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The scales of justice were tilted in favour of his oppressors; hence to him “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless and corrupt.And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness…Every citizen is responsible for every act of his government…There is only one sovereign remedy, namely, non-violent non-cooperatio

(Victor Lal on Mahatma Gandhi)


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  1. Mark Manning Says:

    For a slight change of pace and to cheer you all up a little .
    Check out the others in this series .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I think I’ve been promoting civil disobedience as a tool for several months now .
    It’s a tried and tested method and it works .
    Imagine if the Military had to empty septics , seal roads , drive fuel trucks and buses , man the Hospitals , clean the streets , empty the rubbish . etc.etc.

  3. IslandBoy Says:

    Digression Please – Does anyone know which Permanent Secretary is next to hit the road. Is the anticipated movement at that level?

    Q2. Does it have anything to do with the junior and senior movement at Foreign Affairs?

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Taloucaka mai Tau IslandBoy!

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula My Tau – just curious as to why Rt. Finau has lost his civil service job and also the movements at FA with Rt. Epeli being transferred, Ross Ligairi demoted and Rt. Isoa coming in from the cold.

    It may mean absolutely nothing because it was regional trade talks with EU, but I spied the Brussels-based Rt. Tui Cavuilati lurking in the bleachers on Fiji One news, back home with the local yokels.

    For some time it was rumoured Ross was going to take the fall for the Niue fiasco and Rt. Tui would be asked to come home to replace him, but that never happened.

    Why would you have so much movement at FA when its crunch time with the ForumSec and Commonwealth CMAG.

    One would imagine they would want to be out full force with the charm offensive especially after the Gates ruling, well at least as much charm as they can muster.

    Have the Mara/Ganilau/Nailatikau permutations in their various positions of influence lost their pull/push as far as Frank is concerned?

    Little bird told me a comely lass transferred to the old mothball heap complained during pillow talk time to the powers that be, who immediately took it upon themselves to shift people around.

    Sa dri yani!

  6. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula My Tau – just curious as to why Rt. Finau has lost his civil service job and also the movements at FA with Rt. Epeli being transferred, Ross Ligairi demoted and Rt. Isoa coming in from the cold.

    It may mean absolutely nothing because it was regional trade talks with EU, but I spied the Brussels-based Rt. Tui Cavuilati lurking in the bleachers on Fiji One news, back home with the local yokels.

    For some time it was rumoured Ross was going to take the fall for the Niue fiasco and Rt. Tui would be asked to come home to replace him, but that never happened.

    Why would you have so much movement at FA when its crunch time with the ForumSec and Commonwealth CMAG.

    One would imagine they would want to be out full force with the charm offensive especially after the Gates ruling, well at least as much charm as they can muster.

    Have the Mara/Ganilau/Nailatikau permutations in their various positions of influence lost their pull/push as far as Frank is concerned?

    Little bird told me a comely lass transferred to the old mothball heap complained during pillow talk time to the powers that be, who immediately took it upon themselves to shift people around.

    Sa dri yani!

  7. Save the Sheep Says:

    No digression please on such a serious topic..

    I agree that unless we Fijians actually put it to the Regime then lets just forget it altogether..

    Talk too much.

    We MUST rally and put the regime to the test. and if Chod and his boys have any sense of decency and recognition as to what is happening in Fiji today they must support.

    Strike and let the military do it all as MM suggests. That way they will know know how hard it is is run a country.

    Come on guys, as long as we can grow our own food we should never support these ass holes!!!

  8. Nostradamus Says:

    Now that Voreqe has a court decision behind him he may clean some of the assorted riff raff out of his way, people who supported him may be a liability now and he no longer needs them. This might apply to the Mara family and the Ganilau’s, silver spoon Fijians who hardly represent the cause he is trying to promote with his foot soldiers.

    Also, he does not need race or corruption as his hobby horses any more because he thinks he has been annointed. That Mahen was a troublesome basturd anyway, and since the regime is not based on votes, and the army is almost totally Fijian, why worry about Mahen’s electorate. They have served their purpose and are now disposable.

    Is he still promoting the Samy Charter? Bole seems to have taken over that role, which is surprising given his long history with true education. Perhaps he has a screw loose like Voreqe.

    So who is Voreqe trying to please at this point? He probably thinks he has immunity, which would be a big load off his back, and perhaps he thinks it is now in his interest to figure out a way to retire in style with a large pension.

  9. Colin Bishop Says:

    In the 1980s in New York the Police were under paid and understaffed and wanted to protest but were legally not allowed to.They invented the “Blue Flu” where there was always a large number of staff off “sick”. With a sick chit this is a simple way of winding down the Goverment with little risk to the individual. If it can be coordinated foe say every Wednesday then the protest has more effect.

  10. Colin Bishop Says:

    PS. This would make the Doctors or Hospital the gathering point for likeminded people to gather without needing a permit.

  11. Budhau Says:

    Come on guys – those Indian that stood up to the British Colonialists believed in a cause that they they were willing to lay down their live for – so did those Pakistanis or those Monks in Burma.

