Tui Savu is correct in identifying the glossing over of the Qarase-Bainimarama meeting in Wellington on 29 November 2006, and the outcomes of that meeting, as a glaring omission in the ruling handed down by Mr Justice Gates last Thursday. In a proper judicial process, where those facts would be rigorously examined, they would in themselves provide sufficient grounds for upholding the case brought by Laisenia Qarase against Bainimarama et al.

That omission is perhaps the most obvious of a number of factors that, when taken together, point strongly and unambiguously to the over-arching problem any objective court of appeal would have with the 49-page ruling: the “evidence” presented by the acting Chief Justice is so selective and so often unsubstantiated that the overall document can only be taken plainly and squarely as being hugely biased towards the two main defendants, Voreqe Bainimarama and the RFMF.

This is exemplified in the way Justice Gates quotes Bainimarama extensively and by the acting Chief Justice’s selective use of quotation marks to create the illusion that assertions by Bainimarama are in fact matters of hard fact. The employment of this “smothering” device, combined with an outright selectivity in alluding to, or elaborating on facts that might favor the case of the plaintiff (Qarase), is in my opinion so gross as to be transparently contrived.

I am amazed at the extent to which Mr Justice Gates used his ruling to give Bainiimarama an unassailable degree of credibility within the context of the ruling by putting Bainimarama on some sort of pedestal. The most glaring example of this ploy can be found on pages 15-19, all of which a re given over to a verbatim transcript of the dictator’s 4 January 2007 speech in which the dictator officially stepped out of the shoes of the president.

The question has to be asked: if Mr Justice Gates saw fit to quote Bainimarama’s January 2007 speech in full, why then did he not reproduce, word for word, the lengthy statement issued by Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase following the Wellington meeting? On balance, and in the context of history, not to mention the court’s objective of actually determining the truth, the latter document could be said to be the more important of the two. This is because it is fundamental to the reasons why the coup ever happened. But had Justice Gates included that document it would have provided damning evidence that Bainimarama was intent on staging his coup, no matter what, and that the stated reasons for his actions were a smokescreen. And the good judge wouldn’t have wanted that, would he?

I can point to other glaring flaws in the ruling and examples of outright embellishments of the facts by Mr Justice Gates, but I shall mention only one, which fully illustrates how the ruling blatantly relies on unsubstantiated and sensational claims to lend credence to the actions of Bainimarama. This is to be found in paragraph 40 on page 10 of the ruling. I reproduce that paragraph in full below (please note where Justice Gates has inserted the quotation marks):

It (the RFMF) alleged that Hughes was “the front of the Australian Government in its ground strategy of neo-colonialism, weakening the RFMF and (had) the potential to cause instability in Fiji.” The RFMF sought his immediate removal, so as to restore trust and co-operation between the RFMF and the Police.

What a load of idiotic codswallop! How on earth could such a patently nonsensical proposition find its way into a serious and important ruling by our High Court? For the record, anyone who was around at the time of his appointment would know that the Australian police officer, Andrew Hughes, was selected as Commissioner in an open and competitive process. In this age of globalization we often see the recruitment of corporate CEOs, police commissioners and, dare I mention it, even judges (!) by Fiji from Australia.

In the interests of achieving justice, as well as in the interests of exposing the High Court’s ruling for the sham that it is, I strongly urge Mr Qarase to go ahead and appeal and to ensure his lawyers have with them multiple copies of that statement about that fateful meeting in Wellington almost two years ago.




  1. newsfiji Says:

    I cannot believe how the courts can take Bainimaramas speech’s as a fact…don’t they bloody check it out first..

    It’s like everything that Bainimarama has said is taken to be the truth…if Bainimarama said the sky is red, the bloody courts would have believed him.

    Our judiciary is certainly not impartial any more.

  2. Cama Says:

    This is selected justice, Bai did the coup to escape arrest for murder and also surcharge that he was being charged for, for busting the army budget

    Now he has escape the current court case that is being manipulated by him by Gates deliberately missing out the facts to sway the decision in the IG’s way. What a shame to the IG and also the supporters who are implementing the Law of the jungle.

    Even a country so huge like the US were upholding the judgment according to their constitution but rendering the decision by the President as null and void.

    Fiji is something else.

    Wake up people and take heed

  3. Cama Says:

    Even their President was elected.

  4. Save the Sheep Says:

    Agree totally with this article.

    I was amazed that such credence was given to FB’s speech given that it was not even the subject of Cross-examination, unlike Qarase’s assertions.

    A Travesty of Justice indeed and I hope that Gates cops a hiding from a credible court of appeal, (if we should be so lucky)…

  5. Striker Says:

    Why did they lean on Bainimarama’s evidence, when the man did not have the courage to defend it in court? Kangaroo court indeed!

  6. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @ Navosavakadua and all bloggers: The glaring omission in the ruling by Justice Gates of any account of the comprehensive agreements reached by Qarase and Bainimarama in Wellington just one week ahead of the coup is a total travesty.

    The comparison you draw between that omission and the inclusion of the dictator’s speech is very significant.

    It fully exposes the fundamental flaw in the ruling, which was first publicly identified by commentator Kamal lyer in the FT and then taken up in detail on SV by Tui Savu and yourself.

    It demonstrates to anyone who wants to look that the ruling is a stitch-up job, a transparently blatant manipulation of the facts to present a grossly distorted version of events in order to achieve a pre-determined outcome.

    But what would you expect from a man who has form in abusing due process?

    What about Gates’s comments to Ross and Margaret Brody at a French embassy cocktail party on 14 July 2004 that he would “put away” Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, whose case he (Gates) would hear a month or so later?

    Leaving aside the fact that he should never have been allowed to return to the bench after such outrageous and professionally corrupt behavior came to light, his ruling last week only confirmed that he will stop at nothing when it comes to manipulating the law to achieve desired ends, no matter how dishonorable.

    But we at FDN have a comforting word for those of you who are angered and frustrated by this injustice: the key is patience.

    There are many, many good lawyers out there, including Gates’s peers in bodies such as the International Bar Association (IBA) and regional law societies.

    We are confident that one day, after the Gates ruling is fully considered, the peer reviews will start circulating; and Gates will have nowhere to hide.

  7. Endurance Says:

    Yep! that’s Gates alrite in the picture….just like how Pinochhios’ nose gets longer from telling lies, the more Gates listens to Ay ARSE and the SHAMIMI sisters, his ears grows longer!!!

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Did anyone know , kangaroos can’t go backwards , nor emus !

  9. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Fellow freedom bloggers: sorry to go off topic but you’ll see why if you read this.

    Please note the following posting on SV, which I have cut and pasted as a whole, is NOT/NOT by me. It was made by some imposter, no doubt from the media cell, who wants you to think Corruption Fighter has changed his tune. I can assure you I haven’t. As I have been for all these months, I intend to keep hammering away at our illegal dictator and his band of desperados until they are all safely locked

    As they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but when you read the following you’ll see that this clown who calls himself “corruptionfighter” is a very poor imitator – Corruption Fighter.

    “corruptionfighter Says:

    October 9, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    Hei bloggers

    Dont blame the judges – what else you expected – its time to call to BOOK Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi, the coward and frightened rat, who declined to give evidence as to what really took place and who were behind the President etc…the judgment is basically on the President – remember both the Presidient and the Dictator refused to appear before the court to be challenged – at least Qarase appeared and has now been contradicted by the court”

  10. Keep The Faith Says:

    I’m sorry but this analysis is not quite analysed to my mind…is there a Sydney Fiji Times??
    Understanding the Fiji High Court judgment
    by Guest blogger
    6 days ago

    Guest blogger: Sanjay Ramesh teaches at the University of Technology, Sydney, and is Senior Political Editor at the Sydney Fiji Times and Adjunct Fellow at the University of Fiji.

