All eyes on today’s dialogue between Interim Govt – Political Parties

SV fervently hopes for a positive and speedy resolution to our current situation but should that not be achievable in today’s first round of talks, at least there’s a start. However, leaders, both in the interim government and political parties should bear in mind that ‘time is of the essence’ … set out your  parameters clearly but dialogue with an open and conciliatory mind… the people depend on goodwill from both ends to resolve Fiji’s political situation and take us back to parliamentary democracy via elections next year.  

United Kingdom, United States backs political dialogue

Fiji’s interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has invited representatives of Fiji’s 16 registered political parties to a meeting next Monday to kick-start discussions on Fiji’s return to parliamentary democracy.

Fri, 24 Oct 2008
SUVA, Fiji —– The British Government has welcomed moves by Fiji’s interim Prime Minister to meet with political parties.“An early return to civilian and constitutional democracy is an essential foundation for the future of Fiji and its people.”In a statement today, British High Commissioner Roger Sykes said, “we welcome any dialogue that is inclusive and hopes for a positive outcome.”

Fiji’s interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has invited representatives of Fiji’s 16 registered political parties to a meeting next Monday to kick-start discussions on Fiji’s return to parliamentary democracy.

The UK maintains that Fiji’s interim regime should hold elections early next year as Commodore Bainimarama had earlier promised.

“The UK stands by the statement issued by  the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG),” he said. “We remain seriously concerned by the lack of progress towards elections by March 2009 as promised to the region, the international community and the people of Fiji by the interim Government.

Meanwhile, the United States of America believes Fiji needs to return to a democratically elected government as rapidly as possible. “To that end, we have harmonised our approach with that of Fiji’s neighbours in the Pacific Islands Forum.  

“Consistent with the Forum Chair’s call for dialogue and engagement, the United States welcomes any discussion that leads to a practicable agreement on a way forward,” a statement from a U.S  Embassy spokesman said.
“We are encouraged by the announcement of the meeting of political parties on October 27 to discuss an agenda and terms of reference for the proposed President’s Political Dialogue Forum.

Fiji’s former ruling party was adamant that no-nonsense Commodore Bainimarama would not have his way at next Monday’s political forum. The Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) director Peceli Kinivuwai said they would not tolerate any “bullying tactics” by the interim Government. “The meeting should be “fair and square” with terms and conditions agreed by all parties,” he said as representatives of Fiji’s 16 registered political parties prepare for the meet. Commodore Bainimarama made a strong statement this week that he would  not accept any demands from the parties, only proposals based on the People’s Charter.

However, despite all the pre-meeting drama Mr Kinivuwai was  not expecting any fireworks on Monday. He said the SDL’s demands will be the same as its rival Fiji Labour Party and that is to return Fiji to parliamentary democracy as quickly as possible. “We are going with an open mind and one of our requests is to take the country back to election. “We are firm with our decision and they (IG) will not dictate to us because they’ve got to understand that we command majority of support from the people.”

Mr Kinivuwai also said if the interim Government is planning to negotiate within the bounds of the Charter then the party will have reservations about the meeting. “The SDL party is happy that we’ve got a chance to talk with the interim Government and other political parties. We view this as positive but let’s hope that this does not come to an abrupt stop.”

Commodore Bainimarama said that political party leaders and the international community should accept that elections will not be held in March next year.



10 Responses to “All eyes on today’s dialogue between Interim Govt – Political Parties”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Seems Frank and Co. have already made up their minds regarding the timing of any elections !
    It’s a bit like the Aussie drink , Claytons . A non alcohol drink which appears as an alcohol drink . People with drinking problems used to drink it rather than those with alcohol so they could be part of the scene without being embarrassed !
    A bit like Frank’s meetings really , pretend !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Part of Fiji’s problems revolve around the GCC having elected a tired old man whose health has failed him , just on the strength that he was a chief !
    It’s a shame the Vice President resigned , Ratu Joni .

  3. benhur Says:

    The Question is – who is the real puppeteer in this picture? Is Voreqe been used by the three stupid chiefs-the two Evelis’ and Ului Mara? Or by the Indian nationalists? I’m beginning to wonder as to who is the real leader in this class discord? WHO IS REALLY PULLING THE STRING? Think about it? Is it The President(a small Chief) or the 3 highly-Non Educated-high-Chiefs?(Evelis’& Ului Mara). Certainly looks very suspicious? WOULD THE REAL BAINIMARAMA -PLEASE STAND UP?

  4. Kingrat Says:

    hey did you know that the house of the interim AG, Aiyaass was broken into last week. heard from the neigbours. lots of valuiables were taken.

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    This whole thing seems a farce to me. The fact that 16 ‘political parties’ have been invited is enough to take it as a joke – which is what Voreqe and the junta is all about. If he was serious about political dialogue then only the major players ought to have been invited – parties that have won seats through the Election process. Not even Eveli’s NAP should be there!

    But I guess we shall wait n see.

  6. freedomfighter Says:

    The election will be held in two years time -and thats official from an unoffical source, so say those tuned to the grog bowls around the country

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    I would hazard a guess that they are all so far up each others arse , that they don’t know where each individual begins and where each ends !

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Luv fiji
    It’s called lip service !
    I speak this but do that . Hitler used the same tactic in the 1930’s and 1940’s .
    Hasn’t anyone learnt anything from history in Fiji ?
    He who forgets the past , is bound to repeat it !
    It’s all just a facade Frank and Co. are putting on to distract the already confused public .

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    I agree with you Mark Manning it certainly is lip service.

    Like all other attempts at Reconcilliation, this is the usual diversionary tactic by the ig to try to fool the Nation. Big fools them for being so underhanded – they didn’t fool anyone except their supporters. They most probably have some other agenda they will foist onto the unsuspecting Nation and this meeting is to divert our attention. Methinks that with koila mara nailatikau reaching her 55th birthday one of the wishes on her wish list may just be it, koila for president maybe?

    The ig coupsters have absolutely nothing to contribute to this so called ‘meeting’ except their ill conceived mantra which the qitawas are spitting out.

    I feel so sorry for those attending and hoping for meaningful dialogue and some resolution to the crisis that is the ig – imagine having to sit there and listen to an inarticulate ignoramus. No Thanks!

  10. NaVoreEnaVoreGa Says:

    If it smells like a pig,looks like pig and talks like a pig then it is most likely a pig.Warning to all going to this useless forum -if you wrestle with the pig, the pig will have fun but you will only cover yourself in mud.

    Enough of the talk.Again my challenge goes out to all those boci’s up in IMG command who are hiding behind their uniform and gun, Voreqe, Driti, Ului, Leweni, Ione or Teleni. How about any of you poofies take me on for a one or one fair go? The winner becomes the commander. Laurai mada ocei na tagane dina.These guys as they say, too much vaqakoro. Driti was a big lamusona at Grammar and the rest boci’s at Marist.

    Email me girls on for time and place.

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