Interim PM pleads for Clark’s removal

Bloggers, well this bastard just don’t know when to stop even when he is making a bloody fool of himself! Now he’s openly calling for Indians living in NZ to vote PM Helen Clarke and Phil Goff out in the up coming General Elections. Vore does not realise just how stupid he sounds. He himself is afraid of facing the electorate and continues to renege on his undertaking to the South Pacific Forum Leaders in Tonga of General Elections in March 2009. Secondly, Vore does not realise that in openly asking the Indians to vote against PM Helen Clarke and Phil Goff, he exposes vulnerable Indians whom have migrated to NZ to the wrath of other ethnic groups in NZ as they will now view the Indians as supporting the coup and trying to blackmail the NZ government into supporting the same. Neither PM Helen Clarke, PM Kevin Rudd or any other Pacific Island Leader has openly called for foreign nationals to remove Vore and his comments will only bring more detrimental consequences for Fiji. It is sad that ordinary Fijians have to put up with this shit because he was never elected in the first place, but upheld by the dubious Gates’s ruling. SV encourages its bloggers to keep up the fight ragone and we will prevail!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Update: 12:37PM Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has appealed to ethnic Fiji Indians in New Zealand to overthrow Prime Minister Helen Clark and Trade Minister Phil Goff in next months general election, reports Stuff NZ. Commodore Bainimarama told Auckland’s Tarana Radio yesterday that Miss Clark wanted to be ‘Queen’ of the Pacific.

According to Commodore Bainimarama, there was nothing worse for Fiji than her (Ms Clark). “I might be able to help by pleading to the Indo-Fijians in New Zealand not to vote for her and Phil Goff,” he said.

Political parties are battling for the Auckland Asian community votes. The 2006 census put the Asian population (including those born in New Zealand) at 236,508, of which 40,000 are Indo-Fijian.

Mt Roskill, held by Mr Goff, is 43 per cent Asian, predominantly Indo-Fijian. Last week The Dominion Postreported that the Indo-Fijian vote was moving away from Labour in the wake of the Government’s attitude to Fijis interim regime.

Commodore Bainimarama said Ms Clark did not understand Fiji. “All she wants is this grand idea of her being Lady of the Pacific, she wants to be Queen and she has been very vocal against Fiji,” he said.


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  1. Swimmer Says:

    Come on Piggy – take your boci goons on your dinghy and coup the NZ government !!!

    Oi me breaktaki vaka drau vaka drau na world record ni 50 meters freestyle mai NZ ki Viti qai dromodromo na vuso ni ua e muri !!!

    Ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!

  2. at least Says:

    Io ni da se boci ga..Na boci ena boci tikoga..Boilevu qai boidada ..bona na ka kece e cakava ni se boci ga..Sa qai laurai tu na boci levu e tu vua na boci dede qo..we sud now call him boci dede . na bloddy kulina.

  3. freedomfighter Says:

    I thought the judges said one of the reasons the President or so-called president had appointed him interim PM was because of Australia’s intereference in Fijis internal affairs, re navy ships, etc so what the hell is this man doing telling the coolies in NZ to throw Helen out?

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    Fellow blogger Colin Bishop accurately says in this post:

    The person who protested and sent diplomats home because they were i
    interfering in Fiji politics is now interfering in NZ politicsInterim PM pleads for Clark’s removal .

    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Update: 12:37PM Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has appealed to ethnic Fiji Indians in New Zealand to overthrow Prime Minister Helen Clark and Trade Minister Phil Goff in next months general election, reports Stuff NZ.

    Commodore Bainimarama told Auckland’s Tarana Radio yesterday that Miss Clark wanted to be ‘Queen’ of the Pacific.

    According to Commodore Bainimarama, there was nothing worse for Fiji than her (Ms Clark).

    “I might be able to help by pleading to the Indo-Fijians in New Zealand not to vote for her and Phil Goff,” he said.

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    The pig is exposing himself as an indian supporter and vice versa. So he is specifically calling on a particular race which has supported him in this coup the indians. Isn’t he supposed to practise the concepts of the farter charter where it says all will be called Fijian. Now he is acknowledging there is a racial entity called Fiji Indians and not calling them New Zealanders. This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about or doing the silly fool.

  6. freedomfighter Says:

    Sorry but

    Cops probe robbery at AG’s house
    Police are investigating a robbery which occurred at the Tamavua home of Fiji’s interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

    Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri confirmed with Fijilive that some men broke into the house and took off with assorted items.

    However he said they cannot divulge further information.

    It is believed that no one was in the house at the time of the robbery.

    Sayed-Khaiyum declined to comment.

  7. Tim Says:

    Unfortunately Frank and his advisors jis dun unna Stan New Zealand, or indeed Australia for that matter.
    If he thinks his situation will be improved by the removal of Helen Clarke, he’ll receive the same shock he has with Howard’s removal – essentially no change, and in fact in many ways he’ll be worse off.
    It’s a case of a grubbly little pot calling a slightly tarnished kettle black.
    It’s been the case since the start. Frank is bitter and has a real hate session on HC – because she’s a woman of superior intellect for one thing, and secondly because she had him pegged right from the start. Frank can’t stand the fact that she knows too many of his, and others in his regime’s grubby little secrets.

  8. newsfiji Says:

    OMG! This guy is just unbelievable! Boy, Frank how low can you go??? The longer you stay in power, the more will we see a clearer picture of who and what you’re really made of!


    Of all the dicktators past, Frank Bainimarama is the most blockhead one!

