Forum needs wide agenda: CCF

Yabaki’s calling for political parties to refrain from making negative comments about the Presidential Forum is aimed at cowering them to accept the illegal junta’s mandate and endorse the farter Charter. It is Yabaki’s 2IC Dakuvula who unashamedly promotes the farter Charter and claims so many people have endorsed it. This is the same Dakuvula who explained that taking an Oath will alleviate future coups in Fiji! Are these 2 bastards for real? Yabaki, Dakuvula and the CCF soon after the coup were at QEB giving advice to Vore and his cronies of how to return Fiji back to democracy. They totally ignored the deposed Qarase government, but unashamedly sided with the usurper Vore. How can these people continue to claim they are the bulwark and guardians of the Constitution of Fiji, when they sleep with the usurpers and spend very little time with the deposed legal government? Who gave them the mandate to be guardians of Fiji’s Constitution? Did you? Ragone, let’s not be sidetracked by these smooth talking bastard and continue to voice our dissent and keep them accountable!


BTW, Happy Melbourne Cup Day bloggers!

4-Nov-2008 09:10 AM

THE Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) says the political forum needs to have a wide agenda that also address Fiji’s long-term problems.

“The political forum also needs to have a wider agenda. The representatives from major and long-serving parties especially, should take this forum seriously and take this as an opportunity to discuss Fiji’s long-standing problems,” said CCF chief executive Reverend Akuila Yabaki.

He said politicians needed to be reminded that the political forum was “not a business-as-usual meeting” and they needed to find a progressive solution for the country.

“CCF reaffirms that the 27 October meeting representing 14 political parties in Fiji is a positive step forward. Initial reactions from all major political parties was positive,” said Rev Yabaki.

While commending the initiative, the Rev Yabaki reminded political parties that they had “an ethical responsibility” to refrain from making negative comments that could destroy the process.

“Over the weekend, political parties and commentators have resumed making negative statements on dialogue. This is worrying as it could lead to a collapse of the dialogue process,” he said.

The CCF has also recommend that the meetings should be held sooner to avoid loss of momentum.

“Have at least one meeting per week or at least one meeting every fortnight so that the purpose can be achieved,” said Rev Yabaki.

“It’s also vital for the forum to discuss a solution to ending the coup culture. We hope these important issues will be brought up by political party representatives themselves.

We hope the process will not get side-tracked by petty issues,” he added.


39 Responses to “Forum needs wide agenda: CCF”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    God give me the strength to change the things I can ,
    the courage to accept the things I can’t ,
    and the wisdom , to know the difference !
    Where there is life , there is hope !

  2. FijiGirl Says:

    For ‘wide agenda’, read ‘hidden agenda’.

    God bless Fiji

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Perhaps a start at ending the coup culture would be for all coupsters to throw their guns in the deep blue sea and go back to their villages to face the music.

  4. Isalei Says:

    Why prolong the agony? Would the real policemen arrest the wannabe PM and all his wannabe hangers-on?And get the wheels of justice working again in this country? Kua tale na vakalusi gauna tiko na bull**t forum or dialogue. People of Fij stop pretending that things are fine when they are not.

  5. Fiji Forward Says:

    Why dont you three pull your heads out of the ground and face reality, either you’re with us, the majority or you’re not, get outer this country. Kua mada na vucesa, tei mada na tavioka!!! toso na bula!!

  6. Isalei Says:

    FF na vucesa gona sa caka tiko kna na coup ka ni rawata loto tiko mai kina na nodra bula o ira na tokona tiko na tamata lialia sa mai forcetaki liutaki Viti tu qo! If you are one of those who now enjoy the freebies you have given this country a new culture- use a gun and become PM no sweat. We can all do that, but some of us have become civilised and cultured unlike the lazy good for nothings running around wild at the camp looking for something to do. Vakalusi tavioka tiko nothing doing! Your time is coming, all stolen things do not last, so enjoy while it lasts!

