Guess whose really making a killing out of the 2006 coup?

Sereana Qoro has managed to secure herself a package of $600,000 per annum package and become the most highly paid person in Fiji’s history.

Not bad for someone who was struggling so badly in 1993 that she had the truck she took on loan from Merchant Finance so her uneducated hsudband could get to earn a living driving it, almost repossesed by the Bank.

It appears she has outsmarted them all, Vore, Driti, Pryde, Aiyarse, Fairy Gates, Shamemimi, Chodo etc. in really making a killing from the 2006 coup.

Read all about it by clicking this hotlink to raw fiji news blog


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  1. LUVfiji Says:

    O M G ! is she really worth all that? Well, I guess she’s the lucky girl.

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    PS: she should now afford a new set of wardrobe to suit that package and throw away what she has on in the pic above!

  3. Wailei Says:

    WOW! Well, I guess Im happy for her as a “woman” getting top notch pay. However, I am sad for the way she went about getting it. Enjoy it while you can. Cause the next govy thats going to come in to power will kick your arse out… After all the Govy has majority shares. cheers mate.

  4. amazon Says:

    Amazing package! And she wears my favorite colour, well, what can I say, YOU GO GAL! 🙂

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    so I guess you’re a coup savota then eh Amazon?

  6. amazon Says:

    @ dauvavana – yeah, 1 plus 1 equals 4, happy now?

  7. for fiji Says:

    Hi folks I need a picture of Ului Mara, please email to

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    well its reassuring to know that at least you’re good at maths

  9. Wailei Says:

    seriously you two.. @amazon and Dauvavana… I like your tit for tat thingy going on here. lol! You two should seriously meet! How about the halloween party at O’Reillys bar this Saturday! Than you two can debate at your hearts content over drinks… lol!

  10. Dauvavana Says:

    what a pleasent suggestion….as long as he does not bring the green goons with her to arrest me.

    Kila ga, I heard those army boys rape men. A tamani boidada rau!!!

  11. Budhau Says:

    Hey Duana – you idiot,, go get a life – or better still, go get an education – so they only give FAB scholarships at the tertiary level, and I never made it up there. You see, even if you had made it to that level – those scholarships aren’t for lowlifers like you – only for the Ratus, the Pajero Elite and those with connections.

    …and whats this crap about about the above piece – read all about it on rawfijinews – that was kinda cheap – trying to push your site in here.
    You wanna put a story in here go ahead, put the whole story here – not the silly little teaser.

  12. Dauvavana Says:

    budhau and what is your definition of a low life?

  13. Budhau Says:

    You – Duana

  14. Tosotiko Says:

    Me na yaco gona evei?

  15. Dauvavana Says:

    I retract people let us concentrate on the subject at hand, here is a woman who seems to be taking the lion’s share of the spoils of coup 2006. It seems that the army will not be taking this lying down. It seems that Vore’s salary from being PM and Military Commander put together (double dipping) is not even half of what Sereana is getting.

    I would not be surprise that Vore might now use this as a benchmark and start claiming full ministerial salary for all the position he now hogs as Minister for Finance, etc.

  16. Wailei Says:

    @amazon, nah its all good. Had a laugh! lol..

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    Ganddooo is trying to distract us from speaking on the subject, let’s igonore and treat hims as his ancestors, the untouchables of Haryana and Culcutta.

    Let’s talk about Sereana Qoro’s package as revealed on rfn

  18. Budhau Says:

    Hey Duana – ain’t that part of the culture – rip-off as much as you can while the going is good – beg, borrow, steal.

    ..and why not – you think they would leave some money for the “indigenous cause” – why? Those buggers will have plenty money when Gavidi gets his $6 billion.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    Shows how uneducated Frank and his hangers on in the IG are .
    And now the thieves are bitching amongst themselves as to how lowly paid they are .
    No honour among thieves at all , is there ?

  20. Dauvavana Says:

    People of Fiji you will always hear racist Inidans with a bad attitude like one smelly curry fart that comes in here every now and then carrying on about Fijians riping off the people

    There are so blinded that they fail to acknowledge Indian shops that rip us off on a daily basis where it has become part of the norm to bargain them down because their prices are always inflated

    However the biggest rip off thief is ganddooos fatther, a low life, with kaisi like traits, descendent of a sewer rat from the blackhole of Culcutta and came to Fiji as a coolie. Know what this lowlife did, he went to Haryana in India, appealed for money to help poor cane farmers after a cyclone and when the money was collected, he trsnferred it to his personal account in Australia for his own use. How low can you go. And it is proven because the documents to prove it have been presented here on this blog previosly.

    Need I say more, this chodo and Sereana Qoro would problem a perfect union with gandoodhau as page boy to their wedding.

  21. Budhau Says:

    Duana – the Ratus and the Pajero eline have been ripping off the common folks for a very long time – it is Fijian on Fijian crime. You should be more concerned about this then I am – but now, you stupid m’fucker, you are more interested in fighting the bogey man – the Indian.

    Hey Chodo was behind the Qoro’s $600K package – you see Chodo i just trying to screw up FHL and other Fijians institutions. And any money that is left over at FHL – that will go to them military – after all the military is 99% Fijians – why should the money not go to them.

    The “sewer rat from the blackhole of culcutta’ – yeah right, now those “people of Fiji” that you addressed your comments to – they can decide whose behavior is Kaisi like.

    BTW – how much did Chodo rip off – about $2 million – and what is the annual budget for the PWD in Fiji – about $100 million – and where do you think 80% that goes.

    Duana – you calling other folks coolie – so what are you – if you ain’t a Ratu, you ain’t shit.

  22. Qwala Says:

    Is she new methodist ?

  23. Budhau Says:

    Island dude – who said anything about seeking truth in here.
    This is all about getting the local Fijians pissed off at the IG – and maybe get some infighting stared amongst the IG crowd.

    This discussion is similar to when they started attacking FB’s daughter and son-in-law who have purchased a house.

