Another f*%k up ramification of the coup!

Air Pac pulls plug on route
Saturday, November 01, 2008 (extracted from Fiji Times Article )THE country’s international airline has announced the withdrawal of its three weekly flights between Nadi and Tokyo from March next year.

This is the result of accumulated losses of more than $35 million over the past four years.

Meanwhile, Air Pacific will commence flights to Hong Kong twice a week from June 2009.

Air Pacific managing director John Campbell said demand had steadily declined as economic circumstances in Japan impinged on long-haul flights and vacations.

Mr Campbell said Japanese travellers now preferred to closer, short duration holidays to destinations such as China, Korea and South East Asia.

For the past three years, Air Pacific along with the Tourism Fiji had been trying to re-stimulate demand with numerous marketing programs and special pricing.

However, certain incidents such as the military takeover in 2006 severely impacted efforts in the highly volatile market.

Another incident, which attracted international attention and affected arrival figures, was of a drunken Fijian soldier returning home from peacekeeping duties exposing himself then urinating on a female Japanese tourist in her seat. (remember the feeble excuse given by Aziz was that the soldier was suffering post traumatic disorder, e sega la ni vakawai taka mena bia o boci)

“Given the escalating level of losses and the fact that the market shows no signs of recovery, we have regretfully taken the hard decision to withdraw flights,” Mr Campbell said.


47 Responses to “Another f*%k up ramification of the coup!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Not a good time to start any business in Fiji !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    No President ?

  3. IslandBoy Says:

    I don’t understand this. AKL-NRT daily services on NZ are full weeks in advance. Even NAN-ICN services are full. Is this related to the Japanese stock market plunge, after all this is the world’s second biggest economy.

    Now we will just have to spend more money dog-legging through AKL or INC to get to NRT. Sa qai yawa sara or KIX. When FJ was in full gear they had iontroduced a 2 or 3X weekly service to KIX in addition to NRT.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

  5. kaiveicoco Says:

    on that soldier urinating on the young Japansese girl.Its a classic case of someone ” too old that he cannot hold his water while holding his alcohol or the other wa round ? “

  6. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry for the digression folks, but what about this ramification from Raw Fiji News:

    Frank supporting Bernadette’s Green Party
    November 6, 2008

    News to hand is that Fiji’s military government leader, Frank Bainimarama, is behind Bernadette Ganilau’s new Green Party. Sources say Big Mama is simply a front for Frank’s hidden intention to enter politics and is wanting to test the waters through Bernie’s green party. It is said that the green party sits well with Frank and his military green goons with their strategy to shift Fiji’s political platform away from a racially polarised one to an environmentally friendly focused one.

    But there are already indications that Big Mama’s green party is not catching on with the ordinary folks. Some who were approached to sign in as members say that Big Mama is only trying to promote her own agenda for a job as she is now without one. They say that with Big Mama there as promoter of the party, not many will be interested as she is viewed to be an unethical opportunistic coup supporter after she accepted to serve under Frank’s regime. She has lost the respect of the people and her Green Party is expected to follow the same unpopular route like her brother-in-law’s New Alliance Party.

    Apart from the environmentalists, we don’t think Bernadette will get much support for her party. She might as well save herself the embarrassment by allowing someone else to lead the party. And by the way, with the SDL appeal now in order, she might just find herself as a possible womens’ prison inmate in the not too distant future for taking an illegal oath. Wouldn’t want Fiji’s Green Party leader to be a jail bird when Frank’s season is finito.

  7. Isalei Says:

    Of course, green goons support green party! Nodratou colour ga na green vs orange nei NAP Eveli Gakilau.

  8. Ablaze Says:

    Big Mama should piss off to Tonga! Green party my arse! I am sick of these people and everything they stand for.

    Bunch of try hard losers!

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Interestingly Campbell blames the $35m loss accumulated over 4 years. Can anyone provide the actual breakdown as to how much losses did they actually make over these 4 years?

    Just what impact the coup and negative reporting about the mimica soldier had on Air Pac remains to be seen, but I think we can safely surmise that it adversely affected its image thus translating to the bottom line.

    @ my Tau IslandBoy, if this boci Vore is contemplating entering politics, then he is surely mad, but I encourage him to do so and let’s see whether he has the moral fortitude like Graham and Ratu Joni to face the wrath and pressure of those opposing him and will he just wallow in the mud and act like a cry baby?

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Dina sara Abalze!

