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Political leaders given two options

Fiji’s political leaders were today asked to accept changes through dialogue or else risk delay in the holding of parliamentary elections.

Speaking to representatives of Fiji’s political parties, interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainmarama, said he prefers the option “to move forward through dialogue, confidence building and by developing a broad-based consensus for the change agenda”. This, he said, is with a view to ensuring that democratically-elected Governments will undertake the implementation of these agreed changes. He appealed to the political leaders and leaders at all levels (in the Vanua, the church and other religious organisations, communities; and the civil society) to recognise the need for change.

Bainimarama submitted to the political delegates to achieve the vision of the Peoples Charter for a more stable and prosperous, united, non-racial Fiji. On the other hand, he said in the absence of support for the “change agenda” from the political parties, elections under a truly democratic electoral system will be delayed.

“As you reflect further upon the position of your respective political party, please also take into account the Peoples Charter,” said Bainimarama.  “For us to proceed on the path of the first option, it is imperative that in the President’s Political Dialogue Forum, we reach broad consensus on changes to the electoral system and, for these to be introduced through legal and constitutional means.”

He added that the President’s Forum must get underway with due urgency and speed. “I suggest that electoral reform be placed as the highest priority item on the agenda of the Forum, especially as this will have a direct bearing on the determination of the timeline for the election.

“It is not for the interim Government to unilaterally determine the election timeline. “I encourage this first meeting of the leaders of Political Parties today, to urge the Commonwealth Secretariat and the United Nations to respond to Fiji’s request to get the PPDF underway soonest, and for them to jointly facilitate it.”

The meeting at the Parliament complex is expected to conclude later today.



27 Responses to “More via Fijilive on the political forum…”

  1. amazon Says:

    Whatever the political parties wish to consider from the charter-farter, DO NOT for our future’s sake entertain the notion of a possible expansion of the military’s role in any aspect of our nation’s affairs. Our history is proof enough!!

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    Hey Frank!! It is your Charter not the People’s Charter.. The People dont want your Charter.. Period….

    If you need proof go to an election with it Boso….

  3. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    It never ceases to amaze us how the dictator and his closest supporters are so
    good at convicting themselves out of their own mouths through their blatant
    arrogance and hypocrisy.

    Take for example the statement by Bainimarama that he will be insisting at
    today’s launch of the political dialogue forum that “good governance” will have to
    be a prerequisite for any future elected government.

    Such a lofty phrase is arrant nonsense when used by Bainimarama because “good
    governance” means the rigorous application of transparency, accountability and
    rule of law.

    That in turn means that any future administration strictly adhering to the
    observation of “good governance” would be duty-bound to transparently pursue
    a range of crimes that occurred under the dictator’s watch, but which have been
    swept under the carpet.

    We’re talking about bringing to justice the killers of Tevita Malasebe, Nimilote
    Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka) or thoroughly investigating so far unexplained
    incidents such as the torching of the house of the former Court of Appeal judge,
    Mr Justice Gordon Ward.

    Then there was the absurd spectacle of the interim attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-
    Khaiyum, spouting about democracy, the stupidity of which was highlighted by
    none other than Rajendra Chaudhry in his letter published in the Fiji Times today.

    Chodopu$$ junior referred to “this asinine interim minister.” According to
    Websters Dictionary, asinine means “unintelligent; silly; stupid; of or like an
    equine ass.”

    Congratulations Rajendra! You have found the word that perfectly sums up the
    dictator, his regime and the nonsensical rubbish they are so fond of spouting.

  4. benhur Says:

    Hey guys,talk to Voreqe and look him straight in the eyes.When you hear his voice trembled,sentence slurred,eyes red and his skin shakes…then its time to get up and WALK-OUT from his stupid meeting!!! The idiot doesn’t like people abandoning him,just when he thinks that hes got you under his control? Use the Indian diaspora dialog strategy. The bastard will run after you crying and a promise of an early election on a platter-no doubt!!!

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    This stupid idiot who thinks he is the overall boss of the country seems to be fixated on the farter charter and in particular the electoral reforms. Why can’t the numdskull realise that it needs parliament to ratify anything to do with electoral issues. The new electoral reform too will disenfranchise the general and Rotuman voters who will stand no chance of winning any seat. I can’t see what is so very important that needs the type of urgency the pig impressed upon us to implement right away. Can someone give me a clue because as I see it, in a common roll the Fijians will dominate the elections having superiority in numbers. And being that most Fijians support SDL this party will be back in power. So what would the pig and his piglets achieved out of the reforms.

