IG should only be temporary:Qarase

Yadra Bloggers. This is taken from the FBCL website this morning. Whilst we understand the SDL is concerned about the longevity of the illegal regime, but to complain that it should bring about General Elections soon or it was unfortunate the High Court did not give any timeline for holding General Elections, seems like mixed signals! On one hand it is appealing the High Court decision and saying the Judiciary is compromised, yet on the other hand it laments the longevity of the illegal regime and the High Court’s decision! We at SV maintain the reason for the longevity of the illegal regime is because it is an illegal regime and Fijians by remaining docile continue to give them a free hand! The High Court never gave a time-line because they too are illegal and they knew full well the bastard Vore would not have accepted any constraints placed on him and he would have turned on them instead! The Yellow Ribbon Project, which will see convicted prisoners working back in Government, needs to be carefully scrutinized. You will recall in the flawed Gate’s judgement on page 16, he refers to the reasons 5 & 6 the bastard Vore gave as the reason for his ‘Clean Up Campaign’ under the heading the ‘Politicisation of the Prison Authorities’ well what do you call the treatment given to the bastard Vore’s brother-in-law Kean and now Peniasi Kunatuba? The reason we say it needs to properly scrutinize is because we believe their motives are not genuine, but only to win over the hearts and minds of Fijians. Kunatuba as it is only natural will now become a willing pawn for the illegal junta because he feels indebted to them and now is a pawn in their hands. Deve Toganivalu on the other hand is now the new CEO of FDB. Whether he would have been appointed to this position naturally if Tukana Bovoro  was still CEO job is highly questionable and this was a topic discussed in one of our posts. We believe Deve will now feel also indebted towards the illegal junta as well and through his co-operation and others like him continues to give legitimacy to the illegal junta. The illegal junta knows that as long as they control the purse strings, the masses will continue to keep the machinery of government turning, despite the fact they hate the illegal junta. This is inevitable for small island nations like ours, where government is the largest employer. Bloggers, we need stand up to the plate and bat for our side and very soon we will have our very own website for only team members! Blog on ragone!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Qarase says the interim regime should only be temporary and should not be in power for more than two years. Taken from / By: Google

SDL Party leader Laisenia Qarase says they are aware that the people of Fiji are concerned, especially in the current economic hardships on excuses given by the Interim regime to delay a return to democracy.

Qarase says the interim regime should be only temporary and should not be in power for more than two years.

“We are concerned and I think that the people of Fiji are also concerned. Unfortunately, the High Court judgment did not specify on a time line for an early election  but from experience around the world the interim regime are suppose to be interim and very temporary. We are getting in two years now and two years is rather a long time for a small country like Fiji. Certainly, there won’t be no excuse not to have an election by early next year 2009.”

Qarase also says the political forum should be unconditional and open.

“That will be the way to go. You need to create an environment from the beginning that would be conducive to fair exchange of views on important issues, particuralary on that sort of level with seriousness of issues likely to be discussed. It is better to come in without any condition.”

 Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


18 Responses to “IG should only be temporary:Qarase”

  1. Endurance Says:

    The judgement didn’t rule on the time frame of the elections but what it did, it gave more powers to the DYPER PRESSIE which will in turn be forcefully inherited by the Voceke, should the DYPER PRESSIE goes to sleep for good!

    And as for Peniasi Kunatuba,

    Newsflash for all INMATES of all PRISONS, you are now allowed to work for the CIVIL SERVICE when you have served your time. What the f*&^% ????? ONLY IN FIJI !!

  2. ispy Says:

    I have a lot of respect for Mr Qarase but I have to admit his approach is a little bit too timid for me.

    If he really wants democracy to prevail over tyranny in Fiji, he must lead a march through Suva (whether or not permission granted) and demand for immediate elections – SDL should not come back by default (the people have to choose SDL afresh so that they can have a fresh mandate)

    Mr Qarase must not leave the streets come rain or hail or snow until we are free again.

    An if he is afraid, he should know we will follow him… even though we too share his fearsof persecution.

    Right now, Fiji needs a leader not a politician!

  3. newsfiji Says:

    I Spy: you are so so right…we need a leader now not a politician…someone who will lead us out of this shit we are in..

    But as much as i too have respect for Mr Qarase, i am sorry to say that he will not be that Leader.

    The leader we so long for is going to emerge soon, just how long away that is – i don’t know.

  4. Push Tailevu Says:

    @newsfiji, you are right, a new leader will emerge soon….qarase’s time is over….we need democracy to kick out this IG….and change our dyper pressie…….

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Qarase is good leader under normal situations but when faced with a mammoth crisis in the form of the idiotic feral pig which is unprecedented and therfore has no known solution it is quite different. However I would rather listen to Qarase talk than hearing the pig grunting nonsensically and nauseatingly.

