An Alien from Mars drops in and throws around her two cents worth

Got this email a few days ago and have inserted my reaction in blue fonts.

I had initially thought your site was about publishing the comments of those for and against the current sit. in Fiji – obviously I was wrong (Read the archived articles and comments Blind Freddy). Your site is an extremely racist one which does not do the people of Fiji any justice (and turn a blind eye at the cultural and racial genocide being discretely proposed by the one sided Farter Charter).
Perhaps you should ask yourself if Fiji is truly the way the world should be? That was a tourism slogan prior to the first coup in 1987, the only people bringing it back now are those morons in the NCBBF as part of their wool over our eyes attempt at fooling us. A group of racist and bigoted people who cannot allow or live with other racial groups in harmony.
I have been a visitor to your shore many times and recently decided to settle here. No one would welcome you with this patronising attitude of yours. It was merely by chance that I stumbled across your site. Well I am flaterred your majesty (NOT!) At first I had thought that your site was merely echoing the voices of the grassroot people. (If Vilisi Nadaku also known as Blogger Tui is not grassroot, then I must be a one legged breakdancer) I am now convinced otherwise.
When I first came to Fiji, an Indian man told me about the mentality of Fijians and how easily they were decieved by their leaders (SV says: Fijians threw out their leaders at the ballot box when they do not deliver, ask Rabuka, Ratu Mara, etc. whereas the Indians have been stuck with Chod through thick and thin since 1999 even after stealing millions from FLP instigated Charity Drive). I had at the time put it down simply as a racist statement and disregarded it. After reading a little more of your sites contents, I was shocked at the racial overtones from some of your commentators and the foolish statements by Tui Savu (I don’t know what is foolish about Tui Savu’s comments when all he did and keeps on doing was raise the legal issues involved so we can look at things from a legalistic angle and she needs to highlight the racial overtones in those comments to prove her point).
The questions you need to ask yourself and your readers, should you have the courage to publish this are as follows (we have no hesitation in publishing not like your interim illegal thieves of a government that heavily sensor anything against them):
Why are your readers so racially inclined and spend their time spewing racial venom throughout your blog instead of suggesting logical methods to take the country forward (shaista you need to get off the weeds and read all the suggestion that has been thrown round in here)?
Why are you still living in the days when the coup had taken place? Is it trauma or psychological shock that has lead you to create a sick website such as yours so you can wallow in the events of December everyday?
Why are you preventing a reasonable debate of articles on your site (well its reassuring that like me she just skips right past Budhau and Jone Veikoso’s comments and pathetic attempts to provide a rebuttal as they are not worth reading) and allowing only those who seek to inflame the racial issues to post comments and articles?
Why did you not support the pro-democracy activist Vilisi when he campaigned for democracy? Why did you choose to hide yourselves behind the veil of the Internets anonymity instead of standing beside him to help his cause? (Because we are dealing with murderer’s that have no respect for basic human rights)Does this decision of yours not show proof of your hypocrisy? No! Its the Chandrika Prasad case compared to the recent one by the same Gates that is just one of the millions of example of hyprocracy by your lot.
Why do you not form a political party and take your issues to the current regime or at least make some attempt to neogtiate a way forward with them? Because the majority of us voted for the SDL that Party already represents our views you idiot.
If you had to choose between a corrupt, financially stricken nation and a nation where there is financial stability and your children can look forward to having a better tomorrow, which would you and your misguided members choose? Show us a successfully prosecution of one of Qarase’s government member for corruption and lets compare them with the unaudited Regimental Fund, the 30 years back pay of Bainivuaka’s annual leave plus his top military officers (illegal under government standing orders) and not to mention the unresolved CRW murders. How about the house bought on cash at Howell road and now occupied by Sale and Ruby (Vore’s daughter).
I sincerely hope that you will find the courage (that little thing which you lost a long time ago and now put on a facade about how you plan to take down the regime) to publish this article and answer the questions as well as let your readers answer the questions (Go through the archives and you will see that whenever any of your coniving thieves sends us a posting/put up an argument affirming the illegal thieves running (and ruining) our beautiful country we always gladly publish it (except they are very rare indeed to come by) so we can gladly shoot it down with our counter arguments.
Noob Saibot

SV says this moron is  an idiot. A parachute journalist  at her best that drops into Fiji and becomes an expert overnight or it could be Shaista on a high with purple haze.