    Does anyone seriously believe that standing up to IG to put back Qarase and boys is a cause that the Fijians are willing to stand up for – I think not. Just as the Indos never stood up against the Rabuka regime – a better route for them was either to get a visa and split or just wait it out.

    I think the Fijians are just going to wait this one out – so what if they do not have an election in 2009. Things don’t look that bad – especially when the the Qarase regime and the ones before him had always screwed the poor Fijians.

    Haven’t you notice that the Landowners never came to back up Qarase, that the common Fijian in the streets does nto give a crap about the recent court decision.

    There is only a small group of folks who were privileged under the previous regime who are making all the noise – and than there is a bunch of folks in here who are jumping up and down.

    You want non-cooperation, how if the predominantly Fijian civil-service, what if they had packed up and left right after the coup – you know why they didn’t do it – because they were not willing to stand up for the Qarase regime. If they had done that, the military regime would have been brought to its knees within days.

    Talking about Gandhi – he could get thousands out in the streets, and what did we have last week – poor Tui.

    ..and some idiot suggested the “Blue Flu” – remember they tried a civil service stay at home boycott for a day of protest sometime back – five guys did not show up to work and they probably got fired.

    BTW – whats with this Victor Lal, and Tui Savu as the intellectual giants in this forum.

    I found Save The Sheep’s remark interesting: “We MUST rally and put the regime to the test. and if Chod and his boys have any sense of decency and recognition as to what is happening in Fiji today they must support.”

    Now you are thinking – Remember, how Chodo had decided to back Rabuka back then, and how he approached the Matanitu crowd after the election. If Qarase could put aside his ego and approaches Chaudary – who knows, the dude just decide to work with Qarase – or better still, retire Qarase and then approach the FLP.

    I do not think the Fijian people are willing to stand of for Qarase – that cause just ain’t worth it.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    So the elections appear to be going ahead , but on whose terms ?

  13. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandoooodhau drau veicai kei Chodo!! Now translate that you $%^^&*

    The issue is not about supporting and putting Qarase back on, it is about having a government by the people for the people decided in a general election……………….it has been raised here for over a million times and yet you still can’t understand English.

    Problem with you is that dick is sooooo up your arse it is begining to hit the back of your little pea brain causing you to loose the plot everytime your slimey filthy fingers hit those keyboards. Tell Avenai and them soldiers to ease up on you a little before you come on this blog so you can type something sensible.

    Now fuck off and digest that fact before coming back here and saying something useful.

  14. Striker Says:

    Last call, political forum. Then, either we head for elections or there will be a coordinated movement for democracy. Matters are finally coming to a head folks; but don’t jump the gun. Hold the pig to his promise; if he fails, let’s mobilise and they’ll see the power of popular will acting itself out in a massive movement but peacefully. Peace brothers and sisters, love is still more powerful!

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Great post on FijiTimes blog

    “”””Taukei Moving… of Everywhere. says…
    Getting Bainimarama to talk has never been a problem – getting him to listen is another matter?””””

  16. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Save the Sheep

    I have posted previously a suggestion for a protest similar to that by Vilisi.

    SV, what did you think about my previous post?

  17. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau: vakavei au o iko magta tiko vei Qarase…wailei cegu laivi mada yani!

    Dauvanana could not have said it clearer!

  18. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau the loser is nitpicking again just to pass time as he awaits his final demise!!

    Whats biting your bum you Godforsaken disenfranchised person of no interest to the Fijians.

  19. IslandBoy Says:

    @SV & Dauvavana – the statement by Naita Dauvavana that we just want to go back to elections without any pre-conditions resonates with me.

    Its not important that Qarase, the SDL, Labour or any/one other party gets in or gets back, we the people just want our constitutional rights restored, full stop.

    Thus SV – I would like to commend to you that what we used to joke about some time ago should probably be implemented seriously.

    A new and fresh movement without any ties to the bad old boys and girls of politics.

    Lets look at people who truly have the interest of this country at heart and ask them to lead the way after the proposed dialogue currently mooted by Frank.

    Whatever criteria we use, one of the main qualifiers should be no publicly stated political ties to any of the major parties that have participated in the last elections. In addition some semblance of education and experience as well as at the very least a smidgen of humanity and kindness.

    Complete monsters and carpet baggers may fcuk off nicely thank you.

    IMHO SV – this is the time to surface, lets stop talking and start our own all encompassing inclusive dialogue of commoner citizens who care for the re-birth of a Free Fiji.

  20. ispy Says:

    Thank you SV for the inspiring quote from Ghandi.

    For me, I think that in each our respective ways, we have all been pracitising non-coorperation ever since that fateful evening, the eveneing when our freedoms were taken away with one ill-thoughtout act of treason.

    In a way non-violent non-cooperation by the people of Fiji is the sole reason why Bainimarama has aged 20 years since 2006 (although his brain hasn’t aged a day since he turned 9)… 😉

    It is the reason why he had to dismantle the GCC and restructure the civil service.

    It is the reason why military teams accompany police units in ‘joint’ operations against anyone who might try to openly demand freedom.

    it is the reasin why Bainimarama fears us so much that he needs 20 bodyguards to travel with him at all times.

