A new dawn too for Fiji perhaps? And in the not too-distant future?

We’ve got to accept changes: Qarase

Deposed Fiji Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase believes that indigenous Fijians have to accept changes someday and nominate other races to be Prime Minister or President of the country.

Speaking to Fijilive, Qarase said that Barrack Obama’s triumph as the first black President of the United States of America shows that anything is possible.

“I believe that one day someone from the minority community will lead our country and I am sure about that. It will happen.”

Qarase believes that although transition is inevitable, it will take place over time because “we are just a young democracy”.

“We cannot compare ourselves to the US because they have been one of the largest democratic nations in the world for hundreds of years.

“For us democracy came only 38 years ago and we have to evolve… someday we got to accept changes and hopefully we will have other races nominated as Prime Ministers or Presidents of this country.”

However, he said that Fiji, having suffered four coups since 1987 and currently under a military-led Government, will have to get back to democratic rule before considering such options.

“That’s for the people to decide in future and if we want these kind of changes than we have to decide that.”

Fiji has had only one non-indigenous Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, who was ousted by hard line Fijian nationalists in a civilian coup in 2000, one year after winning the elections.

The position of Fiji President and Vice-President, however, has been the domain of Fijian chiefs who are appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs.


I am reminded of McCain’s wise words as he graciously accepted defeat – ‘We don’t hide from history, we make history’.


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  1. Striker Says:

    That floating no-gooder, bum-sucker Isoa Gavidi only fooled himself when he told TV One last night that the electoral reforms proposed by the NCBBF would allow other races to lead in Fiji – as Barak Obama was the first black to be US President. We know that our Constitutions have since 1970 allowed for leadership by any popularly elected leader regardless of race. Isoa Gavidi, put it through your thick block head that the electoral system isn’t the problem; it is the military goons you have chosen to join who are- coups after coups- 1987, 2000, and 2006 bear witness to such fact. So Gavidi, stop showing us your ignorance you worthless sycophant!

  2. Ablaze Says:

    Isoa Gavidi – half school wannabe politican because you have no money to buy dumbass no school wife’s wigss.

    It is our own kind that have couped to get rid of elected Prime Ministers. Take your bullshit to the loo!

  3. FijiGirl Says:

    We’ve already had a non-indigenous person lead Fiji, and that was Chodo.

    If this last coup has shown us anything, it must surely be that the position of President, or even Vice President, in our beloved country, is a mere figurehead position and holds no real power.

    Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi was our Vice President, and the best we’ve ever had, but the coupsters were able to topple him.

    The Tui Vuda, who has in the past shown himself to be a great and kind Paramount Chief, has been little more than a puppet since the coup.

    If their emasculation and usurpation shows one thing, it is that the REAL power in Fiji lies elsewhere, not in the hands of the President or VP.

    What this illegal regime has not yet figured out – or perhaps they DO know it, and it IS their greatest fear – is that REAL power lies in the hands of the people.

    The regime is just doing everything it can to stop us from using that power.

    So – to indigenous and non-indigenous alike : You already have the power and the right to lead the country. You are being denied that right, temporarily, by the illegal regime.

    God bless Fiji

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    Comparisons between Obama and Mahen are very superficial indeed. Mahen is a politician in the very worst definition of the term while Obama is a statesman for the ages.

    Saying there are both members of the minority race within their respective countries simply dishonours Obama’s sterling record and the very real struggle of black America to find freedom.

  5. for fiji Says:

    Hi I am trying to send an email to thieving PM Bainimarama, does any of you know his email address.Thank you
    PLS email me on

  6. Isalei Says:

    And dont forget that Obama has both white and black parentage so could easily be accepted by either group. He was at the right place at the right time! He came, he saw the weakness of the opposition and he conqured!

  7. Ablaze Says:

    We all know what Qarase is saying and will only happen if treason had not become the weapon to oust elected Govts.

    The people must understand that in a small nation with a coup culture “democracy” cannot be switched off temporarily, its all or nothing and trust must be placed on its people.

    All this is lacking in our country bar the act of treason.

  8. Isalei Says:

    Obama embodied the great American dream that was dreamt by the majority of middle classes down to the masses. The minority elites of the military-industrial-corporate could no longer have it their way despite controlling 80% of America’s wealth. Money doesn’t buy everything and we hope that Obama, despite the very obscene campaign lobbying $$, will not succumb to the temptations of the filthy rich and forget the hopes of the masses upon whose votes he rode. God bless America, God bless Obama and God look down with compassion on Fiji.