kutu (on behalf of SV Team)


54 Responses to “An Alien from Mars drops in and throws around her two cents worth”

  1. RAV4 Says:

    Noob Saibot does not sound like an “idiot” or a “moron” or “patronising” to me. She is voicing her opinion which she is entitled to and is being very objectionable. There is nothing wrong with that. She has also raised some interesting points. I think it was only a matter of time before someone unrelated to Fiji was going to make that kind of comment. Instead of criticizing the woman, I think there should have been a more diplomatic response to her mail. That should have been the more respectable way to go
    (someone outside of Fiji or within Fiji, regardless). As she had stated, she had gone through some of the bloggs and has stated how she feels about it. Regardless of how much she has gone through, the message is clear and it would be wise if the SV team follow up on that. I personally think the kind of response posted above should not be repeated. This is just my opinion.

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    Could this be another ” lele ” ?

  3. Linus Says:

    Kutu, you were just too polite to that child of the pig; man the author of that letter spouts more crap than Budhau and Lele put together!!

  4. Jon Jon Says:

    Talk abot the blind mice chases the blind mice, no wonder the cat ate the dog!!! If this women can find the answer to this riddle then i will be happy as larry!!!

  5. Jon Jon Says:

    I think this women is a local person, probably another green goon tryin to act like an alien. She doesn’t sound like a foreigner wid dat type of name. No wonder its a bllind mice note!!!

  6. Jon Jon Says:

    She must have forgotten that no matter which country u in, there will always be rascist from one end of the earth to another.. At least we just be vocal on this blog instead of goin out of the street n beating up other races.. deh!!! wake up dog!!

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    This seems just another ploy to take every ones mind off reality .
    None of the coups have ever been race issues , we’re all the same race anyway ! The human race ! Though from different tribes .
    The reality is that people are hungry for money , power , notoriety and recognition .
    So , don’t be distracted folks .

  8. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The country is corrupt now.

    Fiji weren’t bankrupt UNTIL now.

    Who told you that the problems are Indians and Chinese ? Learn this now and learn it well The trouble is the Fiji Military Forces. Republic of Fiji Military Forces/ these are the problems for the Fijians, Indians, Chinese, and all other races living in the country and abroad. The racial cry is used by those of you who can not face the facts and the facts is that the grassroots multiracial groups co exist peacefully because Fijians are an easy going people. But that is not to say that you will not get the much deserved mud royally smeared on your face. Respect begets respect.

    The ways to move the country forward has been suggested countless times; most prominent of which is for you to form your Political Party with Bainimarama as your leader given your manifesto is your charter and take the country to the polls. You do believe strongly in your charter contents being the way forward for the country yes?

    Who is stopping you

    Go to the Polls as you promised and trust that the people will give you their seal of approval in those polling booths

    Economic recovery will begin after election WITH you at the helm being blessed by the people’s mandate to look after their affairs and put your charter — Your manifesto into action.

    The only people who are standing in your way is you. The only people who refuse to take that charter to the polls are you. The only people who hold all the cards are you. You have the guns. We don’t. You can do any old thing you darn well please. And you stand there pointing at us; who have nothing at all as the bad guys?

    You must be sniffing something.

  9. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    And something else

    Who told you we do as our chiefs tell us?

    Which Fiji and which era are you referencing ?

  10. Tim Says:

    Mr Tobias Boon:
    Fiji quite obviously isn’t the way the world should be – it’s a dream – its more like the way the world could have been – and nobod in here pretends otherwise, except those that support this illegal regime.
    The racial outbursts might just be because people are frustrated. Frustrated at a regime that pretends to have Fiji’s best interests at heart, but then proceeds to systematically destroy every and all indigenous institutions.
    Why do YOU choose to hide yourself behind the Internet’s anonymity?. You have far less to loose than most of those that post in here.
    Equally I might ask, why to you choose to post your supercilious opinionated remarks on here and offer a superficial analysis of what has happened on the basis of a few touchdowns at Nadi – no doubt along with a few night’s stay at some touristy resort where the staff waited on you hand and foot for minimum wage while they flashed their pearly white teeth and made you feel good.
    I’m picking you are not racist – because I bet you lay claim to some of your best friends being Fijian!.
    The day you return, publicise your presence, speak out against an undemocractic and facist regime, and offer some assistance in the public domain – subject to the same beatings, murders, poverty, unemployment, and all the other bullshit that has gone on over the past two years – then people might take you seriously.