    We know the military is treating this whole exercise as a war of attrition against the people of Fiji.

    This is why we must not give in.

    Don’t ever accept that we must cooperate with the interim administration in order to regain our freedom.

    That is nothing short of blackmail, so have nothing to do with it.

    Our freedom is not a bargaining chip to be offered in exchange for our support for the Charter.

    We are entitled to our freedom… unconditionally.

    I urge you all to continue non-cooperation until we get it back… unconditionally.

    Don’t meet or listen to the Charter teams.

    Don’t even sign their forms.

    Call in sick if you have to.

    Don’t accept anything from this government because they will try to bribe you for your support.

    Know this…

    …in the end, we will win because we have already tasted freedom and we remember what its like to be free and unencumbered by military and police oppression.

    In recent times, no dictator has ever lasted long enough to enjoy his unearned wealth and power.

    The greatest of them have all fallen in the end to the power of the people’s desire to be free.

  21. Cakau Says:

    Vinaka ispy! It is good for us to be reminded, otherwise we become complacent.

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    As we lose one battle after another and the enemy gets stronger, more confident and arrogant I am beginning to feel a bit despondent about our struggle for freedom. Nothing seems to take us back towards the path of righteousness especially after puf gaytes delivered his judgement. While we initially thought that they would implode in their own quagmire nothing of the sort has happened so far. We also thought the exit of Chodo would precipitate the implosion quicker but alas it hasn’t. As they carry on their illegal activities with impunity all we could do is just watch and complain. Nothing seems to affect the progress of their devious schemes.

    I am sometimes tempted to change my stance and accept these culprits only because there is no other choice but when I stop and think that this would make me out to be someone who accepts illegality and is compromising the principles of the rule of law which ultimately makes me complicit with their crime I am then jolted back to reality and resolve to stay on course in my belief.

    Youre right Ispy we must remain vigilant. Just like the in parable where those who slept were left out and those who kept awake were taken in to the wedding party. The question though is what can we do to help. Is blogging enough? Prayers and meditation could be very useful. We simply have had more than enough of this dictator.

  23. Cakau Says:

    Peace Pipe – Welcome to the world of “Dictatorship” but don’t be despondent and look for the easy way out of this.

    How you are feeling at the moment is exactly what the Regime is trying to do us.

    Remember if you join them you only have them on your side – remain the way you are and you will have the world on your side. Ask yourself; Why haven’t they officially declared the nation a dicktatorship? Simple, because they want, world wide recognition and that can only be achieved when they return the country to Democratic Parliamentary Elections!

    Hang in there Mate!

  24. NadroKid Says:

    Vinaka na soli vakasama!

    Thank you Ispy for your comments. I think we need to continue to remind ourselves of the little victories we have won and raise our eyes above our circumstances and continue to stand.
    Just also wanted to add something that I read this morning (Daily bread). Might be of interest to those of us who are getting despondent like Peace Pipe.

    Do Something With Nothing

    Walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. —Ephesians 5:15-16

    A newspaper ad showed three people waiting for a city bus. Two of them were bored and listless, while the third was happily playing a game on a small electronic device. “Do something with your nothing,” the ad said. “That nothing time. The time in between everything else you have to do.” The idea was to sell the portable player so people could use all those segments of wasted “waiting” time.

    I suspect that many of us already constructively use those small increments of waiting time to read a book, memorize a verse, or pray for a friend. It’s our longer waiting periods filled with uncertainty and indecision that may leave us anxious and frustrated.

    Paul challenged the Christians in Ephesus to “walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Eph. 5:15-16). The Greek scholar Kenneth Wuest suggests that this refers to time in its “strategic, opportune seasons” and means “making a wise and sacred use of every opportunity for doing good.”

    During those seasons when we wonder, “How did I get here and when can I leave?” it’s best to look for our God-given opportunities instead of focusing on the obstacles. That’s the way to do something with our nothing. — David C. McCasland

    Wait and, in waiting, listen for His leading;
    Be strong, thy strength for every day is stored.
    Go forth in faith, and let thine heart take courage;
    There is no disappointment with the Lord. —Anon.

    When you find time on your hands, put them together in prayer.

  25. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    My Tau IslandBoy, I am with you on this one. SV should remain aloof of any one political party, so we are not biased when confronting any political party, which we believe has gone astray, whether they be SDL, NFP, FLP or any other political party for that matter.

    I think the recent post by SV which states the evolvement of this blog from trying to topple this illegal regime to now extending to keeping future elected governments accountable and transparent echoes your sentiments.

    SV will work together with political parties to achieve a common goal, which is the destruction of this illegal regime and the return to general elections, but it is not committed nor will it condone any actions of any particular party when they have gone astray.

    Se kuca?

  26. LUVfiji Says:

    I find it rather amusing how IB and his tau JW only seem address each other in majority of their posts. Hmmm…

    At least I know now I have to breeze right past them!

    Blog on, guys!

  27. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Hey wassup wassup LuvFiji!! Kua kua ni vaqori gonei!! You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve not been actively blogging….mostly reading and following very closely everyones contributions.