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    OBAMA 08

  8. sick of frank Says:

    As a citizen of Fiji watching the Political Forum, I felt sick to the stomach. I look in that room and I se ethe same old faces and military faces that really have driven Fiji almost to its knees and the past sickening kind of politics.
    To borrow from Obama’s campaign we really need HOPE and CHANGE. Not the divisive politics of the past but we hope we can find leaders that will rise amongst us and offer CHANGE and HOPE for all. We dont need people to be used as a political football for the Sugar Industry, or for the Indians or the Fijians. We hope for a future that can provide a basic living for all. To provide jobs with decent wages, to provide housing, roads, transportation, RESPECT of all citizens. When you provide all the basics then you work on things that are clearly important like indegenous rights, all kind of rights etc. Everything should be secondary to provision of basic needs for all.
    With the kind of past we have had, this will be hard because we are so polarised. But I think people have had enough of the kind of politics of the past. When I thinkof Chaudary it make my stomach churn but Im not sure I want Qarase back either. Decent as he is we really need CHANGE and HOPE for a better future.

  9. Isalei Says:

    You have all the right ingredients there @SoF. Why rely on someone else why not bite the bullet and stand! SoF for PM! Howzzat sound?

  10. Fiji Back Says:

    @Fiji Forward – boidada, kana loto………..

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Isalei: Vinaka Vakalevu…you said it right on the spot.

    Sa sivia ga na vosa vakavuku nei Fiji Forward…tukuni ga yani vua…”kua mada na vodo loto tiko”…bau lai buno mada…”kana mai na buno ni yadremu”…

  12. Nostradamus Says:

    FF what “majority” are you talking about?

  13. freedomfighter Says:

    Sorry folks, in case we miss it – Part Three:

    ‘Take the bull by the horns and act swiftly’


    By VICTOR LAL in Fiji SUN

    On the morning of 5 December 2006 the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo arrived at his office at about 8.30am.

    At the same time, his official secretary Rupeni Nacewa received a message from his secretary to call the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase on his mobile telephone.

    Nacewa, according to his sworn affidavit of 30 August 2007 claimed that Qarase wanted to know the purpose of the meeting.

    “I told him that HE (His Excellency) wanted to know why he had not taken the matter to the Cabinet-Sub-committee on Saturday night, 2 December 2006. He also wanted to know what had happened since the Saturday 2 December 2006 meeting. I also told the PM that HE wanted to discuss how they might be able to avoid a coup d’etat, and that HE was going to ask him to resign.

    “Unfortunately, the PM said there was no point for him to attend as he was not going to agree to the Commander’s proposals.

    “The PM told me to advise the Commander to carry out his coup threat and if I may quote his own words: Let him carry out the coup if he wants to.”

    According to Nacewa, after he reported this to Ratu Iloilo, the President wanted to know what he could do under the 1997 Constitution.

    Nacewa advised the following: “I advised HE that in the circumstances, he could not rely on section 109 of the Constitution and dismiss the PM. I advised HE that he would have to find some other way of relying on his executive power to justify dismissing the Prime Minister.

    “Once done, HE could appoint a Caretaker Prime Minister to advise HE to dissolve parliament. I advised that this course of action would be accepted by the international community and members of the public as opposed to a Military Coup de tat.

    “I advised HE to take the bull by the horns and act swiftly. If the SDL government wish to take HE to court then that would be their choice, and we will cross that bridge when we come to it.”

    However, the President also turned to Captain Viliame Draunibaka, the ADC, and asked him if the Vice President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi was available.

    The ADC told Ratu Joni that the President wanted to see him about Qarase’s refusal to meet him (the President), his refusal to resign and the legal implication of invoking section 109 of the Constitution.

    According to Nacewa’s affidavit, Ratu Joni advised the President that under the Constitution Ratu Iloilo did not have the authority to sack Qarase, other than for what is prescribed in the section of the 1997 Constitution.

    Ratu Joni further advised that Ratu Iloilo could not use the Doctrine of Necessity as the reason or basis for sacking Qarase, because the real conflict existed between the Government and the Military.

