Helen Clark describes questioning of NZ official as ‘absurd’

Top of the morning bloggers. This is taken from One National News. This absurd action by the illegal junta shows their mass hysteria. Here we have an official of the NZ High Commission taking photo’s of the Fiji Day Celebrations from the confines of his own balcony, only to be taken in for questioning! When was this a crime in Fiji? Fiji is already a Police State and SV wonders how on earth can people like the usurper Gate’s, Pathick, Byrnes, Shameem, Mataitoga and company sleep well at night and pretend the rule of law still exists in Fiji? SV believes we have already moved into the Police State phase and all these trimmings and nicieties of government institutions are only a mere facade. Bainimarama now rules as a dictator! He does not care one iota for the rule of law and democracy and the quicker we grasp this truth the better for us all. This bastard needs to be seen for who he really is, so we can mobilize properly when confronting him. One thing we should be mindful of bloggers, that when a regime suffers from mass hysteria and post traumatic stress disorder, everything is a threat to them and watch when they start cannibalizing each other! SV reiterates its call IT IS TIME FOR A REGIME CHANGE!


15th October 2008 – One National News


New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark has responded to reports of the questioning by Fiji authorities of a New Zealand police officer based in Suva.


Detective Inspector Greg Turner, attached to the New Zealand High Commission and the regional Trans-national Crime Unit, was questioned by Police over the weekend for looking at the Fiji Day parade from his apartment.


Prime Minister Clark is reported as saying this is a little absurd, indicative of the general state of insecurity in Fiji’s military regime led by Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The New Zealand High Commission in Suva says there is no basis for any claims of suspicious activities by Turner.


The Commission confirms Turner took some photographs of the Fiji Independence Day parade in a private capacity from his apartment balcony.


13 Responses to “Helen Clark describes questioning of NZ official as ‘absurd’”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Great letter in FijiTimes

    Judicial death

    It is with deep regret that I wish to announce the death of the judicial system which died through euthanasia on October 9, 2008.

    There will be no burials as to do one will be to accord it the dignity it does not deserve.

    As to whether it will resurrect is now a matter of conjecture.

    S. Delatabua

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s a good sign because it shows how frightened the IG is of being toppled .
    Can some one get this link off to the Commissioner for prisons please , it might also help others hoping to build a business , but unable to get the funds to start up .
    A non profit organisation , privately run . Someone donates $25 for someone else unable to raise funds , usually in Africa , they build their business then pay it back , I then take my money back or pass it onto another person .
    So people can keep their dignity , they become productive and independent , I feel like I’m helping .
    I think the Prisons Commissioner might be able to help some of the inmates help themselves with this site , but they would have to run it past the organisation . If that doesn’t work out , then perhaps Fijians could start up their own Pacific Island organisation which does the same thing in this time of Political uncertainty .

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    A childish schoolyard bullying antic by the authorities who now manifesting the personality of the dictator pig. Sign of guilty conscience especially in the wake of giving us the tainted convoluted ruling on the LQ case. They know they have done something wrong so they jump at any sign of objection even if it seemed unreal and far fetched.

    These people don’t know diplomacy and are very offensive to the countries that impose ban on them. How is this continual belligerent attitude gonna help ease our relationship with NZ. Of course I almost forgot we have an idiotic dictator at the helm of govt steering the country towards the rocks. Thats not gonna help in our relationship. So quoting what the imbecile pufter in wigs injustice gaytes said if we have to throw out the cargo to save lives in a the stromy voyage so be it – we need to throw out the dictator cargo before we hit the rocks in this current storm. But the miilion dollar question is how.

  4. Striker Says:

    No rest for the wicked!

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Haven’t these idiots heard of mobile phones , digital cameras and videos ?
    If someone was spying , they wouldn’t use binoculars , a crosshair telescopic site on a rifle is what Frank should be looking for !

  6. Push Tailevu Says:

    Hahaha, these guys are laughing stock….MM youare true, people dont need binoculars to see, we use latest technology like fones, digital camera and so on….Unbelievably

  7. Ablaze Says:

    Sa Bavulu Ga Sa Bavulu!

    Congratulations! What an achievement! to the Army surveillance cane toads for spotting the Kiwi guy in his PJ’s watching the green goons parading their uniforms and flexing their muscles on Fiji’s national day from the bedroom of his apartment.

    $50 Eveli’s expensive sophisticated surveillance must have done the job for them.

    All their surveillance has turned away from the seas of the Fijian Islands to inland only in the Suva area where the Military Camp is. This is the reason the mayday call by yachties to be rescued near Vatulele was not answered. It took a foreigner, Maurice Conti to come to the rescue as the story goes no fuel for Bainipuaka’s fleet of navy boats. Commodore beka ga ni DA!

    Like NZ’s PM said; “Frankly This Is Absurd”

  8. Endurance Says:

    These people are all praying to have 2 pair of eyes, a pair in the front and one at the back. They are so freegan edgy and tense all the time. imagine ke dua na dynamite lailai e kacabote e ruku ni suluvakataga…..!

    Dromodromo walega na koro turaga!

  9. Budhau Says:

    Death of Justice – hey the killed her when the former Chief Justices decided to go along with the previous coups. She has been dead for a while, now we just have to bury her.

    BTW – that Kiwi – regardless of what he was doing – legal or otherwise – don’t you think that the dude was an idiot trying to take picture etc.

    The Interim regime seems to be paranoid about NZ and Australian police/military somehow trying to bring about a regime change and this this idiot was up there taking pictures.

  10. Jerry Says:

    So what’s wrong with that Budhau. Only a binocular to watch the no show at the park. May be you green goons thought it as a riflenocular. Dou yavu ulu kau vavaku.

  11. Striker Says:

    @Ablaze: A navy with no fuel? That means we have a tinpot commodore. I can’t help laughing!

  12. kabarara Says:

    Dua ga pot taki kemudou!

  13. Frida Says:

    Well Budha-wau the rotten FMF will jump at anything that is not to their expectetaion because they are constantly watching their tail that their peanut size mind forgets that the world continues to move even though the illegal goons and their followers think the world is still at the pied piper’s days. Wake up buddy – the world is suppoe to be free – at least for watching an activity planned for the public.

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