The INVINCIBLE Graham Leung vs. bubba air-ass iAG

Bloggers, you decide who gave them the ‘real deal’ about the state of Fiji’s judiciary. As Island Boy aptly puts it – it’s class vs. ass

 A JUDICIARY that turns a blind eye to the rape of the tenets of democracy and the rule of law is unworthy of respect, Suva lawyer Graham Leung told a law conference in Malaysia.

Speaking at the 21st LawAsia Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Mr Leung, a vice president of the association, listed events and circumstances that have happened since the takeover of Dec 5, 2006.

“Fiji’s Parliament has been suspended since December 2006,” he said. “The democratically elected government has been removed. Fiji is ruled by a military backed regime.

“The fiction continues to be perpetrated that the Constitution is intact, this despite the fact that the head of the military simultaneously purports to arrogate to himself the powers of so-called ‘interim’ Prime Minister.

“The reality is that it is in a state of de facto suspension. The media is under constant scrutiny and practices self censorship to a degree.

“Two newspaper publishers were summarily deported without recourse to judicial redress.

“A mission of the IBA was prevented from visiting to undertake an audit of the rule of law, the Attorney General taking the view the ‘timing’ of the mission was not right.

“Fiji’s chief justice has been under suspension for close to two years. Six judges of the Court of Appeal resigned in 2007.

“In these circumstances there is a more onerous burden on the judiciary to ensure further assaults on the rule of law are resisted.”

“A judiciary which turns a blind eye to the rape of the tenents of democracy and the rule of law is unworthy of respect.”

F/Times 4/11/08


Suva lawyer Graham Leung has on a number of occasions while abroad, presented selective matters which gives a distorted view of Fiji’s judiciary, says interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sayed-Khaiyum told the gathering at the Lawasia Conference in Malaysia last week that the ‘gloom and doom’ picture presented by Leung was far from the truth.

He said Leung was not candid, selective in his analysis and not upfront when presenting his views on the Fiji judiciary.

He said Leung failed to declare that he was counsel on record for the suspended Chief Justice in the Tribunal or that he was counsel for prominent persons charged for corruption by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

Sayed-Khaiyum said the selective use of information were manipulated to support his jaundiced views.

He said Leung sought to portray Fiji in an extremely negative light and in particular pointed out that Fiji had a dysfunctional and compromised judiciary.

“The LawAsia fact finding mission including the EU fact finding mission did not find any interference with the judiciary by the Executive following the appointment of the interim Government by His Excellency our President.

“This very important fact was not revealed to the conference by Graham Leung,” he said.

The interim AG added it was most unfortunate that Leung through his selective analysis of the Takiveikata and Vakalalabure’s cases sought to question and undermine the integrity of Justice Shameem, Justice Gates and the current bench.

“Leung failed to mention the highly professional persons who had been recently appointed to the High Court and the Court of Appeal,” he said.

FijiLive 4/11/08


41 Responses to “The INVINCIBLE Graham Leung vs. bubba air-ass iAG”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    A little birdie at the conference tells me that Graham Leung spoke to an enthusiastic packed house who, through the chairman, asked Graham many questions about the human rights abuses in Fiji and the rape of the judiciary.

    He pointed out that hairyarse spoke to a near empty hall and the two questions he was asked, he refused to answer.

    At the conference dinner, Graham was surrounded by people wanting to know more about the miscarriage of justice in Fiji while hairarse was moving from group to group and being shunned by all.

    No wonder he has come out with silly, wild statements; hairyarse’s pride has been damaged ‘big time’ by his rejection in Hong Kong.

  2. Say True! Says:

    That’s the difference between class and arse.

  3. Ablaze Says:

    Difference between mona and sona!

    Regime is threatened by Mr Leung big time! Mr Leung will never let us down – he will fight to the end and we will be there with him.

  4. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    You cannot compare quality with rubbish picked up from Lami dump.

  5. soro Says:

    Yee ha ! You rock Graeme my boy !

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    Aiyarse desperately tries to convince himself yet again – there is no way that he has the measure of Graham Leung. He can talk and talk and talk…

    Its LEUNG for Prime Minister, dear folks!

  7. ispy Says:

    Aiyarse is simply to too inexperienced or too stupid to offer any useful debate on this issue.

    His once catch all response “I cannot discuss that because it is sub judice” no longer applies and so he has run out of things to say.

    But thats not éxactly the problem.

    The problem is that he is just plain dumb.

    He has but one skill – he is very clever at hiding his own incompetence.

    Thus he surrounds himself with legal mercenaries who are paid more money than this country can afford because they will make him look good.

    As a lawyer, he was never any good to begin with.

    During his entire legal career (which I assure you is over once the dust settles in Fiji), he has NEVER appeared in any case worth mentioning.

    He is reputed to have briefed out virtually the entire legal content of his work at Colonial – and was always quick to take the credit for it.

