Vilisi Nadaku was taken to CPS and interviewed by none other than Waisea Tabakau.This is the same senior cop who has been frequently in the the spotlight and on TV displaying his arrogance and lack of respect for the public and the rule of law.


A junior officer and close relative of mine overheard the interrogation and heard Tabakau praising the charter and telling Nadaku to accept what had happened and that the charter was here to stay.He also threatened Nadaku that he would end up like Baleiloa if he did not cooperate.


Since we know that this will reach his ears,I would like to tell Tabakau that everything he does in the privacy of his office is being reported to the public and that he should follow the rule of law that he has sworn to protect.


With this posting,you are hereby put on notice.




26 Responses to “WATCH IT TABAKAU”

  1. Adi Kaila Says:

    Wow – a whole army against one brave man who stood on a road with a banner on Fiji Day to show the world how he felt about the illegality of the ig. The Brave Vilisi didn’t swear at or attack anyone physically, he just stood there with his banner.

    One Solitary Man!

    So the so-called Fiji army threatens him – puhleeeeeeeeeeeze! Bullying and threatening ONE MAN. They really don’t have any self respect, so how do they expect the rest of us and the world to show any respect for them.

    Let it go boys – You’re be all better off with a cane knife and a digging fork each to dig up the backyard of Delainabua and start planting your kakana dina, bele, & rokete for your coqa – while you’re at it please plant some fruit to sweeten your image, because you’re uncle bipolar piggy ain’t gonna share his spoils from China with any of you – the soft loan has gone softly into his own pocket.

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This tabakau turkey was the fool who ordered the arrests of a TV crew at a school.

    It was him who ordered the arrest of Mr Khan and had a junior officer question this order. He was then shouting for Mr Khan to be arrested even though a solicitor had intervened.

    With teletubby and this turkey running the police farce, it is no wonder that the police commissioners of Pacific nations do NOT want to have anything to do with criminals dressed up in blue clothes.

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well I think his name explains his persona. Boci!

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    Babakau is NOT above the law – it will catch up with him!

    One day Mafatu!!

  5. Cakau Says:

    I received this in the mail from overseas. It has got me thinking as it makes good sense. Someone known as Simple Solutions is privileged to all this inside information.

    We should give credit when credit is due and in this case thank those in the Police and the Military for not inflicting any bodily harm to Vilisi Nadaku, the lone protestor.

    We realized that a lot of things have been said about the people that work in these 2 institutions, some deservedly so and others not so. Unfortunately, that is the situation in our beloved country. However life goes on and we cope in many different ways, some vent their frustrations in the different blog sites that have popped up since the events of December, 2006 and others just carry on with life as if all is normal.

    Either way we must continue the good fight in what we as individuals believe in is the best for our country.

    It is nearly 2 years since the coup and by now we all should have at least learnt something. Hopefully, how important it is for the nation to protect the Constutition, which is the supreme law of the land and that we should be all afraid of what has happened to our country in the last 2 decades as result of the 4 coups. Fear sometimes is a good thing and in this case we must all learn to fear the Constitution.

    We must also realize that not all those in the Police Force or the Military think and support Bainimarama and the ones that do are just as afraid or more so than we are.

    That is the reality of their mentality, we have to persevere with those that find enjoyment and satisfaction from initiating and putting fear into people like Vilisi Nadaku. These people are few in numbers and decreasing. We must pity them, as deep inside they are just as scared as we are. “You may think we are scared but they are more scared than we are.” We must make the most of Vilisi’s protest and get those who sympathize with our cause to come on board and suggest to SV that bloggers must always bear this in mind. We must try and encourage those who think like us in the military and police to join us. What is needed is the mass, the numbers and let us make friends instead of enemies. Let us emulate the non-violent passive approach of resistance. We shall use the greatest force we have which no army on this earth can ever counter, that is the force of love and non-violence. (This is inside information from the soilders and army.)

    Where we will come up in front is that the Military is not trained to fight an army of 10,000 unarmed peaceful protesters! They will turn away from us in awe because we have a God we believe in who is more powerful than anything that lives and breathes on this earth. All we need to do is carry on what we are doing now but keep this in mind. Don’t allow the non believers to ruin it for us, we must keep our fight to win them over.

    Our fight is with the seen and unseen forces. We must fight for the truth, justice and a free and democratic Fiji and do away with racism and bigotry. We must work towards a de-militarized Fiji and work towards the Fiji that is truly the way the world should be.

    To the Military and the Police Force and all those that are not so sure what to do this is for your benefit.

    Let us follow the footsteps of Valise Nadaku who fought alone but represented the silent majority in how we could go about resisting in a non-violent passive way.