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    you tend to forget that Chodo was not only the first Indian Prime Minister in Fiji but also the 1st Prime Minister who was a former convict. He was found guilty of ‘causing death by dangerous driving’ and speant at least 1 day in custody before being released on CSO.

    There is nothing in the Constitution stopping a non Fijian becoming PM or President in Fiji, so what is the big fuss? The only thing stopping us is our mindset.

    But remember as well, that despite our moral convictions in trying to giving other races a fair go in Fiji, their very homelands or countries of orgin will never consider doing the same towards a minority race!

    Can you honestly think India or China allowing a non Indian of non Chinese becoming PM or President of their respective countries?

    With all due respect to Obama and the US, the rest of thr world stills operates in a different mode.

  10. Isalei Says:

    Thanks for the reminder @JW. The euphoria of Obama’s election in the US should not automatically mean the same applies to the rest of us. Qarase is responding to the mood of the day. But he still has to contend with the mood of the Fijian people. We are only as fast as our slowest couzin in the village, who would not accept change overnight. We are way way behind the US, so must take our own time with these things. It will be a non-Fijian who is able to embody the dream, the trust and respect of the Fijians that will be the Obama of Fiji. Certainly not the likes of Chodo, Ayarze, Shaitsa, and NCBBF members.

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Jese W – Thank you so much for the reminder.
    Perhaps that can be the first action of our newly elected government – to introduce a Constitutional amendment which prohibits convicted criminals from holding political office.
    No wonder the malodorous Chodokant is always so bitter – he knows he lives on borrowed time.
    God bless Fiji

  12. orion Says:

    Obama is a carefully engineered candidate of the American establishment. Nothing will change in America. War in the middle east will still rage on, only this time it will be shifted to Afghanistan from Iraq. The military industrial complex will still be important. Oil interest will still dominate US agenda in the Eurasia. Conflicts in Asia will ensure the breaking up of pakistan into smaller autonomous states and also possibly Iran, China & Russia. The people behind the “faces” determine how the president ofr America operates. If people expect that things will change, nah. If Obama goes against the establishment, most probably he wiill be eliminated. US politics is very very complex. We cannot take it on the face value as people do in Fiji.

  13. Isalei Says:

    I had some hope too Orion but I would share your view that nothing much will change, which is why I kinda felt sorry for the way Americans placed so much hope in Obama. Americans have been quite lousy also in electing Pressies, e.g. actors like Reagan and his starwars polcy, Bush II and his war vs invisible enemies, (Arnie of the terminator -Gov of Calif).
    Reminded me of the way Fijians trailed after Rabuka during his heydays of 87+, such a novelty, village churches would be full once they learnt that Rambo was around. I reminded many relatives of that verse in Isaiah 2:22: “Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils, Of what account is he?” It came true towards the mid-90s when the shepherds leading us, tasting power for the first time and loving it, became more interested in filling their pockets and amassing fortunes and properties (NBF loans saga) than in the plight of the masses that had placed so much hope on them. Rambo bought his estate somewhere in Savusavu, others elsewhere. By 1999 Fijians were just fed up with the SVT and the turncoat Rambo, what a letdown!! I saw that same hope in Americans and felt sorry both for Obama and the people. For us and out struggle, let’s just place our hopes in our good Lord who will never let anyone down.

  14. FIji Forward Says:

    Hey Dickheads, O Obama se qai wini qori, se bera mada ga ni sworn in, he has alot to do to put the US back on line so please dont give him credit yet cause he might turn out worse than Bush and Qarase put together. The bottom line is that everyone stop talking about these dream world resistance and put some hard yards in!!!! winching and complaining aint gonna get you anywhere brother and sister.

  15. Isalei Says:

    Sa bai qai mai o Mr Maimurilevu backside forward expert! Curu ga maimuri sa bai vanavana mai na dakai da!

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    Obama has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.
    Good to see he is availing himself of experience from the Clinton years.
    Lets hope he keeps control, however, instead of being a puppet to the military industrial complex like Iloilo.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of line Obama takes with Cuba and Isreal. Cuba and Fiji should be getting the same treatment. The problem with both is that they do not respect the political rights of the People. Isreal needs some dressing down on the Palestinian issue.

  17. FIji Forward Says:

    Isalei, thats the reality my man/woman, real world politics or world news and you mught understand something about what I’m talking about!!! unless you’re illiterate..