    Such is the character of the man whose words have poisoned the minds out military leaders from the months leading up to 5 December.

    So on the question of Leung v Aiyarse…

    …well I guess we can all see for ourselves who out of the two has more clout, experience and brains.

    If they were horses in the Melbourne Cup, I’d say the odds of Aiyarse winning this race was 100,000,000:1

  8. Ablaze Says:

    Go Solivakasama Go! Here we are discussing a great man, Mr Leung for sticking to the rule of law and fighting for our rights and democracy!

    Fiji Times on the other hand has allowed as a forum topic, an Indian man that can eat everything bar the toilet seat.

    Poor Fiji Times must heavily censored for them to stoop that low. Fiji is in a political turmoil and Fiji Times wants us to discuss a very weird topic.

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    @ispy – YOU NAILED IT! (standing up and clapping)

    I am so done with Khaiyum, hit the mute button the second I see his mealy-mouthed face on TV.

  10. Isalei Says:

    Can not compare class and quality (Graham Leung) with a wannabe pretensious coverup sonovagun!!

  11. Fiji Forward Says:

    Well we never really knew since none of us were there so whatever you hear and read here is gossip through the third person highly inaccurate. So what if Leung did make an impression there, AG was there as representative of Fiji!! Graham Leung???? maybe a wanna be??? dream on China Man, qai lai rawa sara i Na Koro, mai China. Real goosip is that Graham Leung went to rekindle with his old flame Joji Matai, how about that, cover ga na LAWASIA!!! WOW, hot news qori, Say True, Ablaze, Soro and the likes, sa busi mai na nomudou maimori vei koya, sa tiko sara i Malaysia.

  12. Isalei Says:

    That’s not the issue here FF. Vavei na veiv*** na e caka tiko qori e na keba? Best kept secret I suppose! Sa qai rerevaki sara? Dont point fingers cause three more pointing at you! You and the likes of the nutheads at camp can never come up to the reputation of the likes of Graham Leung. Those who get kicked out from being smart are now working for the UN. Sa oti mai na kemudou kamica!

  13. Fiji Forward Says:

    UN only take third class rejects like Tarakinikin and Co. The real cream of the country are now running the RFMF. Graham with all due respect was and always will be a called a homosexual person because he is and thats why he got kicked out of New York. Vacava mada ya!! dina se lasu kemudou na back (maimuri) taki koya tiko.

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    The world is poised on the Presidential Election as a new era dawns in the US. All Americans will today get to choose their next President. Will they create history by putting the first African-American in the White House?. The hours to come later in the day will tell us.

    We too one day will head for the polls in Fiji. Its only a matter of WHEN.

    Its L E U N G for Prime Minister, dear folks.

    He is our man! He is our Obama – win or lose!!

  15. Far out Says:

    Vinaka LUVfiji – this country is in dire need of a principled, courageous leader, one who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. You rock Mr. Leung!

  16. Isalei Says:

    @FF, yes real skim kena kosakosa ga sa qai vo tu qori na keba! All the best as you wait around for your peacekeeping mission. Sa sega ga na ka e caka vave me da sa qai na koro me lai tei na tavioka tukuni tiko ni sa voli tiko mai vei Joes farm? Ole Jim in china is waiting for the boys in green to plant more tapi for the ethanol plant.

  17. Isalei Says:

    Vaka ni buta vinaka na veika baleta na “maimuri” Fiji Backward!

  18. newsfiji Says:

    I cannot stop laughing now….it is just very AMMMMAAAAAZING to me how the Bainimarama supporters are in hia in full swing…something must be up…

    Sa tini sara na moimuri nei Leung!

    Wailei! O Leung gona e vakani koya rawa tiko! E sega ni kana loto…se caka “daylight robbery” me rawa kina na ‘ana…

    Dou yavu kana loto! Mai ya so…i vale e mino!

    Fiji Forward/Fiji Backward: Kerekere vakacegu laivi yani…

  19. Isalei Says:

    @nf: the mentality of the Baini sapota is such, when they have nothing constructive to contribute to the issue, they resort to uncalled for personal attacks. When all else fail, they cower in the corner and hold up their gun! Freeze! Ya gona o ratou o Fiji Fwd Backside!

  20. RAV4 Says:

    I don’t care how good a motormouth a lawyer is. Ke homosexual tiko I don’t want him or her to be the Prime Minister of my country. No, no, no way. They can all go and live in an island and do their thing as far as I’m concerned. All by themselves. Enjoy tiko while u can. Na qai muri yani dua na bomb.

  21. soro Says:

    Doesnt matter about sexual orientation RAV4 … I would rather an amazing orator and thinker be our PM than a dribbling schizo with no brain cells whose only agenda is personal glory and the next parade for his next medal.