  28. LUVfiji Says:

    Iee.. dou bula vinaka na Marama Naita! Segai, na i vukivuki talega ni yamata-vuni ‘qori! But ’tis good to see you back online with us, a-N.

    Am just stirrrring things up with my Turaga nite, IB! Yeah, he’s a great contributor. Totoka na intelligence ni delta vi ratou na Ministry of F/A ! Ko la na pillow talk ‘ya me vakaceuti tale mada.

  29. patience Says:

    It was apparent over the weekend that the goonies took the govt issue laptops home and went to town trying to entice freedom bloggers to spout racist comments and confuse themselves. Thankfully this tactic did not succeed. The army goons aim has always been to demoralise and defeat psychologically the freedom bloggers. But we are not easily fooled.

    The lull in IG rhetoric shows their continued effort to find ways to continue to coverup their thieving, bad governance and corruption, as they feed on the nation.

    Budhau and the goons were not blogging for a long time because they were assured of court victory, while hope for vindication from the courts built up within SV and the resistance.

    The goons are back now, but not defending the flawed, intellectually dishonest judgment. Nor are they crowing over their victory, as would usually be expected. They are collectively holding their breaths, hoping the people of Fiji will accept the judgment, accept the coup, accept the charter and the new “legal” foundation post December 2006.

    Just as the Fiji courts took the bold step in 2001 to declare Bainimarama’s abrogation of the Constitution as ineffective/unlawful; the courts have turned 180 degrees in the other direction to legitimise a coup that brought to power a gaggle of judges who have long hungered for control of Fiji’s judiciary – finally, our own kangaroo courts!

    The illegal regime now continues the song and dance it led us on the last 2 years – playing for time, to prolong their hold on power. Logically, we know they dare not hold elections, given the poor charter response, they would not hold on to power through the legitimate constitutional way of getting control of the country’s governance – elections. So that is one truth – no elections. The charter process, political dialogue process, are all just vehicles to play for time. Every time a vehicle (like anti corruption, charter, dialogue forum etc) run out of steam, they quickly jump onto another vehicle, all to take our attention, raise our hopes and keep us docile – meda vakawelei tiko kina.

    With each vehicle/slogan [Anti-Corruption cleanup, Good governance, Charter, Anti-racism, Political Dialogue], the attention of the people of Fiji is kept docile – while nepotism rises, any amount of overseas trips, leave backpay, new uniforms, more guns and ammunition is bought, continue under our noses. And its about dominating the newspaper headlines, controlling the national debate, including on the blogs. Each new slogan/vehicle/process is fueled, fed, press releases, press conferences are held and the people are docile once more while the RFMF continues to deepen its hold on the nation – it is now ‘normal’ for soldiers to walk around police stations, normal for promulgations to control our lives, normal for soldiers to go into schools with charter teams, into our villages, our community halls, our homes, to make us sign the charter. Slowly, inch by inch, our rights and freedoms are taken, our attention bought with a few press stunts, have Bainimarama spewing or silent, as is appropriate, while Fiji continues to sink into social and economic abyss.

    So the key is to recognise the way that RFMF propaganda and strategies have been trotted out and fed to us. And to remain certain of our convictions and our realities, what the law and morals actually say is right.

    Not to let the conversation or the parameters of the discussion dictated by the illegal regime.

    We can look back and see the long term planning that led to the ‘victory’ in the high court – and the same path was set long ago by forcing the appeal judges to resign and appoint the new lackey judges to the appeal court. SDL must go through the notions, but the result of the appeal will be another loss for SDL.

    It is a plan they’ve been hatching since long before the coup –
    envisaging a court that would rule to legitimise the coup and they hope, lead to acceptance of the coup/charter etc. Especially if through the political dialogue the IG is able to maneuver SDL to give up their legal rights and accept electoral reform/charter process. SDL can attend dialogue on “without prejudice” basis (ie without giving up legal rights including appeal against Gates ruling). Q is once inside the dialogue, how do they get any concessions from FB without giving up those rights. So we can ask – what the use of attending the dialogue if the result is pre-determined – but SDL have no choice but to attend, or be the ‘bad guy’ for refusing to talk.

    At the same time, the illegal regime is willing to rejoin Pacific Forum Working Group and processes. But remember – the regime wants to amend the WG terms of reference – guess again how long that will take!

    So IG is hedging all its bets – making motions to start dialogue, in
    principle rejoining FFWG in principle. Going through the motions/playing for time…. or are they for real. For two years, they’ve successfully played the nation, playing for time, telling us wait, wait, wait for it. While demanding their own way, the charter way, the ncbbf way.

    Its critical for us to occasionally step back from the detail of the day to day press statements of the regime and see the patterns of behaviour. They don’t want elections, can’t risk it. They’ve got used to the bigger salaries, allowances, removed themselves from the brink of bankruptcy, they ain’t giving up all the power anytime soon. But they have to go through the motions of reporting the baby steps they make towards elections and hide the huge steps backward to prevent it through the government machinery.
    So thats all it is bloggers, in my view. Lets not get our hopes up for any progress anytime soon. See Zimbabwe, Burma, they’ve limped along, scraped along for years, no matter what the international community or its population think. The one time Mugabe allowed elections and relaxed his grip on control, the people voted against him – thats after 20 years+ of dictatorship.

