More on expatriates milking our vulnerable situation!!!

Apparently Mr. Pryde went just a few wks ago to HK for an all-important meeting on family law. AG’s and Ministers for Justice’s were invited. He represented Fiji and took a legal ofisa at AG’s office to accompany him (because she had just presented a paper on division of matrimonial property the week before). Anywho … o vunituraga lai wawavoki tu and poor the legal ofisa had to basically do everything – wrote the speech and delivered it herself; chaired a session which was supposed to have been chaired by him; sat in at all the sessions and then returned with him after that. O vunituraga a wawavoki tu ga. She later found out that he had been conducting interviews for positions that had been advertised overseas (vacancies at the AG’s chambers in Fiji). Now the annoying part is this – a month prior to going to this HK trip with legal ofiicer, SG had gone to HK to do the interviews. If he was doing the interviews then (a month later) qai wacava na wavoki a lai cakava tu for 2 wks when he had been in HK a month earlier?And then just a few weeks ago as well, he was in a drunken stupor at Birdland and shouting that he is the Solicitor General of Fiji!

And apparently, there’s more. The recently appointed Supervisor of Elections has been doing the same thing, going on disappearing acts for weeks on end. They say she hasn’t a clue what she’s supposed to do and all of a sudden her mother’s sick and she leaves and returns after 2-3 wks and they only know she’s returned when she asks for someone to pick her up at the airport. So even before we go talking about the elections in March … me laurai mada o Supervisor if she knows what she’s doing.

As the heading goes..Only in Fiji…BUT very sad qst would be..why isn’t this highligted in the media?

Maybe the media should do a reflection on the illegal IG’s appointments esp. the ones frm o/seas who are taking advantage of our vulnerable situation. They come and make their $ and off they go again to whence they came from..annoying indeed!!!


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  1. stillsmallvoice Says:

    your argument is with your own government… they made the appointments, they (you) presumably fund these trips to HK.

    to let your focus drift to the ‘expatriates’ you seem to love to hate ad nauseam is to lose sight of your homegrown issues and their place in creating this situation. pryde and co are blow-ins, they’ll blow out in due course.

    kia kaha

  2. newsfiji Says:

    kua ga ni laurai vaca i Birdland…

    And to this dickhead above…Piss Off…Pryde accepted an appointment by a usurping regime and uses my hardearned taxpayer $$ to bloody trot around whilst in Hong Kong..

  3. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry its off topic but feel it needs to be read. It doesn’t matter how long it takes but we must stand together always and see this through.

    @LUVfiji – I was perplexed when I read that you had agreed with Budhau.

    Under any circumstances we must not agree with Budhau. It has been mentioned time and time again that Budhau visits the blog because he is on a mission. He blows in like a hurricane to stir, discover and realize worthwhile information for the Regime. At times he may seem he is saying the right thing but that is only for their benefit.

    He has nothing to contribute but to get the bloggers talking about their needs and wants, takes it back to the Regime to implement it for the public. In other words what we want is what the Regime wants for Fiji. He visits the site to suss us out! The problem here is not for us but for them because everything they do is illegal. Observe when certain things happen, Budhau will take it lightly or ignore it. eg the High Court Judgement, here he tells you that SDL should just accept it so should you. He and LUVfiji know very well that we do not favour any party, all we are fighting for is Vilisi’s Banner, “Democracy Justice For All. We support the Qarase’s SDL because he was the Democratic Parliamentary elected Govt by the people for the people. He has every right to be there and should be there.

    Fiji Lawyer Graham Leung’s discussion overseas is a big win for our fight but Budhau completely ignores it only to say that perhaps Qarase should have hired Mr Leung as his lawyer in his case against Bainimarama. People with the calibre of Mr Leung with status in Fiji and overseas is a big thorn in their side.

    Sustainability is the buzzword at the moment!

    I should hope Solivakasama’s aim is a sustainable development to meet the needs of the people without compromising the ability of Fiji’s future generations to meet their own needs.

    On the other hand sustainability to the Regime is to enhance their needs while holding on to the constitution and at the same time drafting a charter so that it legalises their needs and wants for not only the present but for their future.

