How firm is our dictator’s grip on reality? Not very, I’m afraid. For example, by baldly stating that the legality or otherwise of his regime is not the question and that we should instead focus on building a better Fiji/1 believe our self-appointed leader has confirmed that he possesses a dangerously delusional state of mind.

In fact, if he really believes what he said, we can only conclude that he has lost his grip on reality. To be honest, I must admit that the only aspect of his statement that made any rhyme of reason to me was that he chose to make it during Mental Health Week.

What are the main messages we can glean from our dictator’s latest raving and ranting? In considering an answer, don’t forget that his words, in effect, suggest that he’s interested only in pursuing his own agenda, whatever that may be this week, yet he sees nothing wrong in sweeping all other considerations, including the legality or otherwise of his actions, under the carpet.

I think the main message, which is reinforced by all his other recent statements, particularly his constant moving of the goalposts on an election date, is that he intends in his increasingly demented way to hold onto the reins of power for the foreseeable future. That means as long as possible.

That in itself is enough bad news for a lifetime, let alone one day. But by publicly dismissing legality issues, as he did, this raving idiot is only helping to exacerbate the economic and social hardship that so many of us are starting to feel.

What does his statement say to anyone thinking of investing in our nation? I’ll tell you what it says: it says think twice, and then think again, before committing to a venture in a country whose ruler thinks nothing of publicly professing to be beyond the law. The law means certainty. Bainimarama breeds uncertainty.

If his coup, if the murders and human rights abuses that followed, and if the completely dismal non-performance of his lackluster IG haven’t already done enough damage to our nation’s medium-to-long-term prospects, the dictator has now driven more nails into Fiji’s economic coffin.

And what’s the betting that he’s too obsessed, too gone in the skull and too full of his own uniformed importance to even fully comprehend the overwhelmingly negative ramifications of his words? In effect, he’s moving Fiji backwards, not forward. Or should we simply assume that he doesn’t care?

Finally, the other main message that I received loud and clear is that Frank Bainimarama knows only too well that he has all the guns.

Despite his obvious mental instability, despite his delusions and despite his paranoia in respect to just about everything else, his absolute control of all those RFMF guns is one fragment of reality that our dictator has never had difficulty in being able to grasp far too firmly.




  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank is either insane or just full of his own importance , a megalomaniac and anarchist in fact .
    The reality is , he has no where to go , no where to hide .
    Except prison .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Look up megalomaniac and anarchist on google .
    Frank is a dangerous man now as he has nowhere to hide and knows he’s off to jail . He is like a trapped tiger or pussy !

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    The good news is , the Lord works in mysterious ways and the Chinese economy is starting to retract and the world economy as a whole is retracting also .
    Which basically means Frank’s days a re numbered because once the money runs out , so will his troops !

  4. Budhau Says:

    He is not delusional – he is just a mean SOB with guns backing him – he can say what he wants.

    He is actually right on “questioning legality” – how do you think that is gonna help know.

    Lets assume that the Courts came out in favour of Qarase – then what?

    The problems in Fiji is not gonna be solved by taking the matter to court – regardless of whether is Chaudary, Qarase or whoever.

    Now, figure out some other way of dealing with this dude with the guns.

  5. Isalei Says:

    Really feel sorry for you Budah. Rest in peace!

  6. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau: you’re right, if the courts had ruled in favour of Qarase, no way in hell was Bainipyjamas going to step down…he would have immediately openly abrogated the constitution, kicked the insane president to kingdom come and declared himself supreme ruler of Fiji!

    And as you said – we are back to square one!

    The question is now – what are we going to do about it? As Helen Clark rightly put it from the very start “we are dealing with a deranged man who is mentally unstable”…so it is no use, going to the courts, be it local or international.

    Bainimarama has no respect for anyone or anything – he sees himself as God’s Gift to Fiji if not God himself!

    The only way out is bloodshed – this has been prophesied before and looks like it is going to come to pass before any real & lasting prosperity hits Fiji.

    Sad, but is becoming very real.

  7. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @ Navosavakadua: After a careful read of your excellent article and also Justice
    Gates’s ruling (yuk! ugh!), I think I have found a “magic bullet” solution. It’s a
    solution that fully addresses Fiji’s current grave economic crisis and takes care of
    our grave leadership crisis, our grave human rights crisis and our grave poverty,
    crime, pothole, health and education crisis. And it’s completely “legal” (I think).

    It’s all about the second point of Justice Gate’s seven-point ruling:

    ” (ii) The decision of the President to ratify the dismissal of the Prime Minister and
    his ministers, to appoint Dr Senilagakali as Caretaker Prime Minister, to advise the
    dissolution of Parliament, and the dissolution of Parliament itself, are held to have
    been valid and lawful acts in exercise of the prerogative powers of the Head of
    State to act for the public good in a crisis.”

    Now this is an insightful (not inciteful) legal ruling that provides an answer to all
    of our beautiful nation’s problems. If Justice Gates’s says the President has
    prerogative powers that can be used in a valid and lawful way to act for the public
    good in a crisis, doesn’t this mean the President could exercise those same
    powers right now? If so, he should immediately use his Gates-given powers to:

    (i) Dismiss the interim prime minister, Voreqe Bamimarama and his hopeless
    illegal government (IG)

    (ii) Appoint Navosavakadua as Caretaker Prime Minister

    (iii) Require the Caretaker Prime Minister to call elections by March 2009

    (iv) Tell the United States, the EU, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the
    world that Fiji is back in the real world; and

    (v) Let the rest of us get on with our lives as we have always wanted to.
    Do you see what I mean by “magic bullet”?

    Corruption Fighter

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