  22. Dauvavana Says:

    RAV4 kei Fiji Backwarda and forward (veivutusina qori) vacava o Satini Tuilevuka mai na keba ni sa dau shake na muna e na gauna ni parade qai dau tiri nomudrau weli vacava na nodratou a veilewai vei Kanala Vosa e so nai lalal sotia mai Lepanoni ka ratou vakau lesu mai Viti ni ratou tobo ni vakavutuka tiko na sona nei Tuilevuka e na dua na checkpoint camp.

    Ratou curu na kau yaragi na batikadi ni Pelisitaina ni ratou yaco yani na checkpoint se ratou ogaoga tiko na boys na vei uru da e na gauna ni cakacaka. Sa rauta me sa ra vakatalai mai Lepanoni na sotia dou talai mo dou lai yadra dou lai veiyaqavi tale vaka cici lelevu. Dou yavu qara ni da lelevu.

    At elast Leung has the moral and mental fortitude to take on you guys armed with guns with non violent means. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Bula Vinaka Nite. I have been debating with myself about contributing to this thread and then when I read your post.

    To be very honest I have always been appalled by our local tendency here in Fiji to reduce everyone and everything to salacious issues of personal proclivities.

    Not that I would know any of them but I am sure that the mighty and powerful all have their weaknesses and flaws, don’t we all. However why must this be the focus of attention in a debate about the much bigger and more important issue of the government’s legal status.

    If anything puts me off about blog sites it is this. In your response to the others you raise the example of a situation that occurred some years ago and I hope it illustrates to them that we all fall well short of the Glory of God.

    Graham Leung, Joji Matai and Sgt Tuilevuka must all have relatives and friends that we are hurting by mentioning their names here. After all we have the luxury of being able to hide behind relative anonymity, so I think it’s a little cowardly for people to attack others from such an advantage.

    The reaction by the others is completely uncalled for. Graham Leung spoke in a public forum in his professional capacity and his paper was reprinted in the dailies. No part of that paper stated that he would entertain slanderous debate on his sexuality.

    I really think we descend to the level of those who had cast the first stone when we respond in kind. Vosoti au naita, ena so na gauna sa dau rogorogo ca sara ga na veivosaki eda vakaitavitaki keda kina.

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – and furthermore I completely agree with you that it does take extraordinary courage for him to take on the government at this time when they deal from a position of absolute power.

  25. Dauvavana Says:

    Vosota Naita IB, ratou an sotia sonalelevu dau vacu yalewa qo e ratou vakacudrui au vaka mataka. Levu ga na nodra vosa such hypocrites.

    This is what we are trying to advocate, a free and tolerant society

  26. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Sa dina sara Duana and may Tau IslandBoy.

    Keep up the blogging and these coup supporting bastards will mellow away in the shadows.

    @ FF, which part of your anatomy is moving forward? Remember, whilst one part of your anatomy maybe moving forward, the rest keeps looking backwards!

    Vaka cava ya? Da!

  27. FIji Forward Says:

    Dou vosoti au na wekai Graham, sega ni tukuni me lai vasa sara ya na lolovi ra ni kakase io na ka dina ni qauri tiko o Graham!!! Sega ni rawa ni da mai tokona e dua me vei liutaki ke va tu ya nona varau ni bula!! na lotu ena sega sara ga ni tokona. Fiji Forward dumbasses obviously means moving Fiji Forward so bringing Graham with his closet lifestyle solves what????? nothing!!! vinaka cake an Ag scam!!! I think you people supporting him on this site all have something in common, you’re all gays!! I have something against that because I’m a staunch methodist and its against my beliefs!!!

  28. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward – What’s your assignment? to show come in here and trash good people, those of us that will not stoop to your level and gang up with a bunch of try hard losers.

    Mr Leung’s personal life is his business, it has nothing to do with our fight for democracy and our rights.

    It is pathetic the way in which wankers like you are being paid by these try hard losers to do their trashy jobs.

  29. FIji Forward Says:

    Not that my friends, it’s my beliefs as a staunch methodist and native Fijian!!! you have something against that??? if you do I suggest you take that gay chinaman with you back to where you came from, respect our customs and traditions. This is our land, our religion and our beliefs in particular no gay people here!!!!

  30. Wuf wuf Says:

    Acha brother, one smol question mada, how much land you own as ratu brother? swampy land and small isle and atolls not count here brother.
    sa tukuna mada mai?

  31. Ablaze Says:

    I have no idea where you come from Fiji Forward but Mr Leung is well respected in Kadavu and the old capital.

    He owns property in Suva, Lautoka, Kadavu, Levuka, Nadi as well overseas in Australia and NZ.

    I as a Kai Kadavu do not have to take him anywhere as he would be welcomed in Aust and NZ.

    It is his love for his birth country, the bele and fish, chop suey, curry and roti that has kept him.