    The 9 October High Court judgment on the case between deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama focused on the reserve powers of the President. Qarase’s legal team argued that the reserve powers of the President could arise only in a Chandrika Prasad-like state of affairs, where armed indigenous nationalists incapacitated the government and held members of the Peoples’ Coalition Government hostage for 56 days. In the Prasad case, the High Court held that there was an imperative necessity created by exceptional circumstances not provided for in the constitution.

    Qarase’s legal team maintained that, during the 2006 tensions between the military and the government, there was no need for the President to act outside the constitution. But the High Court ruled that the President had certain reserve powers under section 109 (1) of the 1997 Constitution and that these extraordinary powers are allowed to the Head of the State. As a result, the actions of the President following the 2006 coup were judged legal and valid, including the decision to dismiss Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, dissolve parliament, rule directly pending general elections, promulgate legislation and grant immunity.

    The validity of the President’s actions arises from the acceptance by the High Court that the events that unfolded in November and December of 2006 constituted a ‘crisis’ that provided legal legitimacy to the subsequent actions and measures taken by the President.

  11. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you Corruption Fighter – yeah remember reading it. That is something that Koila Mara would suggest to someone else to post to descredit Ratu Joni. The Regime knows very well that Ratu Joni tried his hardest before the coup to explain all the legalities to the President and that what ever he does it should be all legal.

    The rest is history – they got rid of Ratu Joni because no way in the world Ratu Joni would break the law.

    Shame on the nappy Pressie, sacked and back again because of his silly wife’s lust for the presidental life.

  12. Budhau Says:

    The author of the above piece wrote, “…..the “evidence” presented by the acting Chief Justice is so selective and so often unsubstantiated that the overall document can only be taken plainly and squarely as being hugely biased towards the two main defendants, Voreqe Bainimarama and the RFMF.”

    Dude – very colourful writing, very little substance.
    Come on guy, the acting Chief Justice does not “present” evidence, he allows or disallows evidence that is put forward by both sides. Could you please point out to any relevant evidence that was excluded by the judge that would prove or disprove any disputed facts that your side wanted in.
    Secondly is there was some unsubstantiated evidence, did the Attorneys on Qarase’s side object to the evidence – they could have such evidence thrown out, or at least you could present us with some proof that the Plaintiffs attorneys objected.

    The author wrote, “The question has to be asked: if Mr Justice Gates saw fit to quote Bainimarama’s January 2007 speech in full, why then did he not reproduce, word for word, the lengthy statement issued by Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase following the Wellington meeting?”

    Are you sure that Qarase’s lengthy statement was put as evidence by his legal team – and the relevance of that lengthy statement to whether the President could act in the crisis of December 2006 in the manner that he did.

    Remember – “The court has not been asked to approve the acts of the military in taking over the executive, in removing the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, or in ordering the dissolution of Parliament. These were not the matters litigated in this case. Instead the parties wished to have an answer to the question as to whether the President could act in the crisis of December 2006 and January 2007 in the way that he did. An examination of the surrounding and preceding factual circumstances which confronted the President is therefore relevant to a formulation of this answer.

    BTW – why don’t you look at page seven of the judgment and figure out how Qarase’s team screwed up this case.

  13. Ablaze Says:

    Oh his back! Nobody wants Qarase to be our leader we just want him to challenge his case again, win so that Bainipuaka can declare Fiji a Dicktatorship and Piggy the Dicktator.

    When that happens he and his Regime can then rule each other because he will not be recognised internationally. Not much fun when you only have your stupid supporters to show off to and you can’t travell to Disneyworld!

  14. newsfiji Says:

    Bahaaahahahahahahhahhahahah…Ablaze you could not have said it better!

    Qori, Budhau – in your face! Blerry BOCI!

    What is it with you people and your bloody obsession with Qarase??? Bloody GET OVER IT!

    We just want an elected government in place – be it Qarase or Qarace!


  15. Save the Sheep Says:

    Amen to that newsfiji

  16. Ablaze Says:

    Hey Budhahaha picked this up from the comments made in the Fiji Times and thought you should read it in case you are back here tomorrow to try and win us over.

    Semi of Fiji says…
    Sorry we only support Qarase because he was the elected Govt and we want to be given the choice to vote him out!

    We are fighting for the “Holy Grail” the Constutition – supreme law of the land, not Bainimarama law, not Qarase law.

    We have been there done that! Rabuka couped to produce the Constutition we have now. Any changes now is to be made only in an elected parliament following the legal process.

    Parliament alone is the best forum that forge a consensus on electoral reform.

  17. EnufDictatorship Says:

    What is annoying about all this is the simple fact that the President, if he had two cents worth of gray matter in that head of his, should have had the guts to say to Vore in the first place to back off!

    ia na levu ga ni lamu shona and ‘lights-on-but-no-one-is-home” syndrome, we are in the conundrum we are in now…(not forgetting that Nacewa guy too).

    So, yes Qarase should appeal but at the same time push for the dialogue or just plain push for elections ASAP!!! electoral reform or nothing..let’s get our democracy back! and then someone go and vamoose that President out of the official residence.

  18. Budhau Says:

    You folks don’t get it, do you?

    This case was not about whether the military coup was legal or not. If Qarase wanted an answer on whether the coup itself was illegal, his attorneys would have sued on that issue.

    We all know that on the face of it, the military coup was unconstitutional. The only defense is the doctrine of necessity defense. I do not buy Doctrine of Necessity defense – the crisis was created by the military – thus the doctrine of necessity does not apply to the military’s action. If, on the other hand, a crisis was created by someone else, as in the Speight coup, the military’s actions could be defended as one of necessity.

    So let us agree that the Military coup was illegal.

    The next question whether the President is faced with a illegal Military Coup – where the Miliatry actually removes the former government and is able to run the country – with total control over the civil service and having the legislative powers through decrees, control of judiciary, etc – Can the president do what he did.

    Is that an emergency and if so, did the President have the reserve powers to do what he did.

    NAVOSAVAKADUA’S contends – “But had Justice Gates included that document (Qarase’s statement) it would have provided damning evidence that Bainimarama was intent on staging his coup, no matter what, and that the stated reasons for his actions were a smokescreen. And the good judge wouldn’t have wanted that, would he?”

    The above argument would have been a good one if one was arguing against the Doctrine of Necessity” – but this has nothing to do with whether the President had the power to do what he did in an emergency.

    The above argument actually supports that claim that the President was faced with an emergency.

    What the Qarase camp is saying is that the Constitution does not give the President the power to do what he did – either explicit or implied power.
    The other side is saying that yes, the constitution does not define an emergency and yes it does not give the President those powers – either explicit or implied.

    However what the President’s attorneys argued was that what when faced with an emergency such as a coup the President has reserve powers – power that is not given to him explicitly (or implied) in the constitution.

    The court seems to have gone with that argument. 1) That there was an emergency where a coup had actually removed the previous government and the military was in a position to run the country 2) That the President, under the circumstances, had the reserve power to do what he did.

    So all those other discussions about the Military coup being unconstitutional and all that – is a load of crap.

    BTW – the reason Qarase’s post-Wellington statement was not included in the judgment was probably because it was not submitted as evidence in the case – most likely because it wsa not relevant to the issue in question – that is the President’s reserve powers in an emergency.

  19. Ramesh Says:


    Why is you and your ilks keep deleting my comments, arent you guys denying me my rights to voice my opinion.

  20. orion Says:

    I agree with Budhau. The ruling was essentially on whether the president had the reserve powers to do what he did on jan 4 2007 or there about. Well Gates said there was a crisis, and there was also a threat of invasion from Australian navy (the helicopter case). Justice gates from the outset outluned that before proceding on the case, both sides had to agree on how the case was to be tackled etc. SO both Qarase’s side and the defenadants first had to agree on how the approach was to be made on the case ie how it was going to be fought. They had to agree on that first before they proceeded. So my impression is that both sides had agreed that the case was essentially about whether the President had the powers to do what he did, to which gates said yes, because of the crisis in the country at that time. The case was not about the illegality or otherwise of the coup on 2006.I have not read the judgement, but watched only part of the judgement on TV. Qarase should get better advise on his political strategy IMO.

