Only in Fiji


An auditor of the Fiji Revenue & Customs travels ALONE to CANADA to go audit the books of a particular company. I wonder what their Chief Executive, Jitoko Tikolevu, had in his mind approving such a trip. Too make matters worse, the company in Canada gets to pay for this auditors’ supposedly audit trip. It is against every rule of any auditor and most importantly, FIRCA.,

Now, imagine if all other overseas parent companies that have their Fiji branch audited persists that the same be done, what then??, It is believed that Jitoko Tikolevu still endorsed this trip eventhough the senior managers felt strongly against it and collectively agreed that a lot will be at stake to compromise FIRCAs’ position, if the trip was endorsed. To their surprise, the auditor still left for CANADA.,



Michael Scott, a wannabe tax consultant along with his claimed transfer pricing consultant friend, Kubbs who is also a former shareholder of the Fiji Water Company, and who is also here taking advantage of FIJIs’ situation to get personal revenge (FIJI WATER CASE) and mind you, at the expenses of the hardworking taxpayers, are milking $$ out of FIRCA, close to $300, 000 each per annum.,

Michael Scott is paid $13, 700 monthly while Kubbs collects $750 a day, a WEEKLY CASH cheque of $3, 750.00 from FIRCAs’ Finance Division, equivalent to $15, 000 a month.,

In addition to Michael Scotts’ monthly wages of $13K, he gets to stay in the expensive TANOA PLAZA (has been there for almost 3yrs now) and FIRCA gets to pay his monthly travel expenses to Auckld, NZ to visit his wife.,

Michael Scotts’ tax assessments, which was levied 8 months ago, of close to, $180, 000 have not been paid a single cent. The man just don’t want to pay tax.,

Isn’t it ironic to have a TAX DODGER doing consultantancy work for the Tax office????, The poor FIRCA staff have tried in the last 8 months to get him to pay but their boss, CEO, JITOKO TIKOLEVU, says…,

“We must get a legal opinion from New Zealand on Michael Scotts’ tax assessments”!!,

What the F@@$#($%# ???? Is Jitoko Tikolevu for REAL??,


A simple math, or a simple taxation rule is..”you get to be taxed where you earn income!” PERIOD!!,

Now, the latest is, a couple of days ago, MICHAEL SCOTT HAVE BEEN given a 14 days demand letter to PAY UP by some guy in the managerial position, who has the balls to tell the asshole that he is no different to any taxpayer in this country.,
It will be interesting to keep tab on it’s outcome.,

Ohhhh…while reading an article on one of the dailies that the economy was doin’ good cos the state have just raked in some $$ million or so, I was swiftly instructed to “wipe that smile out of my face”! because those figures was from a magic wand grabbed from thin air!!,
The claimants also master the art of harmonising numbers! ONLY IN FIJI !!!

and by the way our take on this, since these two consultants appear to so blatantly flout the law and recklessly charge for fees and extort redicules condition, there is a very strong possibility that out of their consultancy fees they maybe paying some kickbacks to either the illegal Minister for Finance, the illegally appointed CEO Tikolevu or some other parasites in government.

Can somebody do some investigation on this.


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  1. Nostradamus Says:

    The system was corrupt from day one of the coup.

    When we open Pandora’s box
    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    + Enlarge this image

    Members of the public and media personnel await the landmark ruling
    Three High Court judges have decided that the acts of the President after the December 2006 military coup, were lawful; that the President had reserve powers to ratify the acts of the military in the takeover; to grant immunity to those who did the coup; and that he could act without any specific authority derived from the Constitution.

    Until an Appeal proves otherwise, this judgment has to be respected as the “rule of law”.

    The legal eagles will no doubt have a field day asking whether Qarase’s lawyers presented the best case; or whether this judgment presided over by Justice Gates, is totally consistent in point of law, and philosophically, with Gates’ earlier judgment in the Chandrika Prasad case.

    And tired of years of political confrontation and uncertainty, many ordinary Fiji citizens could not care less about such legal niceties: they just want “to move on”, to “move forward”, and yes, “to build a better Fiji”.

