Today is only appropriate that one reflects, albeit briefly, on the meaning of “LIGHT” as depicted in the picture above and what it means to each of us. The light is also symbolic of DIWALI, the Hindu festival of lights which has become an entrenched part of Fiji’s culture. Whilst it may mean different things to you, today, we would all agree that it best symbolises HOPE and PEACE to us, as a people, as a nation in these trying times, as we pray that goodwill, good sense and a spirit of reconciliation will continue to prevail at the political forum dialogue being undertaken on our behalf by our leaders.

It also brings to mind the enlightened words of Mahatma Ghandi (at a speech at Shahi Bag, 1922 whilst being charged with sedition), which continues to resonate throughout history during times of strife and misery –

“Non-violence is the first article of my faith. It is also the last article of my creed”

Happy Diwali to you all



  1. orion Says:

    To the current regime, military, and future leaders, as they say you cannot light other people’s paths unless you light your own.

  2. F.I.R.M Says:


  3. freedomfighter Says:

    Interim Govt to stay 5 years: Singh
    28/10/2008 Fiji People’s Party general secretary Charan Jeath Singh believes the interim Government is here to stay for five years.

    Singh told Fijilive that after yesterday’s political Leaders Dialogue meeting in Suva he is sure that the elections will not be held sooner than 2011.

    “It’s just a drag,” said Singh after the first meeting of political party leaders with the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and representatives of the Fiji military.

    “The agenda of the meeting could have been set yesterday,” he said.

    Singh said all the political parties have been given five weeks to make written submissions.

    When asked whether they will back out of the Leaders Dialogue, Singh said, “No, we will definitely make our submissions”.

    The participants at the Leaders Dialogue were unanimous that Fiji must return to parliamentary rule.

    However, their positions varied on issues such as electoral reform and timeline for a general election.

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Happy Diwali everyone!

    Dua mada vadodonutaka e dua na bazooka firecracker towards Vore’s earthly treasures, wherever that may be…hehehehe

  5. EnufDictatorship Says:

    …to LIGHT IT UP…to kingdom come!

  6. Isalei Says:

    Unfortunately SV to acknowlege Diwali is to acknowledge other gods. The GOD of heaven is a jealous GOD and I believe one of the reasons for Fiji being in the current state is because it followed the sins of Israel which copied and followed the practices of idol worshippers around or who lived with them. It was God’s intention to test them, but they succumbed to these practices. This has been the weakness of our leaders, in that they tried so hard to please other races/religions, they compromised Christian principles coz they themselves were not firmly grounded in the WORD. Tolerance should not mean compromise and we as a nation should not have allowed Mohammed’s birthday or Diwali to become national holidays. We can allow adherents to practice but not impose a public holiday cause that will invite the wrath of our jealous GOD. Who knows? God allowed these people to come in to test us but we have embraced their practices thereby sadly compromising on our Christian principles. You would not find this done in a Muslim nor a Hindu country but it is because their voicee have become louder that our leaders have acquisced. This has been the most terrible sin of Israel that resulted in the wipe out of an entire nation. Same thing we do after a coup, going to China, India. I leave you 2 Kings 17:5-41.

    We may not be setting up pagan altars but we are certainly copying the ways of the idolators, materialistic and consumerism, that has brought with it selfishness, that we no longer share with our neighbours, kindred, buying goods made in china or india for our weddings, allowing them to exploit our newly acquired taste for consumerism (copied from them) during our funerals and many of our “vakarairai” soqo. The heart of the matter is missing- loloma, veinanumi, vakarokoroko. With all the things happening to threaten the very foundations and heart of Fijian society, the demise of the GCC, proposed electoral reforms, name Fijian for all, all these things that are dear to Fijians, and the threats coming in the form of Indians supporting VB, God is indicating to us that we must be conscious of this sin and acknowledge that only GOD is the true GOD. Then only will he allow us to claim back and restore everything that belongs to us that is now stake. Let us stop taking things for granted but be on our watch for the devil comes around like a lion in sheep’s clothing looking for those to devour.