    According to Nacewa, at this time the President had two conflicting opinions on how he could lawfully dismiss the PM. It is not clear whether Nacewa was referring to his own opinion or that of another person vis a vis that of the Vice-President.

    We will return to Naceva’s affidavit in due course.

    In his sworn affidavit of 18 September 2007 the deposed Prime Minister Qarase asserted that “Nothing contained in the Nacewa Affidavit could be said or understood to justify the First and Second Defendants’ unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional acts in overthrowing my elected multi-party government and dissolving Parliament elected by the people of Fiji as and when they did between 4th and 5 December 2006 as I have explained herein”.

    I will be returning to Qarase’s affidavit later on but it’s worth reminding ourselves from the previous instalment that Qarase also stated that he had received a phone call on 28 August 2007, in which a person who allegedly identified himself as calling from the RFMF had threatened that he (Qarase) would be killed on arrival, if he returned from his enforced “internal exile” on Mavana to Suva.

    Nacewa has held the position of Official Secretary to the President since 2004. His role, according to his affidavit is to advise Ratu Iloilo on matters of national interest and importance. Therefore, access to the President is in all instances, through him.

    During the events leading to 5 December 2006, he stated that he was present at all meetings between the President, Commodore Frank Bainimarama and deposed Prime Minister Qarase.

    There was only one occasion in mid November 2006 when Qarase, according to Nacewa, met with the President alone.

    “This was a 15 minute meeting when the PM spoke to HE about disciplinary action being taken against the Commander. Although I was not present at this meeting, I know that this is what they were talking about because immediately after the meeting, my office received a letter from the Minister for Home Affairs to HE recommending that disciplinary action be taken against the Commander,” said Nacewa.

    He then outlined the relations between Government and the Military. From late October through to 5 December 2006 relations between the PM and the Commander were strained. Often, Nacewa said, the media reported on their differences, creating what was known as the “War of Words” between them.

    The media often played the Prime Minister against the Commander. “Ultimately,” he said, “this strained relations between them which ultimately worried HE”.

    Finally, the President felt that he would have to call Qarase and give him an opportunity to ventilate the issues he had with Bainimarama.

    Although Qarase was the elected leader, Nacewa claimed, there was concern that if the Commander did not take him to task, there would be no one else in Fiji with the ability or influence to ensure that the Government’s policies continued to be in the best interests of the people of Fiji.

    He pointed out that Qarase and Bainimarama clashed on the two draft Bills, the Reconciliation and Unity Bill, and the Qoliqoli Bill.

    These Bills were unpopular with the Commander as well as many minority groups such as Non-Government Organisations, who protested against the Government for trying to push these Bills through Parliament.

    According to Naceva: “The consensus of the Military, and other people who were opposed to the Bills, was that the Government should shelve them until after the General Election. Many people believed the Government should concentrate on more important issues, such as the economy of the country”.

    However, for some reason, Qarase wanted to push these controversial Bills’ through Parliament, said Nacewa, adding: “Unfortunately, it seemed that the continued disagreement between the PM and the Commander over this issue was getting out of hand”.

    Finally, the Commander came to the verge of threatening the PM with a takeover. Naceva explained: “In reply, HE was informed by the Commander that the PM had excluded him from the National Security Council, which left only the Commissioner of Police to advise the Government on the security of the country. For these reasons, HE saw fit to call the PM and schedule a meeting with him for 18 June 2005.”

    According to Nacewa, at this meeting, Qarase was in Lau.

    “I called his CEO, Jioji Kotobalavu and told him that HE wanted to see the PM as soon as he arrived back in Suva. I was told that the PM would arrive back in Suva that afternoon, so I said that HE would meet with him once he returned. The PM attended the meeting with HE and HEVP (Vice President) as scheduled.

    At this meeting, according to Nacewa, Ratu Iloilo asked Qarase if he would hold the RTU Bill, and if the Qoliqoli Bill could be withdrawn, as they had both attracted much criticism from various Fijian communities.

