Fiji’s hope & future – trampled upon by Military Junta

FTU queries teacher shortage – F/Times 27Oct08

TEACHER shortage in several schools particularly primary schools is a serious problem that is neglected by the Education Ministry says Fiji Teachers Union general secretary Agni Deo Singh.

Mr Singh said he was aware of cases where some teachers were controlling close to 80 students each from two classes.

“No teaching can be done in that way and students will have serious discipline problem. There are also OHS regulations concerns when a teacher looks after so many students,” Mr Singh said. We can’t understand why the ministry is delaying the matter. If this is about practising governments cost cutting measures, then I think it is foolish and cannot be done at the expense of students quality education,” Mr Singh said.

FTU had raised the issue with the ministry in the past, but nothing constructive was done said Mr Singh.

“The biggest problem is that power to approve appointment of teachers has been taken away from permanent secretaries and it lies with the Public Service Commission now. It seems the government doesn’t have the resources to carry out the task and the delay is extremely disappointing.”

Some concerned parents had complained about a situation at Samabula Primary School where one teacher they said was supervising close to 80 students.

Interim Education Minister Filipe Bole said he would comment when provided with evidence on the matter.

Meanwhile, the ministry has identified an officer to assume duties at the Samabula Primary School this week.

SV says it’s all well and good for the Interim Minister for Education to say he’s ‘waiting for evidence’ when EVIDENTLY, he’s not even lifting a finger to move in that direction.

AND this is the same man who allowed into schools the charter-farter to be taught to students when its clearly evident to one and all, that children are the most vulnerable lot as they are not in a stage, yet, to critically and objectively analyse the information given in the charter-farter, nor assess its context.


8 Responses to “Fiji’s hope & future – trampled upon by Military Junta”

  1. Adi Kaila Says:

    Filipe Bole keeps spouting that our youth should be doing this and doing that – straight out of one of those self help books that continually flood the market.

    Hey Bole – how about setting an example yourself – get your sorry old qase arse out of the ig.

    Lead by example man!

    Sorry Bloggers, the man can’t do that – like his ig coupsters their objectives cannot and will not be accomplished because they were all complete failures before 5.12.06 and have revealed from their treasonous hijacking of this Nation Fiji that they still are TAMANI BIG DUDS!

  2. newsfiji Says:

    Hey, have u guys seen the latest on the dialogue forum??? Sa matata ga na kena vakayacani tu me dialogue forum – maivei, bloody Frank just walked in and gave the political leaders 2 options – take it or leave it…Bloody useless forum..

  3. Isalei Says:

    Can you please use the attached as a separate post?

    Bainimarama opens Leaders’ Dialogue

    We will certainly stumble and fall if we continue to just look back and remain mired in finger pointing, were the opening remarks by Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at the Leaders’ Dialogue this morning.

    Bainimarama told the representatives of 14 political parties that he is committed to working with them to move Fiji forward.

    But he said he was mindful that their journey will certainly not be a smooth one.

    He told delegates that the meeting today is to pave the way for the earliest possible convening of the President’s Political Dialogue Forum which was anticipated to get underway several months back.

    “I am hopeful that following this meeting, the President’s Political Dialogue Forum will be convened soon and than its composition, it will be fully inclusive and broad-based,” said the interim PM.

    He added that at the end of the meeting, a record of general issues and suggestions should emerge from the open discussion and form the basis of the agenda and the terms of reference for the inclusive President’s PDF initiative.

    Bainimarama proposed that the meeting begin with statements and suggestions from delegates.

    Following the statements would be the discussion on the way forward and the next steps, after which Commodore Bainimarama will make a brief concluding statement.

    The statement issued to media after the meeting will also serve as the outcomes statement for the meeting.

    Two independent interlocutors were also present at the meeting to assist the interim Government in identifying the issues raised by each party for the agenda of the PPDF and also to be reflected in the final outcome statements.

    Bainimarama said the media statements and the notes of the intervention in their discussions will become the record of the meeting; the record will become a public document.

    “This document would be used by our independent interlocutors to further consult ad work towards a draft Terms of Reference and Agenda for the President’s Dialogue Forum, and in preparing for our next meetings,” he said.



  4. Cama Says:

    There is no way that any dialoque will be an open dialoque because their agenda is already been set and this is done to hoodwink UN and the Commonwealth on the issue and keep blogging everybody and tell this instituion of the real situation in Fiji. Me kailavaki na were ubiubi e caka tiko

    they IG think that the UN & Commonwealth are fools but they are just fooling themselves.

  5. newsfiji Says:

    Eu…ma%*#(@)%…vakatubudra ga..

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Ke ratou rai i loma na political leaders era walk out kece…qai pote..

  7. Kingrat Says:

    this teacher at Samabula is a courages person to be doing this. the head of school should be taken to task along with the people at the ministry.

  8. benhur Says:

    The school is not the only areas of our life that is been effected in this Military coup…our freedom,our democracy,our jobs,our foods,our medicines, our health,our money, sex and good administration of our nation are totally and absolutely effected by the coup and Bai. Yes, we need to sit and talk to this Bavulu and lets hear what he has to say for himself? Like I’ve said before…keep your finger on the trigger, when you hear the man start to whine, than its time, to get up and WALK-OUT from his forum?

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