  21. Nostradamus Says:

    Threat of invasion?


    What planet do you live on?

  22. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau…ulukau! The only emergency we were faced with was a bloody low life civil servant who thought he could threaten the elected prime minister to resign!

    The state of emergency you people talk about is the one created by Bainipyjamas himself!

    Wailei and as for the invasion – paleez get a bloody life!

  23. Keep The Faith Says:

    The President’s supposed powers are to the extent only when there is a functional Executive arm of Govt in place and most especially when his appointing authority (the GCC) has not been “sacked”.

    The President is the Head of the Executive arm of Govt taking his cues from the Govt of the day but he is not THE Executive Arm of Govt – which Gaytes’ verdict implies that he is. Authority is “vested” in him.

    Emergency Powers can only be invoked by Parliament (s. 187 of Const) and this notion of “Doctrine of Necessity” is of course a RFMF (and Shyster sponsored) manufactured validation of their actions. The definition of an “Emergency” is therefore defined by both the Executive and the Legislature who take it up to the Pres to make the necessary proclamations. Both these elements were missing and therefore the definition of the emergency was prescribed by Frank and strongly supported by The Shyster.

    Everyone in this country knows full well that the Presidential role is merely ceremonial (s. 86 of Constn) and to even imply that he has more powers is wrong by acting alone goes against the grain of the constitution.

    The President is not the King of Fiji where he acts on a whim and decides everything by making “fake laws” as he is doing now.

    Perhaps its time for the “new GCC” (haha) to invoke s. 93 and kick him the fcuk off the island — they might even do that now that Epeli N is in the hot seat of GCC Chair (how convenient).

  24. newsfiji Says:

    Orion “because of the crisis at the time” – WHAT CRISIS?

    It was not a crisis – it was a stupid Commodore who thought he could hold the country’s elected leader to ransom!

  25. newsfiji Says:

    Folks: Helen Clark has responded to his Police Officer being taken in for questioning by not allowing visas for the Fiji Sevens team to play in Auckland this weekend.

    As much as i feel for the Digicel Sevens Team – i’d like to say “Qori, sa tekivu mai na Sports Sanctions!”….

  26. Budhau Says:

    There you go Nostradamus – you get of on a tangent, and fail to see the bigger picture.

    What bigger crisis or emergency do you want – the military had pulled a coup, the government of the day was removed and the Military was in a position to govern. Why or how this was done is immaterial as far as this case is concerned. They would have remained the defacto government with or without the constitution.

    All that matters is that there was a emergency – that is why that Bainimarama speech is in the judgment – that FB was totally in control. That is why they tried to show that the former ministers, by applying for pension had actually given up their ministerial duties to the Interim government.

    Now compare that with the Speight situation – that was a law and order situation – hostage taking at parliament. They could have isolated that area, and the rest of the country at that point was not affected. The President could have declared a state of emergency and governed the country until the hostage situation was resolved, once the thugs were arrested – power should have been handed over to the government of the day. If the PM did not have the support of the majority they should have had a vote of no confidence in Chaudary’s government, if he lost, the President would have called for fresh elections. Chaudary would have remained the care-taker PM until the election.

    There, it was unlawful for the President and Bainimarama to dismiss the government or abrogate the constitution – there was no emergency.

    Did they do the right thing back then – hell no – it was Qarase who remained as the Interim PM – now the dude is telling Bainimarama how long the Interim Government should last.

    If Qarase did not do the right thing back then, why should he expect anything different from these guys.

  27. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau – Wow long explanation – waste of time and we won’t buy it! Nostradamus – Agree Budahahahahahah.

    We want Elections and We Want It Now! Use The “Holy Grail” (Constutition) the one Rabuka couped and designed.

    It doesn’t matter how much we dissect the court case, the Judicary is stacked with Bainipuaka’s stooges so the outcome was no surprise.

    What Budhahahaha is trying to do is convince us to accept the decision and push on. No bloody way we may accept Gates decision because we do not have any choice and that is our way of coping but we definitely do not agree because all that is happening in Fiji today is the result of a coup. This makes every single thing the Junta does is ILLEGAL!



  28. Ablaze Says:

    I should’ve added;

    We want Elections and We Want It Now! Use the “Holy Grail” (Constutition) the one Rabuka couped and designed and got away with.

    Never again we will allow another stinking Rat to do the same!

  29. Tosotiko Says:

    ‘Why should he expect anything different from these guys’ So they are not doing the right thing now.

  30. orion Says:

    Newsfiji – agree about the “crisis” and the supposedly “threat of invasion” by Aussie navy comment above – above you??. I see all you guys points. But the legal argument put forward by gates was such as I have said, as I remember it. I am too old and my memory is failing me. Flawed as it may, (I am no legal person), the case was cleverly confined to the action of the pressie from the start. That’s where Qarase’s legal advisers agreed to fight the case from the start.

  31. Ablaze Says:

    Why is Budhahaha not commenting on my posts – I am disappointed.

    Is it because I am not trying to discuss anything with him that he wants us to believe. I think so – the green goons have told him don’t make a fuss about Ablaze because Ablaze is harping always about the “CONSTUTITION” for us to use when we are trying to get through to the people, school kids included our “holy grail” (FARTER CHARTER)

  32. Ablaze Says:

    Budhahahaha – Your “holy grail” (FARTER CHARTER) is your PASSPORT to the life you all lust for.

    Your motto is “BUGGER THE PEOPLE” Its me, me, me, me, me, me, Boiriri

  33. Budhau Says:

    Tosotiko – of course they are not doing the right thing – the coup is wrong and it is also unconstitutional – just like all other coups.

    I have been against all coups – unlike some of you.

    Orion – the reason the case was confined to the reserve power issue was because the Qarase team screwed up – they later tried to change that but it was too late. Those lawyers know what procedural and substantial law is – A procedural screw up is as bad.

    Sometime people argue facts sometimes they argue law and if all else fails they argue policy.

    In this case all we are mostly arguing is the law. The fact is was there an emergency, I don’t think there was any argument about that – I think there was. If there was, did the Presdient have the reserve powers to do what he did – the Court thinks he did.

    Now you if want argue policy – that it would have been for the greater good of the people for the court to rule in favour of Qarase. I don’t think the court would have bought it – some of you seem to argue along that line.

    To argue legally – first you define the issue, then you find out what rule (law) that applies, then your do an analysis and finally you come with a conclusion. All that flowery language by the author of the piece above does us no good.

  34. Budhau Says:

    Ablaze – the reference to “you all” – that is prejudice – stereotype – did your parents teach you that, because I am sure you were not born with that.

    First you try to silence me with the request to SV to delete my post, then you go off on this “you all” line.

    Wasn’t if “you people” who raped our constitution several times – and now you are harping on this constitution crap because the military has its boot up your behind – how very convenient.

    It is people like you who have screwed up our country.

  35. viti vou Says:

    Budhau dua la na boci me sogo e gusumu…

  36. Ablaze Says:

    Budhahaha – Wanker – read my post “you all” (illegals) you included.

    Yes I must admit I was with that silly man Rabuka in the 1987 because the great statesman Mara gave me the impression that silly man Rabuka’s coup was OK. I am not ashamed to say that I followed a great leader.

    Don’t make me feel worse than I am – I hate myself for putting those thoughts before the RULE OF LAW. I am wiser now and will not be influenced by any stinking rat that will coup to rid of an elected Govt by the people for the people.

    What you keep on about does not do my cause any f…king good – I am a big person now and can think for myself.

    It is Illegals like you trying to convince Legals like me to accept what has happened that pisses me off.

    Why don’t you go along with the charter farter team who are desperate to gain support from innocent school children who should not be exploited on illegal, political matters! Wanker!