  11. soro Says:

    First I smell a kalavo – what kind of a ridiculous name is “Noob Saibot” ?

    If you spell it backwards it spells what might really be a real name ….. TOBIAS BOON.

    So I asked my son who is into Xbox games or what they call it … and he said this to me :

    The name is actually a refference to one of the people involved in the creation of a game named Tobias Boon.

    Noob Saibot is a character in the fighting game series “Mortal Kombat” series who is actually sub-zero from the original game in spectre-form and now serves as the leader of the shadow clan as one of shao khans extermination squads. Noob Saibot is also known to be a flaming homo, as are his followers.

    So , what do we have but a Bullshit letter and a bull shit email sent to Soli from one of the green goons pretending to be an overseas person.

    Tobo o Noog Omoh (aka – Homo Goon) 🙂 🙂

  12. Budhau Says:

    Hey Kutu – you would have looked even better if you had published this piece without your comments – I don’t think you have to answer to idiots like this one. I am sure the regular folks in here would have torn apart this person arguments.

    BTW – I agree with most of what you had to say – this is a pro-democracy site – and certain amount of pro-Fijian comments are to be expected – and some folks venting their anger do have a tendency to take out their anger against the Indians – a perceived enemy, but that is to be expected. After all this military removed a government that had the overwhelming support of the indigenous people.

    …and Ablaze – you see why you should not go around deleting my posts – even those that you don’t like – so that idiots like this author above can’t blame SV to not allowing the other side not having their say…..and no, I did not send that email.

    That remark about some Indian person telling this woman some anti-Fijian crap.

  13. Ablaze Says:

    This Nooba Gooba Saibot is such bullshit he craps all over himself.

    Budhau second thoughts stay with us because you show us how desperate and worried you lot are.

    Got to give it to you – you are brave to show your face in here. Might have been an ounce of truth if Nooba Gooba had not mentioned Tui Savu.

    Good to see you blogging today Katalina.

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    Noob not worth the effort – NEXT!!!!

  15. Endurance Says:

    Trues Up Island Boy…..! Not worth giving it my 2c worth…NEXT!!

  16. FijiGirl Says:

    Boob Tobe-Ay-arse is definitely one of Chodopu$$y’s avatar’s.

    Probably some wet-behind-the-ears IT student in need of extra bucks who knows one of Chodo’$ cou$in-bro$.

    Definitely worth totally ignoring unless you feel like having a good laugh at how pathetic the illegal regime has become in trying to convince people they have a point (no matter how tangential, irrelevant or fabricated).

    Agree with Island Boy – NEXT!!
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  17. Midjikai Says:

    Spot on SV with your comments. This is just another of the ones trying their best to incite Fijians. Same book, different cover.
    Agree with the last two posts. NEXT!

  18. Adi Kaila Says:

    ra bai basika mai na tamata lamusona – mera lai mortal kombat kei ira na tevoro ra qarava tiko qai macala se ocei e kila se mate i liu.

    Line between reality and fantasy completely blurred, vataka na sona being mistaken for the mona.

    Typical of criminals – always imposing their beliefs of everything that goes against the rule of law on all and sundry.

    Well we haven’t changed our stance on this site – the ig is still illegal and full of the ignoramus. Gates’ ruling was illegal because he is not the legal cj – faux cj like his faux everything else – arsehole doesn’t know whether he’s arfa or marfa. He shouldn’t swallow too much as it’s contaminated what brain he had.

    Vaqara talanoa mai na tamata luveni boci mamare – kua sara e dua me sauma nona volavola va’ lialia.

    Have a jolly weekend My Loves – FREEDOM IS OURS!

  19. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Kutu has done the perfect job in answering the points of another wannabe….and MM is also correct it is just one of the coup supporters pretending to be another person (white settler) so that people may take his/her comments seriously.

    This lot never cease to amaze me with their childish attempts to give credibility to the illegal activities done by the Illegals.

    One can see is that they are trying to detach the coup of Dec 2006 from the the illegals of 2008. THEY ARE THE SAME LOT, first they murder, torture, they take away the peoples right, they steal, they brainwash, they abuse…..when nothing works …..their arguement now is engaging the idiots …..and taking Fiji Forward.