  18. Wuf wuf Says:

    Woof, woof @ FijiFoward, areh wah, me luking for uro falla like u, nice bola Ratu Modri Boc!

    So you me like or wot? Me want you wag my tail? U want or make appoinmen later? Acha, me want, me wait. Set karo.

  19. Dauvavana Says:

    Fiji forward should go and do the foward backward thing with wuf wuf in Patrick Hughes’s hotel room. The Irish falla in suva shooting porn videos with our local suva kalavos………..aaaare waah!!

  20. NaVoreEnaVoreGa Says:

    Fiji is not the USA.

    Blacks join the war and die for the US.I don’t see Indians doing that.

    Blacks have integrated and become Americans because they have lost all the African heritage.Indians don’t wanna be Fijians because they still wannabe koolies.They hang on to everything they brought with them on the Syriah as if it were yesterday and are still not integrating.

    Blacks are there to stay and build, Indians treat Fiji like a transit point. They come with nothing build their wealth and leave.

    Blacks don’t join coups but Mahen got married to the traitor Vore and has throw himself 100% into this coup with the backing of the other 99.9% traitorous Indians.

    Barack promises to unite all Americans, when Mahen was PM he only look after his kind with $30,000 cash handouts.

    Barrack will stay as the President because of his openness but thank God we got rid of Mahen and hopefully every other damn Indian who wants to be PM. Mahen has proven that we cannot trust any of them

  21. Colin Bishop Says:

    Tourism NZ is anticipating a minimum of 10% drop in tourism due to the global crisis. Tourists in times of financial stress tend to also seek safe and secure locations to holiday in. I do not believe that the tourism picture in Fiji is as rosy as portrayed. The industry will be putting a positive spin on the country as tourists are fickle and any suggestion of falling standards or security problems and they go elsewhere. As said in a previous post the overseas agents appear to now be promoting Tonga,Samoa and Vanuatu.
    TV in NZ used to be saturated with adds for Fiji but less than one per night is the norm.

    How can we find out the truth as all that appears in the local papers is a positive spin on this highly important industry.

  22. Ablaze Says:

    @ Fiji Forward who had to finish work last night because it was time to knock off. It goes to show how the supporters of these bunch of try hard losers only come in here when they are being paid to spew out trash.

    We on the other hand are passionate about our fight for democracy and our rights!

    Fiji Forward and your likes read this and read very carefully – this is what we are fighting for.

    If Obama can say it as he becomes the President of USA if not the most powerful man in the world someone in Fiji one day (any race) will do it for us.

    “To those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if America’s beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.”

  23. Isalei Says:

    FF sa vuli mada o iko! Nomu mentality/spelling vinaka cake oira na yacova na kalasi 4 ena gauna ya!

  24. Isalei Says:

    Go wuf wuf, ketchim boy,kechim! Katia vinaka sara nona part ya!Ho ho ho!

  25. Ablaze Says:

    @ Fiji Forward the Treacle Lips King who oozes nothing important from the lips to help our cause but trash.

    Even that father of Fiji Coups Rabuka who now thinks that God speaks to him has admitted that the Regime of try hard losers are nothing but copycats and trying hard to get away with what he got away with the help of Mara and Gaunilau.

    Rabuka say:

    “Learning (not copycat!) from the success stories and the failures of the advanced economies is an effort worth taking.

    They have a lot to teach us, and if we are willing to be taught, we have a lot to gain.”

    Today, Cranky Franky has the help of these 2 high profile chiefs’s children. (Maras and Gaunilau)

    Bad Luck Cranky Franky & Fiji Forward, times have changed and in no way we will be sucked in by these spoilt selfish silver spooner brats who have no idea how to earn a living like every hard working citizen of this country.

    Included on the top of the list of school and work very hard are Ratu Joni and Mr Graham Leung.

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    @Colin Bishop – The FIVB might be putting a positive spin on tourism figures but you have to realise its their job.

    Yes we are subject to the global financial crisis like everyone else, but please do not commpare our tourism product in Fiji to Samoa, Tonga or Vanuatu.

    Do any of those countries have the kind of properties we have in Fiji like Turtle, Wakaya or Vatulele, I think NOT! Can you land a 747-400 in most other PICs?

    Can they service 3 classes of passengers, clean, cater, board fesh crew, refuel, re-board passengers and blocks off in under an hour. Good luck getting a gangway long enough to be able to deplane passengers from Left 2 – forget about an airbridge.