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    Amazing how Air Pacific implied that the decline of the Japanese route predates the coup.
    I’ll bet J.Campbell wanted to say ‘over the past 2 years’ but was cautioned by his embedded military spokesman to pretend the Japanese wanted to stop coming here before Vore’s Coup.
    Those flights were being paid for by Tuna exports and luxury fruits (which the Japanese are happy to airfreight fresh rather than ship). The real money was not in the passengers, it was in the cargo.
    Direct flights from Hong Kong is a good thing on one hand, but also a danger for Jim I’m Coy’s plans to sell us down the river to Beijing.
    I hope the Chinese will pay top dollar for our tuna exports – but perhaps they are already getting it discounted through their own fishing fleets over-fishing our waters?
    Free and fair elections – bring ’em on so we can get rid of the bozoes running our beloved country.
    God bless Fiji

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese Waqalekaleka – My Tau, at this point I do not see any viable political alternative for those of us tired of the corrupt old politicians and their f’ing road shows, forgive the French.

    As far as I’m concerned, its just a different tent but the same three-ring circus. With all due respect to the learned gentlemen you mention, I want a complete sea-change.

    I know it’s tired but whenever I see any of them I mentally yell – NEXT!

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Hear! Hear my Tau IslandBoy.

  14. taki mai Says:

    At the moment theIraq bound boys from QEB have no plane to go to iraq becxuse airlines dont want to go right to Baghdad,maybe Air Pacific could apply to the un for charter services and some bucks.

  15. freedomfighter Says:

    It will make it easier for those Hong Kong based lawyers and Khaiyum to fly in and out of Fiji quicker

  16. enquirer Says:

    Has anyone heard about the drunken soldiers that were arrested in Syd enroute to fiji from Iraq after they assaulted a qantas employee and another passenger.

  17. FIji Forward Says:

    They should sack Campbell!! he’s the cause of the losses, bad strategy over the last four years.

  18. Dauvavana Says:

    Fiji foward/backward aka as Avenai, ratou sa oca na waraki iko mai Na Keba mo lai lau kaba. Kua ni guilecava na waiwai

  19. Ablaze Says:

    @ Fiji Forward (Treacle Lips) when you do make a statement it is just something that oozes out of your lips without any thought.

    Why sack Campbell? Campbell was there before your coup and the losses started after your coup.

    Blame others except the act of of treason that you bunch of try hard losers committed to take away our Democracy and our Rights.

  20. Isalei Says:

    They need to do a survey on customer service on every flight so they get a feedback. Things like quality of service, timeliness, food, comfort, entertainment, trainees, time schedules, may tell them on what to improve on. Food has deteriorated over the years in their longer flights. Quality of service by new trainees, quite unprofessional. Sa oti ga na Gel mai Nadi e na lumisa kei na davo ni drauniulu.

  21. Isalei Says:

    @FF the final coffin on the airpac route to Narita was when one of your returnee pisskipa guy decided to do the piss on that flight.
    Mind you if we were still in the WWII era, Fiji would have been wiped out by the Japs, so much for insulting the modesty of a lady and the dignity of a nation (Japan). So Japs can no longer risk it, sa vakamaduwa. Sa dou mimica sara ga vakaoti e keya na route ya! Sa na soli kina vei kemudou e dua talena metali, Distingushed Pisspiss Cross for uncontrollable bowel movement due to untreated post traumatic stress disorder from pisskeeping.

  22. Isalei Says:

    oops “final nail on the coffin”

  23. FIji Forward Says:

    Get back to the subject people and dont personalise your arguements because it shows that you lack the mental capability and hardness which aint good for your health. Any large organisation like Air Pac would sack its CEO for that kind of losses. If you look at official stats, numbers didnt drop from/to Japan but lesser people used Air Pac becuse of poor services, countless delays, poor inflight services etc. You have to have constructive criticism otherwise you’re wasting your time bloggers, no use personalising things becuse youre only fooling yourself and the person watching you and me, have a good day!! thats to you losers and constructive people on this site also.

  24. Ablaze Says:

    “Get back to the subject people and dont personalise your arguements because it shows that you lack the mental capability and hardness which aint good for your health.”

    Fiji Forward as usual trying to force their way of thinking back on us good people. Your comment above speaks for what you have been paid to do on this blog site, that is trash and trash and blame everyone else except your try hard loser Regime.

    You and the likes of you are wasting everyone’s time and hard earned taxpayer’s money. You talk about good health well I hope your leader suffers a heart attack and dies and your President snuffs it to, then we will have only that Indian bush lawyer to deal with. Oh yea that other one as well what the hell is her name Shitshita!

  25. Isalei Says:

    Ha, ha cotcha Fijbackward, when the going gets tough, you can’t handle it eh? Get back to the subject hah! Vosa tiko mai, da veisa vosa mada, kua ni oti ga baci ciciva nomu dakai, Freeze! Tch tch below the belt baraca! We were doing very well blogging very sensibly when you burst in with your small mentality, now you can’t handle it you want to revert back to asyouwere mode!