  37. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The torching of another temple is another example of the excesses of the green goons to try and cause instability in the country.

    After all, they have previously made numerous fake bomb hoaxes to disrupt meetings [ the latest being at the court house].

    They have also been responsible for murders, bashings, torching of a judge’s house, physical intimidation, desecration of religious buildings and minor damage to a bent judge’s car.

    Who can forget the death threats that they made to the Australian High Commissioner and then claimed that they had suspects, but, still no charges.

    All of this and countless other acts of desperation by an illegal jaundiced junta trying to whip up hysteria for their ’cause’.

  38. Endurance Says:

    Bu daaaa….wether the issue was the doctrine of necessity or the illegailty of the coup, you and I both know that the three stooges, Judges: Gates, Pathetic and John Byrne are where they are because of Cranky Franky.

    This panel of judges or stooges are not independent and their IMPARTIALITY has long time gone.

    WRONG! WRONG!WRONG!! Everything was illegal from the start…

  39. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks ex Fiji Tourist and Endurance – that is their style cause can’t win any other way!

    Same! Same! as Budhahahahah!

  40. Budhau Says:

    If these judges are so obviously biased – why did Qarase & Company even bother with this case. Why do the Indigenous Lawyers group not protest and refuse to appear before these guys.

    ..and than, LQ said that he will appeal this decision – let us see how it goes on appeal.

    You see – these coups buggers like them judges to be on their side – remember the allegations against the tow prior Chief Justices.

    Hey Ablaze – have you ever seem me supporting the Charter process in here – even though some of the ideas in the charter may be good.

    You see, some of you guys are just plain idiots – so it not about the coup or the military – I just point out your inability to think critically.

    In this case – Qarase’s side screwed up – because of the incompetent folks who surround Qarase – those big hired guns they tried very hard despite the folks around Qarase.

    Ex Fiji – any kind of instability in Fiji is bad for they regime – why would they want to do such a thing like torching the temples.

  41. Ablaze Says:

    Folks keep in mind lele the green groon creep!

    I have no doubt the green goons tune in to read our comments, apart from us hanging in there, we must keep the green goons that would love to put to use their gun to put a bullet through their coup leader’s ugly head with a pea size brain AND NOT BE INFLUENCED BY budhahahahah

    We must keep pushing for the what Vilisi wrote on his banner; DEMOCRACY JUSTICE NOW!

  42. viti vou Says:

    Budhau grow up mn…and try to eat sokobale and fish from your qoliqoli….sa rauta mada na ciqoma tiko na roti kari under da table…..

  43. ALA Says:

    Budhauuu = Mohammed aziz

  44. viti vou Says:

    Ablaze..bro kua ni leqa taki ira na green groon rawa ga ni ra iro tu ga mai e katubaleka…..vaqakoro….

  45. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau – been there done that – criticised what you can’t stop harping on about. Now I want to move on for the cause, Vilisi’s Banner DIMOCRACY JUSTICE NOW!

    Everything I need to know I’ve read from what Tui Savu has written!

    I will not agree with anything the Illegal Govt does because it is the result of a treasonous act which is illegal. Because the guns they were able to carry out this treasonous act and today they own everything, judiciary, police force, military, civil servants, the land and its people. I mean everything! I have no choice but to accept it for my sanity (that is the in which I cope because life goes on.)

    No way will I ever agree to it and will fight until we get an Elected Govt in place. Whatever happens after that is another problem.

    I am sick of you trying to side track my fight.

  46. egregious Says:

    There is no hiding place.
    See link

  47. Mark Manning Says:

    With 34 % of Fijians living in poverty now , it won’t be long before the regime will have to be challenged openly .
    It’s sad that these young women are being taken advantage iof this way , I never would have thought this sort of thing would go on in Fiji as I know Fijians are very family conscious .
    The children should look out for each other , the adults should pay more attention to their needs when looking after extended family away from their parents homes and the whole topic of finances etc. should be openly discussed amongst the adults and these children or perhaps there needs to be an organisation they can go to for help and who can talk with the families openly .

  48. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Mark breath of fresh air not the topic but you!

    As I read in one of the comments – sad day for our country and if we didn’t have the 2006 coup we would have been all together on this problem.

    At the moment like everything else that needs urgent solutions it will be told to us, the experts will talk about it and then left for the people to forget to about it.

    Imagine all that money spent by these silly people eg charter farter that could have been given to these people who I think have resorted to the only way they can survive.

  49. Endurance Says:

    Budhaaa, k for a moment I thought you were intelligent, but I guess your double standard of intellect, makes you all look silly and stupid.

    Qarase & Co. did what they did becuase they believe in the law, they believe in democracy, and do they have a choice in choosing the panel of these 3 stooges? Hell NO!

    They are just ordinary law abiding citizens.

    BUT! SHAME on : Gates, Pathetic and John Byrne to death, as they were suppose to interpret and enforce the statutes, which originates from THE CONSTITUTION, but NEVER DID! because they have



    no less than the situation of the DYPER PRESSIE!! Alive YET DEAD!!!

    aghhhh, I shudder to think of how they can live with themselves.

  50. Endurance Says:

    It would be so bad that Anthony Gates will ask Cranky Franky, how far in from his behind will Cranky would like to exploit.!!! In return for the fat salary….now I call that PROSTITUTION!!!

  51. Endurance Says:


    sa rui balavu ga na yacamu!


  52. Mark Manning Says:

    A job for the Army Engineers !

  53. Ablaze Says:

    Endurance maleka na talanoa – nice to come in here for a laugh! Keep it up!



  54. Ablaze Says:

    Hey SV if I gave you a dollar for everytime I came in here your website would be rich.

    Just an idea! Can it be done?

  55. Ablaze Says:

    Hey SV if your website were rich we maybe able to buy the military. Isn’t that the only reason they are still supporting Bainipuaka and his Regime – for the money.

    With the military on our side we with our people will own everything starting from the judicary, military, police etc use the Constutition to once again legalise everthing we do to move the country forward.

  56. kabarara Says:

    takes more than money to buy loyalty …

  57. Ablaze Says:

    Isa kabarara very true but with the money we may be able to entice the military and slowly teach them how to be loyal to the land we all love so much.

    It could be a start.

  58. Ablaze Says:

    After posting my last post I thought about the one liners post by kabarara.

    Think about it my fellow bloggers:

    kabarara says, Dua ga pot taki kemudou!

    The one above intrigues me, “takes more than money to buy loyalty” I somehow feel whoever or whatever does not want the website to succeed and to succeed we need lots of money.


  59. Cakau Says:

    Vinaka vaka levu na vakamakama tiko Ablaze! Keep it up!

  60. ispy Says:

    @ kabara… “It takes more than money to buy loyalty”…

    So you’re admitting loyalty in the RFMF can be ‘bought’ but money is not be the only currency you accept.

    Perhaps, in addition to money, loyalty in the RFMF can be bought with all those juicy lies being pumped into those empty vessels you call heads.

    Lies about how Fiji needs Bainimarama and the RFMF to run this country.

    Maybe if you finished your school, you’d know that there is a very good reason why we don’t arm our political parties under a democratic system of government.

    Because, political power attained through the power of a gun is apt to slide down that slippery slope into governance through absolute rule.

    And absolute power is always always apt to corrupt.

    You only need to see how Bainimarama is running this country like he owns it to know what I’m talking about.

    As far as the rest of Fiji is concerned, the RFMF is nothing more than Bainmarama’s private army.

    You have all lost whatever professional credibilty you once had and it would tkae years of hard work to regain the trust and confidience of the people of this country.

    May God Bless Fiji.

  61. Ala Says:

    Again I say….Budhauuuu=Mohammed azzziizzzy

  62. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka ispy – couldn’t have said it any better.

