Simple Contradictions in ROFTI


It has been claimed so often that Bainimarama is a hero and military strongman with backing of the majority of people in Fiji who have moved on with their lives since Decmber 2006.

Yet whenever Vore is seen is public, he would be flanked by 15 bodyguards with flack jackets and armed to the teeth. When travelling, he moves in a convey of at least 4 vehicles with tinted windows so that people will not know which one has the Pig in it if someone shouldwant to take him out while on the move!!!

Aiyarse Kaiyum constantly bleats that they have the support of the people yet the other day while shopping at MH’s Tamavua I was surprise to run into him flanked by three armed bodyguards.

These are just two of the interim government members that moved around with man armed to the teeth protecting them.

Protecting them from whom we may ask?

We the ordinary people do not have guns. It is the thugs up at Delainabua that have all the guns that exist in this country. And as it is right now, the situation is liken to Dracula in charge of the bloodbank such blood thirsty thugs!

Or is it as I am begining to think, that our hard earned tax payers money are simply being wasting away to ensure these illegal government and their tin pot soldiers and sailors are protected from murdering each other by having 24 hour boci guards stationed wherever they go.

This while their perceived number one enemy Laisenia Qarase moves around without an armed bodyguard by his side?

There is indeed no honour among murderous corrupt thieves!



37 Responses to “Simple Contradictions in ROFTI”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Google ” civil rights ” and see if Fijians can get the freedoms that America now has . It took 40 years , but Democracy has worked for America and this is what Obama was trying to say yesterday !
    I’m posting this information because most in Fiji are unaware of or weren’t even born when these things were going on .
    As 8 , 9 and 10 year old , I used to watch South Africans fighting for their rights , I used to watch white Americans fighting to stop the war in South Vietnam (it was actually a Police action and never was declared as a war ) I used to watch as black Americans fought for their basic Human Rights .
    They used many different tactics , civil disobedience was the most effective . They didn’t shop at shops where employers degraded their employees with low wages or took advantage of them .
    I watch Fiji , and see absolutely , not one thing happening ! And I think to myself , well , that must be what Fijians want for themselves . And it’s probably what they deserve !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    If Frank and Co. need armed guards , then as you quite rightly point out , they have become prisoners of their own imaginations and actions , they also deserve what they have . As for the soldiers , guards and Police assigned to protect them , I don’t know how they can sell themselves for these people . 30 pieces of silver each I suppose !
    It’s said that Judas was actually a hero . If he hadn’t betrayed Christ the way he had , there would not have been a Crucifixion !
    Let’s hope that there is a Judas amongst the soldiers .

  3. IslandBoy Says:

    Mark – please note the fundamental difference between African Americans, indigenous South Africans and Fijians is that we were never enslaved nor subjugated. Our chiefs voluntarily ceded Fiji To Great Britain. Admitedly because we were being presuured by false American reparation claims.

    However in my humble opinion we are where we are because of ciminally corrupt and grossly inept leaders.

    Some may argue about Fijians being economically repressed, but I honestly think that we Fijians just need a little time to develop an entrepreneurial class, which is something new to our traditional social structure, but we are quickly adapting.

    Back to the thread, I was watching the Al Jazeera coverage of the US elections and Riz Khan was interviewing the African American woman who wrote the novel cum movie, The Color Purple, Alice Walker.

    She said that she was happy about Obama’s election because the US would now engage the world from a different perspective. No longer hawkish because war is the weapon of the weak.

    I immediately connected and was wondering if there is a message for our own military in this fascinating woman’s interview.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    i agree , and civil disobedience is still the way to go i think , as it doesn’t require munitions of any kind and no one can get hurt .
    but it’s time something was done , don’t you think ?

