Air Fiji CEO appears in court


Bloggers, Vuetaki now faces the music of possible abusing his office whilst Chairman of FPCL. What we find intriguing is FICAC continues to go after those who may have broken the law, yet the biggest law breakers remain at large currently ‘protected’ the veneer of the Gate’s judgement. Qarase and the SDL owe it to the people of Fiji to lodge their Appeal against the Gate’s decision, so the FLS can also join in as amicus curie, so the whole extent of the judgement can be explored and other areas examined as well. The jury is still out on the Presidential Political Forum and he should have been there to open it. Keep up the fight ragone and let’s not be sidetracked by these charades! FYI, the website is coming along smoothly and we know you will love it with its various features when we launch it very very soon!
Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sialeni Vuetaki outside courthouse Taken from / By: fbcl

Air Fiji Ltd chief executive Sialeni Vuetaki appeared at the Suva magistrate’s court today charged on one count of abuse of office.

Vuetaki was granted bail of $1000 and will appear in court on the 18thof next month.

The court was told that on December 2006 as chairman of Fiji Ports Corporation Limited, Vuetaki made a payment of $177,000 to the chief executive of FPCL Herbert Hazlemen without the approval of the board or the higher salaries commission.

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20 Responses to “Air Fiji CEO appears in court”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    That’s about $9,000 than what Frank and his fellow officers got !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    The height of hypocrisy really !
    It’s wrong indeed for these men to have assaulted this young man , but what of the people responsible for murdering so many in Fiji under this Commander and his cowardly supporters ?

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    If they could just apply the same principles of law and order to Frank and Co.
    But at least they can over power this young man !

  4. freedomfighter Says:

    We must not forget that Air Fiji had refused to fly Qarase to Suva for the crucial GCC meeting in December 2006 – well, what has it got to do with the case…just a food for thought

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    That’s great news on the progress of the website – thanks SV. Looking forward to it.

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Hey, it was not $177,000…it was actually $177. This piece of news was corrected by Fiji TV on the news this evening!

    As i mentioned in one of my earlier comments – FICAC is really on the move to take out people!

    They did that on Friday last week and ended up being escorted out by security from one “diplomatically protected” office’s on Gordon Street..

    The FICAC Military Officer, was told to do his homework properly because he just can’t barge into that particular office like that – QAI POTE..

  7. Vobis Says:

    Justice must be seen to be done in this case, is this another case of abuse.

  8. Vobis Says:

    By unauthorised and unelected individuals that purports to be the power broker in what is already a duly elected democractic country.

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    Have any of those purged by the Regime been other than QVSOB?
    Vindictive Voreqe seems to be trying to purge the graduates of a particular school. He failed to gain admission to QVS and probably lost the Deans Trophy as well, so his juvenile insecurity must be taken out on those who were smarter and quicker than him.

    I look forward to yet another FICAAC embarassment. The Regime is like the Keystone Cops putting their foot in it with heads up their rectals.

    I also look forward to the next “Presidential” Tea Lady Forum to talk about the vibrant society going down the tubes at negative GDP growth rates and no sign of recovery, led by goons who never made it through Form 5 maths or English, let alone Economics 101.

  10. Lau lass Says:

    vinaka nostradamus, the pig & his group are just picking on certain individuals who are a threat to their zero intelligence. For a start, can they investigate the regimental funds first !!!! & publish the report in the dailies !!! before they investigate other organisations or individuals. WE THE TAXPAYERS, DEMAND THAT !!!!! CAUSE IT’S OUR MONEY !!!!!!

  11. LUVfiji Says:

    Wrong , Lau lass.

    The Regimental Funds, I believe, is made up of some kind of contributions deducted from salaries of officers & men of the Fiji Military – hence the name ‘Regimental’. It has never been allowed for Audit over the years and is said to have accummulated to a substantial amount of $$$$. But it has only recently been brought to light that the Funds have conveniently provided for the lavish spending of the Pig commander and his immediate predecessor. So really, only the military guys can make that demand.

  12. Striker Says:

    What about the exorbitant leave pay paid out to the pig & senior military officers, any progress on the investigation, why is FICAC so quiet on such issue?

  13. Jone Says:


    That;s what I came in to say.
    FICAC is an embarrassment.

  14. Toso Viti Says:

    Stick to the subject people, Lau Lass RF belong to soliders not ordinary people like you and me. Seleni is a good man, Ipray the good Lord watches over him in his trying times.

  15. benhur Says:

    Don’t know the story about this Gentleman Gutaki-but the military Government of Voreqe seems to be targeting all the highly educated Fijians.My only answer is to Voreqe, keep it up pig, cause if you have ever read history, on political or social development, these are the class of people, who would eventually win the war and change the country for ever!!!

  16. Fiji Forward Says:

    Benhur, you seem a well learned person!! shame you waste your energy and well earned thoughts here. How about putting that into positive mode and try and move the country forward.

  17. benhur Says:

    The country was doing alright under the Qarase Administration,people had their freedom,enjoyed their lives,paid well, eat well,love well,cloth well,educated well, until your uncle Voreqe and his gangs of thieves, with guns in hands, decided to ride into town and steal all of the above, from the citizen of this country?
    Rabuka said the same thing…”Join me so we can move the country forward”, in 1987, George Speight said the same thing in 2000, Voreqe used the same logic in 2006 and is still saying the same thing today.Whose next?
    I don’t think so. This coup must end here! Our people needs to live in peace,prosperity,goodwill,freedom,justice and the right to live their life for ever like a free human being.We are tied of all these bullshit and we’re not going to take this crap about moving the country forward any more!!
    Thank you SV for this blog site, dedicated to freedom and democracy in Fiji.

  18. Fiji Forward Says:

    So find another country Ben Hur or be brave like the gladiator whose name you stole and ride your chariot of fire!!! va cava dare you mada???

  19. Herefordranger Says:

    Mr Vuetaki is a good servant of God, FICAC should becarefull because God always has the last say.I have served with Mr Vuetaki’s son in afghanistans OP Herrick and Iraqs OP Telic 1, a man who fears God.. Im sure his praying for his father.

  20. Glatombloli Says:


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