    Fiji cannot go forward with these idiots…..only backwards. Fiji will only go forward when legally elected, untainted people move the country forward.

  20. freedomfighter Says:

    New trial for fatal abortion accused

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    DOCTOR Sachida Mudaliar, who was jailed for manslaughter for the death of a tertiary student after an illegal abortion operation, has had his conviction quashed and granted a new trial.

    The court noted Dr Mudaliar was jailed for three years in 2006 and had completed his sentence.

    The Supreme Court ruled there was a miscarriage of justice by trial judge Justice Anthony Gates and the Fiji Court of Appeal, which failed to adduce fresh evidence from two overseas expert medical practitioners.

    The Supreme Court ordered a new trial because public interest required it but noted a key State would no longer be available to give evidence.

    Judges Keith Mason, Kenneth Handley and Mark Weinberg expressed concern at the miscarriage of justice.

    The court said the Appeals Court determined that whatever errors the trial judge may have made in his summing up were of no consequences.

    The judges said that was a surprising proposition because “both the Court of Appeal and this court have traditionally focused upon the directions given by the trial judges to assessors, when considering whether to permit a conviction to stand.”

  21. Nostradamus Says:

    So Gayts has been at it again, miscarriage of justice.
    Why is this azzhole chief justice? And what right does he have to make decisions about Fiji Citizens?
    Stick with top level professionals like Hughes and Perram, who have been recognized internationally for their integrity and brilliance, not perverts exploiting the Fiji landscape.

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    @ff its that puf injustcie gaytes again in a compromising position and I don’t mean his after hours activity but his professional credibilty is once again found absolutely wanting. A judge has never had so many of his cases overturned and criticised so much as this faggot. This would only mean that if his ruling against Qarase is challenged by a credible higher court it would be overuled. This puf judge is not worth the position he is holding. He is of the same cloth as those who put him there – all illegal.

  23. Cakau Says:

    Just got home – had a few bowls and the discussion was those that were benefitting from this coup.

    Someone said the green goons had to eat so who would be supplying them with all this food.

    I bet you wouldn’t guess because this place is where the diplomates and expatriates shop. Yes you guessed it now Joe’s Farm, Tamavua. Joe Farm may not sell their dalo and tapioca to the kavalagis but they definately sell to the Military.

    During Rabuka’s time they were buying from Michael and wife Sylvia Joe. Sa rauta me levu no drau e lavo. They say the house in Brisbane is a multi million dollar one. The kids attended private schools in Brisbane and Sylvia flies in and out like there is no tomorrow. If she is not in Fiji she is tripping off somewhere around the world.

    Lucky for some they do not suffer from the coup and life goes on. Take away the army money (taxpayers) and I wonder whether the money would still pour in.

    What I can’t understand is why doesn’t the Military plant their own kakanadina and shop where it is cheaper. Sa levu na want to be. Kana cheese tiko beka and red wine se champaigne tiko or Mere!

    So coup or no coup these two will not suffer any hardship.

    Sa yaga na golf ne Michael kei Sylvia.

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    Amazing , look at this guys face ! Not an ounce of shame on it !

  25. EnufDictatorship Says:

    An alien ka dina..not worth the attention he/she/they are getting at SV…oti ga qo..delete sara..she has had her 15mins of fame, now shot her to where she came frm..Mars, as suggested.

    Freedom is definitely ours…it’s only a matter of time.

    Vore’s hard-heart will only turn to a heart-attack…on one is immortal to live forever..o na galu mai Sakaraia!

  26. Save the Sheep Says:

    The comments by Noob Saibot are nothing short of patronising rubbish and I seriously doubt that they are from a while settler.

    As has been mentioned above, there are none more racist in Fiji than the Indian Community and none who play the race card more than the Indian community so lets get off the high horse here. If Fijians want to vent their frustration then here is as good a place as any for now.

    I for one would like to see more public displays of protest but as we all know that will just play into the hands of the Military and give them the reason they seek to entrench themselves even further.

  27. FijiGirl Says:

    Hey, you know, there is ONE good thing about Budhau being back.

    I see that SV’s hits is currently in the 800K mark. Well, with Budhau back on and riling everyone up, we’ll be in the Million Hits club in no time!

    So, Budhau, I know you are hired by the military or your uncle Chodokant, but you’re actually performing a service for the pro-democracy movement.

    God bless Fiji.