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    There is no Democracy as such , in Fiji and in reality , there probably never was .
    Given that originally there was a chiefly system , then British colonial rule under the Westminster system and then 4 coups and now a dictatorship , perhaps Fiji just has too many allegiances and systems and needs to be changed from the inside !
    So , what do Fijians want ?
    How can they get it ?
    What is realistically achievable ?
    Who will decide ?
    What denotes who is and isn’t a Fijian ?
    How can all the above be put into practise and under what system this time ?
    As I said , you can’t build a house on sand and expect it to weather a storm , especially if the foundations are questionable !
    Fijians should decide what sort of society they want for themselves , outsiders can’t and shouldn’t have to determine that for you !
    Fijians should perhaps start off by looking at what you have in common , what your common goals and aspirations are and your hopes for the future .
    The rights of the Indigenous Fijians would be a good starting point as much as recognition of the Indo Fijians rights , provided they are citizens of Fiji .
    As John Kennedy said , some men see things as they are , and say , why ? others see things as they could be , and say , why not ?
    And that is the message Obama was trying to give yesterday .

  6. ispy Says:

    Emeni Kutu.

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    Claim taki tiko na ‘majority’, io na rere e tiko vie ratou…

  7. at least Says:

    Good to hear that Obama on his speech, he mentioned.”to those who tear the world, we will hunt you down” ..Hooray ..and one of these is Vore. Cummon Obama do something the people of Fiji do need your kind of leadership. Especially the kind of leaders who do not bow down to threats, corrupt and GUNS.

  8. Striker Says:

    Who needs guns? The might of Pharoah was defeated by the shepherd Moses. The might of the British Empire could not contain Gandhi and his non-violent movement. And the nuclear arsenal of the USSR could not prevent the iron curtain being torn to pieces. So who needs guns?

  9. Isalei Says:

    Only cowards need guns! Those who can, reason with their brains. Those who can’t use their brawns and their guns!

  10. bodyguard Says:

    SV Vore moves around with 15 boci guards along side him but vehicles carrying his most trusted loyal ‘tabetabe-masipolo’ soldiers will be 100meters away from cincineti.

    someone just need to detonate a loud fire cracker beside vore to see the arsehole jump from the bushes.

    vore’s itinerary is know min 24hrs before he moves….civilian dressed soldiers are seen at the site hours before the cowardo arrives.

    when he was visiting villages in the interior of fiji a platoon of soldiers was doing excercises in the bushes nearby just in case the cowardo peed his pants.

    ra via vakateratera….ni yavu sotia mona lala. dou vei cai ga kei nomudou koma-da kei koma-da in chief.


  11. s raqiqi Says:

    @bodyguard, kerekere ni wilika madaga na vosavakaibalebale(proverbs) chapter 15 vs 1&2 !!! e vakaciriloloma na yalomuni!!!m God bless u !!

  12. taki mai Says:

    au sa rere mada,one day Mafatu,the boy who was afraid.

  13. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Kuts. Yes, when one of the opponents is unarmed, true courage does not need to hide behind guns.
    How long before the mad Vore runs out of steam?
    God bless Fiji

  14. Isalei Says:

    @Raqiqi: qori me wiliki sara ga vei nomudou komadia, since he is the one taken this country by force with his loyal sapotas! He must give it up as he has made so many angry with his stupid foolish words.

  15. FIji Forward Says:

    Hey mad people talk something constructive, no wonder native fijians lag behind the other races in everything because they talk about insignificant matters, stuff that aint gonna take their race anywhere!!! so what about FB’s bodyguards, if you cant beat him than join them COWARDS!!!

  16. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward – you are talking backwards now – must be the chinese influence!


    Unlike a dictatorship, not yet anyway, these try hard losers don’t rule by fear but they must be ruled by their own fears. No wonder all the bodyguards.

    Cranky Franky has a bodyguard or bodyguards 24/7 because he is so scared someone might shoot him dead. He even sleeps in the middle of 2 bodyguards and allows them to watch while he is doing his wife.