    Do they have the same extensive collection of outer island/small island resorts like we have in the Yasawas and Mamanucas, let alone Kadavu, Lomaiviti, the islands of Lau and the incredible Northern division.

    How about the off-the-beaten-path places along the Ra coast, Beqa and Rotuma, why Taveuni alone probabaly has more rooms of a much higher calibre and star rating than some of those entire countries you mention.

    Go to your three examples of Fiji’s tourism competition and drink the water straight from the tap – I hope you have adequate medical insurance.

    I’m not even going to get into the service levels we offer, its just not worth the debate. And you don’t have to believe me, read the reviews on TripAdvisor.com and the like and the multitude of awards from Vogue Travel, Conde Nast to Forbes.

    Name comparative plants equal to the Fijian, Outrigger or Warwick in those countries and I won’t even mention Denarau. Wait until Laucala Island re-opens and Natadola goes into high gear.

    If you want the truth speak to the Air New Zealand crew (tech and cabin) who may still overnight in Fiji.

    Fiji my friend, for the small fucked up group of islands we are, punch well above our fighting weight when it comes to tourism/customer service.

    I hardly ever boast about my country, because I am only too painfully aware of so many things that are wrong here, but in this case I double dare you to go to a small island boutique resort called Qamea Beach Club and Spa, then get back to me on SV and tell me they did not steal your heart away.

  27. Dauvavana Says:

    Ni yadra vinaka Turaga Nite Island Boy.

    Ni vosota ni so na gauna dau fire vakalialia o la na gone ni veitiritiri mai na Waisiliva qo ka bera ni se tabaki mada nai waqawaqa ni mona sa cadruti na tabataba e na monalivaliva; me vaka ni dau short fuse no!

    Ia edaidai, e caudre vakamataka na switch ni wilika na nomuni vakamacala kamica ko ni vakamacala taka koto kina na noda vanua lomani. Ko saraga nai vakamacala oqori ko da dau via bole mate kina e nai vukui Viti.

    Dua la na ka au via kaya eke, e mai cala sara vakalevu na kena mai solia vei noqu Tauvu o Jo Dobui Tuamoto nai tutu vaka Manidia Levu ni noda Tabacakacaka ni Saravanua (Fiji Visitors Bureau).

    O kemuni o ni solia mai Lagi mea mai nomuni nai Tutu ‘oya!!!

    Island Boy to be Tourism Minister in the next elected government. Vacava That???

  28. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ my Tau IslandBoy,

    au tokoni Duana,

    sa kamikamica dina na nomuni vakamacala.

    O kemuni sa dodonu ga mo ni Minister ni Saravanua.

  29. Truth Says:

    Okay guys I agree

    One question if I may ?

    Where is Mick Beddoe’s Charter?

  30. Ablaze Says:

    Well said Island Boy and must add that the smile and hosipitality that tourist receive on their arrival here cannot be matched or paid for anywhere in the world.

    That is the only reason they will come back time and time again for more.

  31. newsfiji Says:

    Yeah….let’s support Mick Beddoes Charter…hey maybe he’s Fiji’s OBAMA!

    Oh..and we should also elect our President too….no more being picked by the GCC etc…

  32. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Isa Turaga Nite, kemuni sa dau vakaloloma taki au tu ga. Ni qai kanaka ga mai na Delaniwaisiliva au sa ciba sara la. Vosota ni sa guileca na yanuyanu vakaciriloloma ni veidomoni ko Toberua.

    When Joe Tuamoto was appointed Chief of FIVB my hopes for Fiji Tourism rose like they did for the world and the US when Barack Obama was elected 44th President. He is intelligent, experienced, capable and a helluva nice guy.

    Short story turaga nite, to waste your valuable time this morning.

    Perhaps 3 or more years ago, when Air NZ still had a first class cabin in the nose section of the 747, I was flying from LAX to LHR (connect from NAN on 767) sitting in 3A. There were only 12 seats in first class (kedaru undeserved upgrade)

    Just before the door closed a middle aged gentleman was ushered next to me in 3B. Being aware that I was an upgrade, au galu sara tiko, thinking this guy was the real paying pax.

    Just because I had been upgraded a couple of times before, I knew the service sequence, the way the movie screen worked etc and when he asked me a couple of questions I was able to answer.