  28. Isalei Says:

    Names Tobias and Saibot reminds of the spoilers Tobiah and Sanballat the Arabian idol worshippers who attempted to spoil the efforts of Nehemiah the prophet to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. The campo green has become a voodoo camp for the worship of the devil himself, and its angels of darkness are Buda, Imroz, Ayrse, Shaista, Aziz, Rishi, and two names above, all Indian names after the idol/devils they worship. Christians up at the camp better wake and rise up or the burials will continue. Stop bowing to the devil worshippers or you will bear the wrath of the true GOD.

  29. natewaprince Says:

    Of course I’m racist.If an immigrant race is behind efforts to marginalise the Fijian race,then the nationalist streak in all of us will surface.

    So if this asshole thinks this site is racist,too bloody bad.Some people might even call it ”self preservation”,the preservation of the Fijian people.

  30. newsfiji Says:

    Yes, agree with you Natewa Prince…they can call us racist or whatever the fukc…we want to preserve and keep what is our God Given Right..

    Go to hell you bloody imposter! – Tobius Goon or whatever the fukc your name is!

  31. amazon Says:

    @ NP – I think u’re just a simple drama king, tring-a-ling-ling.

  32. FijiGirl Says:

    That’s it, amazon.
    You just keep right on goading us and watch the Hits on this site go through the roof.
    Soli Vakasama is already the most popular anti-regime blogsite on the entire web (specific to Fiji).
    You think you are serving your military masters but all you are doing is serving the pro-democracy movement.
    We are getting close to 1,000,000 hits!
    And you and your cousin-brother avatars are just keeping those hit rates cooking.
    Think you can beat us by a few stupid comments?
    Mate, people on the right side of Truth know how to take attacks like those and use them to our advantage.
    This medium is nothing like your guns, munitions and formations.
    You need brains to win on this battlefield and on those grounds you guys are ULTIMATE losers.
    Blog on to freedom, people.
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  33. natewaprince Says:

    Amazon’s an RFMF whore,

    Whose sex life is just a big bore,

    They call him a tramp,

    When they convoy him in camp,

    Which caused his big butt to be sore.

  34. amazon Says:

    Well, well, well @ FijiGirl – and how original.. The problem with asses like you is typically the big time ASS-UMPTIONS u make about any one who tends to differ to your views as being one of them green goonies. Coem to think of it, if I recall correctly on one of those blogs a longtime back, you appeared to hve suggested you had direct links to the military corp..hahaha.. u’re only confirming what I actually thought of you then – an embarrassment to all females in Fiji.. what a STUPIDGIRL.

    Hmmm.. ‘people on the right side of the truth’.. the TRUTH as you see it, huh? Buna, some of us hve been blogging long before you joined the PRO-DEMOCRACY movement, boiriri.. And tell me again what that REALLY means..?


  35. Adi Kaila Says:

    The racist ones are the ones who accuse us who discuss the illegality of the ig. So I ask – why the hell do you post racist comments here? SV doesn’t need you – YOU NEED SV – YOU NEED TO TRY TO FULFILL YOUR SICK MIND HERE WITH YOUR ILLOGICAL AND IRRELEVANT POSTS – YOU SICK ARSEHOLES CANNOT BELEIVE THAT FIJIANS ARE DEBATING CALMLY AND INTELLIGENTLY! HA! HA! HA! HA! Well we’ve outwitted you toby and modri and the rest of the pieces of shit who accuse the bloggers here of racism.

    How on earth can we be racist if we want the best for our country, to able to live in peace, in a democratic society where everyone is equal and not wrongfully arrested and subjected to brutality by the army and the police if we dare to question why the rule of law has been completely disregarded by the ig and why the ig persists in trying to impose their will on a Nation that does not want it?

    When indians in india accuse the pakistanis and vice versa of whatever are they the indians in india being racist or the pakistanis in pakistan being racist? No – so why accuse Fijians of being racist then?

    While noob siabot – how pathetic luveni ma’ai boom – raves on about racism did it find the meaning of racism from Toby on the internet like shamimi the masala blonde said she found her information when questioned in court by other legal eagles?

    Those of us who post here on Solivakasama discuss the current situation in Fiji because as anyone with an iota of commonsense knows, the ig is just that – ILLEGAL – no matter what the idiot gates verdict was – it’s his sordid attempt to legalise his position – he’s still an illegal cj – maybe he gets his info from Toby on the internet like his gal pal shyster.

