A new dawn for Americans… awesome!

Obama is first US black President

Americans elected Democrat Barack Obama as their first black president Tuesday, in a transformational election which will reshape US politics and reposition the United States on the world stage.

Obama, 47, will be inaugurated the 44th US president on January 20, 2009, and inherit an economy mired in the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a nuclear showdown with Iran.

Television networks projected his victory over Republican John McCain after Senator Obama solidified traditional Democratic states and cut deep into the Republican territory which his rival needed to control to win the White House.

Obama’s historic inauguration will complete a stunning ascent to the pinnacle of US and global politics from national obscurity just four years ago and close an eight year era of turbulence under President George W. Bush.

He will take office with Democrats holding a monopoly in power in Washington, after an epochal election which sparked a rare generational and political realignment and finally snuffed out an era of Republican control.

Obama is promising to renew bruised ties with US allies, and to engage some of the most fierce US foes like Iran and North Korea. He has vowed to pass tackle climate change and provide health care to all Americans.

His presidency also marks a stunning cultural shift, with Obama, the son of Kenyan father and white mother from Kansas, the first African American president of a nation still riven by racial divides.

When he launched his campaign on a chilly day in Illinois in February 2007, Obama forged a mantra of change which powered him throughout the longest, most costly US presidential campaign in history.

With a stunning grassroots political movement, powered by massive multi-million dollar fundraising, Obama first beat Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party’s then preeminent political machine.

Obama strode towards victory on Tuesday by capturing the states of Pennsylvania, the key battleground which McCain needed to win to keep his long-shot hopes of victory alive.

In a sweet moment for Democrats, he also seized the midwestern battleground of Ohio and captured New Mexico and Iowa, two states won by Bush in 2004 to close out McCain’s possible route towards the White House.

Obama had led national and battleground polls and had capitalized on the fear of Americans pitched into the deep financial crisis, especially as he appeared to be presidential in a string of debates.

McCain had argued that Obama was too inexperienced to be US commander in chief and would pursue “socialist” redistribution policies that would leave the economy mired in recession.

McCain, 72, an Arizona senator, would have been the oldest man ever inaugurated for a first term in the White House.


“The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America — I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you — we as A PEOPLE will get there,”

Obama, President-elect in Chicago, Illinois


41 Responses to “A new dawn for Americans… awesome!”

  1. Dauvavana Says:

    hey if Obama can make it then Vore can form his own party and call for elections in Fiji.

    They call him the Military Tough Man, io??? Prove it mada and be man enough to stand for public office in an election.

    He accussed Qarase of vote buying in the 2001 election, well he is now in charge of the Treasury in Fiji, how about free volkswagon and toasters for us proletariats (as Mark Manning also promises). We just might vote for hime 😉

  2. Dauvavana Says:

    I am getting sick of my beaten up Japanese Toyota, an would not mind a VW Golf. 🙂

  3. Talei Says:

    I just hope that Obama will be as tough on this Illegal regime as the current U.S. government is.

  4. soro Says:

    I am so pleased Obama is President . I have already emailed him in regards to Fiji’s position and what we the people think …. please do the same : http://answercenter.barackobama.com/cgi-bin/barackobama.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php

  5. Isalei Says:

    Se Soro, fancy! Vinaka for the initiative, me kila ga o Obama ni o Viti lailai tale ga qo e tokoni koya tu. While you at it Soro, ask him to send the US Marines me ra vakarikacataki mada na vakafancy tiko qo.

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    There is a HUGE difference between an intelligent man becoming a leader then one who prances around and jet-setting on other peoples’ money for something he has NO IDEA what it is about i.e. the impending trip to Brussels for this illegal interim minister of finance…can he even count?

    The difference lies in this part of President Obama’s speech:

    “To those — to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you (THAT IS YOU VORE). To those who seek peace and security: We support you (THAT IS US DEMOCRACY FIGHTERS!). And to all those who have wondered if America’s beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms (THERE YOU GO AGAIN VORE…TOUGH LUCK FOR YOU AND YR UNINTELLIGENT GOONS) or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.” (GO DEMOCRACY! LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY FIGHTERS!)

