CJ’s vehicle vandalised

Police are investigating an incident in which the official vehicle used by the Chief Justice was vandalised at Government Buildings.

Initial reports say the Holden Statesman car was parked in its usual spot at Government Buildings between Thursday and Friday last week when the incident occurred.

Vandals reportedly tampered with the number plate and a plastic bottle was reportedly shoved in the muffler.

The incident occurred just hours after acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates, heading a panel of three judges, read the High Court ruling into the case between deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo and the interim Government.

Police have started questioning staff but no arrests have been made.




33 Responses to “CJ’s vehicle vandalised”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    Baci another investigation? What do they want? Sympathy from us! Bugger Off!

    Gori baci set up to say one of us law abiding citizen protested against the decision made by the stooge Gates!

    Why should we break the law when one of our own kind, the brave can stand alone with a single banner to let the world know how we feel about the biased decision.

    If it is not the case, Maleka sara – more money from the coffers used to fix the car or to buy another.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    He’s lucky they only stuck it up his exhaust pipe and not somewhere else !

  3. Daunimisini Says:

    To MM: Somewhere else he likes….?

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well bloggers when people are becoming frustrated, they will take the law unto their own hands. What better example than our very own ‘knights in shinning armour’ aka Fiji Military Force personnel.

  5. aubatinuku-N Says:

    It could have been worse and it will get worse if they continue……the bugger is fortunate it did not blow up with him in it!
    The power of the people will manifest in many different ways on various levels or what do they expect? Totally passive surrender to their fear tactics and intimidation?

    It’s pretty clear that international superpowers do not take Bainimarama seriously, it’s now just a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I’d say this is another of bananasinpyjamas’ stunts to try and divert attention away from their stupidity.

    The green goons have:-

    * created bomb scares at hotels to disrupt meetings

    * burnt houses

    * sent death threats to a High Commissioner

    * bashed and killed people

    * set up a false bomb scare at the court house last Thursday

    * tried numerous other ‘stunts’

    * and now do very minor damage to a car [4 days before it made the news ] to try and take media attention away from Vilise’s wonderful protest

    All this to try to take the media focus off their incompetence.

    What a circus !

  7. Ablaze Says:

    I am with you ex Fiji Tourist if it was one of us Gates would be in the ground pushing up daisies.

    Don’t forget the conspiracy theory that went for and against the lunatics.

    Ballu Khan situation, and threatening letters to one of the embassies. (Can’t remember which one) Still investigating!

    We will not be fooled.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Taking law in your own hands – hey that part of our culture, remember Rabuka our Hero, or Speight – how about the next guy who really take on Bainimarama illegally of course – he will be our hero.

    ..and how many time have you seem those landowners taking the laws in their hands to evict some tenant or do a road block.

    This ain’t about the law – the military regime has realized they you buggers do not have the balls to take on this military – the military was somewhat unsure in the beginning but since then, they are totally convinced that you guys cant do sh*t.

    So stop talking crap in here and figure out a way to take on this regime.

  9. Striker Says:

    Budhau, have you got any part of the $millions from your choro boss Chodo? Can’t do shit eh? That’s what happened to the thousands of the Indian community who should have gained from such funds. Tell that to the thousands people of goodwill worlwide who thought they were raising funds for a worthy cause and not to grease the pockets of a crooked politician!

  10. Budhau Says:

    No Striker, I work for the military guys – maybe I should send my bills to choro also.

    BTW – why don’t you comment on what I have to say – rather than attacking me.

  11. Tosotiko Says:

    Sorry Budhau. Not buying…
    You missed out the FLP taking the laws into their own hands -being part of the regime….in govt, in boards etc, etc.
    The panel of stooge judges taking the laws into their own hands and making a mockery of the current judiciary…
    We do have a way…patience in what we believe in…we are making haste slowly and it is driving all of you detractors NUTs and BANANAs.

  12. Budhau Says:

    Did they, the FLP taking the – have got an amnesty, like our boy Rabuka did.

    If patience is what you believe in – then you should have just waited out Dr Bavadra five year term and voted him out – but no, you only have patience when you know that the other guy is gonna kick your arse – that ain’t patience – that is being a coward.

  13. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau: you will agree with me though that all good things come to an end..well, ofcourse we all know the insane farting president and his pupeteer Frank will not live forever…so let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings huh..

    Oh and don’t worry we have an action plan to take on this regime..but, we won’t take the law into our own hands…on the contrary we will be law abiding citizens this time around..

  14. Budhau Says:

    Yes I agree – but maybe you want to check the military rulers in Burma.

    Yeah …I know you guys have a action plan – I read the Taukei declaration in here a while back – or should we go with the biblical prophecy.

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula Vinaka SV – Sorry to digress, dua ga na kerekere oqo. I would like to send the entire judgement document to someone overseas. Can someone please give me a link or post a copy of the judgement where it can be downloaded.

    Vinaka Vakalevu!