  24. Swimmer Says:

    Au kurabaui ka galu

    Ka’u SA QORO!! QORO!! ga.

    Wailei ‘amaqu !!!!

  25. Shalini Says:

    Two things come to mind, if the allegations are true. What percentage of the NPAT is her salary? Can FHL sustain the payments and is it justified in light of the context of her appointment?

  26. orion Says:

    Is this item of expense (salary) sustainble ?? What are the shareholders doing?? May be part of the iIG plan to collapse the (Fijian) company, by overpaying someone when the economy is contracting.

  27. at least Says:

    boy if this story is true…then I am sure she si not enjoying a single cent of that money if she is really a Fijian. how would she feel when she sees beggers and pictures of poor families struggling to survive in this low economic Fiji. I still cannot see how best she would feel. What is so important in here which others do not have to make her so marketable and highly paid as such. I am sure there must have been another job that is done apart from her dily routines that is added to the normal salary she is receiving.

    By the way, Bhudau and Dauvavana, please no fighting you seem to distract us from this great issue..

  28. Dauvavana Says:

    now we are getting somewhere in discussing this and thanks to all your contribution

    by the way, I love it when I piss off the gandoo. He is so predictable. You bring up his father chodo and out he comes swinging haymakers.

    and I must have really touched on a raw nerve because he called me a MF hehehe

    By the way the gandoo has been trying to find out what is my ranking in Fijian social structure. All he needs to do is go back to my earliar postings where I have always indicated that I come from the bati clan of the Vanua of Kubuna equivalent to you Hindu caste of Kshatriyas. Those who who know will now undestand why I attack Gandoodhau and his kind whenever they attack the Taukei People on this blog.

    and by the way, it is common knowledged that gandoo and his father chodo comes from the shudras caste. Now the shudras are the farmers, services providers, and artisians. Judging from Gandoo and his father Maichod’s behaviour they come from the lowest sub grouping of this caste knowns as the Dalits.

    To those of you who do not understand Hindustani, I now invite the gandoo to interprete these Hindi Castes names for you so yu can then find out where his grouping of stock, bloodline and kind belong.

  29. Shalini Says:

    You can access the Fijian Holdings Annual report via

    Note that PWC is the Audits FHL, a little mynah bird said that Madam’s daughter is also in PWC. Chinese walls or Japanese curtains…

  30. kadi Says:

    FHL is a listed company and would be subjected to the close scrutiny of the SPSE. Did the Board endorse the salary? Is there any justification? Because FHL is listed, the public particularly the shareholders and unit holders have a right to know…If the board endorsed the salary, then the board must answer….SHAREHOLDER ACTIVISM!!!!

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes Bud.. y’re right. Y’ve always been right and, oilei, you always will be right.

    Blog on dude.

  32. Lone Wolf Says:

    Bula All,
    Good to see SV is alive and kicking!
    Much love and Blessings.

  33. raqiqi Says:

    @Island boy,bula vinaka noqu i tau! e rawa beka na sota e vuni niu kala!!!!!!

  34. Jon Jon Says:

    Yes i heard she is a new methodist, giving that so called Reverend Rerevaki Atu Vulaono guy ( Esala Teleni Full Chows Brother), a free four wheel drive thanks to this scarey lasulasu sunday hopelessness message!!! I don’t know why he is preacher when he screams and attacks pastors from other churches from the pullpit.

  35. Say True! Says:

    @Jon Jon – what’s a new Methodist – does that mean born again or is it a breakaway from the methodist church? I’m from another denomination.

  36. Say True! Says:

    She’s obviously done well, however these IG appointments irrespective if someone is qualified or not must eat away at their conscience, and will be only be a short term gratification if at all.

  37. Nostradamus Says:

    It is all part of the Fairygayte scandal.
    Has anyone determined who his Pradeep Throat is?

  38. Say True! Says:

    @ Nostradamus – take a punt – it must be Ay arse.

  39. Jon Jon Says:

    Say True! Here is your infor abot this guys!!! Reverend Rerevaki Atu Vulaono the brother of police commissioner full chow telen. He’s New Methodist Church wants to be the super spiritual methodist church over taking all others, they have broke away from the normal methodist church and called themselves new methodist. Wots the differences? heaven is not a for a church name or religion after all lol..They claim to have won hundreds of souls to Jesus n claim to be the fastest growing church in fiji. Sad thing not one of the souls are new, they all ex methodist n ex other church members from other denomination who likes to cause trouble within there own church n now they have joined the new methodist. Reverend Rerevaki Atu Vulaono likes to get on the pulpit n attack other church pastors starting from the methodist church accusing them of grog drinkers, then he attacks other church pastors. I don’t understand why he does this, then starts to boast how god has blessed him and his family with so much free 4 wheel drive and air tickets overseas. Last time he preached an hour on how he gets free flight from Nadi to Suva the whole week, boasting abot his ministry. Sa sivia tale na talk abot himself then the bible. Everytime someone disagree with him, he says the person just died wailei.. u can read it all on his website testomonies He does not even had a vision for his church only the kava snake vision..So we don’t know where hes church is heading. He has told his congregation not to respect the vanua n not to fund raise. They shud all live by faith to get money lol n he gets the lot flying around Fiji n overseas. Last time his wife spoke she said all the puftas u are evil get out of this church at once lol.. I can’t believe she said such thing but she did n record everything they do on dvd which they pass around to people everywhere. Reverend Rerevakis message is not of hope anymore as how he started off with now its all on hating other church from other denomination. He’s latest sermon last time was if you here from other congregations tryin to check out this church then get out lol. crazy man. Even his church members in Sydney Australia are all ex trouble makers from the AOG churches now they all infighting n most are going back to the old members.. As they say follow the leaders n thats how they become lol.. there you go say true a little infor abot this guys!!

  40. Budhau Says:

    Duana wrote, “I come from the bati clan of the Vanua of Kubuna equivalent to you Hindu caste of Kshatriyas.”