  7. amazon Says:

    Oilei @ Isalei! Yeah who knows…. some might even suggest that YOU could very well be that DEVIL in sheep’s clothing that go around preaching that kind of twisted rationalization about other religions that are different from yours. Hve you not read your Constitution?

    I really pity those who are not as educated, nor are critical thinkers or even well-equipped like us to be able to access information readily, those susceptible to false prophets like you. In short, I think you’re so full of crap and dangerous to those who don’t know better.

    I also find you hypocritical because what you appear to detest, you thrive on… hmmm lemme see, materialism & consumerism? What are you doing with a PC/laptop blogging away on SV? Are you sure you’re not a consumer at one of those ‘materialistic’ PORNO sites??

  8. Isalei Says:

    @Amazon, I think your twisted and deficient thinking exposes the little mind that you are. You tend to attack anyone whose ideas do not agree with what you hold, hence sound very patronising and condescending. Maybe you want to sound intelligent, but you are not. If you don’t agree, attack the message, not the messenger. So what if I have a laptop I am using it to point to God’s word knowing I am accountable to him only for the truth in a world that has become so obsessed with what I have pointed above. Will pray for your lost soul to get back into the right frame. Oh and I boast of being righteous, just another person grateful that Christ had died for all the sins that I know I’d be committing along the way in this short life. Better do the same while the door is open.

  9. Isalei Says:

    Should have read ” I dont boast of being righteous…”

  10. Isalei Says:

    @Amazon, the constitution is man’s invention. Why do you think it has been ignored (2000, 2006) since it was first mooted in 1997? Please get real, although there is one it has not been followed since the first elections in 2000. And that is another tell-tale mark of the futility of man’s efforts if God is ignored.

  11. vakatakilai Says:

    The constitution talks about leasing Fijian land for 30 = 40 years, today they are trying to extend this to 50 years in order to appease the tenant.

    Our Holy Bible talks about a seven year period after which the land is returned to the owner and then it can be renewed again if relationship between tenant and landowner is good but terminated otherwise. This leads to a loving community and can result in 100’s of years of goodwill and love between tenant and landowner.

    Another big issue the Bible talks about is a years rest for the land after 6 years of use. Isnt it a wonder why Fijians cannot reuse their land after a lease expires because it has been drained of all its nutrients.

    God’s ways are very simple and cheap. As Isalei is trying to say that if only we obey God, love our neighbours (that does not mean allowing their Gods to be worshipped on our lands, we do not need to go through all we are going through to achieve PEACE.

    I am saddened to say that I have not seen or hear any of our leaders involved in the negotiations now ongoing to bring up our (FIJIAN) concern about ridding our land of foreign gods and totally relying on Jehovah God’s counsel on every aspect of our lives.

    Forgive me folks for sounding too harsh, but God’s words is like a two edged sword and it hurts when it exposes our compromise over the years past and our continuing compromise we are trying to achieve with non-believers.

  12. Nostradamus Says:

    Agricultual land should not be leased for more than 7 years, or the rattoon period for sugar. Longer leases are just a scamming way to get effective ownership. All leases need to have an inflationary clause. The best arrangement is to have a flat per acre rent for unproductive land, and a percentage of revenue for land which is being used for market agriculture.

    It is unfair to tie up land for longer than 10 years because it is signing the rights of future generations away.

    The only justification for long term leases would be for long term crops, forestry, for example. Perhaps mahogany requires a long lease, but then why would a landowner want to lease it rather than do the planting himself and wait for 50 years to get the full benefit?

    All of these things need to be debated in a constitutional Parliament, not just one of Voreqe’s tea parties where he dominates the conversation.

  13. FijiGirl Says:

    From The New York Times –
    Want to be heard in India? You’d better form a militia
    By Anand Giridharadas Published: October 23, 2008

    MUMBAI: Not long ago, officials in this seaside megalopolis announced plans to retire taxicabs built before 1983.

    This was no radical idea: So withered are Mumbai’s taxis that they must often shut the radio when they need the horsepower to climb a hill.