    Unfortunately, those who care about the future generations, need to ask some fundamental questions, painful as they are.

    Can a High Court judgment effectively reverse 38 years of governance by people’s elected leaders, to one where an unelected President can become the supreme authority because of a military coup?

    Can Fiji’s President be removed and re-appointed by the Commander of the Fiji Military Forces?

    Is our Constitution’s system of “checks and balances” compromised if such fundamental questions (as above), are decided by a panel of High Court judges presided over by an Acting Chief Justice, who is there only because the lawfully appointed Chief Justice was removed by the military coup?

    Is this High Court judgment implicitly setting out a successful formula for making future coups legal, effectively undermining Bainimarama’s claim that the 2006 coup will end all coups?

    How is a President appointed?

    There has been frequent reference to the “President’s mandate” which is supposedly being carried out by this Interim Government and all its supporters.

    Before the December 2006 military coup, there was indeed a lawfully appointed President, in the person of the respected Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

    But no one disputes that on December 5, Commodore Bainimarama illegally removed this lawfully appointed President, who was also Bainimarama’s Commander-in-Chief, under our Constitution.

    Can we lawfully ask (as Qarase’s lawyers perhaps should have) was that the end of the lawful President of the Republic of Fiji Islands?

    Under Section 93 of our Constitution, the President (or Vice-President) may be removed from office only for inability to perform the functions of office or for misbehaviour, and may not otherwise be removed. Moreover, any removal of the President or Vice-President from office must be by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga pursuant to this section.

    Commodore Bainimarama had no powers to remove the President, nor to himself assume the powers of President. Our Constitution clearly states that a President of Fiji can only be appointed by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga on the advice of the Prime Minister.

    The lawfully-appointed Chief Justice, Daniel Fatiaki, was then also removed from office by a sequence of events involving the Commander, soldiers, police and eventually an “instruction” from the “President”.

    An “Acting Chief Justice” was then purportedly appointed.

    How appoint to an “Acting Chief Justice”?

    The judiciary, headed by the Chief Justice, is the most powerful “checks and balances” mechanism in our Constitution, being the body empowered to pronounce on the legality or otherwise of any action in our country, including military coups and the extent of the powers of our President.

    The power to appoint an Acting Chief Justice is given by our Constitution only to the 3-person Judicial Services Commission comprising the Chief Justice, the Chairman of the Public Services Commission, and the President of the Law Society.

    But the Chief Justice had been removed by the military coup. The Chairman of the PSC had also been effectively removed by the military coup, and another appointed by the Interim Government.

    An “appointing committee” including the military-appointed Chairman of the PSC, and the President of the Fiji Law Society (Davenesh Sharma), was then abnormally chaired by another High Court judge (Justice Shameem).

    The presence of the President of the Fiji Law Society was strange also, given that he subsequently objected to the “President” and the Interim Government for their removal of Nainendra Nand as Solicitor General, and he also objected to the “Judicial Services Commission” then appointing Christopher Pryde.

    This three person “committee”, two of whom owed their presence to the military coup, then purportedly appointed Justice Anthony Gates as “Acting Chief Justice”. And Justice Gates then presided over a panel of High Court judges to rule on whether the “President’s” actions following the December 2006 coup were legal.

    The public cannot question whether Justices Gates, Pathik and Byrnes acted impartially in giving their judgment.

    But can the public lawfully ask: can a judicial process to decide on the legality of the actions of a President appointed following a military coup be considered totally impartial, if the military coup has itself changed the composition of the panel of judges, with the President’s involvement?

    How to appoint a President?

    No one disputes that Bainimarama, illegally removed the President.

    No one disputes that he then claimed to use “the President’s powers” to dismiss the Qarase Government.

    But under Section 109 of our Constitution, even a lawfully appointed President may not dismiss a Prime Minister unless the Government fails to get or loses the confidence of the House of Representatives.

    No one disputes also that Commodore Bainimarama claimed to reappoint Ratu Iloilo as “President”.