    We are the winners here not Budhau or the Regime. The Regime it seems came into power with no plans for the nation and are trying this, trying that and insisting that everything their do or say is right. It may be right but it is not legal and never will be legal unless their work within the Constitution. “We all know what happens to them if they do that.”

  4. Ablaze Says:

    I have just that they want to change the flag. It must not happen, for if it does it will give them a good stronghold.

    The people that are only interested in making a better life for themselves will straight away think – Hummmmmmmm this gang have a lot of power now so they must be OK. Much easier for us to go along with no.

    Please I beg you this is not true, changing the flag will cost a lot of money and the country doesn’t have the money to be changing the flag.

    Please bloggers we must harp on about this, tell the people not to hand power over to these lunatics.

    For them to change the flag is like handing over power on a silver platter.

    Fight! Fight! Please.

  5. Ablaze Says:

    Apologises again – Flag To Change.

    These are the issues that concerns the nation – we must fight not to allow it to happen.

    It is like handing these lunatics power on a silver platter.

    Fiji flag, anthem to change
    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    THE National Council for Building a Better Fiji is contemplating changing the country’s national anthem and flag.

    NCBBF member Desmond Whiteside said there was a proposal to feature the three main languages – English, Indian and Fijian – in the national anthem and a local theme on the flag, which he says currently reflects more of British rule.

    Mr Whiteside said there was a lack of initiative during Independence and that was why there was no change to the anthem and the flag design.

    While taking to the streets of Suva to distribute copies of the draft People’s Charter yesterday, Mr Whiteside said members of the provincial councils in the NCBBF supported the move for “Fijian” to be the common name for all.

    While addressing staff members of Carpenters, Mr Whiteside said the NCBBF had not forced anything on the people.

    “We accept queries and suggestions from you and it can be filled and returned in the forms distributed to individuals,” he said.

    Mr Whiteside said the suggestions from the people would be in the final charter document.

    On the question of the need for identity in the forms, Mr Whiteside brushed aside the idea that it could be used against those who opposed the initiative.

    “It does not mean that the police or the army will come after you if you do not support the charter,” he assured the staff of Carpenters.

    Mr Whiteside said the support from people on the streets was encouraging.

    He said NCBBF members were visiting homes and offices to ensure people were aware of the charter.

    “We have adopted the mode of outreaching door-to-door in homes and corporate doors to clear the air on the negative comments,” he said.

    The team on the streets will continue its program today and tomorrow while all the awareness campaign in schools will stop next week.

    This should allow students to concentrate on their external exams.

    Interim Education Minister Filipe Bole says the consultation process will resume after November 24 at the completion of all external examinations.

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Ablaze: i read that too about changing the flag and the national anthem…that’s absolutely pathetic..that’s for an elected government to do. Not a bloody usurping power!

  7. Cakau Says:

    @Can’t See Trees From Forest – your name is suss to me!

    Be weary of bloggers that come in here with one liners! In most cases it has a double meaning.

  8. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @ true…we have to keep in mind that no matter what they try to do for the betterment of our country..the moral road should be our guiding light on this one!

    Vore, his supporters and the benefactors of this coup eg Gates, Pryde et al…are not our leaders or providers or protectors! They are COWARDS!!!!!

    So, we should always hit them hard with whatever we can and never loose sight of our mission to regain back our right and our democracy!

  9. Ablaze Says:

    @ EnufDictatorship your last paragraph is what we must keep doing. They may have the guns and everything they choose to control but they will never take our right to fight for our democracy.

  10. Ablaze Says:

    Oh yea EnufDictatorship I wonder why Budhau has avoided my comments?

    He commented everywhere else but mine.

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @Ablaze…guess dah Budha is one of those cowards!!!….writes like one, smells like one, so is obviously one…LOL!

    Keep blogging ragone! the catch-phrase goes.

  12. Cakau Says:

    Can’t See Trees From Forest you are one of those cowards!!!! write like one, smell like one and stinks like one.

    Go back into mongoose your hole in the Forest.

    Abalazy has a great butt! Luv it!

  13. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Cakau! Yes I do have a great butt even if I say so myself.

    My butt is one of my assets – very well protected not like the butts of those cowards that serve Bainipuaka and his his luveni puakas.

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze – hey buddy, remember a couple of days ago? – don’t ever let anyone mess with your groove.