    But one union leader here didn’t like it. Last week he ordered the drivers of 55,000 taxis to strike. A few hundred drivers, needing money, defied him. Strikers smashed dozens of their taxis. Meanwhile, a fleet of newer, air-conditioned taxis, unconnected to the striking union, operated as usual, until mobs attacked its cabs, too. Thousands of officegoers in India’s financial capital were stranded.

    Five days later, they were stranded again — but for a different reason. A local ethnic-baiting politician was arrested for inciting violence against north Indian migrants. Followers of his Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, or MNS, party flooded the streets hurling stones and bottles, and taxicabs were smashed once again, this time because many are driven by north Indians.

    From Mumbai to Bengal to the central plains, violence is achieving an exalted new status even by this region’s bloody standards. Politically motivated beating and burning and killing, never wholly absent from the subcontinent, have become more than spasmodic human failings. They have started to replace hunger strikes, sit-ins and marches as the basic tools of Indian political life: guiltlessly deployed, fatally effective.

    Forget what you’ve heard about Gandhi and nonviolence in India. This is a nation of militias now.

    “Only nonviolence cannot work,” said Sandeep Deshpanda, 34, vice president of the student wing of MNS. “Some people understand only when you kick them,” he added, citing an old Hindi adage.

    The MNS has come to symbolize this broader phenomenon. Earlier this year, its leader, Raj Thackeray, fired a verbal fusillade against migrants in Mumbai. Young party cadres fanned out and began to thrash migrants in the streets. Then he went after Mumbai stores that print their sign board in English but not in the local Marathi language.

    His party is a minority in the state legislature; he runs no organ of state. Yet, as his cadres began to smash the windows of uncooperative stores, thousands of other stores tacked on Marathi signs. The city’s appearance changed overnight.

    Thackeray’s successes evidently left an impression on 1,900 employees of Jet Airways, who were fired last week thanks to the global financial crisis. They rushed to Thackeray’s office. He thundered that no Jet Airways flight would leave Mumbai until the employees were rehired.

    If an Indian politician said that a generation ago, it might have been empty bluster. Today, the threat was taken seriously enough that the airline’s chairman, Naresh Goyal, held telephone discussions with Thackeray. After Thackeray’s and others’ lobbying, the employees were rehired the next day.

    “It is disturbing that workers of Jet Airways sought the help of the MNS when they were given the pink slip,” The Times of India newspaper wrote in an editorial. “It is as if they were contracting the mafia to serve their private needs because they didn’t have any other recourse.”

    Political theorists define sovereignty simply. What separates Jordan from Lebanon is a state monopoly on force. In sovereign countries, militias do not decide who drives taxis and doesn’t, who is fired and isn’t. If this is the definition, it is difficult to call India wholly sovereign today.

    Tata, an Indian conglomerate, decided not long ago to build the world’s lowest-cost car in West Bengal State. It got into a land dispute. Good arguments surfaced on each side. But arguments matter ever less. Goaded by yet another state politician without a majority, activists besieged the Tata plant, pelted stones at journalists and threatened workers. Tata left the state.

    In an open letter to West Bengal citizens last week, Ratan Tata, chairman of the group, wrote that they face a choice between “a prosperous state with the rule of law” and “a destructive political environment of confrontation, agitation, violence and lawlessness.”

    Maoist insurgents are firebombing their way through central India, winning control over some destitute areas. The government’s response? More violence. Government security forces, in tandem with a vigilante group called Salwa Judum, have, according to Human Rights Watch, engaged in “threats, beatings, arbitrary arrests and detention, killings, pillage, and burning of villages to force residents into supporting Salwa Judum.”

    Meanwhile, Muslim extremists blow up markets, Hindu extremists slaughter Christians and politicians convene commissions.

    Whatever its reputation, India has never exactly been a nation of pacifists. Gandhi represented just one strand of thinking, and his view is not the only one to have prevailed. From Kashmir’s jihad to various secessionisms to Hindu-Muslim riots, political violence is as Indian as tandoori chicken. Yet in the past it was generally seen as regrettable by people with power. It was rarely a workaday tactic, the way hunger strikes are a tactic.