    But Commodore Bainimarama had no authority whatsoever to appoint anyone as President- even if it happens to be the same person who previously held the office. Bainimarama was abrogating to himself the powers of the Great Council of Chiefs.

    The President’s authority is not a gun to be taken away, used by the Commander for his own ends, and then “given back” at his whim. The President’s authority under the Constitution not only gives the President his powers, but also requires him to defend the very integrity of the Constitution, including total support of an elected Government.

    Our people must ask, what kind of “authority” deriving from the 1997 Constitution, was Ratu Iloilo accepting from Bainimarama, knowing that he had usurped Ratu Iloilo’s powers and even exceeded them in removing the lawfully elected government and the lawfully appointed Chief Justice- the head guardian of the Constitution itself?

    How legitimately can Ratu Iloilo claim to be the “lawful President of the Republic of the Fiji Islands”? Or is he simply a “Military President” whose authority only derives from the Commander of the FMF who did the 2006 military coup, and to whom he may now feel grateful for being “re-appointed as President”?

    And can the legality of such a President’s actions be decided by a judiciary, whose head has also been appointed by processes fundamentally altered by the military coup itself?

    President’s Power to Make Laws

    When Fiji accepted the 1997 Constitution, we cut our allegiance to any vestige of sovereign powers of the British Crown and its Privy Council, by renaming our country, the “Republic of the Fiji Islands”, and making our own Supreme Court the final court of appeal.

    While Section 45 of the our Constitution states that “The power to make laws for the State vests in a Parliament consisting of the President, the House of Representatives and the Senate”, the powers of the President and Senate are subservient to that of the elected House of Representatives and elected government.

    Section 47 ensures that the Senate cannot reject, more than once, any Bill coming from the elected government derived from the elected House of Representatives. Section 49 ensures that the Senate cannot reject even once, any “Money Bill” sent by the elected government. And section 46 states that “The President must not refuse to assent to a Bill duly presented for his or her assent.” by the elected government.

    So under our Constitution, even our lawfully appointed President is subservient to the lawfully elected Parliament, the Prime Minister and his elected Government.

    Can our people therefore lawfully ask: can a “President” appointed by the military, approve the illegal acts of the military, and claim to promulgate laws, including the granting of amnesty to the military, which removed the elected government of Fiji?

    Of course, such questions can only be resolved lawfully by an Appeal against the judgment of Justice Gates, Pathik and Byrnes, in the Court of Appeal, and eventually in the Supreme Court.

    Until that final Appeal is made successfully, the people of Fiji need to respect the decision by the three High Court judges.

    But an Appeal must be made.

    Or else we also accept that any military coup can be legalised following the coup, simply by making the appropriate changes to the judiciary.

    This Pandora’s Box must be closed. For the sake of our future generations.

  2. newsfiji Says:

    SV: can u take the above post and post it separately, it’s really a great article and deserves our opinions.

    As for the article proper – we really need to do some thorough investigations into this leak it to the mainstream media..

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    I posted it that way because I don’t know how to submit things for posting on SV, but also because it fits the heading “Only in Fiji”. Thanks newsfiji for further bringing it to SV’s attention. It is an editorial in the Fiji Times

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    More on this subject frm confident sources…read on bloggers…

    Apparently Mr. Pryde went just a few wks ago to HK for an all-important meeting on family law. AG’s and Ministers for Justice’s were invited. He represented Fiji and took a legal ofisa at AG’s office to accompany him (because she had just presented a paper on division of matrimonial property the week before). Anywho … o vunituraga lai wawavoki tu and poor the legal ofisa had to basically do everything – wrote the speech and delivered it herself; chaired a session which was supposed to have been chaired by him; sat in at all the sessions and then returned with him after that. O vunituraga a wawavoki tu ga. She later found out that he had been conducting interviews for positions that had been advertised overseas (vacancies at the AG’s chambers in Fiji). Now the annoying part is this — a month prior to going to this HK trip with legal ofiicer, SG had gone to HK to do the interviews. If he was doing the interviews then (a month later) qai wacava na wavoki a lai cakava tu for 2 wks when he had been in HK a month earlier?