  26. Dauvavana Says:

    Fiji Forward, au kerea biuta mai e so na stats and source of you argument. Kua na mai vakilakila sivia vuli vakavo sega ni dua na hope gole sarai mo lai masiya na dakai i na keba

  27. kini Says:

    If the Government of Fiji owns the majority shares in Air Pacific than it is up to Fiji Ministry of Finance to ensure that Air Pacific financially sound and its employees are top notch in the business of running an airline? Also, there is not much that the Airline CEO can do anyway, especially after the military took over our democratically elected Government.Who would want to come to Fiji at a time where the Military is in power and we know what a gun can do to people? Tourist numbers has fallen to a 10 years low? Businesses are not running properly,Government employees are being terminated,The interim Government are not doing too well,an idiot has taken over the ministry of finance,Prime Minister,with no education in anyone of these portfolios? I can see this regional airline going down the tubes as another direct victims of the Fiji Military coup.

  28. taki mai Says:

    vinaka vakalevu roko kini ,drau taki mai.

  29. enquirer Says:

    I hear that the latest on the soldier that assaulted 2 qantas employees at SYD airport has been sentenced to 6 months jail in syd and will be deported back to fiji once he has served his sentence.

  30. FIji Forward Says:

    Tourist numbers??? you idiot!!! check FVB numbers dumbass Dauvavana, figures have remained constant if not increased, go down to the major hotels down the West, they’re almost fully booked all the time!!! but I guess you mongrels stay in cheap motels with the Kutu’s so you wouldnt understand!!! Ablaze, vinaka, I sense a moderation in your hate towards me, God bless you.

  31. Isalei Says:

    @Fijibackside, yep taxpaying mongrels stay in cheap motels to give maiyaso Vore and you the chance to stay in 5** hotels compliments of hardworking taxpayers. You ungrateful goodfornothings! Ni da sega ni bunoca!!! Enjoy while it lasts!

  32. Ablaze Says:

    No thanks Fiji cu ke muri but like it forward and is not given that privillege because it is what the army boys want the army boys get from suckers like Fiji Forward.

    Keep your blessing – I am blessed each day with the fruits of my years of working hard and now enjoying it.

    The Lord has given me good health and for this I thank him before getting out of bed each morning.

  33. FIji Forward Says:

    Isalei once again ncontrol your anger and frustrations, Ablaze thank you at least we know you’re like us as you’ve admitted, hard workers, keep my blessing please because people like you are cursed for life. As for you the two of you the hisstory of the RFMF goes back to Rt Sukuna, maybe your grandfathers or relatives were once warriors in that great institution which represents or symbolises Fijian strength any unity, learn from it because it will only help you UNDERSTAND!!! Hey how about Rika and Fj TImes boss getting summoned to Court/Jail by the High Court!! Drau qarauna de drau na muri rau tale ga…

  34. Isalei Says:

    Boring FF! Get a real life!

  35. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward you should hear yourself – vosa balavu! You are not even fighting for what you are being paid for!

    Suppose it doesn’t matter because after blogging you are there to satisfy the goons forward, backwards, side on and head on until you don’t feel any pain any more.

    That is it, the reason you come in here and take it out on us good intelligent people.

    Vakaloloma some people!

  36. Fiji Forward Says:

    Good intelligent people my foot!!! just look at it Ablaze Kiwi’s listen to FB and boot Helen Man Clark out!!! aint that speakth for the man!!! repent and join the journey lost soul, have a blessed Sunday anyway because I really feel for you lot now as everything seem to be going FB way, so soooorrryyyy…

  37. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward you sound like a broken record – now it is Helen Clark, before Helen it was Obama.

    If I were you I would be comparing your Mad Boss with Obama as Obama is now the most powerful man in the world.

    Oh yea Obama country wouldn’t even allow Frank the Crank in, let alone recognise that he exist.

    So sucker Fiji Forward thinks that NZ being a smaller country with very little influence internationally compared to the USA will convert us into thinking that they are now listening to a Madman!

    Isa! goes to show how desperate they are – they want us on their side just like they would love to have good intelligent people like Ratu Joni, Mr Leung, Mr Apted, Richard Naidu etc. People with real influence in Fiji and overseas.

    Told You Before Piss Off Fiji Cu Ke Muri!

  38. Fiji Forward Says:

    Of course we need the US and they will always be there for Fiji, that is world politics if you dont understand, we certainly dont need Obama since he’s got alot on his plates to look after to worry about us. Thats fair enough apart from the little we get from them, what else do we need??? nothing!!! You talk about the three again Joni, Jon Jon and Graham, oilei cant you come up with better people, you just spoilt my 10am service at centenary in which they preached about wolves in sheep clothes pretending to be future leaders, one criteria for potential leaders is that they cant be gay, these three are the kingmakers and ringleaders of gay sociey in Fiji!!! I guess you know that already but did you have to bring their names up??? really spoilt my sunday dina!!! o ratou qori na Tui ni Wadua, Qauri, qarauna de o qai coko kina Ablaze, qarauni iko…..