    VN and KB send (big hint) mahalo nui loa, so hit em up real soon.

  15. Ablaze Says:

    Read you comments again Can’t See Trees From Forest it describes to me that you have treacle lips that oozes diarrhoea and you have no control over it. You must be walking around stinking to high heaven.

    It is OK you have your place on this planet, you can remain in the forest fertilizing the trees.

    Good night, stinking pooh!

  16. Cakau Says:

    @ Can’t See Trees From Forest or can’t tell your face from your arse! My oh my, like your madman leader we are posing threats to another human being because we didn’t win the contest.

    Meet me in Wakaya Lomaiviti where the super rich live but don’t be surprise if their don’t allow the looks of you in. This piece of Paradise does not belong to your lover boy Bainipuaka.

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    Milo Kerrigan, Fiji’s candidate for the Presidency .

  18. Cakau Says:

    Ablaze was right – sa treacle lips ga! Read your comments again, it doesn’t make any sense.

    Nightie! Nightie! go tuck yourself under the roots of a mango tree sucking on a coconut.

  19. Abalazy the pooh Says:

    Ablaze I think you are right I am sorry and everybodyelse that I have offended.I hope Bainimarama hang himself.

  20. Say True! Says:

    @Abalazy the pooh.
    That flag is significant to many of us. A once proud nation with hope for the future and respect for the past. The noble banner blue. If you love this country, if you have served, played, fought, died, was born under this symbol, you will understand its significance. If you fail to reconize this, you have lost your roots which is a very sad thing. For Fiji ever Fiji.

  21. Say True! Says:

    So Abalazy – do you have a solution?

  22. Abalazy the pooh Says:

    Think so… DO YOU?

  23. Jone Says:

    Dear SV

    This poster Ablazy the poo needs to go.

    Please delete his posts


  24. Budhau Says:

    I agree with Jone – we should ban this poster Ablazy delete all her posts, or better still threaten her in here so that she just leaves.

    We should censor all such messages – that are contrary to our anti-coup philosophy. After all we are the largest anti-coup organization in the world.

    One thing though – we gotta do this discretely, otherwise we might start looking like those goons – remember how they tried to track down bloggers when this whole thing started a while back.

    There are lot of independent folks who check this site to get an second, unbiased opinion of what is happening in Fiji – we better make sure they read only what they are supposed to read in here.

    So please delete all post that the majority of us do not approve – and better still, just ban some of these buggers in here – or get NP to check on their email – that is required when they post – and see if you can make something out of that to threaten these lowlife posters.

  25. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Interesting indeed SV.

    Not too long ago we noted Colin Bishop speaking from his lofty seat about the way this blog have deteriorated or something to the effect of a less than attractive quality. Now this Ablazy the poo is taking on and promoting what Colin seemed to have been very passionate about us dropping. What boggles the mind is — if these people claim old time bloggers aren’t friendly and to have gone so far as pointing accusatory fingers of racism. I most certainly do not see them promoting the angle they would like us adopt? Respect begets respect.

    Furthermore, I was under the impression that new posters’ comments are left for your viewing before published. How did this Ablazy the poo made it to the board in record time? I say this because Talei Tabusoro who posted on Watchdog Snoozes early this week have not made it to that thread yet. Hers were valuable contributions for which she awaits moderation. Since Talei did not make it; I am asking if you would please be so kind and remove Ablazy the poo.

    Kind regards and thank you for the work.

  26. Colin Bishop Says:

    My apologies if I offended anyboby but it was bought to my attention by an overseas newspaper reporter that they had been using SV as one of their ways of getting a grip on what was happening in Fiji. He also commented that the site had “deteriorated”. This is one of two papers that I know access this site.
    My ‘lofty seat’ is probably a result of my old age and i agree probably some form of “Colonial Racism’ built into my DNA. It is dificult for a white NZ male who has lived in fiji for a few years and visited Fiji every year for a holiday to truely understand the complexities of what is happening. However to promote the fight be aware of how the site is viewed.

  27. Jone Says:


    1) Cut and Paste your favourite newspaper article will ya? Anyone can come here and state discoveries you want us to believe. Mark Manning have fed us so many such discoveries. If it matters to you that we take on your discovery then by all means give the original. We shall decide after viewing.