    So Duana – let me get this straight – you guys have a very similar social stratification system to the Hindu system.

    So does you church also believe in this social stratification, or do they go with the idea of “all man are created equal”.

    In attacking Chod and Bud, Duana wrote that “shudras are the farmers, services providers, and artisians.”

    Hey Duana – with the Indian leases running out, I think we shall see more Fijian farmers, with the Tourism industry the way it is – we have more and more Fijian bus boys and porters, and of course the artisans – those “sword sellers” – So based on that I see a lot of your Bati types moving into the Sudra class.

    Now look at your Sudra Chodo – he seem seem to have moved up there almost with the Ratu Class.

    You see Duana – the difference between you and I is that you believe in this crap about social stratification I don’t. I sort have the Christian belief – of all men are created equal and I have the protestant work ethic – that is you work hard, save some money and you will do OK – I don’t believe in the Cargo cult mentality that some one from outside is gonna provide for me and my family.

    BTW – Duana, you can claim whatever you wanana be in this forum – but your behavior still remains very Kaisi-like. I would rather go by what I see in here, not what you tell us about yourself.

  41. Drikatawase Says:

    @ As described above the New Methodist Talatala shouts, raves and rants to convince the congregation and win them over. It has to do with the effective use of the senses.

  42. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandooo my favourite Dalit, a top of the morning to you.

    Now my dalit please hurry over to my home in Waila, my toilet needs cleaning this morning.

    You see gandooo, like leopards, dalits cannot change their spots so once a dalit always a dalit. That was why the dalit traits have again surfaced in you grandfather chodo the bus driver who choro money on a daily basis while driving the Ba to Nadarivatu route in the 1960s. Now your father nanichodo chaudary have again showed the dalit traits when he tole that $2 million from the poor cane farmers.

    Have a good day little dalit.

  43. Striker Says:

    Sereana Qoro, divinely appointed to lead (according to Alisis Daurewa) at $600,000.00 per annum while the FHL bleeds in losses and the majority of our people wallow in poverty. What divinely appointed leader would have such twisted morality? More likely one who is inspired by her own selfish gains – one from hell itself!

  44. Budhau Says:

    Duana – why are you embarrassing other Fijians in here. Yo idiot, you folks would like us to believe that while you do have chiefs, generally speaking they have fairly egalitarian society. You come out here and suggest that just like those Indos Fijians have their own caste system – and that you being a Bati – being equivalent to the Hindu warrior caste.

    See what you make those other folks on SV look like. Well, regardless of what you say, I still think that your behavior in here is very KAISI-like.

    BTW – if you were really a Bati type from Kubuna – then why don’t you take your Bati arse back to Fiji, and do what your are supposed to do – instead of getting poor Tui to go out in the street.

    So warrior boy, no one born a racist – prejudice is something acquired, and you parents seem to have taught you well.

    If you were really a Bati from Kubuna – doing you warrior stuff here on this blog – while your chief is getting his.her arse whipped back in Fiji – that ain’t no bati, that is a Kaisi-like behavior.

    Should I continue – Bati, yeah, right! – BTW, my comments reaaly made you insecure, didn’t it for you to come and explain who you are – haven’t you noticed, you idiot – I don’t have to explain to no one who I am – I KNOW who I am.

  45. Dauvavana Says:

    hey gandoo dalit get your arse over to suva so I can whip you. It is so good crying and bleating loudly from Sydney, come and help your father choro dalit

  46. Budhau Says:

    Let me get this right – you are in Suva, you claim to be a Bati form Kubuna, you chiefs are getting their arse whipped by this regime, you go run hide in some toilet when you see the military boys…and send poor Tui out there to protest – at least Tui has balls.

    And you do your warrior boy stuff here on this blog.

    As for Chodo – I think he can fend for himself – even when you Bati types broke his ribs, you still could not get him to sign that paperwork – remember.

    On the other hand your Ratus sure need some help – and arseholes like you either can not help and the rest of them would not help.

    Being on this site ain’t a substitute for doing what you are supposed to do – Hey send old boy Qarase a cheque – you have the bank account number.

    So stop the crap about claiming to be a Bati in Suva – because you some lowlifer crap.

  47. Dauvavana Says:

    gandooo dalit you see the fact is whatever you say cannot change our Fijian tradition as it stands, no one can take away our birth right, no matter what. It’s is there all listed in the VKB, go have a read if you’re literate enough and have a look through the racords.

    Like wise, no one can ever take away your roots as descendents of dalits from India. Come on man, be proud of your roots and history and be man enough to admit it. You are a dalit, but hey you and your family have done well. Now you live in Sydney and have access to a computer even though every night you still have to deep throat someone at Redfern Park at $15 an hour to pay for your bigpond access so you can abuse and insult us poor uncivilised Taukei on this forum and yes we still walk around bare footed in suva with our grass skirt just to go by your line of thinking. But that is what I admire about you dalits, and that is your adaptability.

    By the way i found this in the archives and thought I’d show yuo again your baby photos with papa from the slums of haryana

    enjoy, …..btw it’s morning tea time here and the roti lady has just showed up at reception so I will see you in ten minutes. Got to buy them rotis to keep a little dalit educated at Suva Sangham otherwise will end up collecting bottles on Sams Carrier the poor bugger.

  48. Budhau Says:

    You tradition – first they freeload when qarase was spreading the wealth – now they are feeding at the FB trough – free money.

    You birth rights are listed in the VKB – may be you should get a new lsiting source – it is called the constitution that would list everyone’s rights.

    Listen dude – the next guys is as proud of his roots, lineage, religion etc as you – so cut out the the crap out you being god’s gift to mankind.

    Insulting poor uncivilized iTaukei – no, no, no dude I am insulting you – and some of your thieving cousins – race has nothing to do with it – if you have that inferiority complex, that is your problem – I guess that is why you go around insulting Indians – think that someone attacking you race.