    Could someone please find out what the bipolar pig has done with the ‘soft loan’ from China? Because everything is starting to look really really shabby, next thing we’ll read in the dailies that a truck has fallen into one of those craters on our so called roads.

    ***BTW have any of you noticed how the bipolar pig really resembles the pikini president, gusu jiji, vacant look (knock knock anyone home?) just waiting for the ninini to start.

  36. amazon Says:

    NP – be honest with yourself, aren’t you tired of hearing yourself say the same old thing over and over and over again..? Gee, and to think I HAD always expected more from you. Sad.

    Btw – pls stop deleting my posts or what it SOLIVAKASAMA for, huh?

  37. amazon Says:

    @ Adi Kaila – I hear yr frustrations and I sympathise but to an extent, although i absolutely agree with yr comment on that machiavelli judgment by that Qauri judge who has simply gone way out on a limb that he will never be able to find his way back. I just don’t wanna see that happening here unless it can’t be helped. And for the record, I am not Budhau or in any way remotely connected to him although I did extend my hand out to him sometime back but i guess he was too scared.. and then he ran off after Chodo snr got kicked out by the Military Council.

    I’m not going to start comparing Fiji to India or Pakistan because that’s obviously silly. But given what we have and where we are at this juncture, where do we want to go from here as a pro-democracy movement? But before we do that, I think we really need to be honest with ourselves as to what a ‘pro-democracy movement’ means to us, individually… because from what I’ve been reading here so far, that is really the key issue… and is precisely where some of us will have to part ways. It’s as basic as that, because in my mind, a strong resistance movement that is pro-democracy in very sense of the word, and that can easily emanate from blog sites such as SV, hve got to hve a strong foundation first because moving on and up would be a piece of cake once the premise that we stand on is SOLID. My 2c worth.

  38. FijiGirl Says:

    Amazon – Well, at least you know how to use the ‘search’ command on Google. Congratulations.
    I, like almost everyone else in Fiji with Fijian blood, have loads of close relatives in the military.
    If that’s what you are referring to as ‘direct links to the military’ then yes, I do and so do the rest of us.
    If you think that is ‘a big deal’ then you must be a foreigner, probably some techie, living somewhere like Malaysia, who has no actual ties to Fiji but is paid by the military to come onto this blog and take up space.
    You might have a few words of Fijian but those have probably been included in your briefing from the military.
    Your syntax is remarkably like that of a South or South-East Asian rather than someone from the islands.
    Some people like to pretend to be Fijian, but it really is something that cannot be faked. You either ARE, or you aren’t. You aren’t.
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  39. newsfiji Says:

    Vinaka Fiji Girl!

    Like Qarase’s policies, they were to enhance and improve the Fijian people’s standing in the business world – I don’t think that’s racist! Fuck, it is our country!

    If they don’t like it than bloody well piss off!

    Now, this idiot bainipyjamas has to come and pull it apart under the pretext of equality and fairness to all races in Fiji!

    It is not fair to us the indigenous people of FIJI you MORON!

  40. amazon Says:

    @ F-Girl – don’t flatter yourself buicarui! O cei mada vei kemudrau (you & NP) deleted my posts last night, huh?? Sa rui levu dina na vakamacala daidai jiko vei kemudrau. As I had said in one of my earlier posts, stop skirting around the REAL ISSUES THAT YOU BOTH HAVE NO ANSWER FOR!

    @ NP – u calling me an RFMF whore? hahaha… that’s ok since I realised u were really referring to your mother..

    Now, what’s wrong with the two of you? Can’t you handle the fact that I’m simply a full-blooded Fijian woman who will simply not stand for the BULLSHIT that constantly spouts out from both your mouths? And I’m here to stay sweethearts, you’ve given me reason to.. for as long as women like me are around, we’ll make sure that both of you and the likes of you will not get your way, ever. Sa maumau na vuli, both your stances has nothing to do with fighting for democracy but all to do with protecting yr vested interests by maintaining that status quo that only exists as a figment of your imagination..

    Btw twins, Budhau speaks more sense than the 2 of you put together.

  41. IslandBoy Says:

    @amazon – question please?

    Can you please re-state why you think SV is a racist wesbite? Sorry – I missed how you made that connection.