  7. newsfiji Says:

    Isalei…you just crack me up! Qori saraga…meratou lako mada mai na nodratou marines vei iratou na viavia rough toka qo…

    Che da walega o QEB…ba..ha..ha..

    Oh..lusi madaga na Fiji Bati….ke wini na baci via via star tu kina o Bainivuaka…

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    The Volkswagons and toasters aren’t a problem .
    It’s the roads to drive them on and the electricity supply , that is !
    And I agree , here’s hoping Obama finds a good use for the charter .
    I still think my idea of buying the rights to the charter , having it printed on toilet paper so we can start some real cleaning up around here , was the right use for the charter !
    I kind of understand now , why they call it the charter farter ! Sought of make sense doesn’t it .

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    In America, the military-industrial complex has been voted out.
    At the same time, Voreqe is trying to bring one in to Fiji.
    Who is moving forward and who backward?

  10. Budhau Says:

    You see guys – sometimes it is OK to look beyond the colour of the skin or race when choosing a leader. And second thing – figure out this peaceful transition of power from one government to another works.

    Now, translate that into Fiji terms.

  11. Colin Bishop Says:

    Obamas acceptance speech showed his intention for Ameica to be more inward looking with bringing together of all the communities and races being an important feature of it.

    A more traditional and inward looking America, like in the Truman era, will be less inclined to be involved in wars and disruptions that do not directly affect America. This normally means an increase in diplomatic activity as a method of directing overseas policy.
    The changes to be seen in a situation like Fiji would be an America activly involved in talks and negotiations required to solve regional problems. Curently USA is quite standoffish and inclined to leave things to other countries in the area.

  12. Nostradamus Says:

    As a lawyer, it is doubtful that Obama will look kindly on a military dictatorship continuing to keep the People down in Fiji, especially if it is going to sell out to China the human rights abuser and India the most racist and corrupt of all nations on earth. I doubt there will be any change in US policy towards Fiji. Voreqe the imbecile has antagonized all of Fiji’s democratic neighbors. He obviously has no respect for democracy or his fellow citizens who should be exercizing their right to vote.

  13. LUVfiji Says:

    History has unfolded in the US as America shows the world the real strength of democracy. God Bless them! Without a doubt this man was annointed to lead his great Nation. We can only hope and pray in Fiji that a little of that annointing will trickle down our way and a piece of that freedom that rings in their Land.

    Selo Obama, selo !! God be with you!

  14. Budhau Says:

    Nostradamus you idiot, China is already helping the regime in Fiji with “unconditional” foreign aid and business investment. The regime in Fiji does not seem to have any problems with that.

    The US, by going tough on this regime would only help Fiji into the arms of China. The US has to get more involved to deal with the political, social, and economic problems in this region.

    Regardless of who the leader is in the US – they always look after their own interests first. I don’t think they will come down hard on the Fiji regime if that would push Fiji more towards China – unless of course the situation in Fiji deteriorates and we start looking like a failed state.

    So don’t count on US coming to our help – regardless of what Australia says. That diplomacy that Bishop is talking about may translate into US willingness to work with the Bainimarama regime.

    ..and what was that “India the most racist and corrupt of all nations on earth” about.

  15. Isalei Says:

    Buda, it depends on the quality of the person whose colour of skin and race we need to look beyond. Obama was chosen by the majority of American voters from all walks of life who have become so disillusioned with the elitist republican policies of the Bush administration and were ready to vote for someone who “spoke” their language.

    Obama represented what the average American dreamt of a secure job and home, health care, fair education system that allows affirmative action policies for the disadvantaged, underprivileged, most of whom are blacks or immigrants, catered for the restlessness of youth, so yes, he seized the moment, he saw the weaknesses of the McCain camp (thanks to Bush), strategised for a successful campaign, despte his lack of experience at national leadership level.. I mean he was never governor of any state, just a first term Senator. But the people have spoken. However the real test is yet to begin, and that is in his ability to fulfill these dreams for which he was elected. It is not just the matter of race or education, but about “who” earns the respect of the voters enough to place their confidence in him to take them out of the intolerable conditions suffered under the Bush administration. The global financial crisis, the unnecessary Iraq war, played right into his hands as people were just fed up with Bush’s screw up. Unfortunate for McCain, wrong time! wrong end!