    Sa veitaravi mai na kakana, na gunu, qoroqoro sara tiko na turaga keirau drata vata tiko. Kanaka sara o koya, you must be used to all this, teri kila o Ratu nomuni nite basi tiko ni Tacirua me lai job e vei mataka.

    His next question was that he could not place my accent but said without malice he was sure I was not American. Au sa kanaka lo tu ga, Isa Ratu na vaqara green card segai ni tukuni rawa.

    Personality plus sara o kedaru, I’m from Fiji, do you know where that is. He replied he had just returned from Suva – recruitment drive for the British army. I responded – it must be a very interesting job taking him all over the world and he sai No, just Fiji and they used to go to Nepal.

    He said since Fijian soldiers marched through the streets of London during the victory in Europe parade, (1940s?) the British army has always been well aware of the excellent calibre of our men and now also our women.

    Then he said something that made me so proud I almost burst and had to pretend to look out the window at nothing in particular. “….they bring something with them that we can’t train, its in their DNA”

    “It’s like your sevens team, he continued, when the chips are down and all odds stacked against them, they always pull it out, sometimes not, but they have that capability and they do it with laughter and good humor.”

    Voleka sara ni daru sa vakirukiru ekea, so I just said, your are very kind.

    Well I think when you get a Fantastic Fijian in the tourism industry at the front line, he is a world beater. Boy! this story sound terribly sycophantic, but its true.

    Sa rauta mada nodaru veitalanoa ena mata ni varada nei Wing Zoing Wah, segai ni mai Nausori qo, de daru qai bar taki ena SV. Remain blessed my nite!

  33. Wuf wuf Says:

    Lako Frank, bring this country down to its knees, sa rui sivia na veiqati kei na kocokoco. Too much greed for power and money keeping everybody here poor.

    Dismantle the GCC and free natives from their endless obligations and oga’s that keep them in perpetual slavery.

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    @JW – Bula my Tau – do you remember the funny Fijian translation of Minister without Portfolio in the old days – Minisita Ni Sega! (kaila & lol).
    Yasana qo sa sega tu ga! You have a good one.

  35. Striker Says:

    @IB: Nostalgic, considering the ruined reputation to our country and the missed opportunities to our youths since December 2006. Pity!

  36. Dauvavana Says:

    Ni bula vinaka Tale Naita, otioti ni vetalanoa e na varada nei Wing Zong Wah ni bera na veitalatala, kemuni e na basi ni Noco Transport gole i Nasali au se tarova mada ko gole i Bau Landing……………..Dobs (Jo Tuamoto) is a good friend of mine and I have a lot of respect for his ability. As a matter of fact I thought he was next in line for the job which they gave to Naita Bill Gavoka but that’s history as they say.

    What I am slightly concern about is that given the stae of the nation with coup, corruption, security of tourists, he has one hell of a job to do getting the kind of tourist we want coming to our shores.

    Sa lai dua mada nai olo ivi kei na hotbread shop meu sa tarovi van sara i na koro.

  37. IslandBoy Says:

    @Stryker – That is exactly my point to Colin Bishop. The leaders have ruined their reputation, not we the people, what we are about and what we do. We have maintained our identity and our integrity.

    I for one will not curse the darkness but will work like the blazes to right the wrongs, if they have 10 coups, I and mine wil restore Fiji 11 times.

    Sorry you think its nostalgia, I guess we have different realities. For me Fiji is still a beautiful country.

  38. Wuf wuf Says:

    Areh waah!

    DNA too in dalit blood, braved high seas on Leonidas, white slave master beatings everyday in sugarcane belts, work hard evely day, hot sun, overcrowded coolie squatter barracks, sanitation vely bad, forced to pray with muslims in small space, but want to make sure children get good enuf education, plenty to eat, better life, now travel round world to see children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren….vely vely proud of DNA too areh, persevere unbelievable in face of persecution from white, now from natives, areh yaar dausoot keep blaming dalits, tut, tut.

  39. Striker Says:

    @IB: The common link in all these disturbances is the military. The nation has lost its good reputation, our youths have lost the opportunities for employment in the British Army etc due to the military. Of course our leaders have their weaknesses, but there are legal and proper avenues for redress. While I admire your courage and committment, Fiji cannot afford any more coups. So I agree we have different realities. My solution to taking Fiji forward is through abolishing the military. That I believe will make Fiji stable and even more beautiful.

  40. Wuf wuf Says:

    Areh waah!

    Dis Govrnmnt must abolis GCC first, elect presiden by evelybody den only can downsize da miltary gradualy.