    2) Duly noted is your failure to admonish thelazypooh on her strings of below the belt undertakings. Weren’t that the gist of your complaint? Or are you now selective because it suits your agenda.

    3) And yes SV how is it that some posters make it to the board immediately? I remember having waited days .. in fact I had to email to remind you I was still under moderation.

  28. Jone Says:

    The Charter have been given the United Nations Floor. There is nothing new on the agenda or on Bainimarama agenda’s. Newspapers are sourcing this site for the views of the public who are on opposing ends. If indeed they are coming here, believe you me they are doing it to get your version. They are interested in what we, the people, have to say. Fiji Times, Fijilive have all been censored and note how widely reported are Bainimarama and his cronies’ shenanigans. Our forum is here. And it is our voice those newspapers are sourcing. When they come here, they get the real deal. What people like yourselves want is to thwart our side when already there are few to none available to us. I do not always agree with IB, Ablaze, LUVfiji, NP and many more on my side of the fence but I will not and have never resorted to under the belt blows. In fact I ignore them and post what I wish posted anyway without the low down name calling
    known to be the trademark of the Bainimananamatanana and cronies.
    I reiterate SV, you kept me hanging until you viewed by posts before they went up. This guy poointheloo went up immediately So what’s up?

  29. Abalazy the pooh Says:

    @ Jone – vinaka

  30. natewaprince Says:

    Looks like the faggots at the Intel unit got themselves some new PCs,or maybe they recruited some people with more than 2 brain cells.

    Or maybe they combined their few brain cells to string afew sentences together,hahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jone Says:

    Not trying to admonish bloggers

    Trying to understand why some of us were not allowed entry immediately while the likes of you come in right away.
    And who is paying the too lazytopoointheloo to put up the fight for the other side.

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    Well , we can all breath a sigh of relief now as Chaudhry has amended his claim against the Fiji times .

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    Women are the backbone of any society and I think the women in Fiji , should start their own Political Party , it should consist of men supporting women’s issues and also include Indian Fijians etc.
    All like minded people , should start up another Party to contest the next elections .

  34. Striker Says:

    @MM: Check that; here in Fiji, political parties are not for contesting the next election. They are means of having dialogue with and in terms of the large numbers of those now registered but without any support from the people, of legitimising the dictatorship.

  35. Truth Says:

    wailei! ko lazytopoointheloo ha! rolling on the floor You people have a way with words. Calm down guys. It is intriguing to know how someone would just get on this board with a breeze … AND SO IT SEEMS. So hope this will help out. Toolazytopoointheloo oh lordi lordi lordi lol! anyway as i was saying ko kea not too intelligent to take herself to the loo hahahahhh! okay okay seriously now

    No fault of SV team. He simply took on a new name Using the same email address
    That allowed the lazyaresecannottakethebootytotheloo hihihi 🙂 to get on board. SV can not control that. Right SV?

    Okay blog on ragone~ and don’t forget to taketheyo knowwhatotheloo yippee hip hooraY 🙂

  36. Truth Says:

    hey Mark! thanks FOR THE LIVELY inceptions. thoroughly enjoy.

  37. IslandBoy Says:

    @Colin Bishop & Kata Balawanilotu – Under one of the old posts about the Gates judgement with the kangaroo court picture I was very vitriolic in my response to Colin re: being censored.

    Colin, in turn, please accept my apologies for my language and tone under that thread.

    I think this subject is important because it determines the colour and nature of discussion here on SV.

    But I must say Tau Kata that I think you are correct. I can’t claim to be a veteran SV poster but I think that most of the people I responded to were and are genuinely concerned about the state of affairs in our country and are here to share information and points of view.

    Once in a while we get a stray ning-nong but like all spoiled children, when ignored they quickly fade away.

    SV – we really need emergency installation of an IQ and mental maturity filter.

    Colin, in closing I would just like to say that I have problems reconciling a point of view that elevates one person or a set of people over another and with being talked down to as an islander.

    It was not personal, like you my less attractive traits are probably hard wired into my own DNA.

  38. IslandBoy Says:

    On the flip side of freeloaders milking the depleted coffers, there is a very disturbing trend emerging in the proposed 10% roll back of government expenditurein terms of ciivil service staffing.