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    Voreqe is an ongoing disgrace to what is left of the Nation of Fiji. He makes no sense, shows no consistency, and to utter racist nonsense like this on the eve of a “presidential forum” which he himself called for, is the height of stupidity. All invitees should now boycott this idiot in his entirety, if for no other reason than to show respect for the World and the Pacific neighbors who have contributed so much to Fiji, education in particular, and detach themselves from this boorish nutcase.
    This is on top of the ridiculous authoritarian bullying of the very people he has invited to the forum, the SDL and the Nationalist Party, who between them represent 90% of all Fijians. So he invited them to be bullied? He invited them to crawl to him to support his coup promoting Samy Charter?
    The guy is so stupid he does not even understand that the current electoral system in fact helps minorities, the Indian minority in particular, and more so as the years go on and demographic trends continue. It was not doubt designed to help Fijians, since there was a time they were threatened with becoming a minority, but that is no longer an issue, particularly as Voreqe does nothing about the sugar industry, investment, and the economy generally, and anyone with economic aspirations and lack of commitment to Fiji (vs. India or the almighty $) is heading for NZ as fast as possible. Now it would make sense for NZ to close their doors to racists from Fiji but allow Fijians to continue, because they contribute back to Fiji in positive, not negative, ways.
    Voreqe puts his foot in his mouth with his head up his azz every time.

  10. newsfiji Says:

    Hey fellow bloggers and SV:

    This story was related to me by a friend.

    My friend went out of the office leaving his mobile phone at his desk. Upon his return he sees a missed call from a landline number – a Suva number that is.

    Using his landline office phone, he proceeds to dial the number which had called his mobile.

    This is what transpired:

    Tring, tring, Mr X picks up the phone: Io (meaning YES)

    My friend: Isa, kerekere, e dua beka a qiria mai noqu mobile mai na naba qori (meaning, someone called my mobile from this landline number??)

    Mr X: Iko kila tiko na naba iko qiritaka mai qo??? Ahhh? (Meaning, Do you know the number you have just called?? Ahh?)

    My friend: Sega, ni vosota (meaning, No, Sorry)

    Mr X: Qo na FICAC, sa kila (meaning THIS IS FICAC, YOU KNOW..)

    My friend: E dua a qirita mai noqu mobile mai na naba qo (someone called my mobile from this number)

    Mr X: Puts the phone down…

    Well, can’t say much, everything that this regime has put in place certainly reflects the leader’s attitude..


    What a laugh! Ba..ha..ha..

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well Vore talks about non discrimination, yet practices the very sin he claims to be eradicating. Wonder what Helen Clarke must be thinking of the New Zealanders working for this illegal junta? Namely Christopher Pryde (SG); Felicity Heffernan (SoE); John Samy (Charter Farter), etc.

    Hopefully we shall see some drastic political counter move as early as next week and puch out this turd.

  12. Adi Kaila Says:

    newsfiji – aren’t they just so full of self importance?

    BIG DEAL! Dua madaga me lai cereka nona suluvataga na tamata qori mai FICAC – tagane se sega? f’n ba’ola. (Someone should go and lift that FICAC persons sulu to check if he is a man or what?)Lowlife.

    Real Men don’t have to be rude, crude or lewd.

    Hey ask your friend for that number so we can bombard him.

  13. freedomfighter Says:

    Well, maybe, NZ should re-exaimne the PR status of some of these coolies who are trying to blackmail Clarker and others and deport them back to Franks “Fiji” to leave and peace and safety of his guns. Meanwhile, harrasment of Fiji Times continues:

    Fiji Times possible contempt of court
    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Taken from / By: Google
    Local daily, Fiji Times is facing contempt of court action.

    Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has been granted leave by the High Court to apply for an order of committal against the Fiji Times, its Publisher, Rex Gardner, and its Editor-in Chief, Netani Rika for contempt of court, following publication of a recent letter to the editor.

    The Court has also granted an order requiring Fiji Times to disclose full details of the author of the offending letter.

    Sayed-Khaiyum says that he was not prepared to stand by any longer and see the judiciary unfairly dragged through the mud in the media.

    He adds that certain media outlets have aided and abbetted certain individuals and have not adhered to the media professional standards and code of ethics.

    The Interim AG says that fair comment and constructive criticism is one thing, but says that the Fiji Times has gone beyond that.

  14. Nostradamus Says:

    What, the AG does not tolerate a difference of opinion?
    Why does a dictatorship need an AG anyway? They don’t even try to follow the law. It is all BS sham democracy and constitutional government led by a bunch of insecure idiots with nothing in their ceke.

  15. Cakau Says:

    Adi Kaila I like your style but say we ask ourselves about what would be going through Isoa Gavidi’s head at the moment.

    He and his wife went around abusing the Regime, the Mara children, the 2 Evelis etc and as soon he was asked he joined up.

    We know that Bai is mad but what is the matter with people like Isoa Gavidi? They are saying he is worse than the 2 Evelis because him and his wife should have kept their mouths shut.

    This guy had everything, a good education, he was a diplomat and mixed around with intelligent people but then to stoop this low I just don’t understand.

    Perhaps this is the problem in our country and we should be looking into to it.

    I just hope that all of us that blog here would have learnt something and would never do an Isoa Gavidi.

    We must prepare for our future work hard and plan for retirement. Let us begin a new breed of honest caring people and aspire to be good honest leaders in any which way.

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hey someone should remind the ig ag khaiyum not to be so precious, after all the ig that he represents is ILLEGAL – everyone has every right to criticise him and his ig coupsters. He is trying to sue because like his momo voreqe they have the military and guns to save their sorry arse while they rant and rave and try to make everyone believe in their bullshit.

    Never mind that his poofter mates who are illegally sitting on the judiciary made the illegal decision to legalise the treasonous, insidious coup of 5.12.06 and their own postion that is not recognised by anyone except themselves and is a ruling that has been condemned all over the world.