    The message for Fiji, Buda is that leaders must be elected by the people. So tell your pretender sonovagun uneducated wannabe PM and his hangers on to get us to elections quickly cause no one needs them any further.

  16. Isalei Says:

    @newsfiji: Qori sa lusi o Viti, sa warai na viavia star nei raboci ya! Anyway the boys are going up to semis, as for the Marines from Soro, me 3 ga se 4 with all their modern hitech equipment, me ratou mai vakadodorairaitaki ga na vakadodoro tiko mai na keba! Sa dri yani! Have a good one today everyone, including Buda. Sa yali tiko o Fiji Forward maimurilevu expert!

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    Dalit Gandoo Budhau,

    kaise he?

    I just want to tell you that we will accept anybody to be our prime minister whether Brahmin or Khastriya but no one from your dalit caste like you and your father chodo otherwise that is taking the country back.

    We do not want impurities in what we hold dear! Acha Rait????

  18. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau…i personally don’t mind a indo-fijian/fiji indian leader…so long as he displays good character & judgement…i would have voted and campaigned for Jai Ram Reddy anytime…

    But Chaudhary (both Senior & Junior)…forget it! They bring nothing but negative vibes to the table.

    Even Pramod Rae looks promising…but no one in the Labour Party seems to be a “GREAT MAN”….i think they lost a good man in Krishna Dutt..a man of principle…

    Isalei: qori, dina mada…yali sara yani o Fiji Backside!..ba..ha..ha..

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    Every time the dicktaker give his best wishes to any Fiji team that team always loses. Even his old school have lost 2 in a row the Coca Cola Finals. This lunatic brings bad omen into anything he wishes well for. Nothing will bode well for Fiji until this trash is removed and disposed of with great care urgently.

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    A good point we all seem to have missed here is , Obama was trying to make clarify for us that through Democracy , anyone , provided they meet the correct criteria set out in the American Constitution , can become President .
    This all important concept of Democracy , was proved to have worked , on this occasion !
    In Fiji, it’s the exact opposite , as even if you elect members of a particular political party and they then form Government , Frank and Co. if they don’t like their policies etc. can and will , remove them !
    This is a dictatorship , full stop .
    In Fiji today , Democracy doesn’t exist , and no one is fighting for it , except one lone man with a banner in the street !
    Well , you shouldn’t test the Lord folks , he actually expects you to lead the way , it’s called free will , and Frank is scared shitless that you all might rise up and challenge him .
    But it seems he has nothing to worry about . I now have to ask myself , who are the real cowards ?

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    When I was in Fiji for the 1st. time in 2005 , I was shocked at the condition of Suva , I was confused that there were beggars on the streets and just didn’t quite understand the politics .
    I couldn’t understand , why such a benevolent society , kind , generous and who wear their hearts on their sleeves , were struggling so .
    I listened to an Asian Politician , argue against making into law , the minimum wage .
    He proclaimed that he , as a businessman , would set the wage of his employee based on their performance and that the employee would have to prove their worth for him to increase their wage . But he forgot one fundamental thing , he was not elected to Parliament to represent his own personal views , he was elected to represent the views of those who elected him in the 1st. place !
    By the way , in opposition , was a female with a New Zealand accent , from what I could make out , trying to have it passed into law that the minimum wage of $4.40 , be set in law , so that no employer , could determine what it should be . ( the $4.40 figure is an approximation , as I don’t recall the correct amount being argued at the time ) ( the broadcast was on TV in Suva , was from the Fiji Parliament at the time ) October 2005 . The member of Parliament who opposed having a minimum wage passed into law , stated that he was a business man himself and was content to pay wages of around $2.20 and less . This was 50% below the poverty line !
    I mention this today , because of this article in the Fiji Times:-
    It would be great to see several new Political Parties start in Fiji . They should be based on ideals involving eqaulity and respect for all .
    I am waiting to see honourable businessmen and women , come out fighting for their employees and their rights of a minimum wage . I am waiting for people within the Indian community to come out and say that Chaudhry and Co. don’t represent their interests , I am waiting for Indigenous Fijians to declare that Indo Fijians are not their enemy .
    Yes , I am waiting and it seems I will be waiting for a very long time !
    The chap in the article this morning , seems to want a free ride all the way to the American markets and it appears he is happy to ride on the backs of employees being paid 50% below the poverty line !
    I wonder what his house looks like !
    If I lived in Fiji , I wouldn’t buy from places where employees are paid below the poverty line .
    The blacks did that to a supermarket in the United States in the early 1960’s , and it worked ! they just didn’t buy from that shop . the supermarket changed it’s policies in line with what the local community demanded . There’s just no demanding going on in Fiji at the moment , but a lot of following !

