Bainimarama opens Leaders’ Dialogue

Bloggers, here is the latest update of the Presidential Forum and we would like to say vinaka to blogger Isalei for bringing it to our attention. Stand by people!


We will certainly stumble and fall if we continue to just look back and remain mired in finger pointing, were the opening remarks by Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at the Leaders’ Dialogue this morning.

Bainimarama told the representatives of 14 political parties that he is committed to working with them to move Fiji forward. But he said he was mindful that their journey will certainly not be a smooth one. He told delegates that the meeting today is to pave the way for the earliest possible convening of the President’s Political Dialogue Forum which was anticipated to get underway several months back.

“I am hopeful that following this meeting, the President’s Political Dialogue Forum will be convened soon and than its composition, it will be fully inclusive and broad-based,” said the interim PM.

He added that at the end of the meeting, a record of general issues and suggestions should emerge from the open discussion and form the basis of the agenda and the terms of reference for the inclusive President’s PDF initiative. Bainimarama proposed that the meeting begin with statements and suggestions from delegates. Following the statements would be the discussion on the way forward and the next steps, after which Commodore Bainimarama will make a brief concluding statement. The statement issued to media after the meeting will also serve as the outcomes statement for the meeting.

Two independent interlocutors were also present at the meeting to assist the interim Government in identifying the issues raised by each party for the agenda of the PPDF and also to be reflected in the final outcome statements.

Bainimarama said the media statements and the notes of the intervention in their discussions will become the record of the meeting; the record will become a public document.

“This document would be used by our independent interlocutors to further consult ad work towards a draft Terms of Reference and Agenda for the President’s Dialogue Forum, and in preparing for our next meetings,” he said.


SV adds that dialogue centre on main issues only and keep the ‘next meetings’ referred to by Frank above, to a minimum and within a reasonable timeline.


13 Responses to “Bainimarama opens Leaders’ Dialogue”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    The interlocutors have already been rejected by others in the forum , a forum , arranged by an Illegal Government full or traitors .
    There is nothing being attempted at this forum , that could not have been done by the People’s Government in the 1st. place .
    It’s inevitable that this forum is doomed to failure , especially when you take into account , the wishy washy ways of Frank and Co.

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Hear, Hear MM!!

  3. benhur Says:

    And just who are these interlocutors? Hopefully not John Samy again? Anyone knows who they are? Did i detect a change of attitudes from Voreqe’s speech?

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    I just want to remind Vore, that yes, although we want to move forward, he must still remember that we, the people will not forget what he did to us pre-and-post Dec 5, 2006 and that we, the people will make him stand for justice one day for all the atrocities he inflicted on the people.

    It is soooo easy for him to read someone else’s speech, thus, saying, “We will certainly stumble and fall if we continue to just look back and remain mired in finger pointing,…”

    And, that’s indeed what we will continue to do until true justice is served. And call us biased or otherwise, true justice for us means, Vore and coup-supporters and all those who have been robbing us lately will find their time in a cell block or doing community service in public somewhere.

    God bless Fiji’s children and our future!

  5. wini Says:

    Well in spite of the above comments, I believe in that old Chinese (?) saying that a long journey begins with the first step. That step was taken today. It was attended by all who matter politically…although I note that the Methodist Church with all their previous posturing, was not there to engage in dialogue. Maybe they will come to the party later? Keep talking…thats the only way to go.

  6. IslandBoy Says:

    @wini – the Methodist Chuch is not a registered political party, though I do agree with you completely about the very important first step.

  7. wini Says:

    @island boy. Yea youre right about Methodist Church not being a political party. I suppose same thing can then be said about Virisila Buadromo complaining about her organisation not being invited to the Forum to represent womens views. She should form a political party if she wants to be included. Trouble with some of these NGO’s is that they are funded by foreign interests who have their own agenda in Fiji. Just look at Angie Heffernan’s responses and behaviour…she represents no one except her masters in Aust and NZ. Although I admire her courage I sometimes think she wants to be a public hero, but in reality is a private fool (lost her house etc)

  8. IslandBoy Says:

    Perhaps Virisila was comparing apples and oranges, missed that bit. Have not really worked very closely with Angie/PCPI, only met her a couple of times at PCRC, but you could also say the same thing about ECREA from the other side of the fence.

    I am satisfied for the time being, registered political parties are invited to the table as representatives of their supporters.

    Perhaps to satisfy Virisila’s point NGOs like hers could lobby the parties to have gender balance in their reps to the dialogue. On Fiji TV news I saw Jokapeci Koroi pull up next to Mahen.

    Lord knows there are enough extremely capable women out there, and perhaps they just may do a whole lot better than the guys if macho testosterone posturing comes into play.

  9. wini Says:

    @island boy. Agree….more gender balance would be good. Joka Koroi should take a long look at herself….she labelled General Voters as being ‘insignificant’…….her concept of politics is that it should be fought out by the Fijians and Indians only because all the others are insignificant. This type of thinking is what brings Fiji down…it fails to recognise the contributions of ethnic minorities…it is an unChristian view…..fails to recognise the strength of our diversity and plurality. In anycase, she too is of mixed Tongan/Fijian extraction. As they say in Fiji, every time you point a finger at someone, remember there are four fingers pointing back at you. Have a Happy Diwali

  10. George of Sydney Says:

    There should try to find a time in their meeting to reflect on themselve and realise that they should all share the blame for the difficult life the people of Fiji are going through. They should accept the blame, confess to each other and the people. Then they continue to meet to chart our way foreward.

  11. newsfiji Says:

    I don’t know why all political parties should be represented at this forum anyway. The political parties that did not win 1 single seat in the last elections should be seriously looked into. Only if they had votes of more than say 5000 people put together than i reckon it’s useful that they are present – otherwise who are they representing there??

    Even though Frank has come up with a very well written out speech, action remains to be seen. And judging from his past record over the last 20 months or so – it is very poor. One day he’ll say this and the next day the total opposite.

    So we don’t know for sure whether this is the real thing or not.

    I do know however that this meeting has been called for rather quickly without it being thought out properly etc – like who is representing who…it’s understandable that the political parties who won seats in the last elections were present but what the hell were the other parties doing there??

  12. Tim Says:

    “This document would be used by our independent interlocutors to further consult ad work towards a draft Terms of Reference and Agenda for the President’s Dialogue Forum, and in preparing for our next meetings,” he said.

    Hands up all those who think Frank actually said that rather than Frank read that out loud, or practiced it in the mirror word by word!
    Talk about Spin Fiji

  13. benhur Says:

    newsfiji excellent point, maybe the Voreqe is beginning to like making speeches and or political dialog? Maybe we’d be lucky and see Voreqe setup his own political party and decide to run for PM or President of Fiji?

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