    The President also encouraged more constructive dialogue between himself and the Commander.

    Nacewa claimed that the President told Qarase that he believed if the Bills were not withdrawn, “the Commander was serious about taking control of the Government”.

    However, “HE and HEVP also said that this was not to be taken by the PM as a desire by them to see the Government’s autonomy come under threat, although they were worried what might happen if the Nation was to experience another uneventful crisis”.

    He said both Ratu Iloilo and Ratu Joni reiterated their concern for what might happen if the bills were passed was a priority to maintaining the status quo of the country, and should not be construed as an attempt by them to derail the Government’s aspirations.

    It was at this stage, Nacewa claimed, Qarase said the Government was unable to work with the continued interruption of the Commander, although “he (Qarase) appeared to accept their Excellencies advice”.

    Meanwhile, Nacewa said the “War of Words” over the two Bills continued between Qarase and Bainimarama.

    “This was because the PM persisted with the draft Bills. It became clear that the PM did not accept HE’s advice,” said Nacewa, continuing, “Despite this, HE renewed his guidance to the PM and suggested that he should try to uphold a constructive dialogue with the Commander, and try to resolve the issue”.

    However, Nacewa felt, Qarase did not appear to be interested in taking this course, and it because obvious to Ratu Iloilo that Qarase was “not making an effort to resolve or discuss the matter with the Commander”.

    According to Nacewa, “From the President’s Office, it was clear to us that the Commander did not want to conduct a Coup, and this is why he remained willing to give the PM more time to withdraw the Bills and see reality”.

    “The Commander was keen to give the PM an opportunity to rectify the crisis, while he continued to tell the Press that he was going to take over the Government if the two controversial Bills were not withdrawn,” said Nacewa.

    Nacewa then commented upon the point that Qarase had failed to keep the President informed.

    Ratu Iloilo received a Cabinet Brief from Qarase after each Cabinet meeting. This was the official channel of information by which the Prime Minister was to keep the President informed about issues relating to the governance of Fiji. Nacewa attached to his affidavit copies of Cabinet briefs for the President.

    This is the only channel of communication between the PM and the President. According to Nacewa, the Cabinet Briefs confirmed that Qarase failed to keep Ratu Iloilo informed of the various other issues that were clearly affecting the governance of Fiji at the time.

    To be continued

  14. Nostradamus Says:

    It is important to note that the Commander of the FMF has no power under the constitution to demand anything of the President or the Prime Minister. He is a subordinate. He demands and threats led to a decision to remove him. His refusal to leave was a coup in itself and he should have been arrested at that point, something the very correct and upstanding Police Commissioner was about to do.

  15. Fiji Forward Says:

    Jeez you are either blind or dumb!! face reality, you talk about resistance, through what??? by blogging??? you get nothing but your anger and frustration (of a few) for the world to see. Shame on you, at least the boys in green are earning their money, not like some wasting their corporate or Govt money on the internet.

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    What resistance are you talking about?
    What do “boys in green” do to “earn” money? What do they produce which is of value?
    Is it something the taxpayers approved of for the use of their money?
    We all use the internet, that is where we are now.

  17. Budhau Says:

    Isalei wrote, If you are one of those who now enjoy the freebies you have given this country a new culture- use a gun and become PM no sweat. We can all do that, but some of us have become civilised and cultured unlike the lazy good for nothings.”

    BTW – Isalei – did you always think like this – or did something change you mind after the this coup.

    That Victor Lal’s “to be continued crap” – why doesn’t he just refer us to the website where we can read all this stuff or just scan it all in here.
    He ain’t doing much analysis of what was said.

    Freedom Fighter – how can you take the bull by the horns when FB has got you by the balls.

    to be continued.