    But in recent years the hollowing of the Indian political center has allowed violence be mainstreamed. The major national parties draw ever smaller fractions of the vote. Challenging them are caste-based and regional parties that narrowcast to electoral pockets. Factional identities are hardening as citizens “vote their caste rather than cast their vote,” as a popular refrain puts it.

    This political fragmentation pits tribe against tribe. It has corroded the faith among Indians that the institutions that hear and answer grievances — the police, courts, media — are neutral. All increasingly are seen as biased, answerable to their different masters, rather than impartial executors of the public good. All contribute to a growing sense of powerlessness. And so if you are a leader of a political faction that wants to be heard, it is not irrational to believe you need a militia of violent young men to make yourself heard.

    Yasin Malik once commanded a militant group in Kashmir, waging war against India. Fourteen years ago, he surrendered his weapons and declared himself a “Gandhian.” This week, he told me he is struggling to recruit a new generation to nonviolence.

    “Gandhi is the person who created and gave the concept of nonviolence to the world,” he said. “He inspired Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. But, unfortunately, in India right now Gandhi is no longer relevant.”

    “I’m in search of Gandhi in the land of Gandhi,” he added. “I’ve failed to find him.”

    God bless Fiji

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    Bless you, Isalei.

    True worship of God cannot be mixed with other things or other religions. We are to look to Him alone through His Son, our Saviour Who conquered death – that is our celebration.. that is our Light!

    Luv that passage – 2 Kings 17 and to share with fellow bloggers, I quote:

    v36 “But the LORD, Who brought you up out of the land of Egypt with great power and a stretched out arm; Him shall you fear, and Him shall you worship, and to Him shall you do sacrifice.” v39 – “. . . and He shall deliver you out of the hand of all your enemies.”

    The Covenant of protection and obedience made at Sinai between God and the entirety of the people of Israel, and solemnly ratified with the sprinkling of blood, and by a Covenant Feast; which Israel has been warned so frequently NOT to forget.

    Indeed, the Almighty God is a jealous God.

  15. Nostradamus Says:

    Letter from India

    Perhaps Voreqe could go over there on an indenture system, clean things up, and serve his new masters. He could follow the teachings of John Samy and turn India into a culturally vibrant and racially tolerant society.

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    FijiGirl – It is not my intention to fuel the fire, but I have along standing question for a very dear aunt in California, who is a member of an Asian Christian missionary outreach programme.

    Part of their mission is to detail the abuse of Christians, sometimes ending in tortue. violence and even imprisonment by state authourities and to ask for prayers of intercession.

    This is especially prevalent in the state of Orissa (sp?)

    Just this weekend in the Times or the Sun here, was the story of a Nun raped by 40 men because of her faith and she was stading up to government authourities whom she claims are protecting her attackers.

    Do you remember a couple of years ago, an Australian Christian missionary family burnt to death in their vehicle. Amazing that religiouls intolerance of that magnitude can still exist in this century.

    It does not justify the trashing of Hindu temples in Fiji, and the Lord Jehovah never hurts the innocent and righteous but in comparison it gives the intolerance you may face in Fiji a whole different perspective.

  17. Far Out Says:

    @Boiriri-Old-Gal – context and relevance to Fiji please?

  18. Dauvavana Says:

    @Isalei since when did this became a Christian only site?

    This war we’re fighting is about freedom, democracy and common human decency which includes the right to practice one’s faith openly without fear of be prosecuted for one’s faith.

    Please let us not be tunnelled vision and should all start thinking of respecting each others views, faith and creed. After all, it was the total disrespect for our views and choices in voting for the last government that led the Military to overthrow our choice of leaders as citizens of Fiji.

    It is now our duty to fight against that and other basic democractic and human rights principle to end this tyranny once and for all.

  19. Jon Jon Says:

    I am not a hindu, so i can’t say happy diwali, but i can say to Vore Happy Cici Wali kaici!!!!