    The only things we can control – our non-participation in the charter, our children and our neighbours/community members – lets talk to them. Lets talk to our relatives in the rfmf and get them to leave, cut ties, or they’ll continue to be tied to this murderers and thieves. As time goes by, the rfmf will get more and more desperate to hold on to power. They now have powers to promulgate any law/immunity they want – the sky is the limit, till Fiji is run dry, they will hold on to power as long as they can.

    In the meantime, the regime is desperate to show its acceptance. Lets keep them desperate for our signatures, our attendance at their events and charter farter forums. They want to change the perception in the international community that all is well and hunky dory in Fiji. Lets push the levers that we do control – that is our PEOPLE POWER bloggers. Court judgments by tainted judges, a promise to convene a political forum, is all just PR to get us the people to approve their thieving regime!!

  30. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you patience a very well written post. I am going to print it out and will read it everytime I become impatience and am down in the doldrums.

    My advice to other bloggers is to do the same.

    While we make a strong stand I don’t think the international community will accept the Regime.

    All we need to do is be patience and allow them to self destruct. Our time will come.

  31. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji and aubatinuku-N Drau bula na Marama. I was in fact responding to Naita Dauvavana and Tau JW happened to agree. Fully realise you are joking, but was I glad JW menioned the SV position because I had missed it completely.

    LUVfiji – Nite have you heard about the in-house PSC battles going on between ex BMS powers that be and the ex ACS-OGs being used for target practice? I hear many former Waimanu Kui Princeses are fuming about the treatment handed out to their old school colleuges. Thus the pillow talk revenge.

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    @Island Boy – thanks for the understanding there, Turaga Nite!

    Never heard of PSC katikati. Please spill… Some ACSOGs think they’re God’s gift to this country. They seem to have this fancy idea that only they deserve the limelight. Any promotion that isnt ACSOG always seem to be frowned upon by them. So artificial! Sorry, if y’re a fan.

    The pillow talk revenge? Talaucaka mai eke!

    Pity though about Ratu Finau completely losing his position in the civil service after failing to meet the deadline for the Washington posting.

    WTF is next??

  33. natewaprince Says:

    LUVfiji, what was he supposed to go and do in the states?.He was previously the roving ambassador to the Pacific,but I didn’t see him roving around Suva,let alone the Pacific.

    We all know that he is sick and I can’t imagine why they won’t let him recuperate peacefully.At least someone has woken up and put an end to all the bullshit.

    This country does not have an obligation to provide employment to Rt Mara’s kids.

  34. Jone Says:

    Ratu Finau knows very well what he is doing. He refuses to be a part of this regime. He did tell them right from the beginning but they refused to heed since it serves their agenda to give the appearance of unity. And he knew his term with PSC would be terminated AND TOOK IT by giving up Washington. Good for us. He never was a part of this crooked deal. Now the truth.

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    @NP – Jone above has just about answered it for me. I heard the same.

    Sobo; he was ‘roving’ around Suva just the other day. Was at Enquire (Suva Central) when he walked in. He sat with us for a chat. He’s not as bad as we all think! C’mon.. give him a break!

  36. LUVfiji Says:

    .. E s quire !!

  37. Isalei Says:

    The IG Mara loyalists wanted to hold on to Rt Fi for as long as they could with the manouverings of his older sisters and their hubbies who thought they could get him out of the way so they and Ului could have a free willy over matters Lauan. Unfortunately it did not work out that way as RtFi could not be moved..for reasons best known to himself.

  38. Ablaze Says:

    @ Isalei while Ratu Finau is around – he is the thorn in their midst. Ului and his sisters want him out of the way so Ului could be the next Tui Lau.

    I think sometimes Ratu Finau makes out to be vague, it is the way in which he copes.

    Just imagine if he was like his brother Ului – he would be the Tui Nayau now and those sisters would be gloating. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  39. Isalei Says:

    Very true @Ablaze, real thorn in their side, he’s never seen eye to eye with his siblings, and never approved of what bothi bro Ului is up dragging the province into the stupid charter and the Provincial council meeting “coup”. The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed!! All their efforts to no avail as RtFi, give him some credit, “knows” they are quietly planning another “coup” behind his back. A coup on top of a coup over another coup…inherited legacy perhaps?

  40. Budhau Says:

    JW wrote, “I think the recent post by SV which states the evolvement of this blog from trying to topple this illegal regime to now extending to keeping future elected governments accountable and transparent echoes your sentiments”

    Now you guys are talking – the IG – you give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. The more important thing is what happens after this military regime is gone?

    So move away from this SDL – and find some quality Fijian leadership – and we know that its out there. You saw how the SVT just faded away it time for the SDL to go the same route.

    The next democratically elected Fijian administration must be very different from what we have had in the past.

    It is time to move on.