  18. curiousreader Says:


    I am wondering if you are aware of all these contents even if that Victor Lal dude is talking crap – why are you so obsessed with commenting if you have problems with it – see if this dude says anything at the end or will recite affidavits, which I was not aware of at all

  19. freedomfighter Says:


    I dont bother what comes next from Bainimarama but it is becoming clear how the President was forced to sign away the freedom of the people at the barrel of the gun..who is this Nacewa chap to have advised the President to dismiss Qarase? You are entitled to your views Budhau and so are others, for atleast we are learning more about the case and the coup

  20. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Budhau is only interested in the pre-determined outcomes he is paid to lobby for on the blogs, so no real interest in debate or discovery on his/her part!

    Political Forum and CCF also mainly interested in pre-determined outcomes, or as Fijigirl rightly pointed out – hidden agendas. So little point in that either.

    Commonwealth, UN and Forum aren’t that dumb or naive to fall for this though. So just let Regime waste more time at the risk of our Sugar money, and see who “blinks” first!

    There is little point in agreeing or compromising on any “deal” that just puts a veneer of legitimacy over the current illegitimacy. So if they aren’t prepared for compromise, just let them stay in their current mess, and face more and more risk of a popular backlash the longer this goes on!

    Incidentally, looks like they’re preparing to “pull the plug” on the failed spoiling of mercenaries like Budhau and FF. New media bill due to also have clauses targeting “Internet Journalism” – so looks like they’ve finally had to face up to their failure to counter the blogs, and instead resort to cheating and censorship!

  21. Isalei Says:

    @FF, boys in green earnng their money?From what? They wait around for coups or conflicts to go and peacekeep, making money from other’s miseries, or if no coup, they coup themselves. What kind of career is that?Guys wasting much $$, space and tavioka from Joe’s farm, polishing boots and carry guns looking busy doing nothing. The new Fiji will not have an army, we dont need one.

  22. newsfiji Says:

    Well said Isalei…next election, let’s all vote for the party that suggests abolish the army…

    Mick Beddoes party – vakadua!

  23. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    On the very day the world is learning the outcome of the democratic process in the United States of America, the people of Fiji are learning that their dictator is reaping more illicit rewards to feed his ego.

    The latest title (Companion of the Order of Fiji) that the self-appointed leader of our country has bestowed on himself shows how dishonourable he is in the way he abuses his power. It’s no different to his $185,000 “back pay” scam, which he orchestrated to buy a house in Suva.

    Ironically, the Companion of the Order of Fiji (CF) was awarded to Dr Brij Lal in acknowledgment of his work on drafting the 1997 Constitution.

    Has our dictator given himself the same gong for his work in making a mockery of the Constitution?

    Bainimarama has proved yet once again that he is a self-centred, corrupt and dishonest despot in the mould of ldi Amin/ Kirn Jong II or Robert Mugabe. Just like that inglorious trio, his main preoccupation is looking after himself before all else.

    This latest exhibition of auto ego-stroking by Bainimarama reveals so much about the weaknesses and failings of the so-called “strong man” of Fiji.

    It reveals he’s not a strong man at all. Rather, this latest outrage shows that he’s a small, vain man who thinks another insignia on his uniform will make people look up to him.

    Wrong again Frank! It’s the exact opposite!

  24. Isalei Says:

    Another unworthy medal for Idi Amin dadadada!

  25. ispy Says:

    ‘Strong men”dont need 20 bodyguards…

    FF, you are just about the most deluded mother fucker on this planet.

    Your continued claims that Bainimarama and the military have majority support in Fiji is so inconsistent with what everyone knows to be true that it borders on insanity.

    So, either you are in serious need of a de-brainwashing session at St Giles or (if I suspect correctly) you are doing this on purpose to achieve a more sinister agenda – to make SV bloggers feel helpless at the situation at hand and thus accept the unlawful changes implemented by your deranged mentor.

    So which is it?

    If you think you have majority support, test it by forming a political party and contesting the next election.