    LUVfiji and I were trading tips on PSC in-house fighting amongst old school rivals, but its worse than that.

    You all remeber the very capable and intelligent lady by the name of Litia Mawi who was Permamnent Secretary of Urban Development and took on the little Chaudhary mongrel Vayeshnoi.

    Well even after Mahen and Lekh Ram got the boot, the mullet haired Chairman of the PSC Rishi Ram and his Nazi hand maiden Taina Tagicakibau (otherwise known by the ACSOG as Tina Tee or T squared) demoted Litia Mawi from PS level to Director. That is from US 01 level to US 04 in the civil service cadre ranking.

    What is really really bad is tha she now heads what was once known as the Poverty Alleviation Unit.

    However because they are not implementing any alleviation programmes they have cut the staff down to nothing and shifted Litia there while sending Kiti Makasiale (another taented lady) on leave. Never mind what happens to Kiti when she returns from leave.

    The unit is do depleted in manpower and monetary resources that it is no longer called the Povert Aalleviation unit. Its called Poverty Monitoring, because they just largely report on the conditions and do nothing about it.

    To make matters worse, yet another capabale and intelligent lady (Mark – any potential candidates here for your proposed party?) Beth Rokotunidau Director of Social Welfare has also lost a huge chunk of her staff, who directly service the poor and disbaled with their meagre monthly checks.

    My one ray of hope in all this is that all three ladies, Litia, Kiti and Beth are fighters and will not take any crap from Rishi and Taina. Litia went on national TV and said in no uncertain terms that her line Minister, Vicky Vayeshnoi, was a crook. Tia if you ever read this, you are my hero!

    I just love me some island girls telling it like it is.

    A word to Tina Titi and Mullet Rishi – if you were trying to make the poor of this country even poorer and beat down the oppressed you put thw wroong people in place. You will rue the day you decided to mess with those ladies.

    Why don’t you roll back 100% of Pryde, heiffer Heffernan and the FIRCA freeloaders and leave the hardworking local ladies alone.

  39. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry for the digression folks, but I think this is important. BTW RFN is also posting two mildly interesting articles about Sereana Qoro and Chaudhary. The post about Mahen really makes me wonder if anyone, much less Qarase, gives a rat’s arse whether Mahen is angry or pleased


    Gates ready to finish off the real CJ
    October 23, 2008
    The CJ pretender, Anthony Gates and his associates are now geared up to finish off the real CJ, Mr Fatiaki. Sources from Suva’s court house say that Gates and Co. are pushing to drag Fiji’s Chief Justice to court in the next few weeks in their contrived tactic to quickly legitimise and seal their military coup initiated judicial appointments.

    This next move by Gates and Co. is a pre-planned one following their unpopular High Court ruling that legalised the 2006 coup. It is only logical that Gates now do all he can to elevate him to the CJ position before his thwarted ruling finds passage to the Appeals Court enroute to the Supreme Court.

    And those close to CJ Fatiaki say that he is not saying much at this stage but is very ready to take Gates and Co. head-on when his case is called.

    Posted by rawfijinews

  40. Mark Manning Says:

    the day of reckoning will be upon Frank and Co. soon but let’s prepare now for a legitimate election .
    I’ve withdrawn myself from the Presidency so a Fijian can stand in my stead .
    Your welcome Truth .

  41. newsfiji Says:

    Mark Manning: Speaking of Presidency, i shall push for the Post to be open to commoners as well of any race. I’m full Fijian but i feel that the President’s position should not be limited to Fijian chiefs only. Judging from the way they have handled this latest coup – they can’t do shit for us commoners.

    I believe their place is rightly in the village. Apologies to those of you who will disagree.

  42. Adi Kaila Says:

    How true is that newsFiji? I absolutely agree with you.

    This ig has highlighted the fact that nepotism, lack of transparency and unprecedented corruption has been rife since 5.12.06.

    I feel this is the universes way of exposing the weak amongst us. Exposing their true nature and talent for misdeeds and waking us to the fact that we cannot possibly allow them or their families to ever attain positions of high office in Fiji or anywhere else.