    From Simple Solutions.

  6. Frida Says:

    There are stories going around the nasinu-nausori corridor that some senior police officers are entering junior police officers home and telling them to sign on the dotted line indicating their support for the charter. When one was asked why he was doing this as he knows fully well that it is wrong, he replies saying that an extra F$200.00 in the pay pack is the driving force.

  7. Striker Says:

    Fight on Vilisi, you are not alone. Ulukau’s like Babakau can threaten all they like, but justice and righteousness will prevail in the end. Walk on with your head held high!

  8. newsfiji Says:

    Cakau, I read with awe your posting and could not agree with you more on the approach. At times, i feel that we are not doing enough, but i feel the best approach is the one you have suggested.

    I guess what the Bible says “LOVE NEVER FAILS” is TRUE.

    Vinaka, for bringing me back to earth, i was just contemplating something mischiveous!

  9. Ablaze Says:

    I am with you newsfiji and Cakau. I am speechless and it is like a big load off my shoulders.

    We should focus on what Simple Solutions has to say, as it will also give us peace of mind.

    Vinaka Vaka Levu to those involved.

  10. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @ NP: Thanks for that very interesting snippet about the regime’s modus operandi when people like Vilisi Nadaku find themselves being stood over by the likes of Waisea Tabakau. It tells us a whole lot about where we are at under the dictator Bainimarama and where we are going. If you regard Tabakau’s line about the charter as the “trickle down” effect, you’ll see what I mean. Let me explain more fully:

    First, forget the ideological facades that the dictator has thrown up. Each time Bainimarama claimed that his actions were all about cleaning up corruption, or all about bringing an end to the racial divide, or that there was a threat of invasion, he was merely using these excuses as a front and as a means of holding the reins of power. Funny how Justice Gates came to the party and gave credence to the “invasion threat from Australia” in his ruling that gave the dictator immunity from prosecution.

    Just think how all the time since early last year the dictator has been pushing the charter and his infamous “no charter, no election” announcement tells us that he thinks he has the magic formula for pushing the election date way back over the horizon of the medium to long term future.

    Second, look at his greed. Once he got into power and was firmly established he organized to pull his shonky back-pay deal. But, believe me, that was only the tip of the iceberg. Bainimarama has his eyes on much big prizes. He has proved he is a ruthless dictator (we’re talking Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe or Kirn Jong-il). And now that he’s legit thanks to Gates he’s got his greedy little eyes firmly focused on far bigger things.

    @ Adi Kaila: Coincidentally, talking about Robert Mugabe, 1 think you might be on to something when it comes to Frank pocketing some of the huge soft loans waved under the dictator’s nose by China. It’s well documented that Mugabe has been hugely enriched by Chinese money/ not to mention other similar lowlife types across the African continent who have taken advantage of the billions that China has lavished on African countries. Now it looks like it’s Fiji’s (and Frank’s) turn.

    It’s no coincidence that when Chodopu$$ got turfed out of the illegal government the dictator made himself interim finance minister. And it’s also no coincidence that two days after Jim Ah Koy announced on September 12 last that he had secured a $230 million soft loan (five year grace period, repayment over 25 years at two percent) the Chodopu$$ came out with all guns firing to angrily dump on the whole idea, telling the media it was in contravention of the Finance Management Act.

    It takes a thief to know a thief and the Chodopu$$ beak was right out of joint. He doesn’t like it one little bit that after backing the man who usurped a democratically elected government the man then turns around and usurps the master collector of illicit funds.

    Mark my words, the dictator’s quest has got nothing to do with advancing our nation and its people. It has nothing to do with building a better Fiji. Rather, it all began because Bainimarama could feel the police breathing down his neck.

    Now, with the police off his back, with control of the country and the finance ministry and having got the High Court’s blessing and immunity into the bargain, and with the loving support of thugs like WaiseaTabakau to maintain his iron grip on power, the dictator is free focus on his real quest, which is all about making himself a very rich man.

  11. Ablaze Says:

    Yes Simple Solutions, Cakau and newsfiji I am bearing in mind the Military and Police. I think we can be a little mischievous!

    I read in the comments of the Fiji and liked it. It has to do with Mr Claunch’s developement and how it has helped the villagers finacially and morally.

    Seni Loli of Fiji. says…
    This is great news for the villagers. It takes one good honest man to do this for a group of other human being. Kudous to you Mr Claunch. If you can do it why can’t the Govt do it.

    Fiji has so much potential but ruined by the 4 coups they have had since 1987. The country does not need to coup for something as good as this to work.