    Yeah, you eat the roti – because that Tavioka will soon be going for biofuel.

  49. ispy Says:


    Why don’t you give a rest already. Go suck on a lemon a few hours.

    The thrust of this article is that Sereana Qoro, who was appointed to run FHL under very dubious circumstances and aided in this appointment by a the proponents of a regime who obtained power through the barrel of a gun, is paying herself an obscene amount of money.

    Is is she qualified to hold this position… maybe (ie. if you chose to ignore the fact that her last appointment ended in near disarster for BIL).

    Is she worth that much… highly doubtful.

    Could she have gotten that much money if their had been no coup… absolutely not.

    I have shares in FHL and so I consider myslef co-owner of the company. I would never pay the manager of my company that much money.

    She has obviously assessed the dollar value of her worth as a CEO on the expected success of her strategic plan drastically increase investment offshore in the near term.

    But that plan has not yet been put into action.

    There is no guaratee FHL will make bundles of dough through an aggressive offshore investment campaign..

    Paying herself that much money before she has even achieved any actionable results is like putting the cart before the horse.

    But then again… being the astute business woman that she is, she’s knows this already.

    So like all the other IG hangers-on, she in it for the very lucrative short term financial gain.

  50. Dauvavana Says:

    a typical dalit trait, forever ungrateful, I buy the roti because i feel sorry for the roti lady who comes in half crying about how to feed her family and you go attack me for it

    by the way how’s business at redfern park lately?

    Given the wall street share crash, you charges could be dropping due to the low market activity. So what is it now $10 and hour or are you rebundling your service at two for the price of one. What is it deept throat and gandoo maro for $13 and hour?

    areee waah

  51. Wailei Says:

    @ Dauvavana and Bud. Wele… hmmm Im quite amused with your personal attacks in here… Can we get back on track. Enough of the racial grouping and what not. This is the very thing we are trying to discourage. Instead of race attacks. Why dont we talk about how “People/Individuals” who had corrupted Fiji rather than race. I believe it is not “race” but rather “Individuals” that has to make their choices so that they can gain alot from it. As per this coup, It is across the board if you want to use “race” that is, we have Indigenous Fijians, Indo-Fijians, the vasu’s who are gaining from this coup. So, it is not a racial group thats running the show. So Please, I implore you to stop with the racial overtones.

    @ Dauvavana, I think from reading his (Budhau’s) posting apart from the rambles. He is apparently, neutral. I think he looks at both scenarios and analyses them. With his knowledge of the past coups. One could actually think that he is a Political Scientist perhaps anyway whatever he is; He does give good pointers and if you read his previous comments he criticizes everyone across the board. In a way he challenges the way one thinks, giving different perspectives. As for the chiefly thingy. Well, I must say In our area they have failed us. Hence, I do not trust them as far as I can throw them. (Im not talking about all the chiefs). They are there to serve the people. Not the people to serve them. They are not doing their jobs, hence the disaster in Fiji perhaps? maybe. But there certainly is a lot of selfish people around. The thing is our communal living has disappeared. Now we Fijians are into Individualism which brings greed and all other stuff. Not that Im saying that having Individualism is bad, hell education, house a car and trips overseas. Its just a sign that we are moving on. We as commoners are moving on with our lives. Those who are still hanging on to their chiefly titles well, all the best. I hope it feeds your families. Those days a long gone. Those were the days of Rabuka (as the chiefs then had rallied behind him and also that the chiefs blessed his SVT party. What happened afterwards? It was the Fijians that did not vote for him come next elections than chodo became PM) What does that tell you about the Fijian perspective? SVT was blessed by the GCC but people voted elsewhere. Ever since than, the GCC has deteriorated, their power has been stripped off in the 2006 coup. This coup is not about chiefly anything….. Fijian Citizens are suffering… Where are our Chiefs? Where are they? Have they made our lives any better? Have this dumb coup made anyones lives any better? not counting the benefactors of course. They are a bunch of selfish wankers as far as Im concerned.

    This coup is not a single racial group coup. It is, shall we say a “multiracial coup”

  52. Jone Says:

    cava mada o kauwaitaka jiko kina puakafelo ya?
    o koya sega nona cagi
    sega talega ni wili
    nona rai ; nona kila ka se kila da
    sega ni wili

    Iko bi bi.
    Vosa ga vei ira veta vata kei kemuni
    Biuti ira na macawa va qori mera vosavosa i yalodra toka ga.

  53. Dauvavana Says:

    well that is why I am against this dalit gandoo everytime he comes inhere he brings the past and he paints us all fijians in one brush as a lazy race totally relient on corrupt chiefs and handouts. He always try and force his idea on us that the coup in 2006 is fijians against fijians when it is not.

    the coupd was insitigated by so called elite indians intelligensias and colonialistic white trashes such as gates with a bad attitude plus chodo the power hungry failed politician and the fading mara/ganilau/naisogolaca dynasty all with the own agenda and wary of the common fijians finally seeing the light and moving towards prosperity and true democracy.

    chodo realised after two failed attempts what qarase said that the 2006 election was probably going to be the last fought on a race base platform because given demographics changes things are going to change even more come the next election and it was going to be the last where an indian backed party (FLP) was going to make a serious attempt at leadership.

    The Indian elite like the shamimi’s threw in their last dice as they saw it as the last time they can ever chnage our country into their own warped utopia and so on.

    There was one common denominator. An intellectually deprived military commander with all the guns and think only as far as his cocky nose plus a group of envious money hungry military officer corp.

    It is not a fijian versus fijian coup

  54. amazon Says:

    With you there @ Wailei.

    As for you Dauvavana – there’ll be no need to dress up for yr Halloween party, you’ve just dressed yourself up… and then all the way down right here on this blog. Stop embarrassing yourself and take a real break from here… and when you return, please apologize to Bud.

  55. Dauvavana Says:

    Amazon go suck a lemon, oops you’re already sucking one!!!