    That other weak arse piece of shit chodo the murderous thief has withdrawn his lawsuit against the Fiji Times only because he no longer has the benefit of the military and their guns to shield him. While he did he felt brave and invincible – koli ni kaidia.

    Noone gives a shit about any of them – damn useless cowards.

  17. newsfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila…you are so right…these FICRACK Officer’s walk around like they have the qualifications of those in the CIA or FBI. I shall try and get that number and post it here. Qai macala mada ni da qiri kece yani.

    I hear FICRACK is now under immense pressure to find something to pin Qarase thus their latest ins and outs in certain corridors.

    The thing is upon trying to pin something on Qarase they have found out corruption evidence on the diaper President who advances his board fees from NLTB for up to 12 months! Corruption ga qori! Bloody useless pathetic lulu!

    These people think we don’t know, but let’s face it – this is still Fiji and every single piece of information they think can be hidden forever is being unearthed.

    They shall be their own undoing! Sa qai matata dina ga mai na mata ni meke.

  18. Adi Kaila Says:

    Cakau I was really really surprised that Isoa switched sides so quickly.

    Some friends & I got together and were discussing this sudden change and realised that there was always a flaw in his personality. None of us really thought about it until he accepted that position. Y’know how you have that instinct that somethings amiss when you’re around that person and talking with them, but you put it aside as you being a bit too critical or unfair and instead make excuses for them.

    Yes, we all agreed that we’d felt that way but never spoke about it because it would’ve sounded like sour grapes.

    This situation however has us comparing notes and asking older relatives about him to better understand Isoa. Well he’s always been full of bonhomie but many still think he had it pretty easy, always the ‘yes’ man for the late KKT so was able to progress unhindered up the PS ladder. It’s always pretty well sit back and relax when you have intelligent staff to do your bidding and he was able to do this and accept full credit. There are many out there who know that he is not the brightest spark in the diwali fireworks – those of us who have never worked with him don’t know this of course – we used to put it down to his busy schedule. Now we know better.

    The QVSOB always knew he was a flake.

    Then someone said that when he started going out with Emi that he has been married to for many many years – those who didn’t know that he was quite a slow thinker thought it was a gross mismatch as she couldn’t tell the difference between toilet paper and a newspaper. Apparently well suited.

    It’s all fallen into place. Now we know the space cadet characteristic is for real.

    I think koila may have something to do with his appointment. She may want to borrow one of Emis wigs.

    I’ve been telling everyone here not to even mention to anybody that they’re totally anti coup, whether it’s family or not. Never know who to trust these days. As soon as someone brings up the coup I go into top gear and start on about shushing up or they’ll be taken up the camp for a run – it’s the only way to stop anyone discussing it with me.

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    Oi lei newsfiji – bai katuvu neitou dredre – you’re so right about information.

    They’ve forgotten about the coconut wireless – sa mai broadband sara tu.

    voreqe and his back pay for leave not taken – shakin’ mirror being paid in advance – Matanitu ni ceke!

  20. Cakau Says:

    Adi Kaila vinaka na talenoa – man that explains it. That Koila has a lot to answer for. Right from the beginning Koila was the recruiting officer. She tried on Esther Williams at USP but Esther had to tell her poilitely that she couldn’t because her husband and children lived in Australia and she wanted to be able to come and visit them.

    Esther was believed to say that she was glad she had that excuse. I think people like Esther who are comfortable financially would not stoop that low. When we think about it, 2 Epelis had no job, that bitch Finau Tabakaicoro no job and no money and all these people hail from that small island of Bau. Now the other question is Teve Tongonivalu CEO. Whose son is he? It was a big surprise when I read the Tonganivalu name.

    In the beginning I could understand why they joined up because they wanted to contribute to building of the nation. After nearly 2 years nothing has happened and new recruits should know better.

    The Mara children are a big disgrace and how dare their dragg us Lauans down with them. I will never forgive them. They of all people should know better as what was done to their father when he was the President – it was a coup.

    Did you read Rabuka’s last sentence in his article – today’s F/T’s – wonder what is going through his head now when he can see this madman dragging the country down to bitter shame. Rabuka quotes from the bible again;

    “So take heart, God will judge judges and their judgements. He is another person I will not forgive.

  21. Isalei Says:

    And I thought Vore, with Thaitsa and Aiaarze wanted to create a raceless society. What’s he doing seeking help from Kiwindians to topple helene whom he will never match intellectually. The longer he remains the thug Dicktatter of Fiji (or coward of the county) the more he exposes his luvawaca, telefua, nakedness!!! Really this guy should be taken for examination to reservoir road. Fiji deserves better. Its also a reflection of the shallow people paying homage in his circus, saying ram ram to him for their own desperado survival, the likes of isoa g included. The coups have entrenched a society of wannabes, who think they are doing us a favour by their so called “sacrifice” to “move this country forward.” Reality is they are only dragging us backwards by supporting the vore’s grunts %$#@! Koya ga e tu vinaka tu e na tudei e na gauna va qo! The riffraffs will fall for promises of a bed of roses. In the end only thorns are left to prick their pricks, sorry, conscience!

  22. Cakau Says:

    @Newsfiji – just burst out laughing – was asked what I was laughing about and when I read it out aloud everyone cracked up.

    Isa my Fiji sa vakaloloma taki!

  23. newsfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila – tamani coconut wireless tu qo i Viti! Meanwhile, diaper President who advances his board fees from NLTB if farting & coughing his way throughout the board meetings that he is able to attend…Wailei, na cava e vosoti.

    Cakau – i did read that article by Rabuka today. His articles seem to be leaning away from Franks favours nowdays. I wonder why????? In the beginning, his articles always seem to be sitting on the fence sort of…like afraid to come out openly to say things as they are. After Frank’s open criticism of him, Rabuka’s articles start to change in their tone.