    No doubt these bunch of try hard losers are constantly thinking of how they will free themselves from the situation Cranky Franky has created. They would be looking for a scot-free future in Fiji and not a future, if eventually Fiji gets back to a Parliamentary Democracy and constitutional powers are in full force. Jail! Jail!

    It may take time but we will be patient as we have learnt our lesson from Rabuka’s Coup and so much wiser for it.

    Parliamentary Democracy and working within the Constitution in the true sense was still the best form of Government and we will win in the end.

    However, it is possible that they are fooling themselves or us or simply not bright enough to realize otherwise!

  17. Isalei Says:

    @FF put it into your small brainwashed braindead nuthead mentality that there is no need to compare Fijians with other races? Why should they? You wanna compare Fijians? Compare with rest of Pacific islanders, samoa, tonga, solomon, vanuatu, and they will tell you, we not doing too bad. Fijians are indigenous for goodness sakes. Get that! Can’t compare two different things- oil and water? dog and cat? indian and fijian? Nah! pig and vore-qe? yes, same! get that into your numbskull.

  18. Kingrat Says:

    who is the boci in glassses in the picture above Kaila!

  19. Striker Says:

    @Kingrat: Don’t know, can only see the boci even through the glasses

  20. FIji Forward Says:

    Kingrat and Striker must be school graduates from QVS and RKS, two schools that have made fijians more dumbasses, go Grammer!!!

  21. Striker Says:

    @FF: And you must failed all your grades; is that why you’re rooting for the military?

  22. Isalei Says:

    @FF must be one of those dropouts, too dumbass even to spell his school properly. Or maybe he got caught doing you know what or being done to! That’s how he ended up in the military.

  23. FIji Forward Says:

    Striker and Isalei, I guess none of your family ever got into the military because you’re all sissies but we can understand that, Military is for tough people only!!!

  24. Wuf wuf Says:

    Areh waah, forward me, backward you!

    Me unerstan military vely vely wel and u son of tumar gun know me lingo vely wel. Bingo nah!

    Acha, kon sisi heh?? U make shua tum keep them boyz-2-men bodies beefed up al time nah! BUT vely vely important u take tem mind al time, control boy control tem sons of tumar gun, acha?! Ratu Boc!

  25. Isalei Says:

    Fijibackside, wrong! I got many relatives in the miitary but they joined the real military- the ones that go to war, that see real combat like US army &, British army not the sissies that do the pissies in the pisskiping.

    Bau vakacegui wuf wuf mada! Sa oca dina na vakamuria tiko na kemuni boi! Go wuf wuf!!! Hope you get your bite before the night is out!

  26. Isalei Says:

    @FF, Military is for “tough” people. Depends how you define tough! In my definition tough belongs to those who have spiritual and mental ability to persevere against all odds, to resist the injustices and evils of life aka in Fiji as coups, armed force. Tough are those POWs that survive the mental brainwashing under extreme conditions, tough are the poor that carry on in their struggle to put food on the table through the sweat of their brows rather than through armed robbery, tough are the people of Fiji that have rejected the charter being forced down on them by your precious as an exit strategy??? Tough are those who when they do wrong, accept the punishment and do the time in jail rather than exploiting an old senile man to grant immunity so they can escape the tough life in jail. Wait for it brother, the real tough one will come. That is the law of life.

  27. Isalei Says:

    And tough are those that do not carry “guns” but “speak” their truth with the strength of their conviction. They do not need guns to bring change, they make it through practising what they preach.

  28. Ablaze Says:

    Isa vinaka Isalei na vakamacala!

    Tough are those of us that will stick it out until the end of this horrible nightmare!