  42. amazon Says:

    Sorry IB, u’re asking me to ‘re-state’ something I didn’t state in the 1st place.. so please show me that connection u’re referring to. Look, it’s late, I need my beauty sleep, let’s continue this tomorrow. G’nite IB. Btw, great choice with Niko & Devanesh, the latter, a handsome dude with a body to die for is a bonus 🙂 Better stop there or Devanesh will be walking around with his head in Cloud 9 and chest all puffed out, for the rest of the week 🙂

  43. Ablaze Says:

    Hey IslandBoy Amazon came in here to stir trouble but never got anywhere.

    Sorry but Amazon gives me the creeps – at least Budhau is predictable!

  44. IslandBoy Says:

    @amazon – sorry if I read it/you wrong, I genuinely was trying to follow the arguments and though I missed out on how racism reared its ugly head. I was not able to follow how the discussion got to that point.

    To be honest with you, whenever I read comments that may appear racist, especially here on SV, I realise it stems from frustration and misunderstanding – a lot of which can be directly attributed to our lousy broke-arse third world leaders who thrive on playing the race card.

    BTW – Devenesh is a friend of mine and while he always looks like he stepped off the front page of GQ, his feet are firmly on the ground and the chest is all due to gym work, not pride.

    @Ablaze – easy now baby, don’t ever let anyone mess with your groove.

  45. Budhau Says:

    Amazon ain’t the enemy- you idiots, the gal is on your side….and NP is going around deleting her posts – same line of thinking as them goons – silence any one that you perceive as the enemy.

    Listen guys, anyone that disagrees with you is not necessarily part of the military cell that you keep talking about. And yes, there are are Indians that believe in you cause – and that Dr Lal ain’t one of them – all Dr Lal is here for is getting even with Chaudary.

    Newsfiji wrote, “Like Qarase’s policies, they were to enhance and improve the Fijian people’s standing in the business world”

    Yeah right – so after 30 plus years of Fijian government – how come the poor Fijians are where they are today – lets blame them Indos.

    There was a small group of privileged Fijian individuals who had been ripping of the Fijian people and the country – and they are the ones who play the race card – Indian as the bogey man – to get the common Fijians to look the other way while they plundered.

    …even this time around, Qarase knows that by blaming this on the Indians, the Fijians will unite behind him – good luck!

  46. Ablaze Says:

    Sounds fishy to me Budhau standing up for the big Amazon with unpredictable comments!

  47. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze – au segai ni dau wilika na vunau macawa nei rasi no qori e cake. Dua na ka rerevaki na veisau vakasauri ni mata ni cagi. Kauta mai na veilecayaki ena dela ni lecaika.

  48. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Amazon lady – sounds like she is in close association with the 2006 coup instigators and we all know who they are. No need to mention those names again.

    Amazon has a big heavy chip on her shoulder and so what if you’re a full blooded Fijian Female…..who gives a crap!!
    Somewhere along the line you sold your soul to the devil…..Where is your village, your province, who is your family if you really are Full Blooded Fijian Female??

    My my such big words from one random! Whoever you work for must get a kick from reading your rather feisty hormonally charged comments.

  49. natewaprince Says:

    Budhau lasulasu,boci.

  50. Wailei Says:

    @ Bud, agree with you on Dr. Lal and it is true.

  51. RAV4 Says:

    Kubu la vei Bhuddau, boci levu, qauri

  52. Ablaze Says:

    It always surprises me when we read comments that agree with people like Amazon, Budhau etc.

    The funny thing, these people agree but do not back their statement. It therefore leaves us thinking – where really does their loyalty lie.

    Time and time again we have been warned that people like Budhau etc are on a mission to change our way of thinking, understand what the Regime is doing and accept!

    All the Regime needs of us is to accept them.

    Please bloggers hang in there and think of Vilisi Nadaku, Graham Leung, these two have recently laid their lives on the line for Democracy, Justice For All. They livelihood was on the line, yet they demonstrated resistance to this Regime. Mr Leung has a business to run, yet his away overseas trying to fight for something we all strongly believe in and Mr Nadaku has a wife and 7 children to look after.

    The least we could do is stay with them and not give people like Budhau an ounce of hope.

  53. Fiji Forward Says:

    Katalina where you from??? you seem like a lost person using a fijian name???

  54. Isalei Says:

    Fiji backward, that’s the trouble when you never attend a university.

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