  24. newsfiji Says:

    Adi Kaila – tamani coconut wireless tu qo…bera tale na wireless networks ra tu wavoki qo…

  25. Cakau Says:

    Newsfiji I think it is very important that we notice all that is happening. Yea I’ve noticed the same with Rabuka.

    It is good he is leaning away from cranky franky. Surely he would never think of joining up like Isoa Gadiva Tu.

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    Just for a laugh .

  27. Adi Kaila Says:

    newsfiji – Rabuka has a lot to answer for – I really can’t stand the man. He’s another one that QVSOB regard as a flake, like most of Fiji.

    He recently celebrated his 60th birthday in the US – I thought he was older than that – 65 – surprise indeed.

    His wife Sulu put on the show for him – I don’t know why she bothers after the shabby way he treated her. According to one of the party goers who went to full chow and observe, she was in full attendance to him, the dutiful wife. Maumau nai lavo ni veisau pikini ni qase.

    Yes his articles are interesting – I read them to test his stance – he’s certainly been very critical of the ig lately – about bloody time too. Maybe he knows somethings cooking. In one article he was apologetic about his role in executing a couple of coups – I thought I’d had a turn & was reading in a dream state. I still dislike and distrust him though and nothings going to change my mind, he’s still a lowdown crook and a cad. But to answer that question Cakau – I think Rabuka is sulking because he hasn’t been asked to join the ig – Rabuka craves attention – he loves the hoopla of publicity and the sound of his own brand of craziness – our very own Paris Hilton in a suluvakataga. He can tone himself all he wants but he can’t shake his booty – the silly arse can’t dance – hasn’t got the moves ra gone – I love a man who can swing his hips and shake it – wooooooooooo!

    I doubt FICAC will find anything dirty on the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase – the man is so honest he’s unbelievable – if he had a ruthless bone in his body he would’ve stuffed up the bipolar pig before 5.12.06, but he does everything above board. If there were dishonest people in his party it’s not his fault. He’s just not that way inclined and I wish people had been a bit more patient with him and not judged him so unfairly.

    Deve Toganivalu is Julian Toganivalus son, his sister Ganiviti (same mother and father – JT has many offsprings) was married to Tora the old warhorse from the West.

    Oi lei shake tu la va’lialia na qase qori na President – bau cava tu na patepate – Please keep the crystals and the good china away from him – bipolar piggys just waiting for him to keel over so he can move meri and his family into the big house on Victoria Parade so they can play pani inside – that’s when the fun will begin – because I think the Self Appointed Recruitment Officer koila wants to be El Presidente and live there herself – Queen Bee mentality – use up then discard. It’ll get very interesting yet.

    We’ll just chillax and watch them fight it out amongst themselves – there aren’t any winners there.

  28. Adi Kaila Says:

    Oi lei newsfiji – we’ve had a really good laugh tonight – bera sara tiko na wireless network.

    Hey Cakau that post from “Sees the Trees Before Forests” I think they may have choro’d some top shelf bottles from the Officers Mess – veilecayaki nona vakasama & were caught today.

  29. FijiGirl Says:

    Classic case of psychological projecting if ever I saw one.

    Remember the exercise we do with Chodokant whenever he starts accusing the media of a conspiracy against him, and reversing the roles shows that he’s actually talking about himself but projecting his sins on the media?

    Well, you will be pleased to note that the same principle works for Vore and PM Clarke.

    Observe –
    Update: 12:37PM Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has appealed to ethnic Fiji Indians in FIJI to overthrow HIMSELF and HIS REGIME in next months general election, reports Stuff NZ. Commodore Bainimarama told Auckland’s Tarana Radio yesterday that HE wanted to be ‘Queen’ of the Pacific.

    According to Commodore Bainimarama, there was nothing worse for Fiji than HIMSELF. “I might be able to help by pleading to the Indo-Fijians in New Zealand not to vote for ME,” he said.
    Commodore Bainimarama said HE did not understand Fiji. “All I want is this grand idea of ME being Lady of the Pacific, I want to be Queen and I HAVE been very vocal against Fiji,” he said.

    Vore, you cannot hide the Truth. It will always come out.

    God bless Fiji

  30. Colin Bishop Says:

    As part of my employment and as a Kiwi my grip on NZ politics is better than most. The best the IG can expect from NZ if there is a change to National is more of the same but no Helen. Presuming the IG has some political commentators in NZ then the IPM is hoping for a change of goverment so he can triumph his influence in the Pacific.

  31. Colin Bishop Says:

    Recently on Shortland Street in NZ two actors comment on Fiji and call it “The Zimbawee of the Pacific” and refer to the IPM as the “Military Dictator”. They commented that anyone who went to Fiji as a tourist was insane.

    My interest is if Fiji TV will play the segment without censorship. This was a week ago in Nz and I dont know how far Fiji is behind.

    This shows the average Kiwis current opinion of the IG

  32. Setoki Says:

    I have never seen a bunch of losers like those that frequent this forum.

    It would be fair to say most if not all are in some way way engaged in vile acts sodomists.

    You bastards want democracy but speak vehemently against such important democractic princples such as RULE OF LAW.

    Dick Heads.

  33. LUVfiji Says:

    @Colin Bishop – probably not.

    FijiTV wouldnt really want to see Ken Clark packing!

    I dont usually watch Shortland St but I believe we’re not too far behind NZ. I guess I will start sitting up for the programme just to witness the segment should FijiTV play it uncensored. Having said that, I doubt now if they’d play it since the iIG’s petboy, who is now Deputy Permanent Secretary for Information, sits on the Board of FijiTV and is sure to see that nothing against the regime is aired.

    hahaha.. Fiji the way the world should be under military dictatorship – the Zimbabwe of the Pacific. Good one.