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Maybe what the leaders should ask Vore and his friend Sami, is to give them a mock-up scenario of the pros and cons of how the two different electoral procedures will materialise.

    That is the similiraties and differences of the election process we currently have compared to what they are proposing.

    What is “wrong” with alternative vote that will be made better by this one man-one vote system?
    How will this one man-one vote directly affect positively the betterment of any community we have that the alternative vote didn’t fulfill?

    etc etc

    So, give us a real life authentic example of how one man-one vote will better serve us, then maybe we will put our stereo typical views aside and be totally open-minded to this “airy-fairy” vision.

    But for now, elections as it stands in our Constitution and the process it should follow is what we will stand by.

    God bless! Another week, another dollar/Euro/Yen/Won/Dong/YTL etc bloggers!

  7. Cama Says:

    You got it wrong Peace pipe

    they will rig the election to win it hook or by crook. they have already demonstrated it even when the UN observers says that the 2006 election was fair.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Please people of Fiji , wake up and smell the roses !
    Frank and co. are running out of money and want to travel !
    They are afraid now that the United Nations will increase it’s strangle hold on the Finances by dispensing with the peace keepers and that Australia and New Zealand will increase sanctions .
    There won’t be any elections , full stop !

  9. orion Says:

    “The need for change” according to Frank and sami so that the eveli’s and clan can become relevant to Fiji politics in the future must not happen. There must be no preconditions forelections. SDL must reorganise and be prepared to fight this regime in many ways thay can, legal, etc. They must purt on their thinking caps, regroup, reorganise, and they must step up the fight and never ever negotiate with terrorists for the sake of elections which the terrorists will control, to our detriment.They must restructure and fight this regime with many layers and fronts in order to win.

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    Dina orion and all of the above posts.

    The parties involved must be up front and not be afraid to state their views articulately and honestly – tell the ig that if they don’t want the charter to outline all that is irrelevant about it and uphold their stance and mandate vehemently.

    If they’re all honest with their stance they can run rings around the ig coupsters.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I just had a thought .
    Once the Presidency is declared open , it could be advertised , if going by recent performance , as ” vacant position ” rather than ” position vacant ” !

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    Not conceeding to any of the illegalities and given the some of the statements coming from the IR via Frank, I nevertheless think this was a great start.

    I’m not trying to be Pollyana but I for one would like to thank the senior civil servant/s working behind the scenes to bring the parties together.

    Yes there is a long way to go and many issues which we think should not be compromised, but its a start and I’m sure they have strategies on some of the stuff they will have to give on as bargaining chips.

    Listening to some of the statements by the political party reps today, I am choosing to see a faint light way in the distance, so come on SV folks – in the words of the famous rock anthem – give peace a chance!

  13. freedomfighter Says:

    I think Budhaus version of what happened is right but can we move on to other debates

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    It should not have to depend on Frank’s mood swings, but I’m hoping that if SDL files their appeal this week to meet the deadline, it won’t piss Frank off to the etxtent that he shuts down the talks.

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    asinine, adjective.
    1. foolish and stupid; obviously silly.
    Ex. Temper tantrums are asinine.
    2. like that of an ass.
    Ex. asinine ears.
    3. of asses.
    adv. asininely.

  16. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ok they have had their first somewhat productive meeting, according to those present, when is the next one?

    Hope it’s going to be held ASAPossible (and not practicable, the term these illegals seem to be adopting).

    So, let’s keep this gravy train moving now….zoom, zoom, choo! choo!

  17. Courtwatcher Says:

    Another of A-G’s cronies has inserted himself on the Fiji judicial scene:

    Clarify charges, court tells FICAC

    The Fiji Independent against Corruption has been reminded by the Suva Magistrates court this morning to clarify abuse of office charges against ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

    Qarase is charged with one count of abuse of office after he allegedly abused funds in his capacity as Minister responsible for Fijian Affairs in 2003.

    The funds included money set aside for extinct ‘mataqali’ and administered by the NLTB.

    According to FICAC, the matter has been adjourned to December 8 for clarification of charges.