    Its time for LQ to show a reformed and resolute leader to challenge this ig not only with words but with strategies and impacting action. If not then the cause is lost.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Hey guys – Qarase’s ain’t your leader. Look for better Fijian leadership. He ain’t gonna March and protest – he would rather invite the Australians to come in and put Qarase back into power.

    Talking about Interim government – when they had arrested Speight and Company – that emergency had ended. Shouldn’t Qarase and his Interim government given up in favor of a FLP caretaker government leading up to that election – that would have been the right thing to do.

    Now Qarase is asking FB to do the right thing.

    Back to the leadership issue – it seems that you guys have decided that Qarase is da man, I think its time to move on.

  7. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei…Budhau…What is it with you guys and Qarase????????? Bloody GET OVER THE MAN!

    We all know that Qarase will not return to be PM. We just want an elected government back in it’s rightful place so that dickhead dicktator can go back to the hole he crawled out of!

    Paleeeeeeez just get over Qarase for goodness sake! Why do you all (Military Force) always assume that all freedom bloggers/protestors etc are SDL supporters or Qarase fans?????

    Your stupiidity is just beyond comprehension! GET OVER IT MAN!

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Ro Teimumu for President, Mere Samisoni for Prime Minister……Se vacava Kat B!!

    Hand the leadership reins over to women…..to clean up all this mess!!

  9. Budhau Says:

    a-N – if Mere becomes the PM – you think Savu would be included in her Cabinet?

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    Too right Endurance – Only in Fiji!

    Peniasi Kunatuba is to be engaged by the iIPM’s Office for advice/consultations. A man convicted of defrauding Government funds by the millions in what was termed the Agricultural Scam, walks straight back to a job awaiting him at GB’s 4th floor after he’s done his time. Tie a yello ribbon ’round the old oak tree! Could this payback time Kunatuba? Or is this to justify some other appointments? WTF is Francis Kean??

    So this is the ‘clean-up campaign’ that robbed us, and continues to deny us, of our democratic rights as citizens of this country.

    Alas, take heart Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu – yours too is a piece of that yellow ribbon!

  11. Endurance Says:

    @LUVfiji. Peniasi Kunatuba must have tossed and turn in prison thinking of a payback..and damn! didn’t he do it in style???

    But the sad part is, it was from the frying pan into the fire. You stole from us the hardworking taxpayers, you abused your office for personal benefits……and now, you say AMEN to Cranky Franky. I think I know your problem….you NEED THE $$$$, you don’t know when to STOP!!!!

    Peniasi Kunatubas’ VALUEs’ rapidly depreciates, what’s left of it neways, if any at all.

  12. at least Says:

    yes that is pretty funny..removing diligent hARDWORKING CIVIL SERVANTS AND REPLACING THEM WITH ex convicts..yeah that is true only in fiji……the reASON IS all these army people are school dropoutS AND they just could not bare with their mates becoming big bosses…sa tukuni ira ga na nodrai valavala..yavu kawa ca na bustards..

  13. Tosotiko Says:

    Yeah Rules are changed to suit their purpose. Now we know the real purpose of the ‘Yellow Ribbon’ project….to provide a way out for Kean. Kunatuba is the test case for the real benefactor. On the way, the common prisoners benefit, that is the good coming out from this. But the real motive is what will be judged on the Last Day. Always for selfish reasons dressed up in appealing, ‘everyone is equal’ language.

    When the Tui Cakau and the Qaranivalu were released, my word! – didn’t they rage and threw tantrums in their self-righteous indignation that criminals are to serve their full terms. Evidently the pigs are more equal than others.

  14. Midjikai Says:

    Trues up Tosotiko. Animal Farm come no where compared to these people.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Way out for Kean – how many days did Naiqama spend in jail after he was convicted – I think it was one night – wouldn’t you be pissed off.
    You regular Joe who who steals $2.00 and goes to jail – how long does he spend his time in jail
    ..and the Qarase appointed VP who went to jail –
    All these SDL buggers – jailbirds – and today it was Jale Baba in the news. Just wait and see when they send Qarase to Naboro.

  16. natewaprince Says:

    Vore: Do as I say,not do as I do.

  17. Tosotiko Says:

    Well You can’t say I did not read about Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. They went to prison too didn’t they? Was it for their belief in MAJORITY RULE? Which did not go down well with the rulers? (Well Qarase has good role models, I’d say, should he ever go to Naboro)

  18. Fiji Forward Says:

    LQ should go back to retirement somewhere else because he has brought about a bad smell to Lau. Aubatinuku any land available in your delta to to take this old man???

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