    Ahoy Mugabe!

  34. Colin Bishop Says:

    I know TVNZ archives all Shortland Street segments. I will locate and post the exact internet address of the segment.

  35. Colin Bishop Says:

  36. newsfiji Says:

    Thanks Colin for giving us the heads up on this one.

  37. Cakau Says:

    Yadra to Adi Kaila and Newsfiji. Vinaka vaka levu na talanoa last night. I had a great night and realized how we could turn our fight for our rights and democracy from the negatives into the positives and at the same have some fun.

    I am still laughing, your approach towards our fight is to be followed. You have taught me to lash out and but always looking at the funny side of it. After last night these lunatics are not to be taken seriously otherwise we will end up losing our minds like the old President, it is not worth it. The Helen Clark saga is really stupid – even a child can work out that you just don’t do or say that sort of stuff. It is so catty and uncouth.

    To the other bloggers if want a laugh and info as well read the talanoa that took place last night! Adi Kaila is soooooooo funny! Talk about laugh!

  38. Tim Says:

    @ Colin: It’s rather amusing to see Frank and others bleating on about Helen Clark so much. Frank definately has a fixation about her. He gets wound up too by Yippe-I-Aye Kaiyhum and Shaista as well, but none of them appear to have thought about it too much other than to let their hatred of Helen get in the way of any sort of reasoned approach.
    If they did, they’d have realised a long time ago that any new government in New Zealand that has less of a Labour Party influence is likely to make things worse for the Fiji junta. National is hardly likely to “engage” with them – especially when we know how the likes of Lockwood Smith feels and John Key is looking for ways to make cutbacks – NZAID will be high on his agenda, and as Michael Field has pointed out, about the only thing he knows about Fiji is from a view 30,000 feet above as he flits over to Hawaii for some R&R and cheap dentistry. In fact National, the Kiwi Party, United and others are far more likely to review the whole status of a Permanent Residency, which by world standards is rather generous in NZ – including voting rights et al. Some are now even talking about that whole Howard thing of giving immigrants little history and language tests.
    If people in Fiji and expats in NZ and Australia haven’t by now realised that Frank and his cabal don’t actually give a shit about Fijians of whatever ethnicity, they never will. Their personal agendas including the sins of their pasts are what’s driving them first and foremost. The sooner they realise that while they have the right to criticise, just like anyone else, the more the pot calls the kettle black, the less credibility they all have. They want lifting of travel bans. They want aid. They want to be able to tell Aus, NZ, U.S., E.U. to butt out of their affairs and tell ’em all they “jus dun unnastan” BUT at the same time they want to be able to dictate the terms and foreign policy of everyone else.
    Their record really speaks for itself, and the only people that don’t really seem to see it is the junta itself.

  39. Cakau Says:

    Thanks Tim, that opened my eyes! The bottom part is spot on!

  40. Colin Bishop Says:

    I believe he is fixated on Helen and Winston Peters because he was shown up as a liar after his meeting with them in December 2006 in Wellington. His reaction to his own guilt is to demean and attack the other party.

  41. Colin Bishop Says:

    I totally agree with Tin on NZ politics but believe with a MMP voting system as in NZ nothing radical will change. I believe that the status quo will remain if National is elected. Any changes will result as reactions to circumstances in Fiji and will probably be the same reaction as Labor would have had. I dont believe there will be any changes in Work Permits as those who benefit from the additional Labor are the Employers who are Nationals base voters.

  42. Tim Says:

    @ Cakau – yep well I think maybe today’s Fiji Daily Post editorial is onto it.
    And because of the world’s economic downturn, many “nations” are looking more and more inward trying to save their own necks first. I’m not sure that this junta realises that the more they carry on with their bullshit, the more they alienate themselves in the region. It’s not just OZ and NZ either. Frank has shown a disrespect for P.I. neighbours too in the past, all at a time when we should be showing more consideration for the welfare of the region generally. There’s a whole range of issues from the possibility of bulk fuel purchasing; the status of healthcare when doctors are in short supply and medicines are unaffordable; the spread of diseases; the need to improve education, reduce poverty and all the rest of it. If Frank wants to go it alone, he’ll need a lot of luck. Even those he thought might be alternative places to grovel are looking inward. Look at the state of India’s stockmarket over the past couple of days (down 11% yesterday I think), Chinese businesses going belly up, OPEC (including Venuzuela) cutting back on oil production, the wealthier countries able to bid for doctors and nurses and pay higher salaries. What’s Frank’s answer? It seems to be to insult the neighbours and those who are more likely to offer any kind of assistance when things really begin to bite.
    Still, I guess while he knows he has the guns, he thinks he can squeeze more and more out of those in Fiji that can least afford it to prop up his elite. And then there’s that idiot Bubba going on about “ethics” for God’s sake! The rest of the world knows that for them it is about self-preservation and ego – they’re really their own worst enemies.

  43. LUVfiji Says:

    Here’s one that deserved to make the headlines in today’s FT. Way to go Leung!

    Lawyer questions President’s health
    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    CULTURAL reasons are restricting honest discussion of the President’s ability to deal with national issues, says Suva lawyer Graham Leung.

    The Suva solicitor and former Fiji Law Society president said very few people in Fiji were prepared to speak about the 87-year-old President for cultural reasons and because it wasn’t considered polite.

    “People cannot talk about his ailing health and capacity to deal with complex legal, constitutional, political and social aspects of matters that arose following the December 2006 coup,” Mr Leung said.