    On August 26, this year, FICAC lawyer Sofia Shah told the court the abuse of office charges would be forwarded to the DPP.

    This was after High Court judge Justice Nazhat Shameem ordered on June 27, that FICAC should refer all High Court cases to the DPP.

    In her ruling she said if FICAC wanted to press charges, it would require the sanction of the DPP before the charge is laid.

    Qarase is represented by Penina Salele while FICAC is represented by Paul Madigan.

    Magistrate Aminiasi Katonivualiku presided over the matter.

  18. Courtwatcher Says:

    I meant Paul madigan, the lawyer from Hong Kong who helped set up FIRCA

  19. Vobis Says:

    Well at least with president forum underway, we might see a change in the future of Fiji.

    We all want a better Fiji, where the people of various ethnicity live as one.

  20. George of Sydney Says:

    Why Bainimarama is still inviting the members of this to join the NCBBF?
    Man, this members of the forum are the ones to devise changes in the constitution if required for they are the PARLIAMENT.
    Now that they have agreed to sit and chart a way foreword, why dont he abolish the waste of money NCBBF and use this Political Forum to make change for they have the mandate of the people to do so and the 1997 constitution is still in place.

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    2020 seems to be the new dateline , as Frank slowly strangles Fijian society as we know it !
    Soon there’ll be nothing left !

  22. Jean d'Ark Says:

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots! He will never abandon his agenda – only try different tactics to achieve it!

    Franks only goal here is to legistimize his proposed electoral changes as a Trojan Horse front to steal the next elections (via boundary gerrymander, and rigged electronic voting)

    No sane or ethical person would want to be a part of abetting evil and injustice like that!

    My preference between the two options is that Bainimarama wakes up and smells the coffee sooner rather than later. But if not then so be it – nobody wants to live in a nation that abides evil and justice so whimpishly!

  23. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    What a waste of time!

    The charade of a meeting yesterday was another way for the military junta to blackmail Fijians into accepting the military charter so that they can stay in power for ever. Sure, there will be a parliament; but it will be under the control of the military and NOT THE PEOPLE.

    There is no room for the military charter in a democracy.

    I am bitterly disappointed that Mr Q can’t see that he is being conned by bananasinpyjamas.

    The next step in this forum nonsense will be a vote on which parties support the military charter. Of the 14 parties there, 10 will say that they want the military charter before elections so bananas will use that as the basis for the implementation of same. The fact that at the last election, only 3% of Fijians voted for these parties is beside the point for bananas.

    Wake up Fijians, you are being CONNED, big time!

  24. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    When the illegal, incompetent hairyarse was facing ‘bad press’ for his stupidness, the green goons come up with another stunt to try and gain sympathy for him.

    Break into his house and steal.

    A police informer tells me that there was minimal damage to the front door suggesting that the door was not locked but simply closed; a screwdriver opened it easily with minimum force and damage.

    She also tells me that there was NO mess created inside the house suggesting that the intruders did not rummage through drawers.

    All this leads to a another work of fantasy by the green goons to try and gain sympathy. Unfortunately, it has only produced laughter.

    As there has been no arrest, we can safely add this to the other diversion / sympathy tactics of the green goons.

    * a bottle shoved up injustice gates’ rear [ of his car that is ]

    * a pretend bomb scare at the court house

    * death threats to Aust HC

    * etc

    As there have been no arrests in any of these cases, one can only surmise that these are all part of the green goons PR machine.

  25. benhur Says:

    MM you’re right 2020 is way too long. But we know Voreqe is not going to give up his power to a political party any time soon? He knows that his ass is toast the minute he calls an election. I’m planning to throw in my hat in any coming election and i hope to nail these bastards and pushed any civil administration to hang Voreqe and his ring leaders in public and bar all military personnel and their family for 6 Generation, that were involves in the coup, from ever obtaining employment , in a disciplinary services or public enterprises. But Voreqe has probably figured all of this out and thus the reasons, why he just can’t call a genuine democratic election to soon?

  26. Fiji Forward Says:

    Wishful thinking BH, probably in your next life if God allows which I dont think he will!! so save the problems affecting your life right now and join the this journey.

  27. Isalei Says:

    Only a matter of time before there’s another tavioka patch dash benhur, keep the hopes alive! God is allowing this once proud institution to destroy itself completely before the new Fiji without an army is built up from their ashes.

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