    Had to post the Qantas song but changed a few words to suit our fight. We must stand strong together and fight and always remember;

    We Are One We Are Many

    From all the islands in Fiji we come

    We share a dream and sing with one voice

    I am, you are we are Fiji

  63. kaiveicoco Says:

    The only reason lawyers from both sides agree to narrow down the contentious issues to the reserve powers of the president was because both Bainimarama and the presssie did not have the guts to appear before the courts to be cross examined.BTW we are still waiting for which laws you and the courts referring to which the president can invoke in such emergency cases as this.

  64. Navosavakadua Says:

    It is not my article but the first comment above by Budhau that contains “very colorful writing, very little substance”. Budhau has used smoke and mirrors to try

    and refute my main points on Mr Justice Gates’s transparently biased ruling. I therefore have no trouble rebutting Budhau’s two points. But I have no intention of joining in any future exchanges with him on this subject because Budhau is not sincere. His sole purpose, for which he’s paid, is to muddy the waters whenever we freedom bloggers expose the lies of the regime, of which Budhau, and his various other fake persona, are the most vocal supporters on the internet.

    First, Justice Gates does indeed “present” evidence. He presented a set of facts to back up his ruling and those facts were the ones he selected from the evidence that was allowed, or disallowed, during the course of the case. But the way Gates selected and manipulated those facts is why I had “evidence” in quotes. Thus, in trying to make his first point, Budhau merely plays with terminology.

    Second, on the question of the outcomes of the Wellington meeting, Budhau refutes his own point by then quoting from the ruling as follows (please note the last sentence, which says it all):

    “The court has not been asked to approve the acts of the military in taking over the executive, in removing the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, or in ordering the dissolution of Parliament. These were not the matters litigated in this case. Instead the parties wished to have an answer to the question as to whether the President could act in the crisis of December 2006 and January 2007 in the way that he did. An examination of the surrounding and PRECEDING (my emphasis) factual circumstances which confronted the President is therefore relevant to a formulation of this answer.”

    As we freedom bloggers have come to know, when it comes to finding ways to defend the indefensible, Budhau is no less devious and unprincipled than the corrupt regime he’s working for.

  65. freedomfighter Says:

    Well, since the outcome has become clear, even if the Judges had ruled that the coup was illegal, I am sure they would have than gone ahead and ruled that the Presidents action was legal, even if Qarase had not asked for a ruling on the last one

  66. Mark Manning Says:

    How can you rely on Frank when he can’t even speak proply ?
    ( “The increase is market driven on the very reason that what is enjoyed out there in the market to trickles down to the resource owners.” )
    From the Fiji Times today !

  67. Keep The Faith Says:

    Has anyone noticed blogger ALA’s comments (twice) that Budhau = Mohammed Aziz?

    And hot diggity daymn Budhau’s gone and done a runner smack bang in the middle of his ummm validation of Gaytes verdict campaign.

  68. Cakau Says:

    Well well look what I have found when I googled Mohammed Aziz!

    I do hope he is not the Budhau that blogs with smoke and mirrors trying to win us over.

    What you reckon? If so those green goons are dead scared of us. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee Horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    / News

    Charter before polls: Aziz
    Thursday, January 03, 2008

    THE date of the next general elections will depend on how readily people accept and understand the proposed People’s Charter, says military spokesman Colonel Mohammed Aziz.

    In the meantime, preparations for the general election are being carried out by the Attorney- General’s chambers along side other national developments of the interim regime, Col Aziz said.

    Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said earlier Fiji would honour the European Union’s recommendation that the general elections be held in March next year. But he later said the international community had no say in Fiji’s preparations for the elections.

    Col Aziz earlier said the priority should be the People’s Charter and not the general election.

    The military council’s focus would, among other things, be on improving infrastructure such as piped water supply and better roads this year, he said.

    The People’s Charter was an effort to restore Fiji to what it was once known for “the way the world should be,” Col Aziz said.

    “The charter will lay the platform for the election. The election will be based on the outcome of the charter. There is a misconception that the charter has been prepared. The reality is, there is no charter as yet,” Col Aziz said.

    He said it was anticipated that by the end of the year, the charter would be more widely accepted by a large majority of voters, paving the way for the elections.

    “The charter will spell out clear objectives in trying to build a non-racial, culturally vibrant country.

    “So much has been said about mooting peace and harmony but there was no concerted effort to bring the races together. Let’s be honest, that’s never been a practice.

    “I just had a woman narrate to me how she had to pay so much money for a service which someone else said he’d got for free. That’s corruption and when people know we’re out to end that, it should stop.

    “The charter will set the framework of what we want society to be. The impasse will continue if we go back to what we had. We want the division to go away.”

    Col Aziz said those people who felt the election should be the focus were probably the ones driving four-wheel vehicles, living in concrete homes and enjoying proper piped water

  69. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Kabayarayara says “it takes more than money to buy loyalty”……Bullcrap!

    Oh…but then again maybe he/shes correct because now the money is all gone.

    End of the line Kabatayarayara……jump ship now before it’s too late.

  70. Cakau Says:

    While reading about the FMF I was surprised to read this;

    Speaking at 30th anniversary celebrations on 26 July 2006, Commander Bradley Bower said that the greatest challenge facing the navy of a maritime country like Fiji was to maintain sovereignty and the maritime environment, to acquire, restore, and replace equipment, and to train officers to keep pace with changing situations.

    This guy Bradley is a relative to none other than the pig himself through the O’corner side. His grandmother is Lavinea O’corner the sister to the late Ameta Peterson and Sophia Raddock.

    So it is no wonder we have these Kai Lomas supporting the coups.

  71. Midjikai Says:

    Bu Da

    Despite Gaytes ruling the US rejected magai’s visa to Washington.

    And NZ is not allowing the Fiji Sevens team to come in.

    ie The sanctions are getting tighter !!

    Says a lot about Gay’s ruling, don’t you think, in terms of “moving the country forward”

    Fucking shit !!!!

  72. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Midjikai does this mean that the Fiji Sevens team might be waving San Diego Sevens goodbye too? Now that you brought that up….I am wondering if I should cancel any plans for S.D 09 or what.

  73. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Cakau: Luckily for Bradley (who probably knew full well what was going to go down) he resigned from the Navy. His wifey is sister of JonJon Apted, and is a partner at KPMG.

  74. Cakau Says:

    Thank you very much Keep The Faith – that is a great relief! I didn’t want to think that all of them Kai Lomas related to the Piggy supported him.

    It is just that I heard Piggy’s sister Mere say that the Bowers, Petersons and Ocorners supported her brother the Pig.

  75. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Cakau: No probs and Mere can damn well say/think whatever she likes. The little pockets of support all amount to the MINORITY anyway 😉

    There is no way this IIG can ever pretend that it’s only the Fijian urbanites who don’t support this regime. The crystal clear message from crap charter consultations to Fijian ruralites is clear — our people out there don’t give a flying fcuk about Frank or his charter.

    What matters to them is the ability to get decent education, health-care and assistance so that they can make a living and put food on the table and send their kids to higher education on the mainland.

    The IIG doesn’t even offer them that substantially because they’re pissing it all away traipsing around the globe and paying for fcukwits like John Samy and Jim Ah Koy to sell the country to the Chinese.

    More importantly when the IIG’s pockets aren’t deep enough to assist Fijian ruralites, it has always been the urbanites who because of blood-ties step in to help. Of course when money changes hands, so too does points of view 😉

  76. Colin Bishop Says:

    Last nights TV in NZ on Shortland Street had two actors discussing going to Fiji for a holiday. There were remarks about the Military Dictatorship and called Fiji the “Zimbabwee of the Pacific” and only insane tourists would go. How far behind NZ is the program in Fiji?. Will it be censored? It was quite an eye opener as to how Fiji is now being treated as a joke in one of our main tourist markets.

  77. Cakau Says:

    I know Shortland Street is watched by many so if that bit is not censored it will impact on those that are sitting around believing that things are still normal. I know a lot of people just turn off pretending things are normal, it is their way of coping.