    OK – some may argue that ‘families’ should not be included, but from what has arisen since 5.12.06 it is clear as Fiji Water that it’s the offsprings of the previous coup instigators and beneficiaries that are imposing their illegal agenda. They want the full bells and whistles postions of High Office and the income and lifestyle without having to work for it.

    Yeah right! Ratus may have had the quiet ‘loyalty’ of our grandparents who did not have any real way of expressing their discontent except via the polling booths.

    Sa veisau na gauna ragone! Times have changed considerably! Our grandparents ensured our parents were better educated than they were and that we would be too. They worked quietly and harder than ever and stamped these ethics into our conscience because they did not want any of us to be under the constant beck and call of their chiefs and the idiots who do their dirty work forever expecting us to fund their lifestyles. They ensured we could become independant of the village culture because their dreams for Fiji and it’s citizens to be free of being shackled – read colonialism – most of the best educated Fijians, Indians, Chinese or Rotumans could not reach their full potential because they stepped aside (read – Macu Saloto and Semesa Sikivou for starters) or were overlooked for some Ratu who was seen – through kinship to be ‘more suitable’ than the better educated commoner.

    Hey – and guess what? It happens everytime a commoner wins the legal elections – 4 coups have proved this.

    The saddest part of all is they takeover these positions of the Highest Office in the land and then use it like it’s their own fiefdom – to educate their academically challenged children overseas (vakamadua na fail vakaitamera i Viti – so to fail overseas is nought to worry about – blame the educational system there – typical). The positions of high office are there to serve the people and to elevate the overall standards of living which in turn elevates every other aspect of life. If this had been done from when Fiji became independent in 1970 this Nation would be buzzing today.

    It’s too bad that those who worked and gained leadership through merit and integrity are being shoved aside for the dishonest and ineffectual. The proof is in the pudding – the purini is much too stale and the fall out is obvious to anyone who stops to take a look around Suva.

    First step is get that old purini out of the big house on Victoria Parade.

    Bring it on Ragone – Reveal All!

  43. Striker Says:

    MM: I too am thinking of standing for the Presidency. But it will be a while yet, I don’t want to be infected with Parkinson’s, much less authorise a coup against these IG imbeciles!

  44. Adi Kaila Says:

    Whoops – digressed completely from the heading of this post.

    Every shyster with a smart story is really taking the ig for a lucrative ride – like all crooks who follow the path to illegal activities they’ve ceased on the illegal situation in Fiji and the gullibility of the bipolar pig and his opportunistic mindless cronies to really milk it. Talk about pulling the wool over the fools eyes, phew!

    They’re flying in to Nadi in droves and there will be more while the world economy slides down the scale faster than the bipolar pig can articulate a thought. They will spin a yarn to the ig, take their paisa and run – overseas where they came and where they cannot be prosecuted by the authorities in Fiji.

    the idiot foster was found out pretty fast only because he is a world known fraudster – but he did manage to make a complete fool of the ig.

    As the ig benevolently indulges the likes of the pommie poof gates, pryde, michael scott, kubbs (kubu), felicity heffernan, john samy etc – paying unbeleivable monies – for what? Paying them for making a fool of them – well good luck to them. At least they’re not making a fool of the Legal Prime Minister Laisenia Qarases and the SDL.

    Yes those expats are having a big laugh at the expense of the ig – to be expected of course. Living the life of luxury in Fiji – flying in and out of the country like millionaires which they have become – what a life eh?

    When the alcohol and ganga hits the spot and loosens more than the tongue their descriptions of voreqe and his cronies are too explicit & vulgar to be described here.

    Apparently they ‘detest those awful indians who want to be more British than the British – silly coons’ – yeah this is how khaiyum and the shameems etc were described – that was mild, believe me. You don’t want to know what was said about the maras & some others – oh my – it even made me angry.

    One was heard to say ‘oh don’t worry about the Fijians, they’re really wonderful people and will forgive us completely because we’re white’

    These people don’t realise that there are many people in their little circle here in Fiji and overseas who don’t agree with them and are happy to pass on the goss as long as their id is not revealed.

    See how this whole illegal bullshit has spun out of control. voreqe and his cronies think they have the upperhand – they are being used themselves.

    Implosion – Hope so!

