Meeting of Political Leaders a waste of Time

What a waste of time!The charade of a meeting yesterday was another way for the military junta to blackmail Fijians into accepting the military charter so that they can stay in power for ever. Sure, there will be a parliament; but it will be under the control of the military and NOT THE PEOPLE.

There is no room for the military charter in a democracy.

I am bitterly disappointed that Mr Q can’t see that he is being conned by bananasinpyjamas.

The next step in this forum nonsense will be a vote on which parties support the military charter. Of the 14 parties there, 10 will say that they want the military charter before elections so bananas will use that as the basis for the implementation of same. The fact that at the last election, only 3% of Fijians voted for these parties is beside the point for bananas.

Wake up Fijians, you are being CONNED, big time!

(EX Fiji Tourist)


31 Responses to “Meeting of Political Leaders a waste of Time”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    What is the motivation for Frank to have the Military remain in power in Fiji ?
    The murder of CRW soldiers in 2000 and the fact that Andrew Hughes was about to have him arrested for sedition !
    Fiji will never be free again , unless the people take to the streets .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Bring back Idi Amin , from the dead .
    Notice the 1st. part of his name ! Idi ( ot ) .

  3. Budhau Says:

    Hey – you guys always talk about the murder of the CRW soldiers in 2000.

    Let me get this straight, When the rebel attack began, FB messed up his pants, jumped out the back window, and made it down the gully and up the other side – like a bat out of hell.

    One of the other officers – who some of you support, came in to take on the rebels, shut the gates at the barracks and once the military had the upper hand, some of the CRW soldiers were brutally beaten.

    So who was in-charge when the beatings took place – and how can you blame the coward FB – when he was on the run when the actual incident took place.

    Can someone please explain.

  4. Jone Says:

    Only person who did something that made sense was Vilisi Nadaku.Thanks MM I read that Idiot Amin thread through. Sad really. But too late for them. For us there is time if only we stop pretending…

  5. Tosotiko Says:

    Oops someone trying to defend FB. The actual incident happenned after FB was rescued just one second after his bolt or dash and broght back to camp.

    On ‘Viti Nikua’ last Sunday, a caller challenged Neumi Leweni (the other guest was Kinivuwai) about this proposed meeting of political leaders, “O kemudou taura vakaukauwa na matanitu..ia dou cicivaka sara. Cava tale dou via kauti ira tale yani kina eso me ra laki tomani kemudou…dou cicivaka sara na matanitu dou taura vakaukauwa”.

    We all laughed at home because what the caller said was so apt. Sakiusa quickly called time-out for a break and when the programme resumed, that question was never answered.

    I thought that should put ‘paid’ to Leweni trying to use the hackneyed argument they have using “Na matanitu ‘qo ke sega ni o ni tavuki mai…ia ena rawa ni cici tiko ruasagavulu na yabaki’.

    Ia dou cakava sara, dou cicivaka tiko me yaco ga na lomamudou, ka dou tiko ga eke kei na nomudou matanitu. O ira na neimami cauravou, goneyalewa vuli vinaka era sa sasaga vakaukauwa ki Vavalagi ena gauna oqo.

  6. F.I.R.M Says:

    Budhau, I like your point, question to you Budhau How messed up was Frank Bainimarama’s pants and when you arrived at the other side of the cassava farm do you notified him of the messed up pants or do you look away and giggle.
    pls explain

  7. Budhau Says:

    Not as messed up as Teleni’s orange jumpsuit suit would be in that cassava patch in Korovou.And then I will give an order to the lamusona boys in the Fiji army to arrest Bainimarama Giving me (indian officer)an opportunity to be the first to restore Indian leadership.

  8. turk Says:

    Voceke is trying to implement the way Turkey is being run,the military is always on the sideline whenever the elected government does not follow the military’s agendas or demands out they go, try and analyse the Turkish goverment,,so SDL.NFP and Mick you have been warned and do not fall into the golden pot with Voceke and assieyas’s shit are in.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Jone ,
    good to see someone got my point !
    As for Frank , he was the Commander of the Military at the time , if I’m not mistaken , and as such , has responsibility for the actions of his Officers . I’m not suggesting Frank committed the murders , but he clearly didn’t arrest those who did .
    For that inaction , he must take accountability .
    Now , part of the problem here is , that Fijians had never been through such a traumatic event in the history of Fiji , as to have their own Soldiers , killing their own .
    It was a very traumatic event indeed and emotions were running extremely high .
    It was understandable how things got out of hand , but it remains that a disciplined force , lost control because of the extreme nature of what happened .
    Unfortunately , innocent people were killed in 2000 and because no one has been brought before the courts , it has been repeated on innocent unarmed civilians since 2006 . Clearly , the Commander was in charge again this time !
    For Fijian society to heal and move away from this , someone has to be held accountable .
    It would be good to see a truth and reconciliation tribunal take place in Fiji so that the truth can come out and relatives of those killed , can find peace .
    But given Frank’s pathetic cowardly leadership on the issue , i doubt it will happen .
    Though one must remember , Frank was sacked while in Iraq in November 2006 and has been acting as a rogue commander with no authority since .
    His power base is supported by a bunch of cowards also .