  41. FIji Forward Says:

    Sorry loser’s like McCain’s groups, take it like a responsible citizen SDL gat removed because of their uselessness, Qarase got booted out cause he was a incapable leader, the Court has made it’s decision so what’s the complaint now, aint no election in maybe five years time!!! put your critisims into physical reality or shut the f..up and do some work for the country, because no matter what the country needs you!! and you need the country!! so cry babies, tagitagive, pleeeeeeease do some work.

  42. Nostradamus Says:

    You say it like it is.
    No point in bending over for turds who cannot show any commitment to Fiji. What you are talking about is the diaspora. Everything has to bend to the caste mentality, not the other way around. Chodo can not learn. It is ingrained in his blood. No matter if his daughter marries European and his son marries Tongan, he is still Indian and will push for Indian after five generations of non-assimilation and non respect. Still looking for the caste based solution. “Natives” not allowed.

  43. Striker Says:

    @FF: You pea sized brain may not be able to take it in but even a small child will appreciate that your hero Voreqe is the most useless, incapable leader of all. Look at the ruined economy, thousands more live in poverty and ordinary folks are groaning over the difficulties inflicted by morons like you since December 2006. But all is not lost. You can, by virtue of the decision of the High Court, now take out Voreqe, run to the President and he could, if you suck him up in the right part of his anatomy, make your action legal. Wouldn’t that be marvellous?

  44. taki mai Says:

    Fiji’s 1997 Constitution is very clear in that any citizen of Fiji can become Prime Minister if his/her party is democratically elected with the majority numbers to form government. It’s as simple as that. But this is not the issue in Fiji. The real issue in Fiji is whether or not the Fiji Military Forces will accept any democratically elected government apart from their own preferred one? We think not!
    In Raw Fiji News 7 Nov 08
    The biggest hurdle why neither a minority or majority can be Prime Minister of Fiji is because of the Fiji Military Forces itself. They are not bothered whose minority and whose majority. They want to be Prime Minister and President themselves and that is the painful reality in Fiji. Democracy was killed in December 2006 and the birthing of a new democracy in Fiji can only be executed by the people for the people. NOT by the military for the people.Very true Bro.

  45. Colin Bishop Says:

    I definatly did not say that the standard of tourist product in Fiji is not top class. What I was pointing out was there is a lack of promotion of Fiji in NZ compared to before the coup. I was interested in the truth of the effect of the coup and the coming recession on fiji. As I posted in a previous thread my secretary in NZ was asked by three of my fijian staff to book tickets for them to Fiji for Christmas. When she rang Flight Centre she was advised to go elswhere as it was not good in Fiji at the moment. If this attude is common with tourist agents we will have a serious downturn in tourist numbers from NZ.
    I have been a tourist to Fiji since 1968, have lived there recently for several years and own a company and property in what I believe is the most beutiful country in the world. I admit to being gutted by the coup and the resulting damage to the country and I am a white foreigner so I cant comprehend what it must be like to have your own country treated this way.

  46. Isalei Says:

    @FF, na duidui ga e tiko ni o Qarase ea digitaki vakaturaga mai vei ira na lewe ni vanua kei nomu Vore e togoraki/suguraki mai vakaisi vei keda. Force-line law of the jungle has no place in this 21st century.That will always be the difference between those who can reason with their brains and heart, and those whose only modus operandi is force, threat, intimidate, freeze! Story from one suburb in Suva, some soldiers promoting the charter told this old man, “Tokona na charter ke sega na mai kama nomu vale!” He couldn’t believe that this is happening in our very own Fijian society, sa oti na vakarokoroko, na qaciqacia sa daba! What has brought this on? Are they all wounded boys that need PTSD counselling? Or delivery? If this is what a military mentality has done to our beloved Fiji and our own boys, then I fully support the party that will get rid of the military in Fiji. Referendum please. Does Fiji need a military or not?

  47. FIji Forward Says:

    Isalei, please change your name because it spoils the beautiful lyrics and harmony of the song, you sound more like a broken record player!!

  48. Wuf wuf Says:

    woof woof! Wot bout me, forward is me, backward is you?! U no like my name tumar gun? Levamine, me still like and lukin u. U wanna dance wit me?