  56. amazon Says:

    And btw dauvavana, i thought you were doing quite well on your argument for freedom of religion under the Happy Diwali thread. Don’t lose focus just because you hve the likes of blogger Jone here goading you on with his racist, kaisi-like remarks. This isn’t about race as wailei has correctly pointed out so why should you follow idiots like Jone who is obviously carrying around a humongous chip on his shoulder…sounds like some LOSER who can’t compete on a level playing field.

  57. Jone Says:

    This coup is about those who can lick boots for good old moola.
    Someone said the good thing that came out of this coup is it allows people of both chiefly birth or common rank, kai Viti and Kai Idia TO SHOW THEIR TRUE COLOURS. People who have always had less than desirable characteristic traits but well hidden are now given the perfect opportunities to come on out and lay it all bare for the world to view them for what they really are. Ordinary times would otherwise keep these crooks under wraps. They are no different than prostitutes. Selling their core values (or what little they had) for material gain. Then inventing a million excuses to justify their bad choices and in this particular case the bogus call of ‘moving the country forward’. Everyday the sufferings of ordinary citizens worsens at all levels and no one country in its right mind will pour money into a dictatorship rule — your rule, Sereana Qoro, along with your ilk.

  58. Jone Says:

    hey D

    kaya kina me kania nomuni lua — ya na nomu apology

  59. amazon Says:

    Jone – sa ko luveni uchi riva dina ko iko.. what a LOSER, resorting to the native lingo to goad Dauvavana on.

  60. Jone Says:

    This coup has brought to light the wannabe high shot who all along were less than desirable characters that ordinary times allowed them to carry out their pretense hence the respects of the communities.

    That God for this long drawn out coup; showing them up for the prostitutes that they are.

  61. Dauvavana Says:

    Sereana Qoro can not justify in any way why she needed that $600k package. The least she could do was ask for half of what Siti Weleilakeba was getting in these tough economic times and then lock in incentives to be paid on achieving certain benchmarks and milestones.

    A person has to prove one’s self first before being paid such a hefty package.

  62. Jone Says:

    FT topical discussion last week was on children prostituting themselves. I see no difference between those kids and Filipe Bole, Sereana, and all the beneficiaries of this coup. These are all prostitutues – throw core values to the bin for the sake of material gains. Right? It is, after all, exactly what prostitutes, ain’t it?

  63. Jone Says:

    .. exactly what prostituting is ..

  64. ispy Says:

    @amazon, what exactly are you suggesting here…

    …that when some Indian like Bud belittles Fijians as a lazy, corrupt useless, clueless people…that we should just take it lying down.

    O iko mada na kai Kadavu mai ya?

    Ka me tukuni vei iko…. jidamu drasa!!!

  65. Cama Says:

    I believe Dauvavana is right, we cannot approve a hefty salary like that when you have a poor track record and your performance has not been tested. This is corruption in the highest degree which FICAC should investigate.
    they were probably picked to check on LQ’s account at FHL.

  66. amazon Says:

    @ispy – Budhau aptly said it earlier, there’s no need to tell you who I am or where I’m from when I know exactly who I am, where I stand traditionally and on pertinent issues being discussed here about Fiji’s sorry politics. So why do u worry urself unnecessarily? With your kind of territorial attitude ispy-withmylittle-‘i’, one would hev thought you wud hve take it to the streets with Tui. You sound like another loser who doesn’t know where s/he’s headed.. lol!

  67. Isalei Says:

    In the end Fijians fighting amongst ourselves will again be the cause of our undoing.

    @Any package such as SQ $600K must always be taken in the context of the economic status of the country. Fiji is such a small country, unstable to poor economic status right now, more poor to middle class people than the rich, so to do justice to equitable sharing of wealth, there must be a levelling out of salary packages, after all, one can only really productively work for 8 hours, or is SQ working 24/7 now? The salary levelling should also apply to civil service after all in all cases, it is a team work and the top person depends on all hands aboard at different levels to produce a team effort. So why should one person unfairly receive all the benefits while the rest mere peanuts? As they say in animal farm, all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. This package if true is really obscene and unethical by Fiji standards. Something is bound to give sooner than later. All part of the stolen water tastes sweet to the mouth but bitter in the tummy!!!

  68. ispy Says:


    Why is it that everyone who disagrees with your view is a “loser”.

    You must be the most self-rightous sonofagun on the planet.

    Okay, sorry, you come in a close second right after Bainimarama…

  69. amazon Says:

    maybe ‘coz I’m simply an amazon 🙂

  70. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is unprecedented in this day and age in Fiji for anyone to recieve such hefty astronomical and unjustified package. There is definitely something happening in the background that is not above board to contrive such a unrealistic renumeration. So what is the justification of this filthy amount and does it get distributed amongst all those colluding in this devious scheme. There was a huge outrage when we heard of slimey sami’s package of 12,000/mth but sereana’s package which amounts to 50,000/mth pales slimey’s sum to insignificance. There was a mention somewhere that slimey was asking and probably got an increase to something like 30,000/month. While we sit back and watch and do nothing these gold diggers and crooks are grabbing whatever they can since the people cannot do anything due the kind of unaccountable govt we have in place at the moment.

  71. Budhau Says:

    Has anyone verified this $600K amount – that rawfijicrap site had also stated that Qoro’s husband was a no-school truck driver – and someone pointed out that he was a USP educated dude.
    I am sure there is someone who can cross check the numbers.

    BTW – what seems to be the problem – Qarase believed in spreading the wealth around – all those government contracts and all that. So this is nothing new, with money like this I am sure the elite that is hurting now would be making their way towards FB – Haven’t you noticed that they have stopped their criticism of the IG, next, they will support it.

    The problem here is not Qoro – the problem is the free money culture and that goes way back.

    Duana you idiot you wrote, “Sereana Qoro can not justify in any way why she needed that $600k package’

    Who cares what she needs, what she has to justify is how much is she worth – is she worth it – I think not.