    And then just a few weeks ago as well, he was in a drunken stupor at Birdland and shouting that he is the Solicitor General of Fiji!

    And apparently, there’s more. The recently appointed Supervisor of Elections has been doing the same thing, going on disappearing acts for weeks on end. They say she hasn’t a clue what she’s supposed to do and all of a sudden her mother’s sick and she leaves and returns after 2-3 wks and they only know she’s returned when she asks for someone to pick her up at the airport. So even before we go talking about the elections in March … me laurai mada o Supervisor if she knows what she’s doing.

    As the heading goes..Only in Fiji…BUT very sad qst would be..why isn’t this highligted in the media?

    Maybe the media should do a reflection on the illegal IG’s appointments esp. the ones frm o/seas who are taking advantage of our vulnerable situation. They come and make their $$ and off they go again to whence they came from..annoying indeed!!!

  5. EnufDictatorship Says: send it to …guess they will post it as a feature, if u ask them too…se vacava SV?

  6. natewaprince Says:

    With the country in disarray,it becomes so obvious how these white snake-oil salesmen are flocking to our shores to make a killing.When all this mess is over,they are the only ones who will come out of this winners.

    With the half-educated bi-polar pig in control,it just gives these parasites carte-blanche approval to milk the economy of as much money as they can.

    We now know that there is no more money left in the system at the camp for the pig and his lackeys to abuse and misuse.That is one of the reasons why they ”broke out of camp” and came down to town to raid the countries coffers.

    Na i lavo beka nei ta,ratou vei vutusona.These fuckers are in it only for the money.

  7. natewaprince Says:

    And did you see that cocksucker Jone Dakuvula on TV lst night? He claimed that the charter teams were coming back with 95-98% public approval for the charter.

    Nomu arse sara,boci.Au sa na talai ira na ‘boys’ mai nakoro me ra vakama na nomu vale mai Wainivatu.

  8. FijiGirl Says:

    NP – Dakuvula is a master of retaining only that which he wants to hear, and he’s been that way for decades.
    He won’t change.
    We all know his figures are completely cooked up.
    We also know that, in the Pacific, silence can mean many things, many things.
    But people like Dakuvula will always take it to mean tacit agreement, and people like Dakuvula will always be wrong in that respect.
    Just look at the response Tui had when he staged his peaceful protest – Dakuvula will have explained away the crowd reaction because the truth – that people do not agree with this regime – is something he cannot abide.
    We know the Truth, and it will set us free.
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    Like vultures to a carcass these parasites just stream in for the easy feed making hundres of thousands while the poor and needy in Fiji can hardly manage a decent day’s life necessities. These scums are con artist who convince these weak brains running the country. In a way the FIRCA guys with the help of these hyenas did us a favor by giving chodo the wrong advice which cost him a boot in the butt in his MOF job. Money paid to these fly by night bugs could have been put to much better use in a lot of possible positive ways

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    I always like the articles by Wadan Narsey. This guy is just too good man. Nice to have him on our side he adds strength to our cause, I wish to reiterate his comment where he said that this LQ case should not end here. It must be pursued to the higher level of justice for proper adjudication. its comforting to know we have the likes of Narsey, Leung, Rt Joni, Tui and other pillars of strength in our midst

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Natewa Prince: I saw that dickhead too on TV last night and wanted to shoot him with his bullshit 95% support of the charter.

    Au kerea saraga me pot taki o koya – bloody bakuwavivi!

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    As soon as I saw white back I tuned to espn. Can’t stand his face and his voice is just as bad. He talks like he is choking on something. Maybe something more than the farter charter has been shoved down his throat.

  13. kai zolo Says:

    Dakuvula and Kisoko must be in wonderland a practical of was done to CJs muffler ni motoka may bring you back to reality

  14. JC Says:

    what the fck!!??

    …..this shithead may as well just stay in Auckland, and be flown out if he is needed so badly……probably be cheaper lol

    how old is this sicko??

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