  49. Isalei Says:

    @FF, Everytime you see my name on your screen, be reminded that I look forward to the time when my nation will get back to normal again, when I wake up from this bad dream and see my vision of the madman wounded ego Vore and his mad untreated posttrauma stressed out pisskissa sapotas like you safely in jail and we can celebrate the return of our democracy to our land of opportunities. Hence, “isa” is for the the glories of the past before the stupid devil spoilt our Eden Fiji, and “lei” is for the salusalu I will wear with pride for the future that will be. It will be a glorious comeback F**k face, Get that in your numbskull bigbackside!

  50. Isalei Says:

    @FF Another pote for you, life is bigger than mere words you know. Isalei is not about your song. Haha, tobo tu na lala ni qavoka!! Ca gona ni vuli vakavo!

  51. Isalei Says:

    And Fijibackside, the TRUTH must be told again and again and again until you see the LIGHT! I can see some glimmer of hope at times, then you go back into your confused hole, and the light is shut out again. Then all I see is envy/jealousy for Qarase, and those hardworking Fijians who got where they are thru sheer hard work, unlike your precious Vore with his certificate from dranibota on the bavelo and all you flies swarming around him looking for freebies and enjoying your new found pawa of the gun! Sa vakamaduwataki kedatou sara la na kai Viti, keda a sega ni tu ni dau vaqori man! Au sa rui lomani kemudou dina!

  52. Kafir Says:


    lomani FF(f#&# frank),

    se boy gone ga o koya. tukuna ga vakamalua vua me muria nonai yatu na luveni baku.

  53. FIji Forward Says:

    Isa Lei take it easy!! now you really getting me worried!! the word and lyrics to that song are so sweet compared to your venom!!! look at Kafir comments, I guess he is one of you sorry lots who is also out of a job, you two get together mada, console each other for your misguided thoughts and think for a second where will this shit you talking about get you??? no where because FB is here to stay whether you like it or not!!! Please once again dont use Isalei because it represents the majority of people of Fiji who have endorsed FB and IG!!! not mere puppies like you and wuf wuf, dou vakasama mada vaka vinaka, wilivi tale na i vola tabu, vei sorosorovi mada qai tacake mai ki na Viti Vou!!! Fiji my Fiji….

  54. FIji Forward Says:

    McCains words we dont hide from History we make History is exactly what the military is doing to Fiji. A new dawn where we can all live in happily ever after including you sorry lot after we’ve forgiven you because you dont really have much of a choice minorities!!

  55. FIji Forward Says:

    Hey people!! my good friends, how about Rika and Co getting summoned by the High Court!! you think they’ll go into prison??? food for thought for you my friends or detractors!! qarauna the long arm of the law is coming out for you!! blog tiko, tobu ga, yellow bottom trousers mada, qarauna tiko…. raivuki tiko….vakabibi Ablaze kei Kafir, qarauna tiko…nomudra maimuri me gaurd taki tiko!!!

  56. Ablaze Says:

    Piss off Trash Can – you think I am afraid of you and that madman that pays you to do him and to trash good people.

    Come out to Wakaya where the big bucks are and we will see who rules then.

  57. Isalei Says:

    Fijibackside, sa laurai ga na vakatoboicu ni nomu qavokaqavoka ni sa curu tu kina nomu maimuri. Sa rauta me vagoneagonea mai nomu vosa ka vakaraitaka na lala ni qa-la kei na tabu vuli. Vakaloloma dina e dua na kai viti sa yacova tu e dua nai tutu lolovira va qori. O Rika gona e tu vinaka tu, rawa ni voli kemudou kei na nomudou matanitu o Rupert Murdoch. O kemudou? Sa warai la na foreign aid sa warai na ka e mamai!!!No wonder you prostituting to India and China. Tei ga vakalevu na tapi ni ethanol me kua mada na freeride tiko.

  58. Fiji Forward Says:

    Helen Clark gets her sorry Butt kicked out after Kiwi’s influenced by FB comments not to support her!!! is that true people??? geez if even Kiwi’s can listen to FB, who will you three listen to then??? Dont worry about Murdoch, he doesnt live here. One option boot the white ass out of the country, Rika into jail!! vacava ya!!! but the sorry guy has a heart problem. De sa lewa ga ni kalou ni vaka sa qai kamica mai nai lakolako qo Isalei, you will all slowly agonize yourselves to death as things unfold in favour of FB and IG, remeber this journey has been blessed by the almighty including you sorry lot so repent and join the journey, have a blessed Sunday.

  59. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward – Helen Clark won’t suffer she is an intelligent woman and will have no problems finding a job that will pay more than the Prime Minister of NZ.

