Fiji A-G warns on Leung comments

Top of the morning bloggers, well Ayarse just keeps making ludicrous statements that will come back to haunt him. Imagine the holier than thou attitude now that the Gates decision has vindicated the coup! The Supreme Court on the other hand is slashing several of Gate’s decision which is coming before them and another reported in FijiLive today is their reducing Li Jun’s 4 murder charges down to one and ruled that Gate’s had not dealt sufficiently on self-defense! As we asked yesterday in a previous post, is this a preview of what the Supreme Court will do to the laughable Gate’s decision or what??? Going back to the issue at hand, well Ayarse, one thing you should know that ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’, so if one is able to usurp an elected government and be vindicated by the court, then who are you to pre-judge others who may wish to follow suit, albeit through proper and legal channels? BTW, good on you Graham and Ratu Joni and Fiji owes you big time!! Blog tikoga ragone!

Fiji’s interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the onus is on every law-abiding citizen to abide by rulings made by the courts. He says comments against court decisions border on contempt of court.

Sayed-Khaiyum was reacting to comments made by former Fiji Law Society President Graham Leung against the High Court ruling on the case between deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and the President and interim Government.

He added that if people respected the rule of law then they would surely respect the decision by the court. In a scathing attack Leung, a prominent Suva lawyer, described the High Court decision to dismiss the Qarase case against the President as a cruel blow that led to a climate of fear and retribution.

Leung was speaking at a forum at the Australian National University. This meeting was chaired by the Australian Government’s Pacific Affairs Parliamentary Secretary Duncan Kerr. “I believe that this decision … has inflicted some serious blows, if not grievous to the fabric of the Constitution,” Leung told the Forum.

Leung has always been a vocal critic of the interim Government and was even placed on the banned travel list after the 2006 military coup.



38 Responses to “Fiji A-G warns on Leung comments”

  1. Talei Says:

    More power to you Graham Leung and Rt. Joni – FIJI is behind you.

    Khaiyum, the poor want to be expert on the law. He holds no water to the calibre of Leung and Rt. Joni. WISHFUL THINKING Khaiyum, you just get ready for Naboro.

  2. iceman Says:

    Arse kaiyum.. tumar gun sala kuta……. Too much talk and does not even knows what he is talking about just like his boss Voceke….

  3. Isalei Says:

    Very true @T. The Haryarze will never smell the likes of GL and RTB, just as shamimis will never come close to I.Jalal. Their international networks and international standing on matters of the law is far reaching. Go back to law school Kaium. Blessings to you Graham.

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Hahaha,the blerry arrogant iAG is soooooo frustrated.Just because the compromised judiciary ruled in favour of the illegal regime,he thinks we should all roll over and die.

    Welcome to the real world boci.Our neighbours still have sanctions in place and the pressure is still on for early elections.

    If you thought that Gates ruling would clear the way for your legitimacy,then think again because NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

  5. Striker Says:

    If I were this arse hole I’d be shivering. The ruling by Gates and his cohorts gives licence to those wishing to stage another coup – this time the pig and the pig’s arse will be the victims amongst others.

  6. freedomfighter Says:

    Don’t Come With Any Demands-Interim PM
    Publish date/time: 22/10/2008 [08:31]

    The Interim Prime Minister has come out and made it clear to all party leaders that they should not and cannot come with any demands to the meeting on Monday.

    In an exclusive interview with Fijivillage News, Commodore Frank Bainimarama said the leaders should understand the recent High Court ruling and also understand the interim government’s vision through the People’s Charter.

    Commodore Bainimarama also stressed that Former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase and the Nationalist Party’s, Iliesa Duvuloco should stop demanding for elections to be held in March 2009.

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    So brave speaking up behind the guns and a twisted judiciary this hairyarse scumbag. Graham and Rt Joni have more guts and brain than all ig put together. I feel very positive when the likes of these people make a stand including our dear friend Tui of Fiji. Of course we respect the law but that does not mean we cannot disagree with what we clearly see as a deliberate perversion of justice.

  8. freedomfighter Says:

    The interim A-G should go back to law school – for once the judgment is out, comment on it is permissable – ask him to read law journals on other cases

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Let’s tally up the score for injustice gates.

    1. The Supreme Court reduced Li Jun’s 4 murder charges down to one and ruled that Gates had not dealt sufficiently on self-defense!

    2. Help please. What was the case the other day where injustice gates was overruled by the Appeal / Supreme court?

    3. 12 months ago, a chief was released from prison and a retrial ordered after the Appeal Court found that injustice gates had told people at a cocktail party months before the trial, that he would put the accused away.

    4. Now we have the biased misjudgement by injustice gates and the other 2 stooges. The lawyers around the world are lining up with offers of advice to appeal this treasonous act.