    The Regime should be given the city of Suva ending at Nausori on one side and Pacific Harbour on the other side to govern and do whatever they wish.

    The rest of the Fiji islands should be made a “Democracy” where the rule of law applies. May solve the on going crisis.

  12. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Great news. Just got word that a high profile attorney is now in Jamaica to brief the other commonwealth lawyers from 52 countries about the verdict on the Qarase case. Ia, eat your heart out Gates!

  13. Save the Sheep Says:

    Totally agree with Simple Solutions

    Somehow a strategy is needed to protect the leaders of this movement though so that the initiative is not countered before it starts.

    The Military do have a well established network and that’s a fact. But I wont go so far as to call it Intelligent….

  14. F.I.R.M Says:

    Vinaka Katalina.. I like your style!!!!

  15. Striker Says:

    @Save the Sheep: If and when it’s time to take our grievance to the streets in a peaceful demonstration, mark my word, it will be so big the regime will have no answer but capitulate. We will show the world the real will of the people. If, in our peaceful protest, they stand us to jail for acting against the public order act, then let’s fill their jails to overflowing. But let’s not jump the gun, the interim PM made a promise for elections in March 2009 and let’s hold him to his promise. Let’s see how the discussions at the political forum will come out. After giving all due reasonable considerations and opprtunities to the regime, should they fail to honor their own committments for elections under the 1997 Constitution, then let’s unite and make public our peaceful stand for democracy.

  16. iceman Says:


  17. viti vou Says:

    dont worry people,their days are numberd….ena qai yati mai na colo…sa yati tiko mai vakamalua…sega ni prawn me damu 2day…..

  18. Endurance Says:

    Is this the same Waisea Tabakau that punched a fellow neigbour jsut because he jokes to the wife and through traditional ties, he is allowed to, ni rauveitauvutaki???

    And now he is campaigning the farter charter to Vilisi through an intimidating manner?? You sound like a BOCI TABU TEVE character!

    Your action depicts a person of an INSECURED PIECE OF SHIT!!

    Meanwhile, Cakau ..great thoughts to ponder on…No, not all of them in the FMF are barbarians, but lets give them time to find other means of work as most of them are actually finding “greener and ethical pastures” to feed on. They are kicking themselves, now that the bigger picture have materialised, that it was all about CRANKY FRANKY and HIS PERKS!!!!

  19. viti vou Says:

    yea thats the same babakau that i knock him off 3 years back,when he trying to accuse me of something i never know…he knows dat day very well…vomo street lautoka…..

  20. Cakau Says:

    Endurance I think de-militarize the army is “no military law”. They can remain for the reason you have said but most of them will be involved in peace keeping which is not happening now because of the coup.

    Instead of buying all their food from Joe’s Farm they should be planting and fishing. Become hunter gathers!

  21. Peace Pipe Says:

    The gestapo has swooped in to quell any dissent – peaceful as it may be. The men placed in charge by the ig seem to have some evilness about them. SV I am not sure if it was done but Babakau name should be on the shame list for roll call on judgement day. These idiots are extremely disturbed by a sole protestor. What if there were 1,000 or 2,000 or even 10,000 peaceful protestors. Can we rake up the numbers? There is greater power in larger numbers.

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    I’ve clicked past this post all evening – Tabakau!!!!! Truly truly Fiji has hit an all time low with this jackass.

    As those that have reached to University level in Sydney and now earn AUD$5 an hour say, ” Doesn’t worth it.”

    @NP – Tabakau – sorry your highness,
    I just can’t do stupid, not today – NEXT!!!!

  23. Budhau Says:

    Peace Pipe with his remark “There is greater power in larger numbers.” are you trying to get Fijians to do illegal stuff – they already have a plan, just wait and see – very patient people, ,you know.

    Isn’t that what they have been telling me every time I bring up this issue – and how many times have I told you buggers to go read up on Gandhi’s methods of protesting – but no, only when Dr Lal says that, you see the light.

    Just keep in mind – the cause has to be important enough for the masses to rise – and Qarase and the SDL ain’t the cause.

  24. Isalei Says:

    Not even your blood worth splitting Fijan hairs for Buda! I shall wait patiently for the day you and your kind get fished out of the man/hell/arse/hole like Saddam.

  25. Fiji Forward Says:

    Katalina Balawanilotu, dream on old girl, rogoca mai vei qori, bati ni tanoa. Lai raica mada na tacimu ka tei maruwana tiko mai lakeba!!! A sfor you wanna be protestors, ethanol is coming so be ready to do something useful, come out in numbers and plant cassava!!!

  26. Waisea Tabakau Says:


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