    But the President’s secretary, Rupeni Nacewa, said the comments by Mr Leung were only his opinion… ”

    No Rupeni, Leung speaks for the MAJORITY of Fiji!!

  44. Tim Says:

    @ Colin – yea you’re right re the Work Permit thing. The status quo will remain should National get a majority, and assuming they actually have the ability to govern – i.e. how close to the wire will it all be. At least that’ll be things short term.
    Good to read your posts and know there is yet another that realises what this junta is all about.

  45. Colin Bishop Says:

    Totally on a tangent but everytime I see an article referring to “TASS” my mind drops back to the original TASS that was the Russian news agency renowned for its propoganda. Some things dont change.

  46. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s really disgusting how they’ve used this poor man’s ailing health to their advantage !
    Older people often have good long term memories , but their short term memory is almost none existant .
    Mothers remember sons from when they were babies , but don’t recall from 25 years onwards and no longer recognise the same son !
    I would suggest that either the Regime are ignorant of the President’s true condition or are using his deteriorating health it to their advantage .
    No disrespect to the President himself .
    The other possibility of course , is that he has been threatened to do what the Regime wants or else .

  47. Tim Says:

    🙂 @ Colin – you and I must be of a similar vintage. And there’s another thing this junta seem to be fond of – a bit like IT people. Assign something an acronym and it somehow gives it a degree of respectability. I guess if you had to say “National Council for Building a Better Fiji” everytime, most people would just laugh their tits off, whereas NCBBF ?

  48. Tim Says:

    @ MM: well I know how that feels. But actually it’s not the short term memory that’s the problem – it’s the ability for instant recall. I forgot yesterday, but tomorrow I’ll be able to remember it

  49. Wini Says:

    @Adi Kaila; Cakau & NewsFiji. Was reading your takes on Isoa Gavidi’s acceptance of FB’s 13 pieces of silver. You may be interetsed to know that FB has also bought the loyalties of two other former critics of his. Jerry Waqanisau (former Ambassador to China) and Sakiusa Raivoce (Lau Provincial Council and CEO Global Risk Security) have accepted FB’s offer to join the Military Council as members. Both are former military officers and have recently been seen in uniform in atending meetings of the Military Council in QEB. Like Isoa Gavidi, their wives too have debts to pay, wigs to buy, restaurants to dine at, new pairs of shoes to wear, cocktails to attend to at QEB Officers Mess etc. Bau va’cava tu oya?

  50. Peace Pipe Says:

    Even though Cranky Franky knows shit about all the titles he grabbed for himself such ipm, finance min etc nothing appears to collapsing big time. When it comes to diplomacy he is at his worst. He just cannot change his hat from military commander to civilian minister. Just like in the army the line of command is only in one direction which how he is behaving right now. However it amazes that he is able to keep his govt together all this time. I guess this comes with the supreme effort of his generals iarse and parmesh. The implosion we had hoped for within the ig hasn’t happened and seems unlikely in the near future. So even as we see the pig as a nut he has got it right in holding his govt together.

  51. Cakau Says:

    Wini keitou sa lasa e na bogi. With your post you could have joined in quiet easily. Adi Kaila is so funny.

    Isa you know that is the problem with keda na Kai Viti – me rawa ga na shine with the gold chains and the black pearls.

    The other question is that Mitimiti bird that follows the Mara girls around everywhere. Where does she fit in? Please don’t tell she is an Adi that went overseas on a scholarship because of her chiefly title. Please not another one because I know for sure she works in one of the hotels.

  52. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve forgotten what you just said !

  53. Cakau Says:

    I am the President of Fiji – I’ve just forgotten what that man told me to do. What is his name again? Gori o Voreqe, na nomu Prime Minister Sir.

  54. Colin Bishop Says:

    Excelent Editorial on the subject

  55. Cakau Says:

    Thank you Colin Bishop it makes a lot of sense to people like us? But let us pretend to be Frank the Crank.

    He would say: that person do not know what he is talking about. What does he know? I am the PM of Fiji and whatever I say goes. Those Fijian Indians living in NZ will want to come here sometime and they know what will happen to them if they don’t listen to me.

    I don’t like that woman Helen Clark because she tried to tell me what to do. When she goes I will be allowed into NZ to visit my family because I am the PM of Fiji.

    They say the President does not know what he is doing. Silly fools that is the reason we keep him as the President. The only thing the President needs to know is I am the PM of Fiji and I am the boss. If he can’t sign the papers, get one artist to learn how to sign his signature. Just look after him so he lives as long as he can. Much easier for me if he is there, everyone will think everything is coming from him.

    Shit that Roko Tui Bau and his friend Leung what can I do so that they can stop going overseas and telling the people that everything is not the law in Fiji?

    Why don’t they just go and don’t come back. Can we offer them a job? Make sure we pay them big money. Give them everything they want – keep them happy!

    Meeting on Monday those people better not come saying no we want it like this because it is the law. Why are we having the meeting anyway when we all know I am not going to listen to them. Waste of time but Khayium says we have to have it, is it Khayium or Pramesh, not sure.

    Man! I wonder when will everybody believe in me and know that I want to move Fiji Forward and Qarase is not the man. It is me Frank Bainimarama.

  56. newsfiji Says:

    Cakau, sa vo saraga qo vakalailai me tukuna o Frank na ka a tukuna o Jisu…”I am the bread of life”…Frank is so full of himself that he’s probably got it in his head…give him a bit more time and he’ll come out to say that God told him to take over the elected government…

  57. newsfiji Says:

    Wini: Sa qai matata dina ga mai na mata ni meke…those were the words of Qarase immediately after the coup.

    Well, the upside to the military coup is that all the people or wanna be leaders with no real principles will be shown out in broad daylight for all of Fiji to see.

    Come elections – the people will speak.