    You may think it is normal now, but it is not what you want for your children and grandchildren’s future.

    Do something now for their future! Write or make comments in the papers or blog. Talk to your children.

    Sad when we have to accept the charter farter shoved down our children throat while at school. It is political and children should not be influenced by any political party when campaigning to sell their policies while at school.

    Shortland Street writers take note – another bit showing this distasteful political stunt.

    This is a very distasteful stunt and would not happen in any civilised country because the parents would be up in arms.

  78. Ablaze Says:

    Nice letter from Kenneth!

    Vinaka Kenneth! We must and will keep booting it in!

    No need for Einstein

    I refer to Vijay Madhavan’s letter FT (17/10/08). You don’t have to be Einstein to know that credit must be given to the people of Fiji for the reduction in prison population.

    That is the obvious. However, when a group of judges via their judgment empower the President with unwritten powers that are unconstitutional, and assume the President has more responsibility then is written in the Constitution, then God help Fiji. In essence these group of judges have legalised the coup of December 2006 and accepted treason as another way of life and not a crime. This infamous ruling effectively contradicts Vijay Madhavan’s letter saying that “crime pays”. I dare to say that crime pays heftily as well.

    Kenneth Zinck

  79. LUVfiji Says:

    Totoka.. totoka na veitalanoa!

    Blog on , ragone.

    Do we have an update on Tui? Please, T/N IB, KB, or Billy ? Besides the deferment of his case to November 13(?) Im keen to know how SPC handled his actions of last week – vinaka.

  80. Peace Pipe Says:

    This mandatory attendance of school students in the farter charter consulatation is draconian, dictatorial and distasteful. It defeats one of the tenets of human rights which is the freedom of choice. This is unprecedented and is a violation of human rights. What the ncbbf should have done is hold a session in a school and let the student decide for themselves on their own free will if they want to attend or not and not forcibly get them to attend. Someone in the ig maybe the pig has the notion that like in the army whatever is said is the truth even if it isn’t and it will work out with the school students. The trouble is the students are not employed by the army and have more brains having reached this level of education.

    It could be a ploy to capture the young adults by falsely promising them employment that only they can provide as outlined in the only-in-your-dreams charter. It would be a wonderful opportunity and platform for the ig to launch their political campaign. The ig is trying to capture anxious and desperate minds as these young adults prepare to leave school and enter the job market. They really seem to be bent on returning to govt even by devious means.

  81. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hi LUVfj

    I will be glad to give you an update .. which I have been doing everyday via email in responses to queries such as yours. Please do email me and I’ll be very happy to brief you. You have my mail yes? Okay looking forward my dear.

  82. Budhau Says:

    Hey Peace Pipe – what happened to the “freedom of choice” when they elected Chaudary and Dr Bavadra the Prime Minister.

    Oh no – there are Kai Lomas supporting the coup, first there was those god damn Indos, now this – and then there are those Catholics.

    a-N wrote, “Kabayarayara says “it takes more than money to buy loyalty”……Bullcrap!”

    Yeah right – this cargo cult mentality..gotta go. BTW – did that $6 billion ever make it to Fiji.

    So those poor rural Fijians – did anyone ever ask why do we have those poor rural Fijians – with poor school, bad healthcare, roads that don’t reach the villages, high infant mortality.

    Keep the Faith wrote, “Has anyone noticed blogger ALA’s comments (twice) that Budhau = Mohammed Aziz?

    And hot diggity daymn Budhau’s gone and done a runner smack bang in the middle of his ummm validation of Gaytes verdict campaign.”

    Thanks for the compliment, Keep the faith.

    Mark wrote, “With 34 % of Fijians living in poverty now , it won’t be long before the regime will have to be challenged openly. ”

    No mark – those poor folks – they have gotten used to this – they have been poor since our country became independent. Its the Fijian elite and the chiefs who have kept them poor.

  83. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau don’t make light of it – You are Budhau = Mohammed Aziz charter farter man.

  84. Budhau Says:

    NAVOSAVAKADUA, while arguing that Qarase’s statement after the Wellington meeting should have featured as prominently in the Gates judgment as Bainimarama’s statement gave us this quote from the judgment to reinforce his argument:

    “An examination of the surrounding and preceding factual circumstances which confronted the President is therefore relevant to a formulation of this answer.”

    You see, NAVOSAVAKADUA, the “surrounding and preceding factual circumstances” that the judges were looking at were those that go towards establishing that fact that there was a crisis or an emergency.
    Bainimarama was the major player responsible for creating this crisis. So the evidence that appears in the judgment is that evidence that has a tendency to make the existence of the fact (crisis). This evidence is of consequence when one has to determine whether there was a crisis or not.

    Qarase might have made a lovely speech – but that is not relevant, unless you are claiming that his speech somehow shows that there was no crisis. When the military had already pulled the coup – that was crisis.

    Bainimarama pulled a coup – legal or otherwise it does not matter as far as this case is concerned. FB’s speech shows that not only there was an emergency; it also shows that the military was in total control having taken over the government. These were some of the facts that were being argued by the defense.

    So you see NAVOSAVAKADUA, Qarase’s speech was not relevant to this case.

    …and then was some other idiot who wrote, “The only reason lawyers from both sides agree to narrow down the contentious issues to the reserve powers of the president was because both Bainimarama and the presssie did not have the guts to appear before the courts to be cross examined.”

    No dude, the reason Qarase lawyers had to stick to the Reserve power issue was a procedural screw up by Qarase’s boys.

    Qarase filed his case in February 07, in October, he made a last minute change of lawyers – something to do with Bale and Associates. Months after the case was filed, even at the opening of the trial, Qarase side had not figured out the legal basis of their claim. This is what the court said about this:
    “This was not Mr Perram’s fault, but rather those who in reality had carriage of the plaintiffs’ case.” Your local boys screwed up.

    So when the Qarase team tried to change things at this late stage, this is what the court said,

    “It is not appropriate at this late stage when the trial has already commenced and the case opened, for the plaintiffs to seek to alter the allegations made against the other side in a major way.”

    It had nothing to do with whether they could subpoena the President or FB.

    So I suggest you buggers do you homework – go read the decision.

    Ablaze – you are just a no-school idiot.

  85. Ablaze Says:

    MY MY MY Budhau working over time! We know what you are doing Mohammed!

    Using Solivakasama to convince us! We don’t even bother to read your comments anymore so don’t waste you time.

    If you want to discuss anything on this forum – how about the distasteful political stunt of the century. Taking your farter charter into the schools to influence innocent vunerable children to gain their support.

    The political distasteful stunt of the century! Challenge you to discuss it and then we will see who the no-school idiot is.

    Be careful I am starting to think you are Mohammed Aziz ala Budhau ala Nooba Gooba!

  86. Cakau Says:

    Budhau you are wasting our time and space on our blogsite. Yea comment on something else – Ummmmmmmmm let me think.

    How about Distasteful Political stunt of the century – charter farter into schools to bolster the stats!

  87. FijiGirl Says:


    Now that G8s’ ruling is out and the illegal regime can see that the people are not fooled, and they fulling understand that the blogging community is powerful, in fact powerful enough to get our mate Tui a sh*thot lawyer (vinaka Jon Apted!) within hours of his detainment while their soliders were still awaiting orders from the megalomaniacs ….

    …. Now they have to hire Budhau again (wish I could say I missed you buddy, but I’d be lying) and try to sabotage SV and other sites.

    Now they have to invent (or rather, plaigarise) Tobais Boon / Noob Siabot, and a host of other fictitious avatars to try to stop us or prevent people reading our site for all the dross they keep uploading.

    In other words, folks, they are back on panic stations.
    They know they are on the back foot.
    They know we are right and they are crumbling.
    They know WE have the REAL power.
    They know they cannot beat PEOPLE POWER, not forever.
    Blog on to freedom, people!

    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  88. LUVfiji Says:

    Vinaka FijiGirl. Y’re spot on!