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    My point , just who is running Fiji ?

  23. at least Says:

    no problem at all if an Idian wants to be president or PM. As long as he is not racist. On fijilive, I read Chodo saying Fiji will once led by a minority. Well Obama will not be that silly to replace whites with Blacks like what Chodo did. Removing Fijians and replacing them with Indians. And Obama will not endorse any policy to take away people’s belongings at any cost like what Chodo did to remove land from Fijians..And out of all..To top it all Obama is an educated man unlike these mutherfuckers at the military and Chod bloody unionist ga mai via PM sara na bothi…Good on you Mcain…sa raita mo lusi u once colluded with Vore and Evanson on ur way from Aussie to Fiji. Cala tale na aim nei Vore me wini o ka qo ni military man and he can view Fiji on the same perspective…God has his own ways and timings which is just great to witness..

  24. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The election of Barak Obama as the next president of the United States is wonderful news, not just for the majority of Americans who voted for him, but for the rest of the world.

    Let’s face it, the United States of America is the world’s leading economic and military power, but over the last eight years we have seen an escalation of US military action and we have seen the irresponsible actions of unregulated US financial institutions triggering a profound global economic downturn.

    Now, with Obama going into the White House, the whole world can look forward to change, and that gives us all reason for hope.

    By way of stark contrast, the situation in Fiji gives us no cause for optimism or hope.

    Over the past two years we also have seen military action, but it wasn’t an overseas adventure. It was military action directed by the people’s own army against the people’s own elected government.

    And, in economic terms, the story is also dismal. With the pain increasing every day, we in Fiji are being forced to watch the guts being wrenched out of our economy.

    But the first step to solving these problems is very simple.

    For a change, Frank should act like a true son of Fiji. He should put the nation and its people ahead of his own desperate agenda.

    Frank should “do an Obama” and let us have elections.

  25. Nostradamus Says:

    Chodo’s big mistake when he was elected was to start replacing Fijians in government with his own Blacks. Then he started talking about he Land Use Commission to give Fijian land to his sugar slave Blacks too.
    So you cannot compare him with Obama. Obama is a kai loma who has the acceptance and respect of everyone, someone like Savenaca Siwatibau or Charlie Walker or Winston Thompson. He has Kenyan blood but was raised mainly by his grandparents from Kansas. He went to all the best schools and was a leader of all races. And of course he married into an exceptionally well educated family as well.
    There is no comparison between Obama and the fascist half educated thugs who run Fiji using all sorts of assinine excuses.

  26. Belijo Says:

    What’s happened to Epeli Ganilau’s helping the poor and needy? I remember him walking around the city helping the needy or was it a gimmick to get the voters tick. I think our country needs leaders who are genuine about helping the needy and who do not parade around for the sake of showing off a fake face. Like Obama, our country needs men and women who can lead by example not by empty talk and who can show the peoples of this country that their voices have been heard through the democratic votes they will cast on election day! I reckon church leaders need to gather like the Americans and pray for elections in Fiji. The American evangelists and church leaders had been praying prior to election day for the Lord to touch the hearts, minds, souls of Americans so that they vote for the person that God chooses to be the next President of the US and God has spoken. This is the result of a national prayer month throughout America. We too in Fiji can do it. Long Live The Lord of our lands and God Bless Fiji.

