I was more than amused with this article from “The Australian” and just wanted to share it with you all.

In fact I was rather gleeful. Oh stop it!

I wonder how the ig will fund their illegality without Chequebook Diplomacy?

Vakaloloma na tamata segai ni rawata nai coi ni vakayakavi nei nona vuvale, vinaka cake vua na butabutako vakalialia. Sai Koya sara.

So let’s chillax & watch the veilecayaki! Uh Huh!


Rowan Callick, China correspondent | October 29, 2008

CHEQUEBOOK diplomacy – used by China and Taiwan to secure the recognition of the world’s smaller nations – may be on its way out.

It is good news for countries such as Australia that complain that this battle for diplomatic loyalty has too often derailed attempts to improve governance in developing nations. But it may prove bad news for corrupt politicians, including those in Pacific island nations, who have been the major beneficiaries, enjoying inducements as high as $400,000 a time to switch recognition, or even merely to maintain it.

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou has issued a series of statements since taking office in May, insisting Taiwan will step away from chequebook diplomacy.

The previous Democratic Progressive Party government was humiliated in its dying days when it was revealed that $32 million it gave to middlemen in an effort to lure Papua New Guinea’s loyalty from Beijing had disappeared, and PNG retained its recognition of China. Three Taiwan ministers resigned in disgrace.

Taiwan’s state news agency this week quoted Australian representative Alice Cawte as applauding Mr Ma’s move.

“We are very encouraged by statements by Taiwan officials, including the President, that Taiwan intends to provide aid that is transparent and accountable and has humanitarian and practical focus,” she said.

Ms Cawte said it would benefit the region as a whole to shift past “the previous tug of war for recognition in the Pacific”.

Six of the 16 countries that are members of the Pacific Islands Forum — which includes Australia and New Zealand — formally recognise Taiwan.

Australia provides more than $1 billion aid annually to island nations including PNG.

Globally, 23 countries recognise Taipei, 170 Beijing. The 23 are in the Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa, with only the Vatican State in Europe.

While Mr Ma came to office vowing to seek a “diplomatic truce” with Beijing, China has been reluctant to concede publicly that it has been locked in a battle for recognition with Taiwan, let alone that it has offered or provided funding whose transparency or governance principles might be questionable.

China views Taiwan as a rebel province that must ultimately acknowledge the sovereignty of Beijing. But Taiwan sees the support of a core of countries as giving it breathing space.




  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Well we can be sure that the good ol’ salesman extraordinaire Jim Ah Koy has Fiji well and truly stitched up to China’s Ass.

    Get ready to find less tavioka in the market as it all gets diverted to biofuel/ethanol and then we’ll have some REAL fun like food riots perhaps.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    Don’t forget you can drink the fuel (ethanol).
    This should power the Methodist rallies and crusades and there will be no end of preaching and singing at the elevated heavenly level.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s not get side tracked and just remember , there is silver lining on every cloud !
    Chuck in some running around the block with the loss of the tabioka and you”l all be so much slimmer and fitter .
    The result , no heart disease , coronary artery occlusions , strokes , or diabetes !

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Fly on the wall.
    Mr.Presdant , I has the sports of da peeeeeelz of Fitjee .
    Ah , long ago , we didn’t have television , but the culture was strong amongst our tribes .
    What ? We , togethas can putz an endz to povtea , our cultas , the injians and fitjiiennnnnnsss are one ppeeeeeeeeples on thiiiss eyelands andz wez can holds hands togetha .
    Who is this man ? What did you say your name was again ?
    What are you here for ? A chat . OH, your the Commander . Well that’s nice , how long will you be in that position ?
    I am youzes Prum minsta and Comanda of the Royal Fitji Mitree Farces , I is here to promote to youze the possbiltee of unitea and twogethness amongst the tribals of dis land .

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    What hope do the young adults of Fiji have , when even their church representatives and teachers , behave in such maniacal ways towards the next generation ? http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=104861
    A change of pace !

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    What hope is there for the next generation in Fiji , when their church leaders and teachers , who should be beacons of light , education and intellect , behave in such sado-machocistic ways , while justifying their behaviour by hiding behind the word of the Lord and their own concept of discipline !
    I feel for the youth in Fiji , no wonder they have lost their way , many of them . Fiji society is rotting from the inside out at the moment and from the top to the bottom . It is an ideal environment for the devil to do his work . Look at the increase in HIV infections , Cannabis consumption , drug smuggling , graft and corruption amongst the Police and Military , lawlessness , starting with the thieves in this regime , organised child prostitution and the increase in crime within the community .
    Violence toward children is not the answer . What did Jesus say , suffer the children to come unto me , for such is the kingdom of heaven .
    The pathetic thing is , this thug of a Minister and teacher had assaulted this defenceless boy earlier in the year as well . I suspect the lad ‘s Father isn’t around to defend his son . If he were my boy , I would have strung this bastard up by his testicles the 1st. time . I have a real aversion to bullies and hypocrites .
    But I feel that there is hope for this Minister if he accepts responsibility for his own actions and apologises to the boy and his girlfriend .
    What concerns me though , is what are the Ministers of the church being taught about relationships amongst the youth .
    Perhaps they are being taught to beat the crap out the kids so they can’t mate !
    I mean , love and sex , are God’s creation , it’s the most important thing in the universe . Without it , none of us would be here !
    Sinitta , a change of pace .
    I just like the clip !
    Thank God I don’t live in Fiji , or I’d be beaten to a pulp for my natural urges .
    Maybe that’s part of the problem in Fiji , suppressed natural urges and it’s those suppressed urges which are manifesting themselves in other ways !