    Indeed.. a lone protestor scared the sh!t out them. Imagine if there was mass uprise behind Tui ??

    Well.. that saying keeps ringing in my ears: One day Mafatu!

  89. Ablaze Says:

    See Budhau nobody want’s to read your comments – getting rather boring. We have made up our minds and thanks to Tui Savu.

    Watch out for Shortland Street, there is a bit in there comparing our once beautiful country to Zimbawe these days. Why don’t you pass your time there?

    I suppose you will try the poor school children now to gain sport. Lucky for you lot I haven’t any children going to school. I bet your Regime will not be taking the charter farter to the International School. Parents of the kids will not allow it. If you try anything funny there, you will pay big time. Ha Ha Ha it sure will tell the world that you lot are a bunch of no-school wankers.

    Flipe Bole is a dickhead. He is old and senile.

  90. Budhau Says:

    Luv, listen honey, you know why there weren’t more folks marching behind Tui – because people in Fiji have decided to move on with their lives. If is only folks like you in here who are jumping up and down.

    No one gives a crap about Qarase and his SDL – because the Qarase crowd and the elite have lost their privileges and they know that that they are not getting it back anytime soon – so they are making all the noise – not the regular Joe – he does not give a sh*t.

    The other day I pointed out how the Pakistani lawyers stood up when their CJ was dismissed, how the monks stood to the ruthless dictators in Burma – you know why the Fijians are not doing the same – because they don’t believe in the cause of Qarase and company. You think Fijians are cowards – I think not. So why did they not stand up and protest – because it is not worth it to stand up for corrupt government officials who have been screwing up our people for a very long time.

    Those goons that you talk about – who do you think they voted for in the last election? So how come they are not behind da man now.

    Listen – the Qarase cause is not worth laying down your life for or screwing up your career or messing up your family – those buggers were riding the gravy train for a very long time.

    And poor Tui – some of you idiots convinced him to go there and protest while you do your armchair stuff from here.

    I just Jaba Baba in the news today.

  91. LUVfiji Says:

    No sweety!

    That moment was meant to be Tui’s alone. You wait for it, it’s coming.

    One day Mafatu!

  92. Budhau Says:

    So who is next… you see those regular Fijian folks – they abandoned Qarase a long time ago.
    They read stories about one too many scams – Agriculture scam, vote buying scam, PWD scam, and so forth.

    They ain’t stupid –

  93. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau when will you get off? Vilisi protesting alone was much better than thousands of people. We are not stupid! Arrest us and make out we are violent people inciting trouble. One honest passionate about his country did it for all of us.

    Army and police reacted big time – how bloody stupid! By interogating and intimidating him for hours you advertised to the world how paranoid and stupid the Army and police were. Helen Clark said; Frankly it is absurd! Now that is a smart woman!

    Before Jon Apted arrived at the Police Station, the Policeman interogating him was on the phone to I wonder who getting orders from him. Now I think it was you because the way in which you talk about our hero.

    If you had any sense at all you would have ignored him – perhaps reprimanded him and sent him home.

    You threatened, frighten and tried to get him to take back everything he had done but he courageously said; NO WAY! ! ! !

  94. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau go hold Qarase’s hand! You must have a desire to because you keep talking about him all the time.

  95. Imroz Buksh Says:

    The judgement has been handed down people,why all the fuss, Tui Savu is not a learned Judge so why should you be concerned about his thoughts,after all its his own and if it differs with that of the judges its too bad. At the end of the day its the judges call that carries weight and Tui Savu like the rest of the bloggers in here are just but bloggers.Alas, blog on people,blog on. Full Steam ahead IG!!!

  96. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau = Mohammed Aziz = Nooba Gooba = Imroz Buksh!

    You can keep Gatey We will keep Tui Savu!

  97. LUVfiji Says:

    You mean running out of steam!!

    Wasnt Aiyaz on the news just this evening desperately looking for interested individuals to serve the iIG Boards. Full steaming ahead??? !


    Crumble bubba.. c r u m b l e !!

  98. Ablaze Says:

    Want to be now you have money to afford laptops.

    Wanna bet all the goons have brought their laptops to camp tonight to blog on Sovlivakasama.

    No wonder all the different names – Keep it up Full steam ahead and make fools of yourselves.

  99. Ablaze Says:

    The oompa loompa glamour boys of the Royal Military Forces Of A Banana Republic are out in full force blogging away.

  100. Dauvavana Says:

    oti ga nodratou blogging na army goons e na bogi e dai me lai kuvu sara dua na mata veivutusona e na drill ground, wara na drakusi qori!!!

  101. Cakau Says:

    Ablaze, Mere ga oompa-loompa than someone with style and class.

    Never mind how much jewellery she parades around with in public, she looks like a hideous troll in this case green instead of orange.

    Dauvavana sa dina, they have closed their laptops because sa lusi.

    They are so afraid of Tui Savu because Tui does a good job explaining the illegalities of everything they do.

  102. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Its not a Kangaroo Court its a …….COCONUT COURT…..

  103. Isalei Says:

    Boys in green, white and blue are the real laughing stock round the grog bowl. First no one turns up to their much hoo-haah celebrations to listen to the senile farting his way thru his speech. Then their unintelligence units tried all sorts of tricks to scare a lone protestor but it was really to cover for the shame of Vilisi exposing their sleeping on the job, gathering intelligence lasulasu! And they won’t even know when the next one hits. Sa rauta mada na play cowboy tiko!

  104. Budhau Says:

    Poor Tui – got carried away by this blogger crap and decided to go march.
    Either he is a really courageous guy were real stupid – you decide.

    But one thing is for clear – after few days of talk, talk in here – they will forget Tui. BTW – what happened to that fundraiser for Tui – remember that dude from LAwas trying to get going.

    This is the same as those soldier boys who went in to help Speight – and those who got them going never showed up to back up or those guys who did the mutiny and the help did not arrive. Poor Tui got sucked into this one.

    BTW – what happened to the big March that you buggers were planning sometime last year – I when said why it was canceled, someone corrected me and said it was postponed. Isn’t postponed a similar kinda kinda word as interim – you kinda have to get on with it after a while.

    …and you legal expert Tui Savu.

    Hey guys – so you were complaining that the President and FB did not testify in that trial – does anyone know why Ratu Joni did not testify? I thought he was on your side.

    So at the end of the day – it looks like the Fijian people are refusing to stand for Qarase.

    They sure did fall for Qarase in the last election – but they won’t stand up for him now.

  105. Cakau Says:

    Well another side to Budhau this morning folks.

    Didn’t get his way yesterday and this morning not very nice.

    Don’t worry about Vilisi he is being looked after extremely well. You think we are stupid to put everything we do on SV and allow you shallow minded people to read it. “No Way”

    As for the March changed our minds – legal advice don’t give the green goons the satisfaction that we are inciting trouble, arrest us and treat us in an inhumane way. Once again Budhau we are not stupid – we will wait and allow you idiots to self destruct which you are doing very nicely.

    As for Ratu Joni he is a very well respected high chief and very much protected by his people. He is dignified, not like your 2 Evelis and Ului – have lost their dignity by foolishly supporting something that is illegal. We know why they have sold their soul – desperate for the cash! Same goes for Isoa Gavidi to satisfy his wife’s lifestyle. Should call your Regime the “no money Regime”

    Ratu Joni would never be allowed by his people to testify in a “Coconut Court” Ratu Joni stands tall above any of the chiefs and politicians in Fiji and we will make sure it stays like that.

    As for Qarase we do not support a political party, only would like a democratically elected govt by the people for people to be given the chance to finish their term in govt and voted out if we the citizens of Fiji are not happy with the way their are governing. We don’t like it when power hungry, no money, half school drop outs decide with the help of guns snatches what rightly is ours and thinks their can do better.