  41. LUVfiji Says:

    Bud.. my thoughts are EXACTLY the same!

    In fact I had already stated this in an earlier thread. We do NOT need Qarase back! The man has failed us miserably. Why bring him back? He will only return with the same lot that gave him wrong advice. Qarase handed the country directly into the hands of the military. With all honesty, I DO NOT want to see him returned as leader.

    No.. no.. no.. to LQ! Not him; not any of those he worked with.

    The people of this country deserve a new brand of leaders. And they are out there!!

    Thanks Budhau! For once I totally I agree with you.

  42. orion Says:

    Luvfiji.. would that include others as well? perhaps more so to people like chaudhary for eg who has been present in all the parliaments (apart from the military) when coups took palce (87,2000, 2006). He has been at the leadership position of his party in those times. The FLP, krishna dut and dr baba etc must also be included. These are not innocent bystanders and they should also be duly considered if your way of resoning is to be considered.

  43. ispy Says:

    LUVfiji, in 2006 LQ was faced with circumstances no PM should have to deal with.

    He was facing a treasonous military commander.

    No amount of politking could have saved the country once Bainimarama had decided to take over Fiji… and he had already decided this as early as March 2005.

    LQ and his peeps tried to do the best they could given the circumstances… but as you say it appears that LQ failed us.

    LUVfiji trust me, it only appears that way.

    He did in fact try every option available to him to rid himslef of Bainimarama (but this guy was like a cockroach – he just wouldn’t go away).

    They tried sacking him (twice).

    They refused to renew his contract (but he brought a pistol to the negoitating table).

    They promoted him to Rear Admiral and recommended his appointment to the UN (but he got rejected by UN becuase he was grossly underqualified)

    When all elese failed, they even tried to takevoer of the RMFM through Col Saubulunayau (and the President had even endorsed this plan).

    In the end, all attempts failed and Bainimarama prevailed.

    Having gone through all that – I seriously doubt LQ even wants to return to power.

  44. Budhau Says:

    Orion, why don’t you let the Fijians decide on their leaders and let the others take care of their own problems.

    I think the Fijian people have already spoken – by letting this military treat Qarase like crap – the Fijian people have already spoken by refusing to intervene.

    If Qarase really had clean hands, I am positive that the vanua would not have let anyone treat Qarase like the military has.

    So when you talk about justice – that is justice for you. Chaudary will also get what he deserves, let the FLP or the Indians decide on that.

    The Fijian people know who is innocent and who is not – it is just that in the past they have willing to overlook what the Ratus and the elite were doing – no more.

  45. Budhau Says:

    the Problem was not FB taking on Qarase. The problem was Qarase messing up this country from 2001 to 2006 – why don’t you talk about that. How the Ratus, the elite and the SDL sponsored got rich during this period and Qarase did very little for the common Fijian or for the country.
    If I was with SDL I would also have wanted to buy a fleet of vehicles and rent it to the PWD, of be a supplier of Agricultural equipment.

    ..and you are right – Qarase promoting FB – wtf – the dude was incharge of 3 or four boats out on the water – and they wanted him to go lead some land force for the UN – now that’s Qarase for you.

    Qarase’s problem was those scams – Ag scam, the PWD scam, the cost overruns of various projects and all that.

    The scamming days are over. The only thing left for Qarase is to ask for forgiveness.

  46. Dauvavana Says:

    Ganddodhau fuck off and talk about Indians deciding a leader for them to replace your conniving thief and father chodo.

    We the Taukei will decide who is our leader and do not need you smelly opinion.

  47. Budhau Says:

    Duana – I am sure you will decide who your leader will be – but one thing is for sure – the Fijian people have already decided that it ain’t gonna be Qarase.

    If the Fijians saw Qarase as their leader – they would not let the military, or anyone else walk over him – the Fijian people are not cowards. The only reason they have not stood up for Qarase is because Qarase behaved like a kaisi – thats why.

  48. Budhau Says:

    You would agree that the Fijian people, the vanua, would never let anyone who has treated the vanua well be treated like what has happened to Qarase
    So why do you think the Fijian people have allowed to let Qarase be treated like this.

    You know why – because they can see that what Qarase did is what a Kaisi does. If Qarase had done the people right – they would have been out there in the streets of Suva.

    If Qarase’s behavior was not a Kaisi-like behavior – you give me one good reason why the Fijian people abandoned him – and please do not insult the Fijian people.

    Now ..talking about my sex life – that Asha women, no too old for me. to that “please speak on Indian issues’ …I think this is not a Indian or Fijians issue – it is a national issue.

  49. IslandBoy Says:

    @ispy – I beg to disagree. May I suggest a little more in depth research before you issue approval certificates. Here is a little story for this morning.

    More than ten years ago, at a very popular tournament on the IRB circuit, one of the more famous international Fiji reps, playing on the international circuit was injured in the finals and was bedridden after returning from hospital.

    That evening, another of the players who is a born again Christian asked me not to go to the gala event marking the end of the tournament so that we could keep the injured player company and help him bathe, have his dinner and pack his stuff as we had an early departure the next morning and long back to back flights to come home.