  10. turk Says:

    Can someone tell me what the green goons and the Army padre were doing during the meeting yesterday. FT 28/10/08

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Turk, very good question..i was wondering the same thing too…

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    Turk, it is getting apparent who are the key players in this fiasco. And I also noticed Cranky Franky’s inseparable siamese twin iarse in the meeting. This culprit seems to be an integral part of the pig’s scheme of thing.

    EFT is spot with his comments. This armed robber who stole the peoples government is finding himself in a corner and is using dirty tactics to get himself out of this bind. This is typical of a wild animal instinct who will show extreme aggression to get out this situation. The robber is now holding the country at ransom in return for the acceptance of his escape plan in the farter charter. You are right eft that they must not give in to the pig’s demands. And the charade is the number of parties accepting the pig’s proposal. This number albeit larger at the meeting is not representative of the proportion it represents by voter numbers. We are not fools pig.

  13. newsfiji Says:

    SV and fellow bloggers: FICRACKED!

    This Diwali Day, whilst everyone in Fiji celebrates the Festival of Lights and the supposed positive outcome of the Political Forum, i am celebrating something else.

    It seems that FICAC cannot find anything to pin on LQ on the supposed use of the “extinct mataqali funds”.

    They even went to the extent of visiting a certain “diplomatically protected office” on Gordon Street on Friday 24th October. Well, sources have revealed that that particular visit by a certain FICAC Officer ended up being shown out by security. The certain FICAC officer did not know (obviously did not do his homework) that no local authority can just march in to this particular office.

    Well, well, come Monday (yesterday) when the case was called before Magistrate Katonivualiku, they were highly told to do their homework properly!

    Well, in the true spirit of Diwali & Firecrackers – FICAC has been truly FICRACKED!


  14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    you are correct that when Vore flew for cover, other senior officers like Baleidrokadroka, Seruvakula, Tarakinikini and others took over control and subdued the CRW at QEB.

    They will be held accountable for whatever orders they gave. Baleidrokadroka is on record as denying giving any order for their brutal beatings.

    However, there were other CRW fatalities after the mutiny, like the one taken from his FIT class and beaten to death and those brought in from outside and taken to QEB.

    Vore as Commander will be held vicariously liable for the actions of his men, unless he can clearly show that he never gave such orders leading to their brutal deaths or acquiesced of the same.

    One of the dead CRW’s wives (Ana Kakounivale – wife of Selesitano Kalounivale) stated in court that Vore spoke to her husband for 30 minutes before being taken to the local Police Station, where he was later removed by Military and returned dead from beatings.

    Vore himself said in 2003 that he never gave any orders to kill these CRW men, but as Ana Kalounivale said if he did not give the order for their deaths or know about these orders, then he had failed to properly investigate them afterwards, which still means he’s in the soup.

  15. F.I.R.M Says:

    Budhau can come with more information we can tell you are coming over to our side of the cassava patch..come..come we welcome you with open arms.

  16. Wini Says:

    @ Jese W. I recall reading somewhere that Filipo Taraikinikini was never part of the assault to retake QEB. It was led by JB and assisted by VS in the main. I also read somewhere JB saying that he and his men under command did not venture out of QEB and that he did not oredr that the attackers be pursued. The implication was that VB’s bodyguards who had taken off with under fire were rather pissed off and went looking for any CRW person they could find. Thats how one of them got taken out of his class at FIT and bashed to death etc. Same thing happened to Selestino who was hauled before VB to apologize before VB gave him the thumbs down and Seletino was driven away begging for his life to the Rifle range in Vatuwaqa where he was killed. Andy Hughes was closing in on VB so VB had to do something. What happened on 5/12 is now history.

  17. Isalei Says:

    Anywhere else in the world if the soldiers have mutinied or taken part in treason, all fingers must point to the head of the army for failing to maintain discipline among his troops. The involvement of the CRW in the 2000 coup and the consequent mutiny in Nov 2000 have all fingers point to the head for his failure. The treason of 2006 only added to his multiplying sins, crimes and blood on his hands. Sin multiplies unabated when allowed to do so, from his failure to control his boys, to murder to treason, the Vore will surely be dealt a very cruel end. Anyone else would have resigned in 2000, yet he continued with his rampage. But not for long!

  18. Wini Says:

    @isalei Using your logic Qarase as PM must akso shoulder the blame for extending VB’s contract as Commander. Never before has a Commander held that appointment beyond 5 years. Now we will have him for next 12 years (the time VB says he will need to see the Charter through). That means VB will be in late 60’s when he retires (or becomes President). Here we have another Pinochet in the making.

  19. IslandBoy Says:

    @Wini – and all this time I thought the guys were taking revenge for being fired upon from Battery Hill during the Parliamentary siege. Guess you learn something new everyday.

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    Rabuka and Ligairi must take their fair share of the blame for creating the monster and the mindset that was the CRW then subsequently the FMS and all other related cluster fucks.