    I think you know full well what the result will be…

  26. Peace Pipe Says:

    This Yabaki fella is one really annoying sob. He is like a yo-yo but more inclined towards the regime. He apparently is carrying a grudge with him towards the Methodist who had banished him from the church. So everything he does is anti-Methodist. In 2000 he fought tooth and nail for the restoration of the ousted Labour government in compliance with the existing constitution using funds from CCF. This time around he is taking the sides of the group who had breached the constitution by pulling off a coup on duly elected government of the day. He keeps refuting that he had never supported the coup but he had never at any time openly condemned the actions of the bastard pig in carrying out the coup or opposed the regime or fought for the constitution in court as he did back in 2000. Buck naked apolgist of the ig – thats what he is. If only we had our rights and our say on how and who gets to rule we’d surely get rid of craps like yabaki and co and his adorable pig and co.

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    obama has won !

  28. Isalei Says:

    OOweeeee! Obama you da MAHN!!!!

  29. amazon Says:

    Isn’t that wonderful news MM! He’s certainly the MAN of the moment… and for the next 4 years. So proud of him. Long live democracy! Congratulations Yankees.

    Meanwhile, o kedatou…… 😦

  30. Tosotiko Says:

    Agree with newsfiji. Let’s vote for Mick Beddoes Party! He is one of the lone voice of reason from the political arena in Fiji. He really is there to serve the greater good of this country.

  31. soro Says:

    Obama for PM ! Yee haa !!!

  32. FIji Forward Says:

    Mick Beddoes failed politician, failed businessman, failed husband, cava tale??? ISPY you think taking away the Army will do us good??? take your hand outer your mouth and head outer your ass and THINK man!!!

  33. Ablaze Says:

    Oh dear here we go again Fiji Forward trashing good personal that giving it their all to fight the fight! “Democracy Justice For All”

    Fiji Forward haven’t you learnt that if you can’t say anything nice about anyone don’t say anything at all.

    Oh that is right! You are being paid to trash fighters for Democracy and Our Rights as citizens of this wonderful country.

  34. FIji Forward Says:

    How can you have someone like Mick Beddoes?? Ablaze?? unless you have the same background!!!

  35. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward you say very little now – what is the matter? Is it because it does become mentally exhausting when you keep trying to defend something that is wrong in the first place – What say huh???????????

    I would respect the people’s decision if they elected Mick Beddoes, Qarase, Cranky Franky or you for that matter as our Prime Minister but will not accept, agree or respect anyone that have couped to take over the governing of my country.

    So there go and suck on a coconut, ganibulu and all!

  36. FIji Forward Says:

    You have no intergrity Ablaze!!! accepting someone like MB just shows how shallow your sense of reasoning is, totally shallow, no intergrity, poor sod.

  37. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward read my comment again.

    “I would respect the people’s decision if they elected Mick Beddoes, Qarase, Cranky Franky or you for that matter as our Prime Minister but will not accept, agree or respect anyone that have couped to take over the governing of my country.”

    “This is what I am fighting for, the fact I couldn’t care less who it is as long as it is the people choice”

    I will try and explain to you as if I was trying to explain to a fifth grader OK Stupid!

    You Fiji Forward put your name down because you want to become Fiji’s Prime Minister.

    When you have your name down the Govt that won the last election will say when Fiji should have another election. You will then have to go around telling the people what you can do for them to make their life better. If the people like you, you will win and then you can become Prime Minister of Fiji.

    If Mick Beddoes win he can become Prime Minister and if you lose you go to the village and plant dalo and sell it in the market to make money.

    Do you understand now?

    Probably not because when you are being prompted, someone else does the thinking for you.

  38. Isalei Says:

    FF is going with his precious little pricky Vore to jail no two ways. And don’t talk about integrity FF, cause you don’t know what it means… in simple terms it means practice what you preach. Now that’s something your precious vore whose backside you clinging to soo hard and you goons don’t understand. Go read the dictionary or better still take up wuff wuff’s challenge!

  39. Fiji Forward Says:

    Read the news and feel the vibes, Howard out, Clark out, LQ lost case, Rika to jail!! what do those things have in common, they were against the cause of the journey led by FB, A New Dawn, A New Day so repent people in particlur Isalei before it’s too late…

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