    When we finished everythng and we were having room service dinner, we wered discussing the various coaches and managers in terms of their management style and I must admit, also their personalities.

    When I asked the injured guy what he thought of manageent team a as compared to team b (he played for both combos) he said:

    “Naita – o rau ya (1 + 2) duidui nodrau style ni butako, o rau qo (3 +4) duidui nodrau style ni choro, dua ga na vanua e tini kina, da vakaloloma na liga ni veiqaravi tu era.”

    I have never forgotten his simple words of wisdom.

  50. IslandBoy Says:

    @Budhau – I have never responded to you in the past, but I will just this once. Before that let me just say that I am not an LQ or SDL supporter.

    And this responses is a word of very personal advice I share with you handed down and very closely observed in my family. – ” Never ever ever call anybody, of any race in Fiji or elsewhere KAISI.”

    Any Fijian with a smidgen of common sense and a real understanding of the word you use, will immeditaley realise it speaks volumes more about the you than the person you are calling out.

  51. Budhau Says:

    IslandBoy – if you go read my post above – it refers to “Kaisi-like” behavior” – there is a difference between calling one a Kaisi and saying that one behaves like a Kaisi.

    The point here was – why have the Fijian people decided to not stand up to this regime.

    If Qarase had treated the Fijian people well – I am sure they would be out there for him in the streets of Suva – Now, that is a complement of the Fijian people because the Fijian people would never allow someone who has sttod up for them to be treated like this at the hands of the military.

    So why have they not come out in full force in support of Qarase – My educated guess is that Qarase has not treated the Fijian people well and they now realize it – he has behaved in a manner that the Fijian people do not appreciate – thus the reference to the Kaisi-like behavior.

    You do get the difference, and the line of reasoning. Do you have a better reason as to why the Fijian people have not supported Qarase in his time of need.

  52. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandoooodhau so you think the Fijian silence is a rejection against Qarase?

    There is just a simple solution to that. Tell you step father Voreqe Bainivuaka to call an election tomorrow.

    As for calling Qarase a Kaisi I have this to say to you Qarase has never been convicted of any crimminal offence and does not have a marital problem. All he has copt is wild accusation from your father chodo and others. He has always stood tall and never even raise his voice in a conversation. A true sign of a gentlemen compared tou those that think they are turaga like your mothers lover Naulukau!!

    Now let’s compare your father chodo:

    1. The whole world knows he was charged and sentence for manslaughter
    2. The whole wordl knows he stole the Haryana money meant for poor cane farmers
    3. The whole world knows that you and your father chodo share the same mistress called one Asha Lakhan

    Now these are indeed tell tale signs of someone who is of low caste, picked up from the back sewers of Culcutta to be a girimitaya in Fiji and his behaviour speaks volume of his stock. In Fijian, a real Kaisi!!!

    Now we the people of Fiji are not treating Qarase badly. He, as a gentlemen has gone so out of his way to avoid inciting Fijians to rise up violently against this bunch of illegal thieves, your father included, now holding this great country to ransom.

    You, your father chodo. bainivuaka are living on borrowed times because time is on our side. We can wait five, ten, twenty years but goodness will defeat evil over time and that has never ever been proven wrong in the history of human civilisation.

    btw you worry about leadership of your Indian kind and leave us Fijians to choose our own leaders so fuck off back to Daddy and suck on his balls somemore because the more you post in here the more you reveal that you are totally mesmerised and controlled by Chodo. Isn’t it time you break away and start making your own decisions? There are more pussys out there then Asha’s one which you dada throw to you every now and then after he’s finished with it. A true actions of KAISI and ANIMALS!!!


  53. Budhau Says:

    You idiot, I did not call Qarase a Kaisi – I used the word three times in the above two posts in question – I am talking about a Kaisi-like behavior.
    Now I will call you a dumbass – and you can quote me on that.

    Chaudary was convicted for failing to stop after a traffic accident – you idiot.
    So Chaudary stole Haryana money – now compare that with the plundering that went on under Qarase’s watch.

    As for Chaudary’s extra-marital affairs – you want me count how many illegitimate children of the Ratus are running around Suva, of how many wifes did they have. Now would you call that a Kaisi-like behavior.

    BTW – in history we learned that one of the Vunivalu’s of Bau had the Tui Nayau ambushed and killed – do you remember what the reason was for this killing – this has nothing to do with one guy making out with the wife of the other – was it?

    So you – this extra-marital screwing around – that not Kaisi like behavior – I just just thought they were all lucky old buggers.

    So Duana, you gotta go back to school – figure out some critical thinking stuff – than come up with some good argument.

  54. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandhooo the issue here is Qarase compared to your father chodo.

    Stick to that and stop trying to weave and duct and manipulate words.

    Don’t ever say he has kaisi like behaviour, it is your father chodo who is known trhough out the world for kaisi like behaviour and we know his roots. His grandfather and therefore yor ancestors were untouchanle (kaisi) from Haryana with no hope in life except become slaves girimitayas and come to plant sugarcane in Fiji. Then your grandfather was a bus driver. We all know what bus drivers are like, they own two of the wheels and the owner owns too and mots bus drivers have mistresses.