  29. FIji Forward Says:

    Stick it out till 2020???? you must be really tough nuts, ulu kau as they say in fijian. Isalei did you sing the song to them when they left for the real war killing muslims in Iraq and Afganistan??? you call that real war??? get down with wufwuf who may put some brains into your empty head. They are mercenries because they are fighting in another country without the approval of even the host country killing its own people!! shame on you if have a realtive in the Brit/US Army. Waraka me suka mai Iraq kei Afganistan qai mai no job tu yani. Beware Rika and Co are going into jail, they are monitoring you and following your every move losers!!! have a nice weekend, I for one will attend my usual church service at Centenary and once again observe Qarase and his sorry ousted cabined ministers seek the Lords forgiveness for their wrongdoings which got them booted out in the first place. Wuf Wuf too many stray dogs in the streets of Suva, call a mataqali meeting mada and get your relatives and families off the street please, too much senseless barking going on.

  30. Isalei Says:

    For every word you accuse the law abiding citizens of this country, 100 more are bouncing back at you. Go to church with all your evil intents, God is watching and his day of judgement is drawing close on you and the likse of you. Threat! Threat! Threat! weapon of the weak! May you find your lost soul in church then and may you suffer a heart attach if you dont repent of your sins!

  31. Isalei Says:

    “heart attack!” Sa va e ca mai na yalomudou!!!

  32. Ablaze Says:

    Isa vakaloloma na vakasama! Fiji Forward can’t take it out on the people he/she works for has to come in here to release and feel powerful for doing it.

    All Fiji Forward’s counter attack is what we know as a fact but is thrown back at us in their cunning way!

    Isa, as if we don’t know! It is that lunatic Budhahahaha but this time coming at us head on!

    Oilei just showing their true colours!

  33. Fiji Forward Says:

    True Colours dina, first Howard, then the Court case now Helen man Clark!!! whtat next??? Rika into jail, white ass kicked out of the country, what next??? you lot finally realising your mistakes and joining the journey, sa voleka mai na nomudou siga!!! ia!ia! But really people I feel for you right now because your level of resistance must be totally gone now so find solace in church today and join the journey, A New Dawn, A New Day, God bless you…Ablaze thanks for complementing me, appreciate that kai noqu.

  34. Ablaze Says:

    @ Fiji Forward Well I am glad you are taking notice of my comments because I’m here to fight you and show you up.

    First it was Howard, then Obama and now Helen Clark as if it will make any difference to these country’s stance against the Pig and his Piglets.

    Fiji is a tin pot country in their eyes especially at moment when there is a Madman trying hard to lead a bunch of losers into governing the country.

    You would like us to back the Madman so that he could be recognised overseas as the one we want to lead us. As if we do not know your style!

    Think again Fiji Forward and as far as complementing you read my comment sagain or do you want me to explain to you again as if I was talking to a 5th Grader – that Cranky Franky doer is the level of your intelligent.

  35. Fiji Forward Says:

    You speak so much ABLAZE, for your level of intellect I commend you for that but be realistic for once, finger out of your mouth, listen and comprehend this, you dont have to back him but what part are you playing in moving this country forward??? I guess you work therefore you pay taxes therefore like it or not you are contributing to the economy, you must buy goods and pay for services, again you contribute to the economy hence you are indirectly supporting FB!!! fathom that mada, clear your head and read it again, that is the bottom line. When you critisize the country you are also spoiling your good name,please I beg you to understand because you cant have your way till 2020 unless you still dont want to then you can migrate but I dont anyone wants to accept rejects or you can die and reborn again after 2020 but the good Lord will not allow that because he is with us on this journey, A New Day, A New Dawn.

  36. Ablaze Says:

    Ignore Fiji Forward for he/she has become a raving lunatic like her boss the Pig Face covered in shit Frank the Crank!

    “You see she/he is trying to explain stuff to me as if I don’t already know! It is the sign of a mad, trashy dishonest person when they try and use religion to convince good people to believe in them.”

  37. Fiji Forward Says:

    “You see she/he is trying to explain stuff to me as if I don’t already know! does that mean I’ve managed to convince you?????? Ablaze is now extinguished, she/he has seen the light Amen, bless you lost soul, welcome to the new journey, A New Dawn, A new begining for you, sa qai yaga na lotu, God bless You Extinguished Flame!!

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