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    IB I got this from Micheal Fields column on his analysis of the Gates ruling: http://www.michaelfield.org/Qarase%20v%20Bainimarama.htm

    Hope its what you want.

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    IB I got this from Micheal Fields column on his analysis of the Gates ruling: http://www.michaelfield.org/Qarase%20v%20Bainimarama.htm

    Hope its what you want.


    Oops sorry its court proceeding during trial Sorry about that

  18. Ima Says:

    Bula vinaka IB, hope this helps


  19. Keep The Faith Says:

    Well folks – its clear that we aren’t happy with the outcomes of the Gates & Shameem verdict. Look around tho’ — it isn’t only the bloggers who are displeased. You only need to scout the Letters to Ed columns every day to see just how much people are penning names to letters to vent.

    But please!! This is a time when we all need to keep our wits about us. Vandalism is not going to help you esp when the Green Goons decide to “talanoa” with you up @ QEB.

    Keep it legal and clean. Let’s investigate all and every means of PASSIVE RESISTANCE. The Shyster isn’t the only one who knows how to use Wiki 😉

    The outcome of any activity should be to show public dissent against what’s happening — PEACEFULLY.

    And as Tui/Vilisi has heroically shown us, it doesn’t have to be en masse.

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    @Peace Pipe & Ima – Much appreciated!

  21. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula SV – If we are discussing forms of protest, perhaps we should think of ways in which we can visibly show our dissent against the judgement without breaking any laws.

    Just thinking out loud what if we did some of the following:

    1. Wore Fiji flags on our lapels but with a black border or a diagonal black stripe to show we are in mourning. Perhaps USP and FIT students could make up these small flags to wear on campus.

    2. Flew the flag at half mast from our houses to show the death of democracy in Fiji.

    3. Flew the flag upside down to show Fiji is in distress.

    4. Those of us with front yards facing busy streets, print signs and put them up in our yards asking passing motorists to honk if they agree, something like, “Honk if you think Gates sucks”

    5. Perhaps our overseas based bloggers could have buttons made up with the Fiji flag in the background and the words GATES SUCKS water marked over the top. Or the Fiji flag on a button with the diagonal black stripe.

    Lets us have our say, let’s not break the law, let’s not disturb the peace, but say it long and loud and say it proud.

  22. solivakasama Says:

    Bula IslandBoy,

    your suggestions are very good and practical and bloggers can start following suit.

    As for the website, 4 Administrators met for the 1st time yesterday to discuss and plan for the future. We will be having a section where anyone can log on, but in another secure section will only be for paid up embers.

    It is in this section that we will release more detailed information of the various forms of protests to be lodged, writing to foreign government, etc.

    In the meantime, we at SV encourage bloggers to each start doing something towards the dismantling of the IG and IslandBoy has mentioned some very good ideas to start with.

    Keep up the good work ragone!

  23. Ablaze Says:

    Vinaka SV.

    IslandBoy have you heard anymore about Vilisi and whether he is still employed?

  24. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Vinaka SV and Admin.

    Looking forward with the greatest of anticipation.

    Thanks IB for the great suggestions.

  25. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hi Ablaze, We spoke an hour ago. He is checking into the office tomorrow.

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze and Katalina – I did discuss with VN about his job and he told me that the Dr. Jimmie Rodgers would be speaking to him about his continuing employment sometime today.

    Dr. Rodgers, in all my dealings with him is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth guys I have ever met. No ego, no drama, he just gets on with the job. He’s Noumea-based at SPC headquarters Anse Vata while VN is based at the media centre in Nabua.

    Dr. Rodgers is from the Solomon Islands and has that easy going island style to him. He will have the final say, so lets hope VN is not our of a job.

  27. Push Tailevu Says:

    Waraka BUDHAU, will find a way out for your slacky pressie and his pupteer Vore, remeber we are all illiterate then you fellows, coz we will exhaust all avenues, but remember we are law abiding citizen, and there’s time for everything.

    I wont be surprise, all bloggers wont do anything, but its you and your greenies will take on each other….just remind me of the mutiny in 2000….I

  28. Push Tailevu Says:

    SV, is my email address seen by third parties???

  29. Budhau Says:

    Push Tailevu – you are only law abiding because they are gonna kick your arse if you get out of line – let the military be on you side and then let us see how law abiding you are.

  30. Push Tailevu Says:

    Budhau, I wont do a shit thing, to break the law….we are illiterate enough to know wots wrong and wots right….only you greenies are bunch of fools, coz you are sucking dick, and following orders.

  31. benhur Says:

    Who ever shoved that bottle up the throttle in the cj car actually missed Gates a-s-s ? Wouldn’t it be really a sore site if he had hit the right target?

  32. Jerry Says:

    Budhau, vakamosi ulu vakaoti gauna, vakaoti space. Ppl do not take note of Budhau’s comments, he’s only dragging our time and please IB we carry on with your suggestions.

  33. Cakau Says:

    Isa, IslandBoy any news of Vilisi – just OK would do, we don’t need any other info – just tell us he is OK please.

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