    So people must not be surprise that Chodo stole the sugarcane farmers money and has a mistress because that is just aping the behaviour of kasi from the slums and sons of bus drivers.

    and my other point, if the Fijans have rejected Qarase, then call an election immediately and we shall settle that issue once and for all.


  55. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – KEMUNI NA TURAGA QAQA!

  56. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita IB, ni vosota ke baci sika vakaveitalia na weli. Kila ga o keitou na bati ni sa baci curu beka na yalo ni via kana tamata.

    Baci tabaka cala sara la o la qo na noqui bulukau e na mataka e dai sa dua na ka me via mai vosa me baleti keda nai Taukei. I hate that patronising attitude from others about us.

    Me bau vosa madaga e na ka e baleti ratou na nona ko ra kasa mai Nasilai.

    Meratou a se vakacirimi ratou lesu sara la o ratou na nom

  57. Dauvavana Says:

    sorry IB continuing from above………….”o ratou na nomudou qase e na gauna koya mai Nasilai”

  58. Dauvavana Says:

    OK lunch time………………Gandoo you can play with yourself for now while I check our Singhs Curry House…………..nice duck curry there.

    See you in an hours time………toodles!!

  59. Isalei Says:

    Buda, never ever say that word “kaisi” among Fijians, whether its behaviour or whatever. It will always boomerang back to the one who use it! No Fijian worth his salt and knows his rank in the grand scheme of the Fijian social structure whether turaga, sauturaga, bete, bati, etc can ever say that word to a fellow Fijian coz it will reflect back as “uncultured, uncouth and viavialevu. You dont use the world if you have class! Just be grateful you are not a dalit begging on the streets of Delhi or in the slums of Mumbai! Life could be worse for you.
    I too am not a SDL but if LQ stands for elections again today, I tell you he will win it no matter what you trying to brainwash the Fijians with. People now have more sympathy for him than pre-2006 elections. He has more class than the nutty no school pig now posing as prime minister. Time will tell where they both end up. As for LQ, certainly not in Naboro! That’s reserved for your precious and your lot!

  60. Ablaze Says:

    @LUVfiji – I was perplexed when I read that you had agreed with Budhau perplexed me.

    Under any circumstances we must not agree with Budhau. It has been mentioned time and time again that Budhau visits the blog because he is on a mission. He blows in like a hurricane to stir, discover and realize worthwhile information for the Regime. At times he may seem he is saying the right thing but that is only for their benefit.

    He has nothing to contribute but to get the bloggers talking about their needs and wants, takes it back to the Regime to implement it for the public. In other words what you want is what the Regime wants for Fiji. He visits the site to suss you out! The problem here is not for us but for them because everything they do is illegal. Observe when certain things happen, Budhau will take it lightly or ignore it. eg the High Court Judgement, here he tells you that SDL should just accept it so should you. He and LUVfiji know very well that you do not favour any party, all you are fighting for is Vilisi’s Banner, “Democracy Justice For All. We support the Qarase’s SDL because he was the Democratic Parliamentary elected Govt by the people for the people. He has every right to be there! Nothing more, nothing less.

    Fiji Lawyer Graham Leung’s discussion overseas is a big win for our fight but Budhau completely ignores it only to say that perhaps Qarase should have hired Mr Leung as his lawyer in his case against Bainimarama. People with the calibre of Mr Leung with status in Fiji and overseas is a big thorn in their side.

    Sustainability is the buzzword at the moment!

    I should hope Solivakasama’s aim is a sustainable development to meet the needs of the people without compromising the ability of Fiji’s future generations to meet their own needs.

    On the other hand sustainability to the Regime is to enhance their needs while preserving the constitution so that it legalises their needs and wants for not only the present but for their future.

    We are the winners here not Budhau or the Regime. The Regime it seems came into power with no plans for the nation and are trying this, trying that and insisting that everything their do or say is right. It may be right but it is not legal and never will be legal unless their work within the Constitution. “We all know what happens to them if they do that.”

  61. natewaprince Says:

    Vinaka Duana,rabocaki koya.

    Hey Bud you boci,why do you keep trying to run Qarase down.You ask why we let this regime treat LQ the way they are doing?The answer is,we’re not.

    But if that pea-brain pig and his goons were to put their guns down,we’de round them up like a pack of rabid dogs that they are,and skin them alive.They’re just a bunch of cowards ra veicai.

    When we receive our weapons which is arriving soon from abroad,we’ll make these fuckers tremble in their boots.I hope they’re reading this.And your daddy Chodo will be the first snipers target.

  62. Islandgal Says:

    Sa rauta! No more Qarase. We don’t want any of those LQ govt back. Sa sivia na lasaituba with that govt. Sa rauta mata na kauti Viti ki perdition.

    What happened in Niue@ Ross Ligairi? Wailei, he is one short arrogant man. His sons aren’t any better either. Sivia na vakadinadina. Viavia vutuniyau. Tabani regime promotion then demotion. Isa! His wife is another show off just like the Mara siblings without the ADI RATU business attached.


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