  20. news at hand Says:

    i agree with dauvavana

  21. Jon Jon Says:

    Beside wot light did this Rama god brought to Fiji? umm greedy through the taxi drivers robbing tourist? n greed through political power interfering with the local cultures. All other indians from other countries like Malaysia, Singapore n the Carribean do not interfear with there political system, only in Fiji are sum indian’ wana be like chodo.. tryin to rule the country. This so callled diwali ain’t bringing any hope or light to the country.. only in the natural but in the spiritual.. its completely darknesss.. So i ain’t celebrating or embracing this religion of sum foreign god that can’t speak.. Sure Vore can celebrate it cause he is a Freemason n so he worships the penis god baphomet n the frog god they have inside that suva mason temple.. Sad but thats why he is a nutter like hes brick headed god!!!

  22. Jon Jon Says:

    For this so called diwali, i say just give me curry’ don’t give me diwali lol

  23. Jon Jon Says:

    NP i heard sum news from the goons camp!!! They celebrating diwali with free puri’s and curi from sum baini who wanted to thank them for the coup’ so sad, lots yaqona grog happeining n dancing with the bainis n those taxi drivers that loves to dob the locals they brought all there diwali sweets already prayed to there god kirshana n rama n snake god hadki sadwika, with the sai baba pictures for the green goons to be empowered with.. Very discusing as one of there informers told me..yes kete pukari teleni full chow was at the scene eating curi goat so he can be enlighten.

  24. Say True! Says:

    Agree with Dauvanavana. To the others, Yes we are Christians, but one of the greatest tests of our faith is to love our neighbours as ourselves, so we must practice what we preach. Go read your bible again and follow it if you call yourself a Christian.

  25. EnufDictatorship Says:

    To all the Christian extremists/fundamenatalists writing here…We are still here on God’s Earth, still living, breathing and existing. So, what we all have to be thankful for is that He still loves us the same. No more, no less that yesterday or from the next person.

    This is the problem, some Christians think (like Voreqe) that they are holier than thou…am sorry to say to you but even Jesus mingled, ate and talked with prostitutes, the sick, the discarded, the OTHERS!!!! So, what makes you better to tell us what God’s will is.

    We all know God’s will. To Love our neighbours as ourselves and DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT WE WANT OTHERS TO DO TO US.

    You see Isalei et al, God blesses all but not ALL blessing is from God. Can you believe it but the Devil has the power to bless you. But the only way you can decipher the difference is, God’s blessing is for the betterment of one and all. The devil’s well…it ends in wars, sufferings that is inflicted on us by those who see themselves as saviours e.g. Voreqe and his military goons. But as we know, there’s a time for everything!

    So, as a SINNER always until I see myself at God’s feet, I will wish a Hindu Happy Diwali, a Muslim Ramadam Kareem, A Jew Happy Hannukah etc etc….but always, always lift God’s name high and thru MY ACTIONS show others my faith, my hope, my blessings and they will know who the ONE MOST HIGH I credit my life and my existence to.

    God bless one and all!

  26. Jon Jon Says:

    If we were christian extremist we wud be fighting other religions in the country, ppl have the rite to there freedom of speech on this blog. Go to india n see how many christian churches they burn in the hundreds and murdered hundreds in the last few weeks just a month ago. Thats wot i called extremist.. its diffrent from speaking out that we disagree with diwali n does not mean that we hate the indians, we love ppl but we dont agree with there so called gods and willl not bow go give them credits by saying happy diwali cause it does not have any meaning, only so called lights in the natural but completly dark in the spiritual. Yes ppl can say happy diwali if they want to on the blogs n so its not my problem cause i am not a hindu n i dont embrace the so called lights when in the opposite its darkness. They are entitled too wot they wana say n so do i..
    p.s heard Bainimarama is having diwali celebration at his secretary’s house tommorow n that must be Mr Pramesh Chand i guess with his muslim college Kaiyum Aiss joining them with Dr Luveniyali the health minister.

  27. vakatakilai Says:

    On the plains of Dura where Nebuchadnezar made a golden image, the 3 Hebrew young man stood their ground amidst all those who Chaldeans and other Hebrews. They chose to stand up or their true God against all odds, against the death sentence, against the order of the king himself.

