Something light to brighten up this miserable overcast Saturday afternoon.

Avenai: I saka,kerea tiko mai o turaga-ni-ovisa levu o Teleni ke ratou rawa ni mai team talk i na officers mess o ratou na timi ni ovisa.

Vore:Tukuna vua na mata va sona qori me kua tale ni laurai na matana i lomani keba qo.

Avenai: Baleta saka?

Vore:Au a tukuna sara ga va vinaka vua me ratou va lusilusi,qai sega.Lako o raboci qai la’i kauti ratou mai na kai Nadroga me qito na nona timi.O ira na tamata qo era qito tiko vaka e ra mata taka na timi ni Viti.Ratou spoil taka sara ga na neirau game plan kei Teleni.La’i vavuna wale ga noqu sega ni wase na bogi vei Meri.

Avenai:Man,saka,taba toka o koya na pepa nikua.Dua na ka na nona viavia goneyalewa.Neu,neu ,maga qase.

Vore: Hey,sona levu.Kua ni vosataka va qori na noqu che.Na ka e solia o koya o sega ni solia rawa vei au o iko.

Avenai:Well,maybe saka.Ia o koya e sega ni rawa ni shake vataki au.

Vore:Io ,kadina qori Nai.Sa rui levulevu ca sara ga na bulina.Na lusi ni noqu timi qo e va mosia sara tiko ga qo na uluqu.Sogota yani na katuba me’u de-stress mada.

Avenai:Chi chi,baci maleka o au e dai.




  1. LUVfiji Says:

    O aiyarse talega e via destress. E mosi sara tu ga na uluna mai na bogi ni Lotulevu!

  2. Colin Bishop Says:

    Is this a sign of change?

    Fiji Finally Approves UN Special Envoy’s Visit
    By Pacific Magazine
    Saturday: October 25, 2008

    The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers has been approved to visit Fiji next month, after repeated attempts with negative results since 2006.

    Leandro Despouy in introducing his report to the UN Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) at the UN headquarters in New York yesterday said that he had sent letters to at least 20 countries to visit and awaiting a response.

    He made special mention that a request for a visit to Fiji had been sent in 2006 and had been repeated over subsequent years with no positive response to those requests.

    However, a UN media information showed that a Fiji representative, at the hearing, told the Committee that Despouy’s request to visit the country had been approved for November.

    Fiji’s representative, referring to the assertion that the International Bar Association had not been allowed to visit Fiji, asked if there were any more organizations that the country needed to be aware of, in order to facilitate Despouy’s mandate. Despouy said, if possible, he would visit Fiji at the end of November.

    Despouy along with four other Special Rapporteurs are mandated by the Human Rights Council to monitor and recommend solutions to specific human rights problems — to outline ways to overcome difficulties in turning human rights norms into enforceable national law, in light of international disagreements over the use of military tribunals, the execution of juvenile offenders and other controversial issues.

    According to media information Despouy attributed the problem of impunity to a weak judiciary caused in part by the scant remuneration of judges in some countries, saying it severely affected a judge’s ability to be impartial. He said judges should have the right to adequate remuneration to protect them from political or economic pressures and he would make that issue a focus of his work.

    Speaking on the protection of human rights under states of exception, Despouy said that states of exception should be granted, as the title stated, in the most exceptional circumstances, such as in response to an emergency.

    He added that as well, they should be non-discriminatory in their application, temporary, and be compatible with other international obligations, such as international humanitarian law.

  3. newsfiji Says:

    SV and fellow bloggers: I have information that can lead to the arrest of the 4 men and a woman that robbed the unelected Attorney Generals home.

    They are in hiding on an island off the Nasese seawall called Nukulau.

    They have advised me to forward a message on to the famed FICRACK Team: come and get us.

    Thank you.

  4. qitawa Says:

    Hi guys! Long time and glad to be back,but is the the level we have degenerated to?

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    What were the true facts ?
    If the Commander was sackedwhile overseas in October 2066 , then he was no longer the Commander at the time of the coup !
    So why are all the idiots at the barracks taking orders from him ?
    Dumb soldiers indeed !

  6. Mark Manning Says:
    And that should be 2006 not 2066 !

  7. Mark Manning Says:

  8. Wini Says:

    @ qitawa What are dildoes? Has AG Arseye got a bowel problem? Am so shocked to hear all this. So ….so…..shocking.

  9. Jone Says:

    So sick. Dildos and ovesized at that Oh my thought the guy is married. Well I suppose he is teaching wifey how to use it on him lol. Se va cava Rob of NZ. And yes Wini them didloes are to dig out his constapation 🙂 Ropate of NZ knows all about it. And has reveled on FT he aims to open shop in Suva to sell such how did he put it now oh yeah Artworks or Artifects.

  10. Jone Says:

    Mark thank you. Occasionally we need timely reminders. I reiterate the military needs to go. No Presidency need abolished.

    0 President + 0 Military = 0 Coups

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Qitawa: i am no great fan of these sexual jokes, but to answer the question, “is this the level that we have degenerated to?” – thanks to Frank, we’ll all go half insane if we’re not careful…and i reckon these sexual jokes are just the tip of the iceberg…well, to be honest it was frank who started these sick jokes by telling our chiefs that they’re better off “drinking home brew under a mango tree”…now, he’s going to see the fun…

    Our group is starting prank calls from overseas…we’re copying Joana of FM96…such fun…

  12. Gulabdass Says:

    Lusi na timi ni RFMF ni sivia na nodratou lasa vata va tagane.

    Especially the manager Saula Koro (never played rugby the boci) and captain Dale Tonawai (drunken idiot)

  13. Fiji Forward Says:

    Now people that is surely utter rubbish!! shame on you so called Fijians using such vulgar language, you all need to go and listen to the the New Methodist convert you back to good, old reasonable citizens.

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