  39. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward has become a raving lunatic like the madman leader Pig Face covered in shit Frank the Crank!

    Read her/his comments and she/he is repeating everything we are saying about the mad try hard losers trying to govern our country!

    Don’t waste your time folks because you are talking to a raving lunatic.

  40. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ablaze cool it lost soul, you’ll have a stroke and I’ll miss you!!! you are reacting positively to convincing preaching, that is all. Listen to the NCBBF song before the 6pm news, listen to the lyrics and change, somewhere along those lines you will realize how far off course you’ve gone lost soul, dont worry they will forgive you but repent first to the good lord who watchs over us.

  41. Isalei Says:

    @FF, Vore & John Sami’s arselicker, is so obsessed with his new song, just like going on his first date. Enjoy the honeymoon and the honeypot with Sami and Vore while it lasts!!! O ira lal gone ra lagata tiko na sere ya, cause they don’t feel the sharp razor in it. Just like the guy who was gobbling up everything in the Fiji times last week, shoes, bottles, rubbish, bones, rotten carcases, that’s Fiji backside for you. Tilo ga vakaveitalia na ka kece ga e qai mai. Cause his peasize brain can’t tell the difference between shit and shot!

  42. Fiji Forward Says:

    Isalei so you do listen to the song and its getting through to you, I feel for you lost soul vakaloloma levu!! your family must be getting the brunt of this!! isa, taura vaka malua tacina, vakasama ga vakavinaka, se vo levu na gauna, 2020 sara!! you must admit it’s a damn good song eh??

  43. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ FF,

    you maybe correct that more visitors are visiting Fiji’s shores now as you claim, but at what cost?

    The airfares in trying to lure people to travel to Fiji has never been this low before. For instance, you can fly out from Sydney or Brisbane return including taxes, fees and surcharges for $339 and $359 respectively.

    More and more people are travelling to Fiji because of the cut throat prices, which is good for tourists, but is bad for the hotel proprietors! How long can they continue to keep up with these kinds of cheap rates because eventually Pacific Blue will not longer be able to keep down the rates and so will other Airlines including our very own Air Pac.

    So your claim FF that we now have more tourists coming into Fiji has nothing to do with the success of the illegal junta’s image, but rather to the contrary and it is a direct consequence of their illegal actions, which has a melt down effect on the tourism industry causing prices to be slashed to attract tourists.

    The final analysis: Fiji’s is losing monies big time and each time the hotel is forced to cut it rates, means it has to recoup from somewhere else, through deduction of wages from their employees or laying off of staff.

    Kerekere, dissect the facts properly before making baseless claims and trying to twist facts, like Ross Ligairi and Jone Dakuvula.

  44. Fiji Forward Says:

    Got you wrong there again, the reason for the low prices is because it’s low season now dumbass, not yet school holidays & xmas when the prices will sky rocket again. Mind you you have to compete with cheap holiday destination like Samoa, Tonga, Bali etc. And dont worry about the Hotels they make money anyhow. So please get your facts right before you open your mouth and shoot bullshit out!!

  45. Dauvavana Says:

    jese kua ni vakaoti nomu gauna vua na boci qo. Okoya e kawa ni dua na yavusa ka ratou a mai lesi me ratiou yavusa boci e na gauna ra kasa mai kina e Viseisei na vuda ka ra sa veilesi na turaga. Ni ra sa lesi kece okoya e yavusa Turaga, Bete, Mataisau etc. sa qai vo tu okoya ka dau taqarici Lutunasobasoba e nai lakolako balavu mai Taqanika ki Viti.

    Sa qai taro cake vakamalua ko koya se cava sa nodratou i tutuvou vaka vanua.

    Sota vata nodratou qavokavoka na turaga e na gauna koya sa qai vakadewa vei Tukai FF vakavica i liu, me ko iko kei ira na nomu kawa modou sa lesi ka kila me koi kemudou na Yavusa Boci. Nomudou cakacaka na dau taqarica na Turaga. Gauna e garo mai kina ka sega tu na yalewa dou masiya nona dakai kei na nona volo.

    E na qai kuri tale yani na kedratou i tukutuku e na macawa mai oqo!

  46. Fiji Forward Says:

    Dauvavana how low can you go??? it shows why people of your kind will never, never, never win this fight!! you see it takes strength of mind and soul to withstand the insults, threats and remarks to carry the fight, obviously you have failed big time but remeber you’re a taxpayer so sleep now, wake up fresh tomorrow and contribute to the economy therefore supporting the IG… can also tell your story to your mataqali now, how you contributed to the great journey we’re embarked on!!!

  47. Dauvavana Says:

    FF I am telling the truth as you are still wiping vore’s arse right now and masivolo him for work and promotion in the military.

    the truth hurts eh???

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