    The other Hebrews there must have been cursing them for being brave and are afraid that they may bring the spotlight onto them. They have compromised their faith and are comfortable where they were, so they don’t need this exposure by these so called “extremists”.

    These are some of the name that those who would not compromised will be labelled with in these last days; extremists, terrorists, fundamentalists. All these labels have a negative connotation to it, but notice that they are just standing up straight for their faith.

    Because everyone else have compromised, these “terrorist” will stand out like a sore thumb. Notice too, that they are in the minority, and even their fellow believer would be wishing them dead for exposing their compromises.

  28. Dauvavana Says:

    Christians should make up their mind whether we want to live in the old testiment (an eye for an eye) or in the new testiment where the challenge is on a christian to be better than sinners by doing good to those who do bad to you.

    Go read 1st Corinthians chapter 13 and ask the question what is love? Love would include tolerance and respect for other peoples religion, faith, creed and views.

    Happy Diwali to all from a born and bred Methodist.

    Sa dri yani!!!!

  29. Jon Jon Says:

    Dauvana, we love the people but we hate the sin of idoltary, so why say happy diwali? this means you embracing there religion. You mite as well go join them wud be better, then calling yourself a methodist.

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    @ Jon Jon. There is a difference between embracing and appreciating, try figure that one out!

    Or maybe to simplify it a bit, last week a close friend of mine left with the Suva Team to go and challenge for the Farebrother Sullivan Trophy from Nadi. I called him on Friday and wished him and the team all the best and good luck in their challenge. Now that did not at all change my die hard loyalty and support for the Tailevu Rugby Team, Bili tale mada Tailevu.

    You may call me whatever you like and I am not claiming to be a good methodist because I swear and curse, drink grog and wash down, but do get to church at least once every Sunday and pray for the Lord’s forgiveness everynight before I go to bed at night. And with humility I never try to think that the faith I practice is far better or far worse then any other within the various Christian denominations or the non Christian ones.

    After all, no one except our Lord Jesus, have died, seen the other side and came to tell us about it so we never know that maybe the Muslims are correct, or the Jewish are correct, or the Vakatevoro gang are correct. Who knows but as for me my money and faith is on one JC who once played five eighth and captained the Nazareth Crusaders 2000 years ago.

    Sa dri yani!!

  31. at least Says:

    After judging all comments, although I do love my neighbours and evryone on earth, I salute Isa Lei for his/her effort to stand by Jesus Christ our lord and Saviour. Isa Lei your patience and guts to stand by God will never go unnoticed…I am with you all the way. God Bless Us ALL.

  32. RAV4 Says:

    @ at least
    You mean the uncontaminated in comparison. I like jon jon too but without the curi. That has been offerred to the……..

  33. Budhau Says:

    Come on guys we can’t be celebrating Diwali in here – those idol worshippers. And guess what – they even tried to have stores open in Sunday – we can’t be doing that, can we. You know what those buggers are celebrating – yeah right!

    As some said in here, “We are to look to Him alone through His Son, our Saviour Who conquered death – that is our celebration.. that is our Light!”

    yeah, that is our celebration – at least until someone tells us that they found the body.

  34. LUVfiji Says:

    Here is a piece I once heard & one which I have kept close to heart. It is, in no way intented, to criticise any other religion:

    Buddha’s grave – occupied
    Mohammed’s grave – occupied
    Christ’s grave – EMPTY.. because He is R I S E N !

    I leave that with those sharing opionions on this thread. Diwali’s come and gone. So hey, lets move on, huh?

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    Oooops.. “intended”

  36. Budhau Says:

    LUVfiji – this ain’t about a religion or your beliefs – this only has to do with you ability to reason.

    Two graves with bodies and one that is empty – that somehow translates into “He has risen”.

    So you have positive proof that there is someone in those two graves and one is empty. And even if that is true – from that you infer that he had risen.

    Is that the only inference drawn from your above facts – or could there be some other explanation.

    What if I don’t believe you – either that the body is in the grave or someplace else, and it is just that is was not found. Can I then draw a conclusion that is contrary to what you are claiming.

    Based on your line of reasoning – I hope your folks never find another empty grave – or will you associate that with the second coming.