  27. FIji Forward Says:

    Obama is the first black US president so the big IF now is how long will he last???? cant compare him to FB, two different worlds dumbasses. He has far more greater problems to deal with than FB, he has the US economy and the world in particular the middle east. In addition to that, he’s greatest drawback is that he is a black, in the US black is black and white is white, thats the reality of it. FB has far lesse problems, just you stupid goon monkeys on thses sites.

  28. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward here again – double pay tonight!

    Democracy allows anyone to become a top leader but one has to be elected by the people for the people.

    No guns required in a Democracy to take over and governor a country in the willy nilly Bainimarama style.

    Obama was elected by the people for the people.

    Waste of our hard earned Money paid to you by the bunch of try hard losers because Fiji Forward you are wasting everyone’s time.

    What you have shown us is nothing but sheer frustration that you guys are going through. You will never convert us.

  29. freedomfighter Says:

    And Obama has not been cheating on his wife, as Mahend was doing, according to SV, which published the poor wife’s papers for divorce from the serial womanizer — ah, also lets hope Obama is not hiding $200 million dollars in some foreign bank account, like our Black Slave coolie leader did after the coup. Also, Frank should learn from his counter-part – he never forced Bush out of the White House despite his unpopular policies – he let the people of America decide though the election

  30. FIji Forward Says:

    Ablaze correct you my man/woman, we’re not frustrated, you are judging by your tones in addition to rest of you dumbasses on nthis site. FB and his IG are on relax mode now after the historic Court Ruling. They can even go on for till 2020 which by then you would be dead!!!! or converted so chew on that!!! have a nice day….

  31. FIji Forward Says:

    Ablaze correct you my man/woman, we’re not frustrated, you are judging by your tones in addition to the rest of you dumbasses on this site. FB and his IG are on relax mode now after the historic Court Ruling. They can even go on for till 2020 which by then you would be dead!!!! or converted so chew on that!!! have a nice day….

  32. Ablaze Says:

    Hooray, so Fiji Forward did read my comments!

    Like everything you say and do you are in denial and make out you and your bunch of try hard losers are not frustrated.

    We on the hand will play on the fact that your charter farter is not getting you anywhere. You won’t have elections because if you go by the rules you will all end up in jail. You talk tough because you have the guns! You lie all the time because you want everyone to think that you are trying to move Fiji Forward – Backward beka ga!

    Now don’t try and tell me you are not frustrated! Dictatorship is the only path for try hard losers – but not much fun when you only have a hand full of idiot supporters to govern.

  33. FIji Forward Says:

    Ha! Ha! tthen we live in two different worls Ablaze. Show me somewhere in Fiji where there is resentment against FB and IG???? huh! where?? on this website??? you call that resistance?? do we need elections?? what for? people are totally satisfied with the status quo, only people like you who dont have a job want an election, were you one who also got kicked out?? sorry about that, my advice is go back to the village for the next twenty years then try again, sooooo sooooorrrry…..

  34. Ablaze Says:

    Trash Attack again Fiji Forward! If people were given their rights back you will soon find out how much your precious is hated in our country.

    You know that thing that pisses me off the most is to see these helpless people make out that everything is normal. They are fucken scared to say anything because they need to keep they job to send their children to school and put food on the table.

    They have no fucken say in you try hard losers exposing their children to you farter charter.

    Thank God I don’t have that problem because 2 of children attend the International School and 1 is overseas in the UK.

    You see Half School Bavulu I have a choice – I don’t need FB and his IG to live the lifestyle I desire these days.

    I am here blogging away for those helpless people that can’t do anything to fight the fight. Democracy and Justice For All and not just for the bunch of wankers that you all are.