  21. Isalei Says:

    Absolutely @IB & Wini!
    The monster and the beast turned around and bit the hand that fed him. Now how grateful(un) can you be? I thought back in 2000 that VB should have been sacked, terminated, decommissioned, whatever they do to those disgraced in uniform, cause that was his failure. The CRW venture into Parliament and the mutiny. Why didnt the govt sack him then? They let his gangarene fester and his cancer spread and now the whole nation is suffering. Makes it very crucial for a PM to have vision and wisdom to see through the character of people.

  22. Wini Says:

    @ isalei Exactly! We all thought VB would see the end of his contract in 2000 but Qarase opted to have him for another five years! It reflects very badly on Qarase. He nurtured this monster in our midst which developed into King Kong dimensions to dominate everything in our lives. And like in the movie of the same name when the monster became too big to handle Qarase made a second mistake that, once again, reflects badly on him as a leader …I refer to his asking the Australian PM to come bail him (Qarase) out by sending Australians to invade Fiji. What a mess that would have been. Inviting bloodshed is not the way to go. In my view, Qarase has already had two bites of the cherry and has blown his chances. Qarase continued with Rabuka’s political legacy of racial supremacy, ethno-nationalism, affirmative action (dependency mentality), elitism as well as taking pork-barrelling to another level (agricultural scam etc). We as Fijians have to take stock of our own situation. We need to decide whether Qarase is the person who can provide Fiji with a unifying that transcends racial supremecist ideals….etc. The problem with this ideology promoted by Qarase is that it fails to capture the moral high ground in purely political terms. The military saw that the political and moral high ground was vacant and in true military fashion, moved in to occupy it. Given all these (and more) I am uncomfortable with the idea of Qarase coming back to lead Fiji as his track record will have called his suitability into question. We need a new crop of leaders. E vaka to oqori na noqu vakasama. E vakamosiyalo dina na veika e sa yacovi keda tu e na gauna oqo. Sa dri yani

  23. Colin Bishop Says:

    If the Military is to become a significant factor in future goverment and the President is vested with these extrordinary new powers, then both the Commander RFMF and the President must have fixed maximum term in office. This would avoid a strong misguided leader building an empire without the goverment of the day being able to terminate him. A five year tenure would ensure that it is considered a ‘service” to the country and not an occupation. If the two positions were staggered with one coming up for review every 2.5 years it would avoid the two position colaborating to make major changes to the country.

  24. Colin Bishop Says:

    The above is a white european perspective and I do realise there are traditional concepts that I am failing to grasp. Just a suggestion of what the various parties at the current meetings should be looking at.

  25. IslandBoy Says:

    @Colin Bishop – I am in complete disagreement with those that would hide their corruption and inefficiencies using cultural variables as an excuse.

    Some truths are universal, stealing is stealing in any language and culture. Brutality and opression come with inevitable lessons and consequences for those who would presume to wield such terible instruments of power.

    The mechanism and the professional understanding for the proper execution (perhaps not a good word to use in this case) of the roles of the President and the Commander RFMF are quite clearly spelt out.

    Those responsible do not lack the political will to follow policy and procedure, they never had the intention from the outset.

    Whether its from lack of education, enlightenment, humility and faith or just pure bad breeding, is anyones guess.

    I would propose the question now for those of us who love this country is how does a defenseless population deal with those that would turn the power of the gun against their own.

  26. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    I believe it was General Rommel who once famously stated that you can delegate authority but not responsibility. FB as Commander has to take the responsibility for the CRW killings as well as all others who have perished at the hands of military.

  27. benhur Says:

    Hey guys, all these stories about Voreqe taking responsibility for the CRW killing is yesterday news.Same thing about Qarase being a indecisive leader when the country was under terrorist threats?all yesterday news. Lets talk about first, getting rid of Voreqe and his military goons; and what can we do, to ensure that no bastard or macafaka, is ever going to take our democracy and freedom again? Why was the Fiji Secret police terminated? If they were terminated by Chodo why didn’t the SDL administration re-established the unit during their 5 years term in office? Since we are still going to need our Military,Navy and Air Force, lets talk about how a new Government can construct a system, to ensure a future coup free society?

  28. 46664 Says:

    WHAT A MESS !!

  29. Budhau Says:

    SV – you can’t have it both ways – you either allow someone to post messages in here or you ban them.

    Here is an message that I had posted in response to FIRM that had been edited – and such edition can only be done by an insider

    “Not as messed up as Teleni’s orange jumpsuit suit would be in that cassava patch in Korovou.And then I will give an order to the lamusona boys in the Fiji army to arrest Bainimarama Giving me (indian officer)an opportunity to be the first to restore Indian leadership.”

    FIRM – don’t be s dickhead – trying to go in and edit messages – when you can’t come up with a appropriate response.

    Good – with you need to edit – that shows that one level plating filed I can whip your arse anytime.

  30. Fiji Forward Says:

    So what, ka sa oti, sa oti!! life must move on, stop the complaining and get a life people.

  31. Isalei Says:

    Not as long as the thugs are parading around free without justice being done. Speight and co are agitating in there, yellow ribbon bullshit mai vei qori! As benhur says, we’ll hang them one by one even to the 6th generation.

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