    Weilei – Good piece above – Rabuka being voted out – go figure out why, because he was voted in just after his government did that $10 million settlement with businessman Stephens – REMEMBER – and they were trying to pay on that, before the shit hit the fan when Reddy brought it up in parliament – despite that in 1993, the Fijians still voted in Rabuka in 1994 – we sort of look the other way – because back then it was the bogey man was making too much noise about getting a non-racist constitution.

    It is guys like Duana – who keep bringing up this racist Indian thing – as long as the bogey man is out there, the Fijians, well at least the majority will go with the Ratus – regardless of how much they screw your people.

  72. Joe Lad Says:

    Congratulations Bhudau, seems you have managed to exploit their weakness and bring them to logger heads. Well done. And for the rest of you MFs, a lesson worth learning from. hehehehe.

  73. Dauvavana Says:

    gandoo dalit please answer my question what is a dalit?

  74. Dauvavana Says:

    By the way, Jo Lad we know that you and Amasona are from the Green Goons media cell and only Amasona is the one betting for ganoodhau and at logger head with everyone else here.

  75. Joe Lad Says:

    Desperado!!!! hahaha

  76. Dauvavana Says:

    If we are desperado then tell me why did the Military wanted to shut down FINTEL when these anti coup blogs started mushrooming in cyberspace and why are you and gandoo and amasona are coming in here trying to shoot down our opinion.

    If we aren’t exposing the truth then why react? Didn’t the good book said that the truth shall set you free?

    No Jo lada, it is you who is desperate…NEXT!

  77. Joe Lad Says:


  78. Belijo Says:

    Jon, Jon thanks for the info on the new methodists. Why is it called new methodists and what has been the reason for the new group? Is it because they do not drink grog or take liqour?

  79. Belijo Says:

    I am a methodist, and I used to drink grog and I don’t take liquor. I believe that if there are issues that the new group have which need to be aired then a good Christian will seek the person out and talk about it. But before talking about it you will need plenty of time to pray about it and consult the Book of Law (Bible) for necessary steps to take to approach the church leaders or whoever it is that needs to be accosted. There is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit of God will do the work of convincing others and giving the right kind of advice to parties concerned. It is when you take matters into your own hand that we see the work of the Devil. Maybe it’s time members of the new group reflect on this because anyone who walks with Christ will be steadfast and not be easily led astray by anyone. It is really a test of your walk of faith and may be you just didn’t really experience the real spiritual experience wherever you worshipped before.

  80. Truth Says:

    Maybe because you simply a prostitute Lol 🙂

    @Dauvavana don’t waste breath with those prostitutes. Given the pathetic economical situation brought about by our leading prostitutes lol that was a good one Jone. Prostitution by Aiarse Khayumi eh. Is that the reason his house got robbed 🙂 some of his unpaid clients taking payments I suppose. Well now then to this queen of prostitutes herself oh lordi how low can you stoop lady. Too much money under the circumstances. Makes you out to be the queen of the brothel don’t ya think?

  81. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Hi folks, sorry I was away for a few days.

    If Serana’s package is indeed $600k, then it is a catastrophe. I know her as well and there is no way she is worth this package, if indeed that is what she is paid.

    Common interests is how she is where she is. It is not simply a Fijian v Fijian as Budhau wants to simplify because Indians, Europeans, Chinese and others too have all benefited from this coup. Chodo certainly played his part, but he is only part of the grand scheme of things.

    This coup is a ‘professional coup’ which was engineered by professionals who are willing to sacrifice their reputations for short term personal gain. Some of them truly despised the SDL’s agenda and could not wait for elections or knew their personal agenda’s will never get to see the light of day, so joining in with the dissenters made it easier for them to be compromised with no care for their reputation or the legality of their actions.

    I still maintain, it is these ‘professionals’ who perpetuate the coup culture and will continue to in the future unless they are brought to justice. So Serena too is tainted!

  82. Say True! Says:

    @ Jon Jon – thanks for that info.

  83. Jon Jon Says:

    Your welcome Say True! Belijo they are not new if they keep attacking other christian brothers. The church name is not even new only the word new is placed in the front, no wonder they still old habbits..Last time Reverend Rerevaki boasted abot Bonke and Benny Hinn coming to Fiji called to be men of God n they dont even see that kava is bad n he was the right men of god who saw that kava was wrong so he preached against it lol.. I am like those men that came to Fiji came to preach the gospel n left which is there job.. n Reverend Rerevaki preached so much against kava that he forgets to preach from the bible lol

  84. kaiveicoco Says:

    in all of these one can just sum it up by quoting Rabuka ” The winner take all ” !! and quoting from Robert Kyosaki;s first book Rich Dad,Poor Dad.Rich Dad’s advise when you hire an accountant when it come to interview time ask him or them three questions.
    1.What is 1 plus 1? if his answer is 2, fire him because he is too straight forward and honest again.
    2.What is 1 plus 1? if he answers 3 – fire him still.he is too dumb.
    3.What is 1 plus 1? if he answers ” depens what you want the asnwer to be ” then hire him.
    I leave you bloggers to decide

  85. Jone Says:

    Hah hah in other words @kvcolo “the most corrupt takes all”

  86. Jose Says:

    Benny Hinn, Bonke and all the high standing preachers and government leaders of the world are Freemason. The Queen of England is Freemason. So are the Royals. The Duke of Kent is the Grand Master. And all the presidents of the US were and are Freemasons.
    So the President is going to meet the Queen in his capacity as the Patron of the Order of Saint John Brigade Fiji. JOHANISM is the Secret within the Society deeply covered in christianity secretly working through Catholosism. Of course the majority of catholics don’t know that. Bainimarama is Freemason so it seems Iloilo outranks him. Bainimarama did say his calling was from a higher order. This is an evil entity where Bainimarama receives his direct orders.

  87. at least Says:

    dauvavana and bhudau if u guys wanna fight no one wanna seems u too r really sick..why dont you create ur own sites as u r just trying to distract us from all these issues. as it is the ones we r discussing here seems better than you too..Cummon get a life and stick to the topics..we are not healthy by the two of you..