  35. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ablaze so you can afford to send your children to ISS and overseas!! either you are a foreigner meddling in our affairs or a mistress of a whiteman or one of the few fijians who have been stealing our money all this time, shame on you tryting to blog away for us the i taukei dina, we dont need you!!! Democracy dina sa qai yaco mai NZ, they listened to FB and booted out the She Male Helen Clark!!! can you fathom that leeche that you are, soory for harsh lingo but have a blessed Sunday and repent for sending your children to ISS and o’sea off our hard earned money, vakamadua!!

  36. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward my blogging has paid off! You have just told us what I and others want to know about the type of person you are.

    You are jealous of people like me and would love to be in our shoes. Because you didn’t work hard or too dumb to go pass the 5th Grade you have resorted to being Cranky Frankie’s doer and sucker!

    What does it matter where I live, Fiji is my birth country and very dear to my heart – my 2 children there are there because I want them to experience the life I enjoyed as a child and teenager.

    Soooo sorrrrrrrrrry to disappointed you, no Fiji taxpayer’s money being used here just my hard earned cash which I have lots of!

    Next year I will be taking my children out of the International School but will contribute in a form of a donation to helping 10 children of different races to keep them at the different schools they are now attending.

    You threatened me before but let me tell you that I do not get paid to fight people like you on this blog site so everytime you come in here to do your trashing – WATCH OUT FOR ME!

  37. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward my blogging has paid off! You have just told us what I and others want to know about the type of person you are.

    You are jealous of people like me and would love to be in our shoes. Because you didn’t work hard or too dumb to go pass the 5th Grade you have resorted to being Cranky Frankie’s doer and sucker!

    What does it matter where I live, Fiji is my birth country and very dear to my heart – my 2 children there are there because I want them to experience the life I enjoyed as a child and teenager.

    I told you before the thing I hate the most about your Regime is that you have deprived innocent helpless people their freedom of choice to speak out against try hard losers!

    Soooo sorrrrrrrrrry to disappointed you, no Fiji taxpayer’s money being used here just my hard earned cash which I have lots of!

    Next year I will be taking my children out of the International School but will contribute in a form of a donation to helping 10 children of different races to keep them at the different schools they are now attending.

    You threatened me before but let me tell you that I do not get paid to fight people like you on this blog site so everytime you come in here to do your trashing – WATCH OUT FOR ME!

  38. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ablaze the good citizen, you pay taxes, you contribute to the economy, you buy goods and pay for services you also contribute to the econmy indirectly so in one way or the other you are indirectly supporting FB and IG!!! PROVE ME WRONG THERE MADA?????? unless you’re one of those low down tax dodges. WATCH OUT FOR ME???? watch out for FB because everytime you breathe the air and drink the water in Fiji, my country, remeber to thank FB the PM of this country, like it or not because of him you live for another day, A New Dawn, A New Day, dont choke on your anger now, relax and comprehend what I have just shared with you, God bless you always….

  39. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The illogical rantings of fiji backward are typical of the illogical thought processes of the green goons and their sycophants.

    The IQ of the Rotten Fijian Murdering Farce is 45.

    If you include bananasinpyjamas it is 35.

    If you include fiji backwards, it is 5.

  40. Ablaze Says:

    It didn’t take long for the raving lunatic to rave on like her/his boss the pig face covered in shit Frank the Crank.

    I am starting to think Fiji Forward is the harpy woman Koila Mara because there is so much malice, dishonesty, jealousy and nonsensical in everything she says and does.

    Always attend Sunday Mass to let the people know that she is a good person!

    Must be mentally exhausting trying to look good in the eyes of the people when deep down you are the most vindictive person on this planet.

    Thank you very much I am done trying to reason with a raving lunatic whose boss is the Pig Face covered in shit Frank the Crank!

  41. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ameni!!! Finally the two lost prodical sons/daughters are now begining to see the light, I welcome you two, ex Fiji Tourist and Ablaze, welcome to the new journey, A New Dawn, A New begining for you two. You see how far praying can go, I prayed soooo hard for you two lost souls and now I see positive results, thank you lord for showing the new direction to this two lost souls, sleep well tonite.

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