    As for hairyarse, hasn’t it got through to him that only judges can claim contempt of court, not a wet behind the ears lawyer who has yet to win a case in court.

    hairyarse should be looking at injustice gates’ pathetic ‘judgements’ and should be conducting a review of his fitness to hold a judical office.

    It is obvious that he he is not fit to hold such a high office.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    BTW, it is interesting to note that nobody has been charged with sticking the bottle up gates’ exhaust pipe 2 weeks ago.

    Perhaps the perpetrators of this act were given immunity by the the 3 stooges in their misjudgment.

  11. Ablaze Says:

    What is their problem?

    If Mr Leung was lying why the wild uncontrollable hysteria?

    Ca ga dictatorial leadership, living and working in denial.

    Bunch of wankers!

  12. waisou Says:

    I like to compare Ai arse to a church steward…walking up and downthe aisles ready to pounce on anyone that will talk or open their eyes during prayers!

    Who does he think he is! To come and throw his weight around. We have brains as well and we know better then yourselves! Go get a hair cut and thread your eyebrows!

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    Merana Kitione and Anish Kumar @ Fiji TV – please settle this once and for all by having Leung and Khaiyum face-off on Close Up.

    SV can make book and take bets to raise funds for the Fiji Democracy Defence Fund.

    JJ Apted can be the Moderator. One single pre-condition is that whoever is a no show will be deemed to have lost the debate.

    My money is on Leung to wipe the floor with Khaiyum.

  14. EnufDictatorship Says:

    SO true IslandBoy….too much talk and blowing wind is what this illegal AG is all about.

    A good, intellectual debate in the public eye is what is needed for him to prove his worthy, which from history totals up to NOTHING!!!!!

    Like his leader Vore, two peas in a pod…have the guns, thus, the machismo-talk attitude. Drau yavu lamuso rua2..euuu “urinating” their behaviour!

  15. Budhau Says:

    I don’t our boy Colin is gonna like this – calling the IAG arse and hairyarse and all that because the guy’s name is Aiyaz – come on guys – since it was Qarase case, and his great legal minds locally who screwed up this case – maybe they should have talked to Leung before filing the case.

    So help me put the “arse” in Qarase.

  16. aaa Says:

    Bud, maqa i bum…….

  17. natewaprince Says:

    Stop whipping that horse Bud,we know that.But the court still ruled that the coup was legal in the end.

    As for Slack-Arse,an arse is an arse is an arse.You can put lipstick on it,but its still a slack and smelly arsehole.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Yes, NP the court has ruled – what next.
    This means FICAC – full speed ahead – which may translate into Qarase being charged with the stuff that they have been digging up on him.

    That International Court – appeal – that was real silly.

    So who looks like a real arse in here – having decided on that, don’t you think Qarase might look better working his Tavioka patch in Mavana or do you want him in a orange jumpsuit at Korovou. (and I won’t say anything about who will be putting lipstick on whom.)

  19. natewaprince Says:

    Bud,you’re such an idiot.If you pulled you’re head out of your ass for once,you’d get what we’re trying to say.

    Now that the ruling went the pigs way doesn’t mean they can do what they want.The iIG is only legal in their eyes.As far as the rest of the country and the international community is concerned,they are still a bunch of usurpers.

    The legal process is still on and the pig better not act on this ruling as a done deal.Do so at his own peril.

  20. Budhau Says:

    You see NP – the pig is a dictator – he can do whatever he wants – this court ruling just makes things more legitimate – at least in his eyes. for the rest of the country – the don’t give a crap about the courts decision – they have their own system of justice – and their justice was to let Qarase be treated the way he was – because Qarase screwed the people.

    As for the International community, here is a quote from today’s news,
    “The Australian High Commission stressed that it remains important for Fiji to return to a democratically elected government as quickly as possible.”

    …as quickly as possible – what happened to the 2009 stance.

    as for your legal process – you see, it does not matter to FB which way the court rules – if the court would have ruled the other way, he would have done another coup and abrogated the constitution. why don’t you folks get it – the court is not going to solve the problem of our country – so why don’t you idiots pull your heads out of your arses for once and see that the country has decided to move one, and sooner or later, the international folks will come on board. you also buy into the legal process take this matter to that international court. Go google two legal terms – “Jurisdiction” and “Standing” – that will tell you why Qarase does not have chance with the International court, and while you are there look up redress also.

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    And here we go again Bum (Gandooodhau) still stuck with envy on Qarase when we have moved on.

    Maybe because Qarase was the politician who outsmart and out manouvered his father in a legal way that Chodo finally had to resort to illegal moves to oust his nemesis.

    Hey Qarase maybe down but is not out. It’s not over till fate Jo Cabbage sings!!!

  22. Budhau Says:

    Duana – good that you have moved on – its about time.
    You see when they did a coup in 1987, chodo came back to become the PM – you wanna bet about Qarase.