  58. georgina Says:

    this site should have an instant reply button, so you can reply in direct
    to certain comments lol

    @ Cakau… are you talking about Mitimiti Dreunimisisi??
    If so….actually, i don’t think she was on scholarship, but she did do
    some schooling in Aus…but she did years @ good old ACS

    ….her father was Ratu Viliame Dreunimisisi… of Ratu Epeli, Ratu Cokanauto etc…..and shes a very hardworker actually

    @ Wini……LMAO at your statement…..but Jerry W’s wife, is actually quite
    humble and sweet…you make her sound like Ana Sweetman or something
    ….their younger daughter is a whole other issue though…..she needs to lay of the vodka

  59. talanoa Says:

    cakau get a life, you seem interested in other ppls lives – laurai ga vei iko na no life.

  60. Tuma Says:

    Maybe Bainimarama would be better off advising his Ethnic Indian Friends in NZ how to oust Helen Clark with a Coup as well as how to get away with it legally by getting your own puppet judges to deliberate on all cases against their regime. Then Sami and his NCBBF team could move to NZ when they’re done reaping of the people of Fiji and form the NCBBNZ. Wouldn’t that be something.

  61. Wini Says:

    @georgina You mean to say she is “quite sweet”? Noqu lewa, o tu voli mai vei e na vica na yabaki sa oti yani? About 20 years ago (where were you then ?) she went on Radio Fiji one Sunday on a ‘Tukuni Yalo’ programme to confess that she was all up to all sorts of mischief when her husband was overseas in the Middle East! Rabuka himself used to use the words “been there” when referring to her. Memu suka oqori! Too many two-faced people in Fiji now!

  62. Truth Sayer Says:

    Correction on Deve Toganivalu newly appointed CEO of FDB. He is not Ganiviti Tora’s brother. He is the son of Emosi Pita Toganivalu married to Selai the daughter of Tomasi and Wainiqolo Vakatora. He is not from the same line as the four Toganivalu brothers who served Fiji from the 60’s through to the 90’s. Emosi Pita was their cousin. Period.

  63. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Keep blogging whether they like what they see or not is not our concern.
    To be fair and balanced there are also commoners who are big time ‘yes sir, I’ll kiss the ground you tread among other anatomical parts of your body sir if only you will promote me to that High Post I have been vying for. WHO YOU ASK? Joe Tuamoto and Suliasi Lutubula. The point is commoners do the same things. They tabetabe for scholarships and step on many others to hoist themselves to the top.

  64. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Tuamoto is an old scholar of RKS while Lutubula is an old scholar of QVS. Somewhere above I thought I read Joe is as well and old boy of QVS. And granted they may be hardworking people (so who isn’t) that we do not dispute but to say that they can not sell their souls to the devil in order to get up there is maybe something we want to look over. Especially shocking is their acceptance of these posts after 2 years of military havoc. They claim moving the country forward by accepting posts now>>?????? Hard to believe at this late stage of the game.

  65. talanoa Says:

    Sejiseji laurai ga vei kemudou na MQQ qo na yalo ca – you sit on your pc all freaken day and gossip – Yes !!!! get a freaken life you bloody bunch of MQQ no life !!!

  66. newsfiji Says:

    Talanoa, Na Sigatabu nikua… o cei drau veivala???If you don’t like what you read here than i suggest that you don’t waste any of your precious time here. Leave us be. We enjoy this so what’s your problem??Wailei..

  67. newsfiji Says:

    I think i hit a cord with the comment on the President’s position not to be limited to Chiefs only…

    Don’t you think it’s only fair?? Okay, let’s put it this way, the criteria to even be considered for President should be as follows:

    1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field
    2. Have worked at a Management position in either the public or private sector for no less than a 5 year period without any breaks in between. This will prove capability of commitment.
    3. Commands the respect of his people either the Yasana, Tikina or Yavusa if he/she is head of a Yasana/Tikina or Yavusa (this should be put to the test by way of vote from his/her people)
    4. The nominee must have a net proven worth of not less than FJ$1million in assets. This can prove beyond doubt that he is capable of feeding/housing him/herself without the President’s position. Therefore we can rule out candidates trying to remain in Office after their USE BY DATE (a fine example is the current holder who coughs and farts his way through speeche’s) – WHAT A JOKE!


    However, we should face reality…i doubt any chief in Fiji will be eligible except ofcourse for Ratu Joni Maidraiwiwi, Ro Teimumu Kepa (??) and maybe another 1 or 2. Otherwise, it’s commoners all the way! Yippee.

    Thanks to Frank, Fiji is headed for a revolution!

  68. georgina Says:

    @ Wini

    actually i was watching cartoons, when Mrs Waqanisau made that public
    confession……i suppose people change, and i think she has done that

  69. talanoa Says:

    newfiji …you gossip about ppl in this blog and then on the other hand say its sunday today. You hypocrite. Sa levu ga na nomu via vosa vakavuku.

  70. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    @newsfiji I just laugh out loud at Frank’s “I am the bread of life” dolo sara ga na dredre. Thanks MM for that entry from Graham Leung. I hadn’t thought of the long and short term memory imbalance. Since the guy can not carry out conversations pertaining to Fiji’s problems since 05.12.06 …. gives us a peek into the calibre of dialogue inside that Nasese House? And this is what the tax payers are paying for — happenings of 50 years ago when the guy was inside his primary school’s classrooms doing his roll call every 8am.. that’s their routine @ Fiji’s White House. Pathetic.

  71. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    OMG for real @georgina?
    More on that please if you can please.

  72. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    @georgina I am of course referring to Mrs Waqanisau’s confession. What did she say? OMG this is unbelievable. So it is true then?