  45. Jone Says:

    You shall be infected with Parkinson’s @Striker 🙂 just kidding. I have always maintained we are too small of a country to need a President. Will be interesting to see what Monday’s outcome might be. But anyway the Presidential posting is no longer needed. The Military must go with it; if we really want a progressive Fiji.

  46. Striker Says:

    Jone: Pity, then who’s to authorise coups? The High Court judges?

  47. Jone Says:

    Striker No military + No president = 0 coups

  48. Jone Says:

    Oh and bring back Hughes to head out Police Force (if he will have us that is)

  49. LUVfiji Says:

    Here is a bulago mai nakoro:

    Another ex-IMF Fiji connection appointed by the regime to head the Sugar Cane Growers Council. Holding NZ permanent residency , the man’s got to be desperate for a job! How much was this man offered in salary and perks?

    Is John Samy really in control of frank now? Hmmm.. be good to know.

  50. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – I agree with many of the points you make about our local leaders being first to milk government coffers before the expats make off with the what’s left.

    BTW – do you know who is replacing Rt. Finau for DC?

    It will be just in time, so watch the flow of relatives in the business class cabin of the FJ LAX service for the inauguration of the next American President.

    Do you think Frankie will get an invite and visa to sit with the rest of the world leaders?

  51. Bechu Says:

    Lets digress a bit. Do bloggers remeber Dr. Lesi Korovavala? He was the CEO for Home Affairs and the man that Frank loves to hate. A former Lt.Col. in the Fiji military and holds a Phd from UK. He is a no nonsense man and well respected within the military circle. He landed a top Regional job in the Solomon Is. after the coup and sneaked out of the country before Frank could implent a no travel ban on him. In fact he is still on the black list.
    Well this man has been appointed to a top U.N position in New York and has asuumed that responsibility some three weeks ago. We say good luck Colonel and appreciate your perseverence.

  52. Cakau Says:

    Wailei all the good people run away and we are left with the dumb ones that no other country will have.

    Please Ratu Joni and Graham Leung don’t run away from us. We know you can go where ever you want because of your expertise but you were born in Fiji and the country needs you.

  53. Isalei Says:

    @Cakau, dont call yourselves dumb that no one will have” c’mon have faith. Or did you mean the rotten apples? Aw, dont worry about them, there’s still hope, not all the good ones have left, and anyway, if they left in the first place, they are not really worth it. Fiji needs sacrifice now and the ones that remain behind are still making sense, starting with lawyers, GLeung, Rt Joni, Apted, Richard Naidu, Tupou D, and some others. You are still there,and so are the bloggers up there,with many strong women and youths. Chiefs where are you? Aw probably playing it safe, dont want to be roughened up so not worth it. They should already have met somewhere to come up wtih a solution on how to sack the old Pressie.

  54. wini Says:

    @ Bechu Korovavala was a fellow coup conspirator of Rabuka back in 1987. He was ADC to the GG, Ratu Penaia, at the time and helped Rambo plan and execute the coup againts Bavadra. Ratu Penaia came to know of Korovavala’s role and was privately heard to refer to his ADC as a “qa ni tavaya”…..the Hindi equivalent is ‘agi piche’. Anyhow, Rambo paid off Korovavala’s loyalty to him by sending him on a scholarship to UK for PhD studies. On his return Rambo put Korovavala and his wife in top positions in government. From what I gather and contrary to what you say, Korovavala is not trusted by soldiers. They see him as an opportunist who will drift with the tide. When Qarase was PM Korovala suckered up to him using his Lauan connexions to curry favour. Korovavala even wrote a paper to Qarase recommending that he (Korovavala) be conisdered for the Commaner RFMF’s post. Hows zat for self promotion? Thats why FB does not trust him…coz he (Korovavala) is a rabid Rabuka supporter, and is loyal to himself. He is no great loss to Fiji as you make it out to be. Someday, he too will have to account for his role in 1987 and for his contributions to the straied relationship between the RFMF and the Qarase government.

  55. Fiji Forward Says:

    Bechu get your facts right!!! Korovavala is still in the Solomons chewing on Bettle Nut!!!

  56. Isalei Says:

    Latest news tonite he’s landed himself a new contract with the UN on migration based in Canberra. Ya gona o ira na vaka mona. Warai ni o ira na vakasona ra vo tiko e na keba!

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