    Chodo won his court case – unlike Qarase with his loser advisors – remember Chandrika Prasad, my nana.

    So you wanna comare the two – Chaudary was made PM the democratic way, Qarase was put in there by Bainimarama.

    Qarase is down, out, Khalas, finito.

  23. Dauvavana Says:

    gandoodhau you are off you rocks living in denial. no wonder fiji is so fucked up when you cannot remember who one the last two general elections

  24. Budhau Says:

    Duana, you idiot.
    The point was that after the 87 coup, Chaudary came back to become the PM – now after this coup, you think Qarase can be back – i think not, they will hang him out there to dry.

    He has two choices – go take care of his Tavioka patch in Mavana, or take care of the Tavioka patch in a orange jumpsuit in Korovou – the Mavana option would be ruled out real soon.

  25. Dauvavana Says:

    well only time will tyell gandooo, as they say it is not over till fat Jokapeci Koroi (your step mother) sings

  26. Budhau Says:

    No, no, Duana – as they say what goes around comes around – and the circle started in 1987 and we will be going round and round in this circle for several more generations, spiraling downwards.

  27. Wailei Says:

    @Dauvavana…lol I like your metaphor, so witty.

  28. Push Tailevu Says:

    Hello bloggers….I just wanna digress for a moment…
    Pliz lets all join to gether and vote for Miss Fiji for Miss South Pacific Pageant 2008….just vote on this link..http://www.misssouthpacific

    Vinaka…spread the message of hope for our beloved country

  29. George of Sydney Says:

    Budhau, Qarase was elected by the people and still command the confidence and respect of majority of the Fijians. Everyone knows that the ruling was biased and unjustified.
    If you compare the qualiries of this two leaders, Academically and experience, Qarase has proven leadership record in government and statutory bodies. That was the reason Bai appointed him to be PM after 2000 coup. He doesnt possess the arrogancy that Bai has and is very humble.
    In the end true justice will prevail and the likes of you will be hunted down and get your aaarse rampaged.

  30. Budhau Says:

    True justice – “hunting down someone and getting their arse rampage” – you go George – the justice dude.

    Instead of reading Gates judgment, go read the Vanua’s judgment on Qarase – and it don’t look good. Qarase has become a “has been”.

  31. natewaprince Says:

    Budhau fuck your granny,why do you keep bringing Qarase’s name up all the time?

    Did he bang your mama at the New Haven and refuse to pay her?O r did he bang you and didn’t pay?

    We’re talking about the crazy pig and choro Chodo,your daddy,bang them.

  32. Adi Kaila Says:

    NP – What the imbecile doesn’t know is that Qarase did not do anything illegal. Unlike his hero chodoci the murderous thief – selling out the kaidias. Yes he lobbied for funds for the so called ‘disenfrancised indians of Fiji’ not the ‘dissenfrancised Fijian Citizens’ – Hey – tamani big difference there!

    Now guess who’s wanting to be ‘gang’ with Qarase – yeah that thieving sonofabajaru chodoci. Qarase won’t have a bar of it and good on him too. You sleep with the pigs you get up with the smell – Kuvu!

    Who’s sorry now? chodoci has also withdrawn his lawsuit against the Fiji Times – because they were correct in their reporting as were VICTOR LAL and TUI SAVU.

    haryana 0/10

    Mavana 10/10

    Kamikamica na maoli!

  33. Cakau Says:

    Budhau’s mission is for those law abiding citizens of this country to believe the reason they couped in the first place, that the Qarase Govt was corrupt etc so that they could tell the world that the “doctrine of necessity” was used in the proper sense.

    Unfortunately they keep forgetting that we are not fools and we will not buy into it.

    We will always put the rule of law before anything else so in this case will support Qarase because he is the elected Govt by the people for the people not Budhau’s madman and his bunch of little bocis.

  34. Jone Says:

    Yes @Cakau. Unfortunately for them we have minds of our own and Bainimarama failed to convince us on 5.12.06 Two years on and we are still not moved regardless what Bhudah says or not say. So rest will ya? People rarely ever change their positions in fact most of the time they don’t. The undecided amongst us are few and far in between and these are the gullible who rarely which foot to put in front at any given time Luckily they make up less than % of the population.

  35. Jone Says:

    Saiyed khayum’s cockeyed version good for the fagot Gates//

  36. 46664 Says:

    Can anyone share Aiyaz’s school. achievements and recommendations??? I have no idea who he really is. Where did he come from? I am not familiar with his background so to speak.

  37. Fiji Forward Says:

    46664, obviuosly he is more qualified than you!!! so you dont even qualify to ask that question.

  38. Isalei Says:

    Fijibackward first of all your spelling is terrible, then your stupid answer to a very valid question by 46664 just gives you away. You really are a half educated piece of nutcase… who knows, maybe 46.. is more qualified than both you and the arze sandwiched together?

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