  88. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I rather like the budhau & naita daushoot affairs!
    Who commands Fj$600,000 p/a? Must be some real important job and worth the publicity too.

  89. Jon Jon Says:

    Jose i think u a freemason yourself if you have so much incorrect infors of benny hinn n bonke!!!

  90. Toso Viti Says:

    Thats abit too for some one in Fiji!! get facts on her salary if you want to spread gossip please, the lady is reasonable and dedicated to her work. I gues the rest of us will just have to work harder!!!

  91. Jose Says:

    jon jon, the information is there you don’t have to believe it. Just keep it in the back of your mind somewhere with this further info that the Great Council of Churches are also controlled by Freemason who are controlled by the Jesuits.
    Also check out by google this bit of infor, don’t know if you already know. Barack Obama is 8th cousin to Dick Cheney and 10th cousin to George W. Bush. All the presidents of the US, one big happy family.

  92. Jose Says:

    By the way jon jon, don’t get your feathers up if it upsets you about the council of churches being freemasonry controlled. Just google it you will see for yourself. The first name that comes up is Billy Graham. he is by the way 33 degree freemason, Robert Schuller, Kenneth Copeland, thelist goes on.

  93. benhur Says:

    If this salary range is true than the Chairman of the FHL is the one who is to be blamed,for making this screw-up.I mean come on, the Gal just got hired. You got to investigate her work history? What has she done in Fiji corporate world, to justify paying her this enormous salary?I hope that Colonel Aziz, whom Voreqe appointed to the Board, as the military representative, is not the one influencing members to make this irrational decision. Colonel Aziz is a Mahendra Chodory mole and his job is to sabotage or destroy Fijian attempts to compete in Fiji’s economy.I am OK that a Fijian is getting this kind of Salary but the company certainly cannot sustain this kind of stupidity without losing its growth. I have “A” Class shares in FHL and hopefully she can move our company forward instead to where Colonel Aziz and the indo diaspora have planned?

  94. amazon Says:

    @ Wailei @ 10.49a.m, Oct 31.

    I was just reflecting on what u’ve so aptly said there and I wonder if there just might be a grain of truth in Bainimarama’s words (if i recall correctly, it was he who said that) that ‘this would be a coup to end all coups’.

    @ Daunivavana – pls don’t start calling me coup-sapota all over again.

    All I’m saying here is that the longer this impasse has taken (since Dec5), the more interested some of us have become in trying to figure out what has really been going right under our noses, including what has transpired since the first coup of 1987; and so I think that the more people face up to their demons and openly debate and discuss issues that worry them (such as via this platform that SV has kindly provided), the better off we all become.

    Unlike the previous coups, information technology has made discussions a lot more easier and accessible and so the opportunity (at just a press of a button) to sift through the information that is being presented in the media and discussed here, media outlets and elsewhere (esp. for those of us who don’t have the luxury time), is just fantastic!

    Of course, I’m not saying that I condone 2 wrongs to make a right. Those who know better but have deliberately erred will pay, its that simple. But as you’ve correctly pointed out Wailei, this coup-bed has all kinds of people in it, all with their own agendas, some are even honourable intentions, but they’ve all simply boarded the runaway train…. the chinese sage who said – ‘he who rides on a tiger’s back…..’

  95. Jon Jon Says:

    Jose u sound like a herresy hunter, wot a waiste of time getting all your infors from google. Anyone can put up anything on google and you just came along like a lost soul n believed it without even knowing the real truth. U got to be careful with your mouth cause you can be taken to the court of law for making up false allegation against others. U sow wot you reap, how wud you feel if someone comes n put up a whole infors of you and your family that you a freemason on google when its not true? wot wud you do? believe it? look at your backyards before you point at others.. u are one of those people who likes to hunt after demons in every corner.. Just go mada n read your bible and set you mind on heavenly things instead of waisting your time on earthly things!!!!

  96. Jose Says:

    jon jon, their info in google indicate that people are becoming aware of their secrets. Not that they give a damn anymore now because all their plans are in place and is being excuted. There is much more. But you are so backward, I won’t bother.

  97. Jose Says:


  98. Fiji Forward Says:

    People, you sound so pathetic!! why pick on SQ?? maybe she deserves those perks!! we will just have to work harder if we want that job!!!

  99. Jon Jon Says:

    Jose how can you prove that those infors are true and excuted? Wailei u don’t get it!! like i said u waisting your time goin to google to get informations that are not true. U have become a heresy hunter n looking for demons in every area. Just fill your mind first with cleans things. Too much looking for demons will soon turn u into a demon looking man lol!!!!

  100. Jon Jon Says:

    So if they all freemason then u must be a mason too!!!??

  101. soro Says:

    My Lord – if this salary package is true, she is getting paid much more than any of the Prime Ministers of any of the South Pacific Island countries, NZ, Aust and the UK.

    As a matter of transparency and public interest, people in positions like Sereana are duty-bound to declare their incomes and assets.

    One would think that if this figure were not true, SQ would have sent an email to Kutu and the SV team to tell them the truth, BUT there has been such a silence , even the Suva cemetery would be proud .

  102. benhur Says:

    Wow, shes been paid more than any living Presidents or Prime Ministers of any country in the world today, Including the USA and Brittain!

  103. soro Says:

    She must be gonna be the next President …. OMG !

  104. Budhau Says:

    Benhur – while it may be true that the woman is overpaid – your silly ass remark that she is paid more then some PMs – you idiots, there are many folks in the private sector who make more than PMs and Presidents.

    So – that OMG, where you learn that from.

    BTW – has anyone cross checked or verified the amount in question. rmember, the person posting the info and in the same message mentioned that SQ’s husband was some uneducated fool – we later found out that he was USP graduate.