    We know what you are after when you come in here Budhau – our support!
    “No Way”

  106. natewaprince Says:

    Hmmmm………..there’e a foul smell in the air. Smells like blerry fat kulina

    .Looks like someone forgot to wash their hands before coming online.I just hope he didn’t ”come” online,if you know what I mean.

  107. Adi Kaila Says:

    NP – budhaus nani did tell us he’s a damned wanker.

    What a complete loser he is – as soon as chodo was kicked out of the ig the coward budhau was awfully silent.

    Now that the illegal verdict by the poofter gates has been announced he is quickly back to gloat – ha ha ha ha ha ha – we got his number a long time ago.

    It’s good he posts here – everyone has a good laugh at his stupidity. We all look at the name and go ‘fuckwits back, I wonder what he has to say’ but noone bothers to read it – we’re just all really glad that the kutusebe Kuts has released is irritating him to death. Milamila va’lialia tiko nona sona.


  108. FijiGirl Says:

    Adi Kaila – I think Budhau maintained radio silence for so long because he was waiting for Chodopu$$y to pay his bill.
    Now that Chodo smells upcoming elections he’s had to hire Budhau again.
    He’s afraid that the bloggers have shown real power through getting Tui hooked up with Jon Apted.
    So he’s gone back to his old tricks to try and sabotage us.
    Little does he know that Booed-Ow! just strengthens our resolve, and sends out Hit Rate soaring.
    SV might even be able to charge for advertising soon!
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  109. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula FijiGirl – It’s so good to see you keeping up the momentum. TABU SORO!

    You’re so right about that imbecile – He sure has an intense jealousy of Tui Savu and Victor Lal or anyone who has a valid point about the illegality of the ig – which is ALL OF US!

    Like all cowards they rear their fugly heads when they ‘think’ they have the upper hand or are seen to be ‘winning’ – mai aso. We all LOL when he slunk off like the weak piece of shit that he is when his hero chod was unceremoniously ejected from the ig. He’s a bitter and twisted ignoramus – very very weak little man. As we say in Fiji – koli ni kaidia!

    We don’t read his comments, just his name brings out hoots of derision.

    As the wonderful IB said – NEXT………

  110. Colin Bishop Says:

    I suspect that this blogsite is the target of deliberate misdirection. The threads of comments have deteriorated by being sidetracked by personal attacks and this makes any new visitors to the site see it as a low calibre site. I suggest everyone takes a deep breath and returns to the purpose of the site and ignores what seems like deliberate provocation. The reputation of this site is at risk. I know of two significant entities who use this site to get a second opinion to the propoganda put out by the IG and would hate for the standards to drop to where this site is treated as a joke.

  111. Cakau Says:

    I think you are right Colin Bishop. We must also start thinking of the Police and Military who think like we do but are afraid to do anything because it is their career and it puts food on the tables.

    I aim is to encourage more of these people to jump on board.

    We must strive for more credibility on SV at the same time we must think how we put it across to our fellow bloggers.

  112. waisou Says:

    What do you expect from a man who lives in sin! Of course, he will defend the wrong….Gates’ lifestyle shows that he will support things that are illegal, immoral and un-natural…his judgement is very much affected cos he is gay!

    Why are we allowing him to take up this important position in government and more importantly, sit on the judiciary!

    Sa leqa sara na ulu ni sivia na lau cumu!

  113. Endurance Says:

    Point taken Colin Bishop! Ok..fellow bloggers.!!

    BACK TO WORK! Fun time is over!

  114. IslandBoy Says:

    @SV – is Colin Bishop the new editorial quality controller or is he a stooge?

    @Colin Bishop – get over your prissy self – what exactly is the “purpose” of this website? This is where some commoners like us get down and dirty and let it all hang out.

    If you and your “significant” entities can’t handle the heat generated by the “insignificant” people – click on the red X at the top right hand of your screen and don’t let the door hit your classy arse on the way out.

    WTF are you doing here anyway – slumming?

    Tell the “significant” others – working at street level with us sometimes gets a little rough and if you want to hear the voices of the people, the real people, you have to self-edit and look for the pearls of wisdom in all of this shyt right here.

    Don’t ever assume to tell us what we can and cannot talk about. We no more colony masser sir, we is free black island folks, yes we is!

    Curbing our freedom of speech is the illegal regime’s trick according to their mouthpiece, Kid Khaiyum.

    You best check your sweet booty miss thang, we don’t do Bourgeois!


  115. Ablaze Says:

    @IslandBoy I was a bit like Cakau until I read your comments. I think the site has credibility by the way in which we discuss different posts and realize we should feel free to vent our frustrations and say what we like.

    As soon as I read Kid Khaiyum I understood where you were coming from.

    Any news of VN am still waiting to offer any help if needed.

  116. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze – Bula Vinaka Kemuni. Sorry about the rant, but I think the last thing we need in addition to all the opression is some smart arse remote controlling what we say.

    Hey – this is who we are, take it or leave it, but leave the island people the fcuk alone.

    I am not even close to giving a rat’s arse what some “significant” person thinks, if they that significant, well get their own damn intelligence sources and do the friggin footwork and networking your own damn selves.

    Sorry ranting again.

    As for VN, I was happy to help out a tthe time but would like to give him room to sort his stuff out. I’m sure we will hear from him or KB will let us know when there is something more substantive to discuss. May I suggest you e-mail her directly

    It would be good though, for those who care, to start sounding people out about a democracy freedom defence fund.

  117. Budhau Says:

    Colin wrote, “The threads of comments have deteriorated by being sidetracked by personal attacks and this makes any new visitors to the site see it as a low calibre site.”

    I disgaree – I think the quality of the content in here is much better now – we no longer discuss the size of a person penis, I think the psycho-analysts have left, those name calling and all that – not as much,, they spell Interim AG name correctly without the “arse” in the spelling – and “Chodo” does not show up in here as often – BTW what happened – I thought Chodo was the mastermind behind all this – how come they let him go.

    I do miss NP’s created writing though.

    I like the way Colin was so concerned about those “significant entities” – and telling them “insignificant” Fijians to get in line – yes, don’t respond to those “deliberate provocations” by calling the guy names – you idiots, take the high road and make us all look good.

  118. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Bhudhau……is gay…….is gay… gay… gay…….is gay….is gay. Koya e sa dau via taura ga e dua na volavola balavu me vakamacalataki koya kei na nona nanuma……….Luveni macawa…….Sa da kua saraga ni via taura vakabibi na nona nanuma……..Sa nanuma sara bekaga o Sona ni lala tiko na noda mona……Me vosa madaga o sona vei sona me sa kua so na va rough rough tiko.

  119. Budhau Says:

    So much hate – very unchristian-like.
    BTW – I think NP is voting no on Proposition 8 – you go NP.

  120. Colin Bishop Says:

    I apologise for any offense caused but there are two foreign newspapers that reference this site for a more balanced view (from overseas) and one reporter commented on the “dropi n quality of comment”. I wish you well and will leave you to it.

  121. Colin Bishop Says:

    PS. Yes I am white and foreign but that don’t mean I dont care.

  122. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Na ka ga meda cakava vei Budhau me da vosa tikoga vakaviti. O sona e sega tiko ni kila na vosa vakaviti. O koya e vaka e kaidia se kaivalagi se sega beka ga ni kila na wilivola vakaviti.

  123. Jose Says:

    @ Island Boy
    Ia, Ia fire, IslandBoy!!!!!!! Dau in control tu ga and respectable. Sa, sa borisi dina saraga noqu tauvu. Go, my brother. Let of steam all you want. About time. Have fun at it We understand, don’t we bloggers?

  124. Fiji Forward Says:

    Tui Savu is so smart he should ahve represented LQ but he couldnt because if they checked his qualifications they would have found out he failed UE!!! simple as that. So Cakau, check that out for yourself.. As for loyaltyin the Army you can start a fund raising event to collect money but would you contribute??? sega sara gara, lamu lamu, pote!!!!

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