  37. Jon Jon Says:

    Dauvana, so after all this years u being on the earth, u a sunday christian but not a real christian cause u dont even know if Jesus Christ is your Lord if you say the muslim cud be correct or the devil worshippers.. Cheezes u one lost soul under the devil’s hands.. All u need to do is stop drinking grog which brings kanikani n sickness, stop cursing others, just love ppl but hate the sin, seek God, read your bible again n then u will understand that God is a jeolous God n he refuses any other gods before him because he knows that stones that can’t speak. n devils come to destroy, n so is the muslim prophet god muhamand who started his religion with a sword killing all 640 women n children to start islam… Jesus didn’t start a religion of hate, but of love, mercy n kindness… n u want to say that the muslim or the devil worshipppers cud be corrrect? lol.. pliz recheck yourself before you such thing.. like i said u mite as well go join them cause u don’t even know who u worshipping, but i wud encourage you not too but seek Jesus not on sunday but now… bless you..

  38. Dauvavana Says:

    okay enough, jon jon you win; whatever Trevor as they say, I am being diverted here from why I blog and that is to attack and bring down the bipolar Pig who is illegally occupying the seat of leadership in our beloved country……………….NEXT!

  39. Say True! Says:

    @Jon Jon – thats enough please – you’re barking up the wrong tree. You’ve had your say – thats your human and God given right – it’s respected – so move on baratha – that’s what this site is all about – Democracy and Human Rights, otherwise you’re simply like Frank – not open to anyone elses views, it’s “my way or the highway”.

  40. Jon Jon Says:

    Say True!, was i talking to you in the first place? or did you just feel convicted here about somethin here? I am not barking the wrong tree.. i am just tryin to point out somethin to someone who mite needs it not that he shud take it or not.. We all agree on things n we all disagree but that does not mean we shud destroy each other. Like i said i love the people but i hate the sin…thats the main point issue here. And i am not like your uncle franks who can’t stop barking at anything at any time.. oops i your uncle? lol well u go your way or Franks highway but i ain’t goin no where @ da moment until the illegal regime comes crashing down!!!

  41. FijiGirl Says:

    IslandBoy – yes, you are correct, the Christians in Orissa, India are being persecuted by Hindu fundamentalists.
    You can refer to these articles for further info :
    You are correct that nothing justifies sacking Hindu temples or Islamic mosques in Fiji – but to be honest, I’ve always suspected that is the action of soldiers on orders from Chodopu$$y who thrives on discontent and fear.
    Religious persecution happens everywhere.
    I am constantly astounded by the anti-Semitism that people in Europe and parts of America don’t even bother to hide, or anti-Muslim sentiments that are growing alarmingly in all reaches of the Western world.
    But, by the same token, I find it alarming that new “religions” like Scientology or Mormonism have such an easy time ‘growing’ in 3rd world countries (eg Fiji, Samoa) where the government really should do more to protect us, the population (and our real estate) from these cults. Once these guys buy a property, they NEVER give it up again.
    God bless Fiji

  42. Wailei Says:

    Hey happy belated diwali to all…. Dont care whether you are Christian, Jew, Hindu or muslim… Happy Diwali ga….

  43. Budhau Says:

    Yeah, Chaudary is behind all those temple burnings and break-ins – I heard that he has secretly converted to AOG.

    I think we should put it in our next constitution – ban all these other other religions – we are a Christian country – and we want to keep it that way.

    I just heard that those buggers in the US are about to elect a Muslim for President.

    Our government should do something to protect us.

    BTW – those Hindus were not celebrating Diwali – they were celebrating victory.
    One of those Hindus group even got me for a few years – the “Hindu cult of ecstasy”.
    ..and all those Muslims in the IG – they must also have a plan – watch out – those goons might start training those al qaeda buggers.

  44. Fiji Forward Says:

    F.I.R.M that all you have to say during Diwali??? you most probably are an orphan but you cant be a street kid cause you wouldnt be able to use the computer but then you’re probably one of those lazy CEO’s who deservedly got the boot!!! I feel for you, take it easy, dont stress your self too much.

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