  7. Budhau Says:

    ..and what has that two China gotta do with anything – those Chinese would have been doing the same thing, regardless of who was in power in Fiji.

    Less Tavioka in market – because that goes to ethanol – less fish at home, because folks who used go fish not have jobs in the Tourism industry – better get used to roti curry.

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    @Gandhooo – if you can’t understand then you’re a pea brain idiot…..NEXT

  9. Budhau's Nani Says:

    @Budhau – relevance of the two China’s; one up your back and one in your mouth; and you’re in a hopeless situation, which one to pick.

  10. Say True! Says:

    I believe biofuel won’t work. From an idealistic point of view it’s fantastic. But! It hasn’t been economically viable any where. Production costs and fuel efficiency are just two factors. Diversion of resources otherwise allocated for food as mentioned by KTF is another. For Fiji the economies of scale make it unfeasible. It will fail if started – be warned IG.

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    Growing biofuels won’t work in Fiji because the amount of land we’d need to dedicate to crops would decimate our food sources.
    You are talking hundreds of thousands of tonnes of tavioka PER WEEK.
    Scientists in South and Central America are already looking at introducing potato as an alternate carbohydrate crop to grains because it is NOT ideal for biofuels.
    It is a pipe dream.
    Better if we convert our sugar cane industry (which is little more than subsidized labour thanks to Chodokant’$ mismanagement and swindling of the sugar union) to cotton and we can at least compete globally for textiles and develop the industry technologically while preserving our own indigenous traditions like dyeing and weaving.
    God bless Fiji

  12. Budhau Says:

    The two china Crap – we know which way Fiji should go – ain’t that obvious.

    The problem in the past has been that the other Chain and the cash they they were willing to spend to remain in the game – now combine that with some thieving Ratus – then we have a problem.

    Otherwise, there ain’t no problem.

    Tavioka for biofuels – what a bunch of fricken idiots.

  13. Dauvavana Says:

    gandhoooo just want the tavioka up his rear

  14. Budhau Says:

    Kaisi-like behavior.
    I rest my case.

  15. Budhau Says:

    BTW – How come you buggers not worried about the $32 million stolen by middlemen in Papua New Guinea – that Taiwan had brought in – and if there was any similar arrangement with our local boys.

    Why don’t you try an figure out how much money came into Fiji – and track down the thieves that stole that money in Fiji – or do you seriously believe that the was no such funds for Fiji.

    That Chequebook diplomacy – so who is at the receiving end of this – a country or those thieves.

    With the military, China is trying to achieve the same goal, recognition of one over the other – however, we no have loans – loan that have to be paid back, loans that will benefit our country – not a bunch of thieves.

    You buggers are good at getting hand-outs, whether it is money from Taiwan, or aid from Australia as the above article talks about.

    The point that you missed was if there was money provided to the Fijian leaders to influence them into recognizing Taiwan – I would suspect that same PNG method must have been used with other island nations 0ver the years.

  16. Dauvavana Says:

    thanks for bringing this topic up gandooo dalit, remember when you father was prime minister? He kept a slush fund of Taiwaneese money managed straight from his office. Remember he used it to buy take away cups of tea for Asha Lakhan at the PM’s office and also used some of those crumbs to build his step father Sairusi Nagagavoka, Tui Ba, one house. Now wasn’t that corruption. Me rau veivutu ga o chodo kei nona step father.

    But he kept most of the money to himself the greedy suar

  17. Striker Says:

    Never mind the losses the Bulou ni Ceva inflicted on the people of Kadavu, Sir Jim was able to get away with their support to be elected into government and secure contracts for Datec, his family company!

  18. Budhau Says:

    Duana – thats all you on Chaudary – have tea with some lady and that building in Sorokoba?

    You want me to start my list of thieving Ratus – and you still kissing up to them – or cleaning their toilet.

    You see unlike chodo – your ratus steal from their own – when you steal from your own, then other members of your family don’t get food, healthcare, education etc.

  19. Dauvavana Says:

    so tell me whose kind are the poor indian cane farmers, are they our own now. last I heard they are steal waiting for their cyclone relief money raised by your father in India

  20. Budhau Says:

    You see – this free money thing, has to do more with your cousins.
    When there was money to go around, and Qarase was sort of “spreading the wealth” they were all for him.
    Now, SDL does not have the money so all abandoned the SDL.

    very soon, they will be kissing FB arse – the cargo cult mentality – that there is free money out there.
    ..and that goes for the Pajero elite – they are freeloaders also and haven’t you noticed that they don’t protest the regime anymore.

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    you have not answered my question gandoo dalit, whose kind are the cane farmers and who stole their $2 million???

  22. Jone Says:

    Whose gonna pay?

    I have an idea SV

    Since they have already sunk so low /

    They can fund it themselves

    Laveta ga ki cake nodratou suluvataga — like the kids are doing on the streets of Suva. Only they can rake in more from their diplomatic offices overseas. Se va cava?

  23. benhur Says:

    Talking about money? What money? Government is running out of money and Government civil servants are been paid 2 months in arrears but are still been threatened with termination if they don’t turn up for works?
    The Government requires over Billion and not million of dollars to operate the country properly.
    Narube has obviously been threatened by Voreqe to do exactly as he said or he’d find himself unemployed with no income to support his family? What yeah gonna do???
    Why is Narube making all this irrational statements? Certainly, he need his job and the money and that nasty gun was what made him do it!!!!!

  24. Fiji Forward Says:

    benhur you sound so ancient like the ruins of Tyre where the movie was made. get real and provide facts not bullshit you frequently bring outer your rear (brain)!!

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