  73. newsfiji Says:

    Welcome Talei… vo sara tikoga vakalailai qo for Voreqe to come out and say it openly “I am the Bread of Life”…sa sivia na viavia Kalou tiko vei Ra BOCI…tamata tamani BLOCKHEAD VAVAKU…

    Talanoa: What mada is up with you?? If we gossip or whatever, SO BLOODY WHAT?? WHAT YOU GONNA DO..ARREST US??????

    Whatever i say or anyone says in here is their own prerogative…au sega ni kila sa cava e milamila tiko mada vei iko????????

    Why don’t you respond to my President’s nominee criteria if you still opt to come around and read what we’re saying instead of just criticising????

  74. georgina Says:

    @ Talei……yeah probably lol

  75. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Io dina mada newsfiji. ra viavia Kalou tu i vei Ra tamata dau laba dau basulawa duadua o ira i Viti raraba.

    @georgina it is good to know that it is only a fabrication. I know the family and will be heartbreaking if they too have joined forces with the evil doers for the sake of the almighty $$ Fiji at this time, more than at any other time in her short democratic life needs all upstanding highly principled leaders to band together and push for correctness and the rule of law. Jerry is someone people looked to for what is right and help push back those who have erred; to think that he has joined ranks with the gun wielding lot is a big blow to democracy and a big win to material gain at all costs.

  76. Peace Pipe Says:

    While on the subject of New Zealand Indians what about the guy who got appointed as CEO of the SCGC. He is another New Zealanders who has managed to land a top job in Fiji in spite of some breaches in the selection process. One of the criteria for applying for the job is that the applicant must be a Fiji Citizen and in this case the one appointed was not. He is NZ resident.

    I am wondering whats with these New Zealand Indians all streaming back to Fiji to take up top jobs. Is there no job back in NZ? Is there a kind of deal with the Indian clique in NZ that notably include the likes of Sami, Narayan, FDB chairman and this SCGC CEO. There is apparently a good number of Indians in NZ who support the ig thanks to the lies propagated by some outspoken people like Ranjit Singh and the perception of it being an Indian coup. But then their numbers are insignificant in the context of the voting numbers to have any effect on the outcome of the election.

  77. Truth Says:

    Went through the threads; funny how we are now taking apart the Waqanisau’s and conveniently leaving out Suliasi Lutubula and Josefa Tuamoto. Who are these two people Some kind of angles? Benefiting from the evil corrupt illegal government as we write but we have to leave them alone but moveondotorg to the Waqanisau’s for some juicy gossip. Do so about the Lutubula character// what I gathered from those who worked under him is he is a lazy arse sit back va relax and take all the credit after riding the backs of his staff. Looking for opportunities always to hoist himself into recognition. Like Rbuka, loves the limelight, This guy would have been a coup executor if he was in the Army. Not JW but SL oh yes I do not doubt it for one minute. Taleitaka na show off o mudrau. just like Rabuka.

  78. Colin Bishop Says:

    NZ has a labor shortage in almost all catogories so anyone who is applying for these positions is either a “failure in NZ” or has an excellent other reason for applying. Remuneration packages may be larger than disclosed or something else has been promised.

  79. Truth Says:

    Strange man. He expelled NZ High Commissioner. This call from Bai is not only absurd but will backfire.

  80. georgina Says:

    …just another one of my random useless thoughts

    ..sorry! lol

    How much does President get paid??…….because he was one of the first
    to get an H3 right?…..does he still have it?

    ..what a bloody waste of $$$$

  81. newsfiji Says:

    Talanoa…am rolling around in laughter at your comments…you are seriously irritated by us and our ramblings on…that’s why you keep coming around…

    If you think we’re insignificant and “kaisi” then we respect your thoughts…but that is what YOU think…like we CARE… least we don’t get invited to a SOLI and open it with a $50 note..vakaraitaki ga ni lala ni taga..

    We really struck a cord there with the chiefs etc..why aren’t you commenting on my criteria for a Presidential nominee…

  82. newsfiji Says:

    Georgina…i don’t think that H3 was ever bought..coz he still is driven around in a Toyota Landcruiser…

  83. newsfiji Says:

    Oi…Talanoa…ke sega gona na kaisi sega na turaga…

    Na turaga e kilai ga ke tiko nona tamata…

    I’m guessing you consider yourself some kind of Fijian royalty…kaciva mada e dua na bose ni vanua….that’s the real proof whether you’re a Turaga…or a CHIUWAWA…ba…ha..ha..

  84. Adi Kaila Says:

    *Hey newsfiji good on you – keep it up – looks like talanoa has a communication issue – like a huge kutusebe stuck up it’s arse.

    Vinaka Kuts – keep letting those critters loose to seek and destroy.

    Couldn’t believe the inconsistency of talanoas posts – admonishing bloggers for divulging info to each other because it was Siga Tabu yet starts calling people names. That’s the big kaisa for you. And talanoa ‘MQQ yourself’ – whatever that means in the dark slimy pond world you were raised. What does it matter which confederacy any of us are from talanoa, we all have a point of view & we are here to express it.

    **Vinaka Truthsayer – what a relief – I’m glad that Deve Toganivalu isn’t the one I mentioned – thanks for clarifying that. There are so many people who butako yaca it can get a bit confusing. Vinaka.

    ***Wini – so waqanisaus wife is one of the ‘Heinz 57 Variety’ LOL.

    With the issue of President of Fiji – I’d prefer for this seat to be abolished. I’ve always said it was a useless entity – why pay someone to live in luxury and dress up in michael jacksons cast offs like voreqe. After this doddery old fool shakin’ mirror my belief has been justified.There seems to be an awful lot of bad luck associated with the position of President of Fiji – don’t you think?


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