    Not like you gang so desperate you have to coup to obtain a criminal job for wages.

    In your case you have to satisfy the goons backward, forward, side on and head on, plus waste everyone’s time on this Blog Site.

  60. Jose Says:

    @ FF, I’m sure you are not stupid or ignorant. So you must know that the majority of people in both NZ and Aust don’t know that Bainimarama even exists. There’s too much going on in these countries for anyone there to even know about a small time nobody from the pacific let alone give 2 shits what he thinks. These people vote for who they want to vote for. Tell that to your little boss- man nobody

  61. Peni Says:

    @FastForward …I have read some of your postings and would like to ask you one simple question…will the people of Fiji ever have choice in choosing their leaders? Will VB ever stand for elections? Does he the courage to do so?

  62. Isalei Says:

    Don’t worry about Helen Fijibackside. She’s way too smart for your no-school-Vore, which is why he hates her guts and he pays you to say these things. As for John Key, dont think he’s gonna change the way NZ engages your stupid guntoting IG. Helen has led for two terms and its time for a change anyway. But its not who wins that matters and this is what we are trying to ram into your thick numbskull. The people have spoken, through the ballot box not guns like you cowards holding on to. If you were smart you wouldn’t even be saying anything, but I suppose we are whipping a dumbass here, who can’t see the difference. Anyway keep it up its good for the 1million hit target by Christmas.

  63. Fiji Forward Says:

    1 milliom hit target is by people who read and laugh at the stupidity of people like you ISALEI, who do nothing but contribute unconstructive, unrealistic comments, simple as that and you if you havent realized by now than your IQ level is pretty much on par with ABLAZE and JOSE, average if not low. By the way like it or not FB’s comment to Kiwi’s must have touched a chord because they voted her out!!! Pote mada!!! no job for her, pick fruits maybe. Anyway people if I still havent convinced you, take a walk, drive out to the villages and se how happy they are, so things are certainly ok except for you sorry lots who have their heads so far up you asses you cant see the sunshine thats radiating from A New Day, A New Dawn, God bless Fiji excluding you sorry lot…

  64. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward has become a raving lunatic like the madman leader Pig Face covered in shit Frank the Crank!

  65. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ablaze that all you can reply to convincing statement, ha!ha! finally getting through to you now, knocking some sense into that thick coconut head of yours, relax and dont worry, you’ll come around…

  66. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ablaze that all you can reply to my convincing statement, ha!ha! finally getting through to you now, knocking some sense into that thick coconut head of yours, relax and dont worry, you’ll come around…listen before you watch the 6pm news every evening and you see the NCBBF song come on, think of me and what I’m trying to get across to you lost soul because that is the bottom line for you, think very hard about what I just told you and listen carefully to the lyrics because somewhere along the lines it will appeal to you, thats natural so dont worry about it, they will forgive you….

  67. Isalei Says:

    @FF fijibackside, vakaloloma e dua na kai viti vakataki iko sa rawarawa vua me volitaka na nona kawa tamata just so he can lick the arse of John Samy and his charter. Enjoy Samy while the honeymoon lasts, coz no one bothers to listen to your new dawn song brought by the gun. TV one and Seru Serevi laughing all the way to the bank cause they are the real winners. Soon there will be no more money to feed your children, no docs or nurses in hospitals, no medicine, no transport, roads too big potholes to fix, cause your IG bleed it dry, mama taucoko nomudou corrupt selfserving IG. Then you can start singing that song to them. Enjoy it while it lasts, for as the wise man says, “Ill-gotten riches are of no value.”

  68. Jose Says:

    @FF you idiot. No Prime Minister is there to stay. They get voted out at some time. Does not your pea brain fathom that? Intelligent people don’t listen to the small voice of your little boss-man -nobody like your sidekick vore. That voice is only for people like you and yours. Sa sivia nomu vakaboica tiko na kora nei budau osa ucui koya mai.

  69. Fiji Forward Says:

    Isalei and Jose!! au se rerevaki kemudrau sara ga!!! nomudraui vosa sa rui
    dukadukali sara ga, kemudra beka na kai viti?? se dosi?? baleta na dosi ga dau vagataka na vosa va qo!!! Anyway enjoy the song people, It’s A New Day,….. A New Dawn,……. Me da toso ki Liu…….even the school children are singing it now. Repent people, repent is all I can ask of you.

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