the freedom that comes with democracy is being denied us by this regime. Well done the good old US of A for showing the world, once again, what great things can happen when democracy is done RIGHT. Thank you, President Elect Obama, for vowing to crush this foul dictatorship that is living off us like a parasite. You have the support of the people of Fiji (except the nitwits in the junta, of course).

    God bless Fiji

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