  32. Dauvavana Says:

    Fiji Forward, iko tokona na nona chief justice tiko o Anthony Gates kei na veivutusona dou cakava tiko mai na keba. Ya vakadonuya nomu Lotu Wesele?

  33. Isalei Says:

    We need to see thru the bulls**t that FF is! He’s trying to trash the methodists and indigenous fijians. he is one of those sellouts that have no brains of his own, but mouthing all that the brainwashers in the camp green have told him to do. Actually me thinks that FF was hard done by someone on that part of the anatomy the way he is so obssessed with it. You will know him by his fruits, no one calling himself a “staunch”would tear and vilify someone like that. Hypocrite!!

  34. FIji Forward Says:

    Hey people, simple as that would you accept a Gay Person as your leader, ask your turaga ni koro??? ask your lay preacher??? well the problem is that you have to be a fijian understand, foreigners like you Isalei, Dauvavana, Ablaze and Wufwuf would never know. My hurt your feelings but I’m a die hard native fijian who dont want to see see a gay foreigner lead us in any way. Have a nice day.

  35. Wuf wuf Says:

    Areh forward me, backward you, me tink u small Ratu Modri Boc! no land, want militari in power so tum go grab land under custom, rite? Tut, tut.

    U big bara thief, brother. U want gun power, so can make u big Ratu Boc! with access to lease paisa from custom land,nah? Acha, tumar gun ga, choose one reh! RFMF or GCC. Tis multi-ethnic countri, nai genocide reh, vely bad, Obama take u to rome, ICC one way ticket.

  36. Wuf wuf Says:

    Acha tumar gun forward is me, backward is u – tum konchi ‘staunch native’ fijin??

    Areh yaar, tum go Close Up interview, wit Professor Paul Gerati, ish ke baiya one full stanch whiteman….. will compete tu mar gun native lingo acha?? Public audience be referee, acha?!

  37. Wailei Says:

    lol@ Wuf Wuf… and @ FF Kemudou, what do you mean there aren’t any gay Indigenous Fijians? Have you looked around the hotels and night clubs lately? Anyway, what have you against the Gay community? They butako your lollipop? At least they pay their taxes and are law bidding citizens! Plus, Grahma Leung e va wekana.. He also has Fijian Blood in him. Mataqali tovo vaka viti e tu vei iko? If you were o”real Fijian” you would know the customs of the Indigenous Fijians and that is to “RESPECT” our vasu’s. Our ancestors, granparent’s have opened their arms to our Vasu’s like G.Leung. Who the hell are you to come to this site and tell us that they should go back to their homeland? Na mataqali vosa e la’o mai gusumu e la’o mai i na dra’ani emu. Baosi

  38. FIji Forward Says:

    Wailei, wailei dina!!! the guy is chinese, vasu bullshit, he is 100% Chinese, you need glasses or binoculus to verify??? vinaka tiko na ulumu se drau mataqali vata tiko??? na lotu e teri vinakata na veivutusona!!! lako mada i lutu mu va vuluci mai kina. Simple as that, intergrity.

  39. Ablaze Says:

    Fiji Forward and all the try hard losers hate Mr Leung so much it must infuriate you guys because there in nothing you can do to stop him from travelling overseas to spell it out loud and clear the facts about you bunch of wankers trying hard to run a country that is so dear to all our hearts. It must piss you off that he does not need taxpayers money to survive in his birth country. The man is super rich – done it on his own account – milamila tiko vei kemudou!

    Mr Leung may not look Fijian but he has like many of us have our birth country at heart.

    He is a catholic just like you friend Mataca – bad eyes no wonder he can’t see what is right or wrong.

    Do you know what integrity mean? That Fiji Forward ( Cu ke muri ) is something that wankers do not possess.

  40. Wailei Says:

    OMG @ FF,,, YOU REALLY ARE A BIGOT AND A RACIST! DONT PREACH TO ME ABOUT GOD! LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST YOU HYPOCRITE! Im amazed that as soon as someone disagrees with your little brain (point of view) you jump the gun and attack others…. Shows the level of intelligence you have.. this is where one leaves this dumb correspondence and move on…

  41. Fiji Forward Says:

    Ok sorry for being a racisit but I was being practical and realistic as I could be and of course I’m a realist, look at NZ, kiwi’s listened to FB and kicked out She Male Clark, in my position as a staunch methodist, it preaches anti gay sermons, and foreigners shouldnt be allowed to lead Fiji, thats from the pulpit at the Centenary. When I hear that and see Graham Leung, the sermon fits him!! can you please tell how I can correct that??? or do you mind telling the methodist to improve their sermons because I was brought up a methodist and I believe what they say, that Leung is Chinese and shouldnt be speaking for the i taukei of the country. Dont worry I’ll pray for you but in the meantime repent people, have a blessed sunday..

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