  105. soro Says:

    Hey bush curry lawyer. Looki this :

    USP graduate = Ratuva = grand beer drinking rambling ineffectual sad idiot

    Arguments about graduates equating grey matter dont hold any water mate.

    And any fool can find out the salary of any PM in any country that practises true accountability.

    And since you are such a grand defender of the status quo, why dont we give you the task of finding out for sure , so you can gloat about it on this forum and prove us all wrong ?

    I bet all we will get is another shitload of smart ass venom, and no action !

    Bush Curry Lawyer = Smelly Hot Air = small man syndrome = Loser

  106. Fiji Forward Says:

    Soro for Sorry Person of the Year Award.

  107. tarakari Says:

    Atu Vulaono is not even a Reverend he is in fact a Tuirara vakasakeiwho piched the cash belonging to the Namaka Circuit in Nadi. He’s rot in the Methodist church led him to begin the New Mehodist Church and inevitabily led so many astray….He should listen to the way Joel Osteen preach and learn from it..

  108. Jamaiya Says:

    Wete wete!!!!…..caught taki tale o Vandam….E dina ya Atu?????? Olei o kedatou na kai Viti…sa sivia ga vei kedatou na drama…ia na madila ni vosa mai na TV esa matata….tamata dua choro o i’o mai Nadi…

  109. GITA Says:

    you bitch @ Jamaiya!!! Is this what your daddy did!! oops…cat got out of the bag eh Jamaiya. Dont worry wil kip ur secret!!!lol!!! Tarakari…isa karikari or shall I say kanikani….mata va sese…is this what ur dad did …GOD knows what he did nxt!! I guess that is why they have long grog sessions after church…to plan who takes how much??? Who is shaggin who??? TRUE OR FALSE!!!

    Fellowship lasutaki….oti ga caka na lasaituba kei na veidrotaki!!!hehehe….and this is from the METHODIST church. Talk about christian…allowing your kids to sing on MIC shows with worldly songs…and no chrisitan ones….lolPeople like Kiti Mataiwalu….Pst SAvenaca’s daughter-AOG church of Namaka, Ratabacaca…pst of All Nation…having affair with young girls. A 60yr ol pst. Semiti married a 19yr old here in Nadi. This are the issues to be raised. Look around you thats the whole purpose of why Pst Atu preaches the way he does.

    So smart to point fingers check the false christians out before you attack the man of God!!

  110. GITA Says:

    jamaiya watch ur mouth b4 u talk call(9307543) 4 more info vandam ur head

  111. elijah Says:

    hahaha good one gita i support u… lol .
    been are son of qase levu is not easy but its a mens job i am happy 4 my father .dont have to tell every1 wats in ur heart just keep it in ur heart and MYOB God bless u all

  112. Sodom Girl Says:


  113. KSD Says:

    Kua so ni vakalialiai iko tiko. Sa ra complain na kai Viti Levu e na vuku mu, e na vuku ni nomu qiri kapa wavoki. WE!!!! DA SA MAI TIKOTIKO CA WALE……VOJIVOJI..DRAKACECE…TURESE NOMU BULA,SAKASAKA,Dogadoga. Na Kalou oqo e bunoci e sega ni kani Draka wale ga. E masuti e maroroi na kena savasava ka soli taucoko na bula.
    Sa cou rawa ga i nako sara tei na manioke……SA MALO IE….

  114. BUTUKA2 Says:

    Sa rauta mada na qiri kapa Atu.Keimami sa soro mai na vakarogo bulago mai nakoro. Era sa mai yavalati na butuka tu.Va evei mo dou toka la vakadua na klila…….baleta ni teri Ura me tei damu la ni kua.
    Bale e teri dua e na veicemuri e na qai lauti iko ga na sui ni kemu ni ko sa na transport taki mo laki tei tapioke.

    E sega ni dua na rairai ni tamata lotu keimami raica vei iko. Sa nomu caka2 ga na kaikaila wavoki vaqara vatawa ni taga. Have u ever healed anyone physically or spritually I don’t think so???? U a only preaching 4 ur hip pockets. Sa rauta mada na vesumona kei na veilasutaki. If u r a real man of God as u claim 2 b stop critising other churches baleta na Kalou e sega ni dau vakalelewa. Na vosa ni Kalou ni da rogca e marau kina na yaloda KA KAUTA MAI VEI KEDA NA BULA na vosa e lutu mai na gusumu sa vsa ni vei vakacacani kei na vosa ni vakalelewa. Bcoz the bible says THE ABUNDANCE OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKS. I m begining 2 wonder which of these 2 Gods r u worshping Dakuwaqa or Degei????

    Sa dri yani!!!!

  115. deadlock Says:

    @gita…sa dina beka na ka e vunau taka voli na nomuni tala2 ya o pastor atu!!!…moni dau vei vakacacani voli ena vei matalotu tale eso ka dusia!!!…ni kua ni mai lasu2 tiko

  116. Qiri Kapa!! Says:

    Au via tarogi Atu Vulaono se cava sara mada na i bale2 ni Souls To Jesus e kila tiko li se sega?. Au kerei iko mo veisautaka mo vola na Souls to Atu. Sa dua na ka na nomu vakamavoataka tu na yalo ni lewe i Viti. Na kena i vakadinadina na levu ni comments e lako tiko vei iko e na veisiga kece ka wilika tu ko Viti raraba. Kakua mada ni vakadogadoga tiko na Kalou oqo baleta sega ni dua na yalo e nomu all the Souls belong to God. If you are a real man of God as you claim to be mo vakatavulica na yalo ya dua me kila na nona i tavi e na mata ni Kalou You claim to be a messanger of God I don’t understand which God are you refering to.

    Au rogoca ni ko cemuri ira tani na Qauri e na nomu soq2 lotu. The word of God says “I’VE COME FOR YOU TO HAVE LIFE”. Can you spend more time praying rather than digging into other people’s saving accounts. (Mata vaka i lavo) Sa qai laurai ga na levu ni dogadoga. Tovolea mada mo bau maopo.

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